Permission granted :)

permission granted

Sometimes you need a visit from the Permission Fairy.

She is the one who lifts your vibration and helps you get over the hurdle. When you ask her to visit, she will come along with her magic wand and bring her permission sparkles.

The sparkles will help you to remember:

You are a precious gem, your happiness matters. And you have full permission to live your life shining unapologetically.

You have permission to say no and yes.

Permission to know and speak your truth and then change your mind tomorrow.

Permission to love yourself more fiercely even when it inconveniences other people.

Will you accept the sparkles?

Sometimes you’ll need to call on the Permission Fairy in a high pitched screamy voice.

Help me Permission Fairy! All of my molecules are screaming I cannot do this! I will not make it! This is too freaking hard and I am all alone.

the permission fairy is comingShe will arrive pronto on the scene and douse you from head to toe in permission sparkles. You will be so completely covered in the stuff that you will remember all of the sudden that you are completely worthy and deserving of a life you feel proud to claim.

You’ll be farting sparkles then.

Once back on track, you’ll remember you have full permission to speak up for yourself and not care one bit about the people who don’t seem to get you.

Oh yes, it’s totally fine to unfollow crispy Facebook people with their bummer feeds.

You have permission to have a tighter screening process for people who want to be your friends.

At work, you’ll have permission to raise your rates, even if it’s scary.

Permission to say no to a project because it doesn’t light you up. Permission to say yes to a project because it will put food on your table and offer other benefits while you are figuring out your one true thing.

Go ahead, you have permission! Will you accept it?

You have permission to make the changes you’ve been avoiding so your broken heart can mend. Permission to find new love, someone who is totally honoring of the beautiful person you are and therefore a little wild and scary to the wounded parts of you.

Permission to be held, tiny baby style, and offer nothing in return.the wound and it's gift

Permission to complain about the way things are. Permission to allow yourself the space to explore what would make it better.

Permission to stop making excuses for why things have been so sucky and stressful.

Permission to not return email, text message, or voicemail from people you did not give permission to contact you. Delete!

Permission to chuck the expensive advice because you realize you are your own guru and your advice rocks. If you paying an exorbitant fee for advice you didn’t need brings you clarity about your own wisdom then it was totally worth it.

You have permission to give up the clarinet because you’ve always wanted to play guitar.


You have full permission to admit that the status quo no longer makes you happy. Will you receive it?

Permission to start saying, “what would I do if I weren’t afraid?” and allow the answer to be spoken in the privacy of your own mind. Even if you cannot yet act on that truth, it is still better to know.

permission grantedYou have permission to ask people to leave their messiness at the door before they enter. Even if it rocks the boat. This is your life, you make the rules.

You have complete and total permission to forgive someone for the sole purpose of releasing their havoc from your own heart and mind. Permission to know that you are not giving in, not condoning their behavior.

You are simply giving the upset back. Return to sender.

Yes, you have permission to never speak to that person again. Even if they are related to you. Even though you have forgiven them. Certain folks are best loved from afar.

Permission to be angry, even if nice girls aren’t. Permission to cry, even if boys don’t.

Hell yes, you have permission to donate the knick-knacks, tchotchkes, blankets, and sweaters you were gifted. If we’re being honest here, the only reason you’ve been keeping them is to avoid feeling guilty. Let them go.

You don’t have to attend and you don’t have to buy a gift.

You’ve got permission in spades to not be good. (Mary Oliver says it best)

Sometimes the Permission Fairy needs to help you see that the pool of friends you are allowing yourself to choose from is just too small.

You have permission to forgive your confusion about who those people really were to you. What a relief to know that for as hard as you tried to make it work, it didn’t. You can stop now, and allow new and delightful friends in, ones who will understand you for the precious gem you truly are.

You have permission to know your version of what happened as truth, and honor that… even if nobody else sees it that way. Even when they say you’re wrong.

Permission to know it is just not always about you, and you don’t have to take it personally. I know it hurts your feelings. It’s a practice to mind one’s beeswax, isn’t it?

It is always okay to hate mushrooms, but if you do love them, I won’t hold it against you

You have full permission to see yourself as a star. Will you?


And a star doesn’t apologize for its brightness or give up its spot in the Universe because the planets got a little cranky. The star shines no matter what. It is a freaking star! It does what it does.

You’ve got 1009% permission to own your shizzle. Are you willing?

permission grantedThe Permission fairy will put you on her permanent sparkles route if you say, yes I am willing to give myself permission…

You probably should keep a picture of the Permission Fairy on your fridge where you can see her at all times. Maybe you’ll remember to call on her the next time life gets a little wonky. (Right-click to download here. Go ahead, you have permission!)

Rock this day like you really mean it!


permission granted p.s. If you like this message, I write something special like this each week for the Love Posse. You belong here, so if you’re not already on the list, you have full permission to join now.

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