Owning your shizzle and knowing your purpose

work with me robin hallettHello sweet Love Posse!

This week I am out owning my shizzle and teaching others to do the same at Camp Good Life Project.

I will be presenting a few workshops called Owning Your Shizzle where I am teaching on being aligned with your One True Thing and moving authentically forward on your right path.

In celebration of this, I am sharing some of my favorite posts which speak to this…

How to measure up without the Earthly Credentials.

You don’t need an Earthly Credential in order to do what you love. In fact, what you are here to offer to the world can rarely be described by a slip of paper… what you have to offer is a totally unique flavor that no one else can offer, because you are the perfect mix of everything that has happened in your life and no two journeys are the same.

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The Three Things

1. God gives you an extraordinary gift. You must awaken to it. Sometimes I call this IT your one true thing. There is a sliver of the Universe all your own, you must know your right address.

2. Make a commitment to honor it. Stay in alignment with your one true thing always, in all ways. You commit to yourself, to God and to the world.

3. Abundance is yours in return. What is meant for you is always meant for you; that which you seek is always seeking you. Because you’re on track, because you’re in alignment, because you’re radiating a light that is uniquely you in the world, abundance is a given.

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You are the perfect mix, so are you representing?

You are the perfect mix, believe it. The gifts you’re here to share with the world are the perfect mix of everything that’s happened in your life, so please don’t hold any of it back as you create.

When you focus on that instead of your worries about just what exactly my marketable skills are…it all gets a little easier. When you remember things like: be a human because nobody likes to listen to those Pinched Butt Types, it’s better.

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It’s called soulful selling, not slimy marketing

Sales and marketing are really about helping people find what they are  already searching for.

Trust this: if the mission from your heart is to help people and your offering is in alignment with your highest vibration, then you are acting as an agent of the Divine. It’s part of your job description to make yourself visible to people who are searching. Doing your job means you step up and allow yourself to be findable to those in need.


Entrepreneur on fire episode 287: Robin Hallett from 911 Dispatcher to Intuitive Healer

I did a podcast with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire a while back, we talked about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, knowing your purpose and dealing with the fear of getting into alignment with your one true thing. I told the story about me getting fired from being a 911 dispatcher and the pain of bouncing around while finding my true calling.

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Magic Birdie

If you want to work with me to learn how to own your own shizzle, I am right here.

Sending love and sparkles to you, and remember to rock it like you mean it this week!


the three things by robin hallett




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