You are the perfect mix, so are you representing?

abundance you are the perfect mix

Hello! A little note:

Most of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind… you’re healers, artists, writers, teachers, coaches…you perform a service to the world. But no matter what our profession, we all struggle with stepping out fully and allowing ourselves to shine.

This Abundance Series is really about that: Your purpose here is to be doing what you love (whatever that is), in a way that shines your heart light authentically and unapologetically. You are a spark of the Divine and you need to represent whether you’re a contractor, part of a sales force, or a healer like me.

As I see it, we are all here to shine at full maximum juju.

You are the perfect mix, believe it.

You are the perfect mix of everything. You’re just the right amount of rainbow sprinkles and love. It’s what you’d call your good and bad bits, the light and dark, the accomplished and novice parts that make you so interesting. All of you is the perfect mix and your special mix cannot be replicated.

And in terms of what you offer the world in exchange for payment…it all needs to be represented in your offerings, You cannot leave anything out. You cannot pretend you’re someone else. You must do it all your own way.

abundance perfect mixRight now, there are people searching for that exact perfect mix.

You have answers to the stuff they’re worried about, the stuff they’re going through. You’ve got experience that’s very relevant to them. The times you’ve fallen down are important too, they make you human. You’ve got just the right amount of bumps and bruises and soft spots to help others with… people want help from those who have gone before them and are still continuing the journey.

When you focus on that instead of your worries about just what exactly my marketable skills are…it all gets a little easier. When you remember things like: be a human because nobody likes to listen to those Pinched Butt Types, it’s better.

You are the perfect mix, believe it.

The gifts you’re here to share with the world are the perfect mix of everything that’s happened in your life, so please don’t hold any of it back as you create.

You don’t need an Earthly Credential in order to do what you love. In fact, what you are here to offer to the world can rarely be described by a slip of paper… what you have to offer is a totally unique flavor that no one else can offer, because you are the perfect mix of everything that has happened in your life and no two journeys are the same.

abundance you are the perfect mix


An exercise on getting clear on your gifts and naming what you love

Take a sheet of paper and make a list.

1. In the first column, list your gifts and what you’d love to offer.

2. In the next column, write your fears or your worries or concerns –anything that comes up for you in resistance to the first column should go here.

Take time with this exercise and really allow yourself time and space to ponder these two lists.

3. Then, when you feel ready, write on a fresh sheet about the kinds of clients/people/customers you’d like to work with keeping your gifts/what you’d love/what you’re good at, and your fear/worry/concerns in mind. Here is an example of what this might look like:


This list is the perfect mix – the light and dark, the love and the fear it’s a divine mix and believe it or not, there are people out there who need this perfect mix that is you exactly as you are right now in this moment.


Hugs and love and rock it this week!


This post is a continuation of the Abundance Series. Last week I talked about you sharing your services with the world – you sharing them soulfully which is a beautiful way for us to reframe the idea that selling will come off as sleazy or slimy. When we know in our bones that we are acting as an agent of the Divine, the only thing we worry about is NOT sharing our message with the world!

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