Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happen (with video)

Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happenThe real reason many of us aren’t further along toward our goals is that we just do not make space for our dreams to happen.

We drain our batteries on what does not serve us or excite us. It’s good to realize this because ideally we want to spend our energy on what truly matters to us.

There is only so much energy in a day and it gets spent regardless of what we’re doing.

I have drained my own batteries more times than I can count. I’ve exhausted myself to the point that I’ve been too wiped out to work on what I am excited about. I’ve felt sad and upset about that. I didn’t always understand I was creating this viscous circle myself…now I do.

I’ve talked with a lot of clients who do this very same thing. Best case scenario, they’re awake and curious about how they participate in the self sabotage but there are plenty more who feel themselves the victim to what’s happening around them.

No, we are not always awake to it. We don’t always see the ways we are draining the battery ourselves.

There is something you are here on the planet to do and the thing is, the longer it takes you to get into alignment with your calling, your dharma, your essence, the longer the entire world is a little out of balance. We’re waiting for you to name it and claim it, darling.

We’re waiting for you to commit. Are you in?

You only have so much energy in a day. And if you want to make your epic dream happen, you must conserve that good juju and choose wisely where you’re gonna spend it.

This is a practice…not a perfect.

Here’s the thing – no one does this perfectly. Not me, not you, not the most highly evolved person we can think of on the planet. It’s happening to all of us in big and little ways each day. It’s up to us to figure out where it’s happening and make a change. It’s up to us to be awake and alert enough to notice.

Stuff that drains the batteries – my personal list:

  • Doing stuff I don’t want to do but feeling it’s easier to just do it than to say NO. Or ask for help.
  • Pretending I am enjoying myself when I am not because it’s easier than facing facts and making a change.
  • Staying in conversations long after I feel finished with them. Especially with Drama Queens, Angry Birds, and Downers. Yikes! Draining!
  • Saying yes because I was afraid to say no.
  • Saying no because saying yes scared the shit out of me.
  • Worrying about what people are thinking about me.
  • Not honoring by body. Not resting when I felt tired. Eating food I knew better than to eat.
  • Running around in circles in my head about things like a hamster on a wheel. Things I cared about and things I did not give two toots about.

Each of us has a greater fear of succeeding than we realize.

If the battery is drained, if there is little juju, we do not have to succeed. But then you aren’t on mission. You aren’t living your dharma. And you’re probably a little sad about that. Hello, Viscous Circle 🙂

The only thing you need to do is to make a commitment to honor what truly matters to you. Then stick to it.

This does not have to be hard! Remember, you’re not here to suffer in order to have joy. It can be easy. It can be effortless. Just watch your own list of battery draining techniques and give your energy to what really serves your dream.

So what can you commit to today? What can you stop doing and what will you start doing?

If I am ringing your bell today, then this video is for you 🙂

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