I Believe in YOU

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I believe in you. Yes, I do. Even on the days when you don’t believe in yourself. I am 110% confident that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. I believe in you. You’re a spark of the Divine. No part of you is here by accident. Sometimes you believe you’re worthless. You KNOW you won’t succeed. You’re SURE you’re a loser. For a moment, let’s marvel at your ability to stay so strong in your self-doubt and disbelief. Let’s WOW your powerful imagination shining the… …Read More »

Corni and the Banana Boat, on Receiving Help Instead of Always Being the Strong One.

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Receiving help

Have I told you about the time Corni got stranded on the roof during a flood? It was early spring, and it had been storming a lot that week. One afternoon, there was so much rain, Corni’s house began to flood. Eventually, the first floor filled up with water so he decided to climb up on his roof to stay dry. Corni was very scared and so he began to pray. “Hello, God, it’s me Corni. I know it’s been a while but can you please help me get out… …Read More »

Will it ever get better for me? Three steps to rocking it like you mean it (with video)

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I had an especially interesting day at “work” today. Each client asked me the same question: Will things ever get better for me? And although each client asked the same question, they all were coming at it from a different perspective. The first person asked, “Will it get better for me? I hope it’s gonna get better, I keep waiting and hoping it will. Money is really tight so I keep hoping it’s gonna get better, I’d really like to take a trip sometime in the future.” The second person… …Read More »

Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happen (with video)

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Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happen

The real reason many of us aren’t further along toward our goals is that we just do not make space for our dreams to happen. We drain our batteries on what does not serve us or excite us. It’s good to realize this because ideally we want to spend our energy on what truly matters to us. There is only so much energy in a day and it gets spent regardless of what we’re doing. I have drained my own batteries more times than I can count. I’ve exhausted myself… …Read More »

Embrace your fear and claim your belovedness

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embrace your fear and claim your belovedness

Eeek! There I was. Seriously contemplating quitting. After all the hard work. Even though that brave and courageous part of me applied to the program. Now that the time had arrived I was wishing I had stayed home. For a while, I hid out in the bathroom. But eventually, I pushed myself out there to go make the rounds and introduce myself. We spent some time that first morning going around the circle, getting to know each other. We shared our ‘why’. Why were we here? As my turn came… …Read More »

Searching for Treasure – Staying the Course in Scary Times

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Sometimes while searching for treasure it

Sometimes while searching for treasure it’s hard to trust that you’re actually on the right path. It can get scary when it seems there are no recognizable landmarks. You start second guessing yourself. You feel tempted to turn back. Sometimes you panic, and give up. You burn the map, abandon ship. That’s when you need a friend to say: Don’t give up. Trust there is treasure. Stay the course. You are the compass – your joy, your truth, your sense of freedom will always show you the way. Besides, a… …Read More »

Toot Your Own Horn: How to Embrace Your Gifts

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Toot your own horn: how to embrace your gifts by robin hallett

Is it hard for you to embrace your gifts? Do you have an aversion to tooting your own horn? I am going to tell you a secret: There’s an absolute wonderfulness about you and it’s time to celebrate. 🙂 When you identify what makes you juicy and unique, life becomes magical. Are you interested in a magical life? Then, it’s time to acknowledge your gifts. Go ahead, toot your own horn. There’s something wonderful you are here to do, and you can’t get there if you’re humbly denying who you… …Read More »

Help! My Co-Worker is Driving Me Crazy! Office Politics

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Office politics can be challenging enough. When a difficult co-worker is thrown into the mix, it can feel like things are going to hell in a handbasket. But before you quit your job, or move to a new department, or (gasp) hit them over the head with your stapler, read on! HI Robin: I am working in hell. My co-worker is driving me crazy. I was given a small promotion recently and it seems like she is mad at me about it. She hasn’t spoken to me since the announcement… …Read More »

The Wound and its Gift

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the gift in our wounding

My deepest longing, ever since I can remember, was to feel welcomed in the world. To feel seen. To matter. To belong. But, most of the time I felt “missed” by the people who were supposed to see me the most. The message was: “You’re not welcome here.” It was so painful. I call this a wound A wounding is an event or string of events that change the landscape of our lives. As a kid, I would lie awake at night with a heavy heart wondering: Why is this… …Read More »