I Believe in YOU

I believe in you. Yes, I do.

Even on the days when you don’t believe in yourself. I am 110% confident that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

I believe in you.

You’re a spark of the Divine. No part of you is here by accident.

Sometimes you believe you’re worthless. You KNOW you won’t succeed. You’re SURE you’re a loser.

For a moment, let’s marvel at your ability to stay so strong in your self-doubt and disbelief.

Let’s WOW your powerful imagination shining the spotlight on what’s wrong with the picture.

Do you realize what kind of core strength that takes?

The problem here is that you’re using your superpowers for evil rather than for good 🙂

If you look at the negative side of things long enough, you begin to pickle in those negative vibes.

Life meets you where you’re at. So don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Did you know that it takes the same energy to worry as it does to believe? It’s true.

It’s not enough to sit in your bunker and hope that your life will go in the direction of your dreams. You’ve got to believe in yourself in a very big and bold way.

And, when those little mind gremlins appear–you’ve got to change the channel. You must make the effort. Be the change you long to see.

When you hear those gremlins calling, it’s time to change the channel.

It’s no different than wanting to hear country music while listening to the opera station, you have to change the channel.

You are a spark of the Divine! No part of you is a mistake.

I Believe in YOU

It’s not too late for you. You didn’t miss out on your big beautiful life. It’s being held in escrow for you – accumulating interest 🙂 Are you ready to receive?

You’re an imaginative, persistent, strong person. Let’s use those strengths in your favor, shall we?

Time to dump the armor of disbelief. Stop letting this part of you drive the bus.

It’s time to believe big and bold, baby.

I believe in you 110%, go get ’em, Tiger 🙂


I Believe in YOU

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