It’s OK to Change Your Mind // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 59

It's OK to Change Your Mind

🙏 May we learn to trust the periods of not knowing and welcome change instead of shoving our way through the original plan. ⁣⁣
🙏 May we ride with the guidance of our deepest knowing that the life we’re in is the one we’ve been calling to us.⁣⁣
🙏 Always, may we listen to the voice of love and pay attention when it says, “Plot twist!” 🙌❤️⁣⁣

⁣⁣This week, on Tea with Robin, I’m talking about permission to change our minds and that weird phenomenon where we don’t because we worry about what other people will think. And why it matters to honor what we love, no matter what commitment we’ve made. ⁣⁣⁣

It’s okay to change your mind. What if the change you’re being guided to make is the one that will align you with an even better path than the one you’re currently on?

Let’s not grind ourselves into the dust of our old promises 🤣😍😃🙌💕⁣⁣
This week’s inspiration is on the way life will open us unexpectedly, and our letter comes from a friend who’s been through major healing and is seeing lots of winks from the Universe. ⁣⁣
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My notes from this show:

Hello, sweet friend, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett, intuitive healer and light sparkler at, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, we all have the right to change our mind, no matter what we said before, no matter what anybody else says the choice is ours, plus some inspiration from a super awesome poet who didn’t always know it, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag synchronicities All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum, and meet me here. Well hello there, gorgeous, beautiful amazing friend, guess who it is. Guess who, it’s me, Robin. Your sparkling champion of love and awesome sauce all about you all for you.

Welcome back to the podcast, Episode 59! Wow wow wow, kind of can’t believe it. But I totally can.

And hi if this is your first time listening, it’s me Robin, thank you for being here. Hope you’re going to love it.

How are you today my friend. How is the weather in your heart?

Are you being sweet and kind and loving yourself? Are you accepting who you are and having your own back? I hope so. Always that’s my prayer, because you know what? You are amazing, and you being here on the planet, shining, as you do, that’s a gift to all of us. So, you know, precious cargo that’s what you are. I hope you’re taking good care of you. Yes. That was the chair over here. It is an amazing day I’m recording on a Friday, which we call fry Yay, and.

And it’s Friday night Martini night. Only it’s the afternoon still, but always love Fridays. It’s one of my busier workdays in the healing room and I’ve had a fun assortment of in-person sessions, and my virtual Healing Sessions, so it’s fun, it’s like, get to be in a couple different places, working in the house. And with amazing hearts on beautiful topics, which I love, and usually there’s a theme, lots of things that just go together so well because you know we are birds of a feather aren’t we, we flock together, that’s for sure.

So, so nice. And in between. I took myself out to lunch today, went to my favorite little cafe, and I had the most yummy Panini and chips, they make their own chips there, and chicken noodle soup and a diet coke which is so like if you saw what I normally eat, it’s just fun once in a while you just got to do it old school. Treat yourself well in a different way. Treat yourself well from your heart. And, yeah, read my book, I’m reading the second book in the Deborah Harkness a discovery of witches was the first one, now I’m on the second one, reading with the friend. I’m definitely lagging behind a bit but it’s so good.

So that’s me. Just enjoying the time. And, you know, the bigger, better question to you is, did you, did you bring a cuppa yum yum?

I hope so. I have here a delicious creamy cup creamy cup of tea.

That didn’t sound right but it is so good. I love to make myself a nice when I’m working especially. I like to take extra special care. I always set up an altar, even for my virtual friends that I’m seeing and pick flowers and, you know, even though they probably won’t get to see it. I still love to do that for them. And I also love to do something kind for me so I make a special carafe of tea special tea, and I wrapped it in a little blanket, so it stays warm it’s still warm. And I’ve got my favorite tag sale China teacup teacups with saucers little gold rim, always makes me happy. So that’s what I got

my Irish breakfast tea, salt, stevia, and heavy whipping cream, taking a break from the coconut milk these days. So cheers to you love. You are beautiful, fabulous and, you know, I’m so glad it’s us. Cheers.

So good, so good.

If I had a magic wand, I kind of do have a magic wand, but I would wave it in this way, that would give you an instant, super boost, so that you would always remember to take precious gentle, loving care of you and your needs and not feel like anything is frivolous or off limits, right, that would that would make me so happy like to say a special shout out to my friend, Ren. This is for you. I’m so happy you found me here stuff staying true to us, and sparkling and our ride together. Cheers.

So today’s topic.

I have so many notes here because once I decided this is what it was going to be I could not stop thinking about it. And then you know how that goes when your mind gets on something and then you’re like, oh my god and then that and then that and then that and then the next few people I signed Healing Sessions were totally talking about that too. So, yeah, I love it.

Have you ever had that situation where you told somebody something. And then you changed your mind. And then you hit up against the worry and fear of what will they think, what are they going to say?

And so then you pressure yourself really really hard to be the thing you said you were going to be, if only just to save face. To avoid conflict too, you know, just keep going because you told somebody else, and now you’re holding yourself accountable to what you said.

Or have you ever been through a situation where you went to somebody for support or advice. And you worked on something, but once you worked on it and you were done you changed your mind, because it just for whatever reason didn’t feel like you anymore or didn’t feel like the right thing anymore? Yeah.

You have a right to change your mind. You have a right to not suffer, trying to live up to what you said you do, but just for a moment, I’d love us to tune into that time in our lives when we really tried to uphold the thing we said we were going to do.

I have so many examples in my mind right now. Going to college, picking courses doing things that made my parents happy. A lot of you might not know that I was married before there was a number one husband. I was married, that whole thing was something to make my parents happy, you know that’s that’s a really hard big decision I know a lot of you know something about that one. people who are in relationships that they want to get out and then they decide to stay in and they worry about what I’m going to say to them, when they tell me the news or if you’re an artist and you want to change the scope. Career changes lawyers who don’t want a lawyer, etc etc etc. You know how it is just take a moment and think about your own thing.

It may have just been a moment where you were feeling super ebullient. Isn’t that a good word? Ebullient. You were feeling that way about something you want him to do and you told your friend and later on, you were like, oh, why did I do that, why did I say I was going to do that. And then we suffer trying to live up to the thing. So here’s what I want to say about that.

The only one who matters here is you.

The only opinion that matters here is your own.

And you get to change your mind. You get to change your mind, let’s say it, I get to change my mind. I have a right to change my mind. It’s okay to change my mind.

Are you saying it? I’ll wait. I get to change my mind, I’ve changed my mind.

I wonder sometimes, you know how many things we are still doing because we said we would we said we would, and now we worry about what other people are going to say, we said we would do, we would join the thing we said we would volunteer for the thing we said we were interested in taking our business I mean there’s so many mentorship groups out there. We said we were going to brand ourselves as this one thing. And we can’t. I mean I can even think of this as times I said I would work with somebody, ongoing and realizing later that it’s not a right fit. You know I’m worrying about that, or a class I said I would offer again. And I changed my mind. And I worry about that. So, just, you know, I could probably stop this podcast right here except. No, cuz Hi, it’s me.

The number of people you own explanation to is 0. You get to change your mind, you get to change your mind. And the truth is if people do give you pushback about that, or they don’t support you, or they tease you. They give you a hard time, who cares. Learn to acclimate to it because it is not the point. it does not matter. Don’t know if you were listening couple episodes back but I gave that Theodore Roosevelt quote that Brene Brown really made famous on daring greatly. You know, people who are showing up in their lives. Putting the pedal to the metal, doing things that feel hard and scary. They are not the ones who are going to do that to you. They’re going to be the ones who get it and know what it’s like they’re going to be the ones who are not going to give you a hard time, they’re going to be the ones who applied you and help you and encourage you, you get to change your mind. It doesn’t matter what anybody else will say, even if they’re disappointed. Even if they’re mad at you. It doesn’t matter. Ultimately what I love to see us all practicing is, I don’t need anybody to give me permission to change. I don’t need to worry about anybody being disappointed or critical of my change. The only opinion that matters is mine, and I want to be proud of me, and I am going to learn how to honor, what I need to do, and make the change.

Early on, I took people on as clients, people who would write to me and asked if I would work for work with them and help them, and it was very apparent to me we were not a good fit. And I can remember really stressing out about it. Like my word was my bond I said I would but I can’t. And I, the way I would start to feel, getting ready for that appointment that hour. It was so bad. And it took me a while to realize it’s also not good for the other person, you know, to keep showing up out of a sense of obligation and duty. You get to change your mind. Or how about times where you join a book group you join the club. You’re in these situations, and you hate it. You get to change your mind, you get to change your mind. We have to help ourselves learn how to do this. We have to help ourselves learn how to roll with the changes because change is the only thing we can really count on. We are going to change our minds.

We’re going to have times where we realize we bit too much off more than we could chew. At one time, as they say, and we’re not ready. You know I’ve sat with so many people who want to leave a relationship. Leave a marriage leave a get out of a partnership and a business relationship, something like that. And, you know, I have seen firsthand the number of months, and sometimes years it takes to really be ready. Sometimes you feel so strong in a moment.

And then you change your mind because you’re not ready you realize it’s too much in my heart that’s a kindness to know. That’s too much. I’m not ready. And just to back down a little bit, back, back off of that sharp edge and get your bearings a bit longer. That seems like a kindness to me, you know, think about your own experience, think about your own life and how you have been really up against it, and you’ve come to that place where you realize the only reason I’m pressing on with this because I’m worried about what other people are going to say, worried about how it’s going to look how it’s going to sound how it’s going to seem. You get to change your mind. And we can become accustomed to what it feels like. if other people give us carp about that we really can.

You have to help yourself learn how to do it how to recognize there’s no problem here. I’m not in trouble. I’ve just changed my mind.

I was talking to some friends in session and they were really being mean to themselves about the way their interests have changed. First they were into this and they were into that then they were into some other thing and you know I could hear that tired, exhausted. Disappointed energy. I just can’t stick with anything I can’t seem to ever stick with anything. What, what if you’re not supposed to be sticking with it. Maybe you’re supposed to be cycling through a few different things on your way to your very own thing.

You know, sometimes the guidance that gets you onto a path is not meant to see you through to the end.

Say you get very excited about taking guitar lessons. And you tell everyone about it you’re like guitar, guitar, guitar, they’re like, how are you doing today Robin and you’re like, guitar, guitar, guitar, it’s all you can think about his guitar, guitar, you know my wish for all of us is if the day came that the guitar was no longer exciting that we could learn to understand some things shifting changes underfoot. And what if I did not cling to my fear or worry or disappointment. If I didn’t allow the old voice of my father, my mother, my teacher whoever. Who said you never stick with anything you have no discipline, you don’t apply yourself, God forbid, Malcolm Gladwell on this 10,000 hours. You didn’t do your 10,000 hours, and that’s why you’re a stinker.

No, you’re just changing your mind. Let’s celebrate the change. Thank goodness. Thank goodness you are changing your mind. Why care more about it being a problem than you do about getting free. You get to change your mind. You get to change completely change the way you love to do the things you do.

And you O zero, people, an explanation. But you need to be on board with this and love yourself and not shame yourself and not be disappointed in yourself.

You know, years ago I have so many stories I could tell you today, years ago, I had a friend on the healing journey come see me for some sessions. At the time I had a number of projects going in the house, creative projects, I live for creative projects, I haven’t even told you lately, all the things I’ve been doing around your this house looks amazing that get told you a few episodes ago I painted my secretary, I bought the second hand furniture. Well it’s done and it’s gorgeous and now I’m building an art gallery wall with some of your art my friends here who I love to connect with your art and and some of my own and other things I found is so much fun. But it’s always a work in progress. It’s almost like if you come here there is always something undone unfinished changing.

So this friend came to see me years ago and she was like, oh my god I think at the time I was working on a mosaic in the house it was a very big one and also I had some needlework going, and I thought it was so beautiful in its undone state that I kind of had it on display like leaned over something on display. Because I love to look at it. I love to ponder on it I love to think about the color connections, and I didn’t feel pressured to finish it. You know, I’m just like that, if I lose interest in a project. I’m not going to be mean to myself about it, I’m just knowing that it’s ebbing My interest is ebbing and I’m more interested in doing what I love. While I love it, you know, not sticking to the plan because I said I would, or I posted a picture of it on Instagram and now I’m beholden to the Phantom audience. I told I was doing this. No, I get to change my mind. Right, so clear isn’t it.

So, my friend goes, Oh my god, I would be so embarrassed to display all this stuff it’s not done. My mother would kill me.

That’s what she said, I remember it all these years later because A, she was 50 years old telling me that, which just sounded like a judgment, except I’m 50 now and you know the big goal is to be free, not to be worrying about our mothers, and to be recognizing that we get to do whatever we want, because we’re all grown up. And that people are wrong in their assessment of what’s right for us. Who’s the only one who could really really really really know me and near us. We about us, us, where the authority on us. And if we don’t feel like we are. That’s the next step, prompt Oh, expedite stacked. We got to know.

So she would look around, and it was almost like it prevented her from functioning to see these unfinished things. I mean, like, you know, I made a mosaic. It wasn’t done and I put the nail in the back of it and hung it on the wall, and it wasn’t done and you know what it wasn’t done for like a year. It wasn’t done. But I loved it. How can you take what I’m saying today and apply it in your life? I’m thinking of a few of you I know who are or were working towards your Ph.D. Hi, I’m saying hi to you.

And you were just our shy of finishing or another program. Hi, saying hi to you to some other professional training you’ve invested a ton of money in, but you know it’s not right for you. Certain kinds of certification. It’s like, clear loud, it’s not right for you. What are you gonna do. Are you really going to tell me that you’re going to keep shoving your way through something you don’t love. Just because you said you would just because you paid for it. Just because your advisor thinks it’s a good idea. No, just sit with that, what would make you indescribably happy. If there was nothing to lose. If you were not afraid. If it didn’t matter what anybody said, what would you choose, you know I admire the rebels. I admire the ones who say this is not right for me. I’m no longer interested.

And even if somebody dares give you a shirt about that.

You know, that’s how I feel, a friend to tease me about that. Whoa, look out.

Don’t know if they deserve that word that title, because people who have your back. They support you and love you and want the best for you.

And if they’re truly concerned about your change of heart. They’ll find a gentle kind, loving supportive caring way to ask about it, won’t they? Yeah. If they’re genuinely concerned for some reason you’re freaking out, and you’re quitting something when really it’s about having the stamina and the courage to keep going. Won’t they talk to you about that? Yeah.

Starting the thunder and lightning it’s getting darker and darker. I got to close the window. One second.

Okay I’m back. There was this period where I was going to healing school so long, long investment and somewhere in the middle of the third year it was a long long commitment and Hi friends, you and I went to school together. Hello. It was a huge commitment. And you know what, there was just a day where I was like, dun, dun, dun, dun, and it involved, flying down to this place and staying at this hotel for a week at a time, multiple times a year. And I was done.

I didn’t agree with the teachings, I started to have my own inner healer, you know who was talking to me my inner guidance spirit, talking to me about what to do and how to do it and it was no longer fitting with what the class was teaching at the time. And I also was super aware of the expense in exchange for what I was receiving, which I think is always when you become very focused on the money aspect. It’s almost never about the money. What’s really happening is your inner guide is saying, This is not valuable anymore. That’s all. like a change is here and you need to be making the change making the shift.

So I remember in the middle of the third year deciding to leave in the middle not, I’m going to stick it out to the end.

You know I’m worried about what everybody’s gonna say, I’m going to leave in the middle, I’m not coming back. And I didn’t really think it was going to be a big deal but it was, it was a big deal. It was a big deal to people.

I, you know, people who knew me, who were staying. And you can imagine why. And I realize, you know, like, and it was a big deal to the school. And it was a big deal to my teachers, but in my heart, I really knew I was done, and I love number one husband kept saying you’ve just graduated early, that’s all there is to it. It was a very challenging time, I can remember spending a lot of time on my back on the couch, Frozen, sometimes crying, sometimes worrying sometimes stressing sometimes feeling like if I do this thing. I’ll never get on my way, I’ll never be okay it’s never going to be okay. And the best part about that time was, you know, sometimes in those programs, if you do a coaching program or teaching program, you have practice clients. Yeah.

I have a lot of practice clients who I adore I still know them. Today, many of them I still know, and I was like, Okay, you guys. I have some bad news. I was so afraid to tell them, I said I’ve dropped out of the program. And guess what they said.

What program.

What program. They didn’t even know I mean they remembered at some point consenting to be a practice client but do you think they really cared. Now, because of the SPARKLE SPARKLE Joy Joy, the Juju, the love, the light that doesn’t come from a textbook or some certification.

And if this is scratching your surface. Google my name and earthly credentials, I started teaching on this because after that because you know the what earthly credential could you ever receive that will qualify you to be a year awesome Miss south. There is no earthly credential you need for them.

So, we have to be okay with change and changing our minds.

And, you know, I could go on, I went through a phase where I made jewelry, and it was beautiful jewelry and the potential was really really huge. In fact, some years I made more money doing that, than anything else. And guess what it didn’t light me up.

I liked making it for me, and some of the work I was doing but it was very very stressful. And I still remember the day I decided to close my Etsy shop.

I was just done.

That was really hard to. I have to keep going around with people saying yeah but, but, but, but,

or those people were like, weren’t you making jewelry for a while. Now what are you doing? Yeah.

Yeah, I’m doing whatever the heck I want to do people, you know, it’s hard I know but. Gosh.

You are being guided by something so much greater than the opinion of other people aren’t you, and tuning into that plugging into that loving that honoring that is what matters the most. And sometimes if you really find yourself up against the wall and somebody’s really giving you a hard time. You can just put your hand up like this. I’m doing this stop sign.

And you can say something like, I know this has been a very difficult decision for me. This was not easy. I hope you can honor them, especially for things you volunteer You said you would do and change your mind. I do, let’s call it pro bono work very occasionally, if it’s right, and we have an interview and we talk about it and then I realized, no, it’s not right, it doesn’t serve either one of us, I will have to say it, and sometimes they go away mad. you know, I get it. But again, whose opinion matters. Yeah, my opinion, your opinion, our opinion. So, you know, May that serve you Today love. I think the most important nugget is if you’re following the heart path if you’re following the guidance from spirit, you’re listening for the voice of love in your heart. I guarantee you sometimes the guidance that gets you on to the path is not the guidance that means you to see everything through to the end, you have to pay attention for the plot twist. For the left turns and trust that inner GPS to call the place. And when you catch that feeling inside of you that struggle that stress and you’re worried about what everyone’s going to say, it’s kind of like when you don’t follow the GPS and the car and then it’s like recalculating. There’s just a whole blank spot of time where it’s like recalculating read, make a U-turn make a U-turn and keep saying you know. Yeah, that’s the sign. You got to plug in and listen to and decide what you’re going to do. So I hope that you know I really really hope that helps today. Those of you who are riding in that place, I really, really do.

Oh hello Harley. How’s my boy, did you come to say hi on the podcast. Can you say hello? Hello.

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Well, guess who’s not drinking anymore of her TC. The dog, and I love Irish breakfast tea. There you go.

So cute. He just drank a bunch of my tea and splattered my whole dress and pants, but it was worth it. Totally an animal lover at one point we had three dogs, three dogs, Charlie, Rocky and of course, Winston the Wonder dog who was really.

He was the favorite, you have to whisper, just in case.

Well friends, thanks for indulging me there for a moment.

It's OK to Change Your Mind

This week’s inspiration: Life Opens Us Like A Flower

So why don’t we talk a little about inspiration? I was thinking about it.

And sometimes these events in your life where change happens you make a change.

Thinking even about number one husband, leaving his family business, because he had to strike out and do what he loved, and he is brilliant at what he does. But there was a time where there was a lot of friction because he was leaving, what was being expected of him and his family. And there was pressure on him, and sometimes it’s just how it is that life is going to open you up. Very because you’ve been praying for something you’ve been asking for something and it’s gonna feel very violent for a bit, you know, very churning and you know it’s not going to feel calm and peaceful, you’re going to have sleepless nights and worried days and people are going to push back on you, and you’re gonna have to have real strong access to your own heart, and this thing I want to read to you. I wrote it, a while back.

I keep a journal of things I write to myself, and sometimes they make it to the blog.

A lot of times they don’t but this one did and it’s called life. Sometimes life opens us like a flower.

I hope you love it. And I’m going to move this tea because I’m scared I won’t remember dog lips.

Sometimes life opens us like a flower. Usually, it’s in response to something we’ve been praying for something we’ve been working so hard to open up on the inside, something we’ve cried and cried about because we just cannot find the effing doorway. We can’t find it. And we can’t find it. And we can’t find it. And then suddenly we’re opened up. And when it happens it’s so wild so radical so moving. For a moment, all you can do is stand there, stunned. There are strange ripples in your body flutters and pounding excitement and fear. And the funny thing is, it’s usually got nothing to do with the thing you’ve been praying for that doorway you’ve been seeking.

Because life knows better than we do. And it knows the quickest route to get us to where we need to be so don’t judge. Just let it happen. Let it flow. Welcome at all, let life do you do not try and understand this with your puny little brain, you know, the itty bitty one which can only see life as a linear equation, like a plus b equals C. Nope. Life never delivers like that.

Do not assume you totally get what this means. Don’t waste the moment, analyzing, now is the time for Magic mystery.

And just taking it in.

Sometimes we must let go before we can receive.

We’re opened with such a force that the clutter and foreign bodies can break free.

What was held for so long so very tightly suddenly flies away with the wind.

And this doesn’t always feel good.

Sometimes it’s painful and scary. And we feel a little bit lost without it. But life knows stuff must come out.

It has to leave to make room. And then there are times when we need a good shove because our sparkles are fresh and the soil is ready. And our own timetable sounds a lot more like never than now.

And we have a hard time putting it all out there because we keep saying stupid things like. Who do I think I am to be doing this life knows who we are, and it knows the time is now.

It gives us a shove. So the seeds shake loose now when they’re fertile. Now, instead of later when they’re not.

Sometimes life opens us like a flower.

For now, your only job is to feel it. And let yourself breathe.

Welcome, listen, even if you’re scared, let life do you, bam, life just opened you like a flower. Forget your doorway, give up the search. Forget the analysis. You cannot get there from here, just feel it. Let it in, let it do you so completely that you are forever transformed, and then see that you’re standing in the very place you once tried so hard to find.

So may this poem and its message inspire you and support you where you need it most today.

Wow. I kind of surprised myself sometimes it’s like where does that come from. Well, there’s gotta be a mystic in there, you know from the beyond that helps us all shine so brightly and share from such a place of courage and.

And the wild frontier, you know, it’s not where everybody else is standing so you love yourself and be so very kind and gentle, but allow yourself to make those changes. Okay.

May that serve you and. Yeah. Okay, got a sip some water now.

Do not drink the tea.

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Friends, if you’re loving this episode and if you have somebody in mind that could really use this or you see me post it to Facebook or in my stories, would you please share it on. I’d love that you do. I love that you’re willing. And because it’s helped you, you know it can go on to the next to help somebody else and I so appreciate that very, very much.

I was talking to a friend today about this principle of reciprocity, just know that when, how you share from your own heart comes back to you so many times in so many beautiful ways. I love to share, and even today I was at the restaurant and they just changed their name. I was telling you I went out to lunch. And the guy said, Can I ask you a favor, would you please give us a Yelp review and I was like, Yes, I will gladly give you a Yelp review and I went right home and did it. I know it’s good to be generous. And it’s very helpful so and I appreciate I cannot tell you enough how many times I have been in that place of receiving the sparkles because you shared this podcast so I thank you always and a review is super groovy to some of you have asked me if the European reviews if I can see them. I cannot. But I love knowing that you’re doing that, and want to say a special shout out to my friend, Erica, who said, I pause the podcast just now to stop and say thank you. The mind is blown inspiration gushing through me. Thanks, Erica. I love that. And that reminds me, you know, even with all the change talk I’ve already said, What if the change you want to make but are afraid to make because you’re worried about what everyone’s thinking what if this is the thing that is finally going to set you free. To be with your own posse your own peeps. I feel like that in my life every turn I’ve made has been like that and it’s involved some letting go that’s been painful, leaving groups quitting the band quitting school, you know, getting divorced, having to say I made a mistake it’s not right for me and all the pushback that came with that,

the only one who needs to get it as us and feeling good in the hood. Feeling good in our hearts, that’s all that should matter, that’s all that’s all right. That’s all.

This week’s letter: #synchronicity

It's OK to Change Your Mind

So this letter, I wanted to read it to you because of the synchronicities that happen. And as a result of us showing up and doing what we need to do, honoring our hearts, honoring our light, our light. It’s never easy. And I tell you this all the time the universe is always listening and when you’re in for your goodness. Your sparkles your freedom, your joy when you’re in for shining at your most powerful and you are no longer interested in resisting that I noticed that these synchronicities happen again and again and again and again, where we just continue to be loved and hugged by life in so many ways, as if to say, I’ve got you I’m listening. I’m with you I’m carrying you I’m helping you.

So this letter goes out to you my friend Sarah and I thank you so much.

Hi, Robin. I found you on Instagram and I’m certain that it was no accident. I’ve been exploring all of the wonderful offerings on your website. And I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your light. Every morning this week on my drive to work. I’ve been there listening to your podcasts and sipping my coffee along with you. It feels like a wonderful morning meditation, that helps me to start my day off as my shining best self.

I wanted to share something special that happened this week.

I listened to the episode where you read Mary Oliver’s poem, The journey a few weeks back. I checked out an ebook of her poems from the library. Life has gotten super busy in the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t opened it back up since I first checked it out.

I’m a three-year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 29. I go back to the cancer center every month to get an injection as part of my ongoing preventative treatment. Even though I’m healthy and well being there always makes me feel anxious and icky. I decided to reopen the Ebook to read and distract myself while I waited for my appointment. Can you guess what poem I open to the journey? If that’s not a beautiful synchronous message from the universe, I don’t know what is. Thank you again for all you do with love and light, Sarah.

And we’ve emailed back and forth a few times, it’s just such a wonderful thing to know that you know life is supporting us giving us those winks back, giving us that love back saying hey you know this, you listen to this podcast, all week. And you heard this poetry and you check the book out of the library and I’m telling you there are life-giving properties here in, you know, Sarah you got the book at the library and then you didn’t have time. And maybe you even felt bad about that you know how we do oh I got these books and then I never wrote them, you know how we say stuff.

Or is it just me.

Yeah, life is like I love you, I got you. That’s all right. It’s wonderful. It’s so fabulous, and obviously the most fabulous thing is you are healthy and well, and you have made it through. And I love your perspective, I love the way you say it, because that was the old news, and now here you are. And yeah, there are things, each of us needs to do for preventative measures, you know, you’re going into the center, and I’ve. I know we emailed about this before but I think it’s so great for all of us to hear this, that we could decide to go into the center as a light as a SPARKLE SPARKLE be, and there are times when I too am at the center of visiting and helping friends, and that’s the decision I make, because it’s easy to see. It’s easy to understand how achy it can feel it’s frightening. There’s energy hanging in the air I mean that’s a real thing. There are people in different spaces health-wise, different mindsets and different phases of their life cycle, that’s for sure. And we can decide in our own hearts. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, and we’re shining it for us because we’re always making a decision in our minds and our hearts that affects the outcome of our that affects the intelligence in ourselves. Think about that. You know, you’re, you’re one unit. So we’re always making decisions. And what if we did continue to decide. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. I’m powerful and empowered and it’s so beautiful.

So huge congratulations. I know I’m celebrating you and looking forward to your happy. The good news continued health continued blossoming and continued abundance in your life. And, yeah, just lousy Wow, there are so many beautiful stories, beautiful stories of healing and recovery and again the synchronicity of life saying, I see you and I love you and you’re okay you’re doing great.

And sometimes people will ask me. I don’t get it. What was the point of that, you know, what was the point? The point is what I just said. All is well, you’re doing great. We’ve got you does there need to be a bigger point than that or a more specific point, was it you know sometimes I want to ask people, would you rather have $50 or a solid job offer over knowing that you’re being guided and directed, I guess it’s just a matter of perspective, for me, more and more, I love knowing that I am writing, and being held at the same time. I’m being guided, and I’m a willing follower of that sparkle in my own heart, and the guidance I receive the wings from the universe. And I don’t necessarily need to have a firm plan because I have seen time and again in my own life how much that is ground me into the dirt. My own plan. How much suffering that brings so just to say. May we all follow the happy signs and trust in that, especially those periods of not knowing. So that was a bit of a robin ramble there but Thank you Sarah for writing to me, and friends, you know, I love receiving your letters if I can help you if I can shine the light or answer a question or just, you know, share some of your happy news, your cool synchronicities I love to do that, write to me at hello at Robin Or you can use the form on my web page on the contact page.

Well, friends, I just noticed the time and it’s 3:33, which I love.


I’m going to go make a fresh pot of tea. And my plan at this moment is to immediately edit this gorgeous podcast and get it done and ready for Monday’s release. So this is me I’m Friday, Friday, yay.

That’s what I’m going to do, make some more tea I’ve got a two-hour break until my next beautiful friend on the journey. I’m always tempted to tell you I’m so lucky but luck has nothing to do with it. The life you’re in is exactly the one you have been calling to you and if you don’t love it. It’s okay, it’s okay to acknowledge that and make a shift. I can tell you how many times I have changed, and even my hair. Good god, y’all go on YouTube I have changed so many times. Don’t be afraid of change. You have a right to change your mind you have a right to change the change every day. One of my favorite healers from years ago would say to me, he would say stand on your truth today Robin, and tomorrow, be prepared to change your mind and stand on a new one. And I loved that, you know, do it let’s try it. What are you going to change I can’t wait to hear and if you see me post this episode I love you to comment, let me know what did this spark for you I love to hear it. Okay. This is me, I better go because I’m rambling on my love Rambler. So, here I go friends, this has been me Robin love Rambler Hallett Episode 5959 in the can. You are amazing and thank you so much for being here and I’m going to see you next week, or in a few minutes. Same bat time same bat channel. Bye bye.

If I can read a letter for you, if I can shine a light, or you have a follow up topic for a future episode write to me here.

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It's okay to change your mind

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