Sometimes, Life Opens Us like a Flower

life opens us like a flower

Sometimes, life opens us like a flower.

Usually, it’s in response to something we’ve been praying for.

Something we’ve been working so hard to open up on the inside;

something we’ve cried and cried about because we just cannot find the effing doorway.

We can’t find it,

and we can’t find it,

and we can’t find it.


And then suddenly we are opened up.

And when it happens, it is so wild, so radical, so moving…

for a moment all you can do is stand there stunned.

There are strange ripples in your body,

flutters and pounding, excitement and fear.


life opens us like a flower

And the funny thing is, it’s usually got NOTHING to do with the thing you’ve been praying for; that doorway you’ve been seeking.

(Because life knows better than we do and it knows the quickest route to get us to where we need to be.)

Don’t judge, just let it happen.

Let it flow.

Welcome it all.

Let life do you.


Do not try and understand this with your puny little brain.

You know, the itty-bitty one which can only see life as a linear equation like a + b = c. Life never delivers like that.

Do not assume you “totally get what this means.”

Don’t waste this moment analyzing.

Now is the time for magic. Mystery. Just take it in.



Sometimes we must let go before we can receive.

We’re opened with such a force that the clutter and foreign bodies break free.

What was held for so long, so very tightly, suddenly flies away with the wind.

And this doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes it’s painful. And scary. And we feel a little bit lost without it.

But life knows: stuff must come out, it has to leave to make room.


And then there are times when we need a good shove.

Because our sparkles are fresh and the soil is ready!

And our own timetable sounds a lot more like never than now.

And we have a hard time putting it all out there because we keep saying stupid things like, “Who do I think I am to be doing this?”

Life knows who we are. And it knows the time is NOW.

It gives us a shove so the seeds shake loose now when they’re fertile now instead of later when they’re not.


Sometimes, life opens us like a flower.

For now, your only job is to feel it.

And let yourself breathe.

Welcome this in even if you’re scared.

Let life do you.

life opens you like a flower


Life just opened you like a flower.

Forget your doorway. Give up the search.

Forget the analysis.

You cannot get there from here.

Just feel it. Let it in.

Let it do you so completely that you are forever transformed.

And then see

that you are standing in the very place you tried so hard to find.

— Robin Hallett January 31, 2015


May this poem and its message inspire you and support you where you need it most today.

With love and hugs,


life opens you like a flower

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