The Stupid Things People Say and How to Be Free of Their Opinions

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your way is the right way

Learning to walk away from the stupid things people say and not need their good opinions of me has been a huge challenge on my journey. There are times when I get caught up in feeling hurt and upset, but I disentangle myself again. My recovery time is quicker these days because I remember my practice and I get free. I am learning not to NEED anyone to love me or applaud me or give me their blessing for me to feel permitted to shine and sing my song. But… …Read More »

Tell the Story You Want to Tell, Not the One That’s Taking You to You Know Where // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 45

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It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

Do you ever wish that you could tell a story about you and your life and have it come true? If you think about it, all we are really ever doing is telling a story. We write our story for how things are going and we tell it to ourselves over and over and over. Then, we live that narrative often without questioning it. But, do we like the story? That’s the kajillion dollar question! In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about releasing our unintentional negative stories… …Read More »

Friendship Friction and What We Can Do About It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 39

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robin hallett rock it like you mean it

Close friends. They’re in our hearts and we want to stay connected but so often there are upsets and bothers we don’t know how to talk about. How do we deal with friendship friction? How do we recognize the problem, address the pattern, and do the healing? In this episode, we’re talking about taking your relationships to the next level as you heal the patterns which continue to repeat for you. Listen here or wherever you enjoy podcasts 🙂 My session notes are below 😍😘 Episode 39: Friendship, Agency, #relationshipgoals… …Read More »

The People Who Treat You Badly and What to Do About It // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 35

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What do you do about the people who don’t treat you right? How do we not go to kookytown getting so upset and handle what we need to handle without throwing ourselves under the bus? In this episode, I’m talking about all the scenarios–from strangers to friends to family members, and share ideas on what to do with your upset and how to not let it ruin your day. Today’s inspiration comes from Mr. Joel Osteen who gave me one of the best quotes ever. This week’s letter comes from… …Read More »

Here’s to the Dark Angels in Our Lives

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what to do when you're upset

Here’s to the dark angels in our lives who come to wake us up. They bring their stinky gifts…the ones which whisper to our parts on the verge of readiness to advance. Stinky gifts which come in crappy packaging, and require some work before we can get to the good part. What I am talking about when I say, Dark Angel: • The mother in law who seems blind to the beauty and delight of your amazing children • The guy who constantly speaks to you like you’re an idiot… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: What to do When You’re Upset

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What to do When You

Hello friends, it’s me Robin. How are you today? The meditation offering today is on dealing with our upset; I’m going to help you know what to do when you’re upset. Take a moment or two to focus on your breathing and then go inside and find and upset you’re having right now. Don’t ask your brain, ask your belly… ask your heart, what’s here now? It could be anything. Perhaps there’s a conflict you’re having or something you’re trying to do is proving to be way harder than it… …Read More »

When It’s Time to Take off the Superhero Cape

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Super Corni by robin hallett

Superheroing is something we learned to do well in childhood. Many of us learned to fly with our capes on before we could even walk. Keeping the peace and keeping people happy mattered to our own survival and so the needs and wants of the people around us came first. Often we were at the mercy of these people (and their moods) and so our own needs became tied to making things easier/better/happier for others. Their happiness equaled ours, their upset equaled ours. Today this need to take care of… …Read More »

The Abundance Series: wishing success for others releases your handbrake

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Lakshmi by robin hallett

I saw a client recently who I’d fallen out of touch with for the past few years. As we were getting into the session, I asked her where she’d been and she said, You know, I just have to tell you that when you first started blogging, I was really turned off by your message…it seemed like you were just in it for the money. I thought you were just in it for the money. How many times have we looked at someone who is making their way in the… …Read More »

Set a boundary, save a life: how to set boundaries and conserve your energy (with video and audio)

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how to set boundaries and conserve your energy

Do you ever have the situation where you want and need to say NO to someone but feel the difficulty of it weighing you down? How do you handle setting boundaries so you conserve your own energy? My friend recently said to me, Just finished a call with X. I love him, but I’m exhausted. He seems lonely. I need to protect myself from the drain next time. I too had a call from our friend X yesterday. Yes, he was lonely. And yes, I could completely understand the drain and… …Read More »

The Ego has landed! How to stop feeling upset and wake up from the nightmare

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There are days when I just want to yell it from the rooftops: the ego has landed, people!  I had a late night call from a friend over the weekend. She was coming unraveled. Telling me her story, I could hear how it made sense… and yet, she seemed wild, outraged, ready to lynch someone. The level of her upset did not match the situation she was describing. The ego had landed. We all have an ego. Nobody is exempt. Except maybe Jesus or Buddha. Just kidding! They talked about… …Read More »

How to Avoid the Crazies When the Circus Comes to Town

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Does a three ring circus take you to crazy town?

I once had a client who had the kind of energy reminiscent of a three-ring circus. Forget the cotton candy and popcorn… this circus was about drama, stress, and chaos. And because of it, she frequently took her “audience” to crazy town. Picture it: Three different events happening in the three rings, AND somebody let the tigers loose. Her style was chaotic, to say the least. A call to schedule a session might last 20 minutes because it was hard for her to finish a sentence, and the topics kept… …Read More »

Rescuer, Caretaker, People Pleaser (Healing Insights)

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Most of us have an inner super-hero, lurking in the shadows just waiting to save the day. It’s a job we do well–one that began with us trying to fit into our family system as kids. We learned that in order to be of value to those around us, we needed to provide a service or give assistance of some kind. Solving the problems of other people often kept the peace. If we could help make it better somehow, life at home went more smoothly. For some of us, it… …Read More »

How to Overcome Jealousy

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Ever been talking to a friend who’s relating details of their Big Awesome Success and feel yourself overcome with jealousy? Where do you go inside yourself when that happens? What stories are you telling while you’re there? If you’ve ever wondered how you can overcome jealousy, read on! HI Robin – I was out to dinner with a friend recently and in the process of catching up I became extremely jealous at the successful and cool new things my friend is doing. While I was listening, I found it hard… …Read More »

Help! My Co-Worker is Driving Me Crazy! Office Politics

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Office politics can be challenging enough. When a difficult co-worker is thrown into the mix, it can feel like things are going to hell in a handbasket. But before you quit your job, or move to a new department, or (gasp) hit them over the head with your stapler, read on! HI Robin: I am working in hell. My co-worker is driving me crazy. I was given a small promotion recently and it seems like she is mad at me about it. She hasn’t spoken to me since the announcement… …Read More »

Toxic Job: Should I Stay or Quit? (Healing Insights)

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Have you ever been in a work situation that felt toxic to you personally? Sometimes the challenges are more than you can bear and it’s time to walk away. Often, it’s the case that the situation feels awful because you’re supposed to be learning something personally from this experience. It takes courage and heart do to this, but I know you’re up for it! HI Robin, I’m looking to get out of a toxic job–I just can’t handle it anymore. I really want to find a work environment where I’ll… …Read More »