Healing Our Tendency to Overdo // Tea with Robin Episode 146

HEaling our tendency to overdo

Do you have a tendency to overdo things?

The energy of overdoing can manifest in mind, body, or spirit.

Maybe we overdo the worrying. Or we overdo the consuming. Or we overdo the spiritual. No matter how it manifests, this too-muchness is stemming from a place in us that is asking for healing.

So let’s do this today.

In this episode:

Healing our tendency to overdo.

Healing the too much-ness in the energy field through awareness and intention.

What would shift if you learned to intentionally focus your time and energy?

This week’s featured letter: How do we live our lives in peace, with everything and all of it — even if people aren’t speaking to us, even if there are regrets… how can we still show up loving ourselves and the life we’re in?

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin hallett.com, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. Do you have a tendency to overdo do too much worry too much plan too much, strategize too much? Too much… this is stemming from a place in us that is asking for healing. So let’s do that today. And I’ve got a beautiful letter to share with you too. How do we live our lives at peace with everything was all of it, even if people aren’t speaking to us, how can we still show up, and love the life we’re in a good one, so come grab a cuppa yum-yum here.

Hi beautiful friend, it’s me, Robin, welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 146 146 All of the show notes, any links I mentioned, good names I drop name-dropping books, videos whenever may come recipes, you never know. You can find them in the episode description link, or by going to my website, Robin Hallett comm slash 146, and everything you would like, plus the complete transcript will be there. And if it’s your first time here. Hello. Welcome. This is a podcast about healing, helping yourself get to a place where you can be at peace in your heart be rested in your heart about who you are and what you’re doing. I’ve been on this healing journey since the 90s. Since the 90s When I started waking up in this wild time where my mom had had a stroke, my life was imploding, you know how it goes. We’re kind of in that phase now with the pandemic I feel really lots and lots of things converge and you a part of you, explodes or implodes, or you have a blowout, one way or another, something happens, and you’re suddenly you’re in the new space of awakening with all of it. I began studying and learning what this was, what this energy was what this awareness was. And, you know, over the last many decades, many decades. I’m coming a little closer to who I truly am, and I help other people in my healing practice, I sit with friends, and help them remember who they truly are to. So I hope you love it here. I hope this is a place of peace and reminders of who you truly are and I hope it’s also a place where you feel practically helped with the day to day stuff because day to day stuff, and my right. Yikes. friends returning. Hello Hello Hello, have you been doing, how is your week been going. Here we are beginning of August, ish first week of August. How are you enjoying your time. Just a gentle reminder that this is your day. This is your day. This is your time, and however you choose to spend it is up to you as well. You know, I think about so much the friends that we we journey with in our lives and you and I are very much the same, where the word outlier keeps coming to me but I don’t really know that term so I’m, I don’t know if I feel comfortable saying it but outliers, the first thing I saw as I started to say, were we dance on the leading edge, that’s an Abraham Hicks term we dance on the leading edge. We are not like everybody else. And, you know, you can spend a lot of your life, being in a place of resistance and defensiveness about that and also trying to make yourself into what everybody else is. Or you can celebrate who you are as other, and it doesn’t have to be a bad word. Other. It doesn’t have to be a bad word.

I’m such a fan of Paul Selleck. I know who I am, in truth, we know who we are, in truth, we know who we are in truth. So, you know, in my heart. It always feels like, we have to keep accepting who we are and accepting how we’re doing and what we want to be doing, and giving our energy intentionally to that. Does that makes sense, even if it’s struggling, even if there are problems, even if, you know, stuff is broken down on the farm today and you have to get out there and do your work or your kid is sick, or there isn’t money to pay for certain things right now. You are still in control of this day in your heart, how you show up, is totally up to you. Over here the weather in my heart is really good, I’m feeling centered, and at peace. I’m not the same person I was a week ago I feel it, and I sometimes find that kind of a fun, interesting challenge to be with people who are the same people the same old conversations and you’re not showing up the same way anymore. It’s important that you keep recognizing yourself here, as you’re evolving and changing. You know, it doesn’t always have to be the same old same old. You know, so before I get going too far into this, let’s have some yum yum together. I’ve got a yummy sparkling juice and bubble water, I don’t know sparkling drink in my teacup today. I made some. I had a bunch of watermelon, not from my garden, I tell you my garden has been super slow this year, And it’s been such a gift to practice, just to be in my wonderment about how my garden is functioning and the timing of it and where the sun goes and, you know, the weather’s been a little bit different. At this summer and just all those things so I don’t have any watermelon to speak up yet, but I had some watermelon from the store, from the farmers market, and I pureed that up into the most delicious popsicle, I gotta tell you, you just blend some watermelon and lemon juice and a few strawberries are a few berries, if you like it and taste that and see if you like to taste. It is the most amazing popsicle. My mouth is watering. But then with the, the rest of the puree I just keep it in the fridge, whatever didn’t go on the popsicle mold. I pour it here in the cup and add some sparkling water. It is so delicious. Just like you, my friend. You are delicious. Your, your heart, your vibes your energy is delicious. And, you know, that’s what I choose. Even now, in this time now, it’s very possible to be in your deliciousness. So cheers to that. Cheers to this day and Cheers to our time together. Yay. Cheers.

So today, let’s talk about how we overdo our vibe sometimes overdo our energy sometimes overdo our thinking sometimes. And I’m gonna use this term overdue. I don’t want you to take it in the wrong way. I’m here, inspired, to help you, help me also help myself to spend a little less time being so over involved in my thinking in my upset in your dramas, you know what I’m saying. So just want to say a heads up. A lot of us are going beyond what we’ve always known ourselves as and changing how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to the people in our lives, things are changing, and I’ve been, I’ve been marveling at how we as a posse, I call us the love posse for a reason. We are a group of the most eclectic, amazing people and we are evolving and and shifting up leveling leveling up however you want to call it. So, if you’re changing right now if you feel the change if you feel things shifting. Listen, your best bet is to decide not to decide what it all means. To decide not to decide that you’re doing something wrong again because things are changing. I’ve had a few wild responses this week where I have felt a little wild in my response, where I have noticed that, instead of indulging the ego story of other people. I am being silent or saying a new thing. Instead, and it’s causing some friction. If you’re having friction moments, if you’re having fearful moments, you know, you have so many worries. You worry about your health you worry about the health of your family you worry about money you worry about the pandemic you worry about people who are not happy with you you worry about. We just had a birthday for one of our kids you worry about, you know, is it going to be the right gift is it going to be the right event, Are we going to have the right cake is it going to be, you know you can get worried about things. One beautiful healing skill is, what if you decided not to decide, stay open. You don’t know. You don’t know every single thing. You don’t know every single answer. You don’t have every single clue, stay open. Why waste your time deciding what you’re going to do about a future outcome you can’t even control. It’s not even happening now. How help yourself to stay open and learn to be friends with your anxiety, learn to be friends with your tension, learn to be friends with your worry.

I was talking to a friend this morning and I was sharing my. If you’ve been listening for a while, you may know how I can sometimes put my finger out in the dark, when there was anxiety, point my finger out in the dark and say, Hey, hey. Now, more likely I put my finger up and say, you know, what if we started to practice a little more, instead of going overboard overdoing energetically speaking, and basically overdoing because we can’t control the wonder, the worry, the anxious, the stories we learn to say to the part of us who thinks it knows everything. And it’s so sure about everything. What would change. What would shift. I mentioned overdoing lots of us overdo things. This can be energy I’m talking about over done energy of worry concern, anxious, sadness, heaviness down, whatever you want to call you know how you feel when you’re off when it feels off, but I’m also talking about practical stuff like we overdo because of the worry because of the concern we overdo practical stuff we overdo the planning, we overdo the preparation we overdo the spending, we overdo. Where do you overdo. You know a lot of you tell me you’re working a little less right now, are you still sitting at the computer all day. That’s overdoing. Are you honoring. Are you really honoring of the energy that’s here now we make things stressy we make things harder. Where can you lighten up a bit. Where can you like go a bit. The intensity. Sometimes, the way we bring things to things like our worry our upset our old stories. The way we bring this energy in. It’s often because we can’t handle this spacious presence of this moment now. We need something to do. We need to be distracted. We need to be busy. That’s what overeating is about. Right, numbing out is about over drinking over smoking overspending. We need to stay busy. If you’re relating to me right now in this moment. Let’s take a breath.

What part of your body can you relax right now.

Sometimes when I scan, I’m sitting with somebody in a session I scan their energy field, I notice the way the flow is being restricted. And in the lower body we can tend to really hold our butt cheeks tight, I said butt cheeks. We can hold things very tight bladder muscles a lot of people know about the upper shoulders, the clavicle area, you know the neck can be very tight. Some of you have intense migraines, on the regular, you know, these can be seen as energy personality, as in, you know, When I’m anxious, the personality of my anxiety in the body does this move, so helpful right. These places can be helped by softening our energy by loosening taking a breath. So right now I’ve just scan your body as you’re listening to me this is very important energy is being offered to you right now. Soften your thighs. Soften the energy in your hips. You know how to do this. Take a breath and like go.

Not everybody can do this, but you can. You can practice, softening relaxing, accepting

what’s here, accepting what is accepting, where we’re at. So much of the time, we’re so busy trying to get somewhere that we won’t slow down. We don’t pay attention. If the body is hurting. Sometimes you’ll, you’ll hurt yourself, you’ll have an overuse injury, as they call it, sometimes you’ll break something, you know, something will happen and you won’t listen to it. You know that’s overdoing, why are you blowing that off. If you ask a deep part of your heart Why Am I blowing this off. Why am I being so unkind to myself. You have any body image issues you can do this too. If you’re worried about getting older, you can do this too. It’s all the same. Why am I so hard on myself. Why am I so quick to reject what’s actually happening here. What I, you know, you have a headache, you have a pain. You don’t feel well. You’re tired, whatever it is. Why am I skipping over that.

I will never say it’s our fault for being in pain. I know there’s tons people who do teach that. I just feel like it’s so much more complicated than that and we suffer, we do suffer. Suffering is part of this thing. I want to help us shift our relationship to suffering. I want to help us learn to be more accepting of what’s here because that’s the only hope we have of leaving it of transforming it, you know we can’t, we can’t transform something we won’t accept, we can’t transform something we will not see. If you refuse to see that your ankle is broken. If you refuse to see that your heart is broken. If you refuse to acknowledge that you are, you know, allergic to something, and you keep going you keep eating you keep doing these behaviors, you’re gonna keep suffering right. So you want to ask yourself, why, Why am I doing that. See if you can bring some quiet. See if you can bring some spaciousness, to this place in you, that has been overdoing overdoing the worry overdoing the struggle over doing the thinking over doing overdoing the work overdoing the reactions overdoing the screen time overdoing the whenever you know better than I, what’s going on for you. You want to sit with that one in you and say, How can I love you. How can I help you. How can I help you. There’s nowhere to get to, but here. Last week I said to you, There’s no there there. This was episode 145 drama llama. There’s no there there. There’s only ever here. And I get that here is such a struggle sometimes. I really do. You know,

I do. But you know all along, you’ve wanted to be alive, you know, alive in yourself awake, alive, giving your heart, giving your energy, giving you’re giving your creative juice to things you want, and intend to be doing. Is that true or what. And then you got all this other stuff that’s in the way. And part of the awakening process is to recognize how many of that stuff that’s in the way we have put there ourselves. We’ve constructed it so we can be busy. We’ve identified ourselves as that. That’s the small self stuff that’s the personal self stuff. We get very into the nitty gritty. So, let’s just back it out a little bit back out a little bit.

Learn to last week I talked about stitching learn to stitch, very lightly with what you’re doing, instead of going so deep into this stuff overdoing overthinking over stressing over processing. The depth of chaos, we create, that’s up to us. I have some friends who it seemed like their story never changes. And they’re not bad or wrong, But they carry their story with them. It’s like high 1985 called and wanted story back, you know, Hey, you are not the only one. I mean, if there’s one thing I hope to say, I hope to get across is like we’re all walking together, and we can use this togetherness. This solidarity to have accountability in our own hearts. Is this really what we want. Is this really what we want to carry.

Yeah, it’s really always about noticing, isn’t it, and choosing again. You know, Do you have any clothes that you still have was talking to number one husband the other day and I said, I just deleted a bunch of my old teaching videos like I’ve been teaching courses online and for a really long time, like since 2012 Maybe. And so there’s a lot of video content I’m slowly. I’m not really looking at it or anything, I’m just slowly, deleting it, taking my time going through it little by little every day a little bit. Just cleaning out the clutter it feels so freakin good, but one thing I noticed is, a lot of the clothes I wear today. I still had, I had already then. So your old clothes which are great. I’m quite a minimalist actually, and I like to. I like to not buy constantly all new stuff on new stuff. I do sometimes buy new stuff but I really enjoy what I have. The point is that some friends will carry stories, the same way. It’s like that blouse you bought in 2012. You spent a lot of money on it then, and you’re like I have to keep wearing it I have to keep it, I spent a lot of money on it, whatever, right, but you don’t necessarily like it. It doesn’t fit you well, you don’t feel good when you put it on, but you can’t seem to get rid of it. That’s exactly the analogy. Some brands will write to me and it’s like they reintroduce all their sadness again, all their failure crap. Why, that’s overdoing too. What is it you need to be doing today. One decision right now while you’re listening to me. You don’t have to save it for later. Sit down with your journal later. I’m going to do a project with this later. Just do it right now while you’re listening to me. What are you going to let go of one simple thing. Now, it can be easy it can be gentle. it really can be one of my dear teachers to me and mentors is, Mooji. And, Mooji often will say, you know, there really isn’t any personal problem. The person is the problem. If we can learn to observe what’s going on, not identify as what’s going on, not identify as the one who’s over done, who’s, you know, had the burst the angry outburst or the one whose child is no longer speaking to them or the one who, You know sometimes people will tell me like I had an affair 30 years ago. And they’re still carrying it like it happened yesterday. You know, how are you going to learn to observe and not identify with. Because that’s just a reflex of the ego is to always be identified your ego self the personal self once the, the small self wants to be upset. That’s its job, that its function to stay separate to stay separate, but you can observe that, you can say to it you can put your finger out and say Hey, I see you again, Here you are, again, here you are again.

We have to learn how to tolerate this business of awakening, letting some things go, deleting some old files, you know, deleting the old videos. Deleting letting go, clearing out, and sometimes being silent, observing witnessing, loving, trying not to get so wrapped up in what’s wrong, and gently, gently, gently, As your friend on the journey. I say part of you, if you relate to this anyway. Part of you is wasting a lot of time on a lot of energy that you could be putting to other things that you actually want. So how can you conserve your energy and your time. You know, the day gets spent either way definite. I think about me this morning I got up, and certain stories when they are allowed to linger they can really fester and sort of get infected, and it’s not a great thing. When you leave it undone for long enough, it really becomes a full blown problem to you in your mind. And this is when sometimes you will see your body manifest symptoms. That’s really an energetic thing. So, if you catch stuff like that, you can make one small move and get yourself free. I find for me it’s really important to get myself free very quickly. But at the same time, to kind of treat my suffering is no big deal. That’s what’s working for me, I can’t speak for you. I can encourage you. What if the thing you’re always on about, is not really a thing. In fact, it is no thing, or nothing, who you truly are is the light that shines through you.

And learning to allow that light to shine. Not to become noticeable to other people or acceptable to other people or famous popular loved wanted welcomed. You know, it’s not it to allow this light to shine through you as curiosity as Wonder. Its delight, light, and let it lead you follow its lead through your days, you can start small, small practice in the mornings, just take a few moments of connecting to the being you truly are. And then seeing what wants to flow for word, fourth floor flow floor. From there, I this morning, got up, and hello self, you know Hello Robin. God’s alpha as Robin and I practice allowing that energy to shine, you know, someday your anxieties going to be bigger than others, some days you’re going to be more forward in your stress about things like work or I don’t know, you know, this podcast is such a great practice for me because some weeks it’s really hard to come and hit record it’s, I get very worked up about it and then I get to practice remembering. It’s not a big deal. It’s something I love. And so it is a big deal but it’s a big deal in a different way, you don’t I’m saying. So this morning I just laid in bed a little I put my hands on my heart. I love that. And I breathed. And I noticed a high level of anxiety and stress. And you’re so tempted to say what is wrong and you so tempted to start looking right. This has happened to you. But that’s right where I mean, if you know you’re okay, you know, if you know, generally speaking, it’s all right. You’re not in the middle of a disaster. You know, this is your regular usual sort of like what’s it all about anxiety kind of a thing, you instead of saying what’s wrong and looking for a problem before you even get out of bed, because, believe me, it’s just waiting for you to ask the right question, and so can launch its tirade.

Allow that light to shine for a moment 30 seconds. See if you can sense a subtle hum in your being, just for a moment.

What would you like here, What would you love here. It’s very direct, this enjoyment energy that is coming to you about, you know, this would be, make a cup of tea and get back into bed with your favorite book or this morning it was, get on your bicycle and ride. I love to ride my bike and go around the neighborhood and see what plants are blooming in my certain spots that I like to visit, see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s so surprising what inspires you what excites you what you’re delighted by, isn’t it. If you’re not careful you can reject that stuff because it doesn’t seem worldly, it doesn’t seem successful, Like it’s not the right thing to be thinking about. But as I said at the beginning, we are not the average bear. We are other, and I mean that in such a beautiful way need to treat yourself like the exquisite being you truly are. And that means, if the being the light as you was asking for a bike ride, you got to go. Don’t turn it into some insane. It’s only good if it’s 50 kilometers and I have to put all my insane gear on and all that. For your enjoyment. See what’s blooming. Let yourself

be in your joy,

hope that something in there feels helpful to you today. You know and I really always welcome. If you see my posts somewhere. If you’re on social media, or you get my emails, you know, write to me hello at Robin Hallett, calm, you can direct message me on social media. I’d love to know what this sparks for you. These conversations are really important, aren’t they. This waking up journey is everything. How can you be more alive in yourself today, instead of overdoing in your ego crap. Yeah, so good.

So I thought today.

That moment when your computer just turned something on. Well, no pressure Robin or anything, that sounded like an intro but I was gonna say, let’s have a letter today I got a nice one from a friend. We are going to say, my friend, anonymous, wrote a really great letter in response to Episode 143 For those who care deeply. So here we go. Hello beautiful friend, I just finished listening to Episode 143 For those who care deeply. Yep, that’s me. Well, sometimes that’s me. Other times it’s not me. The message from this episode that I resonated deeply with is to let it be okay to just be me and not have to apologize. I apologize. Anytime I feel I’ve not been my best with someone, and lately it’s been more than usual. I have these deep heart longings to be nearer to my kids who I adore, who live quite far away, including my precious grandbabies. And the quiet heartache I feel and sometimes guiltily forget of my other child who’s not spoken to me in many, many years. I have a sick parent, to top it off, that I care for and noticing, then my body just being whacked out from time to time which catches me off guard. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who I am, of course, deeply, I do. But in those moments of being fully human and reeling with life, I am not always easy on myself. In fact, I’m pretty hard on myself. And then it spills over to those who are closest mostly my guy. And then I apologize and beat myself up all day in my thoughts about what a mean spirited person I was that I should have been more loving, more this or more that, thankfully, he’s a strong person, and loves me deeply. And my apologies are always received with understanding. I’ve done a lot of work on this journey for more than half of my life I’ve been aware, I dig deep. I cry, I heal, and then more comes up. What I was not prepared for. Were hormonal upsets and this stage of life where I find myself in such a conundrum of desires to be everywhere and nowhere at once, if that makes any sense. I know I need to just slow my roll, take my own hand hug myself and take one day at a time. Today, your words were like Assaf to my heart, thank you. Thank you to my friend what a gorgeous letter, you know, this is the journey. This is the journey. You know, there’s no problem here. This is the journey. This is life, and it feels to me like you’re doing an excellent job steering the awareness and the self back in it’s so cute, sorry, hold on. Our, our little pictures are side by side and it looks like we’re looking, we’re smiling at each other. I don’t know how that happens on email, you know like the Gmail response, puts a little logo Okay, rapid, get back to the letter. This is the journey, you know, this is exactly how ghosts. People get sick, adult children don’t speak to us kids move away or we move away. Adorable grandbabies come onto the scene and we want to be with them, we get some hot flashes are whatever you’re having there. We have some explosions, I told you I had some pretty intense responses this week to people. Hey, That’s life. That’s the journey. So, you are absolutely right, gotta slow our roll. Take our own hand hug ourselves, one day at a time. And this being human. It is a guesthouse like Rumi wrote this being human is a guest house every day, a new delight.

You know, greet them at the door laughing. It could be, how did it go a robber in the night clearing you out for new delight. And it’s not that we’re always having to strive for happiness or joy. It’s about choosing the lightness and the wonderment and listening to our hearts like what are we needing one of our kids had a birthday this week and we arranged some things and one of them was we got a little. We got a small cake, a buttercream cake and I after I ate the cake, I had hot flash like, immediately I didn’t eat the whole cake friends, I couldn’t have fully made. I love buttercream frosting. And, um, but I noticed it right away and I just, my mind said how fascinating how quickly these things come together how responsive the body is and I just told it, it’s okay. I just had the cake. It’s okay. You know, like another time. Oh, M J. Another time. Wow. It’s okay. No big, you know. So, you know, here’s what I’m zooming in on right now. This one line, and then it spills over to those who are closest. And then I apologize and beat myself up all day and my thoughts about what a mean spirited person I was. I should have been this I should have been that. The thing is, we want to be more choosy with our energy. And clearly, you want to be more eloquent and elegant with how you spend your energy. I’m not talking about behaving better. I’m not talking about saying less upsetting things, sometimes a strong response is necessary, I think about that a lot sometimes a strong response is necessary. I definitely know that, and other times when we explode, it’s a sign that we’ve been putting stuffing too much in the kettle. You know, stuffing too much fire under the kettle with not enough. Inside, you know, so the lid blows, there’s nothing going on inside there. What can you do to be more elegant with your own energy expense, because that’s really all it comes down to, you know, you’re not the personality.

And when you spend enough time being remorseful, about what you’ve done, you come to a place, don’t you worry, where you’re like, you know, this just isn’t efficient for me in all that I want to do and all the places I longed to go be do have all of that. It’s almost like you could say, I can’t afford to spend my energy in this way. So, part of it is accepting myself exactly as I am, and learning to say things, learning to advocate better for myself learning to honor what I’m needing, and a lot of that is more quiet time, you may have this too. I love like the computer has a reboot button there’s a reset button on your phone you can hot do a hard reset on your phone. Where is that on the body, where is that on the energy field. The nervous system will exact its pound of flesh, I tell you, if we’re not figuring out what our reset is, It’s gonna want to address it so it’s gonna come out in ways that we don’t love, and I love in the Course of Miracles there’s this prayer and I just did this I forgot to even tell you guys I did this beautiful like a two minute meditation on this need not be for the foundation for inner peace again, I’ll link all this in the show notes, but this need not be this need not be this need not be. So we’re just going to practice, you know, and the other thing is, I wrote this down so many times on post it notes this week. We have to be the loving awareness, come into the place of loving awareness with everywhere we are in the moment where there. It’s an, it’s a tall order, but it’s not really that hard when you’re with your grandbabies, be with your grandbabies. When you’re with your kid be with your kid, when you’re thinking about your son. When you’re thinking about your child who you have not spoken to be with Him, be with your child. Do you know what I’m saying. Send your love. Don’t use that opportunity to not be loving awareness, in that moment, to be hard on yourself to remember what happened to straddle all these things to remind yourself your stress, practice loving awareness, everywhere you go. And the other thing I want to say that’s probably advice that we could all hear more ongoing, because we are sometimes volatile, people, and sometimes we can get pretty big with our energy and you know the world is pretty much behind the message. Simmer down now. Do you remember. Simmer down now to remember that from saronite live simmer down now, the world is kind of like tone it down, Tony about escape from it, you know, you don’t I’m saying, like, just because you’re a bit, Vesti, in some of your energy doesn’t always mean, it was the wrong move, sometimes a response like that is very is a very powerful catalyst for change, not just for you in terms of you’re going to now shame yourself and flog yourself for the next day, know in what needs to change between the two of you, what needs to change for your partner. You know what I mean sometimes things really blow out like that. And if we’re awake through it, it doesn’t go right back to how it always was. Things can change for the good.

I’ve noticed as I work in my healing sessions I mean that’s where a lot of my relationships are these days. So when I’m meeting with people that I walk with sometimes things can get very intense, and I have started saying, I don’t like this personal ego crap that sometimes gets projected on to me. I don’t like this line of conversation. So, in those moments, you mentioned the moments of being fully human and reeling with life, and now you’re not easy on yourself. This is a pattern. In fact, you’re pretty hard on yourself you said, this is a pattern. So that’s, you know, it starts and ends with you to just focus on the explosion and the people you know we go into this state of repenting and believe me, I’ve been there too. For weeks, sometimes you’re just like silently repenting. It starts and ends with you. In these moments, you feel like you don’t even know who you are. That’s the invitation and the signal to know yourself here. Know yourself. When you feel like a wild animal. When it feels like too much. You’ve got to get to know yourself there. And I’ve got to get to and I am getting to know myself. This is where you learn to take a beat. Go outside, take a breath, say no, don’t respond, and let people know, you know, sometimes I’ll say to Jeff, I know I’m just sitting here looking adorable, but I’m actually processing something and I can’t quite Converse just yet. I’ll let you know in a minute. I do I say that I know I’m standing here, he’ll say sometimes you’re not really typing Are you because I’m like diving and sort of in the zone. And, and I type really fast, and he’s like, you’re not really typing or start jibber jabbering, and it’s so sweet, but that Paul you have where you feel guilty. And you don’t listen to what you need, you don’t include yourself, your needs in that, that’s exactly what ends up happening when we explode. You got to include yourself in, got to include your guy got to honor that there’s a moment here, you’re, you’re feeling something ramping up, and you’re trying to get to know what that ramp up means you’re trying to get to know what it’s signaling, you know, at the end of the day, all you are is energy spirit in a body expressing through the personality, known as you like Mooji said observe, but don’t identify, you know, that’s the power is there. When you observe, you can make shifts, and do I want to be giving 30 or 40% of my energy today to my guilt and shame in the aftermath, Or do I want to learn to stitch less deeply in these moments, you know, go less fiercely into these moments. We’re all learning how to wield the power of who we truly are instead of the volatile nature of the personal self we’re all learning how to do that. And I just say Blessings to you, you know, you’re amazing. This is the journey. This is the letter from a friend on the journey with me, awakening, and this is really what it’s like. We don’t always know. You know what miracles are coming our way. But if we trust in the miracle, the shift in perception the shift in our awareness, if we trust that good can come try it on, it feels a lot better in the body than the other thing we usually do. May you be inspired today. May you be in your beauty today and let’s say you know I’m thinking about Paul Selig right now I’ve been listening to his book of awakening, a lot friends, if you’re not tapping in with things like this, I know you’re here listening, I count this as your part of your awakening practice as well. But, you know, we need to be helping ourselves.

We do. You know, I feel on the journey you don’t get a day off from Awakening, when you’re once you start awakening, you’re not going to get a day off from that you need to keep helping yourself, do that work, you know, I’m really, and in my heart, it’s hard for me when I not touching in with my teachers, when I’m not touching in with what helps me, that’s when it’s hard. So just for whatever that’s worth for whoever needed to hear about touching him. So Paul Selleck. And the guides. I see you in your beauty. I see you in your right to be in all the things you, you know and have known. I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth, and I know how you serve, in truth, you are free, you are free, you are free, and friends if you love that I can’t recommend his work enough his audio books are amazing, and help yourself get free. I know who I am. I know what I am, and I know how I serve, I am free. I am free. I am free. No at some point, we just have to do the things that we, that help. And notice our resistance to doing the things that help the ego loves to lay down a groove like nobody’s business. And once it gets going. It’s like a groove that becomes a rut, that becomes, you know, a deep, deep, well, we get stuck there. So, we can wake ourselves up at any time. Well friends, I hope you’ve loved this episode and if you did, I would so appreciate your support in any way you feel called or some ideas in the link below. I love to hear. I love to see when you share. Thank you for sharing these episodes on and helping other people find them. And, you know, carry on. Your beautiful journey. This is your journey. And you are at the center of that journey, how you choose to spend your energy, how you choose to spend your time, it’s totally for you to decide. And it’s totally up to you to decide. Yes. This has been me, Robin hearts sparkler halat all the love and joy, I send from my heart to yours. I’ll be back with you next week, or if you’d like to binge Listen, I’ll see you in a few minutes.

Bye bye.

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