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Drama Llama // Tea with Robin Episode 145

Hello, to the drama llama. On today’s episode, we’re saying hello to the drama and chaos in our lives.

How do you transform the familiar stuck sticky places in you? The stuff you think about the stories you tell… how do you change it, go beyond it. How do you get yourself to the next level?

For those of us who carry a story that we are challenged, or we’re a problem, or we’re difficult, or we’re not like everybody else, we may not see how we create the chaos and perpetuate cycles that just don’t need to be anymore.

I’m going to talk about that with you, so come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

IV. This Need Not Be

1. If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen. ²That you do listen to the voice of your ego is demonstrated by your attitudes, your feelings and your behavior. ³Yet this is what you want. ⁴This is what you are fighting to keep, and what you are vigilant to save. ⁵Your mind is filled with schemes to save the face of your ego, and you do not seek the face of Christ. ⁶The glass in which the ego seeks to see its face is dark indeed. ⁷How can it maintain the trick of its existence except with mirrors? ⁸But where you look to find yourself is up to you.

2. I have said that you cannot change your mind by changing your behavior, but I have also said, and many times, that you can change your mind. ²When your mood tells you that you have chosen wrongly, and this is so whenever you are not joyous, then know this need not be.

(ACIM, T-4.IV.1:1–2:2)

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin hallett.com, and this is Tea with Robin.

On today’s episode, the drama. The drama llama. The level of drama and chaos in your life, how do you transform the familiar stuck sticky places in you, inside of you. The stuff you think about the stories you tell how do you change it, go beyond it. How do you get yourself to the next level? For those of us who carry a story that we are challenged, or we’re a problem, or we’re difficult, or we’re not like everybody else, we may not see how we create the chaos and perpetuate cycles that just don’t need to be anymore. I’m going to talk about that with you, so come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here.

Hi. These are all my posts it notes for today. Hi gorgeous friends, it’s me Robin, and welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 145 145 All of the show notes, you know, anything I mentioned, links, what have you, you can find in the episode description here. We’re listening, or you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 145. And you’ll find it.

If it’s your first time here. Hello. Nice to meet you. This is a podcast about healing, and I really care about down-to-earth healing, like, tangible, real, real words understandable examples, things like that. That’s what this podcast is, I’ve been doing healing work since 1996. When I started my own awakening journey, I’m a little bit better at it by now, and I’d love to help you heal too. What’s going on for you. We are here we are an amazing posse of friends here riding together. We have a lot in common. If you feel a resonance. I hope you’ll stick around, and thanks for being here. Thanks for giving this a whirl, and my gratitude to the path you’re on and however you came to be here today. Thank you.

Friends returning. How are you. How’s the week been, have you been taking good care of yourself. Have you been honoring what you need in this time. Have you been loving and kind. That’s always what I want to know, you know, life keeps happening. Have you noticed how that is just so freakin true that life keeps happening? And is anybody else attached to a perfect vision of what your life is supposed to be like, besides me, you know you get caught in that story again and again like you got this perfect vision of what it’s supposed to be and, you know, it’s usually not where you are right now, and sometimes I tell people, there’s no there there. There’s no there, there, you’re only ever here. And if you write the word there, the word here is right in it, you know, all we ever have is here and now, and that is not just cheesy woowoo mumbo jumbo you find on a greeting card, all we ever have is now. And here, you know, but you can’t get anywhere but where you are because you’re here, and it’s now. So I want to talk today about how we help ourselves. Stop certain cycles of drama and chaos that we continue to create, and sometimes we don’t see that we’re creating it. Sometimes we do see that we’re creating it, you know all these little stories we carry about what’s wrong with us. And, yeah, we’re not okay, you know, that’s what I want to talk about today, that’s what we’re going to talk about coming up. And over here, I’ll say, you know, I’m doing pretty good. It’s been a very intense week for me. It’s been an intense week for my friends. It’s been an intense week for friends I help in healing sessions. And I would say there’s a great phrase trying to come to my mind right now but it’s not here yet. Like, We need a dramatic way of saying it, it always helps. Like we’re crossing the Zodiac, you know, we’re crossing. We’re, we’re going somewhere, we’re making a journey for our lives right now, And for our freedom and our transformation in our joy. That’s what we’re doing. And so you are finding this, I know it I’m getting so many letters and messages, direct messages on Instagram, you are finding these places in yourself to where it’s like the fight for your life for your awakening life is on right now. And so, I hope that you keep coming back to your heart and you keep coming back here, because you know, this is the love that heals. What we’re talking about here is the real deal. And, yeah, it’s so important. So let’s have some yum yum and dive in. I’m all out of coffee over here, it’s early morning by the way, I’m recording on a Saturday and then getting ready for a Dave healing sessions. And by the way, did you know I have sliding scale healing sessions available now.

It’s right there on my scheduling page if you go to my website and you click book a session or work with me on Instagram, the link in my profile work with me, you’ll get there. And I’m. You’re able to choose a rate that works for you I’ve set a scale that works for me. And I hope that this helps those of you who want to work together. And don’t feel, you know, it’s not the regular rate is not within your reach, or I don’t know. You know, words. It’s there for you use it if you need help, I’m here. It’s really my joy to help us get free, and to see the light in us and help us discover there’s no shame and who you are and if you struggle, if you get stuck, you know, I want to help us learn how to slow down and be present with that instead of just trying to cover your tracks, or keep going in your cyclone, right. Whoa. So, anywho, check that out If it’s calling you, and I got a cheers here so I have my famous instant coffee. I love it so much it’s by tastes late, it’s organic dehydrated, you know, the good stuff, freeze-dried whatever, I think it’s dehydrated, not freeze dried but let’s go Robin. Get it down, girl. I want to cheers to you, and I want to say the infinite in me is creating the infinite in you. We are here for our joy. We’re here for our freedom. We are not here for suffering, and I want to help us get free today so cheers to our freedom. Cheers. Whoo. So good. I was downstairs. Hmm. That is good. Wait, one more. Yum yum yum yum yum. I was downstairs, hanging out with Jeff number one husband, and we had a really excellent conversation this morning over coffee and sitting out on the porch, you know, looking out at our garden, and our little makeshift house, it’s a, it’s a definitely around the Sabie house, that is the coolest little bungalow on the block. And we talk about things. It’s a beautiful thing we talked about deep stuff and today we were talking about the energy of defending yourself inside your own mind, because you think you’re kind of strange and weird. Yeah, do you think you’re strange and weird my friend in your down moments do you have judgey thoughts and worries about who you are. The last few episodes and you don’t have to go back now, you can listen later and I would suggest that as a supportive, you know, my shoulder just crap. Did you hear that as a support because I’m doing this move. This move a support gesture, a supportive backdrop for what we’re going to talk about today so you. For those who care deeply, That was 142 Who cares 143 and 144 is you are not a problem. These are excellent backdrops to what we’re going to talk about here. So we were talking, and he was saying some stuff about, you know he wants to be free to be himself and we talk about that and, you know, you have stories about who the self is right. This self, your personal self who you are in the site, you have stories. There are so many stories I hear the way we carry shame about who we are. We don’t even always know it. It really, really impacts us. Think about your own life. What is it so hard to accept about yourself, you know, what do you get stuck on about yourself? Where are you hard on yourself, critical with yourself, mean to yourself. And then,

can you see how you spend gobs and gobs of your mental energy of your time focusing on that problem, and sort of defending yourself trying to bargain with how you’re going to stop being like that, whether it’s whatever the issue is, you know, think about your life, and yourself, you will always find the perfect example then I really want to help us get to the place where we accept and embrace, where we’re at right now, exactly as we are. And it’s hard to do when you’re embarrassed or ashamed or defended about who you are, you know, that’s why we’re talking about this today. Do you carry a story that you’re too much. Do you carry a story that you’re too loud, too, flamboyant, I was talking about being flamboyantly emotional. Last week, you know the stories, and a lot of them are things people have told you, or maybe you had a big breakup in your life. Somebody left you, and they gave you reasons why, and you still carrying those reasons why, like the truth, and fighting against it, you know, or that one thing somebody said to you, made you feel bad, and you made that into a truth and you carry that, you know, these are things we do, or the way you get worked up when you have to go to the dentist or the doctor, the way you get worked up, and you know you’re like a wild animal, and then you judge yourself for that, like, all these little places. We have one, one big story coming to mind right now is the way people defend themselves, for being too out there, too bold, to expressed, too truthful. I noticed this a lot when they post on Instagram. How would it be to not need to keep reintroducing the fact that nobody gets you, and people push against you in order to share your message? That’s what I’m talking about. You don’t need to keep bringing back the problem, and then defending yourself. That’s the problem we’re doing. We keep remembering the issue that is wrong with us or wrong with what happened or upset about it, we keep calling that up in the mind. And then we defend ourselves. And so you go through your day. In this defended energy in this defended way. And the problem with that is, the mind is connected to the ego, and it’s, it’s got a database of memories available to it, to generate the feelings that go along with this, to keep you in a place of stuck separated, you know, difficult challenging stories. And you can’t go beyond it. So you study all this stuff. You come here and listen. You’ve got your teachers, your mentors, your people. And then you start to berate yourself. Because I know all this stuff I should be further along with this by now. I should be further along, by, by now. I know all this already people tell me that, you know, it’s like, they’ll come to their sessions, I’m just moving my posts it’s here. So come to their sessions so defended because they really want to talk about what’s going on but they should know better by now, they should know this by now. I shouldn’t need your help with this by now. And it’s such a stuck place. I really want to help you see it, that this is all happening at the level of mind of the small self, of the ego and your intellectual understanding is not going to serve you here, you have to do this work from a deep, deep place from a deep, deep place. The deepest truth is, you are a spark of the divine. You are the light of whatever this universe is of whatever wherever we came from before, you know,

doesn’t matter to me if you don’t believe in God. You came from somewhere else, there’s a part of you that’s greater than this one person, you know yourself as, there’s more power to you, you know, and that energy is present, expressing through you, it’s witnessing everything, it’s, it’s, it’s here. You don’t have to read the book to get to it, you don’t have to do 500 healing practices to get to it. You have to allow yourself to connect with them. That’s all. And part of it is when you’re in the crazy when you’re in the chaos, when you’re in the drama, again, you know, think about your familiar places. So number one and I were talking about our familiar places this morning, and how we both want to go beyond it, but I was saying in, in our case, you know, we have to learn how to embrace what’s right here what is how to embrace what we’re wanting and to go beyond just defending ourselves. So, you know, in my case, I’ve always wanted to matter, and have this wound around mattering. But I’ve always wanted to matter. I’ve always wanted to share and teach and make a difference. So I call it I want to matter. No. And even as a very very little kid, I would talk to my stuffed animals and teach something, how to do something, talk about. Talk about love. I would go to the nursing home in my neighborhood at like seven or eight years old, I’d ride my little bicycle with the banana seat. Did you have a banana seat. My bike was green, and it had those tassels on the handlebars. I ride my bike there and I would just I would hold hands with people. I still marvel at that because you know the practicality of getting of doing that today. It just would never happen. I would go hold hands with people, I always wanted to hold people that’s been alive in me since I was. The My earliest memories were around that, and also the pain of wanting to matter. So I’m not going to try and extrapolate why this is and, I mean, you’ve probably read and studied enough stuff by now to know like the wound has a gift, and the gift, and the wound in you work together, got to remember who you truly are, and go beyond these places where you carry this story. You keep indulging your story that you’re not enough or you’re, you do it wrong or people don’t, you know you’re only caring about the response you’re getting two things are not getting a response. You, you know, it’s the roar you’re standing on the scale and you’re like, literally, determining your worth by the number on the scale, or the way your arms jiggle, or if your boobs are saggy. Oh my freaking god. You have to get beyond that place, and you’re the only one. It’s the same thing, if your kid is in a bad space, and you’re disturbed by that you’ve got to help yourself get beyond that place is true. If you’re having trouble paying your rent right now, you know, if money has been an extreme challenge for you right now. You know it’s really important to recognize the problem, and the dance of chaos you keep doing around it and everybody slips into this, like, It’s everybody. So you’re not the only one. Maybe you’re somebody who is embarrassed or ashamed about what you really really want to do. Say you want to be a dancer or a singer or you just want to be more free, you’re so concerned with how it’s gonna sound if you express what you really think. Pay attention to how long and how much you indulge your fearful stories and your defenses. The way you defend yourself in the mind where nobody’s even here, nothing’s even happening.

This is what I’m talking about today. We have to get beyond this place

where you’re allowing yourself to do what you know you were born to do what you came here to do. Whether or not people tell you they love you, or they accept you or you’re beautiful, or you did good today. You know, whether or not you get any responses to what you shared, whether or not anybody complements you whether or not you walk out of the house and nobody makes fun of you today, for being weird. Got to get beyond what is it that you would love. Stop letting the ego decide. It is never about fame and fortune and accolades to the light in you. It is always about the joy, the freedom, the love, the peace. Yeah, I was talking to a friend. Several weeks back. And she said to me, you know, when I listen, hey, you’re gonna know it’s you. Yeah, she was saying, you know when I first started listening to your podcast, you would share your message doesn’t change, joy and peace we came here for the joy we came here for the piece, and your message hasn’t changed. But when I started listening, and you would talk like that, I would be like, What, no way. It just doesn’t compute and it feels challenging to understand, you know, because there’s so much suffering here. There’s so much challenge here, you know, and what about this and what about that and what about this and what about that and so I, I feel, I felt so blessed to get to hear that. And I love getting that kind of feedback so it really helps me work better on my messaging, you know, it helps me improve. So I thank you. But you know when I say we came here for joy and peace. I’m not talking about spiritual cheesy, you know, I could spiritual cheesy, if you want that go to Instagram, you will find that there are so many messages out there about just, you know I wrote an email this week. This is funny, but only one person responded this week, this never happens. It’s perfect. I’m not talking about spiritual cheesy. I said, when I say enjoy something, enjoy it, just enjoy it. I am not talking about the spiritual cheesy. I see in other places. You know, so many of us have been impacted by life. And we have suffered like nobody knows nobody will know how much you have suffered right, you’re in your own head. You’ve been through your experiences. You know what it’s like to be you. You’ve been seriously you know big ticket items have happened, you’ve been seriously impacted and slogans like that used in the spiritual cheesy, you know, just choose love or rise above or choose joy peat, love and peace slogans like that can make us try and bypass our actual feelings is what, when they talk about spiritual bypassing, you’ll see the slogan like that and you’ll say to yourself, Oh, God. Yep, I suck. I am I’m really sucky at this, this healing journey and I never do it right and, Oh that’s right, that’s why I’m not, I’m not like her, whoever her is, I know like you, you know, that’s why I’m overweight, because I can’t just do it. I can’t just enjoy it I can’t be in my joints. That’s why I’m not wealthy. That’s why I’m not successful. That’s why I don’t have a husband or wife or a partner, that’s why I’m not in a relationship, you know, that’s why I got sick, you are so quick to blame yourself. When you see spiritual cheesy and my right. Don’t do it. Those kinds of slogans like that make you bypass your feelings, and then you end up shaming yourself for your lack of progress, no, no, It’s a really, when I say, like, shoot, we’re here for the joy we came for the joy.

I really mean it. It’s a serious deep healing skill to say, wherever you’re at in this moment, in the chaos in the drama in the upset if it’s been another sleepless night, if the kids are, you know, the kids lit the house on fire and your husband, whatever your husband did you know how ghosts. The stories were there in it, whether we want to be there or not is irrelevant, actually, you know how much time do you waste on that. I know I do. You’re like, literally here in your reality and you’re like, arguing that you’re not or you don’t want to be. That’s not powerful, that doesn’t help you, just to keep saying, I don’t want to be here or I’m going to leave I’m moving out, I’m sending the kids to a kibbutz. When I was growing up lots of kids got sent to Kibbutz by the way. Yeah, my parents were always telling me they were sending me away too, and they eventually did. But, the joke was it actually was the best thing that ever could have happened to me to get sent away to an away school, thank God, because that really saved me, but the point is, when you’re dreaming about things that really aren’t going to change. You’re not helping yourself you’re digging in even further. The point is we are here. When you realize this is my life. This is my situation this is my weight. This is my, my desire. When you accept, like in my case, I really want to help people. I love it. That is a consistent first response in my heart, and bigger than that, I think it, I don’t think, I mean I feel that it’s my soul’s calling, but it’s not my soul’s calling to become, you know, famous or liked or to matter to the world. Do you know I mean, that’s the egos extrapolation of things. How can you convert this to your own world. Love, because that’s what counts. This desire to be something other than who you are, how can you use it to make contact with your infinite self with your immortal self.

We have to stay connected to the one enough who’s bigger than the personal self. You have to find your place of oneness. And if you’re here, I can say it. If you’re here more than once, if you know this podcast and you listen, that’s you, my friend. You don’t get to be connected to God or whatever when it’s all going well. You have to remember to connect when it’s going crazy in your head. You are light in a body expressing itself, as you. You have to remember this and see if you can enjoy the play. You ever find those moments where your mind is just churning the just the nerdiest thoughts. You’re not dreaming, you’re awake, and it’s happening, how everybody hates you and nobody supports you and nobody has your back and you’re going to be alone in a van down by the river, someday. See if you can enjoy the play. See if you can find some humor. See if you can pull back a little from the reality of that, there is a way you can use your imagery to help yourself not go so deeply into your crazy stories, and that is the work right now. You have to pull yourself back, it’s gonna keep happening. It’s a little like a groove we keep developing and, you know, we set things into motion, and it will take some time, but you can practice with your imagination you can hear, let’s do an example together. Have you ever sewn anything with a needle and thread, live you are creatives here you may have done a project or stapled with a stapler. Sometimes my mind, my examples cracked me up when I was being taught how to sew as a little girl I was always asking why can’t we use the stapler on this thing. So, okay, but either way, I’m using this as an analogy, a practice example, there is a way that you can stitch a little lightly. If you imagine three pieces of fabric together and you only want to make a stitch in the top piece of fabric, or when you staple sometimes you want to leave some room. Before the staple hits the thing, like, yeah, so you can maybe, I don’t know, run something under that or you want to staple over a chord and not press it down so far. There is a way you can use your imagery to help yourself not go so deeply into your crazy stories. You need to find that the depth of the drama is up to you, the chaos that churns is up to you and you know it, don’t say it enough, but I will say, really. We are responsible for creating chaos and drama around us too when we believe the stories that we allow to play out. When we believe those stories we can really hurt other people because we’re in this reactionary place. We’re in this hurt place. You know I say this a lot here hurt people hurt people. When you’re hurt, you hurt other people. And it’s also part of the work. And hey, you don’t get all the glory here, I do the same thing, believe me, there’s so many times where I have to apologize or number one will say, Why do you get like that, you know why it’s, it’s so hard and this and that and it’s like, yeah, it is it’s hard for me and I am we’ve been really talking about this trend like it’s okay to be sensitive. It’s okay to get be deeply caring about things and reactive sometimes it’s okay if you’re like that my friend. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not sparkly and beautiful like that to you are all of how you are is divine. It’s perfect. It’s beautiful, and it’s necessary, people like us. We matter in the world we’re needed in the world and especially those of us who want to he’ll want to come out of

the egos. Grip the dark glass of the ego where everything is so challenging at times and then the remorse, afterward my god that remorse can go for days camped it and nobody gets it but you how deep that is so, you know, just want to say, Me too, I mean, we need friends like us on the journey, willing to say it happens to me too. And it does happen to me. And I feel blessed that when it happens. I have the ability to practice again. And I have friends in my life who helped me, you know, and I hope you’re feeling helped right now because I’m your friend here to help you do. Yeah. True, true. It’s also part of the work we have to go beyond that place where we’re hurting people. We’re creating more chaos, we’re saying things in a moment of hurt.

You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself for that, my friend. However, you can do better, because you don’t want to suffer. You don’t want to suffer. And if you just take a look at a situation that happened for you recently the drama and the chaos that gets generated when you’re in a reaction when you’re in a defended mode. It has such lingering long-lasting effects. Wouldn’t you like to have more to your day than that, how to clean up your mess or be defended throughout the day, about that thing you said or did?

So stay connected to the wanting you who’s bigger than your personal self, try when you catch yourself in the cray cray. Again, try the stitch a little more lightly with the story, tried to not get so sucked in, pull back a little. Remember, I came here to enjoy all of this, even this. It’s all a play to the part of me that is eternal. Let me see if I can practice here. Spirituality is not like a one-way ticket to manifesting everything you want, or something, you have to practice it 24 Seven, and you have to get better at that. That’s all there is to

it. Yeah. And always, if you need a little help. I’m right here. sessions with me. They are the bomb. I gotta say, you know, I’d love to help. And I will, if you’re ready. So friends, you know, I guess that wraps for today. I said it last week I’m collecting your amazing letters, and I know the right. And we, and we will get to some of those soon. For now, I’d love you to help support if you felt supported I’d love to love to see you help support the podcast in any way you feel comfortable doing so. Share it on, share it with a friend. Listen again and receive the light for you. Maybe write a review. Something you receive something you appreciate. And I thank you, always. For that, you know a friend said to me, I’ve heard this so many times people don’t always share your content Robin because they’re embarrassed to admit that they like it. And I will say that’s another story. They’re embarrassed. They don’t want people to think they’re weird and Google, that’s another story. How long are we going to protect the stories of what other people think. How long are we going to worry about people thinking you’re a weirdo. Why does that matter to you more than your freedom? Yeah. All right. Well loves. I am off to a day of beautiful sessions, and after that, I’ll be going on to my beautiful garden and playing. Maybe I’ll get into my little pool and enjoy. We came here to enjoy. We came here for the joy. Let us. May we remember that it’s about our joy. And may we not be defended about who we are and what we’re doing. This has been me, Robin, Hart sparkler, and I’m amazing palette, and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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