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You Are Not a Problem // Tea with Robin Episode 144

You are not a problem.

You are a person on the journey who had experiences that left you changed.

What if you didn’t see yourself as a problem?

You are not a problem.

Calling yourself a problem is to deny your needs. When we act like we don’t have needs around our wounding we are in denial. No wonder there is suffering. No wonder we struggle.

Learn to love the one in you who was hurt and you’ll get yourself free.

What I see is we keep getting into the same familiar situations that we went through as kids. Difficult scenarios. How many more times will you do that?

If you give yourself some space to realize who you are and what you’re about the energy has a chance to be revealed and healed. The light can come in.

Hope you love this one!

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Questions for reflection: Certain situations can still feel very intense to the one in you who was wounded. What if you didn’t see yourself as a problem? Would you accept yourself as you are? Would you be okay with who you are if you didn’t believe you were a problem? How would that change things?

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Lesson 268

Let all things be exactly as they are.

1. Let me not be Your critic, Lord, today, and judge against You. ²Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation, and distort it into sickly forms. ³Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus to let it be as You created it. ⁴For thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as You created me. ⁵In love was I created, and in love will I remain forever. ⁶What can frighten me, when I let all things be exactly as they are?

(ACIM, W-268.1:1-6)

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Thank you for listening, may it serve you!

Hugs and love,

You are not a problem.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin hallett.com, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. What if you didn’t see yourself as a problem. Maybe it’s not all of you, that you judge. Maybe you feel accomplished, educated, you do nice things, but somewhere in there. There might be a story that goes, this thing about me. It’s a problem, whether it’s all of you, or a little bit of you, that’s what we’re talking about today. Two years come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here. Hello beautiful soul. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 144 144 All of the show notes, links, anything I mentioned, any names, books, links, whatever, I will put it in the show notes. If you go to Robin hallett.com Slash 144 You will find it. Or, probably, wherever you’re listening now it’s in the episode description. Hi, Friends, if it’s your first time here, this is a podcast about the real deal, healing, how to show up in your life, I talk about things like how to show up your light, how to show up, you live. It reminds me of the Spice Girls, how to show up your life how to light up your life how to be just how to be here. What is that Spice Girl song, people of the world every boy every girl spice up your life. That’s what it was. How to spice up your life. How to know how to live your life how to be at peace, no spiritual jujitsu required. I think that’s one thing I would say, I’m here, I’m really working on honoring that about me, that we don’t have to work so hard in meditations and practices to become something we already are. You’re already amazing, you’re already gorgeous in your heart, in your life, you’re already on a purpose, you’re already on a mission and that is to live your life fully outshining as your true self. I’m here to help you accept who you are, all of who you are, even the parts that, yeah, you know, you think are a problem. So, what do you say Posse is that really what I do here I hope so. I hope you agree, those of you returning… my big hello and hugs to you, how you know how have you been doing, how has this week been going for you, always, no matter what is happening. I hope that you are hugging your heart regularly staying present with yourself. Being kind being gentle being truthful with all of who you are and how it’s feeling to be you. Yeah, I do. You may have noticed that the episode title today is your No, not a problem. I’ll say this if you get it, you get it. If you know, you know, it’s one of those things but I noticed that eight times are greater stress, and you and I, I hope are on the same page about what’s going on in the world. And in our own personal lives, there are so many things we’re all waking up to, and the greater possibility is that there’s more suffering right now because there’s more turbulence, all around us and I don’t know about you but when there’s more turbulence, I tend to get down on myself, that’s a pattern, I’ve noticed that I start to pick up myself a little bit and struggle a bit more because I notice upsetting things or people who are behaving. You know, I notice the world, and I get upset and then I might be judging myself like, I’m the problem. I just need to work on,

you know, get more spiritual on everything I do, but that’s not really the practice, so that’s kind of what we’re going to talk about today. Just to give you a little heads up and over here. I’m doing really well, but that’s really where I’m at to practicing, practicing carrying some worry about people in my life right now and the state of the world, and trying to accept it. Accept that this is where I’m at and this is how I’m feeling, you know, trying to be there for myself, and when it’s a heavier time it’s a deeper time I try and remember. I don’t try, doesn’t that make it seem like it’s a struggle, I end up folding into the batter. More alone time more quiet time, and more time with things I love to do that keep me feeling peaceful in my heart if that makes sense. I think it’s really important when you accept who you are and you understand you’re a deep feeler you’re deep care, you have had the big-ticket items happen in your life that have altered who you are, you know, permanently changed you trauma does that, it doesn’t have to be a sentence or negative sentence though. But you do have to accept fully who you are, and that’s part of it that you react in ways that are. It’s very disturbing to the peace of mind you’re trying to have. So, yeah, I’ve been taking more space for myself and creating more, more of a haven for me here in what I need and taking bigger risks, speaking up about what it is that I need, which I think is all a huge, huge deal. I really do. and we’ll get into some of that here. I want to share what I’m learning, and share with you and holy crap, I’m just looking for my tea and I see it’s not here. Hang on one second. I’ll be right back. Okay, I’m back. And here’s the funny thing. The tea was right here on my desk. It was blocked by the microphone, so I couldn’t see it, but I, oh yeah, I did go all the way downstairs I walked around the house. I looked in the kitchen I looked in the living room I talked to Jeff for a minute number one husband. He said, What are you doing, I’m looking for my date so Hi, here I am back again. Oh my goodness. Well, here’s to us. Here’s the showing up on your ride. I fully acknowledge it can be extremely challenging, because of the way we interact with said ride. It can feel harder at times than others. And cheers to us, no spiritual jujitsu required no fixing fading altering, we are perfect and lovely exactly as we are exactly in the way we are. Cheers.

Today, I have Earl Grey iced tea in the mornings, I’ve been getting up and making a big picture of tea, putting in a fridge, what is it I’m sure it’s not going to explode the cult glass, You know, have you ever had that experience. Like, I don’t know that that fear ever goes away. But anyway, I used Earl Grey tea, and then the black licorice flavor the nice highs up is my new favorite her when I grew some of this year too, so it’s a little like squishy and a little Earl Grey tea. Tea with some stevia, yum, yum, yum. Okay friends, this week. I’ve had a bit of a harder time this week, and I noticed that, yes, things are going on out in the world, things are going on in my heart, things are going on with my friends with my family. You know, all of you listening who I ride with who I know stuff is up for us right now things are happening and. I would say, getting to the bottom of it is challenging in so many ways but at the bottom of it all, at the base of it all in the eye of the storm, whatever the hell you want to say in there. We want to know, Are we okay is it gonna be okay. Is it all right, is it gonna be all right. Are we are we all right, right. That’s kind of the question, I think that no matter what is going on. Some somewhere inside of us, if you’re feeling lost if you’re feeling scared. You want to tap into the okayness, right, that’s it, you want to tap into the okayness. Is it okay is it gonna be okay, am I okay. Am I okay. I know I’m not like all the other people. I have things that come up stuff that happens opinions that I have that other people don’t seem to be having this could be me talking here I’m, but I could be speaking for you right. And when that happens I judge myself I’m hard on myself I get upset about it. I wonder about it. Is it okay. Last week I talked to you about caring deeply those of us who care deeply we carry things deeply. We are, we can be disturbed, easily disturbed, and then we carry that disturbance in a deep way. Something weird could happen. And we carry it in the deep way.

And we don’t sleep,

and we can’t rest, and it’s hard to function. And we might be the kind of people, I won’t speak for you I will speak for me, that if something is wrong, you know it. You, I may not say it, you, it’s hard to disguise it, you know, if something’s wrong you know it because we carry things deeply, and I’m really wanting to help us know. We’re okay, exactly as we are. I know it’s hard to be you some days in your body going along in your life. Some days your life feels meaningless. Some days, You feel like you’re never getting ahead. Some days you feel like you’re not doing it right. Some days you’re just so absorbed in what a weirdo you are. There’s a lot of striving to not be yourself in those moments too, you know, and I’m here to advocate for us accepting ourselves exactly as we are. And I loved so much last week and listen, you don’t have to go back, you don’t have to stop here and go back but I am going to talk about last week a bit, and you can listen later, it’s no big deal. I talked about the stages of grief, and it was so powerful, so many of you mentioned that to me that you talked about it with your friends and you really took that deeply that Oh, I thought the Stages of Grief are only about death. And it’s like, you know, this applies everywhere and isn’t it a part of us that is dying anyway when we’re going through a transformation. When the world is transforming this pandemic. This whatever phase we’re in right now, where, you know it, to me it’s, it’s feeling like 2021 is like 2020 was easy, laying home in lockdown laying Rome in lockdown.

Laying home in lockdown was easy compared to this year, where, for me anyway, it feels like things are really starting to happen, change, the change is happening, I don’t know. You know, the world is changing. I’m changing. We’re changing and people I know are changing relationships are changing the old ways of being, are really done, and we can’t keep going in that same way it’s not impossible. Some of us are having to accept that really accept that like I cannot make myself do these things anymore. Maybe your job is changing, you know, there’s a lot that’s going on. So the thing is with the stages of grief, we’d begin at denial, we’re not really seeing it, we’re not really getting it we’re not really connecting it, and the one I love is bargaining. I don’t love it but I catch myself in it to this stage of bargaining, you know, If only, if only I could do this then things will

get better.

So, you know, if only I could turn yourself, you could turn yourself into something you’re not or, or turn your life into something, it isn’t, or turn your money, your financial situation or whatever it is. There’s a bargaining going on, and this is where I say hi. You are not a problem. And this life you’re in this not a problem this experience you’re having is not a problem, don’t interact with it like it’s a problem. It just is how it is. And it’s tough. I know, because you might be listening to me, you might be dying right now, and I’m saying that to you, you might be getting divorced right now and I’m saying that to you. You might be one of the many people who are rent on a rent moratorium and you might be getting evicted, you might be worried about that right now, being evicted. I’m saying that to you. It is not a problem unless you decide it’s a problem, and you go into this phase of bargaining with your mind and your heart and your energy field about it. We people carer, carers who care deeply, people who have been affected by life, life has happened to you. things have gone down there has been trauma. There has been big stuff happening, you’ve been through big things.

Life has changed us, But not for the worse. And we don’t have to work to make it better. What we have to do is accept it, see it, see it for what it is not the story we’re heaping on it, not the interaction, we’re creating around it.

I think there’s something to accepting things as they are. that creates such a freedom

might be upsetting it might be frightening, whatever the experience is, but it creates such a freedom, it creates a freedom that if there is a light in all things, then there is also light is there you’re observing you’re witnessing you’re working to accept, there’s light in there too. And you don’t have to practice on it, you don’t have to bargain with it you don’t have to be in denial of it you, you can accept it and become as fully present, as you can be, and then there’s the lighting is available to you as well. And suddenly, you can have these experiences where you feel deeply at peace, despite all that’s going on now.

It’s a beautiful thing to realize it’s okay to stop working so hard to be okay to stop trying so hard to be happy and at peace and joyful and have a purpose, and have a mission and have a goal and like make sure everybody’s okay and all that, it’s okay to let that go. The pressure of that. It’s like, if you’re listening right now and you’re able to pull your shoulders up around your ear shrug really hard. That’s what it’s like it’s like going around like that all the time. In this pressure. Right now, what would it be like to soften and like go. Like you don’t have to hold a vigil.

You don’t have to have a ceremony. These are things that, number one and I were just having coffee this morning, and we were talking about what’s good about this podcast. It’s so great to be with a partner who gets it, and listens and appreciates and support you, I gotta say, I feel. It’s so good. The more I show up as myself, you know, the more, the more I can receive what is right before me the light that’s here and that is I am blessed to be with somebody who gets it, who gets me, that’s lovely thing. And yeah, so we were talking about how so much out there is about, I will get you unstuck. Here are the seven steps, here’s the process, here’s the thing, and you know the person who’s searching for the seven steps is really not in that place to have those seven steps actually be helpful, But we’re drawn to that, and it’s the pain body it’s the painful mind it’s the painful heart that is drawn to those seven steps, you know. So I think sometimes this way it’s easy to overlook these joy and peace messages, this isn’t a very joy and peace message it’s about acceptance. You are not a problem. You might be volatile you might be a flamboyant emotional person flamboyantly emotional and then both an emotional flamboyant person, I don’t know, I kind of like that. I, you know it’s very hard when I’m upset, you know it, it’s very hard for me to hide that my eyes water. My face is, it’s hard to fake it, and I have learned to fake it all my life, but now I’m just working on letting it be, you know, so there could be a lot of judgment about that you might have a lot of judgment of yourself and the way you did or didn’t do things and, you know. Please don’t be so hard on who you are and hard on yourself and, and when you are. That’s what prompts you just search for the seven spiritual laws around difficult people and how, how do I stop being so difficult and persnickety or whatever your deal is you should write and let me know so I have better words for you next time. If you’ve had people in your life who are like why are you so difficult, or why are you still talking about this thing, or you always get so upset.

Somebody said to me once I have figured out what’s wrong with you, and you’re this way with everybody and I want him to say, you know, fork, you only I was too shocked and embarrassed and upset to even have a response, you know, so if anybody’s ever said that to you people have said that to me more than one time. And isn’t it funny it’s people who have zero capacity to actually have an honest conversation about stuff like this deep stuff, like how hard it is, it’s hard. Yeah, it’s hard to be alive, hi, hi, it’s me, it’s hard to be alive. Sometimes it’s hard to show up and and seem normal sometimes. That’s just the deal. So, when I find that I’m around people like that I have to be really careful and I’m not trying to sound judgy it’s just like, people who aren’t awake, who aren’t walking a practice, they’re going to say things to you that are very indicative of where they’re at, but you know if they’re calling you a problem or telling you you’re difficult. They’re also telling you, I can’t handle this, I am in denial. I am in a bargaining stage I am somebody who is angry I can’t accept that this is what’s going on I can’t accept myself. How could I possibly accept you. So there they are the people who say stuff like this to you. If you can accept that you’re not a problem that you’re not challenging, but when you’re in situations where you’re not honoring yourself, you’ve, you feel challenged, and then it’s hard to be. It’s just hard to be period,

you know,

that’s the difference. Like, you’re in a squeezed place.

Okay, through my post it notes, there’s a note here that says, I will challenge your stories. I will definitely challenge your stories, these are the notes I made of things I wanted to say to you today. I will definitely challenge your stories. That’s something I’ve noticed about me, you know, if somebody says you don’t walk on eggshells Do you Robin or I’ve noticed, somebody said to me once, I’ve noticed you seem like you’re really wounded person, like you’ve had a lot happened to you and I, again, it’s easy to be angry and get in your ego and say who the eff Do you think you are talking to me like that but really it’s just a, it’s just if we accept Yeah, I have I’ve worked through hell people. I have, um, if we really accept that we have, we have needs and requirements, and we need to honor that. And if somebody says stuff like that to you. The only takeaway should be. I have not been ironing my needs. Not that I have to do special things because I can’t handle the world, that’s not what I’m trying to say but you might need deeper time to rest and reflect and accept yourself, accept what you’re going through, accept what’s happening. Accept who you are. And when you do that you may discover, hey, I’m not a party person, I’m not a chatty chatty person, I don’t do shallow conversations I don’t do jibber jabber well. Sometimes, but not every time. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with you. If you’ve figured out it, especially in this pandemic time, I have noticed that many of the friends I talked to, I ride with, you know, You’re hearing the love posse, however we connect, whether it’s in the healing session, we work on stuff around relationships, or we you know you comment on the post site leave on Instagram or whatever. You gave me back let me keep giving examples here, email me back. A lot of you are really judging your relationships, you’re figuring things out, and the status quo is not okay anymore and you can’t make yourself. Show up the way you once did, there’s a part of you, who has come alive through this process. And now you want to be alive, so you can’t be phony baloney. You can’t continue in these unhealthy patterns, where it is unhealthy because a part of you doesn’t feel seen or met in these relationships, and you can’t make yourself keep doing it right. Yeah. So, this is a good thing you’re in a new stage with this accepting where you’re at, will challenge some stories for you. The story like you have to be the good one, the nice one, the one everybody comes to for help. And the story that you can’t say no you have to challenge those stories because they get you into trouble. You know,

the other day we were shopping at the hardware store. It’s so rare that I’m out shopping anymore. I, that has been a very interesting thing, and I want to talk about it for a moment because I’ve noticed that I judge myself about that that I think I’m a problem because a lot of you are out running errands again shopping doing things but one thing I learned is you know, if I never go to the grocery store again, I could be good with that. If you know if I go to the hardware store occasionally, I could be good with that too. But this idea of running errands, every single day three types of three errands a day this and that this busy busy busy, that’s, I’m done. I am done. In fact, we just, um, we were leasing a car. A little while ago, and we just made the last payment and I was like, I don’t even care if I have a car again. I don’t care. How about that you learn things about yourself and then you go right into judging it. Maybe you don’t but I do, you start to wonder so anywho, we were at the store, but sometimes I like to go to the hardware store, you might know I like to build things around here my, my garden. I love to repurpose things, and the house next door is all built, they were building the house next door. From March of last year, until now July is a very very long project and the grasses in, I can’t really tell if the people have moved in or not but. Anyway, long story short, there was a lot of garbage, they were throwing away that was like brand new lumber, brand new pallet pallets, all kinds of things you’re hearing shortages on there are shortages on, and things were just being left to be thrown out. And so I asked the builder if we could have some things and so I have collected things all year, and it doesn’t quite look like a little junkyard here but I did ask number one this weekend if you would help me tidy and organized out there so it looks a little better but, oh my goodness, Robin. No jibber jabber today. I went to the hardware store with Jeff, and just looking through some things and I like to spin the wheels and hold the plumbing tools and just, my mind is like, Okay, what could you do with this, you know I love thinking, your creativity is astounding sometimes the way, when you discover something that you’re excited about, you know, it’s good to accept that about yourself, not every artist is creating paintings are masterpieces in museums, some of us are repurposing, other people’s garbage into beautiful oases, and it’s amazing. So I hope that you are accepting yourself and not treating yourself like a problem in the things you love to do not judging your art and your creative vision, and yes so the point is, sometimes I have to go to the Home Depot or Menards, I have never been to a Lowe’s. I like Ace Hardware The old hardware stores, But they are going by the wayside. Sad to say, We love going into the old hardware stores though when we find one, we stop and take a visit. It’s just fun. So, at checkout. There was a woman, checking us out we were the only ones there and she was a jibber jabbering, she was talking and talking and talking and I was realizing, you know how it’s lovely. I went through these different moments, it’s lovely to connect, it’s lovely to be friendly, it’s lovely to just say hi, you know, in that way where you’re like, the NEMA stay away, you know, the light in me is greeting the light in you, and then we’re done. And now it’s time to go home, you know, when it turns into an 89 minute conversation. Okay, it wasn’t at nine minutes, it was probably 90 seconds too long, whatever time it was,

but I have observed in me, that place that normally would feel like I, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to have this conversation, it’s very one sided, it’s all about this other person, they’re just talking your ear off, they’re not paying attention. They’re not connecting the dots here. You know what I mean, You can get upset. I just thought, what a lovely sparkly being, and I’m sensing, it’s time to leave a sensation wise there was something building in me, that was saying. And I’m going this way, I’m going home. I’m done. I’m leaving, but it happened all before there was any upset any judgment, any, any posturing on my part. If you have had any kind of trauma in your life. Seriously. You’ve been impacted, and you have learned to cope by taking care of other people. One way or another. We don’t have to be sad and devastated and wounded about that for the rest of our lives, though some of us will stay there forever. And we’re all free to do whatever we want. But the minute you say you want to change, and you don’t want to be problem according to yourself. You don’t want to have struggles with who you are. You want to accept who you are and you hopefully go beyond that then that’s all you are is this wounded bird. You know what I mean. Yeah, you want to go beyond that place and find the real strength, and the real resilience. This is where you’re at, like you accept, there’s a persona in you that is going to want to take care of everybody else, so that you feel safe, so that you are free to go do your own thing, and I’m telling you, you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to do it. You don’t have to stand there and listen to the stories. And there’s nothing wrong with you because you don’t want to stand there and listen to the stories, you know, when I go to Trader Joe’s.

Oh god.


There’s one guy I never get in his line. Nobody, I’m sure nobody ever tells him, but I know I can’t be the only one. It’s just one of those things but you caring deeply people, people who’ve had big ticket items in your life, you know, that person, you know, you walk into the store and at some point you see that person you know who it is and you know you are not getting in their line. And wherever on. You are not getting in that guy’s line, or that gal fine, there is no way, but you have tried to get in the line. You have tried to be okay with it. Right. You’ve tried to jibber jabber with it. You’ve definitely felt like a bad person because you don’t want to get in the line, you’ve gone through all these places. Now it’s time to just accept. Like, it’s fine. Why am I, spiritually jujitsu showing myself through my day. Don’t get in the line, period. And you know, that’s important. You know that poem when Rumi says don’t go back to sleep. I feel like that’s what is really going on here. Let’s be honest. Don’t go back to sleep and make yourself be like this amazing cosmic cruise director where all you’re doing is taking care of everybody else and making everybody else feel good about themselves.

So what, so you can be free so you can feel like a good person, so you can go home and why it. Why are you doing that. Ask yourself. Like, I would rather that we not go to sleep, that we accept this part of ourselves, and you don’t have to jibber jabber with the people. You don’t have to get in your line. You don’t have to continue the conversation back to Home Depot, I just started rolling my cart. You know, I didn’t just abruptly walk out mid sentence, you know, I wrapped it up and I left but it happened before it got too long for me, because when it gets too long for me. That’s not good, through the rest of the day, that’s not good. And if you’re like that too. I’m telling you today, except this part of yourself, love this part of yourself.

Love this part of yourself, love this part of yourself, at some point in your life, things happen to you. And you became impacted, I don’t know you became you became that that day, or those many days.

If that experience folded itself into the batter, of, of your day of your experience you know better like making pancakes you fold something into the batter. That experience is a part of you to continue to pretend that like you don’t have needs around that is a form of denial.

and I’m a fan of. Let’s take care of the problem. All you have to do is leave the freaking store before it gets to the point where it’s gone too far. You know, You don’t have to do the seven spiritual laws. You don’t have to move to an ashram, you’re trying to wake up to that gap. You’re trying to find lessen the gap, you’re trying to create less drama around that gap. The gap is. You know that that place where before anything really happens, you’re trying to sense sooner, that it’s time for you to go

before it gets out of hand. Before you say something and then you have to carry that too. Have you ever done that. Have you ever gotten snippy or, you know, I, I’ve been with other people who have said something snarky, or lashing out at, at those situations, and that stays with me, do you know so it’s like, obviously. Obviously. Certain situations can be very tense, and they don’t even have to be happening to us and we’re gonna still carry it, like it did. So, however this is hitting you today, you know, I want to reflect back to you what if you didn’t see yourself as a problem. How, excuse me, How would that change things. Would you accept yourself, would you love yourself, Would you be okay with who you are, then if you weren’t the problem. Would you be allowed to fold it in to the batter of who you are, like if you were abused, I was abused. I was neglected. I was abandoned. I was harmed. If you’re allowed to acknowledge that. If you’re allowed to acknowledge that your family was kind of crazy codependent, crazy. What would change for you. Because what I see is the way we keep betraying ourselves by getting into those same situations, again, you know, we betray ourselves. Think of all the times you get into difficult scenarios with people, and then something gets reflected back to you and it’s very challenging. No. How many more times. How many more times are you going to do that to yourself. How many more times are you going to throw yourself under the bus. If you give yourself some space to realize who you are and what you’re about. The energy has a chance to heal. It has a chance to be revealed and healed. you know the like, come out. And in your case, there’s never anything wrong with you, you are amazing my friend and ally say that it’s not just, it’s not just cheesy dippie talk when I say you’re amazing. I mean, you are but dazzling. You are the light of God in a body, presenting as you in this lifetime, that is amazing. and not like everybody else. And so this urging you to make yourself like everybody else is. Stop doing it, it’s wrong, it’s not hiring. What do you need, what do you need, I can’t tell you how many people are getting themselves into situations. Because this wounded place in them has not been helped acknowledged or healed. You know, you got to talk about some of this stuff, my friend. Don’t be afraid to hold your own hand, and to say, hard things, not about yourself to say people, you know, hurt people hurt people. I have been saying that forever. It’s important, you know, some of the stories I’ve been sharing over the last many episodes about my own personal life if you’ve been listening. You know those stories. I don’t think there’s ever anything wrong with acknowledging a person you’re meeting today, who has that they’re presenting the same way energetically speaking. Like, don’t go to bed with them, you know what I mean don’t get involved in that intimate way with them.

But we do stuff like that because we tell ourselves we’re weird, and we’re a problem and we’re difficult and we’re the only ones, are you the only one in your family who gets upset about stuff. Do you find that you’re the one who starts crying about things, and the other people don’t even seem to notice or are impacted. That’s a dynamic that will lock you in for years, just in their dynamic. What do you need to do for yourself to further this energy along, and feel free to convert what I’m saying, Okay, what do you need to advance this story for you. Don’t be afraid. You want my seven spiritual steps. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Like if that scenario I just say you’re the only one in the family who starts crying, you get frustrated you’re upset. You’re the only one who notices things, and you get to that point where you have to leave her set away in the bathroom, and you’re trying to gather your energy again, something here is going too far. For you, it’s more than you can bear this. This situation. This stuff, and it’s just not safe for a part of you to keep doing that it’s not healthy for you. If you have friends that you keep breaking up keep breaking up with you or stuff like that, you keep having the same thing happen where it gets too intense for you, all of the sudden you’re in it again, It’s too intense. I’m encouraging you to take a look at the dynamic and see what you need to do, because I’m gonna say it’s probably too much. It’s probably too long. It’s probably too intense. And, you know, we know how to do this everywhere else but here, would you put your hand on a hot fire. No, you would not. Right. Would you pour boiling water on your arm. No, you would not.

We do these other things in the name of, you know like believing we’re a problem, we force ourselves into situations that we have no business they’re equally harmful damaging. So take a step back. Don’t be afraid to look at what you need, even if it means, like, there’s a person in your life who’s difficult to be around. How can you stay in a place where you float out a little bit further from the way you guys usually connect you distance yourself a little but it’s not a drama. It’s not a conflict. It’s not like you’re on off talks, when there was a problem happening. Let yourself naturally float out energetically speaking to a place where you feel more relaxed. That’s what matters, because from there, everything is possible. The lighting you and the light in them, you may actually be able to have a connection there, but not where you don’t feel okay. He will never happen from that place, and why fight it. You could keep fighting it, but why I’m gonna leave it there.


You’re a beautiful soul. And like I say, you are amazing, me you, today, really accept

who you are,

and trust that it’s okay to have it how you want it to be. You don’t have to work at it. You don’t have to get in the line at Trader Joe’s. You don’t have to go to the party. But you do have to love yourself. You do have to accept yourself, you do you do if you want to be at peace. Well, alright loves. I say we leave it there today, I do have some great letters. Maybe next week we’ll get some letters I’ve got I’ve been loving you have been sending some amazing letters actually it seems like there has been a real shift in that and I’m excited to, to share with you in an upcoming episode but for today this felt like a lot of energy and I just really say, feel free to come back and listen again, give yourself some time, and I’m going to go enjoy this beautiful day, and I wish you the same. This has been me, Robin, Hart sparkler head Hallett, and I’m going to see you next time. Bye bye.

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