Let All Things Be Exactly as They Are // Tea with Robin Episode 140

Let All Things Be Exactly as They Are

On finding ways to support your journey through spiritual practice the down-to-earth way.

A spiritual practice is not for show. It’s not a resume, not an earthly credential. Your practice is here to support you in where you long to be.

In this episode, I share my personal practice and walk us through the experience of what that looks like amidst the churn and struggle that is life and relationships.

I also share listener letters and loves.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Lesson 268 Let all things be exactly as they are.

1. Let me not be Your critic, Lord, today, and judge against You. ²Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation, and distort it into sickly forms. ³Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus to let it be as You created it. ⁴For thus will I be able, too, to recognize my Self as You created me. ⁵In love was I created, and in love will I remain forever. ⁶What can frighten me, when I let all things be exactly as they are?

2. Let not our sight be blasphemous today, nor let our ears attend to lying tongues. ²Only reality is free of pain. ³Only reality is free of loss. ⁴Only reality is wholly safe. ⁵And it is only this we seek today.

(ACIM, W-268.1:1–2:5)


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Every Book I have recommended on the podcast here

You might enjoy the Course in Miracles practices I offer here.


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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett, intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin hallett.com, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, a spiritual practice is not for show. This isn’t a social media journey. It’s not a resume, not an earthly credential, your practice is here to support you in where you longed to be and is here to save you in the hardest of the hard moments. I’ll share some listener letters, and a few fun things about what I’ve been up to two, so come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello beautiful friend, it is me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 140 140 All of the show notes. Anything I mentioned, you want to look up, come to my website, Robin Hallett comm slash 140. It’s all there. Hi friends, hi, hi, hi, if it’s your first time here. This is a healing podcast. It’s a place to receive to sit down to take some energy in to pause and reflect on your own life and hopefully take some new energies in that add transformation not only to your experience but for everyone you’re connected to as well. This is the definition of the Light Sparkler. And that’s you and that’s me, my friend. Friends returning. How have you been Hi, how’s it going? I hope that these last few weeks have been wonderfully well, you know, be good to you and that you’ve been good to these weeks, our experiences, always, you know, we participate in the experience we’re having so it’s always up to us how we want to see the dynamic, and today I really want to talk to you about something I love from the Course in Miracles. Let all things be exactly as they are. I love it so much, you know, So many of us say when I asked you in session if I see you. I talked to you online somewhere else, you know, sometimes I’ll ask what is it that you really want, how do you want this day to go and hands down. I mean, the biggest response, regardless of the situation is, I want it to be easy I want flow I want to be in the flow I want things to flow easily. And then, that was my chair, by the way, I promise. Let me see if I can do to get over there. Yeah, you don’t feel that when you like something squeaks and you go I swear it was the chair I swear, people are like, huh, and then you’re like, see, and nothing happens. Yeah, well, you know, we struggle with letting things be exactly as they are when it’s unpleasant when it’s difficult when it’s challenging when we feel guilty when we feel angry when we feel worried. Any controlling personalities out there, anyone. The major worrywart, in the family, you know, it’s hard to let things be exactly as they are. So that’s what I want to talk about today. I took last week to myself for Memorial Memorial Day, and no, it was the solstice. Giving myself more pauses — a week off here and there — it’s been so profound for me because the truth is that healing never closes. Healing, the process of healing, the journey, the healing journey never is on vacation. There is no vacation to our healing journey, it’s every day, all the time and that’s how I like to show up too. But I also accept that an engine can’t keep running 24-7 even though they’re built to last. At some point, it’s nice to give things a break, and I enjoy that process so much– the process of taking a break is acknowledging how things really are.


You’re not a machine, you’re not a robot. I am not one either. You need rest. You need time need reflection. You need self-focus self-care, selfish focus. If you’re a Light Sparkler in your family, if you do it out in the world, if you do it for a living, as we call it or not, you need to develop a capacity to hold yourself and be about yourself for a while. And so sometimes I like to take a week off, but I do like to come and leave you a little message so I hope last week if you missed me, you’re my message. It’s good to keep showing up but also include yourself in that equation. So, whoever needed that reminder today there is, and I say we cheers, and I, let’s talk about letting all things be exactly as they are. Cheers. Cheers to us friends. Cheers to letting things be easy to let it be exactly how it is.

Whether you know me and healing sessions, or you know me online or you know me just through this, not just, hey, well, you know, YouTube or the podcast here. One thing you probably know is my message doesn’t really change about self-care, kindness, gentleness, slowness, making space for your experience. And one of the things that has helped me so much get there is my study of A Course in Miracles. You are not required to study what I study, that is the beautiful thing about us, we celebrate our uniqueness. But this is what I talk about because this is what I know, this is what, where it’s at, for me, and I hope you have a study, a spiritual outlet. I don’t know, you know your way, your practice, I hope you have a practice, and that you’re regularly, relying on it, not because it’s good for you or what you should do or what the experts say or any of that crap. But that you’re doing it to help yourself to sustain yourself to. Yeah. Support yourself. That’s the purpose of any study, it’s really about supporting you.

So, the wisdom of the Tao, if you like Seneca, if you like Marcus Aurelius if you like Shakespeare. If you like the Course of Miracles. A Course of Miracles, but A Course in Miracles. You like your oracle decks, your yoga practice. Your ways the right way, I hope that you are allowing yourselves. The space to receive your own practice. To support you on the journey. Yeah, I do, I do, my friend I do. So coming back to the practice letting all things be exactly as they are. I’m just going to pull up the lesson I’m looking around for my book. And I’ve probably taken it somewhere else, I have more than one book in the house more than one copy of the book and yeah it’s not here, it’s probably in my bedroom on the bedside. I have another one out in the garden. Sometimes it gets wet, sometimes, you know, things happen.

So here it is, and I’ll read it to you because I like to try to help explain it a little bit but I am not an authority on this. I’m another student. I happen to have been reading this book since 2006 and always find beautiful things.

Let all things be exactly as they are lesson 268, A Course in Miracles.

Let me now be your critic, Lord, let me not be the critic and judge against you spirit. Let me not attempt to interfere with your creation and distort it into sickly forms, let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity, and thus, let it be as you created for them. I’ll be able, to recognize myself, as you created me in love I was created, and in love. I will remain forever. What can frighten me? When I Let all things be exactly as they are.

Beautiful. Let’s go through it again. Say to yourself, Let all things be exactly as they are, I fully accept who I am, in this moment. Now, this day I’m having. Let me not be the critic. Today, let me not judge against this amazingly beautiful place, this universe, this life is energy flow, this reality, this creative pulse.

Let me not be critical of that. Let’s let it be easy. You know, Let’s let it be easy. Don’t let me even attempt to interfere

with what I know is best.

Let me, let me tell you. Universe galaxies multiverses probably. Let me tell you how ghosts, let me tell you how things work. Let me tell you what colors look best on Saturn. Let us argue about how things really work. Now, let me not attempt to interfere with your creation and distort it in the sickly forms. What a weird thing to say they’re simply farms though you know what that means. That means my cookie version of events, my ego story my controlling self, do you have a controller in you. Do you have a complainer in you. Are you still finding places where you’re jockeying for importance to look important people to look special to people? Yeah, me too, so you know that’s a sickly form there let me not interfere. You regularly get into spats with your kids because you’re controlling how they present themselves. You know, let’s not judge it on top of that, let’s just wake up here. Those are kind of like sickly forms, are you a nag ever, are you ever a nag. Yeah, let me not attempt to interfere with your creation and distort it in the sickly forms. Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from its unity. And thus, let it be, have you created it. You know, let me stay out of it, Let me mind my own damn business for change. Let me not heap negative energy. You know sometimes clients will say to me. I just know there are people not rooting for me in my family, people are wishing me well. They’re hoping I fail. They’re waiting for the shoe to that’s gonna drop, you know, that kind of thing. Hey, take responsibility, instead of thinking about that other person and how they’re such an a hole when it comes to your journey. You know, you really want to start owning how you’re the one putting your wishes into that story, you’re wishing for that you’re trying to find union with that negative energy, like, work your light right there. Don’t just think about, You know that one person in your life. You know who it is that special one who’s always, you know, offering you the contrast, the yin to your Yang. That person is your teacher. Let me be willing to withdraw my wishes from Union with that dark

cloud, and just let it be as you created it universe. You don’t have to keep saying, Oh Lord, or God. As you created it for that. That means I’ll be able also to recognize myself. As you created me, you know, I finally see if I can. Let all things be exactly as they are, if I can not be critical. If I cannot judge against the beauty of this whole universe, and the ease and effortlessness of its flow. If I can practice staying out of interfering and distorting everything into my illusion of cuckoo bird cuckoo town. If I can be willing to just keep withdrawing my energy from Union stories of darkness, you know, joining in. Now you’re fantasizing about your special person, and how they’re criticizing you, now you’re answering them you know you’re answering out loud, you’re planning what you’re going to say next, you’re planning it out, you’re going to your healing session and you’re talking about it with your coach or your therapist. Hey, when this happens, what should I say, I hope your person is saying. At high said even happening. Are you just thinking about it in your head, you know, so let me withdraw my wishes from its unity if I can do that, and let it be as you created it. I’m going to continue to have these glimmers of my own sacredness. I’m going to see myself as worthy of the same magnificent life, I’m going to see myself as permissible permission. I have permission granted. I’m allowed to be exactly as I am. And you can apply this in lots of ways, you know, if you’d like to eat. Little Debbie snack cakes and remind me to tell you later why I’m saying little Debbie’s today okay, somebody remind me, thank you. I can eat what I want to eat, I can do what I want to do I can spend my time as I please. You know, it applies on all levels if everything is a creation of God, of this magnificent universe and I’m only here for the joy, the ease the flow. The maximum joy. If I decide I don’t have to be here to learn hard lessons and hard knocks and the school of life and all that,

that’s fine if you choose that route. The way of suffering, you know the path of. It’s all, you’re free. You’re free. You’re free. I can recognize myself, as you created me, and I will know that in love I was created,

and in love I will remain forever. And if that’s too, you know, savvy and find your word. Don’t be that person who is so critical, because you can’t handle the truth. You’re uncomfortable with the mushy gushy. That’s not my problem that’s your problem in love I was created, and in love. I will remain forever. So what can frighten me when I Let all things be exactly as they are.

If you want to read more, I’ll post this like I said to the website there’s more to that lesson but that’s it. That’s it for us for right now, you know, let it be as it is, let it be as it is.

Let me be magnificent to let me stay out of all the stuff I’m doing to dim my light, you know.

Can you hear my post it’s. I got some posters for you today. You know, I’ve been thinking a little bit about this practice I just talked about letting things be as they are. There’s a number of things going on right now

present in my mind. We’ve just passed the experience of Father’s Day here in the States. Father’s Day here in the States,

the second weekend in June, it was. And, as, as it always goes, the next, the week before a couple of weeks after, whenever I catch up with you in the healing session, you’ll, you’ll have your stories about the experience, and nobody’s story is bad or wrong, nobody story is bigger, or worse or than another I’m just setting this stage here, But everybody has an experience and a story. And for me, it’s really important to give voice to the stories I’ve posted a number of things leading up to and following Father’s Day, I’ve written a ton of posts. Not a ton, probably two, maybe three in 12 years, but a ton. Do you ever do that, where you kind of put yourself down at the same time, holidays like that bring up being feelings, and whether you’re feeling is resistance or regret or sadness or frustration or impatience or you jaded. You know, you’re somebody who says just the holiday amended by Hallmark. No, that is true, and in my experience, it can take a lifetime to actually believe that deeply. So most of the time when people say stuff like that around me, I’m very clued in to how much has been going on under the surface there, because sometimes we cling to phrases like that. As a mantra, and that reminder in the life raft and that’s all very powerful and helpful actually, but I always hope that you’re not forgetting that you have deep feelings and you’re doing something here to help yourself and not try and go unconscious with a sarcastic. Flip remark that actually is really deep, you know. Yeah. So Father’s Day here, and you know more things come to light with that, don’t they. Every year you get another opportunity. We’re no exception over here. We’ve been walking our stuff too. I’ve been really practicing allowing myself to have my own experience with things, and opening some Instagram posts here. You know I’ve been not just thinking about taking care of number one husband. I’m thinking about myself, me and my experience and my experience growing up and the experience was my dad and my stepdad, and my family, and the stories. And it’s intense, you know, the last episode, which I thought was so good 139 You can go back and listen. You’re right on time with it if this is resonating you’re gonna love that one. I was saying that if healing was easy everyone would be doing it. It is not for the faint of heart. And that’s not saying a negative thing it’s like, if you’re not, you know, sometimes you gotta be strapped in for this journey, right. I want one, one of those women’s retreats, and I’m only laughing because it took me so long to climb this telephone pole. Now they rigged you up with all the gear. The helmet basket that you climb in and it gives you an instant wedgie plus cameltoe Hi, you know. Yeah, shorts are up your butt, and you’re having this, you’re under so much pressure to have this major spiritual experience. This big release, and you might. And you might not, you know, standing up on top of this Paul holding on to the line, trying to get my balance. Everybody down below, yelling. Somebody, somebody has a chair pulled up, of course there are snacks. This is Entertainment people there’s a lady, I’m

gonna jump off or not. It’s kind of funny when you get up there sometimes because sometimes, because I have done this few times but you realize like, it’s harder to walk back down than it is to jump, and I wonder if they do that on purpose. It’s more precarious trying to step back. You know, so you’re up there having this whole experience, and you can also have these experiences in your everyday life without jumping off a telephone freaking Paul, you can just show up in your lives and be brave, with your feelings. When you come to that place. So many people say to me. Father’s Day don’t want to do it, don’t want to go. Don’t want to get together, don’t want to be phony, you know, why, why don’t you, because I don’t want to pretend everything’s fine when it isn’t. Yeah, yeah, I get that. And I don’t like the pressure of having to like entertain people and when it doesn’t feel true, yeah, I get that too, you know what if we tried, letting all things be exactly as they are. How about we just do that, what would you do.


I mean, you know,


what courage looks like sitting with your discomfort, not interfering with the creation, but not distorting it, not wishing bad things to happen. Let me let it go, let things be as they are. We don’t want to get together this year, not on that day, not with all that pressure, or we want to be together, or your so lonely for a parent and you wish you could get together, you know, however you’re feeling. Let it be as it it’s, you know, you were created in love, this energy you’re feeling, can you let it be held in love to, you know, can you stop constantly moving with your guilt trip, your guilty conscience. Can you stop constantly being guided by something’s wrong. What’s wrong, what I should do the right thing to do. The good thing to do. Because when you do things that way. I mean, frankly, it’s bullshit baking a cake, let’s say you’re baking cakes, you’re dropping flowers by, you’re doing it all out of pressure. Is it sincere, then, is it really loving, Is it really sincere? You want to get to a place where it’s loving and sincere, where the word should change this too. I’d like to I’d really really like to. So, welcome your feelings. If you didn’t want to get together if you did want to get together, if you were afraid to get together, welcome your feelings. Let them be as they are, and see what’s next transformation happens in an instant, but not if you get in there and add your wishes to the disaster story. And that’s what we’re doing when we’re fantasizing about things when we’re afraid when we’re thinking in fear about our kid who’s so reactionary and we’re just trying to, you know, keep all the balls in the box, what is that IKEA thing, the pit of balls. No, we’re just trying to always police the balls. Don’t let the balls get out. Don’t touch my balls or hands off my balls. I don’t know, I’m just gone with what’s here, I’m not gonna edit this either today. So, yeah, you know, let it be. And if healing was easy everyone would be doing it. If you’re awake, then it’s your job, it’s your spiritual job. If you want to, you employed yourself at this job, by the way, you know, you hired yourself already if you want to show up for work. Then, show all the way up. If you’ve decided you’re in, then do it. I wrote this post on Instagram, not too long ago, there was a little pushback. Privately, you know, I wonder sometimes how much we’re jockeying to sound good in our comments to sound good to say something that’s beautiful and succinct and I put energy into things too I think about it but also like, are you allowed to have a real reaction. You know, are you allowed to have balance. Where are you really act. So, you know, what if we didn’t waste our energy just showing the world what an amazingly evolved being we are. It’s not a social media journey, it’s not a journey for your earthly credentials, it’s not a journey on paper. It’s not a journey in the gossip Mills, it’s a journey for you show up for you know your own secrets. Now the hardest thing is that we don’t know our own secrets. There are more parents out there than you know who don’t want to

do certain things, and there are more kids out there than you realize who want to do certain things with their family. No, I see what I did there. Wonder if you notice what I did there. The stories are amazing. You know, the main story being like parents wants to be with their kids, and kids don’t want to be with their parents, but I find that actually there’s a flip side to that that’s even more powerful, sometimes, so be, you know, know your own secrets. And there’s nothing wrong show up for you. So when it’s hard when you’re frustrated when people let you down again, and you can be let down sometimes hundreds of times by one person in a day in the theater of your own mind, Right. If you’re being honest, you’re fine. You know what I’m saying here. I know what I’m saying here, I actually am more than one person, to be fair. So, when you’d really love to shove something in someone’s face. That’s when you show up for yourself. At some point you have to pull yourself out of the movie, you’re creating right there in your head, in this moment where nothing’s actually happening. You know, that’s exactly what the line means when it says let me not attempt to interfere with your creation and distort it in the sickly forms. The letters I get, you know how we’re just creating crap that isn’t even happening.

So, where was I here when you’re, when you’re so frustrated with other people, that’s when you got to stop. That’s when you have to know you have to show all the way up for you, and be present with you, stop the story. Stop the story, and stop the story that you’re the perfect one, your poo doesn’t stink, that you’re not participating. You know,

every time somebody would trot out their comb. The sound of one hand clapping, about the sound of one hand clapping. I would think there is, you know, I would think about relationships,

and the infinity symbol and it’s always two hands to get me to make the clap, you know like, thinking about it, like it takes two of us to tango, you’re, it’s not possible that you’re the shine all on the other ones the food’s here the light and the other ones that are just doesn’t you’re generating all of that story. So you’re all of it, and more. When we realized like, yeah I’m doing this lesson and that means I have to stop the whack, I’m generating by projecting it out there on everybody else, are the two people in your life that are really your big practice, teachers, and I’m calling them whack. They’re wacky. I’m creating the whack. We create the whack. We all do it. It’s a spiritual practice in my mind, you know, to acknowledge that, to remember where that comes from. It’s not from the union, the self, who’s united in love. It’s from the separate itself the ego itself from the sirens, the parts that creates the sirens. I love that.

So, we all have the wack, there’s no, you know, the hardest one is when you’re with people who act like their shit doesn’t stink. It’s tough. It’s really tough because it’s, It brings up so much attack in you and offense, you know, like, over and over and over but if you can recognize that it’s happening, it’s beautiful. That’s when we can learn to step back and be quiet and learn the moves of energy here, like I don’t have to engage, I can observe the dance in other people, not need to comment on all of it, not need to defend myself in my mind, not let it all be as it is, let it be easy. Yeah, I see what they’re doing there, But so what, what’s it to me. Let them be free. You know, when you cannot commingle your energies. It’s really funny we have all these terms that come from financial stuff commingling never commingle your assets, right, don’t do it. But are we learning about commingling our energies codependent energies, you know, are we, I don’t know. I hope you are here. Step back. Be quiet. Pull your energy into your heart, practice your practice. You know, if there are people who disappoint you, or you’re disappointed in them. I said the same thing twice but I think you know what I was trying to say. Step back and be quiet. No, because you’re so perfect and everybody else sucks. It’s yucky. It’s so yucky and you know, it’s hard to be with people like that. Your kids as they get older they get to that stage. I don’t know what they did happens. I’m not going to say more about my specific situation, but because I know what’s termed plausible deniability. Yeah, I’m all for that. There’s an age we all get to, I was, I can tell you for a fact, I remember being 31 and being there, I just knew everything. I knew everything, and by the time I turned 40 I suspected, I was totally wrong. And now at 52, I’m so grateful to my parents, who sucked in many ways, and parenting, by the way, but I’m so grateful that they were who they were. Really, we’re not, I would pick it all over again, Even the worst of the worst parts that I’ve never told anyone, ever. I would still pick them. That’s the truth. So if we step back and be quiet and hold our own hearts. Let it be easy. All things be exactly as they are, let me not attempt to interfere and distort things into sticky sick sticky forms. Let me pull back my own wishing my, my dark wishes from situations and people fantasies future futuristic stories, and just let things be as they are, because then I can recognize myself as you created me in my bio was created, and in love I will remain

forever. You know, forever, can I handle that peace, and joy. Some of us don’t know because we haven’t learned our bowls are so shallow. We don’t know how to hold anything in

guide develop the time. And the quiet. I am telling you, it is a skill that takes a long time. You know, develop the quiet deep in your bowl, so to speak, scoop it out more, so you can hope more. Then we have more opportunity to not just be the victim or passive-aggressive, You know, or plotting our revenge, or withholding our love, or punishing someone bringing it up again and again. You ever had that happen where somebody says something to you one time and you never let them forget it. Boo, that’s on you, that’s on you boo, you need to stop doing that. I’m working on that story too. When we see people for all of who they are, which is creative and love, made by love.

We see them that way. It’s just one tiny thing. And most of the time. There’s so much truth in. Now, take the medicine it’s not always pleasant.

So, it’s always the bigger move to step back and give space. Let it be easy, my things be exactly as they are, it’s okay. But I guarantee you know we play a part in, in all of it.

Like the flying lessons across my house right now. I love all the noise is actually, I can be so in peace with all these noises now. It’s wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful thing. I used to be so bothered by the lawn mowers and weed whackers. No. So no matter. I guess I’ll end it here but no matter what I’ve said today, If there’s something that felt hot and prickly if you felt you didn’t like it, or you felt, you know, a hot response came to your heart, you know, be with that don’t just stab at me, and what I said sit with it. Why did it come up in you know, why did it come up in you. Why is the feeling there and you know, and if you like, you know messages like this, I do write what I call happy mail to the Love Posse every week on Wednesdays, and again the signup link is below the episode or at Robin Hallett.com/140

It’s so important that we let ourselves be in this way. Let it be easy, let it be exactly as it is, allow yourself to let go, even to notice where you’re tight and controlling where you’re planning for the apocalypse again, where you’re expecting the shift to roll downhill to you. Where, and, you know, Maybe you could take it a step further and say I’m hoping it’s going to happen. Just give me a reason. No, on your creations boo. It’s really a good thing. And the last thing I’ll say okay we know it’s not the last thing. When you stay in this place of practice, you help each person feel their own truth. That is so important. If we get to that, we’re really doing the deep work. Yeah, so beautiful. Mara good notes here friends. I have

good notes here. So, let me check the time here. I thought today it would be fun to just read you some listener letters that I’ve been getting, and

share a little bit, share some responses beyond what I can normally say in a quick email to you or

text reply. So shout out. I’m just looking through mine. Buy me a coffee account, you can buy me a cup of coffee or a few cups,

or a bottle of wine if you like. If you enjoy these podcasts. I so appreciate your love and your support in all the ways, and it reminds me to ask you to support me. Now, in any way you feel called Make a donation, or share this content on share this material on share this light you’re receiving on help other people find drumline leave a review. It’s been a minute since someone’s left a review produce a new fresh review this week. That would be awesome. But this came from my friend Jennifer, who says, I’m inspired daily by your Instagram posts. It helps me visualize living a life that serves me well, of my choosing. Plus, you happen to love so many things that I love making sprouts Trader Joe’s meals, self-care. Our husbands. I’m loving watching you learn more about what rings your bells, and it inspires me to find more things like that for myself. Enjoy your coffees. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Thanks Jen, it’s beautiful thing and I appreciate iced coffees. It’s like a bottle of wine, actually. And tonight is a Strawberry Moon, And maybe there’ll be a little champagne and strawberries, you never know. But I love to earmark these donation money monies the funds. Last year, I bought a little swimming pool in my backyard if you’ve seen those pictures of my watering drops. I saved all the donation money I received and bought one. It’s so beautiful. It’s so fun in that way, as you enjoy your time, you remember that I showed up as myself, I offered my light. I let myself be exactly as I am. I didn’t interfere. I did what I do, you know, showed up I honored it. And this is the, the return. You may recall my Three Things philosophy. You have an every person has a gift. Every person has a gift that comes from the love that created them gift from God, I say that you can just say from the universe, a gift from the universe You’re unique. And when you own that gift when you honor it always in all ways, show up as yourself, share as yourself, love yourself. Be yourself and then you decide to share that. So that’s exactly what journalists commenting on here with Jennifer’s saying,

This is

what she appreciates it’s all my sharings that are just so mean. So love, and other people can access their own light from them. It’s a very important thing to realize. So when I’m floating in my pool. I feel like it’s my sacred duty to be doing that, you know. Thank you again. Here’s a little poll I did on Instagram. Not too long ago, how do you want to feel today. And people replied. Easy, in the flow. Here’s another one. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Here’s another one. To stay rooted. Here’s another one to be grounded. You see how these are like we all want something that feels like ease. Simple, gentle,


more efficient. Here’s a message from Christie. Hey, Robin super amazing this is exactly what has been going on, I’m practicing silence and being quiet, with all that stuff you mentioned, how does it get any better than this. Cheers and love, Christie. Did you know The harm honk their phone, you know, just talking about this family stuff this mess. This is in response to this message I shared today, so I’ve been talking this message, quite a bit the last few weeks. How does it get better than this. Once you realize I’m letting things I’m learning to let them be as they are, You know anybody who’s constantly correcting you know a few people who correct me while I’m talking point things out in my garden. And I’ve been really practicing with that. What if I stopped defending myself. What if I work on my own reaction. What if I get into a habit, instead of saying, You always do this or rolling my eyes or expecting it to happen and wasting my free time defending myself when they’re not even here, talking to me. Okay, don’t let me be the only one who admits that. Okay. Thank you. Ah, little Debbie’s thank you for the reminder whoever just thought that. Okay, I will remember right after this, you know, the horn honks again, when you let it be as it is, people can access their own pain, that they’re dishing out without realizing it. You know people correct you because they’re suffering with their own perfection stuff. That’s why they correct you because it’s about them, when people criticize you. When they tell you things that are upsetting because they’re telling you about themselves. And if you can decide that you’re bigger than that you’re the universe actually in the universe doesn’t exactly quibble with things. It involves them in love, you know, you can let that go, other people can access the pain of what they’re feeling. That’s the real light work that’s here. It’s amazing. Okay, I have one more. I want to read you and then I’ll tell you the little Debbie’s story, which is not a story so totally disappoint you

ahead of time.

Just kidding. Let it be exactly as it is. Great story. This is from Carol, I mentioned Carol, in 138, Carol was my first online client. When I came online, whatever you call that, like I had a healing breakfast before I was on the internet. Yeah. And then I got on the internet. Yeah, and then I started having healing practice online. Yeah, and I started working with people virtually. Yeah, Carol. Carol is my number one. So I mentioned her, and she wrote me and said, Hi Robin, I made it to Italy. Finally, almost unreal after all this time and being out of the big city, after all this COVID time is also unreal, not being trapped and locked down, and behind a mask and more. Sigh. And as we wrote about before, it takes time to readjust and re emerge and unfurl. I got here three days ago, and then still landing and processing, exhausted, tired, relieved, excited, all at the same time. And the feeling, and knowing that some parts got lost during that period, and others were found. Just wanted to confirm that what we reflected on a couple days ago still feels very real. I hope you can take your trip to camp by a lake, and take the time and I wanted to send a big hello and much love from Italy. I’m thinking of you often. Since we were here together before it all started. And let me pause in her letter, just to say to you, if you remember that I went to Assisi Italy. In November of 2019. Jeff and I went, and our kids came and met us and some other family came to visit and I had a few all day healing sessions there with European clients who could fly over, take the train it was just so many good things. Carol and I were in Italy at the same time, and when we left after we left COVID began almost like we had a lot of experiences together, that in later time you reflect on and realize why we were doing that journey together to we were leaving, we were getting there and leaving in time before it really broke down. Also, she says she continues, I wanted to thank you for saying hi in the podcast episode from last week. It was 138. I loved hearing about how we met. I love our story because despite how unusual the situation was, me being one of the first online clients, and online healing in general, They felt so normal. At no time. Now, one second. Did I feel weird or unsure or doubtful, in this very unusual situation, I was at ease, and it still feels like you and I met over a cup of coffee, which we still did not have together till this day. Oh, we will my friend. We just need to decide, will it be Bali, will it be Italy, will it be Germany. Will it be Chicago, you know, where are we going to be. Thank you for showing up online back then and giving me the possibility to find you. I’m grateful. We did meet. And finally, I’m going to send the garden picture because I enjoy following your garden journal and magic. So another little hello from our garden two years, we’re having a grill party with the neighbors tonight, and I went for the fun decorations. My mom still thinks I’m 10 years old. And it’s a splendid garden. Spanning garden in Tuscany, my friend. You are the Goddess of everything, love, and thank you again for letting me read that letter, Carol. You guys are the bomb know when I reach out and say can I share this on the podcast.

Nobody ever says no, occasionally somebody would be like you’re What now, because they don’t know, I have a podcast, but usually, nobody says no. They say if it will help one other person, please share, which I love. I love that about you, and that is the true. That’s the nature of the lightworker is knowing and doing these things for us, not just for me, not just all about me. So, and with the little Debbie’s. It’s not really a story, I just wanted to say, I’m reading a marvelous book series again. I read it some summers, and it is the Mitford series by Jan Karen at home and father, Tim, Timothy. Have you read this series. The first book is a favorite. I’m just into like the third chapter with his secretary Mr. It’s a, it’s a, he’s a pastor in a small town, very proud of their town. Sort of reminds me of Gilmore Girls needs. You know father brown or something like that. So sweet, and just sweet. No, there’s no vampires. Eating anybody’s face off, and nobody’s stabbing anyone in the back and it’s just harmless. It’s just enjoyable, fun, and you can hear me laughing a lot because things are just written in such, I love studying writing too I’m not the best, I’m a great writer, but I’m not the best at expressing how it’s feeling inside I’m always looking for new ways to write so I like to read and learn that way. How do they do their, how do they punctuate that explanation that that expression of what they’re doing and just so many best stories about his dog, who happens upon him, the dog finds father Tim. And yeah, anyway Emma always has little Debbie’s for father Tim in her drawer, and I remember little Debbie’s reading that in the book reminded me of something very sweet about my mother. And that was, she always bought hostess treats for me. When she started working when she left my stepdad. It’s very stressful for a parent, you know, we put so much focus on the kids. When we get divorced and what they’re going through and, you know, maybe she thought about that, but I, when I sit with parents who are going through divorce or blended family stuff that’s my family were blended. Always take so much care to encourage the parents to be there for themselves, to support themselves because adjusted centered parents are really the key to adjusted centered children, no. So my mom when she got a job and started making more money. I mean I’ve lived through bankruptcy I’ve lived through furniture being repossessed I’ve lived through a lot of scary things that have given me a afforded me a perspective that I never would have had otherwise. She would buy hostess little Debbie’s. I still remember the way I would eat them. She would buy me pickles. I have a love affair with pickles she would buy me all the bagels I wanted in the ranch dressing to go with it. And just recently reading my father Jim Little Debbie experience really helped me receive some more love from my mom, which can be a really tough place, so those of you finding ways to reach your kids finding ways to stay connected in a way that doesn’t exhaust you,

that doesn’t,

you know, it’s not too much. Sometimes we push people away without too much notice in our effort to be loving and kind. It’s too much. No, little thing goes a long way. So finding that way. So thank you to the little Debbie’s if you have one this week, You know, say cheers to Father Tim and me, and maybe my mom. No, thank you. And thank you. No, thank you for if you’ve listened this far and you’re getting it and you’re receiving. thank you

for that

beautiful feeling to be done for the day. Three sessions in today, recording the podcast. I hear a little girl screaming already outside, they have a trampoline across the way, it’s time for me to go and play. Hey, hey, hey.

And truly, I hope you will stay in your own heart and play today. What do you say yay or nay. This has been me Robin, play, play, play, now that you are loved, exactly as you are, and may you Let all things be exactly as they are.

I’ll see you next time, or in a few minutes. If you’d like to binge listen. Bye bye.

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