You Are so Beautiful to Me // Tea with Robin Episode 138


Oh, the stinking thinking about our body, our aging, our wrinkles,

The world thinks we’re over the hill, and we’re no longer sexy, no longer viable. Let us please have a discussion and turn around on our attitude about aging, body, and whether or not we really care what the world thinks.

You Are so Beautiful to Me

Hypnosis of conditioning

More than a body!

Love the one you’re with?

So many of us have struggled with issues around body image and weight and aging. We want to feel free and peaceful about our bodies, and how they make us feel.

Healing happens when we rest. And this means rest the story too.

You are so beautiful to me, my friend, and you are always vital, juicy, beautiful. Still, the only one who can decide it’s true about you. Guess who it is? Yeah, it’s you.
So let’s go, I suggest you grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

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Only love is real. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. – Introduction

I am responsible for what I see. – Chapter 21

Perfect love casts out fear.  (ACIM and the bible, John)

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello beautiful friends, this is me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, my friend, let us please, have a turn around on this thing, he thinking about your body, your aging, your wrinkles, your folds, how you’re over the hill, you’re no longer sexy, you’re no longer viable. Let us please have a discussion and turn around, about your attitude about aging, etc, because I’m going to tell you something, you are always vital, juicy, beautiful, and the only one who can decide it’s true about you. Guess who it is. Yeah, it’s you. So let’s go, I suggest you grab a cup of young young and meet me here. Hello Gorgeous soul. It is me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin This is episode 138 And if it’s your first time here, welcome to the podcast. I am an intuitive for the past 20 years I have been helping people come to terms with their fabulousness. Their light their joy, their permission to be free, exactly as they are. It is bigger work than so many of us ever realize, and it takes a lot of courage and the strength to do this work. So, this podcast is my support and love and encouragement for you to do the work. And we’re flying wing to wing, as I like to say, No, that’s me too, I show up every day and do this work, and it is not easy, so we need each other. I hope you find a good, a good, a good phone here. Phone home, right, I hope you find a good home here, and thank you to whomever brought you here, however you found this. Thank you. Friends returning. Hello Hello Hello. Did you have a nice week. I hope that you’ve been really enjoying getting into spring, moving into summer vibe set quite summer yet so slow your roll stress stressy people. Slow your roll. All right. It’s only June 1 as I record this. There’s plenty of time, your summer is not over yet. Oh yeah, I know how you think, Because I hear it but also my mind goes there too so slow lead slower roll. Let’s slow down, it’s only the beginning. And I really hope that you are intending consciously to have a beautiful experience this summer. That’s what I want. That’s what I want for us all. I have been enjoying the garden over here doing some beautiful things, creating and bigger than that, really practicing in my own way, allowing my flow to be here. The last few episodes I talked to you about flow, but I’ll just say quickly, to me, flow is that allowing yourself to be intuitively guided and led by what’s calling you. So it’s not your mental story and your mental to dues and your mental basically your ego deciding what you need to do every day. I’ve been in the flow with that and just really creating some beautiful things out in the yard and just enjoying my time, you know, enjoying my time and really in the flow, and so many cool, cool Winky things have been happening to me. I gotta say, I have like 1009 stories I could tell you about flow. These days where if you honor the energy that is calling you and that’s it starting in your own heart. You feel this urge you know it’s such a nice day. I should go out and have coffee outside, and then right away your booger mind goes, Oh, but I have to go to work or I have to put breakfast for the kids. Why did I do that boys, I don’t know, you know like you kibosh your own flow, but the flow is saying get

outside, go out and look, and you know something the next fabulous thing might happen. First of all you get to enjoy a beautiful time outside move outside and enjoy. No, just cool, cool things happen. So, anyway, I have been not anyway, I’ve been enjoying my time. Beautiful, beautiful. And as you know, maybe, if you’re on Instagram and you are Facebook, and you like to look at my stories, I will put a link to that. All of what I’m talking about, I’ll put a link to this, so you can listen stress free. You don’t have to go researching right away, but I, If you go to Robin Hallett calm slash 138. This is hilarious, I’m double checking. Yeah 138. Double check that number girls, you will get all the links to anything I mentioned here I just put a little list together and you can click through and see, and also a full transcript of this amazing already episode is there. Alright, so I was saying that most days, I, I post a lot of what I’m up to in my Instagram stories, and on Facebook, people. Funny People are like, I’m not on social media, that’s fine. But I’m telling you this just in case you like to see and I feel, the reason I do this is all of you I help in healing sessions or friends I know hear through the podcast, this is how I feel like I am in contact with you every day, you know like, we’re riding together. So, for anyone who ever feels lonely or like this journey is such a challenge, and you would just like somebody to flow with, you know that’s why both I enjoy sharing my experience, and it’s, it’s fun to ride together it’s the journeys better together, is it not. Yes. So, I post usually every day some photos. And I usually try and do one selfie, and no matter what. And, I mean, no matter what. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Coming up, the no matter what part because I already know, like so many people tell me there’s no way I would post selfies, oh my god look at myself, you know, that’s what we’re going to talk about coming up. So first, did you grab some yum yum you but I hope you have some, and maybe a seat belt, because I have a lot to say to you about the aging, the body image, the appearance, the judgment, and all of that so we better fortify ourselves for this, I’ve got some Lacroix water, and a nice cup of yum from this morning’s delicious coffee made by number one husband. Cheers to us and our beauty and every age, at every moment in every lifetime tears to every cell in our body, every fat cell in our body, every collagen cell molecule, Every cell lacking collagen, right here, is to us in our real real state, natural, beautiful and amazing. Cheers. Oh, that was good. Yum yum yum yum yum. You know, disturbance is a really powerful thing, it’s a very very big energy, the energy of disturbance. What we get bothered by a bad hairdo, a bad haircut, a bad, you know, Just what we’re bothered by about ourselves, can be very intense. I’ve had clients over the years who are like no way am I getting on a camera. No way. Are you looking at me. No way, you know, Like, I don’t even want to look at I don’t even want to look at myself. I can’t take it, this pandemic has been very challenging for a lot of us because we’ve had to learn how I’m saying we but, you know I’ve been on Zoom. Since 1873 I’ve been on Skype. The whenever I came online I started doing video sessions, and I didn’t care I wanted to connect you know I wasn’t worried about I wasn’t thinking about that it was so exciting. I just wanted to be

connecting, and one of my very first sessions, Carol, are you listening, somebody I adore friend, inspiring, Goddess. Anyway, Carolyn i We connected. I still remember it. One of my very first digital video sessions so powerful, so exciting, you know, getting past your fear of being seen, is such a powerful thing because you can connect to people all around the world, and isn’t that something we want. I hope it is. And before I get too far into this. Maybe you don’t want to connect to people all around the world, and that’s not my point. Sometimes I forget to specify better so here’s me specifying better, Because you might not be somebody who’s afraid to be seen on camera because you were born into a camera world you were born into a digital world. It’s not a big, you don’t even think about it, maybe you do. I don’t know. You know when I see the filters and the Botox and the this, you know the poses and the posing and the lips and the butt, and, you know like all that jockeying in a photo. I think there might be something going on there where it’s scary to be seen. So I today, really I want to talk about our discomfort at being witnessed, because we judge our bodies we judge our faces we’ve judged our looks we’ve judged our ages and, you know, ageism, is a funny thing because they’re sensitive categories, all around and I’ll probably not do it perfect today and this would not be the last conversation. But you know, for the younger friends, I see who call me spirit mama, and they’re worried I’m going to feel offended that they’re making me sound old you know, I have to do just as much work to not look at you and say you’re young, youngster, little kid, you know, you don’t know anything, there’s judgment, all the way around so you know, it’s so fascinating to me, if, if I feel judged, and I think people think I’m over the hill or, you know, oh, looking or whatever it is. I’m already putting myself in that energy with you. And that means I’m kind of judging you back. But what if we were just like, two beings coming together to beauties hanging out, doing our jam and appreciating each other in our, in our energies and not comparing, it’s a practice, it’s not a perfect of course, okay so I just wanted to say that you may have to convert what I’m talking about today. And if you’re in your 20s and you’re listening, I promise you there’s stuff here for you too. Alright, continue Robin. So over, you know I just keep thinking there is no way in one episode I can say everything I want to say. So we’re going to revisit this body image, aging, vitality, just like I occasionally, you know, it’s on my, I have a little list of things I like to keep. It’s not a little list, I have a list of topics I like to keep revisiting. And this is going to become one. So I really hope already, this is feeling like it’s speaking to you, that fear of being seemed comes from a place that’s based in fear. Maybe something has happened to you already, you’ve been laughed out, You’ve been criticized you’ve been ridiculed. No. So when you look in the mirror, you’re doing the same thing to yourself, but you know, how long do you need to keep doing that. Because at some point, I gotta say, it’s boring. It’s so boring. The story about when you look in the mirror, you know, and you have wrinkles or puffy, or blackheads or are the chin, the double chin or the. I have, I have a client who calls it her Turkey Lurkey as you as we get older, maybe you have some loser skin. I have to tell you, it’s so boring. If I hear this more than two or three times, I kind of don’t even want to hang out with you anymore because, like, let’s go. This is a problem area, Let’s work on it instead of continuing to do that to ourselves, not I’m saying,

My deepest wish for you is that every age you are fascinated at by by the changes. And what’s happening and excited and welcoming and delighted. You know, every day is a new opportunity for your delight. If you choose it. It’s important to choose your vitality is up to you. And then energy and vitality is what keeps us in our own liveliness. The energy of being juicy feeling juicy, whatever that means to you is what gives you lifeforce, from the deepest part, the part that will never be impacted by Botox or vitamins or green smoothies. I sometimes, you know, occasionally, I miss doing classes and groups online and in person. And I think about if I ever was going to do another one, it would have to be around this topic, but I would one be with people who actually are interested in making the shift. You know, because it’s such a. It’s such a tricky place, because I have to say some people just aren’t interested in making the change. And I don’t know, it’s like, you could be juicy. You could be gorgeous you could be alive and free, and just go on your day. Or you could get your juice, and you’re alive Vnus through bitching about what you look like. And it’s the same amount of energy expense, it’s the same amount of energetic activity, but one feeds the soul and feeds your future and feeds your flow and feed your abundance and your manifesting and your opportunities, and the other one feeds a cycle of despair and destruction that also manifests and attracts and calls forward opportunities. You only have these two choices in the in the Course of Miracles, it’s love or fear. That’s all you have. And that’s the truth, and, and the Course of Miracles says, and by the way, you are my friend and you are welcome here. If you don’t study the course, you are included, because I always think somebody is thinking that right now. You know, you’re fine, exactly the way you are. That’s what this talk is about today accepting who you are without comparing and contrasting against me and what I’m saying. Okay. Yeah, so the Course of Miracles says, Only love is real. Fear is an illusion. It is not real. It’s just that we make it so we latch on to it and we keep spinning the story. You know it’s like having two options. One is something you really really loves, and one is something you really, really do not love. In my case, for sure. I really really love to feel vital and alive, and juicy and beautiful, and so that is my decision about myself. And if there is negative speak that comes, if you’ve been listening here a while you know a lot of my stories about this stuff.

I do a quick turnaround, because friends, we are sparks of the Divine. And who are we to call the divine realm. And yet we’re afraid we’re afraid of getting old we’re afraid of whatever I, you know, your examples, so please apply them, you know what your deal is here. So, love or fear. Love, I’m juicy, beautiful, vital, I’m alive, I feel my lightness. And when I’m talking about juicy beauty, etc. I am not talking about surface level looks, and I forget to mention this because that’s my reality I’m talking about the quality of my heart, the quality of my character. The way I show up and help people, the way I stick around and help people, that it’s not just about the money for me, that I, I have integrity that’s what makes me beautiful. My friends, the goodwill in my heart, the way I work on my craft. When I get upset when I am bitter or bitchy. And I’m doesn’t get that way, but I’m working on it so that’s the love with two options love I’m juicy, I’m beautiful. I’m a good person, and I do love the way I love, I love it. I see beauty in the mirror, I see her. I see a goddess. It’s about freakin time too. I remember being 16 years old, and crying myself to sleep at night because I was so ugly. Did you hear it, it still takes my throat out that I’m not together. You know that I’m not, I mean I remember this so vividly, and it sucks. I mean at other points in my life too. So, you know, I’m no stranger to it. I just happen to really love how I look now. I like this package that this body, this Spirit is in you know I do. I really really do. And I remember other times where I couldn’t stand it and I was trying to find a home, you know, like trying to find my look, as they say, trying to find my, how I felt represented best how my heart felt represented how my personality. And I’m here, you know, I love it, I’m here. Here I am, this is me. Hi, newbie. Now, it’s me. Hi, and I’m getting older. I’m 52, I’m getting older to member Stevie Nicks, I’m getting to this love to take it down. All right, that’s all you get. Cuz, yeah. I hope nobody feels punished when I say. So, and then the fear thing, the fear part is you know like, ah, again even look can look. Look at those janky toenails. Does anyone have janky toenails. You know toenails scan on your ankles skin on your forearms, I don’t know what it is but there’s certain places as we age, like I said my client called it her Turkey Lurkey or the DECA latte, that area, like that, like I said the gene that day commercial back in the day to the skin on your chest can get looser or modeled and modeled like swatching, and I noticed that when I used to watch the Grammy Awards, or the Golden Globes, is trying to say the same thing twice. Anywho, you can see people are injecting their chest with Botox or whatever it is and it fillers, I’m sorry. Please don’t write me, I don’t care. I don’t want to know. I had a client for a long time in the industry, let’s say, and every time she would come for sessions. This is a true story, she would look at a part of my body and fixate. Sometimes she would come in and say, Man, you got good genes you have great skin. You know what your next thing is though, you know what you’re going to need to have to watch. I just learned to put my hand out in front of me, because I’m not interested. I am beautiful, period. I haven’t do adore my wrinkles. I am so happy to be this age, I promise you, when I remember myself in my 30s I do not feel sad.

It’s closer to a cringe, I promise. You know, so slow your roll there. But bless everyone we all have a right to feel gorgeous, so those friends on the runway who are doing that with they’re just my prayer is that’s what they love. You know to me. I don’t know. No, it’s just not my jam. So, wait to grow less than lover fear, see I’m doing all right you’re earning the course a miracle says perfect love casts out fear. And I probably read that a good jillion times and had no idea what it means but it meant something to me, you know, I think sometimes things have resonance for you. Even if you don’t quite get it, and perfect love the idea of that to me is the truest truth of this entire universe is what, you know, it’s the light. In the beginning, stopping throat chakra. Let’s go. In the beginning was the Word, right in the beginning was the Word of Genesis, in the Bible, or Paul sellics word. I am the word, word, I am word choice truth. Love it. That’s all there is. I could say God is real but, you know that doesn’t, it’s not my jam. Love is it light is the thing. So, when you’re in that place of knowing you’re in perfect, and then try and tell yourself that you’re a fat pig, or your butt is disgusting, or whatever you know try and tell yourself that your eyebrows are not Instagram eyebrows, so they’re wrong, or whatever, you know, that just because somebody is looking at you and telling you you need Botox or whatever. I hate when I give examples to be frank. I’ll just be Robin, I don’t like all the examples, because I, I think you know what your examples are.

You don’t, it’s almost a feeling of you don’t care, do you, you love who you are, you feel good in your bones, good in your skin that’s perfect love, you know who you are. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth, and I know how I serve, in truth, I am free. I am free. I am free. Hit the rewind button, hit the 15 second back button and say it again with me. This is the work of Paul Selleck and the guides. It’s just a completely other worldly level energetically speaking. So even if you have janky toenails toenails, right, or your skin is, whatever, or your hair, you have cotton candy, gray hair white hair, whatever, or you’re 31 and you’re afraid, so you’re going and you’re getting things fixed. Now, you know, there’s other help we can reach for friends. I’m not advocating one way or another, other than for you to be at peace in your only home, and that’s the body, the body is the temple for the soul. You know the place that houses you learning to love your body is everything to kindness. How would it be you know, a day without some commentary, without looking in the mirror and going. No. Hi cutie. When I go by the mirror, I say Hi cutie. I wave to myself sometimes. Do you do that, you keep mirrors around and, yeah, it’s good, it’s good. Perfect love casts out fear. When you know who you are in truth, spark of the divine, representing as you in this lifetime. So, the spark shining through. The one known as Robin. In this light gun. Yeah, that’s, that’s who we are. When you know that it’s all different. And so if you, if your understanding and your liking and you’re vibing I want us to practice, you know. Yeah. Lately I’ve been thinking about this Korean spa I’d love to go to haven’t been there since the pandemic began, of course, don’t know how they would work even I think they’re still open, but they have this the women’s area. First of all, you have to be naked in there, like totally naked, there’s no bathing suit or anything in there. And it’s a, it’s an amazing experience but you have to have a certain amount of body. Body love, or acceptance or willingness, you know to go in there, lots of bodies. Lots of ages, lots of sizes, and it’s a special treat when I go it’s an all day thing and they anyway, they have pools there they have like the hot pool, they have the ice pool or the ice waterfall, then they have all these different whirlpools experiences, and you can get massages to. And again, all of this, you are naked. Completely naked with other people near you naked, you know, I grew up in Europe. A lot of the time and my experience is so much broader than a lot of just what we would do in the States, because who is swimming together naked in the United States. No, unless you’re at one of those nudie beaches or something, but in Europe, my experience was very very different so I do admit that. Maybe I’m a little freer. But still, all this example was talking about the pool here, people. Do you want to be in a nice cozy warm pool or do you want to be in the ice bath, you know, Your mind is leading you in the direction you’re going in. You get to decide. And it’s up to you if you’re suffering right now about what you look like, or you’re aging or the judgments you feel

are coming your way because you’re a little bit older than people at work, or, you know your bosses younger than you. I hear so many stories, you know, lots of examples to draw from. But you know yourself best so it’s better to just go with your own experience that suffering is up to us, we’re in control of the suffering, like we can’t control the experiences where other people are bringing in, but we are in control of what what we experience through those experiences. That’s up to us. Does that make sense. I’m getting my Course in Miracles book, Here we go. Sorry.

Oh this is great, guess what, I did not grab the Course of Miracles. I grabbed another blue book, The Ram Dass book be here now. One of my favorite books that’s hilarious. So I was mentioning in the Course of Miracles, here we go.

This comes from Chapter 21 The responsibility for sight. Now,

I know it can sound harsh, if I say, if you’re suffering that time you and I know there is no way I can word it to perfectly appease every single person listening right now, you know, And I think that’s the hard thing is just realize, no matter what you say, somebody is not going to be happy about it, and depending on where they’re at, they might write to you they might speak up, they might, you know, do something against you because of what you’re saying. But we owe it to ourselves to get free of those fears, again it’s just a fear, it’s just a thought and a thought can be changed to know. So, I’m really that’s the truth. My practice comes back to the Course in Miracles. And here I’m going to read this to you, and think about yourself, like your hardest thing about what it is right now. No, I see 25 year olds who are freaking out about aging 31 year old who with botched Botox and scary, you know just scary fears about how they’re missing they’re, they’re missing out. And people older than me, I’m 52, by the way, who are really afraid of aging, or have already given up, you know decided it’s too late. The most amazing thing is we’re all free. Why are we deciding what we’re deciding if we’re suffering, why are we deciding that way. That’s what I want to ask you know. So think about your thing. Think about your thing. ready. I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve, and everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for and receive as I have asked. I always think about this guy, when I was teaching the Course of Miracles, I mean, you know, not teaching it but hosting a circle where I was leading a circle. I would rather say it that way. Who got really pissed off when I read this, and I just opened the discussion, you know, to work on it, he got really pissed off. And that was sort of his nature because he was looking for evidence. A certain kind of evidence, and this prayer. Was it. And he said, See, I hate it when they tell me it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault, everything I’ve ever done is all my fault. It’s all my fault. I’m a bad person. And it’s all my fault and I deserved it. And it’s all my fault. You know, I get it, I mean that’s, if you’ve been listening here for a minute. You know, one of my biggest stories is Robin the loser, was because I really have to acknowledge it, I feel that is over, it’s done, it’s, I only recall it as an example now, it doesn’t feel true, and not even one bit. Yeah, no. So, but the part of me, who has memory of what a loser, how I felt like such a loser would take that personally too. It’s my fault. Yeah, of course my fault because I’m a loser, of course, bad things happen to me because I’m a loser, of course, I’m being punished because I suck you know like that it’s easy to do that but here’s the thing I want to say, you know, for a woman like me who looks in the mirror and sees beauty, like right out of bed, and I mean, right out of bed. Bird’s Nest, always in the back of my head. The other day. Number One had to pry the velcro out of my hair, long hair and hats with Velcro, not a good idea but I keep trying it. Anyway, so he had to pry the bird’s nest out of my hair. The velcro out of my hair and I was left with the bird’s nest. I apparently

just sometimes I’m so wrapped up and when I’m doing that I don’t take time to brush out the bird’s nest so I woke up the next bird’s nest going on, and I, you know, my first thought was, You are adorable. You are beautiful. I love you, and I loved that. I loved it, That I didn’t take the time to brush my hair out, you know. So, I’m picturing myself in the mirror, I post these pictures, and I feel so beautiful. And it’s interesting how I will post, and I will say I want to hear something about you, but nobody really does it. I want to, if you’re listening and you know what I’m talking about I want to see you post something. When I say your turn. I don’t want you to just say you’re so beautiful. You’re so beautiful. It’s boring. I want to hear about you, what do you love about yourself. You know, so I love the puffy eyes, the wrinkles, the smile. I love it all. I really do. So I’m responsible for what I see when I look in the mirror. If I’m like, oh fat pig. I’m responsible for that. I’m seeing that I’m choosing that story. Remember that, you know, it’s like, remember that thing about the dress. What was it were we seeing was the dress gold or was the dress blue, you know, how you see it is how you see it, but you can always change what you’re seeing. So if you look at yourself and you’re like that pig, or my one client who’s like, No way, like, sometimes I’ll get a new client and we’ll I offer packages, I try and come up with ways that help it feel much more doable for friends who want to talk to me every week or every few weeks, I change the pricing on that, so it’s more doable. And so, like, forget, we did. Let’s say a package of sessions, somewhere around the fifth session we had only been talking on the phone. Want to get on the camera. Let’s try on the camera. No way. No way you’re not gonna see me. No way, I don’t do it. And, you know, great lengths to talk about taking care of the way, this friend looks so that almost like to say this person is not offensive to the world. Because this person believes they are so ugly, and so offensive, with their aging process, you know, you really if you dig deep, you are going to find these stories, So, I am responsible for what I see. Yeah, I choose the feelings I experience, wow, if I am seeing fat pig or ugly old made or over the hill or nobody wants you, or you put, put her out to pasture or fat pig did I say fat pig. Has anybody gained any pandemic weight. Yeah. You are beautiful. What if you loved your body. What if this is exactly the experience, your body is needing right now, you know, What if you trusted in the timing of your body, and trusted that your body will release. When it’s ready, if you’re paying attention and in sync choosing to be in sync. What if you naturally release some weight. If you, if that’s what the body wants, and you won. Instead of like fat pig. Disgusting. Disgusting. So I really hear this prayer and I’m like I so get it. I’m responsible for what I see, yeah, I choose the feelings I experience. Yeah, and I decided upon the goal I would achieve. Well, there you go. We’re talking about manifesting here, the goal is, and you may not realize that but when you look in the mirror and you say you’re ugly. If you happen to be in a body that experiences health issues,

or in a body with a disability, you’re looking at your physical body, and you have something there that you see on the regular. How can we learn to welcome it and love it because it too is part of the experience you’re here to have, you know, I think about things like, even like stuff like seasonal allergies and asthma, sensitive digestion issues or acne. You know, I had acne. That was one of my big ones on my arms and my back. And

right it can feel so brutal sometimes when you believe, all you are the symbols, all you are is this, this issue, whatever your issue is and, you know, it’s an amazing thing because to a person, everybody thinks their thing is the worst thing, and it’s just so tough, because it’s us, whatever it is, Our thing is, is so, you know, it feels like the worst one, and it’s something that’s very universal. Yeah, it really is. I think about friends with all different things through all different walks so interesting. My question is, there’s so many things I gotta say this, what I’m talking about applies to how we make it harder than it, it needs to be. We make it harder on ourselves because of the way we frame the experience for ourselves. So that’s what I mean by the goal, what is your goal, if you, you know you’re determining an outcome here in this experience you’re having by what your wording. Yeah, by what your wording what you’re saying right here, you’re determining the goal. So, if your goal is not to continue on in this trajectory of whatever it is that you’re experiencing now. You have to decide what you’re seeing in a new way. I’m just thinking, you know, there are perspectives out there that or not this. And so we’re working in a way energetically sometimes against the tide. And that’s okay. What do I mean by that, you know people who don’t believe this who don’t agree, who think you are, you do need to represent a certain way or, you know, ageism. At the beginning of this episode I was talking about different perspectives based on the age or the life experience you’ve had so it’s really key that you know who you are in truth, and that you hold the center of who you are. And that when you have wobbles, and everybody wobbles you know what I mean by wobbles you feel insecure, go to a party, you’re not the hippest one there, this happens to me a lot. Maybe that’s why I don’t like to go to parties. No, I am classic and timeless that’s what I tell myself, and I’m super cool, but I definitely got my own thing going on. I never know what the latest fashion is, and you know it happens occasionally that. Well, I’m not going to tell that story, sorry, you know, if you have kids, you know what I was gonna say about the fashion statements you make and then like the opinion of your children. Yeah, let’s just leave it there, but you got to know who you are, you got to love who you are and the minute you’re wanting other people’s approval on whatever we’re talking about. I suggest you gently remind yourself to come back to your center, find your center again and remember your truth. Nobody really is helped by judging the other person back. You don’t I’m saying, like that energy will never get us freaks it’s always based in duality, so. Oh, you know, compare the comparison trap. Oh look at her. That led to that. Well, she might have this got going for her but she’s got that big banana nose so I’m not so bad after all. You know, I think it’s a place, everybody goes, occasionally, or used to go you know this is part of the practice, it’s part of the practice. So the thing is to stay in your center, you know who you are, love yourself, work on your stuff. Work on your stories, and honor the perspective of other people too, it’s just their opinion too. So, you know, Sometimes, a younger client, or one of the kids will be talking to me about something, and you know, there could be 20 3025 years between us. And when they say this cute older couple, they could be talking about somebody my age, or in their 60s and, you know what that is old to them

when you’re 28 That’s all old, that was all done to me. At that age, right, and I don’t know why I’m getting so whiny, it is, but that’s a place where you may have been the one who said hey test the reaction, you have a reaction, natural, of course, but also, isn’t it wonderful to be awake, and to have an opportunity to practice and to have an opportunity to notice if you’re getting upset or defensive back to the practice of that one prayer. I’m responsible for what I’m seeing here. I’m the one who’s decided on the goal and the goal is often an ego goal, you know there’s ageism at play here or I’m unattractive I’m not vital, those are goals of the ego, you think about it long enough, it blows your mind that there’s a part of you working against yourself. A lot. So this is why we practice because we want to be at peace. We want to feel at ease, and we want to feel juicy and beautiful. Now, yes, we do with you, vital and alive and personally I want all my energy, every single bit of it available for what I love. I don’t want to expend energy fighting against who I’m trying not to be, you know what I mean. Wow. I don’t want to waste my time. Every day is a gift, no matter what. I don’t want to lose time being upset and but upset will come, and that’s why we have to practice. Yes, I was thinking about another teacher I adore, Mooji. Do you know, Mooji. Just remember I’ll put all these links in the show notes, Robin Hallett comm slash 138. He said the other day, and stuff. I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning. That’s what we’re talking about today the hypnosis of conditioning. From fears. False projection and the grip of ego. And I know that to be liberated is not difficult. In fact, it is natural. However, it requires great openness and the sincere and earnest desire to be free. And that last line there is everything. Are we sincere and earnest in our desire to be free. You know, it’s a big big question. I tell you this story sometimes that people will make jokes. Do you think I need the healer. Do you think I need healing. You know, everybody can use some healing, but if you’re not ready. Don’t come. Don’t schedule the appointment. Don’t do it. Because waking up. You need to be sincere and earnest and part of it is, and desire you need to have the desire because you are going to have to brave, some really intense things, frightening stories, frightening realities. That’s just part of the journey to wake yourself up, you’re going to have to work on your stories and learn to accept who you are now. That’s the deal. And that may sound to some of you like a disappointment, like the booby prize, except who you are now. But I’m saying it like you’re more than a body. You’re a spirit being in this body, you’re a spark in this body, you are always alive. You are always light, and you are always beautiful. That’s what I mean. And I have to accept who you are now. It doesn’t matter, did you gain any pandemic weight, I did. I am never more beautiful than I am today, and allowing the light to flow through and to be easy and relaxed. It’s the best ever. If you’ve gained some weight. In this time. And if you’ve been so used to what I look like is who I am. Of course it’s going to be a disturbance, you know, to that to that image but if we’re practicing this becomes your gateway to freedom and like Mooji was saying to be liberated is not difficult, it’s natural. It’s natural.

But if you immediately step into the story of. Oh God. Now I’m going to be, you know, if I’m not careful, I’m going to gain 800 more pounds and you become a bit obsessive about it. Again, it’s like stepping into the pool you didn’t want to swim in, and it creates its own eddies, its own experiences, things are floating to you that you didn’t intend. You want to wake yourself up and practice being free, and people tell me they’re afraid of getting Jinx, I can’t do that because I don’t want to be Jinx, it’s unacceptable. These few pounds are unacceptable, just know you’re calling yourself unacceptable, you’re calling your heart unacceptable, you’re calling your creativity unacceptable, you’re calling your ability, unacceptable. Your, your calling this day, unacceptable. The minute you step into that energy, you’ve blanketed everything you do with unacceptable. That’s what I want you to know.

You know, you can be fat, or you can be free. You can be old, or you can be free. You can be a dried up prone or you can be free. You can be over the hill or you could be free. You could be past the point of having babies now or you gonna be free, all day long. People are telling me their stories. And I’ll just say your story, or you could be free, my friend. This is the deepest healing people never really get to because we’re focused on the wrong stuff. We are. We judge other people to feel better about ourselves. That’s not going to get you there, we’re jealous of certain people. And so we do things to be more like them. That is not a healing skill. The only thing that’s going to get you there is your desire to be free, your desire, your earnest sincere desire to be free. And that means to love the one you’re with. Remember that song, And the one you’re with is you my friend. You my friend. Please stop being mean to your body. Please stop being mean, in your mind to your body. And let’s practice, let’s practice this. Let’s practice with our stories. Let’s practice with receiving compliments, without deflecting all my goodness. Am I right, let’s practice putting ourselves out there and not deleting the photos. Have you ever done that. Have you ever posted a gorgeous photo of yourself and then you freaked out and deleted it. You know, just like Mooji said to be liberated. It’s not difficult. It’s natural. But the way we judge hate the way we judge ourselves, the hypnosis of our conditioning, that’s everything. So wherever this met you today my friend, you know, we will keep talking about this, I promise. Now, here’s my question to you, I should say, over to you. Where did this land. What’s your next step, what’s the area you want to work on here in terms of your freedom. And we will keep talking about this as we go forward. Okay. And I hope that if this met you, you will share this with other friends because so many of us have struggled with our issues around body image and weight and aging and things you know this is a very universal thing. But I think where we differ is we’re kind of that freaky cool bunch of unicorns who really know. We want to be free. We want to be peaceful, in our bodies in our minds, in our looks. Because we don’t want to expend energy on what doesn’t sustain us, right. And that’s the grip of ego, the false projection, the conditioning, we grew up in. Pay attention to the stories you tell pay attention to the way you look at your body you abused your body because of the thoughts you’re having and the way you tell the story. I’m talking about mental stories that turn into perceived realities for you, you know, I tell this to friends all the time, whether you’ve broken a bone. Whether you’ve gained some weight, whether you’re having an asthma issue. If you attack your body, in your mind you cannot heal. Nobody heals, when they cannot be rested and at peace, and that is true. So, yeah. Okay, we’ll leave it there for today. I’m sending you a lot of love. I hope you know, I am here. If you see this post on social I’d love to hear from you if you feel like sharing, and I’m always here to work with you one to one. In this session, I have sliding scale session available sessions available. And I also offer a reading. And anytime, it’s right, it’s feeling right for you to do some one to one work with me, please. Follow your heart. Follow your gut, follow your knowing. Okay. This has been me Robin,

I’m sending you so much love, and I hope you will make some space to do what you love and attend to what you love and not shame what you love today. Okay. All right. Well, I’m going to see you here next week, or in a few minutes if you like to binge, listen, I will put some additional episodes on body love and things in the show notes slash 138. This is me, Robin, gorgeous, juicy Hallett. I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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