You Are Not The Only One Who Struggles With This // Tea with Robin Episode 139


The stories we tell create our experience.

Everybody has hard parts.

Everybody has difficult edges.

The stuff they automatically avoid because it’s hard.

Regardless of the unique backgrounds, we may have, what unites us is the wounding.

Am I the only one? Am I the weirdo here? Why does this always happen to me? How come nobody sees me? How come nobody gets me?

Don’t attack yourself for being this way. Healing is about recognizing the pattern we keep doing and make a change. This includes the stories we tell ourselves above.

Move into a space of healing. Accept what is happening and ask yourself how you participate in the dance.

Stay present. Stay here. Help yourself stay present with the hardest parts of yourself.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Robin intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin on today’s episode, what it’s like to be in a healing way with your journey with the things going on in your life, what it’s like to really show up and take care of you. Healing is not for the faint of heart. If waking up was easy, everyone would be doing it. So hoping today, you’re going to love this episode that it will speak to a place in you that need some love, some encouragement, some kindness for you. Come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well, hello gorgeous soul beautiful friend on the journey. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin, this is Episode 139 139. If it’s your first time here, welcome aboard. I hope you love it. This is a space for healing for the journey, a place for friends who friends of a feather flock together, let’s say that way and be it’s super true. So I hope you love it here. And please say hello, and thank you to whoever posted this wherever you saw this. Thank your spirit. Thank your guides, your angels, however you like to thank the energy that brought you here from me. And from you. Friends returning Hello, hello. Hello. Did you have a nice week? Have you been good? Do you? Have you been good to yourself? Huh? Have you been? Oh, it’s been a big week. I keep saying something about an eclipse. I don’t really pay attention to that stuff. Because if I think about it hard enough, there’s an eclipse somewhere all the time. You know, there’s stuff happening all the time. But I love and appreciate the way the universal forces organize themselves. And they impact us so that we decide to move into a deeper space of healing. These things are aligning, I’m feeling the pole of the moon, you know, for example, it’s not that we don’t you know. But it also helps us have permission to have our feelings. Does that make sense? DEP permission, wow. This is a bigger time. This is an expanse of time, I’m going to go bigger and expand to you know. So it’s a beautiful thing, this healing space we all are seeming to be in these days. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not experiencing that, by the way. Okay. You know, we’re so quick to judge ourselves, aren’t we? We’re so quick to be assessing whether or not we’re doing it right. we’re comparing we’re contrasting. We’re judging. And I’m hoping that today, I can bring some light to you some love to you some encouragement to you just to help you take a bit of a step back and soften and relax in your body. And let yourself be alright for a bit. You know. Let yourself be all right in this moment and receive some love for you. I was saying today and out let me tell you how I am I’m super good. I’ve been out in the garden. I’ve been doing my fun things. And something beautiful that’s really been on my heart is how can I do all of what I love all of it. let myself not have to cut anything out. And that’s led me to focus on making some I don’t know, I guess making some changes with the work I’m doing like this podcast, too. let things flow even smoother and easier and hopefully take less time, you know, might not know that. Each episode takes about five hours.

have actual work? And then you know, there’s the psychic space. Do you know that you’re holding psychic space around? You’re thinking about it’s rolling around in your conscious awareness? Yeah, psychic space. So it’s a lot more time every week. And it’s such a joy for me. I’m really, yeah. Figuring outflowing with, how do I want to keep rolling with this, and I swear to you, it’s important for you to hear that for your own life because you will have stuff going on like this, where it’s like,

you might complain, or you might say, it’s really stressful or takes a lot of time, or I don’t know if I can keep doing it. And the common mainstream advice will be maybe you should quit. Oh, my God, maybe you should quit? Well,

I’m just here to tell you to hang in there, hang in there with your heart, hang in there with your love and show up and have the courage to figure out, how do I make it smoother for me, because you’re the one if you’re the one doing it, I’m quiet, I’m the one doing it here. I gotta make it smooth for me. And

if you’ve been in this position if you’ve been in the trenches with whatever it is that you do what you share from your heart in the world,

however that manifests, I bet you know what I’m talking about. It’s big, big. So I wanted to tell you that for anyone out there who’s been afraid to be themselves and afraid if I do it, if I make a change, people will leave, they won’t love me anymore. They’ll see me as not doing it right or difficult. You know, I had a lot of those stories heaped on me to growing up, and some of them are still really rolling around. And but the thing I’ve been discovering lately is there are so many things I am enjoying right now. And the story that I have to give some things up in order to do other things. It’s just a story. I feel it’s the job of each of us to decide, how do I let myself do all the things I love. let myself have all the joy I want. Let’s take up all the space. I have a friend who would say let’s play with all the toys. Are you listening to me girlfriend? Are you there today? Hi. Let’s take it up. Let’s do it all. So you know, for me healing is such a great love. podcasting is such a great love. And something that’s been coming to me more and more is I really want to show up here and deliver my best and my highest and not be afraid to Yeah, well I’m going to leave it there my best and my highest and maybe be in the flow a lot. Not maybe a lot more. So got it. Okay, good. So let’s have some Yum, yum. Did you bring something new me, I made a yummy tea this morning here. I have a really cute crystal tea cup. Sometimes I love going to the goodwill, the goodwill the thrift. I don’t know the resale shop. And I I am very surprised by my deep attraction to Crystal. I can swear to you when I got married to number one. We didn’t register you know, but people gave us a lot of crystal and that was one of the first things to go at the time. It didn’t feel meaningful to me, you know. And now I just love looking at the sparkling Enos of it. And so yeah, I’ve got a crystal teacup and a little constant comment iced tea here. So let’s have a cheers before I get going because I’m just raring to go today. A lot I want to share with you. Here’s to us. Here’s to being unicorns on the journey. If that’s too silly sounding here’s to being our truest and best use just showing up and handling our own fear of being weird. How about that? That was a good one. Cheers. Oh, so good. So sometimes, you know, I want to talk to you about Healing Sessions, but I also feel very ethically bound, ethically ethical. I’m not going to tell stories out of it’s not right I don’t even talk to my husband about stuff. I don’t, it’s not right. So I honor that boundary. It’s very important, you know. But I also think, Wow, there are so many things happening right now. And I really want to find the way to share and share the stories of healing that I am so blessed to be with. But I also want to talk to you about healing, because, you know, I may not point it out to you in the session, but the way we carry shame about Am I the only one? Why am I like this? I guess it’s just me. I’m the weirdo here. I’m the difficult one. I’m the problem. Nobody else has this but me. Why when we carry that it’s so toxic

to our own energy. And we you know, often that fear of Am I the only 1am I all alone, am I the only Why is why we you know, all of that it carries such an icky factor to it, doesn’t it? I mean, think about something you judge yourself, for I am so hard on myself, even now. I feel like I’m in the best space I’ve ever been in. I never been more proud of my journey. And he I gotta say, when your clients start complimenting you on how awesome you are, and telling you that you’re changing. That’s what’s happening for me, I’m getting feedback from the people I help that something’s changing. That’s amazing. I’m so proud of the love knowing you know, it’s not just Am I doing an excellent job for you? Yes, five stars or higher, please, yes. Okay, good. But also now, it’s like, I’m changing. And that is so wonderful to hear. You see it, you get it. So this journey, man, we touch ourselves. And the nature of judging yourself, the nature of being hard on yourself, and like kind of disgusted with yourself or disgusted is a hard word. But like, there’s something about think about your thing, there’s something about it, where you can’t get close to it, because it’s so icky. You’re you keep running out the door, you keep trying to get rid of it, it’s like, close, if it was a window on Google, you’d be like close tap, close them, looking for the x exit out, get rid of it. So it’s hard to stay present. And that’s what you need to do though, you need to stay present. And that’s my other job. Secret job title is Light Sparkler, of course, but stay present helper, I’m helping you stay present with the hardest part of yourself. And it’s tough. I talk to people all the live long day Oh, all around the world, all walks of life. It’s sometimes just amazing to me, the different walks, the different experiences, the different backgrounds. But I tell you, everybody has hard parts. Everybody has difficult places I’m talking about inside yourself. Everybody has stuff. They automatically avoid seeing because it’s hard. You know, there’s just something that unites all of us, regardless of the unique and different back. That’s the same thing twice. Right? Whatever. The unique and different backgrounds. You know, it’s it’s wild, but what unites us is sometimes the wondering, am I the only 1am I the weirdo? Why does this always happen to me? How come nobody sees me? How come nobody gets me? were united in that place. And I feel like that’s my sweet spot. That’s my expertise. I want to spend a lot more time talking to you from the year. Not the upset bar. I want to talk to you inside the circus of your own stuff, you know, and I promise you I’m dealing with my stuff too. And you’ll you get plenty of that here too. In fact, this all reminds me of how sometimes I look at the people I help and I’m like wow, you are freaking amazing. You You are a gem, you are a genius. You are. Wow, you show up. You do this, you do that, you know, like your beautiful soul. I’m not much for credit card credentials. I really don’t care if you have a lot of money, or where you live, but that you’re brave, you’re courageous. You’re showing up. You’re trying. You’re asking for help. Oh my god. That’s the stuff that melts my heart. Yeah. So I sometimes say to people I are I wonder secretly? I don’t know what you see in me, because you really have it going on? You’re amazing. Wow. You know, but I think that’s the practice is, can we be in our insecurities and that run away? and not try and fluff them up? or ice them over? Or cross them out? You know, hold yourself here? Can you do it?

Last week, I talked to you about body image? Do you have stuff about your body? You don’t like? I was giggling with a friend about you know, the sisters, the twins? What are we talking about there? Right? We all have parts of the body where we have shame around that. And somewhere over the last year, I just learned to say, screw it. I’m beautiful. And that has made such a difference. And I promise you if you have any issues. Go back. Go back and listen. And you’ll hear it takes up more psychic space. Yeah, more psychic space you could be using for other things like you’re excited, exciting, joyful projects. Yeah. I would love you to learn how to take your thing. Because you know what your thing is. I’m asking you to be honest here with your own heart in the privacy of your own mind. You know what your thing is, or your few things. I’m asking you to let it be here. To see it with loving eyes, to be a witness. And let it be if you think about it, all parts of yourself just want to be loved and accepted.

All parts of you want to be included into the fold. If you’ve got fat folds, they want to be special too. And what would it be like to spend the day not constantly shaming your body? Well, it goes the same for emotional upset. In a week, I could talk to somebody I could talk to so many stories, people with very challenging children, challenging marriages, feeling like you’re not met, you’re in a loveless relationship. People who are wanting relationship and not finding it people who are you know, just like it could go on and on. I have a friend I’m helping now with a terminal diagnosis who I adore. And it’s like the real deal work showing up there. How do you decide to be alive? Even though someone else says you’re dying? How do you decide to be alive instead of dying every day? This is the work, the hard work. And your thing is your thing. I don’t know what your thing is. I mean, on the radio, I can guess I’m laughing because suddenly I’ve started calling this the radio. Apparently. It’s podcast Robin, but I’m on the radio. You know, I talked to people were there. I have all listed on my post-it notes today. Okay, so there’s people whose kids don’t want what you’re offering. They don’t want you. They don’t want you. They don’t want you. They’re not nice to you. And it breaks your heart. And this could be your five-year-old. This could be your 31-year-old and it breaks your heart that you don’t have a relationship with your kid.

So many of us have this story. There’s something wrong with me. Like there’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with me. You know, I want you to think about your own story. And I want you to know a couple of things from the healing room. First of all, if you know people who are really together, they have probably had help. like they’ve been in therapy. They’ve had a healer, they’ve had healing. They’ve been on this healing journey one way or another. They’ve had help. They’ve worked on it. They didn’t just shoot out of their mother’s womb, totally intact and perfect. Life does us, you know, it changes us. It alters us it contorts us, it wounds us. And we are here to live, we are not here to suffer. So if you know somebody who is together, and really heartfelt, and really, you know, like, they’re just amazing. person, they’ve probably had some help along the way. Just because they don’t go around telling you that doesn’t mean it’s not true. And I’m saying that because you know, you go around saying you’re the only one and Why are you such a weirdo? And why? Why doesn’t anybody get it? and How come? Yeah, lots of people are on this journey, but it’s something we don’t openly discuss. Kind of makes me sad. And when I feel sad, it’s my intuition to talk about it more to tell, to tell on it. Tell them the thing, you know. Yeah. So yeah, that’s people doing this journey. Not everybody openly admitting it. Why are we so embarrassed? Hmm. People tell me, I don’t want to share your stuff. Because I don’t want anyone to know. I’m embarrassed. And I’m afraid people will judge me. Look,

that is the worst thing to incorporate that fear into your journey.

That’s all I’m going to say about that. I’ve spent probably 20 years of my life in therapy. So you know, I’m not a therapist, but I have a lot of experience in therapy. And some of the best people in my life were therapists. So I’m a fan. But we’re very different. healing work is about helping you acknowledge what’s here, and love it, and be here now, but also engaged with what it is you are wanting and choosing to go forward. Therapy is so important. And I feel like a therapist would say a little bit different way of what I just said. But I think there too, we go through a lot of stories of history and experiences that must come out, they need to come out. And sometimes I’ll see people for healing and know that they really need to be with a really good therapist, and I will help recommend people I will help with that. Because I you know, I care. So healing is about deciding I’m ready to let release something and expand into the mortise of this. Whatever the morning of my life, you know, you might not be able to do anything about being terminal. with cancer, let’s say you might not be able to do anything about having a banana knows, let’s say, I know you can get a face thing. But let’s just say you’re going to just acknowledge what really makes you upset and realize that there’s not a lot you can do to change it. You have an abusive kid in your family. I have many not just a few many clients with this scenario going on. You know, there’s something powerful about accepting what is so that we can go beyond it sounds almost like like it breaks the laws of physics somehow. How can you accept what is and go beyond the same that when I get stuck here, you know, stories we have about being the law of attraction and being superstitious and not wanting to create. I have a great, my teacher, my dream work teacher and Tara teacher would always say she’d have a thought like a negative thought or a self-deprecating thought. And she would say, I just say delete, delete, delete honey right away, I just say it, delete, delete, delete. And I choose the new again. And that was so powerful, I heard, except while she was teaching me that I was like, My God, if I could even just be awake, to my own self-hatred in the moment, I could be free. But I, I recognize at the time, I was just really in my suffering. So sometimes we’re really in our suffering. And we still need to accept that I’m really struggling. I’m really struggling, and it’s okay. And I accept it. I’ve been trying to post a little more into my stories, talking about healing a bit more, the process our journey of healing, not like I’m selling something I please don’t get me started Robin, I get very worked up sometimes about the way people use the wounding to sell stuff. It’s, uh, let’s just say it’s a sore spot. And I will put some things in the show notes from other times where I’ve made videos and stuff about the seven-figure Success Series, and like my own little rant on these things, there are people out there who misappropriate our wounding our weakness, our vulnerability, for their own gain. But when I say, you know, I try and talk about healing more in my stories, what I’m saying is like, Is it a hard day for you? Here’s how you take care of yourself. You know, has it been a challenging time? Are you struggling with self-love, that’s the kind of stuff I share in my stories.

Because it’s kind of cool, in a way being this person that I am in this life in this position of helping people it’s like, I know that there are hundreds of people who feel like they’re the only ones out there like themselves. And that’s not, they don’t feel special, they feel embarrassed, ashamed. You know, they’re like, every day they tell themselves a variation of there’s something wrong with me. If they’ve gained a few pounds, for some people, that is really a difficult place. I don’t judge that I’m very compassionate. I, you know, it’s like, I get it, because I don’t judge my body in that way. But I have other things where like, I’m too emotional. I have the story about that. Sometimes I start crying. It’s very inconvenient. Like right now I’m just saying the word, they start crying. And I feel it’s inconvenient. But I also think it must be what the world is needing some mother energy, some loving, nurturing, soft energy. But at the same time, it’s hard to be here, you know, it’s hard to be in that space. So you are not the only one. Here’s my post. It’s, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s something wrong with me. That is such a tough thing, to not have this secret in your heart, to know this about yourself. To feel it’s your truth, that it would be one thing I would love to help you heal today, just listening to this podcast, you know, healing happens in an instant. I tell you this, sometimes it’s instantaneous, the connection is made and you are forever changed. The thing is, the mind is still there running its show, rather than its own movie. But the energy field, the aura, the psychic, I don’t know. You know, I don’t like to use all those words because it just I feel like why let’s just say your, your energy, your vibe, it changes. So there’s something wrong with me. People carry that as a deep, deep secret, a deep secret they never reveal. I know this because I’m really blessed that it’s a safe enough space that people will talk to me about that. And I’m also blessed because I had the experience to I had a mom who would say there’s something wrong with your head. She would point to her temple in in Germany. This is sort of a very negative symbol. very negative, and I really hope it’s not so going on with all of our awareness around mental illness and awareness around mental abilities and disabilities and just self-awareness around self-care, self-love and the healing journey like, I would hope but I grew up with a mother who pointed at her head, sometimes this middle of her forehead, sometimes her temple. And always she would say, there’s something wrong with you. That gets in your bones, my friends that gets in your marrow, and if you know something about bone marrow? Marrow produces more cells. And each cell that’s produced by the marrow is carrying a story. There’s something wrong with me. Yeah, there’s something wrong with me. More and more messages are getting out there in inside of you. And the Wild Thing is, it’s sort of a self fulfilling prophecy, then you create the conditions that honor the flow. You’re setting up for yourself. So the story that there’s something wrong with me or another one? You’re difficult. Are you difficult? Are you hard to please Are you picky? picky eater picky? Oh, boy, here comes a hot rod. I swear to God, half the Dukes of Hazzard cars in all of Illinois are on my block. Remember the Dukes of Hazzard? Yeah, I kind of love it, though. It’s kind of fun. You know, just picturing people gunning their engine, having the thrill of speeding down the block. I’m trying to work with all of these stories sometimes because you can get so worked up. Right. So upset. And actually, like I said before, what can I do about it? I’m sitting here right now.

What can I do? Nothing. So why be upset in this moment? That’s the healing. Okay, so But where was I? Difficult, hard to please, challenging personality, all these things. If you’ve been labeled with even one and only part time, like maybe one parent or your fourth grade teacher, I had a fourth grade teacher. God bless you, wherever you are, lady, but you really were a piece of work. These stories are in the south, these stories are deep. And they’re unconscious. That means you know, like, you’re not it’s not in your brain. It’s not in your thinking mind. I’m difficult. I must. I don’t know. eradicate this thought and all that you’re operating as it’s like, right now. Do you know what you’re creating in level is doing? No, not unless you have a blood test? Do you have any sense of what’s happening with your kidneys right now? No, not unless you have to pee or something like that. But these low level energies running in you about who you are, according to someone else, they’re still impacting you. And they’re setting you up. You’re, you’re setting yourself up? Yes. But they’re setting you up. You know, they’re setting you up for a situation that is sort of this self fulfilling prophecy. And then at the end, you go see, I am the only one always happens to me. I am. I am so difficult. Please help me not be difficult. Why am I so difficult? Everybody thinks I’m so difficult. And you just keep going in this cycle. So for me, healing is about recognizing the pattern we keep doing. And that takes some bravery. Because I think a lot of people want to keep defending themselves. Instead of saying, it was me. I raised my hand. It’s me. And last week, I shared the responsibility for site. Prayer with you I am responsible for what I see in the Course of Miracles. still love you if you’re not a fan. I’m responsible for what I see. Everything that seems to happen to me I have asked for it’s the the hardest thing to wrap around ever because it feels like they’re saying you’re a difficult person and that’s why your life sucks people you know, but it’s really like my self awareness, my self judgment, my story that I’m still carrying, the way I was raised, and the way They told me I was I’m still buying into that story. And it still flavoring my experience. So don’t attack yourself for being difficult. Don’t attack yourself for being in that dilemma you keep ending up in. Don’t attack yourself. If your kid is explosive again. move yourself into a space of healing. Accept what’s happening. Ask yourself how you participate in this dance. Do not blame it on yourself, like some jerk. Would you deserve better from your own heart? You got to stand with yourself? I promise you. I’m doing this walk with you. And sometimes, to be really honest. It’s embarrassing that things I recognize about myself. Yeah, I can hear my throat. Doubt say it. Don’t say it. It’s upsetting to see it. And frankly, you know, what else is upsetting? Every now and then? I got a really stupid comment. I’m not gonna say when because then you could look it up and read. And I’m not I don’t want to out anybody. Like, I kind of got a stupid comment, let’s say somewhere in the last six months on a post I posted about my experiences with my mom. And, you know, with growing up in this energy of being taught, taught that I was challenging and difficult. And, you know, my parents didn’t want to be with me much. They really, really did a good job letting me know I wasn’t wanted out and about, unless I would be quiet or, you know, do things that they wanted to do. And

I accept it. You know, I accept that. Now. I accept that now. It’s not right or wrong, or good or bad. I’m not bad. I’m not unlovable because of that. It’s just how it was. And I tell you what, if I didn’t live that experience, I would never be the person to help you today. Because you do not want somebody helping you from a mental place. You want somebody who’s walked through fire to and come out the other side? You know, you want somebody who’s been it been in it? You want somebody with the scars? You do? You should find that person. If it’s not me. If this isn’t your jam, or working with me is that your jam, you should find yourself that person, because everybody needs a robin in their life. And that’s for sure. Doesn’t have to be paid help, you know. But the point is, the point is, this person was like, Oh, you’re wrong. That’s not what, that’s not what they meant. In this case, the post was about my mother. Something I post every Mother’s Day, I can’t be so cagey, really, I’m not in trouble. I’m just gonna say it was a mother’s day goes. I posted every day, every year, every day, Good God, y’all know, every year. And, you know, this year, I actually felt so good because it’s like, I am no longer in this place that I was when I wrote this. And I still feel it’s very important to share. You know? Because just because you’re evolving, and you’re making your healing journey and advancements, other people are here in your, in your wake in your circle in your bubble, spirit will send people your way, who are not there yet, and they really need the medicine that worked for you. Maybe 10 years ago. Am I making sense? Yeah, we got the psychic thing. That’s really my tea pot here. Um, so I got a comment. That was just like, yeah, your mom was a good person, and she loved you. And she didn’t mean it like that. You just took it that way. You know, and I’m not going back to read it. I’m not going back to make sure I have that. Right. I’m saying that’s how I walked away with that. But I realized that at another time, I would have been very disturbed, you know, very upset and worked up. And I recognize that I’m not here for the comments. I’m Not here to make everybody love me. I’m not here to get everyone to agree one way or another. Diversity is where it’s at. opinions are where it’s at. And I actually really appreciated this person stepping in one more opportunity to know what I know stand in my truth. But also let go. I don’t want to dicker with you, lady. Is that a thing? dickering? I’m not gonna do it. I know who my mother was, by the way, PS, you know? And also, do you notice this, if you’re on social or wherever, and if you’re not, that’s cool. You could be at a party, the things people comment on the comments they make the way they comment says a lot about them. It’s really not about you. It’s to 22 o’clock right now. It’s not about you, you don’t have to take it personally. But if you do take it personally, that’s a place you’re starting from, it’s very important to stay present. With your heart. I used to be terrified of bad feedback. Really, really, really afraid. keep me up at night. Afraid. If that’s you start where you’re at, you know, don’t reject yourself. I think I think it’s so amazing how you have a feeling. And the first thing we do is reject ourselves. But think of the person you love the most or something most adorable, something most adorable to you right now.

If they had a feeling or they were hurt or something, the end of this bunny, I think we’re getting a pet rabbit in the back a wild one. I mean, just a friend that comes by by pet, you know, this bunny that’s starting to come around. And it’s it’s a little freaky deaky you guys, because the bunny lays down very near me and lays on the side and lets the belly hang out and everything just really relaxed. It’s a little freaky. But what it says about itself is I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, I’m happy here. I like it. It’s nice. And I’ll stay as long as I want. You know. So when people comment you’re hearing about them. And that changes things. And so sometimes I may and I probably did say that’s great. perspective. Thank you. I’m also not here to argue. You know, I don’t want to argue I don’t have time, when you have so many things you want to give your love to. And this is the truth. There’s so many people I want to help. There’s so many podcasts I want to do. There’s so many gardens I want to build there so many you know what I’m saying? Like, I just want to drop everything I don’t care about anymore. And that includes being bothered by my, by me, by myself by me, is it me or myself? I don’t know. Because when you’re by yourself, you’re bothered, you know, but I’m saying bothered by my own thoughts. That’s it bothered by my own thoughts. So healing is about showing up with yourself in the hard spaces where all my posted notes, the funny thing about me and post it note this, then I can throw them all away. I don’t keep my old stuff, I don’t hang on to it. I trust deeply in this flow. And whatever I need comes to me when I need it. So look at that. This post it says have the courage to show up in your process. And be quiet. Be quiet, like, Don’t keep conversing about how you’re fat or old or your daughter hates you or you screwed it up again or your garage is such a stinking mess or how come you don’t have a billion kajillion dollars or what is the state of the global warming crisis. Right now. You know, we show up in the in the space and then we need to be quiet for a while. allow ourselves to be with ourselves.

Yeah, be with yourself some of these notes, I have no idea what the heck I was saying, Oh, look at that what people reveal about themselves? Yeah, in the Healing Sessions, people will reveal things to me, I feel very much like the secret keeper. I feel very much blessed to be that too. There are things I will never tell. I will never reveal for you about you, you know, I care. And I, I treat it with reverence, the wounding you’ve had the stuff you’ve been on the the sticky wickets you get yourself into, man, there are some doozies. I hear. And all I want to do number one, and I were talking about this last night, because he’s a healer of sorts to he does help companies heal their computer systems basically, like make the systems work. And he takes things that are like, you know, an office or you do work in an office, some of you work in an office, you know how dysfunctional your office can be? Yeah, part of that is because of the systems you have going and he’ll do something like he’ll write a database. And this thing will knock out a ton of the work that it used to take. And people have resistance, like you cannot believe it’s like you’re taking away the thing that they always did. And they’re not excited about the time they’re gonna save. They’re afraid they’re resistant, they’re overwhelmed. They don’t want to learn something new, you know, it’s all the stuff. Can you relate to this in your own way? It’s all the stuff. So they go into the sort of kind of defense mechanism. And we’ve been talking about how so how do you stay in a place of encouraging your clients? right in their sticky wickets? Am I saying that right? You guys sticky wicket? Have you been encourager, when you hear stories that are like the most wild stories? Ever? I can’t tell you any other than the ones I have permission to tell you. So I’m going to start asking more permission. So I can tell you more stories. But um, yeah, people get into trouble all the time with their message their subliminal messages from when they were growing up. You know, nobody wants me around. I’m a pain in the ass. Nobody has my back. I’m all alone, I’m going to be alone. Your stories, lead you into situations that continue to recreate the pattern. And that is something what I just said there, I would recommend, pause this podcast. If you’re if you’re into this posit, take out a post it note and write what I just said down just hit the 15 second back button and write it down and keep it with you. We continue to recreate things in our lives. So you can continue if you’re difficult or problem or something wrong with your head. You know, I recreated that situation for myself a million times over before I started to wake up. And I’m not interested in how would you say it like fluffing the pillows and straightening the sheets around my story? I did that. I’m not saying I’m an idiot. I’m not saying I’m to blame. I’m not saying I’m not to blame. I don’t I’m saying I don’t have time for all that. Because I want to be free. But as it comes to you if you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed or tender, very, very tender. You need to hold your heart so fiercely and show up for yourself. Love yourself Take some time outs. Know what a timeout is. The timeout used to be when you’re a bad boy or a bad girl. You have to go stand in the corner. But a timeout for me is just it’s like I’m going to put you on mute the entire world on mute and I’m going to go do my thing.

And I’m not going to busy myself with stuff. keep busy. Why are we keeping busy because we can’t sit With our hearts, because what’s in there is frightening. Our anxiety, our worry, our stress, I’m telling you, I’m telling you, and I know not everybody wants to hear this. I get it. But if you want to hear it, this is, you know, it’s the right timing for you, then my friend, because we want to be free. With the time we have left, you know, my, my friend, who’s just such an amazing light, and really a teacher for me. Just Wow. You know, it’s such a gift to talk to her every week, and we dialogue about this journey of when you know, you are dying. And you’re really doing the same work we’re talking about here in this way, and how big it all is. But really, the only choice before us is to live. To be as alive as we can. And to be as alive as you can means. You have to figure out how to stop being bothered. You know? If and again, it begins with acceptance, if you have issues around food abuse, food abuse, what do we call that? I don’t know, numbing out, I don’t know, distraction. Everything’s a distraction, my friend, I could go in the garden and be distracted. You could go to work and be distracted. So I really don’t care about. So I don’t I cut. Why do I have to say I don’t care. I don’t mean it that way. There’s no hierarchy of avoidance techniques for me, because they’re all equally disturbing to our peace of mind. I just co opted their Course of Miracles lesson. There is no let’s say, okay, there is no such thing as a small upset, all upset is equally disturbing to my peace of mind. So, all distractions are disturbing, you know. So whatever it is for you. If you’ve developed a coping style, you’ve got to learn to love yourself in the coping style. And keep coping in your coping style while you wake up in the coping style. Do you get it? If you do the coping mechanism, and the whole time you’re coping in your mechanism, and you’re like, this is wrong, this is bad. I’m terrible. I’m a fat pig. Do not eat another cookie. Do not. That’s not healing. Healing looks like you know, if you’re on the floor, in the bathroom, bingeing the last three donuts before anybody else sees it, or you’re drinking, you know, you’re doing the stuff. Let’s just say doing this stuff that you say I love you. And it’s okay. There’s no judgment here on how you’re how you’re doing this right now. Just enjoy your experience. And be aware what’s going on today? Is this the best decompress you can come up with in the moment? You know, it’s always about being in the flow, accepting what is the only way we move beyond? You know, where, for example, where do you live? If I give you my address right now, could you get to my address? Could you get to my house? If you didn’t plug in at least your own zip code? It would be hard. It would be really difficult. It would be impossible if you could see a map you could see the Google Earth God I hope Google Earth has updated my house picture by the way, because it is the ugliest looking thing. And if anybody’s ever looked me up, my garden and house is so different now that must be like 893 years old by now but Anyway, I digress. My

you know, like, how do you get somewhere if you refuse to acknowledge where you are? That’s my point to you. You know, so there is no

There’s nothing wrong with you, my friend, you are beautiful exactly as you are. But if you’ve decided there’s something wrong with you, I want you to take the steps this week. If you think there’s something wrong with the way you react to things, if you think there’s something wrong with your upset if you think there’s something wrong with somebody else, you know, I didn’t say it today, but lots of us are very disturbed about the people in our lives. So like, we’re very upset about our kids. And so we’re trying to corral them and cajole them into things. And that’s still not the healing approach. You know, first we got to accept what is and allow it to be. Yeah. accept what is and allow it to be and one more person. And my very last thing to you is, now listen, are you listening? Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with you. And if you’ve been made to feel like you are the weirdo, or the wrong one, or the bad one, or the difficult one, I hope and pray. This is the day when you say I’m trying to rhyme it on purpose, I cannot write. See, it comes out by accident. It’s the day when you say I’m ready to, I’m ready to play. I’m ready to play with this instead of just being sentenced by it. How about that? That’s really beautiful. So friends, I think I’m going to leave it there for today except to say if you’ve been listening for a minute, and you’re a friend to the show here. I will be back with some letters. I will be back with some other inspiration. But right now I’m really feeling the call to honor as it’s coming through. And this is the format for a bit. And I’m looking for some letters, some meaty, juicy letters, I have gotten some letters. But you know what, it’s not. I, I never wanted this is stuff I never want to say. But some letters are really not sincere. And I don’t know how to explain it to you other than it’s about trying to get more people on their side in an argument than it is about earnest honest, seeking for help and healing. And so as the mama of this whole shindig, I feel it’s my job sometimes to to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them. There you go, God, I better hang up because this is probably goofball central over here. So I will have some letters for you. I got one beautiful one. Last night, in fact, and it’s perfect. So stay stick with me. We’re in the flow together. And I’m always here, if you’d like to think about, if you’d like to think about it, if you’d like to sit with me in this session. I offer sliding scale sessions I offer. You know, my my my regular session I’ve always offered but in this year, I’ve made the decision to offer a sliding scale. Now it’s on the honor system. I feel like everybody knows what works for them. And, you know, I’m really interested in helping you get to where you truly want to be. So, yeah, check that out. And always I ask that you would think about how could I help Robin? If you felt helped here? Could you help me back and share this on help? How do you remember that scene in Jerry Maguire helped me help you. I love that. Oh, I might have to go watch Jerry Maguire.

Yeah, give the show a help. You know, share it. Are you in any groups on Facebook? Are you you know, do you have an account somewhere? Do you have some girlfriends that you regularly meet with, you know, share this along. I love your stories about who’s listening and who listens together and who gets together and talks about it later or text messages each other and you know moms and daughters are listening and dads and sons a lot of boys out there and I should say too To the kiddos to our all of our number one kiddos here in the posse, happy summer friends. You made it through a Bizarro year, that’s for sure. And I hope that if you’ve been listening along that you too are thinking about how can I have a beautiful experience this summer? and really enjoy my time? Because that’s what we’re here to do friends. All right. This is me, Robin, I’m sending you so much love. And you are not the only one. And you are not alone. We’re together flying wing to wing like the Eagles, like the Eagles from Lord of the Rings, where they come in and save. Not even the white wizard could save these guys at the end. But the Eagles they could fly right in and save. Do you know what I’m talking about? Guy watch the movie, Lord of the Rings, friends. Lots of love to you. This has been me Robin, I am amazing Hallett, and I’ll see you next week. Or in a few minutes. Bye.

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