The Seven Figure Illusion: How to Measure Success by Your Own Metrics.

Hello, sweet friend!

Today I have a message about living the dream, baby!

This one goes to the heart of the online messaging about a seven-figure income and seven-figure lifestyle and the false belief that we might not be rocking it if we aren’t rocking THAT. Today’s message is for you and for me and for all of us who want to live another way and ARE living another way and having a wonderful time doing so.

May this serve you well! A transcript is below.

Begin Transcript:

I have a heart centered message about living the dream, baby. A lot of us are online entrepreneurs, heart-centered message sharers, light workers, creatives–you are my people 🙂 –and since we’re online, we see a lot of messaging about that elusive seven-figure income and seven-figure lifestyle. The messaging seems to convey that there’s a right way to live your life and a right way to achieve success and if we’re not careful with all of that messaging, it starts to speak to the part of us that might not feel adequate, maybe we don’t feel like we’re doing life right. Or, maybe we feel confident but when we see enough of this messaging, it begins to crack on us — there’s a little crack somewhere in the facade and that messaging gets in.

Today’s message is for you and for me and for all of us who want to live another way and are living another way and having a wonderful time doing so.

You get to define what The Dream looks like to you.

You get to decide:

what a beautiful life looks like

what a wonderful day looks like

what being of service looks like

what earning an income looks like.

You get to decide. You’re the guru. You’re the expert, you’re the one who makes the decisions.

It’s really important to understand that first of all that you get to decide. It’s on you and it’s up to you and then you need to live by that standard. It’s really important because every day, in fact, today I went on Facebook and the first three posts in my feed were sponsored ads about seven figures, rocking it with seven figures. And it’s not that you can’t– I certainly know people who do and some of them are my clients, I’m not saying you can’t…I’m saying if it’s causing you harm, if it’s disturbing your peace, if it’s not bringing you happiness, then we need to do something different.

And that’s the point of my message: You can decide what success looks like for you.  

Don’t be afraid to spend time getting to know what it is you want and then live by that plan fiercely. For me, a successful day has nothing to do with figures or incomes or numbers. Today it’s about doing what I love, puttering in the garden, talking to friends, talking to you, being of service–but enjoying my life in equal if not more measure, you see?

That’s my metric for success. When we’re really concerned with being successful online or earning seven figures or someone else’s epic life, that’s really in service of the ego and that’s not your true self. 

I don’t think Spirit would say, NO, you’re not you’re not allowed to have money, you are!

You’re allowed to be successful, you’re allowed to have what you want. But if you truly want it from your heart, that’s a very different story than wanting it from your ego or wanting it from the small-minded self that’s worried about not doing life right, isn’t it? It’s a very different thing.

Success on your terms, what does that look like for you?

What does abundance look like for you?

What does enough look like for you?

What does a good day look like for you?

For me, having fun is the metric, love is the metric. I’m measuring things by that, not by my bank account. You need to get clear in your own heart about what it looks like for you and then you have to really stay on it and stay present with it because you will have moments where you slip…where you see an ad or there are all these new ads on YouTube now of people in mansions, and they’re like, Heyyyy, wazzup up, errybody? I earn seven figures and look at this amazing house! And they’ve got this huge fountain in the middle of the living room and I don’t know about you, but that is not my dream. I don’t care about having those things. But! if I listen without being grounded and centered in my heart, it might scare me. It might make me feel like I’m not doing life right.

How do you know you’re doing life right? Because you’re living by your rules and you’re winning.

You’re a success in your own margin. You’re in love with the life you’re in and you’re proud of yourself and when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel like, Well done, Kiddo, you’re amazing.

I’ll add a Course in Miracles quote: I’m upset because I see a meaningless world. 

That’s one really beautiful quote and practice…so much of what we see is meaningless, but we’re upset because we’re trying to measure up to something that’s really just an Illusion. 

The idea of fame and wealth and rocking it…living your epic success story? all of that, there’s a lot of illusion going on in that and illusion is not reality.

Illusion is not reality.

If you stay with what’s real, it’s the light, it’s the love, it’s the ease, it’s the peace, the fun, it’s the joy that matters. It’s the joy! Are you having fun? Do you love this? That’s what matters, this is the metric to live by.

And you know, sometimes even for people who are making a lot of money, who are living the dream many of us believe can save us, what I find as the helper for people like that is that the grass is not greener. There are equal stresses, in fact, it rises with that responsibility and pressure. It all comes with it. 

Sometimes you can learn to live with less and feel better and more excited and delighted in your life than you can with millions and millions of dollars or telling yourself a story that you have to earn that or you have to be that kind of success.

Watch the thoughts, watch the stories, watch your tendency to get scared and think you’re not doing life right.

You determine your success by your own metrics.

The quickest way I know to help heal that rift in you, and it’s there pretty much for all of us on some level, is to define your success and your wins.

Define your way.

Define your own rules and decide today that you’re going to live by your own rules, okay?

May this be of service. May this serve you in lots of amazing and good ways. 

And if I can be of help, just reach out

Sending you a lot of love and talk with you next time it’s Robin signing off.


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