Abundance Is a Fun Dance

abundance is a fun dance by robin hallettWhenever someone writes to me and says, “I would love to do this but I can’t afford it,” I want to take out my megaphone and scream: People, we need to stop worshiping at the altar of I Am Broke!!!

I have a feeling these friends do not comprehend the negative impact affirming and believing these words can have.

“I can’t afford it” and “I am broke” and “things are tight” and anything else you typically say are negative affirmations. These are statements that work against your true intention toward love, freedom, and abundance.

Saying you “can’t afford it” affirms a weak stance which in turn hurts your immune system and creates such discord in your first and second chakras. Your internal affirmation is that you are NOT ok, you are NOT well, all is NOT well with you. I have a feeling this is definitely not what you mean to say, right?

If you are working with a budget and intend yourself to be a good Steward of Abundance, there are much better words for you to be uttering right now. We will get to that in a moment.


“I can’t afford it” is a shield story we hide behind

Each of us has our own way of doing this.

Maybe the shield story lets us blame the lack on something else outside ourselves and we don’t have to take responsibility for going for what we really want: Gee, I’d really love to do that BUT I am broke, BUT I can’t afford it, BUT my salary is too low, BUT I have credit card debt, BUT my husband will kill me, BUT business has been slow.

Maybe the shield story gives us an out: I can’t afford that training, I can’t afford a healing session, I can’t afford to have help, I can’t afford to buy the printer I need for my biz, etc.

Abundance is a state of being you create by waking up to what was once held unconscious.

I cannot imagine anyone who wants to continue saying, “I can’t afford it.” I believe we are all intending to wake up and heal these kinds of issues.

Some of us need to start looking at our numbers. It is time to get up close and personal with our bills and expenditures. Clean up messes if there are any, plug leaks that you might not be aware of and most of all, intend our abundance instead of our brokenness.
Some of us need to start really aligning with what it is we intentionally want to call in for ourselves and face the fear we might be trying to avoid. Most of the time when people use the “I can’t afford it” story, in this case, I find the closer-to-the-truth statement to be: I don’t believe I am worthy and I am too scared to go for what I want.
steward of abundanceIf only we could drop in to our heart space, drop down beneath that surface story and get to work—we could be free.

Abundance: The Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

I get a lot of mail from friends who talk about their terror of not having enough money; people who wake up sweaty in the night worrying about having enough, being safe, and feeling okay. They ask me to shine a light, send them healing for their finances–and sometimes ask how to become a good host to abundance when their outflow is bigger than their inflow when there is debt, when there is a hardship, when there is an illness.

What I know for sure is that when someone is in the middle of panicking, it’s not the right time to tell them: You are the creator of your reality! You get what you think about. Where your attention flows, your energy goes. It would be the wrong time to say: take responsibility into your hands and make change happen. This would all be totally pointless just then.

Hopefully right now is a good time for me to tell you that focusing on how broke you are will not make money appear; continually terrorizing yourself about your debt will not help you ease into greater abundance. I bet you never thought about it this way: You are a powerful manifester! Sure, you’re manifesting in the wrong direction right now, but the point is, you are calling something into being by intensely focusing on it. Now to reverse that process and call in something you DO want.

I am seeing you as a good steward of abundance. This means you are someone who honors and respects the flow; someone who recognizes that money is energy; you’re someone who no longer states a negative affirmation and thereby sabotages the flow, you’re someone who creates more of what you do want.

What to say instead of “I can’t…”

I can’t imagine you don’t already have ideas about this.

Sometimes all we need is a little awareness around what we’ve been doing and suddenly the right words come. I am on this financial journey, just like you — in fact I share much of it in the Abundance Series over here. What I find personally is that as I became a conscious spender and an excellent Steward of Abundance, I never heard myself saying that story again. I never used it as an excuse to politely say no to things either. I made space for what I wanted and it was very clear to me what I didn’t.

Confidence and sending the inner booger packing

I just started speaking my truth. It was that simple.

What felt valuable and important to me but still was financially out of my reach became a fun dance for the future. I began planning for these fun things – like vacations or training and even weekly sessions with my healer. I just knew the toxicity of saying, “I can’t” and so I didn’t.

Over to you, beautiful!

If I can answer any questions you might have, or if you want to try on some new affirmations with me, let me know in the comments below. I believe in you. We are making our way together!


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