Success Is an Inside Job.

success is an inside job by robin hallettMost of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind.

You’re in business for yourself–or hope to be one day–performing a service to the world. I’ve had the pleasure of not only offering healing to many of you but what I like to call Businessy Love as well and today I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up about stuff that doesn’t matter and the way you let that energy swirl and build up until you believe you are not a success.

I can see across the wide spectrum of people I help–from healers to intuitives to coaches and painters and teachers, french horn and harp players, singers, actors, stunt-women, make up artists, consultants, therapists, naval captains, sea goddesses, and even coffee bean roasters–that we’ve collectively spent more than our share of hours banging our heads on the desk (or wanting to sometimes hit people with the stapler!).

We’ve felt discouraged more than we’d like to admit, but also we’ve been lost and afraid.

We get scared and wonder, are we making it? Are we hitting that mark?

And that’s the point when people sometimes ask me, why is it so hard to be successful? Why is it so hard to have a goal and get it to fly? Why can’t I ever make something of myself?

I often reply that it isn’t hard. And you are more than capable of having a career, a practice, an offering that you love and feel good about.

If you’re on a journey of awakening + an entrepreneur of your own making it requires 100% responsibility for the journey you are on.

And that means we have to tell the truth. The reason we aren’t where we want to be might have a hell of a lot more to do with the crap we allow to continue rather than anything to do with our ability.

What about all the crap we allow in on a daily basis that sucks up our energy and focus and leaves us a little too wasted and tired to make anything happen?

The crap we allow to be in our way like:

*The swirly mind stories and petty annoyances.

*The fear based thinking that hooks us into doing more stupid stuff (or putting off important stuff!).

*Rabbit holes we get lost in rather than working.

*Clients who are SO not the right fit for us who we take on and then they consume big globs of our mental energies.

*Friends who have no business being on our inner circle but we allow to suck up our energy just like the wrong-fit clients.

*Stuff that could be easy to do and should take just 20 minutes of a concentrated effort but we manage to drag it into an entire 28-point process that takes more like two days plus one night of anxiety sweaty sleeplessness, and maybe an entire box of Nilla wafers (speaking from personal experience here!)

That’s the kind of stuff that’s in the way which makes everything hard and you may or may not be owning as you ponder why you aren’t successful. That is a large part of what makes it all hard.

Let’s be clear: We make it harder than it has to be. We are participating in sabotaging our own success. Can you see that?

Success is an inside job. You must decide you want to be successful, period.

And then you have to cut out that crap you keep doing. I know I am being a hard ass, but that’s the kind of love you need right now. Hard ass love. 🙂


When I speak of success, I am not talking about money or any other rainbow you might chase outside yourself. I am talking about you feeling proud of the life you’re in, you feeling good in your bones about your offerings and the people you help. You feeling clear about the path you are on. You honoring yourself, your boundaries and giving yourself plenty of permission to do the things you want to do. You trusting that your way is the right way, even when the others seem to be going in another direction. All of this, the essence of this, is my definition of success.

And that success my sweet, beautiful, talented, gorgeous, capable, brilliant friend is an inside job.

If you want to be successful, it begins on the inside.

Just think, no more to-do lists to prove you’ve pulled your weight. No more expensive whatevers you thought you would have to spend gobs of money on. No more actionable tips you need to consume in order to feel okay. No more webinars on how you can land 80,000 subscribers (because anything less than that means you’re NOT killing it!!!!).

No more measuring up.

When you lay your head on the pillow tonight, you could be knowing in your bones that you rocked it like you meant it today and sleep really really good (Nilla wafers are optional at this point).

From here on out, you be a success on your insides.

Take responsibility for your journey, darling.  You are the one who makes the magic happen.

You decide what this looks like, and then follow the plan for that.

You get clear and then stay committed.

Success is on the inside.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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