How to Stop Chasing Rainbows and Find the Treasure Within


Whenever I hear the Adele song Chasing Pavements I usually goof and sing, “should I give up or should I just keep chasing rainbows…”

That’s probably because chasing rainbows is something I know a lot about. I’m sure most of us do.

There’s a suffering story we carry inside–maybe it’s about us or maybe it’s about our lives–and that suffering prods us to search for an answer. Or a fix. Or a complete overhaul. Some kind of cure. Maybe it’s a training, or an exercise program, or a financial Roto-Rooter.

We’re searching outside ourselves for the sparkle magic that can cure what ails us. But almost always, I vote we give up chasing rainbows outside and start looking for the treasure inside instead.

The very search outside ourselves for answers can be painful, and it often negatively affirms our broken stories. The loudness out there doesn’t help either, OMG don’t get me started on all the miracle cures. There are so many promises in the offerings you can partake in that it’s hard to trust your own heart on what the right direction is for you. There are e-courses on earning six figures (learn the secret to earning six figures! I’ll show you how!!!!), books on the perfect body (lose 7 pounds in the first week, guaranteed!), advice on how to make everything shiny and contained (kiss your cluttered mess goodbye!). Don’t even get me started on the dating scene.

Lots of promises of maybe. Which means, maybe it will work for you. Maybe. But earning six figures or losing 7lbs or curing your clutter can’t really save you. If the rainbow you’re chasing is about anything other than you coming into wholeness, it cannot save you.

When people ask me how they can heal or how their situation can get better, I see the place on their insides which feels tired and needy and even a little bit desperate. I see the wounding which spurred the brokenness story and the suffering… and how much in that moment I’d love to give a quick fix because I don’t like to see the suffering.

How can this get better for me?, they’ll ask. I always make a joke that we need the magic button to press, and then I suggest we give up asking HOW because how isn’t really any of our business and asking it makes us all crazy.


But guess what?! I do have a quick fix. I do!!

But be warned: it may seem so stupidly easy, you may be tempted to chuck my advice.

Truly, it’s a deep truth which can cure everything which ails you.

Here it is: The cure to your suffering resides within you.

Yep. The answers are inside. You are a spark of the Divine, you come from Source, God, Christ consciousness. And that means you ARE this consciousness as well.


You come from the same energy that creates worlds! There is not one single rainbow outside yourself you can chase which has the power to heal you the way searching your heart for the answer does.

You need to do the work from the inside out. Whatever is bothering you exists on your insides. Look at that, the problem dwells inside but so does the answer! Unless you address the upset on your insides, you will cancel out the efforts you’re making out in the world.

When you seek solutions outside yourself because you believe you are wrong or bad or broken, you are starting out on a faulty premise.

And that faulty premise will lead you to chase rainbows which cannot deliver what it is you truly seek. Throwing yourself into thing after thing in order to fix what you perceive is broken when you were never broken to begin with is nuts. But most of us don’t even understand what we are really needing because we haven’t taken the time to sit inside the rainbow of our own hearts.

By the way, we should never ever feel ashamed about the products, cures, program, and courses we purchased. Don’t get tripped up there, it’s much more powerful to realize you made a choice in that moment to not give up on yourself and maybe you could have been more discerning, sure. But at that time, you didn’t realize that the true cure was always inside your heart. All we ever really need to do is show up and face what is here.


What if we could trust in our own hearts and our connection to Source/Universe/God/Divine?

When we’re centered and grounded, we make good choices.

And if our insides instruct us to seek help outside, we can receive help and support from a grounded place and then the help is never wrong because our own heart told us what to do.

There is no need to chase a rainbow outside yourself because the one in your heart is technicolored and totally you and it has so many answers for you. Learn to go there first and find out what it has to say about the situation.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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