But You Do Know: On Claiming Your Power Instead of Hiding in Your Fear

But you DO know


As someone who loves you and supports your highest and best, I feel it’s important for us to have a little heart to heart today about the way you sometimes refuse to claim your power.

We don’t have time to get into whether you do it knowingly or not… the bottom line is the strongest vibration wins; every time you say, “I don’t know” about your ability to rock your dreams and vision, you are sabotaging your efforts whether you mean to or not.

When you wonder things like, What gifts do I truly hold? or What could I possibly have to offer the world?,  you keep the chaos of “I don’t know” swirling.

When you continue to focus on historically based fear like, Nobody wants to hear from me and People don’t like what I have to offer, you only affirm the fear.

Whether you mean to or not, you are affirming the negatives:

I don’t know what I am here to do = PLEASE oh loving Universe, bring me more chaos and spin.

Nobody wants what I have to offer = PLEASE dear Angels, give me situations that affirm this.

I am a loser = PLEASE dear Spirit, bring me the evidence that this is truth.

As long as we insist “I don’t know,” we will continue to swirl and as long as we allow the negatives, we will find the evidence. Period.

And as long as we keep doing this

we won’t advance,

we won’t progress,

we won’t succeed,

we will just spin.

And the sad thing is underneath the fear and angst, I believe you DO know.

You knowing was never the problem. You definitely DO know. You DO know what you want. You DO know what you want to be. You DO know what you want to do.

This was never the issue.

The real issue is that you’re afraid on some level. You’re scared. Or you’re nervous, or you’re anxious or you’re worried… to me this is all fear.


But you DO know


This fear you’re feeling is based on historical evidence. Something old and yucky is presenting itself to you in the moment. Its history acting as if it’s current and when you give it your attention, you bring the energy into the now. And then the energy is real, and it’s here… and it feels big and hairy and important.

And when we listen to this energy rather than supporting ourselves in holding the line no matter what shit storm comes, we are lost again.

And then we don’t know and then we are in doubt and then for sure we are losers and most definitely, we suck at everything and everyone hates us.

And then we call up the false evidence of the times when people laughed or pointed or shamed us for trying. This reinforces the whole thing.

Now we have confirmation.

Now it is certain.

And then we start to believe the other BS story that we are not supported in what we really really want for our lives.

But this is all totally insane. And you are in a nightmare. And this has to stop pronto. You are alone, inside your own head, and all of this shit is going down. Right now in this moment, the ONLY one not supporting you is you. You are the one not supporting yourself when you believe these stories.

And honestly?, It’s closer to the truth that your friends and family and even your healer and even your Spirit Guides and Angels and the whole entire Universe can tell you and tell you and tell you and tell you some more how amazing you are and how much you are wanted and expected to bring that fabulous energy of yours into the world confidently but until you stand in that place of YES I AM THAT all on your own, none of it matters. Jesus himself could appear to you magically and tell you THE TRUTH, and you won’t believe it if you don’t believe in your own heart.


But you DO know


For right now: Please stop saying you don’t know because you DO. This was never in question.

And then practice: Hold the line when the shit storm comes.

Practice, and repeat. Lose your way, suffer a little, remember what I said and get back in line.

Yes, that is the way the journey goes.


But you DO know

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