You Are Not Your Thoughts // Tea With Robin Episode 147

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Hello, self-judgment, awkwardness, ego-stories, defendedness… do you have any of those? We can spend 30, 40, 80% of our daily energies in this space.

I find that most of us move in and out of these energies every day… it’s just that most of us don’t go around advertising this 😉

You are not your reactions. You are not your stories. 

Your embarrassed, wrong sensations about yourself? Don’t judge them as YOU.

You are not your thoughts.

This week’s featured letter: Becoming more comfortable being seen and witnessed. Do you have any worries about being more public?

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett, intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett, calm, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. Hello self-judgment, ego stories, defensiveness, you have any of those happening for you. I find most of us, every single day, are dabbling in and out of stories about some imaginary event, the way we can give our energy to that 30% 40% 50% 80% of our day in reaction to stories that aren’t even happening now. So today, may we make peace with our stories. And I have a beautiful letter, becoming more comfortable being seen being witnessed, gotta go to any parties coming up. Want to do anything more public. Do you have worry there to come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here. Hello. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 147 147 All of the show notes, any links I mentioned anything I reference, you’ll find in the link description below this episode, or by going to www. We don’t say that much anymore, www Robin slash 147. If you’re new around these parts. Hello, I’m so happy to meet you. This is me Robin, I offer light and healing. Most every single week, I am here shining a light on the journey, and talking about the sticky sticky stuff that’s hard for a lot of us, it’s just nobody’s really outing themselves publicly so you might always think you’re the only one. I hope you love it here, and my gratitude to however you came to be here. I wonder if there’s a good story around that sometimes people share really cool stories about how they found this podcast or found the work I do, how they connected with me it’s really amazing, the synchronicities where you meet people in the coolest most interesting ways, and I always say that’s the wink wink, from the universe, we’re connected. We’re together, and the universe is always listening, the energy of Spirit is always listening to you, and delivering what you’re asking for more. Hopefully it’s more of what you’re wanting friends returning Hello Hello Hello. How are you, how you doing, How is the weather in your heart today. I hope that you have been kind and gentle, you know, and doing your work, you know what work I mean night Spirit work, your heart work, staying in the remembrance of who you truly are work. Yeah, yeah. But also, I hope that you have been enjoying your days. Every day is a special day but I know a lot of us feel summer is a special time. Summer in the Western Hemisphere, I should say, is a special time. I hope you’re enjoying your time. You know there’s a lot going on in the world. Every single week, I could be saying that, but some weeks there’s more pressure than others and just because of everything happening. And so it’s more important than ever that you allow yourself to be in your joy in whatever delights, you and I want to talk about some of that today. Yeah, I do always we’re free. You know we’re free. Even when the mind is making us nuts. We’re still free to choose again and

I know it can be intense, sometimes. So before I get into this more. Did you bring something yummy to sit today. I’ve got so many delicious beautiful things happening at my desk right now I tell you, I’ve got a cup of Earl Grey hot cup of Earl Grey. I have a big jar of lemonade here and another cup going, you know how it is, you just like have all your deliciousness going on. Let us cheers to the moment now, let us cheers to releasing the old and welcoming the now, you know, welcoming the new welcoming the now welcoming the love that’s always here now. Yeah, I like that. Cheers.

That is delicious. Delicious, delicious, delicious, before I get going too far I wanted to say next week, I won’t be here. I’m taking a little vacation, a personal week to enjoy some time in the play, and have a good time. Yeah, I hope you’ll miss me. Looking forward to it. I might go visit my favorite beach I haven’t been there yet this year, You know COVID COVID. COVID. It seems something’s hasn’t. I definitely haven’t done a lot of traveler away stuff, but I’m really looking forward to going to my beach. I certainly love seeing the changes from year, year to year. Any who just wanted to have a heads up. Now, let’s dive in. Today, keep thinking about something I shared on the podcast last week, episode 146. For those who overdue. Listen, If you’re not caught up, I’m going to say this right now because if one more person tells me they feel bad that they’re not caught up. That’s exactly why we’re going to talk about this today. You know why carry this crap with you. You’re always right where you need to be my friend, and this is exactly what we need to talk about today, our tendency to carry this guilty, energy, this energy of tension with us, and then introduce it. Wherever we go, Cyborg, do remember bad luck schlep Brock, from the Flintstones, you know we’re going around in this dark cloud of upset or concern, or maybe we only bring it up in reaction to other people here and there. Don’t do it booboo. Don’t do it, you are where you are where you are, and there is no such thing has been behind or or even all caught up, I mean, the cosmic inbox is always got something going on, and maybe we can make peace with that like we’re always, we’re always doing our thing. My big concern is, Are you loving the day you’re in and are you intentionally present in your day. And so, I’ve started to kind of, because I want to help, and not be an accomplice in these stories when people message me or. And they’re like, I feel bad I’m you know I’m not caught up. If I address that. I don’t want to make that more real for you, so I’m starting to ignore those kinds of messages, because it’s always a choice. You’re not behind you’re not in trouble. But also don’t project that onto me. You know what I mean, like, why am I going to feel bad if you haven’t been caught up. Why would I feel bad. Yeah, and you shouldn’t feel bad either. Right. Yeah, so anywho, that was a little bit of a rant, but it’s so relatable and beautifully, you know these things come up in perfect timing because this exactly what I want to talk about today, you know, in a day, the way you spend your mental focus or your, your awareness is concentrating on things you really don’t intend. And it’s just sucking time, it’s sucking energy away it’s sucking time away and you’re not even here in this moment, how much energy we can spend. Being in our upset in a day, probably 3040 80% of our energy in a single day is being given to the stuff we actually don’t want the stuff we are judging ourselves for our defensiveness, our reactions are upset, our stories, to what is not even going on. Can you relate to that, I mean is that unknown, do you get that about yourself. I notice so many times that it’s very difficult for people to talk to me about that going on for them because they’re also judging themselves in their, in the moment of talking to me in their session or if we’re in a group, I’m doing a class or something it’s like there’s such a defensiveness around wanting to appear like you get it, and you’re, you’re some kind of all together, and you know I don’t even know what to call that but I’ll say there’s such a defensiveness around being vulnerable.

The thing is, like, you don’t have to work on that, wanting to appear like you’re smart or you’re together or you don’t suffer as much as you do, you don’t struggle as much as you do. I think it’s important, like we want to remove as many layers as we can so, so we can sit with what’s really here for you. What’s honest and true for you, you know, and adding on top of that, this worry and concern about what you look like, how you sound, how it’s going, as you’re sharing. It’s. It also is overdoing it’s heaping more judgment on yourself and putting you in a state of just isn’t it. It’s hard to even relax, then it’s hard to even feel natural, then please apply this in your life. Maybe you don’t work with me, maybe you don’t take classes with me. Maybe you go to parties, maybe you have family events, maybe you have circles that you’re in, maybe you have groups. Think about this, the way you pose. You know that saying the opposer, the way you hold yourself and wanting to appear to other people. It’s a certain kind of contortion, you could just drop because you’re always awesome. You’re always amazing. For sure, but your inner longing is to be real and true and honest, and have a good. Have a good time in your life, right. Did you just say yes out loud. You want to be real and true in your own life as it is, you want to enjoy it right. Yeah, I heard you. So just dropping that layer, layer of posturing of pretending to be of acting as if of holding yourself up of sucking it in all these things we do, because we have stories. It’s gonna change your game completely up level, your experience, let it go. If you’re upset today, that’s fine. You don’t like to pretend to be something else. If you’re in a good place today. You don’t have to. That’s great. You don’t have to tone it down to be something else. Am I making any sense. If you’re not as busy at work today. That’s great. Go play and have fun, don’t pretend you’re busier than you are because holding yourself up in these energy postures, it’s very costly. It creates more eddies of energy, more opportunity for manifesting, that which you say you do not want, and it has a potential of lingering keeping you lingering in your ego, awareness, you’re stuck stories. The stuff you, you know you’re embarrassed. Wrong. Sensations about yourself. Don’t indulge them, because they’re not real. Anyway, drop it back out of it, step away, stitch a little lightly. You know what I’m saying, zoom out on the lens, how many Robin isms, can I say here, because it’s not really there is no joy in that there’s nothing to be gained in that other than strengthening the presence of your ego. I really want to live a life where I’m not believing in my fear stories where I’m not in my resistance to the moment where I’m not defended or obsessing about things that are even happening right now. I want to give my time and attention to what’s before me in a, in a beautiful way I want to enjoy my time. And I notice like it’s, it’s so interesting that I don’t have an opportunity in the moment that it’s happening to have a sidebar with somebody and say now, you know, I know you’re trying to talk to me about your issue right now. But on top of that, there’s this layer of defensiveness,

because you also don’t want me to see that you’re struggling with this story, and you don’t want me to think you’re not as evolved as you are and you’re not as far along as you are, you know, like, there’s no way to have a sidebar in the moment, and actually say those words but here on the podcast I can come and talk about it and it’s a beautiful exciting thing for me it’s like this is my forum, where I can say things that are harder to address one to one in the moment. Yeah, I think we’re all wanting to find the way to release things that we are tethered to in terms of our worry and concern and getting sucked into things and having resentment and having, you know, my goodness, it’s all the small minded stuff the small self who really struggles with these things, isn’t it. Which is why I was so glad this week for those examples of I’m so behind I’m sorry, I’m behind. Don’t do it. Don’t tell those stories. It kind of reminds me of. Bless me father for I have sent, it’s been 193 weeks since my last confession. Don’t do it. I wish we knew the effect those stories have on our consciousness, but also what a dampener it is on any conversation that could possibly happen between two people when that’s how you choose to enter in. You know, just think about someone, you’re projecting on to right now and we’re all doing that, think about somebody in your life right now. Somebody you feel bad about something that happened, the history of your ego, your mind, it keeps taking you back there. It keeps taking you back there. It’s not even happening now, you’re not here, you’re in a time warp. And a lot of your energy is going to them. Some of us have relationships that are on the fritz, long term Fritz relationship. Some of these are with our children or parents or in sibling. Your best move is to start to recognize the tendency, I’m talking about here and pull back from that, that’s all. It’s not hard. It just takes practice, pull back a little pull out a little. Don’t keep putting yourself in a time loop with that other person and projecting that time loop energy onto the other person just think about that for a minute. Kind of reminds me of that show from growing up, the Land of the Lost. I loved that show with the guide this is gonna take me back but they had that the family and they go in the raft and they go down the waterfall and then the waterfall, there’s like a spinning Whirlpool and they’re all like, ah, yeah, let’s not do that, let’s not go to the land of the loss together. Let’s just be here now. And I loved that. So, we had such a great letter on last week’s podcast episode 146 Because, you know, when you write honest letters like that and I know sometimes you feel vulnerable sharing things here, you know, but here we get to practice again, it’s like, you give the world an opportunity in our way to, to heal and awaken and I’m so grateful, you know, really I am. So in the letter I was saying, just choose to be here, if somebody is not speaking to you instead of being in the swirl of the history. Choose to be here now with that person, even though they’re not speaking to you. If it’s your kid. If it’s your beloved, if it’s your ex partner, whatever it is, being the moment with them. They don’t need to be in the room with you. I can’t tell you how many people like when somebody in their life is dying, and it becomes this barrier where you’re like, I can’t, I can’t, I feel so bad I can’t get to see them, or you feel this sense of urgency, I’ve got to go be there with them. No, you’re here now,

be with them now in your heart be in this space of your heart with that person right now. Like, are you getting that, I mean that’s a wow thing instead of just swirling in your mind stories, remembering that time, or that thing. Spin the love here now. You got any regrets. Did you ever say anything stupid. I can tell you, I have said some stupid stuff, and also, like, more, more the case, I’ve witnessed the awkwardness that like when, like I said when people attend a group with me, and they go around introducing themselves, kind of, you know, it’s a big brave thing to do and then there’s these wild animal moments where you just say something really strange and bizarre because you weren’t quite grounded or centered, And then you’ll beat yourself up for that forever. I think about it, a few circles I’ve had, where that has happened. And if you’re connecting dots to your own life, let it go. You’re still embarrassed about something you said in, you know 19 Whatever. Let it go. Just decide this is the day. And then as it comes back to you. Tell it. Put your finger in the air and say, hey, hey. Nope. If you don’t practice these things, you will be taken over by by the. Yeah, the zombie apocalypse will definitely come for you. It’s just how it is. You know, it’s just what happens, and more like it will pile on more of the zombie friends will come, and you’ll be remembering that time and, you know, junior high when this thing happened and whatever. It’s not what you want, that’s the pointing today. What you want is what you got to know. You got to connect, you got to find out in your own heart what it is you’re wanting and stay there. Stay there. I love listening the Mooji, you know, and I tell you this a lot but really we have to be checking in with the teachers who help us with the teachings, and that’s on spiritual adjusts spirituality that’s the music that stands that’s my garden is such a source of healing for me, I was talking to a friend the other day and I said, you know, just learning to unwind from the hole trying to become something special thing that all of us have to walk through in our lives. You know, I’m working on that too, like if I never turned into anything publicly recognizable. Is that going to be okay. Yeah, it is, it is actually, it’s even better than trying to be publicly recognizable, you need to think about that, you know there’s young people younger than me, coming up now who have grown up with this social media presence thing, and they really that like a goal is to be an influencer. That’s part of the lexicon of possibility, these days, and do you really know what that even means. Are you really clear that that’s what you want for yourself because that’s what we, you know, there is nothing wrong with how we want to manifest as form in this lifetime, you know, the small self, known as you in this life, the light of God is sparkling through that, there’s no judgment on who you become, or who you want to become. None. The thing is if you’re going against the grain. That’s where the suffering is and the grain is. That’s personal. In your heart, you got to know what your ultimate goal is mine, is to be free. Mine is to play and have fun, and I have been like this since I was in kindergarten. Preschool My earliest memories, the things that lit me up. You know, was sharing what I love, not just sharing, do you know what I’m saying. What I love was the essential center point here. Yeah, so, you know,

I hope that helps you today, this energy you’re carrying this 4050 30% of upset or resistance or shame about your body or whatever. I can give examples forever, and not hit your so please think about it, what it is when you suffer. You know, let it go. What is it you want to be about. Instead, that’s the only thing that matters, the light, the joy, the Love. This morning I got up extra early and took a bike ride because my heart was so excited about that. And because of that I can come here and talk to you about this. Do you know what I mean when I talk to you about wanting a life of joy and peace or a life of ease. You know, it’s not some idle fantasy. It’s really possible for you to spend your day in a way that’s pleasing and joyful for you, but it often means we have to work on our stories, and I didn’t say fix all the problems in your life that’s Wow, is that ever an issue that a lot of people believe they have to do. You don’t, you have to walk out on the stories, you know what I’m saying, you got to walk out on your stories. We can’t possibly get to that place of peace and ease, or even if there is anxiety, we can’t possibly get to the place where we can help heal our own anxiety address it. If the mind has such dominion over us, if the thoughts are running there. Kui interference. So this is why sometimes it can feel so challenging. You know so much of your energy is going to your obsessive stories. It would be a beautiful thing if we could relax in our bodies, and just admit to it we have obsessive stories, we have things we judge ourselves for we have things that we can’t get over, we’re resentful of we have people that we feel MBSR we have things that are not exactly. Peace and love, you know joy and light. If you identify as the Light Sparkler, or somebody who’s, spiritual, you know, we don’t like to admit to these things but they’re there. They’re there. they’re reactions of our part of us. What we’re really hoping for, I think on this journey is to slow it down. So as it’s happening we can work with it. You know, and that’s my tangible takeaway my tangible tip for you today. Slow it down so you can work with it. Having a few moments, every day, mostly in the morning is easy, but throughout the day, where you’re connecting with who you truly are the deepest light, the deepest light, you know what I’m saying, like, you are gone in the body but you came here in this life to experience your life so you still get to eat Twinkies and go to movies and have friends over and that means you’re going to have worldly experiences where you’re going to be upset. Occasionally, or jealous or worried or whatever, experienced FOMO. Anybody got FOMO, the fear of missing out. What we want is to know how to work with that stuff, as it happens. And that’s all I can point to do your reaction is not you, that’s not you, it’s better to practice remembering your true self. You are the light, animating yourself. And so, practice their practice there. Yeah, that’s a message today, beloved, I hope you loved it, and, you know, if you did please share the sun, help somebody else, feel better today to thank you thank you and I hope you loved it. Have a nice letter to share this week, do you relate to being

somebody who wants to share, somebody who wants to shine a light or share your gifts in the world. Share your offerings, and if so, do you recognize that your mind, your ego mind your small mind, this one we’ve been talking about today, gets in the way tells these stories, shares these, you know, reasons why you shouldn’t. Yeah, here we go. And thank you to my friend who, who, let me read this letter here today. Always, much appreciated. Hi Robin. I’ve been working on my side gig today. I recorded an introductory video one take, and I was done. It went well. I saw my habit brain jump right in to judging myself. I noticed the urge to review the recording and dig and dig deeper into judging myself. The urge passed quickly. I also noticed that I did not disparage myself afterward.

I was willing to move on. I never listened to a recording or watch a video, I am in. I find the experience painful. And I thought about you. I’ve heard you share that you listen to your work with your husband. I had the feeling that you enjoyed reviewing your work. I’m curious if this came naturally to you. Hello my friend. This is a beautiful letter, this is the thing that the experience that many, many, many of us have secretly, silently. And like I’ve been talking about today, we turn it into big hairy ugly stuff, reasons why not, you know why we cannot do the stuff we say we want to do. So, first of all it’s a beautiful thing that you recognize you have a habit, a habit of your brain jumping right into judging. That is so excellent a lot of us don’t even know that it’s a habit that we can ignore or prevent. Right. A lot of us aren’t there yet. And if that’s you, I’m speaking to, I’m getting a little. I’m putting a little rug on my rug on my desk because my elbows get sore when I lean, and talk to you. If you recognize that right now. Oh my gosh yes that’s just a brain habit that I have a groove I’ve been developing where I’m hard on myself or a judge myself. And I want to dig into that and watch it and being be critical of myself, you know. Yeah, let it pass stitch a little less deeply because, You know, back out, because no good can come of that. And really, the purest form of love is the one that we just hit record and share and do our thing without 89,000 takes, you know what I mean. So, and I find that to actually hear, I always find the first take. I ever do is the best one. And then I get critical and try and change it or whatever and it’s never as good. So it’s that way too when I make doodles, same thing. So, if you know that that’s, that’s a very excellent thing to know as well, but what you’re asking is what you’re saying is you never listened to a recording or watch a video you’re in that you find the experience painful, and you didn’t say why, and that’s totally fine. But I am encouraging you to sit with that gain some more knowledge around that because usually we find that somebody, or many somebodies were hard on us. They made fun of us they were critical of us, they laughed at us something about it. We had a very public experience, I think about me in the seventh grade running for office, and getting booed off the stage by the very girls that helped me make the posters and sell the donuts to raise money and all that stuff. The day it came to be. They all turned on me, you know how Junior highest. Oh God, I hope. I like, I just don’t even know what to say there. But the point is a part of us is still like doing that thing, trying to stay alive and survive and look like we’re thriving. So nobody knows they got tough. And sometimes there’s the urge that keeps us from wanting to look at our work. We don’t want to re experience the old stuff, so I encourage you as part of this one in you who wants to share, like we need to rip the band aid off, we need to get comfortable, you know, it’s important.

And part of it is, it’s important to care about what you’re doing. You know, I can’t stress it enough that if I don’t care to look at my own work. If I don’t care to listen to my own work. How will I be able to receive it, to appreciate it to know to know it, to think about who is right for, to think about how I can do, even an even better job next time, you know, to improve on it. It’s really important. So if I don’t want to live, look or listen. I’m holding a certain amount of light and awareness out. and that means a part of me is leading the way that is not my true self, it’s my, my judger or my worry or my, you know, the one in me who can’t go there, so to speak. So take this painful one, the one who finds the experience painful and hold her hand, and you don’t have to do it on anyone’s time frame. You don’t have to do it according to anyone else’s advice. I mean, you know, take what I’m saying and receive what works for you, but slowly and steadily for anyone who wants to share. Who wants to shine who wants to facilitate teach, right, it becomes imperative, at some point it becomes necessary. You’re going to have to receive your own mark. In my case, it’s been a huge healing for me to receive my work, huge. And there’s been many, many layers, you know, starting from that experience I just shared. When you’re booed off the stage, when you’re, when you’re made fun of somehow or you go to shine, and I think everybody has that experience, maybe you forgot your lines or, or, you looked out in the audience and the people who were supposed to be there cheering you on weren’t there, you know one way or another, something gets in there and it stays. And it festers and over decades it can really turn into a reality that is still not real, but it feels so real. So you, you want to work on this. You know you want to work on this and take your time with it. One thing I find for his people are very fickle and can be very jealous at times are envious or they’re mad at you about something else, and so they use that opportunity. And we all do stuff like this. So, you know, none of us is special here in that we never never do this and we don’t know what this is about, you know, we use that opportunity to make a little attack on someone else when they, when they, when they open themselves and say, can you look at this. What did you think of this. You know sometimes other people can be very cruel because of their own suffering in their own mind and what they decide to off gas in that moment can be very painful and make things much worse. Also a good experience to go through and get clear about because you know today. When I get complaint letters for example, when people complain about things like the way I sip coffee, or, you know, whatever. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. The way it wants me half now. So there’s this hardening off process that we can do, where we’re not as vulnerable, but also like we’re the best ones to receive our work that’s my point, we’re the best ones. So, yes, guy know why it’s painful, and are you willing to care less about the one who worries about it being painful to receive and care more about the one who’s excited about what they are doing in the world. I am very excited about what I’m sharing in the world and also I’m very dedicated to helping myself, because some of you may know by now that it’s also a

real struggle to come and hit record, almost every week, in fact this week too. In fact, like an hour ago that I came upon me again like you know it descends so quickly, nobody likes it, nobody wants to listen. What am I doing, what’s the point that energy of the mind comes on you so quickly, and for that reason, I come in, hit record and for that reason I come and listen, and receive, and you know it’s wild because so many times I feel helped by my own sharing. You know, not just the process of sharing helps me. Excuse me, but I’m saying the energy that I’m sharing what what I’m teaching teaches me, and that is. So, the Course of Miracles. Let us turn to the bookie. Here I have one of my copies right here in the teacher’s manual, you know, I often refer to this because people are so freakin sure that they suck, you know, they’re so sure that they suck. And they’re so sure that they shouldn’t share and some people have the extra razzle dazzle of some kind of religious icky on it where they feel like it’s blasphemous on some level it’s, you know, false idol stuff to share energy or love or teachings, you know, even if it’s not about healing. This could be about sewing a quilt, you know, This could be about sharing cooking recipe recipes or painting, watercolor, instruction or, you know, who am I to share. Well who are you not to share. Know the Marianne Williamson, quote, that is from the course in there from A Course in Miracles. You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world, and it is playing small to stay with the painful one, So, okay so that’s a future goal at some point, but I wanted to share this piece from the teachers, the Manual for Teachers. And that’s funny too because people will say I’m not a teacher, we’re all teachers, and the course defines us as teachers, because what we unwind in us what we learn and unwind in ourselves, we liberate this energy in the world and that is what’s teaching. It’s not us the small self, the ego self. Does that make sense. So, in the course I love this teacher’s manual. It talks about writing the introduction, you can’t give to someone else. You can only give to yourself. And this is something you’ll learn through teaching, and I am learning that and I hope you are learning that as well, that

you’re doing all of this for yourself. You know you’re doing all of this for your own liberation and your own your own

deeper deepening connection to spirit to the light to who you truly are. Could be the creative pulse of the universe, whatever, but you’re doing this for yourself, for your freedom. And so, any place in you that feels squeaky, we want to, you know, reveal and heal that energy. Yeah. And I do enjoy reviewing my work, I don’t enjoy reviewing the old stuff, I may have shared this last week that I’ve been deleting a lot of the old videos and stuff. And the old stuff, is the old stuff. Any, any of us who shares, any of us who teach us any of us who offers. If you’re offering beautiful pictures on Instagram with supportive word then, in love, or you’re sharing your experience of being a parent on the journey and you’re helping people, You know that you’re helping people is so key. That’s such a big part of it, and to know you’re doing something that is bigger than just a personal desire, this is a desire to share an offer that extends beyond just your own heart, you know, it’s a, it’s a beautiful thing. So, it’s something that develops over time, this is definitely not something I could have are would have answered this way, you know, years and years ago, and the stories will still be there like I say, you know that that story that nobody likes it, nobody wants it or people are critical of me still there, still happens. It’s just more like. There are also cicadas and crickets outside right now I can hear a cardinal chirping. If I’m really quiet, you know there’s a hum from voices somewhere in the house. All those things are going on. It’s not disturbing me, you know, how could we one day. Just think about that one day that our mind stories are running, and we’re not so intently listening. So, yeah, I hope something in there is helpful, and I may have mentioned this to you privately, but, you know, plenty of times where I hit record and there was lettuce in my deep. my lipstick was smeared. You know, my. I didn’t look as good as I thought I did, in my opinion, you know, my hair was my having a good hair day or my, you know, whatever. But you know what, it’s all so helpful. I guess I’m thinking more about videos I do. You know, last year I did morning magic for like 230 days in a row. Every single day I got up and did a recording and I’ll link all this again in the show notes but, and they’re all on igtv They’re all on YouTube. And I talked for an hour without an agenda without, you know, or half an hour. First thing in the morning, I looked like little critter, most days, you know, puffy and no makeup and it was such a powerful healing for me, I mean in terms of like the stuff we worry about on a personal level, so. Well, thank you, you know, I hope this helps. I hope you will keep sitting with, you know, linking up I love to do this, I love to share. I love to help whatever your version of what I’m saying is, keep answering the call, I love doing this. It’s a non-negotiable at some point I will have to see myself listen to myself and find some appreciation for myself. Right. Amazing. Thank you again, and friends. I love to answer your letters, my email address, and I’m the only one who reads my email, it’s Hello at Robin Hallett, calm, or you can direct message me on Instagram or Facebook. Okay, I’m always happy to share something for you and you’re welcome to be anonymous to. Yeah, so here’s my love’s. It looks like a beautiful morning out there I think I’m going to go get it Sunday morning as I’m finishing this up I think I’m going to go get on my bicycle

and ride, and who knows, I may happen upon a little restaurant. Somewhere, grab some snacks and coffee, and I’ve really been looking forward to this feeling of spreading a blanket out in the grass somewhere, and watching the nature, take place. If you’ve had some struggles this week or feeling of meaninglessness, you know the world continues to go on in this pandemic and this amount and seasons are changing etc etc. Help yourself. I find it so powerful to change up your routine. And so yes you could stay home and have a nice day too. Yes, you could be in your backyard. But there is something about an adventure and doing something a little different that shakes out the cobwebs in such a delightful way. So, yeah, hope you love it, please share this with your friends and once again, I won’t be here next week but, you know, there’s so many good episodes in the kitty in the piggy bank already for you, just waiting. So I hope you enjoy this has been me, Robin hearts sparkler halat. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

Life is very short, let’s make the very most of it you are a precious gem and I love you, dude. We are here to shine and shine bright you are a man, dude. Life is precious, you. So shine like you know, rocket like you mean it goes you really really name and name it and name it

tell you that you are. You are cause you are, cause you are. I like that.

Thank you.

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