The Mind Won’t Shut Up but You Don’t Have to Listen // Tea with Robin Episode 148

The thoughts you keep thinking become the beliefs you carry. Do you enjoy your beliefs? If not, then it’s time to look at the thoughts you continue to think.

Recognizing what we’re doing is huge. If we can recognize that we are actually thinking thoughts repetitively which are responsible for creating upset and strife, then maybe things can change for us.

You can continue to dance with the upset you’ve always known or you can learn to let go and stand in a new space of awareness saying, I am here and ready

In this episode:

The mind won’t shut up but you don’t have to listen.

It is time to call bullshit on our mental stories and focus on what really matters to us.

We push away the possibilities and choose to hang on to the stale old horror stories.

The hardest pattern I see is the Yes, BUT pattern.

Using our suffering to remember who we truly are.

We are not our history. We are not our thoughts.

Let’s use our suffering to remember who we truly are.

Let’s keep waking ourselves up and keep realizing the True Self.

This week’s featured letter: When we struggle with challenging people and situations to the point that we end up destroying what we are trying to create.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett com. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, let’s talk about your mind and the stories and the energy it generates. In a way you can carry an upset like a dog with a bone. We’re going to talk about putting it down today. And it is not spiritual, namby-pamby woo woo kachoo, this is the real, real deal. It is time to call bs on our mental stories, and get out there and live the life we want to live. Because guess what? We’re always choosing.  Again and again and again. We’re making choices. So come grab a cup of Yum, yum. And meet me here.

Well, hello, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful friend. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 148 148. All of the show notes like anything I mentioned here good links, books, recipes, references to other episodes, what have you. You find it in the show notes. You go to Robin Hallett com slash 148. Just come to my blog. And you’ll find it there. And you’ll also find it in the episode description below.

Now, if it’s your first time here, hello. This is a space a sacred space for you to receive vital nutrients in your spirit in your soul to help be not just soothed for the moment, but I hope, a place where you are learning and growing and expanding who you are in this life we’re in. So welcome,

Welcome, welcome in my deep gratitude to whoever got to hear however you got here. I am

so grateful that we have together. This is really like a person here who’s been on the journey for a long time. helping you to ride in your life in a way that brings peace and ease and the things you’re wanting to your life. The focus. The clarity, the opportunities. That’s what we talked about here. Friends returning Hello, hello. Hello. Have you missed me? I have a little week off. It was very, very wonderful. Very nice. Very easy, very peaceful. I went to the beach I did this amount I laid around I doodled I made pasta, made popcorn and hung out a watch TV, listen to Mooji listen to music. You know, I floated in my pool. I did whatever I wanted some nice just to have time to myself. And so I’m wondering how you are? How’s your experience been going? Have you been good to your heart these days? Have you been good to your soul? Are you remembering your practice? I almost can hear some Yes. And sometimes if I’m really quiet, I can hear you over there. Yes, but yes, but yes. But yes. But so funny. I had a session with somebody a while back. And you know, it’s amazing. Sometimes, I’m looking at your blueprint, and see the journey you’re on and what you’re meant to be doing and help steer some of your energy into a place of clarity. It’s amazing to me sometimes because it will be like the best reading ever. According to Robin, the information, beauty the life, you know, not getting mad at this person. But just realizing like it’s always a choice. We can be told like you can be told on April 15 2022 you’re going to realize your dream, like whatever your dream is. You’re going to stop suffering. You’re going to meet your guru. Like you could tell somebody and they’ll still have. Yes, yes, but listen, listen, listen. Listen. Each of us has to kind of keep that clear that the yes but in our own mind coming out of our own mouth.

That is a problem only we can fix. Only we can feel it. Only we can address it. The yes, but that’s coming out of you. Only you can fix them. Only you can heal them.

It’s kind of an amazing thing is knowing we have like, I want to get I need help. I need help. I want help. Go to see somebody. Go to talk to a friend. No, you’re like, tell me. Is it all? You know, have a waste of my life? Am I a terrible person? Is he too late for me? Whatever it is, you know?

And they’re telling you hopefully, the truth. I know I am speaking the truth, you know, talking about the real stuff, and

really take some leap of faith. I know. You have to open yourself and let it be here. That there is some niggling part of us. That is the Yes, butter. It wants to argue and show the crappy evidence to the contrary. And stay upset about the one and fully thing somebody didn’t know and keep going back to that. So I have seen that time. And again, you know, where somebody keeps coming back around to this really old stale story. And yeah, I really marvel at it. I have certainly been there. This is not to say I’m here and you’re there. Oh, I know this place? Well, no, we’re we push it away. We push away the healing, we say we want we push away the possibility that things can be good and focus on what’s upsetting, annoying euros. And that’s kind of what I want to keep talking with you about today. Is that, yes, but yes, but why the Yes. But yes, but you know, you’re going to meet the love of your life, you’re going to have a baby, you’re going to be I see you healthy. And wow, I feel this strong thing around you of creativity is going to really strike you wherever. Yes, but what about the lady at work? Who said what about the lady who didn’t invite me to her party? What about how I’m old? now. We have stories in our heads, my friends, all of us have this, all of us have this. And seriously,

the story in your head is up to you. Let’s have some tea before I could go on too far.

I got iced Earl Grey today with some oatmeal and stevia. And so I’m going to say cheers to the freedom that it’s up to us. recognizing what we’re doing is huge. And may we be in the hugeness of that. Aha, today. Cheers. The other day I said to somebody, oh my god, I mean, like, seriously, do you realize that the thing you just told me is seriously just a thought in your head? Just a thought, in your head. Yeah, but they did it out in digital. And it says this, and it says that sometimes we’ll be like, it says this in the Bible. I’m like, do you realize the Bible itself? is now don’t go crazy on me. Please don’t write to me. No, don’t do it. The Bible itself. It’s through a filter through a channel. You know, people have written words and made decisions and edited things out. There were things edited out. Google the Gospel of Thomas Google, Elaine Pagels, and you will learn some interesting things. And whenever somebody says, Yeah, but it’s in the Bible. My mind has a soundtrack that goes duh duh duhhhhhh! When we pull out things like the Bible, or whatever your version of this thing that we grew up with. It’s like, The Thing, and nobody can go against this thing. And it is the truth. Except, you know, who of us received direct knowledge from the Bible where we all taught by people who taught us the Bible? Or Didn’t we study something, and I’m talking about us growing up now, you didn’t really study something that somebody else was teaching on, it’s still, if you really sit with it, an interpretation of a general receiving or recounting of events. And, you know, I, it’s a beautiful thing to consider. being open to loosening the grip on the literalness of so many things we just can’t let go of. And it’s really not us. It’s the mind using these things to torture us. To keep us hostage. What do you say? Not everything we say is a fact, but our thinking makes it seem true. The thoughts you keep thinking become the beliefs you carry. The thoughts you keep thinking become the beliefs that you carry. And it feels so true simply because we think it 100 billion times. We lay grooves down, we create tracks for ourselves, we make mantras, out of negative stories, but you are not your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You know, you’re not your thoughts. You’re not your mind. And I get that it’s hard. Like yesterday, I had one of those days where it just felt like a freaking slog. A struggle. My mind was on that thought and you know, the thoughts. You know, my stories, you know, the thoughts, you’re gonna get to see either A or B, I don’t even have to tell you at this point, do I? And, you know, I said to myself, Robin, you can spend the day on this crap again, I guess we could start saying mind are you going to spend the day on this crap again, we have a whole day before us beautiful things going on. You know, I do love my sessions with clients. It’s amazing.

To be in this kind of space together, channeling creating, choosing remembering the white, this and that know working on stuff ceiling or by feeling connected a little bit so much. And you want to feel like a piece of poop at the same time or not? No, I don’t want to feel like I don’t want to focus here. So right there, you know, I was on a walk at the park. And it’s beautiful, you know, on top of it. it’s astounding how, no matter the VISTA, no matter how much money you have, no matter how thin you look in your jeans, or whatever it is, you know, because who cares? We all have goals and wishes and I don’t really judge what matters to you. I don’t think there’s a real hierarchy. In terms of lesser or more valuable wishes. I just think what makes what will make your heart sing is what will make your heart sing. Yeah. So because it’s amazing to me that it doesn’t matter. All the things that are going well. None of that really has the power to impact this mind chatter. Because the mind chatter is not you. It is not on board. With your highs and your awakening. Its only goal is to stay separate and alone and afraid and keep generating that energy, those hormones whatever you want to think of it as to keep in the state of awareness that is not okay. And so sometimes I say to people, you are the captain. I loved it. You know where I got that I am the captain now does anyone know that movie? It’s not really a great big takeaway from this movie, but that’s me. I’m always taking the feeling takeaways it was Captain Phillips movie Tom Hanks did chronicling the pirate. Yeah. You know, they get taken over by pirates, um, but the one pirate is saying to Tom Hanks, I am the captain now. Okay, you got it, like you are not in charge emits a scary scene. But I mean, like, let’s use that you can speak to your ego the same way I am. And remember I am is a powerful affirmation, it’s a powerful statement of being I am, like I am, that I am the captain. Try it. I am the captain. And you can pick up It’s okay. It’s all it’s all kind of kooky and funny and cool. And, you know, we got to help ourselves. We in this posse, we have so many similar things, so many similar familiar journeys together, that we’ve experienced. And when we find each other, it’s like coming home. And part of that means then you must allow yourself occasionally at least to be mentored here to take what I’m saying and creative in your life practices. You know, there are people I know who are very invested in staying in their victim mode. And I’m, I, I don’t help anyone by protecting that by wording it sweetly or trying to get around it. It’s like if you want to be in your victim mode, you will enjoy it. I hope you’re loving it. Or do you want to get free. And so sometimes, you know, me too. I have to accept the mentoring, where it’s being offered the light that’s being offered to me, and do the work, do the freaking work because you can insist that your it’s all shitty. And it all sucks. And it’s a terrible thing. And your life hasn’t amounted to anything. And the mind is in love with that kind of stuff, you know, creates so much drama in the body, I sometimes think this depth of despair. Do you ever hit that place in you where you’re like, Oh my god, it’s all so terrible. And it’s so horrible. And it’s so

you know, whatever. It’s so dramatic. And like you’ll notice, like, hours and hours and hours. You’re You’re vibing on a story. Because the mind won’t shut up, you know? And so the energy, the output intake, that’s insane. And I notice like, is this really what I want to give myself too? Because the day gets spent either way? So do I want to be in that state? Or do I want to be in a creative mode, doing things and sometimes I just some days I just give my heart to the creative mode.

I pour my heart into something creatively. I pour my energy into shining a light for people who get it and want to be here for free. I’m doing this every week for free. The newsletter I write every week for free. nobody’s paying me. I’m not getting not am placement money or you know any of that. I do this because I care about pointings to the light. I care about waking up and I care about helping others wake up and for whatever reason, you know, I’ve always been this kid that like just remembering this time where my parents took me to dinner I was four or five years old and I don’t know how it happened my dad’s boss’s house and I was so drawn to this guy, the boss and at the end of the night I jumped up and pulled a toupee off of his head. It’s like I was so curious. And fascinated. And it’s not unusual in a child, you know, if you think about your own stories, you probably have one or two, my dad read, something happened and you just couldn’t let it go like a dog with a bone. Some of us are very driven like that. And my drive is really about helping us wake up and helping us see how we keep recreating our nightmares. And that, you know, we’re not bad or wrong, ever. But the thoughts we tell them, you know, the thoughts that we entertain about it. That’s what sets us up. That’s what sets us up. No, look at the world today. everything that’s happening between, you know, the pandemic, the resurgence, the politics, Afghanistan, you know, pulling out about, you know, there’s so I go on and on and on. hurricanes, earthquakes, stock market stuff. All of that could be happening. And lots of us are not working like we once were money stuff going on. That is not why you’re upset. It’s not all of it. I should say it’s part of it. But there’s another part. There’s another part. It’s our own thoughts. It’s our own mental, yes. But it’s our paying attention to what the mind is churning. It’s giving our awareness to that as if it’s the truth. The narration in the head is saying things that are leading us to feel things that are leading us to, you know, follow roots in our days in our in our, you know what I’m saying? It’s like skipping a huge chunk of the equation. When you do that, when you say, it’s because my mother came in and said, I don’t know, you have a big banana nose, and I’m sorry I ever gave you life. You know, I don’t know, you hear so many kooky things. You know, it’s not because of that. It’s not because you’re not working. It’s not because you don’t have what you want to have. It’s not because you’re feeling friends that don’t get you. There’s a step in between that’s not being acknowledged there. Really spell it out for yourself. The mind is trying to tear you down would be really good thing to start practicing. The mind is trying to take me in a direction I don’t need to go. The mind is generating. And you know, and it’s like improv where you play that game in improv where you go, and the person says, whatever they’re saying, and then you have to say, and then you add your next piece to it. And the mind is trying to take me to cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs town. The reason so many of us study and practice these different things that we do is that we can’t get there alone.

We can’t, we’ve tried, we can’t do it on our own. We go in circles. I believed I was a loser for forever. And I’m still, you know, I believe these stories and I’m still discovering new places, you know, just the other day. I, Jeff, you know how I was saying you have to take some mentoring from your posse. And the other day number one husband and I were talking, he said, I said to him, you know, I’m still thinking about the podcast. That’s, that’s number A, number B is the loser story. By the way. I’m still thinking about the podcast, and I said, I stood outside. I was walking at the park. And I just said no to my thoughts about the podcast. And we’re trying to turn again since getting toward the end of the week, and that’s usually when I record. It’s like the mind has this thing where he thinks it can gain a lot of upset energy and the Be distraught, it loves to live in a state of being distraught and disconnected and disoriented and upset, right? And you know how there’s a certain kind of lightness to that it’s not really alive. But it’s very all-encompassing and very engaging. It distracts you like nothing else. So I said, I was out, walking around, and I was looking at all these things in the park with their babies. It was really I was thinking about life, I think about the magic of watching things like that. And beautiful the feathers and write them like a hawk. And its companion Hawk. They were flying together. Like, flew right past my, like, 10 feet from my head. Just like this wild, special moment, all these little things happen. And right after that this lady was behind me. And she said, isn’t it terrible? The way the park district doesn’t clean up the pool, and we I stepped in the goose pool again. I get it, cuz like probably three thoughts before that. I have a thought like that, too. You know, it’s not like, I’m not thinking stuff like that, too. But you know, you can choose, you can practice and even if you have the poopy ghost story going on, you can still say hey, to your head. This is not a runaway train. You know? So anyway, I was there like, what do come on and not, he’ll be talking to God. That’s it. Hey, Oh, what? Let’s go. Come on. I’m ready for another piece here. I need another piece. Deliver me another piece of this puzzle. You know, because it’s boring. And I know I’m not quitting. I know I’m going to come and show up and record. I know I’m doing it because I love it. And I love talking about it. And also, it’s just like who I am, like, who watches Captain Phillips and sees the guy who says I am the captain. No. And that’s all I can think about is this is totally what we need to say to our end ghosts. I don’t know, when I was born for this, you know what I mean? It’s probably my star chart, which I know nothing about. But I I’m gonna do it. This is my creative outlet, probably is part of what? Just I love. So help me advance the story. So very quickly, all these things come into place. It can be very if you’re sincere, and you’re asking, and you’re open to being mentored in your community too. Because sometimes we get very defended when our friends give us advice, especially if it seems unsolicited. But you were there praying at the park with the geese and the gospel lady and all that you said the prayer, you know, he said help me, right. So right away, I had this powerful flash of something I had been told over and over as a kid, and it wasn’t one person was many persons, but the sort of energy of like,

I, it’s like, I can hear the words. It’s like if you’re shining. And somebody says, Oh my god, you’re shining, in that voice like, Oh, my God, you’re shining. I can see that you’re shining. I can see that you’re shining. And some of the people would say you’re making me feel bad about myself by doing that, you know, some of the voices would say it’s wrong to do that. Who do you think you are? Some of the voices would say, No. Stupid. You look dumb look like an idiot. I always think about my stepdad who just really he struggled man, struggled boy to construct he suffered definition of suffering. So in his demons in these thoughts, and listening, listening, all he could do with this Every night drinking
no doors

Dewars on the rocks. That’s all he could do. That’s all he could manage. And honestly, some lifetimes we spend doing just that. And even that is progress as hard as that. It’s still progress for the soul.

Anywho. So it’s just like, I got this real awareness of all the voices that influenced me as a kid. When I would be funny, or flamboyant, I loved to wear outfits, and I still do, you should see me today I’m beautiful. I love it. And I love to feel like myself, do you love to feel like yourself.

I love to feel like myself. And so sometimes, I will change until I find the thing that feels like myself. So today, it’s the flowering jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable, and stretchy. And maybe blue, which is one of my favorite colors on the planet. I heard all those voices. And I really got it how my mind uses those voices, those old words, to keep me a hostage keeping locked into the fear-based stuff. And you have this to this is what happens for you. Don’t be surprised that you’ve got the same old same corner again, that you’re signaling to practice. It’s one more opportunity to wake up. It’s one more opportunity to choose how you want to. It’s one more opportunity to be like, wow, at the tenacity of your mind.

No. And it’s one more opportunity to realize you are the only one who can you know, who has the power to say to your head to your mind to tell your mind. Shut up. Sometimes. That’s the deal. So, you know, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you struggle,

there’s nothing wrong with me if I struggle, but that’s how I’m feeling. And I wonder sometimes can we find the gratitude for these places? And I don’t know that I can really say thank you. I woke up struggling again, thank you. But you know, I can find the place outside. I’m so glad I’m awake. I’m so glad I know. There is such a thing as nine chatter not being real, not being the true sound room saying it just seems so true and so real. It may still try and assert itself. You know, in fact, this morning, I thought some of the heaviness when I woke up I was I have to find today. Not everybody wants to show up and do their thing. And then you get does this happen to you? You get mad at yourself because you know you like doing

this thing, but you also struggle showing up. This is the classic. I’m sure it’s classic. I think it is classic is a classic.

It’s hard. And it’s hard. You know, it’s just it can be hard. But like I say the mind chatter is as we practice awakening, and maybe we’ll be practicing our whole lives. I don’t know. No, I’m always reminding us there is no bear, bear. There’s only here and here we are. And this is now

I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me. It’s hard to practice, but this is the truth. You just have to keep showing up loving yourself and choosing again.

I don’t say this enough, but if you have a regular thing, a current upset, the usual topic that your mind goes to. Are you open to being mentored with this? Help yourself. Take this as your awakening. Challenge. Take it as your awakening challenge and study it. Learn about it. Help yourself, talk in your therapy sessions, your Healing Sessions. Look up other people who are talking about it. And we’re, it’s, you know, it’s good to address it from lots of angles and understand it’s sort of like your sacred thing. Your sacred awakening pain to be to let yourself be in the mystery of why you’re so freakin bothered the way you are And not attached to it is your identity. It’s one of the most bravest courageous pieces of work you could ever do to say this is going on. And I am no longer identifying as that, even though there’s this anxiety or this tendency to be this way. I’ve talked about this a lot if you cry easily, and you’ve been teased about that, like to no longer identify as the person who is bad or wrong or difficult or challenging. Or even as the person who is problematic because of this or his problem. And because of this, because I know that place in me where, you know if I feel upset or nervous or resistant to even wanting to record for the day, and it just happens and happens and it happens. I mean, I’ve created this groove. Where I’m doing my awakening work. No, but can we change how we awaken? Can we change the dance we’re doing with the same old, same old? No. Can we tell the mind chatter to shut up and keep moving forward in the direction we love? You know,

I feel the grace coming through right now again, and I feel like my throat is so tight right now. And my eyes are watering. No. Just because not everybody tells you these things doesn’t mean it’s not what’s going on behind the scenes. So do you have stuff that’s really your struggle sometimes, but it’s also your joy? I just want you to know you are so okay, it’s so natural. Most of us have a gift that is tied to a wound. The wound and its gift is one of the very first blog posts I wrote. It’s probably horrible writing, but I will be sure to put that in the show. You know, we’re connected, we’ve been hurt. I definitely was made to be feeling ashamed for stepping in front of a microphone from a very early age. No, I would be playing guitar on my tennis racket in my bedroom with my stuffed animals and the music and you know, some energy was running through me. I already knew one day I would be channeling something important into a microphone. I could feel it. The little kid in you think it’s a rock star for sure. It’s a ballerina. It’s a fireman, you know, we turn these into certain things. But there’s an energy already

here. And it’s talking to you, you know, it’s telling you you’re coming to cicadas.

But then yeah, people come in and they don’t affirm you. It’s rare, I’m sorry, who hadn’t enlightened parent? It’s rare. Maybe you do? Maybe you are them. Maybe your generation is that in your family? You’re the one. You’re the unicorn, you’re the mutant, as a former therapist of mine would call me You’re the mutant in your lineage. You’re the one. But before us who was enlightened who was working on stuff. I mean, it’s rare. It’s usually us. We were the ones meant to do the awakening. And over and over and over, I see the evidence. You’re being tapped by who you truly are. Sometimes very, very young. And it’s always already directing you and telling you like, guess what, you’re awake in this lifetime. You’re awake, you’re on this journey. You’re not going to be like the average bear. You’re not going to be like the rest of your family. You’re going to experience some stuff that’s going to really wrap your world in a negative way, in a positive way, you’re going to have expansion, you’re going to have huge moments. And you’re also going to have huge moments where you feel totally disconnected from everybody else. You know, you’re gonna have tons and tons and tons of experiences that continue to

rock your world, one way or the other, and none of it defines you. Unless you love it.

You’re the captain, now, you’re the one. You’re the enlightened one. And enlightenment is simply a practice of remembering who you truly are. And who you truly are. Who are you truly? Don’t you dare say, yeah, yeah, spirit in the body, Robin, don’t do it. Are we sincere? about waking up? Are we sincere about finding our peace, then it’s time to work on using your suffering, to remember who you are,

you are not your history, you are not your thoughts. You are the captain, show up as you are the true you and keep waking yourself up.

Keep realizing, no self-realization what that means. Keep realizing the self, the true self. The true self, this not your thoughts. Use your suffering, to remember who you are my friend. And it is time to up your game. If you’re ready for them, to own that middle step where it’s like life is happening. Yes, all of these things are happening. And your choice to dance in that dark disco need to honor that you are doing that too. Don’t just be like the world is shit. And so my life is shit. There’s a middle step there that needs to be honored. That’s happening. And that is we’re aligning to that we’re allowing them we’re getting something out of that. Even if it’s just the bitter pain of touching a canker sore, or really tender hangnail. Sometimes I use these examples because they’re perfect. And I notice like, sometimes we’re drawn to recreate the pain impulse. Take responsibility for that. And you’ll be so much further along with part of what you’re here doing in this day right now. Honestly, I feel it, the goodness in you the light in you the truth in you, I feel it. The energy of love that shines through you. And I can’t just tell you that over and over and over. At some point, you have to take this baton, you know, and do your journey, do your leg of this journey on your own. And it will come down to that when you realize like I’m done. Listening to the old voices, where you realize you know what this is, as far as I can go, I need to ask for help. I need to ask for some mentoring. I need to say prayer here. You will be helped. If you want to make the next advancement I like in German the word is shrinked. Take the next treat the next steps, the next moves. open yourself to receiving support. You know, I mean, I’m always here in session, but I’m talking about support like the mentors all around you. Number one husband for me some of my best friends. People I see in session you help me and I know you know that you helped me so much. The love and the feedback you share the cards, the letters you send me the way you encourage me when you tell me I’m brave here and the things I say and how much you need to hear it and

you help me too. So you know, let’s love ourselves and take the next step. Okay. Cheers to that. Amen.

I love this message already. I haven’t even heard it back and just feel so good right now. I hope that’s true for you as well. Now We have time for a letter and have a beautiful letter coming up. Before I share that, love to ask for your support on the podcast. If you’ve been tapped by spirit, one way or another, you’ve been inspired by your listening. If there’s somebody you thought about, send this arm to them, help them who is already seeking whoever that is in the world already seeking for help. You know, those people, I’m just telling you this story, like, when you’re praying, Help me Help me Help me, I want them to find this, if that’s what’s meant to be. So if you’ve been tapped, one way or another, share the song, something helped you today, share it on, tell that story, tell somebody else. And always listen again. And many of you told me and listened more than once and I do light offered has that quality to it, where it’s like better than the binge-watch of anything you can watch. Sometimes. It just, not only does it smooth things out for us, but it helps us to expand. So beautiful. And thank you in any way you want to support me. Thank you. Thank you, thank you always really I am I hope you know how grateful in my heart I am. For this ride with you. In so true. Okay, this letter. Such a beautiful letter. And my friend asked to be anonymous. So this is from anonymous. Hi, Robin. Thanks for being out there on the internet. It helps me so much. I’m sorry, I cannot afford to pay you for sessions right now. I wish I could, and when employed and have had fatigue, but slowly things are getting better. I’m starting up my company again. Small steps. I was burned out because of too much stress working for clients. I’m not gonna say the job just to protect your anonymity here in an Emirati here. But I would So continuing working for clients, but I was always frustrated and stressed and it is still hard for me to handle customers. I suffer from being too kind, and taking in all people’s energy. When I stopped working. My goal was to find a new path to work with my art, which is my dream. And also combining with more spiritual work somehow, I have to learn this I have to learn slowly. And right now I’m so confused because there’s so much to learn. I’m a very sensitive person, and I feel other people’s bad energy. But I still find it so difficult to understand the energy, how it works. I almost desperately want to learn about how this works. But I don’t know how I want to learn how to close myself to stop taking in other people’s energy. It drains me completely. Your latest podcast hit me in my heart. And this is referring to Episode 142. There are no small upsets. Your latest podcast hit me in my heart. You are amazing. Among all these healers out there I find you outstanding being so natural, true and loving. Thanks again for being you and giving me so much hope. I thank you to my friend. First of all, it takes enormous courage and bravery to write a letter like this. Even though you know something about me and you listen to me and you work, you know, you work with my teachings. You don’t work with me. You work with my teachings and you know, it’s a safe space. It’s still courageous and brave to talk about these things openly. So I asked you if I could read this.

Because there’s so many of us with this going on. You’re not alone. You’re one in millions who have these feelings happening. You happen to be one of the ones courageous enough to reach out and express it and ask for help. And that’s huge right there.

It’s a big-time, you know, this pandemic year and a half, two years, whatever, rat. You know, we’re also, I think about this time of year right now it’s back to school time, and I keep watching the school buses in my neighborhood and the kids walk into school and all the masks I see. And I’m not making any statement about math, I’m just saying like, it’s, it’s a visual striking. And I feel very emotional. A lot of times I’m seeing it, I feel alive emotions arising in me. And you know, it would be such a beautiful thing to not need to, like, somehow be always handling this pandemic. So well in handling it and being over it or being, you know, like, just to allow some of this energy, to keep dissipating to continue to heal and dissipate them. Not just the pandemic, but all that you personally have been through in the last couple of years, it’s been a haul, it’s been a journey. Look at my throat, if I’m talking about this, can you hear it just to be slow and easy and allow ourselves to be okay, with the feeling of too much stress and being burned out and being like that is do and it’s okay, if I take space. It’s okay, if I allow myself to rest, it’s okay to rest for no reason. It’s okay to acknowledge the feeling of being burned out and do something different than the dance We always do. At some point, we want to rise in the new energy with all of this and not just keep putting out fires, and just always working at it, always working on it. I was just talking to a friend in a healing session today. And I said, you know, at some point, do you remember those games that’s like a, like, Oh, god, my words are failing me. But this ball that we would give little kids, if it had holes in it, some were square, some were triangles somewhere circles. And then the blocks that you put in, you know, we have the same, you don’t want to put a square peg in a round hole. But also, on the spiritual journey, like at some point, it’s okay to stop always putting all the pegs in all the holes and just getting it right all the time, you can just kind of throw the whole ball out and say, I’m going to have a new, whole new path, a whole new experience, I’m not going to continue to go back to the framework I’ve always used, I’m not going to continue to always assume that my work is going to come through this channel. This one way I’ve learned like, you’re you’re right there. I want to learn how this new way works. But I don’t know how I want to learn how to do this. And I don’t know how yet. So let’s pretend a new field is being prepared beneath your feet right now and energetic field and we can continue to dance with the upset that always has been there that you’ve related to that you’ve interacted with all your life, you know, unemployed fatigue, don’t have money to afford it. This is like in your example, okay? The example you’re giving the feed the old field of upset or we can literally stand a new field of awareness and say I’m here and I’m ready and I want to be rested and healing you know, releasing the old some this, for example, the pandemic experience. It’s okay with me if it takes me a few years.

Some people are not going to like that. I just said that. It’s okay if it takes me a few years of healing.

Some of us there’s a death in our life in our lives. When my mom died. There were people Two weeks later, you know, my life blew up. But two weeks later, I remember my ex-mother in law is that what you say my ex-mother-in-law calling me and saying It’s time to get back to the real world. It’s been two weeks, it’s time to get back to the real world. You know, not everybody can handle it. But I hope you’re somebody who can say, No, I can be okay, taking my time healing, releasing, allowing some energy to dissipate. And I’m also going to remember, I’m in a new field. Here, I’m standing in a new field. That story is the field of diamonds is coming to me, I’ll see if I can look it up. And I’ll link it in the show notes for you guys. Anyone feeling called to read about that? standing in the field of diamonds, what is good beneath my feet energetically. Now let it come, I’m not going to fill in the gaps. I’m not going to just put the hole the pegs in the holes, and keep trying to do my duty. And then stay here. witness my upset my frustration, my stress. give myself the healing I need. I need rest. I need sunshine, fresh air water. I need giggles and laughs and fun, fun books and TV shows. And yes, I need to create like it. You know, I had a week off, I gave myself a week off. Yes, you could work forever, all the time. And when we work by ourselves, I work for myself, it sounds like you work for yourself. The tendency is to tell that story. Like if I’m not working, there won’t be money. And you know, I don’t have the benefit of benefits. Because I work for myself. I don’t have a retirement plan because I work for myself. I hear these stories all the time. And sometimes I tell them to my dumb Are we going to keep staying in the old field of upset and fear and stories are we going to trust this new way that wants to come and want a new way and want a new way. So you know for all the things that you’re sharing here, you’re a sensitive person and you take in other people’s energy helped me to heal. I was talking earlier about at some point, we want to open to receiving the mentoring here for us. So, in this example, you said, you’re amazing among all these healers out there, I find you outstanding. So that must mean some of what I share feels powerful for you. Will you take some of what we’re sharing today and apply it? No, do the work, not just listen and soothe the part of yourself upset and hurt and you know, driven crazy by other people’s crazy which something I really really relate to? Will you take some nuggets here and do some practices. So in other people will always present work for us. And we are sensitive. It’s very natural. Of course we’re sensitive, we’re intuitive, we’re creative. being sensitive, and interpreting energy is part of the gift that we have. But the wounded side of that is, you know, look at how you grew up. Probably there was some codependent dancing you did with your family. And when they were in a mood, you weren’t in the mood, of course, there’s going to be some work to do. So how can you not destroy your business? Because you can’t handle the vibes coming your way? You know, that’s something I have to ask people often in their, in their businesses. Don’t

make it about you. If people are a bit intense and annoying. You know,

I was talking to a client the other day and they were talking to me about a client. This happens a lot. They were talking to me about their client and like this person, don’t they get it? And there’s boundaries for a reason. Like they’re kind of shouting at the air, telling the person who is not in the room and unable to hear any of these things being said but it’s like, we just if we just complain long enough, it’ll go away but it doesn’t go away. We have to set a boundary. We have to close the door. We have to learn how to say you know what? This person, they operate in this way, but it still doesn’t have to mean that I dance with them. You can learn how to say no, you can learn to say, these are the availabilities. I have, you can say, you know, don’t contact me on the weekend, don’t answer calls on the weekend. Truly, there is no such thing as an emergency, you know, but the, but the wounded part of us that everything came in like that hot potato. We couldn’t handle it. So we learned to quickly dispatch the hot potato. And so you’re still sitting with the hot potato today, like, I have to do it, I have to do it, I have to do it.

Like, you can handle it. You can handle it.

You’re very curious about spiritual work, you said, so this is the perfect time. I recommend early on I wrote a lot of articles on the chakras and what they do, and I will link this in the show notes. It’s really fun to learn about your own energy. And to see how I am You are so impacted by other people and their energy. And so that’s a solar Solar Plexus thing that’s going on the throat chakra gets involved. This is why sometimes I’ll say to you look at listen to my throat, you know, we’re in charge of, of getting drained completely though. This is the work we must do on our own. And so earlier I was saying the Yes, but thing happens. You know, yes. But people are so draining Yes. But I’m still I have to learn how to do it. Yes. But I’m so frustrated and stressed. Yes. But I can’t handle the customers. Yes, but I’m not, you know, yes, I want to receive help. But I’m unemployed and I’m fatigued. Alright, this is your work? How can you stand on your acre of diamonds on your field of diamonds yet to be this stuff is yet to be. But you know, it’s coming. Trust and trust in this universe that does have your back, always and see what wants to come. Instead of filling in the gaps. Instead of speaking into life, all the things you already know, all the things that came before all the old, boring stories, that one lady, the cuckoo client, you know, we all have. But your work is to stop

dancing in that old energy and be still in this new field and,

you know, allow the energy to come. So, you know, go towards what you’re excited about. That is always such a good thing. Play in your art. play in the energy, learn more about your spiritual stuff I will put if you visit Robin slash 148. It’ll also be in the description here, where you’re listening, click on that and you’ll see the articles there, play and have fun and watch the tendency and it’ll be quick because all of us have a small self, ego mind that’s trying to destroy the joy. That’s just what it wants to do. So see if you can let it be there and not identify. That’s the work. You know, it’s like earlier I was saying I could hear the cicadas kicking up. Now they’re totally quiet again. You know, the stuff comes and the stuff goes. We don’t have to come and go with it. What remains is always you right here right now. Fabulous. Beautiful. totally ready, totally loved. So I hope that helps my friend and thank you for writing on my memory. So appreciate hearing from you. I love knowing that what I share how it goes deep into my heart as evidence. You know, for the part of me that struggles this. You’ve been listening today with all that stuff too. So we’ll keep holding hands and walking together. How does that sound? Thank you. Thank you. And friends. I’d love to read your letters here. If you have something and you feel ready once to receive some support, some love and also help the world have us here in the love coffee, too. More healing. Please write to me at hello at Robin Hallett calm or reach out to me on social media. And I already can’t wait for that. So good. Well, friends, that wraps another amazing episode of Tea with Robin, I hope you loved it. And like I say, if you did, take it a step further for you put this put this love into action in your own heart. Sometimes it’s not enough to just keep putting the pegs in the holes and saying it’s good guys start to take action in new areas so that

it isn’t just stagnant. Going back to the same old again going back to the same old again. You know, some of us are the same, the same old, same old for 30 years. That’s how it happens. What’s your next step? Right now? Right now. What is your next move? All right, well, this has been me Robin Hart, sparkler. Hallett and I’m gonna see you next time. Bye bye.

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