There Are No Small Upsets. They Are All Equally Disturbing to My Peace of Mind // Tea with Robin Episode 142

How are you doing with handling your upset these days? Are you being a friend to your own heart? Are you remembering your practice?

Everybody feels upset from time to time. But for some of us, it’s a regular occurrence. Daily even. And if that’s you too, you’re in good company. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to be a friend to your upset and make some shifts you may not have thought to try.

“There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.” A Course in Miracles Workbook, lesson 5.

I’ve got some great support, encouragement, and stories to share with you today plus some excellent listener letters coming up.

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“There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.” W-pI.5.4:3-4

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s a Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. How are you doing with handling your upset these days? You’ve got upset, right? Occasionally it visits you–sometimes the same old upset that it always is, you’ve got stories, world events happening, how are you doing with your upset? Are you being a friend to your own heart? And how are you dealing, like how are you using your spiritual teachings, your learnings, the stuff you enjoy, how are you using that as a practice to support you? I’ve got some great listener letters coming up as well. This is going to be a fun one, I suggest you come grab a couple of yum yum, and meet me here.


Well hello beautiful friend, it’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 142 142 All of the show notes, links, anything moving super good AI engineer will be in the show notes. Episode 142 Robin Hallett comm slash 142. And that link is also here in the episode description. If you’re new here, I’m Robin, this is a podcast about healing, and sometimes I like to tell friends, especially when they’re struggling.


everybody needs a friend in their corner, they deserve it, and they made it a friend in their corner who will speak the true true help you remember what’s real help you do your work, and I hope that this can be one of those places for you, where you have a friend in your corner, somebody who has your back, and encouraging you to do the work. It is not always easy, showing up in your life, and showing up. When, maybe it seems like other people aren’t, you know, these can be big, big deals. So, welcome, Welcome Welcome Friends returning. How are you, how have you been this week? What have you been this week? You know what’s been going on for you this week. Take a moment with me here. Let’s reflect a little on your week. this week. What have you been up to. Sometimes I’m so blown away by the, the stuff we can be going through at any one time and how it changes from day to day am I right? So, I hope you’ll take a moment with me just to honor yourself and everything you’ve been walking through and I bet there are lots of things to be proud of in there as well, that you’re remembering your practice that you’re remembering. You want to choose to remember who you really are and what’s really going on, and that is spark of the divine, Child of God, connected to all things, creative, powerful, you’re magnetic. You call things to you on things, you know, so we do our practice because we want to be choosy. Choosy with what we’re calling in choosing with the love choosy with the choices choosy with the way we are spending our time.

Over here it’s a beautiful day I just finished a morning of healing sessions. I’m recording this on a Friday, Friday, yay. And it’s been a really interesting thing, you know, I’m thinking a lot about how they say there are no small upsets in the Course of Miracles, all upset is disturbing to my peace of mind. It’s so fascinating how we all have upset, and all of our upset is different. And sometimes there’s a, it seems like there should be a hierarchy to the upset like certain upsets seem more important than other upsets you know, but to a person, what’s upsetting you, is upsetting, period. And so today I’m hoping that we can talk about that a little more in-depth because the way I see it we have a couple of choices before us. One is we can keep identifying what’s upsetting about what’s upsetting us. Is there a clear way to say that I don’t think so we can keep talking about what’s upsetting, about what’s upsetting us. The powerlessness, We feel the hopelessness, we feel the despair. And because we’re magnetic because we cause and effect is a real thing we’ll keep calling more of that evidence to us, or we can practice being free. With our choices to be more choosy. With what it is we want to be aligned with. And, yeah, that is not woo woo mumbo jumbo.

That is

the practice before us period. So, that’s right where I am, it’s right where I am when I’m helping other people who are in situations that are intense, like, really intense, and it can be challenging sometimes to feel like I can still say this to you, even though you’ve got this thing going in, in your life. Yes, we can still choose all upsets are equally disturbing to my peace of mind. And this is not what I would want, you know. So yeah, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, I would love to have some tea with you, I hope you brought some tea. It is the weather has been a little wacky over here in Chicago, that’s where I am. It’s been a little wacky, some days it’s like 98 and super humid, right now it’s beautiful 72 and breezy and can have all the windows open and. Anyway, I’m going to make an iced tea. Every morning, as I get up I boil some tea to water for tea, and I sent out a carafe, with different bags whatever is the day the flavor of the day, I usually just loved black tea, you know, just regular black tea. And but today I have some constant comment, it’s very constant comment, which I always thought was constant comment on my life but constant comment. It’s very good Bigelow I think, and a little lemon juice, so I say we cheers, we cheers to this moment now to the practice of holding our own hands, being present with ourselves walking with whatever is going on in your life right now, even if it’s your thinking, your scary thoughts. Your stressy thoughts, your fearful stories, whatever it is that’s going on for you right now. Cheers to holding your hand and staying true to you, Cheers.

That’s good. It’s, it’s certainly not the same with the glass straw and a yeti metal container but there. There you go. Cheers. So friends, I want to talk about something very, very simple, I sent an email to the loaf policy this week called. But what if we really did come for the pie. I love the reminders when I write reminders like that, like, you do not have to be upset. I get that you are upset. I am upset at times, you know, think about your common denominator upset. We get upset, but it’s not a requirement in order to have joy or peace. Like, you don’t have to have hard, difficult upset. Before you get to have it be good. And what if we came for the pie. Instead of the poo, you know, What if it’s not all difficult and hard and horrible, this life. What if it’s not meant to be difficult, hard and horrible. But what if you came for the pie. Let’s say, before you got into this body, let’s just pretend Okay, before you got into this body, you were an energy being and whatever you were some kind of ethereal something, and then you manifested in a body, and maybe you had some goals. What if the goals were much more like, I want to eat pie. And I want to laugh with my friends. I want to enjoy the sunshine. I want to swim in a lake. I want to listen to music. When I learn to play the guitar. Like it really mattered to us, it matter to us at this as this being before we came in, I want to do that stuff. That’s what I want to do. So let’s say you believe that let’s say you believe you really did come for the pie. You really really did come for the pie, let’s say, use it as a metaphor. Are you enjoying the pie. Are you spending time every day enjoying the pie. Is your goal in your heart. On the pie. Is it because, you know, things are going on in the world as we hear scary stories in us as we hear stories about related to the pandemic food shortages, intentional sabotage hacker stuff hacker stuff, my God. Hacker stuff. Yes, what the progress and lacking progress in our efforts, concerning social justice, and racial equality. I just don’t even know how to talk about this without being afraid that I’m going to be scary, you know what I mean. But there is stuff going on right now that I’m hearing about and depending on where you’re at, like I say, if you’re, if this is me again totally tongue tied here because I don’t want to seem scary. Okay so here I’m going to apply this practice to myself. There are no small upsets. All upsets are disturbing to my peace of mind, and the thing I want to talk about the truth is that whatever is going on in the world. Whatever is going on in your life, in your personal life, whatever we’re aligning with in our awareness.

Let us not forget that we came for the pie. Let us not forget that we can to enjoy our lives that we came to enjoy our time. And so it doesn’t make sense for us to be scared and afraid

we might be feeling scared and afraid we might be feeling sad, I told you last week and a week before I’ve been struggling with some stuff, I’ve really been healing some pieces here in my history with my stories letting things go, And it’s amazing how that takes time, things that have happened to you, and how long you’ve struggled with this lifetimes, you know,

think about the stories you’ve carried about yourself since you were little. So much of them where we feel ashamed of ourselves or like we’re just not quite right, or we’re not quite doing our life right. And the way we nitpick at this that we do, judging, judging, judging, you know I dragged myself to. When I wake up and I’m upset about something right away I judge myself when I come to the end of the week and I want to record a podcast, I get upset again. I get upset that I have to do the work, even though I love to do the work, you know, even though I love to share the message, and I get upset that I have to share on social media, and I get upset that what if nobody likes it, and I get upset, you know, that people are gonna be mad at me, and these are things that happen but the AI that gets upset is not your essential self, that’s, it’s not the one who came for the pie. It’s not the one. So you might be there. You might be there with the terminal illness right in this very moment. You might be there experiencing those rolling food shortages rolling food shortages. Yeah, you might be there experiencing the big amount, a few, I don’t remember when we had the first one of the first hacking incidents with the pipeline, the, the gas pipeline shutdown, and I didn’t even know about it but several people sent me text messages that were like dire like apocalyptic, this is the end of the world, you better go now and get your game. And I know how that is because it’s scary, you know, when you put the news on and you hear the anchor person talking about this or that going on, but there’s a part of us that whips ourselves up, and there’s a part of us that knows how to hold our hands, hold the hand of the one who’s whipped up. Do you get it, do you feel me. You got to remember to stay present with yourself. It almost doesn’t matter if you’re suffering. What matters more is can you be there in your suffering for yourself and love you and holds your hand. So instead of saying, oh, you know, here’s the thing going on and I’m upset about it and like me, you know, I don’t want to do it. You know, instead of saying that thing, like it’s really difficult, and I’m scared and I don’t want to do it. I think about people who text me and they’re like, or I’ll say, What’s your intention per day. What do you want to do and people sometimes say I’ve got a big project at work today and I don’t want to do it, and I always want to say me to guess what this post you’re commenting on, I didn’t want to do it either, you know, wouldn’t it be weird if I actually responded like that but it would be so true. I didn’t want to post on social media, either. But guess what. A part of me does want to share light and want to remember the light and want to be the light with you I want us to be on the journey together in this joy thing, we came for. And that is allowing ourselves to be as we are exactly as we are remembering who we really are. You know what I’m saying. And yes, the world could be in cahoots with crazy sometimes. A lot of the times, but you know, the part of us that is frantically texting about gas shortages or food, Rolling food shortages are freaking out about things is not the South who has the power to remember who you really are. So there’s something so freeing about accepting, there’s a part of you that is freaked. But the important part is not to freak out the important part is hold your hand, are you there enjoying the pie. Are you letting yourself still show up and do

what you want to be doing, even though the voices are shouting their bad advice as Mary Oliver once wrote,

that’s the work before us. Period. Period. Period. That’s all there is to it. You got to honor what you want and what you want is to be at peace, is to be free, is to feel easy, even though the shit hits the fan, even though that person said that assholey thing. Even though you have a diagnosis, even though the money might not be there, even though, you know, we are not making the progress we hoped for, in terms of so many things related to reparations equality. Just, I could go on and on and on, right. We have an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy. So are we doing that or are we spending our time, beating the upset


It’s okay if you’re scared. It’s okay if you’re, you don’t know what to do. I think there’s something really beautiful about staying present with the power of you and listening. You know, I feel like I’ve been talking to you about the podcast upset forever. And, you know, that’s mine. The worry about it, the fear of it, but learning to stay present with me, means, I really see that I want to do this, and it’s about finding the sweet spot where it’s not hard, where I don’t make it so hard. You know, think about your own life. Where are you making it so much harder than it has to be. And I’m asking you that because your energy follows your awareness, and I was saying earlier, cause and effect, you know we are responsible for our experience. If you don’t like the one you’re having. Remember what I’m saying to you. It’s okay to still enjoy yourself. It’s okay to be allowed to enjoy things and let them be easier for you. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take breaks. If you’ve been worried about money. Let’s say it’s okay to take a break, still, and trust in this whole thing called the flow, the universe, the energy of love, the energy of alignment, the energy of attracting like energy back to you. It’s okay to practice that. Really the only thing going. So I hope you will This week let yourself get to some of that. Okay. I hope I really really really I hope you do, and I always love to hear from you know, I’ve got some letters I want to share today that I got this week I’m going to read those and share some reflections with you. I’ll say here I really want to know how this is landing for you and let’s keep talking about it I’m so enjoying the interaction with you a little bit more interaction with you. Hearing what your thoughts are, how this lands for you, it’s really important so if something resonates here or you have another question, Please write to, you know you have more. You want to know or something you want to dive into further, please write to me hello at Robin Hallett, calm, or you can message me on Instagram or Facebook. The links to that are here in the show notes as well. And let’s look to some letters. Let’s add some more tea to. Oh, do we like that sound no we do not. This letter comes from Tiffany. Dear Robin, I cannot say how much your Course in Miracles courses, and the podcast are a daily reminder for me to do the practice, so, so helpful. Today, I’ve had an invite from my mom, dad, brother and sister in law to go on vacation, outside of the country. At the beginning of next year. The family stuff has been a bit rocky if you know what I mean, they did not invite my longtime boyfriend because they have decided a long time ago, that they don’t like him. It’s not like I’m 16, I’m 33 freaking years old, part of me would like to go. I think it could be fun and a good way to reconnect. Part of me feel sad and hurt that they didn’t invite my boyfriend. Even if I did go and those other issues didn’t exist, I’m really not comfortable traveling outside the US so soon after the pandemic, there’s pressure to book now and get a passport now and then is a bit much for me. I mean they just invited me today and I can already tell there’s pressure. I mean, thank you

so much for thinking about me, I will think about it seems like it should be a good place to end the conversation right, instead I got responses like flights are booking fast, They’re already booked for insert week before said vacation, or it’s going to be so much fun and we can do this and we can do this and we can do this. And I know part of that is just excitement, but even well intended, it feels overwhelming to me, when I’ve already requested time to think about it. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I feel like it’s a no for me. But is that just fear. I don’t want to be scared, and I don’t want to be a party pooper. It’s almost like going when I don’t want to would be easier than saying no and dealing with all the pressure and pushiness and potential for an even bigger family riff that I know will probably happen when I say no. And that pressure is making it difficult to listen to and tune in to what I really want. In any case, boundaries are hard, especially with family. I would love and welcome your thoughts and advice lots of love. Tiffany. Sent from my iPhone. Don’t you love those little bottom thingies. Sent from my iPhone. Yes, It’s so true, my friend, you know, just, wow. First of all, I gotta, I gotta say, you know a lot at this point about yourself, at 33, you know a lot. And it feels pretty clear that you’re not excited to go, you’d like the thought of connecting and reconnecting, but also, it feels a little. It feels like there are things that really aren’t. Okay, like the exclusion of your partner. The pressure. That feels like it’s not honoring you.

Um, I wonder about, you know, you say you don’t want to be scared and you don’t want to be a party pooper I wonder about how that story got to be there in the first place.

No, we don’t just miraculously sprout out of the ground as a party pooper and afraid. I think about this a lot. You may not know that I have a fear of heights, but I do. And I was talking about jumping off the telephone call a few episodes back. But when I was maybe eight years old. One of my uncle’s helped me over a balcony on the seventh floor of a building my grandma’s building held me over. And, yeah, I have a fear of heights. It’s in there. It’s in there, deep, you know, I understand where that comes from, and that does not mean I’m a party pooper. I’ve been told that, just thinking of all the things you do on the stairs, where I can see down where it’s open and I can see down. It’s very struggling for me sometimes, and I can feel if I’m in a group and we’re going down stairs, especially, I feel this pressure to rush because I don’t want to seem like a party pooper. So just translate this to your own thing here, because it’s really fascinating, and when I was in the CC, holy. You know what, my friend, are there stairs and ramps and railings and VISTAs and high altitudes and steep drops, and I took such good care of myself, I frequently find myself at the front of the line on some winding crazy staircase with this big, you know, it felt crazy to me it felt precarious and brightening and you get that suck of air, like, you know, that one. I just see a little gap somehow, and it probably reminds me of those, the railing on the balcony where you can see through. See out, and so I learned to just step to the side and say please go ahead. Please go ahead. Instead of pressuring myself instead of pushing my way, or doing it scared and complaining. You know, like, I’m not a party pooper I’m not a baby. I’m not a baby. This isn’t a problem. This is honoring my way. This is honoring me. So how do you convert that is what I care about here. How do you convert that because we don’t just emerge from the womb, as a party pooper party pooper. Somebody told us we were that somebody told us we were that in a moment, probably of our own resistance where we were trying to be ourselves and honor ourselves, and, you know, trust in that, and it wasn’t the popular thing. I mean, I listen to the cicadas, you know, honoring how it feels for you, matters more. So my question to you is, You know, what is your truth here.

I feel like it’s a no for me. But is that just fear. I don’t want to be scared and I don’t want to be a party pooper. What do you want, if you really did come for the pie. Metaphorically speaking, are you enjoying it, because I don’t think this is what you were meant to do. And on some level, you know, and maybe I’m the only one who’s willing to say it out loud on the air, your family, or just people. I wish we didn’t have so much pressure to make it more spectacular than it is, but something about accepting it as it is, is very healing.

So, you know the best boundary to set is the one where you honor what you need, and your honor what you want. And,

you know, for me, it feels like there’s some important energy here to listen to,

leaving the country. At this time, even planning to leave the country for the beginning of next year feels like there’s some energy there for you, the pandemic is definitely not over, even though a lot of people are talking like it is. And if it’s not over for you. That’s information it’s important information. I wish we weren’t in the habit of forcing ourselves to do things we don’t want to do. But the unfortunate truth is things happened to us growing up, they put us in this position, you know, and I, I don’t know why the example of the balcony comes to mind with you but it does. So, so I’d be curious to know if there’s a connection there for you but, um, when I, when I got brought back off of the balcony ledge or whatever.

Everybody was laughing, but me. I was crying, I was hysterically freaked out and at the same time trying to pretend like nothing was wrong. And that’s a place that gets born in us, it springs up in us. And then we go away blaming ourselves that we go away with the message that the only thing we need to do is look the part. At this point, save base laugh with everybody else. It’s wrong. So, for whatever that is worth to you until you can come to a place where you’re honestly in your joy about going on a trip with your family. I would guess that your answer is no, or that you’d like your answer to be No, you know, but you gotta, you gotta Feel into that for yourself, my friend. I personally for me speaking, if my family wanted to go to Europe next year. And especially because they omitted and biting my partner, are you kidding me, my partner, your partner. The partner who has been with you through thick and thin, who’s had your back, especially as your family hasn’t. Oh, you know I cannot tell you what to do but I’ll tell you what if that happened to me with number one, you could forget about it. I do believe I am to the point where if that was actually said to me, I would have to speak up because this is your partner, your love, who’s been there, your friend who’s had your back has been in your corner. Oh, this is everything we hold hands with these friends we stick together. That’s according to Robin. No no no. It’s a very strange thing the way family tries to to divide or triangulate, they form these secret unspoken allegiances alliances, whatever. It’s not okay. You know what, it’s not your problem, it’s their problem. Okay, how bossy Am I on a scale of one to 10 right now. But, you know, it’s probably true, isn’t it. So, I mean, that’s just. No, that’s your partner. If you’re not feeling comfortable traveling, I would not be traveling. And this is not really about a trip at all. This is about you enjoying your life and living your life as yourself fully out, you know fully out like fully out of your hiding behind, trying to be somebody you’re not fully out of your upset and your fear. What would you do if you weren’t afraid. And what would you do if this was somebody you loved and enjoyed being with, I know we love our family but honest to God we don’t always enjoy being together and if I’m, I can say that, of how many hundreds of people I’ve heard that from, you know, that’s the truth. We don’t always enjoy being together. It’s an important truth to know if that’s your truth, it’s important to hold your own hand there. My parents are just people. Doesn’t have to be the end of everything, if I don’t want to go to wherever together. So, you know, try it on and see. Don’t forget that you matter. Don’t forget that you’re where they don’t forget that the opinion that counts is yours. And don’t forget about the pie. Yeah. So, hope that helps. I’m going to close the window because I can hear the cicadas.

Do you have cicadas where you are. They are very interesting creatures, I think you can call them a creature, I don’t think they would mind. The Singing is very loud. And I don’t know the sometimes during the day they’re singing and sometimes that only at night, but they go. Now, I have one more letter I want to read today. This letter comes from Alisha, and this is about last week’s episode number one for one, so lovely to hear from so many of you last week actually, It was really, thank you. I really like it when, when you reach out when you share some love share some hugs. I like it best when you also acknowledge what’s going on for you. I feel less vulnerable having shared my stories, and it’s a bit. I noticed like, I got some work to do on feeling somewhat defended about when some responses come to me like oh, you poor thing. No, I’m not a poor thing. I’m choosing to share what’s happened to me, because I want to get free. I don’t want to hide behind it. I don’t want to hide. Because of it, and I also hope,

I hope,

I hope. No, I’m going to No, I’m not going to hope I’m going to know that this is helping to change lives as well. It’s also tricky, isn’t it, and I think that’s why more of us don’t talk about things. Anyway, long winded here but thank you, if you wrote to me this week that’s really, thank you for the hugs thank you for the love and even if it made me uncomfortable. Thank you, because you know what, I don’t want to align to my upset, I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t It’s not what I want to do. So thank you, thank you. Alright, Alicia, are you there, girl. Hi Robin, I wanted to drop you a note and say, Me too, to this week’s podcast episode. The healing this past month has been visceral, as I’m moving through the healing, a lot of the conversations we share during our sessions come up. I lean on them a lot, and it gives me how I understand now, and I’m starting to see and feel wanted to share something with you that I did this morning. I wrote what I dreamt wished wanted and needed. The depth of feeling that erupted with so much. It was then, I understand what you meant by, I am worthy. I am worthy of my joy. This is what several healers have told me truthfully, I put this writing in a little package with an Oracle Card I love and a piece of jade and then I gave it to the Earth via a nearby lake. It took me a while to put it in the lake. I felt wrong, like I was abandoning my family for myself, is the closest feeling, I can put into words. Wow, my friend. I then went for a walk in the forest preserve the anxiety that Unleashed sent me back to my car. I journaled for a bit and then went back to the trail. I wanted to turn back and something happened though, I stopped myself and told myself, no. Go for a walk. You are safe. I realize I keep running back to the familiar. Back to the unhealthy familiar. Back to the pain, I know. I need you to know how much you mean to me and how much you helped. Every time I was healing the most guttural of emotions I thought of you. And it gave me strength. Can you please answer this question, how do we navigate the waters. Once this life, light bulb goes off. I feel like there’s a pullback that I’m navigating, lots of internal turbulence is surfacing. Yesterday I noticed how I was feeling like a bad person for choosing my joy. I know I’m a good person, but then triggers can be so tough to work through. Yeah. And for all of us, my friend this is beautiful. First of all, I celebrate that you are somebody who is willing to stay present with yourself. This everything that you’re even go to the forest preserve and sit with this


write your heart release some energy and share it in that ceremonial way, it’s a beautiful thing. All of us can you and me and all of us listening we are like the unicorns in our families, and it has not always felt like a good thing to be that Tiffany was writing about this you’re writing about this, I’m talking about this, my, my deepest memories being teased for who I am. You know, when I got back off the balcony, and I started crying, she called me a baby. That’s, you know, how we’re trained. That’s how we’re being raised. So, the biggest work is to not abandon yourself in your moments. But at the same time to learn that what you need, what you’re the help you need the assistance you’re seeking. It comes from within you. And that is the you with the capital Y, like the Godself that you are the light you are the energy that’s connected to galaxies multiverses, you know, all this stuff we don’t even know. We just don’t even get how big it is, what we’re connected to this energy, who we really are. So, the courage to break out, break out of the fear of aligning with your family, you know that place where you keep turning back, or Tiffany is saying you know I gotta go to the, I got to do the trip, or I won’t, you know, they won’t love me or they, it’ll be a problem. This is where the work is, this is where we need to do our work, and you know what, we don’t need other people’s permission to be who we already are. We just need to step in and be who we are. It from that place. There is no commentary that needs to happen, like, you know, you come back from your adventures at the Lay key like there’s no, I understand, you know, I’m a child of God and I’m my job is to expand and be one with the universe and, you know, This is why we run into problems sometimes because we want people to get us in our new way, or our more expanded self way, right, but we need to get us we need to get us, we need to get us. And when we know who we are. There’s very little spoken. It’s a knowing it’s a moving from that place of knowing. So, you know, for all of us, I have definitely been doing this work myself, there’s some soul retrieval that needs to happen. Parts of you they got so to speak, left on the dance floor, that are still there waiting to be retrieved by you, times in your life. Think hard times. As I was saying, you know, nobody magically springs up being difficult, or the problem, you know, or the bad one,

the guilty one. But we can learn to go be with that one. That one enough, who lived through that experience, instead of just having the experience crop up again and us some burden of, I don’t want to think about that or, you know saying some mantra two, as if to ward off evil. We can just take our own hand and say hi. I’m with you in this with you, I’m right here. Let’s go. Escort yourself off that dance floor, you know what I’m saying. And yeah, step into the knowing that you really, really are worthy. You really really are worthy of your joy, and the pie, whatever it is, you came for, you know, and that poll is bittersweet the poll of, do I turn back to my parents way or do I stay in this way of my self, that poll is so powerful. We just keep being us, we just keep being us, and we understand that we’re all being asked, you know what I mean like your parents or your parents, but nobody needs to conform to anything. You can just be yourself. For some time, it’s really important to continue to love yourself in this new awareness. Stay present, you know, as I’m working on things and myself last week I told this story, and in Episode 141 I told the story about getting beat up, and I realized like, for a lot of my life I spent time just trying to ward off that upset when it would come to me, it’d be like I was really good at backhand in tennis. That was always my favorite move the backhand I would just backhand that right out of my awareness. I didn’t want to feel it, I didn’t want to know it I didn’t want to go there, but now I see the practices to sit with her. The girl in me, she’s still there waiting for someone to come get her urine, I mean, off the dance floor. She’s still stuck, they’re gonna go retrieve her and be with her. So, for a time. You know, it feels important, whatever the awakening is for any of us, that we recognize. Like, this is my awakening I’m awaken this. Stay with your awareness. We need time. Like after a massive expansion like that, your awareness is expanding your mind is expanding, you know your abilities are probably expanding need time. There must be a pause, where you recognize all of that in yourself you greet the one in you and then this information comes in, we call that contraction, or like the tide, you know, We are at the tide. There’s times when it’s flowing, and there’s times where, what, it’s ending. It’s all good. So, I have something in there feels helpful to you, my friend. It’s a beautiful, both of you. These letters are so beautiful today, and I hope that wherever this resonated for you, listening to that you’ll try to sit with yourself, where are you in your upset. What is upsetting to you at this time. Go ahead, Because everybody has something, usually, you know, and it’s probably a familiar place that you go to regularly anxiety about your health, anxiety about aging, whatever it is. See if you can be present with yourself in a new way, you know,

be present, look into your own eyes, so to speak, go into the mirror and do this work, it’s beautiful work.

But the big thing is to see when your honor you’re upset, it’s really disturbing to the peace of mind you say you want, we say we want to have fun. we say we want to enjoy the pie. You know we came for the pie. Let’s enjoy the pie. Are we enjoying the pie, or are we worrying about everybody else are we worrying about whether or not we’re eating the pie the right way. Or if the pie is going to make us fat. Good God. Let’s just enjoy it. Let’s just enjoy it. Well friends, I hope you liked this episode, as I keep telling you I’m trying to find ways to be more and more myself as I show up and share with you and that’s got its own fear, for me, it feels risky and scary, and so I wanted to say how much I appreciate those of you who reach out to say you’re learning, you’re enjoying. Sometimes you just reach out and say keep going, you know, it all feels helpful to me and I thank you, and if you’d like to support the podcast, there’s a number of ways you can do that one is. To make a donation, or purchase a course Tiffany mentioned the Course in Miracles course, they’re really great. I do do my best to be down to earth with these workbook lessons, so you can check that out. You could buy me a coffee or book a session. I’m now offering, I have been offering a sliding scale session. So you can see what that’s about. On the website, and always I appreciate a review, right here on the app you’re listening on you can leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, it is so give it a thumbs up, leave a comment where you see it, all of these things help, and I appreciate it so much. Well, friends. This has been me, Robin, Hart sparkler palette, and I’m going to see you next time. Bye.

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