Sometimes We Focus Too Intensely for Too Long on What’s Wrong. It Is Not a Helpful Thing.

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Hello, sweet friend,

This is a beautiful day and I am so happy to be writing you.

How’s the weather in your heart today? Over here, the weather in my heart is good. I love knowing that we ride together and this makes a huge difference in my day-to-day vibes

Based on the emails and messages I’m getting, it’s feeling like we need to pump up the volume on our ease-joy-love sparkles here in the Posse. Not that it isn’t okay to have heavies or struggles or the just-don’t-wanna days… they happen and it’s fine. But something I notice over time is that when we stay in those feelings too long, the energies tend to become infected.

Have you ever had an infection? I remember having my tonsils out when I was 5, they were infected. I’ve had ear infections and once an infected foot. But the worst painful ones? They are the teeny tiny infections. Those weird hangnails you can get? You try to pull on it, or trim it… and it gets infected. That tiny spot will blow up and hurt like you can’t believe, right?

Well, sometimes, our stories and upsets are like little infections. We poke and pull at them, and we add more energy into the mix in doing so. You know what you’re about, right? I’ll leave the specifics to you.

Sometimes we focus too intensely for too long on what’s wrong. It is not a helpful thing.

So how do we get out of that space? How do we stop the energies being infected? I was thinking that it might be time to suggest a self-appreciation tour to you. This is where you consciously choose to acknowledge the good in you and what you do.

Giving yourself some time to have new experiences about yourself is exactly what heals infected energies. In fact, it’s exactly what heals physical infections too — we expose ourselves to new things and our immune system becomes stronger. (Though not right away sometimes, this is not a one-and-done experience, this must become a practice).

If this resonates, I suggest you go on an appreciation tour. What have you done/created/made that is beautiful and cool and wonderful? Have you been visiting those spaces with loving awareness?

I just took a self-appreciation tour around my garden. I noticed all the work I have done, all the beautiful creative touches, I have marveled at myself in more ways than I thought I could. How I can repurpose things, how I get inspired, where does it all come from?! Wow.

It is NOT selfish to appreciate yourself or take a tour of appreciation. Go ahead and sing your praises. Celebrate your way. All of the admiration and love we could want can be found right there in our own hearts. I am telling you true.

Watch the tendency to feel sad or broken or lonely as you do it. If you try this technique, you may notice why it is I wrote that just now. We have to learn to bear our own delight, our own pride, our own self-love. This is healing. This process is healing.

If I may be a stickler for a moment? It’s not the same thing when you tell someone else about the good things you do. When you take another person on your appreciation tour and tell them all the things. Have you tried that before? Have you noticed the problems with that? Yeah. I am not saying it isn’t a good thing… #1 and I walk around the house and garden a lot and appreciate together. We listen to the podcast together and appreciate. This is good. But I am working on NOT pointing everything out because this feels like giving the energy away.

My thoughts today. Appreciate yourself. Take an appreciation tour. Focus your energies where there will be a return that is powerful. Build up your immune response.

You can totally do this! Sending love and remembrance of who you truly are.


Robin Hallett
Intuitive Healer & Light Sparkler
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P.S. This was me yesterday. Taking a little time to do some mirror work. Another form of self-appreciation. Louise Hay taught me how. Here.

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