Love You, Weirdo. On Embracing Our Uniqueness and Shine. // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 61

Love You, Weirdo. On Embracing Our Uniqueness and Shine.

Just because you’re not like anybody else, it doesn’t mean you’re weird.

You are excellent and amazing exactly as you are. You are perfect and lovely. You were divinely created – it is just true. There is no part of you that’s an accident, not one cell in your body is on accident. Even you being here right now reading this is not an accident.

And when the times come when you feel like a weirdo, where you feel your weirdness, like you don’t fit in…that’s because you’re doing the right thing–you’re tuned in to your uniqueness. And of course, you feel different! Your sparkle is not like any other in this whole universe. You are you, and you are not like anybody else.

I do understand that longing to be recognized in your awesomesauce. That’s the longing to be accepted for the way you uniquely stand out. And this means you must accept your weirdo status, with love.

This is the practice…to shine as ourselves and know that we’re okay.

So, I made this for you with so much love. Listen below, or read the transcript under the player.

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Love You, Weirdo. On Embracing Our Uniqueness and Shine.

My notes from this show:

On today’s episode, love you, weirdo. I’m reclaiming that word, and our uniqueness our light, our sparkly awesome sauce, plus my Three Things philosophy, and this week’s letter from hashtag starting over. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum, and meet me here.

Hello Hello Hello, guess who it is.

Robin awesome sauce Hallett so happy to be back with you again tea with Robin. Episode 61. I love that we get to be together, welcome welcome welcome. And if it’s your first time here Hello, it’s me Robin, we’re going to have a good time.

So how are you today my friend. How is the weather in your heart. I am wondering if you have been kind and compassionate with yourself today already today. Whether it’s morning, afternoon or good night. Where are you good to yourself, where you sweet with your own heart. I hope so. I really, really do.

I find that the practice is everything to do with self love and acceptance, no matter what. What about you, if we can’t love and accept ourselves as is. I don’t know what, because we’re really just such beautiful sparkling true facets of the diamond. The Divine. You know, no matter what we think about that, we still are.

So over here, the weather in my heart is doing really well. I’m feeling like I’m taking good care of myself and loving myself, there are good things going on. Do you have this you have got good fun things coming up, and for some reason, you get scared and nervous right along with excited and can’t wait. Oh, sometimes I cracked myself up, and this is me, if you remember back like Episode 56 bumpy landings I talked about travel a bit, and how that can kind of disorganized my nervous system a bit so we’ve got some trips coming up. One of them is, we are going to Italy for a month over Christmas and New Year’s. I’m like this speechless over the moon, super excited and it’s so exciting. And it’s a little bit scary, you know, and it’s okay, it’s okay to say that let’s make space for the tender hearted, you boo. That’s me super tender hearted and I need to hold on to my heart, with every step as I go forward with courage and bravery, you know, that’s the deal. So, I’m celebrating so many things, of course, The landlord we found the beautiful house in sec to rent, that’s where my friend is living now and the landlord of course is an amazing guy who’s just been what tapping me photos of his family and what Assisi looks like at night and so sweet. He wrote and said you know you’re going to be here for a whole month and I don’t want you to worry. I will take good care of you and I loved that because you know who says that right. I don’t want you to worry. Spirit says that spirit is always whispering through our friends and our familiars and people were in contact with whispering the messages we need to hear when you’re slow and steady in your heart and you’re just really free to explore how you’re feeling without judgment. It just, it’s like there’s so much more room for miracles ordinary and extraordinary to happen for you, you know, yes.

So big question to you today my friend. Did you bring a cuppa yum yum? Cheers to all of us here. May we continue to ride in our hearts sparkling shining true as our truest selves, loving us, and having our backs, you know, no matter what. Cheers. English breakfast tea for the win.


Today, I have something I really want to talk about and I felt a little tenderly about the way I chose to title this episode, love you, weirdo. Those of us who have been identified as weirdo in our lives, raising my hand raising my two hands. I feel like we need to wear this as a badge of honor and amongst ourselves, it takes one to know one, you know, that kind of thing. We’re in a merry band of fellow weirdos, and we are the best. And we are the brightest, the shiniest. The hardiest the loveliest, and that’s just the truth.

So, I’m praying that you love the title. And if you look at the thumbnail for this episode, you’ll see my socks that also say love you, weirdo sent to me by another fellow weirdo. You know, let’s celebrate!

So today is an episode of celebration about all the things that make you YOU. And that also means all the things that have happened had you feeling so different, so odd, so strange you know the odd one out the difficult one, the weird one the challenging one. This is for each and every one of us that has ever felt like we didn’t belong. And we didn’t measure up and we needed to change parts of who we were to fit in. Yeah, and you know, that made me cry a little bit. So I’m going to light a candle. I always keep a box of trusty matches handy, a bit of ceremony, a bit of ritual.

I tell you this all the time that you are excellent and amazing exactly as you are. You are perfect and lovely. You were divinely created – it is just true. There is no part of you that’s an accident, not one cell in your body is on accident. Even you being here is not an accident. Even you listening here is not an accident. And so, when you feel there are times when you feel like a weirdo there are times where you feel weird times when you feel like you don’t fit in. You’re not like the other horses in the field, you know, that’s because you’re uniquely tuning in to your unique, you’re, you’re the zeroing in you’re honing in on your sliver of the diamond of this whole universe, and your sliver of the diamond. Of course, it’s unique. Of course, it’s unique, it’s not like any other sliver of the diamond that I, that this whole universe, the multiverse is, whatever you are, that is all you, and it’s not like anybody else.

But it goes deeper than that doesn’t it because you have a longing to stand out, don’t you, you have a longing to be yourself, right, a longing to express yourself and exactly the ways you want to do it in exactly the way you want to shine. You want to dress yourself and do your hair, of course, in a way that makes you feel so beautifully expressed as you. Even if you’re a guy. I always tell number one he’s beautiful, you know, you want to be expressed as yourself. So, but their safety in numbers isn’t there and who hasn’t served had to survive aspects of high school and junior high, and my right. And

sometimes I’m sitting here at the kitchen table and I’m watching the kids getting on the bus, and it’s like you know how it is, it’s so important to fit in at that age, I get it. But I look and see same same same same same same same same you know same shoes same parents same year. And I get it, I’m not knocking it or anything like that, but that’s what we were coming up out of, and I think even as adults we can slip into this thing where we want to be same same same same for safety. And also, it’s the same thing when you want to share, you got to share your art online or you go to sell something, you go to share your services. You go to share your YouTube videos or whatever you’re doing, you’re like, you’re looking around for examples of how everybody else is doing it, especially the ones who are doing it, air quotes, well, who seemed to be successful, I get the origins you know we want to look to what everybody’s doing we want to look to the standard look to the norm, and certainly growing up. It was important to fit in. And that’s the rub. I don’t know about you, but I was definitely a weirdo. As a kid, definitely different definitely unique, definitely, I stood out one memory comes to mind and I was so cute. And so original and I have had to 50 I tell you all the time I’m 50 5050, but I swear to God until I was like 42, I really would look at these pictures of me as a kid and feel so embarrassed, so embarrassed. And I would almost still be so mad at myself like why were you such a weirdo you know like that, but now I see, this is my light shining. Early on, expressing fearlessly you know the love I carried the light I had the creativity, and my innocence to, I see that now so that’s why I laugh. And also I love this story. So, we had just moved from Pittsburgh, my stepdad was in sales, and so we moved every few years it seemed like we were on the road, and that’s actually such a cool thing about number one husband and me, we both had that upbringing, where they were moving around a lot, and we still talk about it because the house, we live in together now is the longest either one of us has ever lived anywhere in our entire lives, which is pretty amazing. You know, so like, we met each other and decided to stay put, which I love. So cool. So anyway, we were moving from Pittsburgh to Chicago. This had to be 1978 1979 and me at that time. Little Robin, I was big into disco okay I loved Saturday Night Fever, I loved the music I loved the dancing and, you know, there’s something to it I’ve talked to other healers, who do sound healing and they will often talk about a heart harmonic the Certain Way, a musical note, and chord will strike your heart and light up your heart chakra, and energize your whole being and give you those who see that you get in your body, you probably know what I’m talking about. So, there were a lot of songs like the BG saying that really did that for me, and I also love Donna Summer, and on and on. So big into disco, and we moved to Chicago, Steve Dahl was the big the shock jock of the time the disc jockey and he was starting this thing called Let’s blow disco like blowing up albums on it was Soldier Field blowing up disco records and really starting something in Chicago. That wasn’t going on where I lived. That wasn’t going on in my heart and I didn’t really understand. So there I was starting fifth grade and new school, I had my velour plush pants that had the words Boogie

studied in rhinestones bedazzled on my butt on the back pocket of my, my jeans, I call them the boogie teens loved of pants, I thought I was the coolest, and I also had a perm because perms, you know, I remember getting to school and immediately somebody called me a weirdo. I still remember that feeling like being so totally shocked because you don’t get it, you don’t understand you’re just being yourself. So many of us know this experience, except for most of us, that experience didn’t just happen once you know most of us who get it and congregate here at this tea party, it didn’t just happen once it was an ongoing thing. And so this feeling like there’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with me. I need to conform or be cast out. It’s just so huge. I want to share that message with you because we really need to be who we are if you think about the whole universe how big it is, and each of us has a unique address in it. That’s our sliver of the diamond I talked about our sliver of the universe. Each of us has a unique spot we’re supposed to be standing shining our light or vibrating or however, she wants to think of that. We’re supposed to be showing up as us, and if we’re not showing up as us because we’re afraid we’re weird or different or difficult. Then all we are is preoccupied with a story that isn’t even real. It’s a falseness appearing Israel but we’re not home, and so all the things that you know spirit is whispering to you to share on in terms of your gifts, your light your creativity, your hobbies your Joy’s your interests your delights the way the advice you would give the hugs you would share the music you play the way you help each other. Remember that we’re all sparks which I, you know, for me, this is what it’s about. We came here to have fun. And we came here to help out. That’s it. That is your big Rama Lama ding dong purpose in life. And so, if you’re embarrassed or worried or afraid of who you are because some person called you weird or your whole family culture weird. It’s just time, you know, today’s the day to say enough, I’m going to practice. That’s it, I’m done, I’m done aligning with that story I’m done. It’s over. I’m done. So what are we did you even say it. We’re done. We’re done telling that story. You’re. And from here on out. If you must say weirdo then it better be the good kind, right, the good kind the special kind. The unique kind. I talk about this sometimes online on social media and there are always a handful of you who will write and say you were called weirdo or weird draw a few of you like your name rains somehow. So, with the word we’re so people called you that I get that too. I get that too. Now my name did not rhyme with that but kids called me other names like Robin bird, they sang songs about me from Sesame Street, that were not loving or kind. But again, you know, whatever. My mother regularly was somebody who would be like, I think there’s something wrong with you seriously wrong with you and she would point to her head, and I’m telling you that because today those memories still come back, they come back for you to you have these times, all of a sudden, out of the blue something from 30 years ago pops in or something from 10 years ago pops in and you’re like, oh my gosh. Why did I say that or why did I do that or, or you remember that moment this is our moment of practice, you know those stories and memories and discomforts

those awkward things are going to pop back, you know, sometimes it’s just because you’re in alignment with your heart. And it’s a moment of release the body the energy body is like, oh good we don’t need to hang on to this. Oh, let’s get rid of it, you know. Let’s release it right out. Release it outright through the heart chakra, by the way. A lot of it just moves out that way. And other times that the memory hits you again because you’re more aligned with the weirdo story The weirdo bad story. And so the egos like you know their opportunity to spend a day last in the drama and chaos of history. Yay. So either way we go, we’re going to practice, aligning with our truest hearts, our brightest lights, and saying something to the effect of, no matter what. I will be true to my heart, I will be me everywhere I go, I tell you guys this, you know, I will be me wherever I go, I will be me wherever I go, wherever I go. And if that makes me a weirdo to you, other person, then that’s you calling me a weirdo that doesn’t mean I’m a weirdo. Right. It seems so like that doesn’t mean I’m a weirdo. That means you are looking at me and calling it weird. Ah, I really now in this moment I feel sad for you. I feel sad because that must mean you’re not comfortable, breaking into your own heart chakra, your own heart juice your own heart romantic and shining is yourself. You know, we have to start to help ourselves seeing it that way because each of us is here to shine and we must shine and if we don’t shine if we don’t share and express ourselves as our truest selves, we suffer. And this is why so many of us are suffering because we’re holding back our light because Hello weirdo. So, this is why we’re taking that word back. Love you weird out, I love you, weirdo, we’re awesome.

Okay, I get a little fired up. So I’ve been thinking about the patterns, I will often see in the healing room and I’ve written down, I’ve got like there’s three main categories of this weirdo phenomenon that I’ve noticed. So see, I don’t know if you can relate to what I hope you can, what I’m saying today but see where you might find the familiar thread so many of these stories, repeat, in the healing room. One is, you find yourself in a group of people who don’t get who you are you find yourself in a circle of friends who, you know, they just, it’s obvious they don’t get you and it seems like they’re not into you, they’re not interested in you. Maybe they tease you or give you a hard time there’s some kind of friction. And since we’re so good at blaming ourselves for everything. Instead of really sitting with what’s going on and inquiring more deeply, you’re likely to be saying to yourself, more often than not, you know, I’m not like the other people and that’s why they think I’m weird. And with that, the question becomes why do I keep doing this to myself, Why do I keep aligning my heart with people who can’t get me Don’t misunderstand me, what am I trying for here. Why do I need that? Why do I need their acceptance? It’s one of those places where like last week, I was telling you in Episode 60, you really have to first practice deep compassion for yourself. Just let yourself have your feelings that are feeling themselves right there you gotta let yourself breathe with it. We’re so quick to jump into quick reactions quick defenses quick fix it mode but really, this is a golden opportunity for you to linger here in the loving heart and give yourself some breaths, because this situation has to end, it has to come to an end. And the more you stay upset about people who don’t get you. People in your circle who don’t understand you. And the more you tell that story and the more frustration you feel it’s like static and lint, you’re just you’re going to be stuck to them like lint, and that’s not what you want. So, take time and really be courageous, ask yourself why, why do I do this. Why do I align with people who don’t get me who don’t celebrate me who don’t welcome me who don’t seem to be interested in what’s going on there. I know a lot of us can relate to that, that was, that was me too, and I really realized that I need to celebrate my inner weird mess you know my inner awesome sauce. And it’s not in service of my light to keep hanging out with people who were dull about me, you know, it was repeating the old pattern and if I wanted that pattern to change, I had to change it, I had to step out. And I know how terrifying that is, but I promise you something we are worth it. Why don’t I ever have Kleenex in here when I’m recording. We are so worth it. We are so worth it. There, we just got a psychic beep. OK, so the other pattern, I’ve seen, where it’s like, wherever you go, you don’t feel like there are people who fit with you. And that’s a different distinction in a way it can be a bit critical where you’re looking at other people with that judgment and saying, you know, I can’t find anyone quite like me. Maybe they don’t seem good enough. Maybe it feels like they’re jealous of you, of what you’ve created what you’ve achieved how you look, the life you’ve led whatever it is, maybe they don’t seem like they’re at your level. And so you’re a little critical of them. Nobody else like you out there that makes you feel like a very lonely person, and you’re still a weirdo. Still a weirdo. I still feel that sense of. It’s difficult to engage. It’s difficult for us, those of us who relate to that it’s hard for us to let our guard down. And just let people in, and let people just be who they are and still there’s a sense that we’re protecting ourselves. We’re protecting ourselves because of what came before you know what all that we’ve been through. We find a way to stay safe by keeping people at our at arm’s length. And

the thing about that again same thing is compassion for you, you know, compassion for where you’re at. This is not been an easy journey for you. And if you’re if you’re not finding your kind anywhere you look and you you’re even bored by the company you’re keeping, there’s still something going on underneath. Inside you underneath that story in your own heart, and it’s just, again, so good to sit with the feeling sit with the energy and ask yourself, do you want to get past this. Do you want to go beyond that, that’s really what’s here for us, do we really want to go beyond that. In this case, the stop telling the story that there’s nobody like you out there, nobody quite good enough nobody quite get to nobody who quite is at your level, telling that identifying that even if it seems true you know law of attraction. We keep calling to us what we continue to name in us. So, you know, it’s not that you have to. Otherwise, say, you don’t have to hang out in a group of from the dumps, and feel like oh I’m so happy. In my new from the dump home. No, but you know there’s there’s something beautiful and everyone and look for that, if you want to stop that pattern from your feeling like the weirdo that nobody else is quite at your level, then, yeah, put that one down and start looking for the common things and don’t say yes to dinner with that person. If you already know, there isn’t something quite aligned there, ask yourself why do I do that, on some level you go away feeling dejected and like a weirdo again, or better than or something but look at your pattern. Don’t be meeting to yourself, don’t be judging, don’t be hard on yourself. Just look with loving eyes look with Robin eyes I’m looking at you right now, with love. You know, not calling your jerk, or Dingdong, or whatever, then the famous. I am calling you a weirdo. But again, we are taking that name back. We are taking that name back. Yeah. My mom used to tell that story a lot there’s nobody quite at my level, and, you know, I find there’s something beautiful in everyone. There’s something engaging and interesting about every single one of us. Again we all represent a facet of the Divine. So how could that not be so we could really be connecting on different levels with people. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to go on spiritual retreat with them, it doesn’t mean you’re going to unpack your life story with them. It doesn’t mean you know you’re. They’re coming for Thanksgiving. And if you keep falling into that trap. Just going to want to ask you, just again I want to ask you, I’m working on my Italian accent. Why, why do I do that. Why am I doing that. Stop complaining and ask why. So the other group, I find in this weirdo dance is afraid to engage anywhere, don’t want not engaging anywhere, so you’re not in any circle you’ve removed yourself from all the circles, the badness the strangeness that otherness that you carry about yourself is really the buffer that keeps us separate. I will say there are many many many of us who live, choose to live a solitary life. So if you’re choosing a solitary life. That’s awesome. That’s fine. You know, but if it’s causing you a feeling like why am I so we’re I’m so weird that nobody wants to be with me. I actually think I carry all three of these stories and I don’t know about you but I think I’m a blend of all of these. But if you’re there saying I’m so weird. Nobody wants to be with me I don’t fit anywhere, again, everything we’re saying, you know, compassion and kindness and a willingness to look deeper,

for all of us. It’s like what do we really really want? What is it that we really really want, because this thing, this continuing to tell the story. It’s an unconscious way of keeping us safe in a familiar pattern we already know we don’t want to be in. We know we don’t want to be in it, don’t we, I know I don’t want to be in it. I really love feeling at peace and easy in my heart and I love connecting on all different levels. I love honoring my shine and my sparkle and, you know, knowing that I’m not like you because I’m me, but that doesn’t mean I’m weird. That doesn’t mean I’m bad that doesn’t mean I’m less than. Yeah, sometimes we run into people who will make fun of us who will tease about us. I mean, I probably bring up a story about that every few episodes in my own life things that happened, I feel a lot of compassion for people who are doing that in my direction. I do, because it’s like, how many more years do you want to be in prison person, because the more you extend the judgment to me, the more you keep it for yourself, because it really is buy one get one free if you buy into that story about me. You get it free for you know no extra charge free of charge, you know. So do you want to do you want to stay in that energy of making fun of people and being critical being sarcastic about things that you don’t understand or you don’t get that I can’t, I can’t stress that enough how toxic that is for you. You’re not just doling that out, you know, not even on TV when you’re watching shows and you’re critical of the characters on on the show. You’re getting it for yourself too, you know, so how would it be for us to live this really beautiful life that’s intentional. I vote yes I vote yes, so just to wind this up a ramp this up a little bit. There is nobody like you out there. You are a posse of one on so many levels, and you have bigger dreams and bigger wishes for yourself, for your life for your journey. And that means you are going to come up against things where people are going to call you weird or make fun of you in that way or tease you and for every single time you feel that instead of going joy forward, you want to suck it. Just remember what I was saying about buy one get one free, then you’re also going to hold your dream back, you can’t be in that energy of afraid holding myself back sucking the energy back and expect your dream to flourish too. So I asked you now. What is it that you long to create this year. So many of you are doing beautiful things, beautiful new things. Beautiful edgy things. There are so many of you doing amazing strides in your life. So take that visual of what you’re doing what you want to do, because it. And here’s my question to you. Will you commit to your dream, instead of worrying that you’re a weirdo, or you won’t be accepted or continuing on in the drama. I mean you know what you do. I know what I do. And you know what you do and we probably do similar things. So we’re practicing, but you can only choose yes or no, you know, yes or no. You can only pick one. I vote yes, just saying.

Every step of the way you got to be yes to you, you know, you got to be yes to you about all this other stuff. That’s just the bottom line, you can’t pick and choose your upsets you can’t pick and choose your worries, the Course of Miracles teaches this so beautifully in the first like four five or six lessons, there is no such thing as a small upset, all upset is equally disturbing to my peace of mind. I can’t expect to keep this form of upset and let the rest go. And what that means is I can’t keep insisting I’m a weirdo or people won’t like what I’m doing, or they’re not going to like what I share today or they’re not going to accept it. You know it’s not perfect enough it’s not ready for prime time. That’s an upset you’re choosing to keep you may think yeah but Robin I’m just scared I’m just upset I’m just worried I’m just I can’t help it. We can know we have to we can’t afford these luxuries of staying safe in our fear cocoon. We were meant to fly we were meant to fly. And just as an aside, you know, when I hear people saying amazing things that really get me so excited about their journey I call them star pupas, because that pupil stage, look it up from Caterpillar into butterfly, that has got to be the most exciting slash excruciating slash life force energy slash terror energy moment of a butterfly’s formerly known as Caterpillar life, you know, that’s where you are at. So you have, and Harley the Wonder dog says yes. So, as the star pupil here. You want to go with the joy forward, you want to go with the life force energy and that lesson in the course, and specifically, I’m talking about lesson number six in the workbook. What it’s saying is I’m upset because I see something that isn’t there. That’s why I’m upset so it’s like yeah, I see that either. I’m a weirdo or you’re a weirdo which makes me weird. You feel like a weirdo or. Nobody gets me, we make up a story that isn’t really there. And that’s why we’re upset because of this story we made up, I get that there are real situations happening with people. What I’m trying to say is that we are interpreting what it means we’re writing a story about what that says about us and that’s what I’m challenging us to realize is an illusion. So, here you are emerging from your cocoon, you’re a butterfly in that stage of emerging, and you’ve got a story like it’s painful it’s scary it’s bad it’s wrong it’s dangerous to be you with so much love, how would it be to realize you’re making that up and deciding you’re right and then altering who you are as a result I vote we don’t do that. Even though I do, I understand. This is one of those practices where you’re going to catch stuff, moment by moment by moment, you know, it’s really the way this is going to go. So, yeah, so may that serve you today. I hope you love this one.


Announcements this week:

And thank you, thank you for listening, and thank you for being here with me. So friends announcements. Well, I’d like to make an announcement. I am going to Assisi Italy for one month in the middle of December, first of all my friends in Europe, the UK, my Ozzy friends, this might make sessions with me a little easier for the time difference. I’ve already changed the calendar and it’s like I’m working at 2:30am Chicago time until 4pm or something, it’s kind of fun. So, just wanted to put that out there and I’m going to be offering a few spots for half day retreats, one on one with me, there’s an airport really really close. I think it’s called the Peruvian airport this would be for people in Europe, it could be an easy flight, so there’ll be more on their coming up, just wanted to put that out there and share that, that I would love to see you and my friends in the US, there’s still plenty of times there were who you and I can sit together, we just might have to be, it might be a little earlier in the day than you’re used to, but still all there. I love that feeling like nobody’s going to miss out. Nothing has to go amiss. It could only be better and brighter and more fun. You know, those of us who sit together in person we could meet on video which I think is so cool, so fun. So, just wanted to put that out there.

If you’re loving this episode, I would love you to share it on with somebody who could really use it. You know how this is how hard it is to be hard. You know what I mean, to be a creative in our world today to be unique and original and cool and how scary it is to put yourself out there. This I you know in my circles to we’re talking about this a lot and personally, in my heart I’ve taken on the role of, I am going to be an encourager, and then inspire and when my friends, start to get that wobble wobble in their story. I’m going to step in and be an encourager and then inspire, so much of that is worthless, you don’t need to address. You don’t need to confront them or drag them on about the, the wording they chose or the way they phrase it. Give them your inspiration give them your life give them your hope give them your, what you love, you know, choose to overlook those pieces and be the Inspire. So, this episode is a perfect way to do some of that and I appreciate you sharing it on mentioning it somewhere you share online, I think you always, always, always for that.

The other day, I went to post the next episode of tea with Robin. And on the dashboard where I publish. I try not to look at the stats, I really do because love is my metric, and you know I’m not impervious to some of that some of those stories too and it looked like all the except your eyes go, you see it, it’s like a thermometer spike. I don’t know what you call that shows you week by week by week how many downloads server, and it looked like everything dropped down, and I was like, oh no for a moment there I went, Oh no, and my, I caught myself because I’m really working on this to like that story that I’m a weirdo and people won’t get it people won’t like it tone down your room. You’re too weird Robin You’re too out there. You’re too Huggy touchy feely i mean you know the stories, right. So I said stop, and you look at those numbers with love and what I did was I looked at the numbers with the reason the thermometer thingy is low is because this podcast has moved up and so now we’re in a whole new graph. How do you like that, it cracks me up because how often are we expecting the worst when really a really cool thing is going on, so I wanted to celebrate that with you and say thank you, because I know you’re sharing these on and other people who really could use this love, and the medicine here are getting it. So, thank you. Isn’t that cool, I thought it was bad but nope, it was good.

And I also want to say a special shout out to a friend, Alma you wrote the sweetest thing the other day,

I’m listening to Robin Hallett podcast episode 57. She encourages us shyness we are. And sometimes when I post these images of what I love. A voice inside discourages me. It says no one will care or you’re bragging so I say thanks for weighing in, and I post it anyway. Why, because in the depths of my being, I’m tethered to my joy in a very real and sustaining way, and I want you to connect to your joy essence to joy comes from the soul, and discouraging thoughts are from the brain and its conditioning over many years. It rarely speaks the truth. This is why I listened to Robin every week. Hashtag truth. When she says we need to shine this ourselves, she knows this is the way to our own fulfillment, our connection with our own divinity. And so what if there’s some bragging. It’s a beautiful day to shine.

And thank you for that. Thank you for riding with me and Alma is a beautiful artist who’s also running a retreat to India, this coming February, you can find her on Instagram under fol our bliss, and I’ll put a link to her retreat in the show notes.


Inspiration this week:

So, the inspiration this week, I wrote a post a long time ago called the three things. I’m going to put all of this stuff in the show notes today.

The three things. Very simply, are a philosophy to live your life by, and to consult when you get stuck again, because we’re always going to get stuck again every day is going to bring us something new to worry about or think on or get hung up on.

The first thing is, God gave you a gift. And don’t worry about God if you have religious icky just, you know, pick your own word creative Cosmos source, the universe, you know, whatever you want to call it that gave you a gift. You are unique on purpose. There is nobody else, like you out there, and you have a unique way of shining, you have a unique way of seeing you have a unique way of sharing, you have a unique take on life. That’s on purpose, and that’s a gift given to you. Here comes the rain it just feels like this great little cozy cleansing. Beautiful.

Two, you have to commit to that gift, always in all ways, always in all ways. Just like the Course of Miracles quote, you can’t pick some and skip others. You have to shine everywhere you go. Yes, even with the Mean Girls, even when you’re worried that you’re going to look terrible, even though you’re worried, you have to go, you have to, because that’s the commitment. God says, will you show up and shine and your only answer is, yes, as yourself. authentically as yourself. Okay, show up and shine and be unafraid, even if you are choose, you have to choose you always have the choice and what I love about our study in our practices, if you are just a smidge willing, just disclose the tiniest sliver of a sliver of willing. And you say, help me, please, please help me or courage, you just ask please courage, raise your arms in the air and say courage and pull this down to you you have to be willing to do some of the things, you know, I say I’m willing to act like a fool for love, love being the operative word. I am willing. So will you show up as yourself and be you always in always. Yes.

Three. Abundance is the response, the things you’re seeking flow to very easily and effortlessly when you stop impeding the flow. When you stop blocking who you are and what you’re bringing, doesn’t that just seem so clear in this moment, you understand your unique on purpose. And then you decide I’m going to show up and shyness myself. Everywhere I go, then the things you’re going for are going to flow to you because you’re not shoving your hands up and defending yourself you’re not pushing it back out again. Yeah. So that’s it, that’s the inspiration today the three things. And will you be an inspiration, wherever you go, even if you’re, you are triggered by your fear or the looks you think other people are giving you. Even though. Will you still show up and shine, even though somebody bitchy or crispy with you or not very accepting, even though. Will you show up and shine, you only have two choices, yes or no love or fear. Joy retreat, or joy forward. You got it. May that serve you today.

Love You, Weirdo. On Embracing Our Uniqueness and Shine.

Our letter this week

comes from Dan, and it’s perfect for what we’ve been talking about here.

Hi, Robin. I’m kind of in a long state of inertia, and I have an opportunity to start over again after many difficult years. I’m not clear how to get myself up and passionate again. And I get in this state where I feel immobilized. I’m not sure how to proceed with my dreams. And though I’m sure I will figure it out. I’m having trouble, taking any steps to start right now. Thanks in advance for everything you do, and anything you can share. Dan.

Well, Dan, I’m so glad you wrote, first of all, congratulations on deciding to start again. I think that in itself is huge. The End again start again. It’s okay. It’s like,

deciding, we’re going to release, what isn’t working release, what didn’t work What didn’t serve us What didn’t serve the journey What didn’t honor, where we were at. We’ve made a decision to move forward and start again. And the key there to me is, we also have to let go of what was and what wasn’t. We have to let go. The reason I bring that up is you yourself are mentioning how it feels like there’s inertia, and you’re not sure how to get up and passionate, again, you know, get that feeling, motivated, of being motivated and excited again. That feeling of inertia. Yeah, it’s important to realize that this world is a Go go go go go world, and we’re not comfortable giving lots and lots of space and time and room. And this is exactly what you need here, lots of space and time and room. Sometimes people get annoyed with me for saying that because they feel like they’ve been sitting in that space and time and room feeling for a really long time but they haven’t been that stage of inertia is where you notice inertia and judge yourself. Notice inertia and beat up on yourself. Notice inertia and bargain with yourself, well maybe I should have stayed in that other situation, maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty. You know, so the first thing is to really decide to give a period of time to yourself to release what was and wasn’t process it and release it, let it go. Just like we roll the garbage to the curb, you know, do the same thing it’s very, very important. And when we try and skip that step and move on with our next big thing. We just find that it comes with, it’s like the cling on we hadn’t anticipated, you know, so just Gentle, gentle, I suggest that to you, and the other is choosing to be calm and centered in this process is a practice and it’s very important self care, gentle time really watching the tendency to be in situations that keep the ire up in your body, that keep the frustration and upset up in your body, those are not supportive things to your journey now.

So my sense is you already know intuitively where your obstacles are and what you need to be doing the big piece is to gently welcome yourself into your new space and to be excited. Find your excitement following your delight and choosing from a place of joy is always going to bring answers, you will not get to from a place of worry fear darkness, or how do I move forward. And you mentioned feeling immobilized, you know, the more we notice feeling and mobilize the harder it becomes to think clearly and and feel in our hearts clearly. And the other thing is, you’re not sure how to proceed. It’s the perfect time to open and say, help me, show me the way. Probably you are being shown lots of inspiration and signs. So stay open and keep noticing.

A long time ago I started this journal I used to call it my psychic journal where I would just write things down that happened. That seemed particularly to be guidance, wasn’t just going getting it was guidance, it was that feeling of I was being led to this this person was being led to say to me to show it to me. So, just offering that back to you that you may decide to stay in a way of

noticing. In a supportive way of noticing. And that way, when I became afraid and worried again, I would go back to the journal, I would look to my visual cues. The things I had written down.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we could be praying for, for God, show me the way. Show me. Thank you. Perhaps that’s the ticket, something very simple buy yourself a journal and decide, it’s not just you on your own, making it through the hard times, even that beautiful butterfly coming forward from that stage. It’s having a lot of help. So, rest in the help. Rest easy in the help. Rest easy and knowing, just like a heartbeat brings us to the next one. You’re being guided forward. How would it be to trust, trust this journey. Trust in this time. Trust in the importance of having this time sparkles. I’m going to send to you are for you to remember who you truly are. What you’re here to do. And to stay committed to that, even when it feels like you’re in inertia or you’re having an existential crisis you’ve lost your way to still remember. I’m still here. It’s still me. Those are just thoughts of the mind. I can’t keep this one kind of upset and expect to still hear the wisdom of what I’m supposed to be doing.

So, May that serve you. And always, I love to support you in a session if that’s feels like the right supportive thing to do to you can just go to Robin slash work with me and I’d love to help you with that.

And friends, if I can answer a letter for you write to me at hello at Robin Hallett. com, or the website has a contact page where you can submit one there can always message me on Instagram to. Well, I think this was a very beautiful Episode 61.

Thank you keep on with what you’re doing, you’re doing, beautiful things what matters the most is you stay true to your heart and keep shining as you. And as long as you stay there, your opportunities your abundance, your connections will find you always you know why because you’ll be at your right address in the universe, you’ll be in the right spot for all of that defined you so really take that to heart, and I wish you a beautiful week.

When this comes out, #1hubby and I are going to be heading up to our little lake cabin getaway for a few days so we might try podcasts from there. Stay tuned. You never know. The two of us together. That could be fun.

It’s me, Robin, I’m sending you so much love. And I’m going to see you here next week, or in a few minutes. Same bat time same bat channel. Bye bye.

If I can read a letter for you, if I can shine a light, or you have a follow up topic for a future episode write to me here.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

Workbook lesson 6 – no such thing as a small upset. All upsets are disturbing to my peace of mind. I can’t keep this upset and expect to let the others go.

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Thank you for listening, may it serve you!

Hugs and love,

Love You, Weirdo. On Embracing Our Uniqueness and Shine.

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Today I wear it like a badge of honor 😍 but there was a time when that word really hurt. This episode is a special one. It’s a celebration of all the things that make you YOU. This is for each and every one of us who has ever felt like we didn’t belong, and didn’t measure up and like we needed to change parts of who we were in order to fit in. This week, on Tea with Robin: Love you, weirdo. On our fear of seeming weird and reclaiming that word for our uniqueness, light, and creative sparkling awesomesauce. Plus my three things philosophy and this week’s letter from a friend who’s feeling a bit of inertia in the process of starting over. Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here. Episode 61: Love You Weirdo, Three Things, #startingover Link in bio for full episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listening Always, thank you so much for supporting the podcast! I appreciate your awesome reviews, and you sharing these episodes with friends who can benefit. Want me to read your letter on the show? DM me here or email hello @ #teawithrobin #acourseinmiracles #acim @robinhallett

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