Nobody Needs to Get It but You // Tea with Robin Episode 127

Do you ever find yourself in those situations where your reaction seems bigger than the situation warrants?

Often, what at first seems ridiculous becomes the signal for deeper internal boundaries. Here’s how to stop running yourself over by giving in to what other people want. And how we do that without so much judgment on ourselves or the other person.

Honoring our needs. Honoring our boundaries. Following our inner knowing. Holding the line.

This week’s inspiration: YOU Time, making space for yourself because you matter the most.

This week’s featured letter: Appreciation for being ourselves and living the life we are in.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

“I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace.” — Text Chapter 5, Healing and Wholeness

“Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies:
I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.” — Text chapter 21 – II. The Responsibility for Sight

“Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?” – Workbook lesson 71, Only God’s plan for salvation will work

“I and my brother are one. ” Workbook lesson 288, 351

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The Van Gogh Blues: The Creative Person’s Path Through Depression, Eric Maisel

Why Bother: Discover the Desire for What’s Next, Jen Louden


A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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⭐Movies mentioned in this episode:

Sex and The City

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Extended Edition “I choose a mortal life” 

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, do you ever find yourself in those situations where you’re having a reaction that seems bigger than the situation warrants, but you also know your reaction is not wrong, because the other person seems a bit ridic in what they’re doing. That’s short for ridiculous. How do we follow our inner knowing, to honor our needs, honor our boundaries? We’re going to talk about this today.

Our inspiration, a little you time, because you matter the most.

And we’ll have a sweet letter from a friend, appreciation for being ourselves and living the lives we are in. All of this and more 🙂 Come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.


Well, hello beautiful friend, it’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin, this is Episode 127 one to seven, if it’s your first time here, if we’re just meeting for the first time Hi, thanks for being here. I hope you love it. This is a place where we talk about real life, real stuff, and handling it. Learning to show up in our joy in our authentic selves, which is sometimes harder than it seems. And we talk about that too. So welcome welcome welcome Big thanks to however you got here, my gratitude. Friends returning. Hi. How are you doing, how’s the weather in your heart these days. I hope that you are showing up with the kind of love and kindness that you’re proud of that you respect and admire in yourself. Yeah. Because it’s powerful, you know, respecting yourself, and knowing you’re doing your best to love and care for yourself but also honor what you need to be doing, you know, hold the line set a boundary. It’s powerful over here. It’s a beautiful day. I’m actually recording on Friday, and I’ll tell you why. Sunday is number one husband’s birthday. He’s the birthday boy, so I want to have lots and lots of free time to play and hang out with him, and I don’t want to miss out on the joyful recording of the podcast or editing. This is, I don’t want to miss out on the joy of this either so I’m doing it earlier in the week. And it’s perfect. It’s wonderful. So. Anywho, it’s a beautiful day here. The snow is melting, we’ve had so much snow sometimes up to my knees in certain areas. And we’re having a mini heatwave right now, this afternoon we’re supposed to have a lot of rain, it’s gonna melt a ton of stuff and 50 degrees here on 50 degrees here over the weekend so beautiful, beautiful. And I’m doing wonderfully well, I tell you what, This has been a big week for honoring my needs, honoring my boundaries. Following my inner knowing and holding the line to, it’s, it’s just been challenging, there have been moments where I’m like wow right now. Nobody knows But you that you’re really holding a lot of stuff. It’s big stuff, and, you know, sometimes it’s like you have to be your own witness because you know nobody else knows. And part of that is work stuff confidentiality of course but just my own journey. So a lot of challenges this week for me on the personal journey front whoa baby Whoa, but you know, that means I took notes, and we’re gonna talk about that coming up.

So did you grab a cuppa yum yum? I’ve got the last bit of my amazing Earl Grey tea. And I want to cheers to us. We. Wow. We rock the Kasbah. How do you like that for something different because I always say we’re amazing and awesome. I’m trying to put some new, new terms in here. We rock. The Kasbah. Cheers to the journey. Cheers to our willingness to our courage to our

showing up. Cheers.

The colder it gets the better it tastes. Well friends, like I said, this has been a huge week for me boundaries-wise boundaries and just that feeling like nobody gets it but you nobody needs to get this but you, but nobody knows But you know this feeling. And so I’ve decided to share a little bit about that and to set the stage for you because I like it when you play along. While you listen. We’ve been talking for several weeks now kind of about showing up in your life with deeper ownership of the moment, and whatever it is you’re desiring to do. And to make. We have to make our own meaning sometimes right now we’re going through an incredibly difficult year, and it’s up to us to make our lives what we want them to be. And so you might want to think about as it relates to that. What is the work you’re doing right now. Spiritually speaking, so that you’re freer to be that free in your life to enjoy your time. What are the places that are still a bit grindy for you. Maybe you’ve been working on your reactivity the way you get triggered. Maybe you’ve been working on your, your self-care and your self-awareness like paying attention to yourself. Maybe you’ve been really trying to honor a new schedule that you’ve been wanting to do you know whatever it is to think about what’s going on for you, and I always like that I think it’s more helpful. So, I have been having some interesting boundary challenges. this week, when I say boundaries, I think, one part of us always assumes we’re talking about with someone else, and the image for me is holding people out somehow but I’m talking about boundaries in a new way here, I’m thinking about holding the line, within your own heart. And that’s what I’ve been doing. You know this week, it was just weird. The number of emails I got asking me for things that are really outside the scope of what I could do also like how inappropriate the ask in my heartfelt on so many times, you know, asking for too much. Not saying thank you for the things that really bugged me asking me for information that was above and beyond what I really wanted or feel I should be having to give. And I’m going to stop me right here and say, it’s tempting to judge what bugs you It’s tempting to judge me It’s tempting to judge this. What I’m saying you know as bad, but it’s just, it is what it is. it’s just what happens, you know, I would love it if we just really were like, I can’t help the feelings that are coming up but I can help the feelings that are coming up. You know what I mean. Yeah, so it’s interesting though how you can be focused on being irritated by the people who are showing up in your life the way they do. Or you could say some of this responsibility lies with me. Some of the reason why I’m upset about this is connected to my very own history, and it’s important that I choose because I want to have a sweet life, and I want to be a joyful person. It’s important that I choose to work with this stuff, not to run from it, not to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t matter, not to just shame myself out of it. But just work on it, work with it, work on it, you know. So some of the responsibility lies with me, you know, if people are writing me. Ridiculous emails

asking for ridiculous things, and I’m just gonna say it like that because that’s how it feels when I read some of the stuff I get. Obviously, I’m judging it that way. I’m getting triggered by it, you know there’s a lot of stuff here that’s happening. And this is where personal history is very important. My own history is that I didn’t matter. So it’s like, this is an important place. And I need to learn how to hold the line. Does that make sense. So, part of the journey is just really learning how to honor my needs, first of all to allow my needs to know my needs to be honoring of my needs. That’s the first and then to take care of that let myself have what I’m needing. You know, I wish somebody had said it. I’m so glad I can be here telling you, it’s going to cause friction internally for you when you do this work. And it doesn’t always go away. Hello, I’ve been working on some version of this for like a long, long, long, long time. And I’m still here, working on it I’m in a very different place with all of it but I’m still here working on it. So, there will be this friction, so when people write me in they’re like hey I wanna, I can’t give specifics, because I’m going to get arrested. I know it. I don’t like getting those emails later, asking if I was talking about you, so I’m giving more vague on purpose. But when people write and ask for ridiculous things, let’s say you happen to be an intuitive healer, in practice, and they’re riding you asking for, you know, can you come and fix tires on my car and can you do this for me Can you do that for me and you internally feel upset about it. That’s the key. I had to pause and think how do you say that because people aren’t ridiculous in a vacuum. They’re ridiculous to you, their request I should say is ridiculous to you, because you have some stuff to work on. And so it really really is like an inflamed issue and it lights up. Right. So, yeah, it’s big. So here we are in this practice of learning how to have boundaries. Deeper internal boundaries. And a big part of those boundaries are around care of the South, taking care of yourself. I’m sure to a lot of people that’s going to mean a lot of different things but to me, I mean, honoring the voice, the one in you that is asking you not to do the same damn thing you do every single time before this, you know what I mean. Do you know what it’s like to be so frustrated, but not know what else to do but. And then you just do the same thing again and again and again, I mean I tell you it’s like running yourself over with the tractor. You’re driving it over yourself at the same time you’re underneath the tires. You, it’s like you can’t, there’s a part of you that’s like don’t do this again. This is a ridiculous request, whatever is going on. I hope you are converting to your own issue, because the hundreds and hundreds of stories I could tell you about the ways we run ourselves over with that tractor because we don’t know what else to do it. Sometimes

I’m astounded by that sometimes I am brought to tears by that but mostly I know this is just our journey, you know, this is the work we got to do. Maybe I shouldn’t say it that way but the thing is, we want to make meaning in meaningful ways in our lives. Instead of going around being angry or resentful or anxious, you know, all the things that we each carry. We want to choose how we want to direct our energy do we not and if it was possible to choose how we want to roll in the day, and I know it to be true. If we want to get to the place of choice if we want it to be meaningful and if we want our day to be under our own control. Then, I think it’s important to tackle areas like this, that can suck the day away. You can be upset about an email or a handful of emails and get so focused in on it and then the next day get another series of stuff. And again, please convert to your own issue here but you know you can be stuck and frustrated for days on end. And then at the end of the week say this whole week, what did I do all week long I’ve been dealing with this carp. So that’s why we set a boundary within ourselves because there’s got to be other things we would love to be giving our awareness and our attention and our focus to whatever it is that you feel you would love to be doing. I hear so many stories. And I promise, there is no judgment if the doing looks a lot more like nothing. That’s pretty much my life in a lot of ways. There’s no judgment on what the doing is, But knowing your preference and making the choice is everything. So, these boundaries are uncomfortable boundaries, and that’s why we throw ourselves under the bus under the, sorry, keep my metaphor straight here, under the tractor, why we run ourselves over, because it seems so uncomfortable, but this is exactly where we need to do our work. And also, uncomfortable boundaries because sometimes when you acknowledge to yourself that you’ve been trying to make certain things work that aren’t working. You’ve been trying to keep going, keep, keep doing these things that don’t feel true to you. So, you’re going to actually do the thing, you’ll take the uncomfortable boundary, because you know, it’s time, and you know this isn’t serving you anymore. And it’s going to actually feel scary. And it’s going to actually cause some friction, you’re going to have some uncomfortable feelings that come up. You’re making the choice because you want to love yourself, you want to honor yourself. Take care of yourself. Does that make sense. So, I want to talk about that today. I wanted to have a place to say. Sometimes it’s really hard, living in the world with other people. And all the stuff that comes up in a day in a week, and there are these times where events string together in such a way that you might realize you’re being guided. You’re being led through healing growth. Expansion experience. And it’s not always easy. And it’s not always smooth, your old conditioning will trigger trip the wire and you’ll be having memories and thoughts, you know, it’ll feel scary because you’re breaking out. So how are we going to do this, how are we going to make these moves. What does it look like to handle this. What does it look like. I feel deeply that we need to have compassion for ourselves and to love this, this one in us who is freaking freaked out about stepping. I’m looking for nine out here. Stepping further into what you need to be doing, and I have this note here that says nobody needs to get it but you so important that you realize you need to get it. And you need to love yourself, whatever is happening in your life this week right now whatever is going on, however you’re relating to this message. You are inside there with yourself, you need to give yourself some love some compassion some acknowledgment.

Nobody needs to get it but you those times feeling like I would get in trouble if I said no growing up and I’ve learned say yes, just go with it. A lot of times there was no other way. But I think the whole time there was scared inside of me. If you think about being really small. And you think about knowing you’re not in power I think even as little little kids we know what that is, that we’re not in control or in empower. It can be scary so there might be fear here that’s just also very old. It resonates with what’s happening whatever it is today. Yeah, so uncomfortable boundaries, but these are things that are happening in the service of your own freedom. And also, you are being of service in the world, and I care about that, you know, for me, I think the idea of being in service is that the more I my authentic self, the more I help other people as well. I’m talking about being yourself being your real self. And if you know it’s a no saying it like daring to say that that’s the service I’m actually thinking of right now, you know, not pretending you’re happy to do the things you don’t want to do. If you’re feeling the hit to speak your truth to someone and say, Hey, I don’t really get why you think it’s okay to dump this in my lap or to ask me for this or whatever. I sound so tough. That’s the service, you are in service to the world, you’re in service to that person, even if they don’t like you very much. You’re in service. There’s something really beautiful to honoring and recognizing yourself in that to saying hey, I’m proud of you, to looking in the mirror, looking into your own eyes and saying, I am proud of you. You’re doing this and it’s hard. it’s really hard. Look how far you’ve come. Look how far you’ve come. You know, look how far you come, you’ve come. It’s amazing. It’s good to honor and recognize yourself for how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve worked and I’m honest to god my hand is on my heart right now and if that’s you, too. Well done, well done. And I highly recommend training yourself to do it in the moments where you’re going to judge yourself for how you’re not handling it. Like your imaginary self thinks you should be handling it. Remember Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City I mean, all of those characters. Sometimes, I would watch that show and I’d be like, oh my god. Everybody knows how to do this but me. It’s a freaking TV show lady with a gajillion writers who are drawing from their own lives. It’s hard. In real life, it’s hard, So, when you get up against that place where you’re going to be mean to yourself. It’s good to honor and recognize yourself for how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve worked. You know sometimes people write me and say how do I got this sticky situation though right this whole long thing and it’s like, this is all coming from a place of fear, honoring the fear, continuing on in the pattern. What if we were more inspired by the life we say we want to live than the fear that keeps us stuck in these places. When you see the recklessness of other people or the out-of-boundsness to what they’re saying to you. Sometimes the right move is to not keep doing what you continue to keep doing, you know, last week the inspiration I don’t know if you heard Episode 126, I was talking about flip it and reverse it. Sometimes that’s what you need to do to change things up. So, you’re going to have some energy around that, though. It’s natural. So before you cover that up again. Before you blow it off again before you take your stuff to a friend

and talk it all up with them, you know, before you seek any kind of outside action, make some space to sit with your own feelings about it. This is the one thing I feel like we all can use today, no matter what’s going on for you. Before you do anything, sent with what’s going on. Just give yourself some acknowledgment. You know, I say to myself, nobody needs to get it but you. You get it. That’s what matters. It’s important. In so many ways the reminder that if other people get mad at me. I’m laughing because I don’t like it. I didn’t say, I liked it, I’m saying I’m doing really good at it setting these boundaries, but I still don’t like it. Nobody needs to get it but me. So sit with how you’re feeling give yourself some acknowledgment. You know, and there’s no outside, anything that you need to have approval. Permission consensus forgiveness. Did I say permission? There’s absolutely nothing you need, outside of yourself in that moment. But the boy is the yearning huge. So, it’s good time to get really good at giving yourself the props, you know, giving yourself the feedback giving yourself the love. If you get what I’m saying, you know, it’s really really hard you’ve been there, you felt it. You’ve probably betrayed yourself more than you like to see. And I’m there to and we’re making our way together, my friend. You know together, never forget. I tell you this, and I hope it feels helpful there’s a light inside of you. The light of God, or the light of the universe. The light of awareness, it’s right there inside of you and you can take it to your own heart, whatever is going on. You can sit quietly with yourself and have some space. And then hold your own heart. Have you ever felt what it feels like to witness your feelings to really be a witness to yourself, like, really. Not like really seriously really like not stop. Not just rant and rant and talk and talk sometimes I really have to say to friends in session like you are telling me from your head. I’m asking you to feel it. I’m asking you to sit with it to be. Tell me what it feels like. Not everybody knows how to do that yet, it’s a skill we’re growing into more and more but it’s very, very important. So, it’s all inside you. And you can love yourself you can work on that. And you can also work on your judgment. You know, I think that it’s just natural. We grew up in this sort of good and bad duality world. There’s right and then there’s wrong, there’s good and then there’s bad. And so it’s natural for you to think if somebody comes up, and does the thing that really really bugs you when they do that thing you get upset or irritated or, it’s very natural to notice me versus you as we work on the spiritual journey. Understand discern. There’s a difference between the light in you and the ego in you, and there’s a difference between the light in your brother. Course in Miracles, your brother. And the ego in them, and I feel for me it’s very important, and I hope for you as well, that we continue to remember the light discernment between your ego-self your reactive self, your emotional self and the Spirit. The part of you who recognizes you know we’re all one we’re all connected. This is really important stuff I’m saying today. And I could, I could say this in another way that we come from fear, or we come from love at all times.

You can work on your judgment, so you can work on the way you look at the other person. And the way you judge the situation, and the story you tell you can work on these things, and it’s just a prayer that you can say help me, you know, help me release us, I want to release this help me. I’m angry or I’m hurt or I’m, you know, it’s hard, I’m having a hard time accepting how I’m feeling. But don’t forget to have so much credit, I think the hardest boundary is the one you set with yourself where you decide you are going to start honoring your progress and the difficulty of the situation. Lots of compassion for you. Lots of kindness for you lots of love for you. And when people come into your experience where the boundary comes into play. It’s a beautiful opportunity to practice. Thank you, to, to your journey, thank you for this opportunity, one more opportunity, another opportunity to practice, loving myself, honoring the other person, and making a move. That’s different. You know, this is you saying, I am going to step out of this push pull, energy, and really do my thing. It’s beautiful. So whoever needed to hear that I hope it serves you today. It’s big, big, big, you know, and I will put some links to any other boundary articles, I have a lot. There was a time I was really generating a lot of as we say content online about boundaries. So I’ll put some links in the show notes. If you go to Robin Hallett comm slash one to seven. Cheers. So inspiration this week you time you time. It’s amazing to me how hard we will work sometimes at not taking time for ourselves. We will work really hard to not make time for ourselves. And I wrote a letter about that this week to the love posse, you’re welcome to subscribe, there’s a link here in the show notes. It’s amazing to me how hard it is for us to make time for ourselves. And I’m not talking about the time you take every day like making your breakfast or if you regularly do certain things. I’m talking about, what is the stuff you never do that you always say you’re going to do. Time for you. What is it that you really want to be doing with your time. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but it’s definitely so important, especially in this time that we continue to make meaning for ourselves. Enjoy our lives, enjoy our time. Find what lights us up and know like have this tangible tangible but this really a visceral sensation that no matter what I can say I did a little of my me time today. That was a good time. No matter what

little of my me time today, making some time for you. We have to make the time. That’s all there is to it. it’s the only way it happens, and you get to decide what this is, I know for some people it would be working on a project they’re really excited to do. I know several of you writing right now. Several of you, creating right now. Several of you rehabbing right now it’s not exactly like. I think we have this weird vision of what you time, always has to look like a trip to the spa. I am the last person, you will see at a spa. I can’t tell you the last time I had a pedicure or a manicure and that’s not because of the pan dammit. It’s just not my thing, you know, so don’t think you time is like some, you’re gonna have your hair in the turban towel and getting massages and all that, you got to come up with your own vision of you time. It’s vitally important to your being. It can be big stuff or little stuff but you have to make the time. That’s all. And a lot of times when I talk to people who are like, Oh, I want more of that in my life. I want to get to that place myself and I get what a struggle. It is because I grew up in that thing where you have to do your chores before you can go out to play. What about you, you have to prove that you deserve to take time you know all that stuff. I think that’s just a universal constant for a lot of us, so we just have to be calm courageous and make the time. laptimes. When I get mail and messages. I can hear it so clearly how we are afraid of the consequences of making ourselves important of mattering. It’s scary. The fear of consequences. If you think about that. You may recognize you have some fear of consequences. But we need to find out what’s going to happen, you know, will you explode if you take half a day off. Let’s find out. No, but like if you don’t clean or you don’t get back to all those emails you think are so important. Maybe something good will happen. I’m hoping and praying that one of the things we all recognize is that we have given struggle important. The whole struggle thing we’ve made it important people will say I don’t have time it’s hard to make time or my kids or my kids won’t let me make time or my husband wouldn’t get it or you know you hear all this, or I’m just so busy at work. And I mean no disrespect to the struggle here, because you know, my I have skin in the game I’ve got my own stories. Sometimes, catching your stories is really an art form, it’s it’s really. Wow. So, I don’t always know I’m in this story about my struggle, either. The struggle is real because we’ve made it real we’ve said we’ve made this very real to us. It’s meaningful, we’ve given it meaning and it then it feels meaningful to struggle to make time but not succeed. And it’s good to look at the stories around that, that’s kind of what I dig about it when I find these edges in me where I don’t like what I’m hearing in my own head let’s say no or my own. I don’t like how it’s feeling. I still say thank you for this opportunity, because I really get to see how. As long as I’m struggling to make time, I don’t have to make time. As long as I can see how I’m telling the story of how busy I am how busy I am how busy I am. I don’t have to make time. And I wonder why am I doing that. I don’t feel we have to suffer for joy. I feel we suffer without the joy though. And this is why I advocate for a little you time for you, so important. And again, you time is not the stuff you already always do your Saturday morning yoga class. Nope, doesn’t count. I mean it counts. Okay, but it doesn’t count. I’m talking about things where you’re letting yourself. Do what you never let yourself do, and only you know what that is.

So here’s my little story about that. I went to the park, not too long ago I decided to take a drive to the forest preserve and I thought you know, it was a day, my day off, I kind of structure things in my schedule so that I have days where it’s about Healing Sessions, I have days where it’s about writing, you know, and then I realize like, I work through the weekend Saturday and Sunday, I need some time off so I usually take monday tuesday off. And I love the realization when you say this is your day off, go play get out. You know, you could do anything today and it sounds fun to lay around and do nothing but it never ends up being nothing. So get out and enjoy and go. So off I went, I got in the car and I went to what I call the Robbie woods, and I thought I’m going to explore a whole new area. I have my usual places I go but this place is huge. It’s too. I looked it up it’s like 2000 acres, big, and there’s nothing quite like an experience that’s new, a place you’ve never been before. To really make you feel like you did something special, you know. So I went and I made tea I brought out thermos I brought some snacks, I took my time. And something told me Put your snow pants on. I have snow pants. I just got them I love them. Every year I say I’m going to get snow pants and I always end up making do. But this year, I got snow pants. I really missed the days of being a little kid and skiing and ice skating and all the things I love to do outside so snow pants takes me back in so many ways. So off I went and I walked and I explored and I looked at, you know, trees and pine cones I collected a bunch of acorn, or they acorns with the cute little hats. So cute the little shells that the squirrels must pop off to eat. Just the nut parts. Oh God, nut parts. So, so good, and I had just started thinking this would be the perfect day to go sledding. I wonder if I have anything in the car I could sit on sled. If I found the hill and I started getting mad at myself for not thinking to keep, like some kind of sled because I’ve always loved sledding and Jeff and I used to keep at least saucers in the car, and we would go sledding. And it reminds me of growing up as a kid. As a lot of this stuff does it’s just so much fun. So right after that thought and lamenting that just feeling a little upset. I rounded the corner on this amazing sledding Hill. And then I was really like, oh, what’s in the car TJ Maxx bag, you know, black trash bag with a black one of those heavy. I think a heavy bag is in there with my donations, you know, couldn’t think of anything that would work, and suddenly I found this little red sled. And it was amazing. I just said thank you, somebody left a sled right there. It was just a but I don’t know what this sled is called but it is gotta be the smallest thing ever. Uh, but with the handle that’s, that’s what it looked like I said thank you and I went sledding, I went sledding and sliding and sliding and I laughed so hard. I hoped and hollered so loud. It was fantastic nobody was there, you know, it was a Tuesday. That’s the other beautiful thing about having a day off that’s not the weekend. Beautiful, and nobody was there, right down the center of this big sledding hill where these bumps, and of course, you know, no matter what you do, you, you end up. I just, it was great. Flying sometimes in the air a little bit getting some air. So good, so you time, you know, miracles expansion, freedom, release. All of these things happen when you make time for yourself and you get a little lost in the joy of your experience,

and only you know what this is. Only you know what this is for you and only you know your edge around it right about making yourself a priority. Only you know, where are the edges and what you need to be doing. But I tell you, I hope you try it I hope you do it. My one big secret is that people really invest a lot of energy into not making time. You know, so what would you do if you weren’t afraid of the consequences.

What would you do

if you allowed yourself to make yourself a big deal. So cheers my friend. We owe it to our hearts to allow the space for our own delight, especially now know it really really matters. Here’s to doing what lights us up. Cheers. Okay. I told you I only had a little bit of tea so hang on, I’ll be right back. Time to go get a little more. Oops. Hello. I’m back. Morty, and we continue on. This is the part of the show where I love to ask you, please share the podcast.

Just about the ways you enjoy and listen to the podcast and it is beautiful because, you know, I don’t think we always realize how we make a difference. And this week it was so cute. Some of you took me to surgery with you, replaying in the operating room. Lots of people tell me they slept with me this week. You went to the dentist, you had a root canal. I love being there with you on the journey. It’s amazing. And that’s the beautiful thing we always ride together. So, if you can think of a new friend to invite into our posse. Please share this on, and sometimes I’m so touched by like you just don’t know. I’ll get letters in the week where people say, this has literally saved my life this year. And so, thank you very much, I appreciate it, share it on leave a review, tell a friend. You know, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Dan crushern. Arigato cheer. Who is the biggest goofball in the room. Me. Cheers. So this week’s love letter. I thought I would read a few texts I got this week because sometimes I sent the theme, and I just thought it would be fun so I’m getting these little messages from friends, basically. And before anyone thinks I’m just saying Look how awesome I am people. It’s just I’m saying, What is standing out to friends, is the simple life. I live a very simple life. I have learned how to reduce my need to be busy, which is a huge skill if you ask me. And it’s scary sometimes to slow down, and this is why I feel we we struggle and resist. And, and like I said the struggle is real we invent struggle things to struggle just to stay. life preservation, you know to stay active, because we don’t know how to face the quietude, but it doesn’t all have to be quietude nobody over here has shaved her head and you know laid on the concrete floor for hours on end. I just love what I love. Yeah, so I thought I would read this message at the risk of sounding like I am patting myself on the back. Hello. I was appreciating you this morning, just observing. So many people talking about creating a life, they love. But through routines and habits and all the like. And a year ago, I would have bought in, and felt shitty about myself because I don’t have disciplined habits and routines. But isn’t it beautiful now that I can still believe in making joyous aligned choices, and can also feel so free that I do not need to be tied to any particular way of doing things I’ve learned that by watching how you live your life. I’m so glad you share. It’s freed me up to do the same. Mike, I bought a book about cleaning and organizing on the schedule because it makes my Virgo heart sing. But there’s never a day where I do it all. And I’m so okay with that because I choose the parts that make me feel light each day, and I ditch the rest without stressing. Thank you for that gift. Thank you to my friend. No, I think the thing that is so cool is.

I always thought I needed to be somebody. And it turns out I am obviously just like you are. But the thing that brings the comfort. The thing that brings the joy, the thing that the thing I’m recognized for is like hi I like to go to sleep with you. Your voice your soothing voice, or the permission to be relaxed, to be the voice that saying, you know, there is the thing people invent called like organization and stress management and systems checks and balances and all of that is necessary if you believe in a stressful life. You know, if you believe in. I’m too stressed, to be blessed, then yeah, you need all these systems, and you can get very involved in the systems and I’m not even knocking the system so please don’t write me about it. Thank you. But isn’t it lovely to face your stress face your struggles face your fear, whatever it is, and say this is what I want. I choose. I’m thinking of our when in Lord of the Rings when her father’s like Don’t go. Don’t marry Aragorn. Go to the land of the elves and remain be an elf, be a magical elf, you know, stay with your people. You’ll live on forever. And she’s like, no, I choose a mortal life. Do you remember that scene, I choose a mortal life. I look at it sometimes like it if it’s really true that we are spirit beings on an earth plane having an experience and individual experience, and I’m saying if like haha you know if it’s true. For me, like, there’s no question. Why do I need to be so worried about making myself into somebody. Can’t I just be in my life and love what I love and do what I do and enjoy what I enjoy and if it gives me great pleasure to work. Then I work. If it gives me pleasure to dig in the garden, then I’ll dig, if I love beautiful colorful things, then I’ll allow to have those in my home. Follow my joy, and I’ll trust that that’s how I serve, and I hope you will too. I hope you’ll trust that that’s how you serve. And, yeah, you know, my friend said to me this week, it’s a big compliment to say I took you to surgery with me this week. You know, I get it. It’s a big deal. But maybe your ego mind doesn’t think it’s a, it’s enough. You know, I don’t know if you get what I’m saying, doesn’t feel like that’s what somebody who’s building an empire wants to be noted for the soothing voice that people want to sleep to. But you know when you accept what is you and you love what is, you find there’s a lot more space in your life to just keep giving your heart to what it loves. So, you know, for whatever that’s worth I hope it encourages you and I find it interesting, I probably had like five text messages from friends in my circle, who commented on this kind of a thing this week, and, you know, you’re so good at living a luxurious life, and it’s like I said I’m not the girl with the turban on her head getting a massage almost ever. But I do love to enjoy my time, and I’ve had to learn. It’s hard one, freedom, I will say, you know,

in any moment you’re going between fear or love and if you’re going with fear, you’re going to be generating a lot of stress and struggle stories. Some feeling very, very real, so real that they don’t seem like you’re choosing it, but it’s always fun to see. I wonder if I still am choosing this story. So may that serve you today and friends if I can, you know, speak to something for you or answer a question or you just have a question for me. Please write to me at hello at Robin Cheers. And wow,

I guess that wraps.

Another beautiful Episode 127 tea with Robin in the can. I think we should call it nobody needs to get this but you. I really liked that part, especially, it’s, it’s so important, like you’re the one that needs to validate yourself you’re the one that needs to evaluate what you’re needing nobody else. Because you’re the one that needs to make the moves to get free. So, wow, I’m ending on a Saturday afternoon. This is a very rare feeling, I’m feeling kind of wild and free like I’m gonna have all this free time available, but you know what, I gotta go do now. I got a rap birthday presents for a certain birthday boy for tomorrow. And I, I really took my time to think about what would feel special for him. So, I’ll have to let you know how that goes. I hope he loves it. I got a few special things and.

Yeah, to celebrate. And if it’s your birthday to let me just say happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you. Whoo hoo hoo hoo. Happy birthday to you. This has been me Robin. Happy birthday, I love you, Hallett, and I’ll see you next time, or in a few minutes. Bye bye. Life is very short let’s make the very most of it you are a precious gem and I love you, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright, you are a gem and

life is precious and you are a spark of the Divine. So shine like you know, rock it like you mean it goes you really really mean it and name it and name it and name it and name it crispy people tell you that you are the sparkly. You are, you are those you are. Thank you.

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