All the Juju’s Aligning for You // Tea with Robin Episode 126

All around you, there is support, kindness, and love. Benevolent energy is present.

How would it change things if we knew that and trusted that and practiced it in those moments where life seems to have no meaning anymore?

In today’s episode, the miracles were not even aware of that are occurring for us daily hourly, moment by moment. All the juju that’s aligning itself toward our highest good. Are we remembering? And what if we would? What would change or improve?

This week’s inspiration: A little healing skill for your toolbox called, flip it and reverse it. Thank you, Missy Elliott 🙂

This week’s featured letter: From a friend who says the pandemic’s got her down and day-to-day life is beginning to feel meaningless.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Meaningless thoughts, workbook lesson 2 – 6

There are no small upsets, all upsets are equally disturbing to our peace of mind.  workbook lesson 5

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Why Bother: Discover the Desire for What’s Next, Jen Louden

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, the miracles we’re not even aware of occurring for us daily, hourly, moment by moment. All the Juju aligning itself toward our highest good. Are we remembering? And what if we want? What if we were practicing taking that in? What would change our inspiration, a little healing skill for your toolbox called flip it and reverse it. Thank you Missy Elliott. And we’ll have a letter from a friend. pandemic. Gotcha down, day to day life. beginning to feel meaningless. Hold on. Got some love and hope coming for you. Come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well, hello, beautiful soul. It’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 120 626. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back. If it’s your first time here, hi. It’s me, Robin. Nice to meet ya. This is a place where we’re talking about real things and helping you feel more yourself more aligned. More Happy in the heart space. Please pardon the large jumbo jet right now. Yes, this is a beautiful space to be to help. I hope. I know. Actually, it helps me to. So welcome and Big thanks to however you got here. My gratitude. Thank you. Friends returning. How are you? How have you been? How’s the weather in your heart these days? My hope. My prayer is that you are being kind and gentle. allowing yourself to roll with the changes adjust, downshift or up shift. Do they call it up shifting? Well anyway, kick it into a higher gear baby. I hope that you’re helping yourself these days. Just you know being sweet being loving being kind. If you ask me. That is one ingredient that’s always needed and anything we are doing. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yep, it is. Over here. It’s a gorgeous day. I am recording on a Saturday. So happy with my new podcasting schedule feeling so easy and free. It’s a beautiful day here The sun is out. There’s a lot of snow not not much melted since I last talked to you. There’s like an a big icicle dam outside my window here. And it’s beautiful. I haven’t touched it. You kind of want to go out and poke it and play with it. But I’ve just been watching it every day. It’s like having a massive crystal prism outside the window. And yeah, anyway, it’s it’s glorious, and I’m doing wonderfully well. I feel so much of the time lately that the practice is just about easing my way in the moment and allowing myself to sometimes it’s courageous, you know, to make the moves I need to make. I’m reading a really good book right now. And it’s amazing how much it jives with my own philosophy. A friend recommended it to me. It’s by Eric maizel. And it’s called Van Gogh. Wait, I got to look it up. It’s called the vango blues, the creative person’s path through depression. And he makes the case in there that a lot of us are having a crisis of meaning. We think we’re depressed but we’re having a crisis of meaning. And if you seek traditional counseling ways, you know you can be led down the road to think you’re just depressed. But for a lot of us creatives, it’s really about this crisis of meaning. And it’s amazing how like the last few weeks I’ve been talking to you about the meaningless world. Allah Course in Miracles that so much of what’s going on is it all feels so meaningless by It’s beautiful. So

just assigning meaning in new ways and allowing my moments to be meaningful, allowing the things I’m doing to be meaningful, instead of judging or reacting, and we’ll keep talking about that coming up here. So that’s how I am. I’m good. Number one is good. We’re enjoying our time, and just finding new ways. You know, God, we’re one year into this pen dammit. Now, isn’t that right? Just about, I think today is the actual day. Friend of mine texted me and said, what’s going on in Italy looks like you just got out of there in the nick of time. And it was all over the news about Italy. So, you know, one year I hope that you are allowing whatever that is for you to be here to, you know, just like grace and compassion and ease, because we need it. So I got a cup of yummy. Um, it is Earl Grey. Got my Tahoe Earl Grey tea, one of my old time favorites, little sea salt, little stevia in my favorite new favorite current favorite mug. It’s a Hamsa hand blue. Anyway, cheers to you. beautiful soul. Cheers.


so good. It’s interesting. So today’s message, I wanted to talk about how you know, you’re going along in your day, in your week, in your month in your pandemic year. And we’re all making our way through a lot of personal growth material. I can’t think of anybody I work with anybody I know, through the love posse, any of my friends, my family, me included, who hasn’t had a bunch of awakening things going on since the pandemic began, you know, we’re all making our way. And lately, I’ve been thinking about this thing. I posted this on Instagram Friday night. There’s never a time when there isn’t energy surrounding you in love. Whether it’s a friend who’s thinking about you, or a loved one or a family member, or, you know, a co worker, somebody you mean or a neighbor, somebody you don’t even know. Or it’s angels, it’s benevolent energies, it’s the squirrel at your window who’s just like, give to me food, who men, but they still are thinking about you. Okay, that was a stretch, but cute stretch. There’s never a time where you’re not being surrounded by the light of love. And that light of love, which creates miracles and knows you by heart and knows this benevolent energy that knows you and is caring for you, and following you and loving you. In all the many ways that manifests. There’s never a time where you’re not surrounded. And I wonder

sometimes how they would change things if you really knew. If you really, really knew that, and you decided to trust it, you know, because knowing and trusting are two completely different things most of the time, I think you can know something in theory and but not trust it in the hard times. And so in these hard times, because these are hard times, aren’t they? I’m not trying to talk you into it. But it feels to me like there’s a lot of hard going on. Look out in the world. This Week in the news. There’s a lot that’s been happening for you personally, for your friends, your family, there’s a lot happening. So I wonder how it would be to practice knowing and trusting that there is benevolent forces. There are benevolent forces surrounding you loving you.

Even now we can soften into that knowing We can soften in our bodies right in this very moment. You know, not to say, Oh, that’s a good idea. I got to remember to try that. I got to write that down. Practice that later. Oh, I gotta tell my friends so and so who’s always struggling with this? never seems to trust and now that there’s good around her? No, no, this is for you, boo. This is for you will boo. Just for you.

Just right now soften and relax. Imagine letting something support you letting something in loving, like love, like ease. Inhaling invisible molecules of comfort. You know, what do you need sometimes? In the secret heart of hearts, that you wouldn’t admit anywhere, but maybe not even in your own mind. But right now you’re going to go there? What do you need? Right now?

Because you know best. And you can ask yourself and get an answer and allow that energy. You can know and trust that this energy is here loving you, caring for you. Organizing for you a

lot of times I asked myself and it just happened again. What do you need Robin? What do you need is I’m often somebody who feels like I’m more in service of other others and thinking about messages for others and focusing on how it works. You know, it’s just how I am how I am. But sometimes the workout for me is remembering. Same here. I gotta do it for me. I want to do it for me. And it’s okay to do it for me. So I just asked myself, listening to my own heart, the secret part of my heart. And it really got me a little choked up here.

When I heard was permission to just be no timetable. No checklist. No to do’s no emergencies. Nothing to respond to permission to just be permission to lollygag is that a great word? I don’t know where it comes from. But I like it. Permission to hang around. To enjoy. To listen.

I don’t know if you can hear I can hear Cardinals outside. And this little clinking here in my studio. Can you hear a little clinking? Of course now it’s completely silent. Oh there No. My son captors clinking gently, just permission permission to be

and the love and support. That’s here for me. I can trust that there is support for me in learning how to do that more and more. In trusting that that’s right and Okay. That I don’t always have to be powering on and powering through and one more to do list. One more email to write one more answer to give one more Comment to respond to whatever it is, you know, we all have our thing, right? You got your thing that keeps you on. So we’ll practice. So we’re practicing receiving this love these miracles.

Just going back to my post here, what I wrote there. Right now, there are people thinking about you, loving you appreciating you, you may never know it directly, but it’s happening still. The Love is working, it’s miracles, a lot of my friends, my clients, a lot of us are what I call the strong friend, friends who are strong. I could also call us love resistant. We think we’re sneaky. We think we’re getting away with it, but we’re not taking it in. We’re rejecting the kindness, the warm, the love. We have our reasons for doing that. But I’m gonna say this here, where I’m not speaking directly to any one person. So it’s a little easier, I think to hear it and take it in. Right? You can think about somebody else and then ponder if this is also true for you. The strong one resistant, what’s in the way of receiving the kindness, the warmth, the love? What’s the story there? What’s happening all around you there is support and kindness and love. You don’t have to receive it from your Cuckoo Cuckoo bird, dysfunctional whatever, in your history or your life. Now. That’s not the only place but not everybody is that way. And there are people around you, loving you. admiring you. Like I said benevolent energies. This is not even in hospitals, a disembodied people. But that’s kind of what I’m saying, you know, angels and light around you.

So let’s practice a little softness,

a little tenderness, receiving the miracles choosing to be helped to be assisted to be supported. And especially in those times when you’re tempted to be support to other people because you’re struggling. Just take it now let’s slow our roll a little bit and take some time to support ourselves first. I was talking to you the other day, I was gonna say the other day, maybe it was if you’re listening more than once a week. At some point I was telling you how. In the Course of Miracles, it talks about the ego goals, the the one in us that suffers and struggles and sort of resists being enveloped in the love. We keep ourselves separate. We roll those stories out to ourselves how we can’t trust people and you know people are weird people are crazy. People are codependent they’re dangerous. They only want what they want. They’re selfish. They only think of themselves. They just want to laugh while we’re down. You know the story you tell. Sometimes we need to do those stories because we need a reason to prevent the love from entering. So we hold up the stories. Some of us need to keep fighting because we’re terrified to sit down and let it in. So I was saying the other day whenever it was the ego often will cancel itself out with It’s opposing stories. You have one goal, one minute, and the next minute, there’s another goal. And so it’s like, I just wish, you know, sometimes people will say to me, I just wish there were friends here who got me who loved me Who, who really listened to me who really cared. And in the next breath, they’ll say, but, you know, whatever the thing is, that cancels all of that out. People aren’t good. People aren’t trustworthy, you know, in a way, it’s like we’re holding it out at the same time reminding ourselves why it’s hard to let it in why we shouldn’t let it in. But what if we just trusted, knew and trusted there is love around us? It is coming. It’s here. And nobody’s asking you to do the cookie Mambo with somebody who’s kooky. I’m asking you to consider receiving the love that’s around you doesn’t mean you have to do the weird things with the weird people making any sense? Good. Okay, good. So another idea. Another example of this is we say we want to be at peace and free, or, you know, relaxed permission to enjoy. And then at the same time, we pull in these stories or these difficulties to ruminate on to chew on to prevent that exact thing from happening. It’s just very interesting how that all flows together. And it’s good to look at yourself and look at how this might be getting created by you. And this is why occasionally, you want to embrace your own heart, you want to put your hands on your heart. Sometimes I have to make people do this in session, I’ll say Come on, do it. They won’t do it. Do it? Are you doing it? I mean, I can see them on the camera, human video, I can see them but it’s like, they’re not dude. Come on, do it. Put your hands over your heart. And practice receiving exactly what you want. And I tell you, I just knocked over a pie. I’m not laughing at us. Not really not. No, I just knocked over a pile of my post it notes. That’s why I’m laughing really, I promise. Oh, God, I really am laughing. Because I knocked over a pile sometimes. You know, the way you organize stuff, it needs to be just so this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Like,

it doesn’t always have to be so perfect. They’re good. Okay, so sorry, back to what I was saying. You know, if you identify as a strong one, and you know exactly what I’m talking about, like, I’m in that camp too. I can really, sometimes struggle with receiving, especially if it feels like a person is trying to work on me work it. You know what I’m saying? Like, they’re just trying so hard. I don’t like it.

Yeah, I prefer an A friend say I’m thinking about you instead of how are you? How’s your day going? I just get irritated. So this is a place I know, I’m working on. It’s not, you know, I tell you this all the time, no big deal. If you find these things in you, if things irritate you, your job is to not abandon yourself, not beat up on yourself, not be mean to yourself because you react in ways that don’t seem like a match to the vision of your perfect, perfect self. You know? Good. This is a place we can practice. So I like when I can slow down and put my hands over my chest and take a breath and remember that I don’t have to receive love directly from this person. You don’t I mean, sometimes it’s really inappropriate. Actually. If it’s if it’s you know, somebody I’m who pays me to support them. them, there’s a boundary there for a reason, you know, that’s one example. But I can think of lots of other ones, just not at this moment, you know, so it’s okay. You’re not obligated to, if it’s the friend who stings you all the time, you don’t have to let them in your job is to learn how to have a better boundary. Right? If that’s their nature, and you figure that out, you don’t have to keep trying to soften and receive. But don’t stay defended about the world and everything, everything in it, because there’s lots of love offering itself to you. And most of it is the higher you know, the higher realms. Its vibe, vibratory, its energetic. So if you go around in defense, defended, because of the one or two cuckoo birds in your life, that’s not great for you. So you can soften, relax and allow all by yourself, hands on your heart, or however you like, you know, hug yourself around the arms and soften in your body and receive. But maybe that person who wrote you or call you or texted you, or is trying to talk to you or whatever. example is that you’re connecting in your own mind right now. Maybe they’re just the reminder, like the psychic thing, you know, they’re just signaling you to practice receiving, doesn’t have to be from them. Does that make sense? But make no mistake, the love is all around us. It wants to come come in. It wants to support you love is an energy, you know, love or fear. Those are the only two things we’ve got going. And if you don’t want to be channeling fear, living in fear, then receive make the choice to receive in love. And I mean, that’s my whole point today that there is always good working its way for you. You may not know it, you may not hear the evidence of it, you may not, you know, see this evidence, like the annoying friend. example I just gave I’m sorry, annoying friend. Sorry. But there it is, you know that it’s don’t harden your heart. Because it’s still love trying to make its way could even say these are the hands of support. Put them over your own heart. Thinking about my neighbor the other day. The other day, I was hanging out, up in my little room, my cozy little room, had some tea and reading my book and just enjoying the day and I happen to look out the window and I could see my neighbor coming home doing the things you know, bringing in the recycling bin bringing in the garbage can etc. And he looked pissed. You know, I don’t mean like he was drinking. He looked irritated. He looked like he was busy. You know. He was busy with things busy in his mind. He looked busy and

he led his dogs out to peak for a pee as you do. And one of them ran into the red light just came dangerously close to the road closer and closer. And

I of course immediately I go to the window because I’m on high alert for dogs. You know how that is you’re like, Oh my god, cuz the guy I don’t know where he went. He was gone. And

so the dog walks right into the road. The next dog is beginning to come and of course now here comes a car. And there were on a corner so there is a stop sign. But a lot of people blow this stop sign. A lot of kids love to use this road as their little drag race, oh Brahma because it’s nice and long and straight. And so, you know, not everybody stops and it’s so I open the window and I yell at the top of my lungs. My neighbor’s name. I’m like like that. Nothing, nothing. I don’t know where he went, you know, maybe he went into the house for a pee and just thought the dogs are fine. They don’t have a fence. But I think for a long time, they had one of those collars on that buzzed, so that the dogs learned and you know, but nope, they’re in the road. So a car is now stopped in the road. Thank goodness waiting for the dogs. Finally I yell. The one dog’s name is Snickers, Snickers Snickers like that, you got to do the low voice if you want the dog to hear you sniggers go home,

go home right now.

And finally, she did and the other dog followed too. And went into the house. And I never saw my neighbor again. And it really got me thinking like, this is a tiny little example of how somebody is helping you and caring for you and caring for your, your dog. Okay, but you know, like, watching out for you. And I really have to say thank you, because it got me flowing on this thought that there are people appreciating us and loving us. There are and, and that also means energies looking out for us all around loving us, considering us, you know, taking care of us. So how would it change things for us to know that? How would it change things if we trusted that if we knew that and trusted that and here we are in moments where life has seems to have no meaning anymore? You know, things are going on stuffs happening. Those of you in Texas this week, you know, you go through things where? Well you know how it is you know how it is. Things happen. I wonder as a practice how it would be to know and trust that there is benevolent energy surrounding you right now even now. To softly allow your heart to open and receive that. I got a lot of friends right now who are recovering COVID surgery. kids who are unwell. Maybe you’ve been in Texas, going through that jam in the south from the storms. Maybe it’s some other storm, maybe it’s some other emotional storm, big things, little things. The Course in Miracles talks about there are no small upsets, they’re all equally disturbing to our peace of mind. And ain’t that the truth, you know, little little things, big, big things. And one thing I’ve been observing in a lot of us is this pressure to keep pressing on with some kind of plan with some kind of agenda and being being sort of pissed at your predicament, your condition your what’s going on for you right now. You know, being mad at it. being upset, wanting wanting it to go away. I just want things to get back to how they were before get get. I want to get through this. You know I want this to heal to mend I want the thing to take place already. It’s the perfect time to practice knowing there’s love and support surrounding you even now. softening, practicing. We have to some of us have to practice relaxing. I’ve been talking to you about this joy and peace thing that we’re supposedly here for in this life. A lot of us come to a place where we realize we don’t know how to do joy and peace. So sometimes these are opportunities. If you’ve been unwell. Somebody you’re caring for is not doing the best. If you’ve been unmotivated, whatever the deal is, you know these are the golden moments to practice. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to relax. I’m going to receive I’m going to call this love To me, I’m going to allow myself to be supported. I’m going to know that’s really a thing. I’m going to trust that energy is here. And I’m going to keep an eye on my ego, shenanigans. The story I continue to spin, the resistance, I continue to fuel. There’s a way we resist. Because of a story we tell, and you know that annoying all the healer saying what you resist persists, except it’s true. So this week, I say, let’s let that love in.

Let’s receive. Let’s choose. And coming up in the inspiration, I’ve got a perfect practical tip, a tool for your toolbox that flows beautifully with this. So may that serve you today? I hope you love this message. I’m going to say it’s about five stars. I can tell. I can just tell. Before even editing it back. I can hear it was awesome. It was amazing. Cheers.

And I’ll be right back. I’ve got a healing session now. It’s so fun. I’m going from thing to thing like a little Hummingbird today. So I’ll see you in a bit. Hello, I’m back. Did you miss me? Did you have to wait long? I know a lot of you tell me that you listen to the podcast over the course of the week in chunks in bits. And I know you might listen a few times. Sometimes I record all at once. And sometimes I record in chunks to just interesting there. Yeah, so I’m back from some beautiful Healing Sessions today. And I was just thinking you might find this interesting that since I was saying there are people loving you and praying for you and thinking good about you. And there’s light working its way to you all the time. I create a little altar space here. Every time I sit down to work, I refresh it, I put new things down. Today I’ve got some beautiful roses, and a floating candle and a little holder made by a friend, a lotus holder and a special pain come from my birthday visit to the woods a couple of weeks ago and some beautiful crystals and you know just lots of things that represent my love and good wishes for friends on the journey. And for you listening. You know, I do this for the podcast too. And I have this one little frame subtle brass frame. It’s all hand cut. And it’s always empty because and I mean little like your school photo, the small size. Remember when we had printed school photos? Yeah. Little like that. It’s always empty because it represents a picture of you as a little kid. When I sit with you, I love that. I think about you know, I just hold that little one who still needs a lot of love, you know? So yeah. That’s my super cool, awesome space here. And it was a beautiful afternoon of Healing Sessions. So good to make a joyful noise about what you love to do. Right. Cheers to that. Huh? So good. Here we go. Inspiration today. I said I wanted to share a little healing skill with you a little practice that I call flip it and reverse it, which is really from the Missy Elliott song back in that was in the 90s that’s all I make no reference to anything she was talking about in the song. I love that song. Flipping in reverse it. It’s an interesting thing to realize like I was talking about the strong ones. I was talking about being defended being resistant, all the ways. I mean you know yourself in your deal. This part, you know, the places where you’re working on your stuff. And you recognize like, this is what you do. When you get into this zone, this is the place you go, you know you now your stick. I hope you do. I know we’re waking up all the time to that, but a lot of us start to recognize what we keep doing. And we don’t necessarily know how to get out. It’s more like we watch it happening, like a accident, like something going off the rails. And we’re hoping and praying and crossing our fingers in the way that we don’t do it the same way again, this time, and maybe later on, we beat ourselves up for it. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I know what I’m talking about, I can tell you that. So flip it in reverse, it is fun. Let’s say you need to figure out how to do your life differently. from whatever angle you’re talking about. This could be how to stop shoving yourself through your day, how to slow down and let yourself heal, how to let people in. I mean, that’s the one I’ve been talking about. Not being so resistant. But you know, don’t let me just give you examples here. Think about something you know, you need to change, because you want to, and you keep finding that it keeps happening. The response in you keeps coming up. And afterwards, you know, you’re like, I did it again. How am I gonna learn? How am I gonna change? That’s the thing. Focus on that while I’m talking to you here, okay? If you flip the way you normally respond, just for shifts and giggles, you know what I’m saying? shifts and giggles. If you can catch it, and you can start to practice with flipping it around. It’s really, really cool to notice what you notice and see what you see. Just flip it, do it different. I’m thinking about those of you I talked to solopreneurs or entrepreneurs, I don’t know what we’re working from home billable hours, when you worry about if you don’t respond at all hours to everybody. You’re not going to have work, you’re not going to have enough work. I mean, there are so many of you out there in that boat. I’m in that boat. But you know, as you’re going along like this isn’t right. Something about this scenario I keep spinning is not right. And if I keep showing up with fear in my heart, I’m going to generate more fearful situations for myself, you know. So flip it. That’s a perfect situation, do it different. Maybe you put yourself first for a change. Maybe you actually nonprofit 5pm like you keep saying you will maybe you don’t answer your emails after 6pm like you keep saying maybe you don’t take your phone to bed with you for change, you know, flip it, do something different. This works in conversations, this works in relationship issues. This works in the case of the strong ones let love in trust in the miracle. You know, instead of being defended when somebody asks how you are, which is kind of a PV question for me, sometimes, but still, it’s an opportunity to open to yourself to check in with yourself. So that would be flipping it. How are you? Instead of being like, chicken with yourself? I think I’ve told you before but if I ever get into an argument with with number one, it’s rare. It’s usually I instigated something. Number one. Sometimes just out of the blue, I realize oh God, we’re going down the slippery slope. There’s no break on the toboggan because I’m awake. So I’m in there. With my self having the experience. I’m in there. And so sometimes I just do it different. I flip it. I start laughing. I make a joke. I do something goofy. I I give up. I say You’re right. I stepped Let’s stop. Let’s change you know, like,

flip it.

That is so cool. And now you may call me a genius. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Did you say it the other thing About size and reverse it is, you know how, think about the one person in your life. You can, or two people or three people you can spend a lot of time thinking about. And, you know, it can be obsessive and upset and stressy thoughts and stories, and the one I hear a lot is so and so it’s never there for me, they never show up for me.

You have this scenario, I think last week, I was telling you that sometimes people will, friends of mine family, whatever will complain to me about someone else who never acknowledges them. Never thanks them never, they don’t practice gratitude. The focus is very much on person x is terrible, because they don’t do these things. For me. That’s my point. But the thing is, if we were to reverse it, we might see that in this moment, now, all I give a crap about is myself, I don’t care about that other person, while I’m complaining. And going on, I’m not thinking about them. I’m not considering them. Because I’m upset about something they’re not doing for me. But if I reverse it, if I’m open to practicing, I’m saying and I decided to reverse it. I might see, I don’t care about them in that moment, either. In fact, if I’m really aware, I’m seeing how I’m sending them upset. Maybe you can see how this is a powerful practice. For those of us who want to awaken to something or change something that’s been so hard for us, you know, again, these are things we fall into again, and again, it’s patterning, maybe it’s wiring, I don’t know, it doesn’t even matter, you know, what matters to me is that we want to change, we want it to be better. Because we do. So you know, let’s get on it. Let’s do these things. And if we see some yucky things about ourselves, so what you know, this is not the moment to beat up on yourself. This is the moment to get free to say wow, I am cool. I am amazing. Because I’m willing to work on these character. Ooh, I almost said character defects, delete, delete, delete these things I do that I don’t really love, they cause me they add time to my upset, you know, they cost me a lot of rumination afterwards. Right. That’s why we want to do it. Another gift of reversing it is helping yourself to become more compassionate toward the other person, and to yourself. So you might think about things in a new light, I have a friend who regularly will say I know, I know, I’m so selfish. Like, I wish I wouldn’t do that, you know, turn it around, try it on for you try it on for them practice. If you kind of keep these words in your mind, flip it and reverse it, you’re going to see something new there. I think it’s fun to have these little tools in our toolbox. For those times where you’re afraid, you’re worried. You’re concerned, scared about money, scared about work scared about the uncertainty of the future. Worried about your kids. Boy, that is a whole 187 episodes, the differences we have with our young children how they’re growing up in this time now and all the like I said, 187 episodes anyway, flip it in reverse it, you will find some amazing things. In that practice with your kids, where you get triggered where you freak out where you can’t let go of control. Even though you’re not in charge, clearly, you know what I mean? Try some of these ideas out and see what sticks. Personally, I love seeing edges where I’m waking up and can do better. I won’t because really I want to be at peace. That’s really I want to have fun. I don’t want to be upset. That’s not what fuels me. I don’t want to go around being disgruntled. I cannot receive all the miracles. I cannot allow all the good before me when I’m in that state. So you know, I hope you’ll give this a whirl. Hope you give it a try. I hope something in there feels helpful to you Flipping in reverse set, please, I won’t send you the song. But I love it. I love practicing things like this. So there’s a little romanism for you. I hope it serves you. Cheers.

So friends, here comes the part in the show, where I like to ask you to support the podcast in some way that feels good and true for you, you know, obviously do the work, that’s the big one, do the apply it, allow it receive it. If you think of a friend, you can share this with, I would so appreciate you shining the light out there. And or make a post or put it in your stories or leave a comment on the public post. It really does help. And the other day, somebody said Why do you have to ask people to share it won’t be open to saying I want this. I want to grow this I want this to be found. I want people to receive this because I know the good here. So there is something to trusting. And I do I mean, I say that a lot. God is a social media manager, etc, etc, etc. I do. And it’s really my way I don’t love to do a lot of this work this pushy. salesy work, so I don’t. But I also know you got to show up and say I want it. That’s another thing a lot of us do. We push away the truth that we want stuff because we don’t want to fail. And we don’t like how it feels. But I’ll tell you, it feels really good to say I want it. And please share. And please leave a review. And please tell your friends. Tell your friends. And I appreciate it. I do. And it’s a way to support me. And I welcome that as well. And I appreciate that too. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Still so good. Okay, this week’s letter is a good one I bet a lot of us will relate to do I say that every week because I think that’s probably what happens every week. Here we go. Hi, Robin. I am so over this pandemic. Starting with the holidays is here. so different. No parties. No good times at work. We all work remote. And even though it’s February, I’m still feeling off from it. Some of my close family members have had COVID-19 or are still recovering. So there are no family gatherings in the future at all. I’m doing my best to ward off the sadness, and that really lost and empty feeling. It’s like day to day life has begun to feel so meaningless. I’ve become a hermit. I miss being with my family, and having a good time. Electronic devices help, but it’s just not the same. I know you’ve heard this scenario and you’ve experienced it yourself. So thanks for listening one more time. I’d love you to give me some realism and positive vibes. Thanks a ton. Big Love. Well, my friend, we are all in this boat together. The reality is that those of us who choose to thrive, survive energetically, emotionally. And that’s not a COVID thing. That’s all the time thing. So even though you’re feeling upset and done, I get it. I mean, Jeff and I were just looking at the calendar for Easter. We always hosted Easter at our house. And there’s no way no how we’ll be hosting anything this year. You know, so I got it. But you know, perspective, perspective perspective and what we continue to put into the energy of the day into our minds and hearts is huge. It affects us. So I gotta, as your friend asked you to be accountable to that. A year is a long time for all of us.

We’re right at the one year mark. It’s natural to be feeling some some stuff and a lot A lot of us are, and I hear this daily, multiple times that people are sick and tired and fed up and basically eff you to everything. And that’s fine. For a time. I’m sorry, you know, I’m not gonna apologize, I take it back. Some of us need to do our anger work. move some of this energy, unless we we are saying this is where we choose to be right now. But you’re asking for feedback. So obviously, you’re not in that place where you’re making the choice to be, you know, a hermit and feeling off and all of this stuff you’re saying. So work it, my friend, you are worthy and deserving. And even now, you are worthy and deserving of peace and joy and freedom, despite COVID even though this is the situation, the truth is, there’s always something that’s the nature of contrast. There’s always something we can make the choice of. Don’t know why, but I’m going to trust it. I’m just hearing that line in Scripture, pick up your mattress and walk. You know, if you want to. And where did that even come from? I don’t even know. But it’s like, you know, let’s do for ourselves. If we know we’re wanting a different experience. may we please have the courage? It takes my breath away because I You’re right, I’m there to maybe please have the courage to step into our lives in a way that will feel meaningful. And excuse me, wait.

Oh, sometimes your throat chakra just will do the shebang on you. And mind just really got tight, tight, tight. Still working on speaking this truth. You know, like, it’s a choice to be angry. And please don’t be mad at me for saying so. You know? Even now, hope exists even now. There is a light that shines even now we can choose between meaningful and meaningless. And it’s a very personal thing, how it how it will land for you. You got to find that, but I hear your willingness. I hear your willingness. One of the things for me is to be of service and not just to my friends but to my own heart to my own body to my own garden to my the animals around here to you know what I mean? To the in German, there’s this great word called oust puff. It just means exhaust. I love it though. aos poof, I want a good out puff. My friends. Are we talking about farting here? I don’t think so. Okay, about the energy you put out. I like having nice elves. Poof. I do. And I want you to want that too. Sometimes people write me I’m not talking about you here. And I kind of can’t believe that house puff they they feel fine. giving off in their letters in their messages in their conversations, the topics, the choices, you know, but that’s them. That’s on them. I don’t have to take that in. the delete key is my friends sometimes I also choose to unsubscribe people for them because it’s just like I don’t really know the point of this. I am nobody’s whipping posts for your anger issues. But I am a fan of getting some of this out. And also the book I mentioned at the top of the hour. The Eric maizel the Van Gogh book. I’ll put it in the show notes. If you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 126. The other one was the book. Why bother by Jennifer Loudon so good. Something I’m also working through. And very helpful. There’s a journal as well. Like if you’re willing, it’s a beautiful thing. And I’ll just put this disclaimer here. Not everyone is willing. And that’s not a judgment. That’s something I think we all need to understand that everybody is at where they’re at. And period. Like, not everybody needs to work on it because they don’t want to That needs to be respected. But you don’t have to dither with that, you know? So I hope something in there help to my friend Hang in there. It does seem like a lot of us know people with COVID. Now, I mean, the cases are going you know, I know several people who have it right now and they have no idea how they got it. Because like a lot of us, they’re staying home. They’re really making the effort stay home. So you know, don’t give up. That’s all I can say. Life loves you and wants you to thrive and sometimes making the choice to be the light, shiner or the Light Sparkler is very powerful. But to be it for yourself is everything. That’s really what it is. It’s everything. So I hope that helps. And friends, you know, I say, if I can help you write me, email me Hello at Robin message me on Instagram or Facebook, Robin Hallett. Come to the website, you can leave a comment there. Nothing too big or too small. It’s always just right. It’s always there. There will always be somebody at least one person who writes a meaningful message back to me that they needed to hear the letter that was shared this week. So we’re always helping, which I love. All right, well, that wraps enemies boss podcast. What do you say? I think this was extra good, good stuff.

Wrapping on a Sunday, early afternoon. Number one and I are planning on a little ramen noodle soup, homemade broth, we got some cilantro and lines. And I don’t know what else is going to go in there. Shrimp or chicken maybe who knows. And we’re going to be watching. We’re going to find this sweet little movie together and snuggle up on the couch, put the twinkle lights on and enjoy. So I hope that you do the same. And you know I will be here again next week. bright eyed and bushy tailed Monday morning. Or I’ll see on the replays in a few minutes. Know that you are loved. Know that the miracles are all around you. Always and I hope you choose to make the choice or to be willing to choose to make the choice to receive so much love to you. It’s me Robin. I choose love Hamlet and I will see you next time. Bye bye.


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