To Love and Appreciate Who You Already Are Is Everything on This Journey // Tea with Robin Episode 125

We all have a story we tell. One that focuses on our badness or wrongness, or maybe on how life hasn’t turned out how we planned. We end up assigning meaning in ways that puts our own hearts to the curb.

If that’s you, let me show you the ways that you are amazing, perfect, and meant to be. Right now. Exactly as you are. No changesies, fixes, or takebacks.

To love and appreciate who you already are is everything on this journey.

This week’s inspiration: Be good to you. Love and honor yourself. Art journaling and the beautiful poetry of Derek Wolcott

This week’s featured letter: Why is it so hard to get the people in our lives to love us the way we want them to? And is it okay to ask people to love us a certain way?

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here 🙂

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Wkbk Lesson 2: I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.

Wkbk Lesson 5: I am never upset for the reason I think

Text chapter 5: HEALING AND WHOLENESS: I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace…

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, let me show you the ways that you are amazing. Perfect. I meant to be in this moment now. No fixes, no changes, no take backs our inspiration today, I will read you one of my favorite poems, and we’ll have a letter. Why is it so hard to get people to love us the way we would like to be loved? And is it okay to ask people to love us a certain way. We’ll dive into that. Coming up. Come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me. Here. Hello, beautiful


It’s me, Robin. This is Tea with Robin. Hi. Welcome back to the podcast. This is Episode 125. If you’re new around these parts, this is a podcast about healing and authenticity, which is a word I know it gets kicked around a ton. I mean, about living exactly as you are, who you are in the life you’re in, showing up. And learning how to do that can be a challenge. Am I right? Friends returning Hello, hello. Hi. How’s the weather in Europe in these days? How have you been doing? Have you been kind and gentle with yourself? Showing up with love? Practicing being easy on yourself? I hope so. This ride is intense enough if you asked me and, you know, we could all do with a little more ease and tenderness. What do you say? Over here. It’s a beautiful day. I’m recording on a Saturday. Ooh, and it’s 111 on the clock right now. I love that. So cool. weekend, I’ve sort of figured something out. It only took me 124 or so episodes. But it’s good to pick a day of the week, it takes the stress off the table. I don’t know why it took me a while to get to that point. But here I am. And I want to celebrate that it feels wonderful. Deciding on a day to record instead of leaving it all over the place takes away so much pressure and other things that I’m just left with joy and love and excitement and it’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. So just finished feeling sessions for the day. Saturday’s three sessions back to back. I love having this time to talk with friends on the journey. I feel like it’s sort of like when you connect with hearts that are on this awakening journey and get it and serve even know what it’s what this is about. Or you’ve been here listening to me or something like that. It’s like two aliens who have found each other on the planet Earth. And we’re all we do is sit together and make googly eyes and say things. Yeah. I love it. And there’s a lot more than happens. I know. It’s a total unfurling and healing. That’s what healing is just allowing ourselves to relax into who we truly are. And that’s what I want to talk about today. So what can I tell you about how I am I’m awesome. It’s a beautiful day, super snowy, minus 19 with the Windchill. And it always cracks me up like, you know the weather and the stories about the weather. And I keep telling you I’m really practicing loving winter. And so I am and I’m really surprised to tell you in four weeks, it’s going to be almost spring. Can you believe it? So now I’m starting to grieve winter already. I tell you, so I’ve been just I have a little like a creative desk behind my where I sit and do healing work and recording the podcast. I like to sit there and watch the snowfall. Do my little creative doodads. Look at the icicles forming and just I don’t know, it’s just so cool winter. Beautiful Thing. Sweet. We go over here just loving my time. I tell you being somebody who’s practicing learning to find miracles in the ordinary day in and day out to find meaning. It’s really been a joy. Yeah, so let’s We’ll talk about that in a second. But first, you know what comes next? Oh, just did you bring a cup of yum yum. I have a delicious cup of my instant coffee is so good. This one’s called Mount Hagen, organic, Italian, yada, yada. instant coffee. Sometimes I just cannot wait. I like to just pour it in. It’s sort of like put the teabag in the cup and go. salt and a little heavy whipping cream. And I like to say cheers to you. And to me, and to our Awesomesauce and how good we already are.


So cheers. Oh,

it’s so good. The colder it gets, the better it tastes. It is so good. Yeah. So from if you’re listening to this live, I’m gonna say Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Love. You know, we’re still in the 24 hour period when this comes out. So Happy Valentine’s Day to you from my heart to your heart. And I say love from the heart that they have love a day of celebration. from you to you. It’s so, so good. And I also want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, your VX your movement. Lordy, Lordy, make it so. I know, you know. Hi, were you here last year? I was here last year. It’s a weird thing to say. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some forward movement? Because ice say this to you all the time. We’re good right now. We’re beautiful right now. But I know how much we would love some farmer movement on a lot of issues. And so happy new year, may this be the beginning of some beautiful movement, some easing, some strengthening some transformation of things that we would love and may be wonderfully productive in the areas that actually will mean something to your journey. Yeah. And that’s what I want to talk about today. Because if I picked a topic for you, it would be to love and appreciate who you are already are. And to work more closely with the stories you tell that keep you in hell am I right? Yeah, happy new year. And let’s dive into today’s message. Here’s what I want to talk about. I don’t want to be out of a job or anything. I like what I do for a living. I do. I love Healing Sessions and helping friends and to get to sit and be with people you love and enjoy. And even the ones where it’s awkward and weird, you know, because that happens. A probably in every job. It’s still so wonderful, because we’re learning we’re exploring. And it’s such a special thing to get to come together in the name of remembering who you truly are overcoming suffering, remembering what matters. I love it. It’s really a gift. And the message of the week keeps coming through what if we knew we were already perfect? What if we knew we were good? What if we knew already, that there wasn’t this crazy striving and perfecting and improving that needed to happen? Before we could receive the blessing? The way sometimes we can be so triggered by a situation and so stuck there. Like we don’t have to suffer intensively before that can go away. If we could relax in the knowing that we’re all right, that we’re good, what would change for you. So say you have this worry, this story about who you are in your life? What’s wrong with your life and what’s wrong with this time now and you know, the nature of that is just to keep ruminating on it. And the more we think about we give something our focus, the more it remembers itself to us throughout the day. And then we begin to see the evidence everywhere. So sometimes when I talk to friends, we really go over that together, like look at all this evidence you’ve you’ve amassed for yourself about why things are spinning out or why your life stinks or why you’re such a terrible person or why you have to work harder at getting better or whatever it is, you know, it’s like well, sometimes It’s better to just say I’ve been really hard on myself. And, and really invested in the idea of my badness. And so, I tend to struggle, I tend to suffer and struggle a lot and resist things that might make my experience a little bit smoother and easier. And then I could give my mind two things, it would experience a lightness through in a new way, or a different way, you know, instead of being alive in my worry, or my struggle about how bad I am, or how old I am, or how unwell how my body is failing, and I’m not doing enough about it, or how my life is going nowhere, or this pandemic has ruined everything, all the things that are really just stories, instead of giving my energy to that

I could decide something new, and I could give my mind to something new. The Course in Miracles talks about how we’ve given everything all the meaning it has for me, we like to be focused on things, worried on things, thinking on things, chewing on things. I do believe that’s part of our nature. But the thing is, like, if we’re giving all the meaning everything has for our, for us, and we’re wrong. We’re making ourselves wrong. We’re making our journeys from our lives wrong. And that means we’re wrong. unconsciously, on some level, we’re wrong in the eyes of God, you know, we keep this, whether you believe in God or not, it’s like in the eyes of the universe, that sense of badness we can carry, how we’re not in, we’re not in, we’re not with the in crowd, so to speak, and feeling. Part of it is because we continue to make meaning that says, it’s our badness. It’s our badness, it’s our fault, we’re not okay, this is making sense today. Because even if it’s making sense, there’s nothing you need to do, but have it makes sense. Things will start to click differently from here. Instead of accepting where we’re at accepting our situation, loving ourselves, being kind, being our own friend, having our own backs, we’re giving it meaning that’s closer to, you know, my life’s a waste, and I’m not amounting to anything, and everybody hates me, and it’s horrible, and nobody wants to play with me, and I might as well go eat dirt. And, you know, it just starts to feel so pointless. So we could start today. I mean, I talked to people all the time, who are obsessed for days on end with one story and I’m in that camp to at times. You know, I don’t know, maybe not everyone will admit to that. I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Because as many conversations as I’ve had, since 1990, something with people, and hearing the innermost thoughts and stuff. This is how it is for everybody. Pretty much, you know, obsessive, worrying, being afraid, and then obsessing some more. So the mind has given you know, I have given this all the meaning it holds for me. And the meaning I assign the things is always an attack on myself. It’s never in love. In peace in the in the interest of healing, of seeing myself as a spark of the Divine who came here into this body to experience life. And have fun, have fun, f u n, the F word. everybody’s afraid to say fun to have fun. No, instead, I’m going to spend the whole day thinking about my fat booty. And what I’m going to do, no, I don’t know, you know, just I don’t mean to diminish any of our experiences of suffering because I know how intense it can be and I know how it goes. But there is so much more. You actually would love to give your mind to. So making this a regular practice of catching the obsessing, catching the struggling, catching the judgy and helping yourself when I go and focus on something that does bring excitement to you instead. And I wonder what that would be for, you know, to be excited about something to be worked up into a lather about how things work in a certain way learning new things expanding my mind. That’s one thing. It’s a beautiful thing. Have you ever noticed how if you’re in the middle of a creative project, regardless of what the project is, if you’re having fun, you’re doing something you’re thinking about it, you’re dreaming about it, you’re excited. There’s no room in those times for how big is your Caboose, really, you know, or what a bad person you are, or how your your life has been a waste up till now up till now.

You know, the store, everybody’s got a story, he comes and visits them. Giving your mind the things that you’re excited about is one way I notice. It doesn’t have such a grip on me in those times. Now. I think it’s helpful to have something you’re going towards, and something you’re leaving behind. In my mind, that really helps me. I’m giving things meaning. And I want the meaning to be. I’m here to have fun. I’m here to help people. I’m here to serve. I’m here to have a good time. I’m here to do all the kooky little things I love as an individual, I love to do. I’m here to do that. And I’m here to do it in a fun way. And if so, that’s what I’m going towards. And what I’m leaving behind this, that sort of soul sucking, being convinced that I’m a loser. If you’ve been around the last 124 episodes, you know, this is one of my famous little Eddie’s I can get stuck in I’m a loser. I’m a loser. I’m a loser. It’s not a big deal to me anymore. Really. It’s not as dire. I don’t even remember there was that one summer where it was so, so, so bad. I wasn’t sure how I could stay here. You know what I’m saying? Like, I wasn’t sure. It was so bad. I don’t even remember that in the same way. Now. Now I would totally walk with myself, and help myself. Now. My time is my own and how I choose to spend it is on me, it’s up to me and even in the direst sureste moments, where you’re like, No, no, Robin, what are you saying? You don’t know. I am a loser. I am a piece of carp, you should see the mistakes I’ve made. You should see how, you know how far off I am. I if you could talk to me, I could convince you I am the one case none of what you’re saying will apply to you. No. It’s so cute. how we think about ourselves. We’re the only one. I feel like even now, I would know how to help myself through that. And that that is to say, what are we going toward? And what are we going to leave behind? Because it doesn’t matter? You know, we’re here. It’s not the interesting question anymore. Have you wasted your life? Or are you a piece of carp? There is no satisfying answer to that question. Because the part of you making those statements is not connected to the spark of the Divine. It’s looking for the reason to blame itself.

You know, it’s not interested in oneness, it doesn’t care. It wants to stay in separation. He wants to be the bad one. And so that’s what happens. And then we set up this whole elaborate network of stuff to be embroiled in throughout the day.

So when you have something you’re going towards something you’re about that’s really helpful. really helpful. Oh, here comes that thought again, about my big booty. I have no booty to speak up. I do have a belly though. But I’m not I’m not really body focused. I do. I do sometimes get focused on those loser stories. I think that’s more juicy. For me. There’s more juice. you know, I do happen to think my body is beautiful. And so I don’t have that part. But I do get into have I wasted my life. So and So doesn’t love me that kind of stuff. So right now I’m in this interesting thing where I’m going towards other things. I’m distracting myself. Playing, I’m doing art. I’ve got a new commitment in private now it’s not going to be private. So Hi, Bob tell you secret. I’m not talking about this with anybody anymore. Like I’m not giving it life anymore. I think that’s part of it. And I’m going toward something. So what are you going to go towards? If this is resonating for you? I’ve already picked something for you, that you can go towards when you say things. It all feels hopeless, you know, when you think you’ve had enough? Sure you have and what are we going to pick for you? What are we going to pick for you to get excited about? What do you want to learn? What do you want to use your mental energy toward? Instead of this thing you do? How will you do this differently? How will you see this all differently? If you want to learn how to fly a plane, or speak another language, or, you know, I’m very excited right now, about packaging up seeds from my garden. I can’t. I don’t even care to explain it to sit with these little piles of seeds of things I grew and remembering how I was worried, because I don’t know what I’m doing. I know, I’m just going by my intuition. And I try not to Google too much. But I planted this great garden last year to kind of help with the construction traffic. And there’s a big house. I haven’t talked about the mountain in a long time. But there’s a big house that’s being built next door. And it’s still under construction. And even now, I’m amazed at my garden. It’s so beautiful. In the middle of winter, it’s gorgeous, the stocks all the evidence of what I grew. And so I sit at my little desk, and I play with the seeds. And you know, this is the giggle of joy. I’m not embarrassed. It’s the giggle of joy. Do you want to giggle of joy? Then you’ve got to step down the story about the caboose or the horrible life or how old you are by now. Oh my God,

you’re so old.

Your life is over.

We want to make meaning in ways but you can make meaning. You can do it from a place of excitement. If you’re willing. Are you willing? I guess that’s really the only thing left to ask you. Are you willing to go against everything you thought was true about yourself. To say this all could be just a big crock of doodoo. What I need to do is love myself one. What I need to do is be fierce about that topic. I keep talking about stop talking. Stop giving it life. With my friends, or whatever I need to. Yeah, I’m willing, I’m willing to embrace the blessing. I’m willing to get excited about things. I posted a picture. This is so good. I posted a picture on Instagram at some point this week of a slice of my orange because it was so flipping beautiful and I for days, I thought about this already because you know, it comes From the whole of this universe, this whole entire universe, how did that happen? If you could see now, if you could See this. The perfection In the little dots where the essential oil sacks must, I don’t know what it’s called, but you know, like all the dots and the color and then these little Just boggled boggled my mind. It was so fascinating. It took me all around. I thought about it. So many things and That got me on the slip A journey of inspecting things around the house plants in the snow, you know, in the snow Outside looking for different Greetings and Yeah so A fascinating and beautiful, fun, joyful week. So, the bottom line is, let’s recap you You’re going to tell a story about yourself. That is not nice. Stay focus there for long periods of time in the laundry. Do it the more evidence you amass And then more evidence to amass Good morning. Believe the story is true But it’s true Look at this Look at this This Are you willing To get Have your energy and Your focus today Somewhere else You know, just because you’re anxious, doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day spinning. You could dance it out, you could shake it out. You could Get on the treadmill. You could get very excited about other things and give your energy Be there. So We give things all the meaning It holds for us. dokay to us new meaning It’s okay to make a new decision. When you get focused on what a Loser you are again to step away. From the story back away Paper way, because you’re always awesome. You’re always amazing and that’s The truth there is no judgment on how you’re living your life. The things you’re doing or not doing We give things the meaning. That means we’re in control of the upset and the outcome and all kinds of stuff. I’m not saying that The US has to do this perfectly. That’s another one of those ways The column myths on the I feel like the French guy from The Pink Panther myth The healing journey That like, I’m gonna get to this hunky dory place where I’ll never be upset again. I’ll never have a struggle again. I’ll never have a wobble again. I’ll never reject myself again and I’ll be just in this wonderful, peaceful, fantastic place. And I think that’s just What you think before you really invest deeply in loving yourself and having your back and realizing like, there is no parent They can parent you the way you can parent yourself, you know, like love yourself. So I know I had some time Yours this week. I know I had some new things to release this week and I

What is there to be ashamed of or embarrassed about? I know people are I know Even I run the risk of bringing that up somebody Gonna Say something patronizing to me but that’s Their deal. You know what, that’s their deal. It’s not a big deal. If you have a process Summer that is so productive and Good and you have to release it to be you more in line with our in alignment with who you truly are with, where you’re really at on this journey, you don’t I mean, like stuff has to come out Clearing the closet out. So you have room for new fabulous awarenesses by yourself. Your one beautiful life. Remember that Mary Oliver Tell me What is it you plan to do with To one wild and precious Fly One summer day. Some of this stuff is good. It’s good to get it out. It’s good to be productive with you’re upset sometimes to get it out but give yourself something you’re going toward and get excited slice of an hour. Orange, a little plant growing in your home. Art Project garden project for This summer I don’t know. You know these Examples I don’t know if they’re excited To you, I’d love to learn to Fly someday. I really would a little little plane. think it would be amazing. I think about that sometimes. It all doesn’t even matter if I do it. It’s so satisfying A big reason why we’re here is To be satisfied To be excited Good to be live. To be joy alive and joyful. And Hey Do you Daily. Do In a way that you are excited about It seems mundane. It’s Seems like this can’t be When sourcing doing just like Listening to beautiful music and gardening and doing my day job and shouldn’t, isn’t there more and then again you start beating up on yourself. It’s just what happens so give full permission To this thing, I’m talking Today If you can access That You don’t need this suffer in order They have joy that it’s okay if you’re not perfect according to some version of someone else’s fantasy about who you needed. To be right your life then you’re free. You’re free to ask Explore things that you want Like to be worried I like it. If you do want to learn how to fly a plane There Probably a lot To learn in a A lot that your mind will be involved in. That’ll also feel exciting and fun and and you know, suspenseful or terrifying but at least you’re not going to be going on and on about how you suck you know You have always been Awesome Always Amazing You will continue to be so and right now sometimes there’s so much happening energetically speaking I tell you a lot. I don’t really study it. geology but I can feel the planet attari hoo ha ha The name There’s a lot moving and changing. And so if you’re not thinking about it, you might be very tempted To start obsessing on your own heart, worrying about your own stories and making doo doo where there was none. You know, you’re awesome. You’ve always been awesome. You’ve always been amazing. That you don’t know that sometimes is natural. It’s natural to forget. It’s natural to get caught in places it’s natural to focus on. You know, the new part is just what are you going to go toward? What are you going to? How will you help yourself begin to say, Hey, hey, put the finger out. You know, Hey, you, you This is the stick. You always resort to stop. What are you going to go toward instead? No, there are no brownie points for Struggling the hardest about how much you don’t like yourself,

you know? But there are tons of brownie points for loving what you love. And celebrating and staying in the sweet spot and Not saying you got to be happy all the time. Okay? All right. So Peace Not too long. I hope you love this This one hope Five Star Cheers going to have to Go get some more I’ll be right back. With a beautiful Home coming Theme Second Okay, hi. I’m back. You Do wait long Yeah came back with some Rose Tea, TLC sweet rose tea, one of my favorites and no Valentine’s Day. I love to have lots of roses all all through the year. Especially now Some gorgeous roses and I A cup of tea because, yes, it’s just sweet. For for me, and I hope that you do Sweet for you. And you know because you matter and Nobody can love you You love You quite Like the Way You can love yourself. You know what I mean? So it’s good to be good to you. So inspiration today is that, you know, how can you love and honor yourself. I said I wanted, I want to read you one of my favorite poems. I’ve read it here before a bunch of times. But today, I have my art journal out. And some of the pages are stuck together. I think sometimes we forget how important it is to love ourselves, to spend time on ourselves, to focus on ourselves. And when we’re suffering, all the stuff I’ve just been talking about today, you know, mostly, it’s not knowing oneself, which creates the emptiness, the suffering, the yearning for someone, something outside ourselves to fill that place. Not knowing how to be connected to ourselves. Oh, yes, hold on, I’m going to take a little detour. Because as I’m opening my journal, I just found a bunch of pressed rose petals. And God they’re so listen. They’re so silky, and they still smell perfectly like roses. Frozen. This is my reclaimed book, one of Jeff’s books. It’s a picture book, cloth cover, and I like to paint over the pages. I don’t know what I’m doing really. So it’s even better. So here’s one page with a beautiful poem from Derek Walcott. I didn’t really know until I looked into it, how much he has done in his life, because I’ve always known the one and loved it and felt so changed by it. But it’s interesting as he was knighted, Nobel Prize, lots of accomplishments, that worldly stuff that we seem to think we need, and I bet to talk to him, he would have said, it didn’t matter. I love what I love that did what I love, it was the art of expressing. From my truest self. That really was everything to me, I’ll bet. He reminds me of how sometimes we search outside of ourselves for accolades and acknowledgments that don’t even matter, really. We think that we need to be seen as somebody, something something excellent. It’s about what other people think of us. But you know, a lot of us have loved this poem or Other Poems without ever even knowing a thing about the person. It’s such a beautiful thing to realize that a PhD or some kind of earthly credential would not have made the special thing

more special to you. Because it had to do with how it pinged your heart. Isn’t that so? True? Wow, I’m not and I’m not saying anything against earthly credentials. It’s so important to follow your heart. And many times, the way we’re led to serve has to do with, you know, that kind of stuff. Like if he wasn’t published, maybe I never would have learned the poem or you wouldn’t have learned, right? So I’m not even criticizing anything. I’m just saying, for those of us who struggle with feeling like, well, who am I? You know, how we get when you put yourself in that place of wanting recognition, wanting to be seen, wanting to be finally acknowledged by those people. Doesn’t matter. What matters is if you know who you are. And you work to get to that place of knowing who you are know. So yeah, look at that. Sir Derek Walcott, University of Alberta’s first distinguished scholar in residence. It’s amazing and onward. So I wanted to read it from this art journal because it’s a page of self love to myself. It’s just sweet some pictures from my garden and it’s so good to give to yourself. Especially the things you’re trying to get from someone else, we’re gonna have a good letter coming up about that, too. So here we go, Derek Walcott This one’s called love after love. The time will come. When, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror. And each will smile at the others welcome and say, sit here. You will love again, the stranger who was yourself. Give wine, give bread. Give back your heart to itself to the stranger who has loved you, all your life, who you ignored for another who knows you by heart. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit, feast on your life.

I wonder what that means to you. To me, it’s really, so much of my journey has been about learning to love myself. And I don’t know why I’m laughing but it’s so obvious man. That’s why but just learning to love myself. Thinking about the literal mirror work I started out doing with Louise Hay, you can heal your life. One of the first things I ever found on the journey. First books I ever came to. And looking in the mirror and doing that mirror work and and not really getting it at all, you know, but trying wanting to try and today really having my own understanding of what that means that you really see yourself. And it will feel like company, the kind of company that is so sustaining and so powerful that you can make the hard choices because you respect and love yourself so much and you can make the sweet choices. I’m not saying they have to be hard but like you can do things that seem so challenging to yourself at one time and to other people. So just want to share that with you because it’s so beautiful.

I love this art journal. I love that too. So

it is hot rose tea. So here comes the part of the show where I’d love to ask you to support the podcast and I You know, I really appreciate those of you last week I had said please leave a comment if you’re on social media leave a comment on a public post and I appreciated that many of you did that. A few of you said you were gonna leave reviews and you did and I just wanted to say thank you. I really appreciate it. I welcome you supporting me on this journey. And always, you know, I love so much When you take what I’m saying and apply it in your life, that’s got to be the best ever. Because that’s really our primary function here. According Me is to serve to help each other remember the light. So I love I love all of them. Please if you love this, write something share something, tell someone About this Ciao This podcast and always I thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

So this week’s letter I’m just gonna dive right in. Hi Ron. Thank you for all the podcasts. And so often you say just the thing that reminds me. We are all connected. I’m really struggling today. I wonder if you You talk about the people close to was when there’s problems Why It’s so hard to get the people in our lives to love us the way we want them to be. need to pray that I can learn to accept people for who they are not get so angry and hurt by their selfishness. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much, Ruth.

Well My friend already on Some perfectly perfect Right now That’s who you are. In your Feelings In what you’re Expressing It’s important to accept ourselves. Right where we’re at With everything we’re feeling And to not keep more on to judging, you know, I have to learn to accept people, I don’t accept people, you know, we want to go right into the center and give ourselves some support. So you’re frustrated. I mean, there’s nobody quite like the people close to us to really bring us to our journey. I often say that’s how I came to the Course in Miracles because I was in such an intensely suffering place with people in my family. And I knew I was the one with the problem. And I knew that I needed to get free, I was beginning to have these big aha and little Inklings to that. waiting around for people to get something really deep, and offer it to me, was really the long way around, and probably a total sabotage move set up on my egos behalf, you know, my ego that’s only interested in separation, like I was saying before, doesn’t want to be at peace, wants to attack or defend itself and attack other people or defend itself at all times, a lot of us go around preoccupied with those kinds of thoughts. So the first thing is to come to the side. Sit down and have a breather, and just let yourself have your say. Some of us spiritual cheerleaders were so intent on getting somewhere that even in the privacy of our own minds, and hearts, we’re still cheerleading ourselves through something instead of letting ourselves feel and heal it.

And that’s the truth.

So I love how you said here, you say just a thing that reminds me we are all connected. Like that a lot, because it’s a more evolved way of seeing things you may not have realized. And that is we’re all connected. The people who are seeming so selfish to you who don’t seem to get you where there’s problems. And they don’t love you the way you would like them to. you’re connected.

you’re connected

to them, energetically. And there’s probably a push pull going on there energetically speaking. I sat across from many a pair, a child, a parent, to friends, romantic partners, whatever, where I see it happening, that that push pull is going on, but somebody will openly admit to how they’ve been doing things intentionally because they’re so hurt to hurt the other person. And I, you know, we’re kidding ourselves if we think we’re innocent in that cycle. But I, I will, I’ll go first, I spent a lot of time saying I was innocent, blameless. And everything happened to me and I didn’t know why that’s just part of the journey. It’s part of the victim journey. It’s part of where we need to go to find ourselves and realize what’s really going on. So it’s really great that you realize we’re all connected. And if I want things to change out there, I can begin to change in here, you know, in my heart and that’s when I began studying the Course in Miracles and really understanding like, I’m never upset for the reasons I think I’m never upset because so and so. Forgot my birthday or so and so made such a big deal about this other person not giving them the thanks and gratitude they felt they deserved while this person telling me has never thanked me not once, not once, shared any of my work or left a review or done anything to demonstrative you know, the exact same thing. They’re pissed off at somebody else or, like they’ve never done that for me. First of all, it’s natural for us to get into these cycles of thoughts. But waking up and realizing I’m not upset because of that. I’m upset because I forgotten that connection to myself to my highest self, to the God in me the spark of the Divine I am expressing as Robin in this lifetime. That’s why I’m upset right now. Because I’ve sort of placed all the weight and importance in the other person’s hands and said, Please, bless me, please redeem me, please see me. Please love me. Please buy me the right kind of thing I wanted. Please remember, our anniversary Valentine’s Day birthday, please. Do the dishes like I asked you to do you know all these things. We turn things into these huge things. We’re not upset for the reason we think we’re upset because we’re not in our center. And we’re asking other people to make us a priority. So that we believe we are one, two, and it’s never going to happen. Jeff and I were talking about this the other day, we were laughing because

yeah, I’m just like, how much of the story I want to tell. And yeah, so we were laughing because sometimes in our relationship, we we talk about things where each working on in terms of being in a deeper relationship to each other and with each other. And so showing up and just communicating and connecting. It’s really sweet. But we were laughing because this one day, I was like, Oh, you know, I sometimes wish he would surprise me. No, you just dip into these places where you kind of feel like you don’t matter to your beloved. Which is also totally it happens. You think you’ve been taken for granted or a friend you think has forgotten you or something. It’s natural. It’s okay. Like, don’t be embarrassed if you’re relating to me right now. It’s just natural. But on that particular day, he came upstairs to my office with a package in his hands. It’s hilarious if you knew like the significance of that, like within the same hour, he came with a present that he had ordered. And it was late by day. And it arrived in that hour that I had just been thinking. I don’t know.

And it’s funny. So we were talking about the willingness to be open to receiving each other as we truly are, instead of having all these conditions. These conditions that they need to love us a certain way and only this certain way, will it be the right way? Will it really mean something? It would mean so much more if I didn’t have to ask you. And you will never say that one. Yeah, but it’s not the one it’s not the one I wanted. Done those jerky moves. Quite right. Don’t even be alarmed if that’s your first response. You’re you’re allowed to work through your wiring, you’re allowed to work through your original programming. And hopefully you’re with people who get it, that we all have that programming. And if you’re not, you still get to know you have programming you’re trying to heal.


that I struggle that you struggle because other people in our lives suck at times. Or that we struggle because they’re not paying enough attention to us, or they’re not doing what we love or it seems boring or any event. First of all, we have to come back to you’re giving that all the meaning it holds for you. You’re assigning the story to that and doing it all and it feels to me like there’s a very big difference when we’re willing to work on things. It’s sort of like we’re moving toward connection. And when we’re interested in pointing out all the faults we’re moving toward separation Yeah, but they really are jerks. They might be jerks. Why are you the jerk living with the jerks? You know what I mean?


give our hearts to the jerks? And sorry to keep saying it that way but it feels so right. So why do that and call them that were banned upholding ourselves in the same energy vibration when we name it that way. It’s good to feel the upset. It’s good to recognize the problem. So you can make some new moves and sometimes we talked about spiritual relationship. It’s a bit last week. Sometimes, relationships are at a level where you can make a request come from the US. And make a request Love some books how to Be an adult in relationship David Rico. Any books that look good too from Gabor Ma Tei because early childhood trauma and addiction and co dependencies and I just feel like he knows that maps so well. nonviolent Connect occasion

there’s another one live successfully living with screwed up people. That’s pretty good too. These will all be in the show notes under Tea with Robin 125 shownotes there’s a link here right? As you’re listening below the podcast. It’s a really tough if we’re going to go through life with their arms folded across our chest Our bottom lips out in the corner

I sound like such a jerk. But it’s really the truth. There are better ways of getting your needs met than that. I happened to be related to people who are busy with punishment techniques. Ignoring and punishing and caught being called trying, you know when you get together, it’s not given a little snub here and there and it really ticks me off sometimes. But it also keeps me on my toes and helps me practice seeing the light in them and permission to not like how they’re being and permission to be honest.

I don’t like it when you speak to me that way. It hurts my feelings. You whenever you know my feelings are hurt when they say to you Want to do better? That’s not the moment to grind some dirt in there. I bought something else. They did. You know, it’s like a willingness stands. It’s some courageous To show up in Relationship To acknowledge that sometimes the gap is so big and the expectations we have are so high is in possible to fail That’s You know when I know I have the problem. It’s just impossible because I have people like I was saying when they behave that way does keep me on my toes. But you can bet The next free I have I have no intention to Call them to go for Walk in spend a few For David Geller I’m giving them away. wide berth. I feel like people in a way, this is an old way I would have said it but it still feels so true today. People have to earn their way Right to Know your heart to be On your inner circle Sometimes We No get that you We decide people should be there or not be there, but that’s Not the same thing as I’m showing you You know They can They can sell for flak that they happen capacity to be the friend or partner Whenever So

Sometimes today

I must have this Either wrongly because I’m not at peace. I want to be at peace. And so I’m willing to hand This Alberta spirit. I won’t be ashamed and I won’t feel guilty about the way I’m feeling. I’m just going to hand it over and allow my mind to be undone by spirit by God by the Holy Spirit that comes out of the course. Miracles. I don’t know if it’s chapter five or chapter 21. But or maybe you have a prayer you know the reason we practice So we can develop the understanding I have given this all the meaning it holds for me. If I’m looking at someone and I’m seeing Someone who’s not loving me the way I want them to, I have to own that I’ve decided to find it. I’ve decided it and now I’m even labeling how it’s not correct. And as long as I’m interested in pointing out how it’s not correct I I need a problem to stay. I need the crisis to be here. I need to be four gotten whatever your issue is No So Maybe someday in their fields, how To you I certainly enjoy talking about these topics. I feel like not enough, gets said out loud about it anonymously. Yes like this. It’s really nice because nobody feels therapy. spoken to directly and everyone has permission to receive this, how it fits for them, you know? It’s nice. So don’t send this to that person and say Robin thinks you should listen to this. Don’t do it. Boo Boo. So yeah, and you know be open to receiving be willing to be some prised remember that people can change. We’re all we’re on things Don’t hold people Five years ago something they did five years. Go Think of all the changes in advancements you’ve made in five years, you know? Let’s be willing to be surprised and let people off the hook and also be our own best friend. That’s the journey. Again five more stars for the Robin. Cheers. Friends if I can read a letter for you My email address is hello i Robin Hallett calm. I’m the owner Anyone that reads my mail I care about you know that and if I can help please Reach Out and I’m always here to help you in a session. Sometimes that’s just the ticket, especially for stuff like this. It’s just so nasty and gnarly at times, isn’t it? Hard to see clearly What’s going on profit so thank you Well I suppose that wraps another gorgeous beautiful Amazing podcast, Episode 125 It’s in the camp. Wow 120 Five. Wow. So good. So it’s Sunday over here. As I finish this up Sunday, early afternoon it’s actually Valentine’s Stay So, my sweet and I number one Coming up I’m baking some sourdough bread. I gotta go. We’re still in that stage of the kneading the dough every 40 mins Good evening. pizza for the first time Friday. night with it with the dog. And it’s amazingly delicious. So good So good. I’ll pop the recipe I followed in the shownotes, too, because you know, why not? So I wish you a most beautiful week. I hope that you will take some nuggets from this episode. Don’t just listen, participate. Practice with me. We’re doing this together. I’m gonna see here next time or in a few minutes I haven’t had set this in a while. Same bat time, same bat channel. Last Love it’s me Robin. Hallelujah Hallett See ya. You’re amazing. Yes, you are. Yes, you are Huh bye

Life is bad. Our HR plans, make them Most of you are a precious gem and not Have you do Doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright You are a damn man. You do Life is precious and You So shine light You know, rocket like you mean that Cuz he really, really amazing It means me

You that You are sparkly you are Come to our consumer Thank you

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