How Do We Want This to Be? // Tea With Robin Episode 122

How Do We Want This to Be? // Tea With Robin Episode 122

Always, we can direct ourselves toward an outcome we’d prefer by asking the question, how do I want it to be? 

In this episode:

I talk about the practice of compassion and honoring the light in one another and how that works in these times of politics and covid and all of our differing views. Can we see ourselves in the other person and allow the other person to see you?

Differences of opinion in politics, worldview, and more call for compassion and a willingness to honor the light in one another.

Learning to let things be exactly as they are. Acceptance. Can we practice this even in political / worldview differences?

This week’s inspiration: Loving your space exactly as you do.

This week’s featured letter: from a friend in an energy funk she just can’t shake.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Let all things be exactly as they are. — A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 268

I and my brother are one.  A Course in Miracles Text, Chapter 3

Responsibility for Sight, I am responsible for what I see… A Course in Miracles Text, Chapter 21.2

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler. At Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, let us please talk about compassion and the new practice of seeing yourself in the other person and seeing the other person in you from an empowered place. Not a place of pity, or frustration or anger, but from an empowered place. Our inspiration, you loving your space exactly as you do. And we’ll have a beautiful letter from a friend in an energy funk. She just can’t shake All of this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Hello, hello. Hello. Hello. Hi, my gorgeous friend. It’s it’s I will set It’s me, Robin. But Hi. Do you not know that already? It’s me. It’s me. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 122 22 122. Boom. Oh my goodness. Guess what? That’s the date today to Episode 122 recorded on 122. If it’s your first time here, I promise I’m not a weirdo. And if I am, it’s the good kind of weird. Welcome to our love posse. I hope you love it here. This is a place of light and inspiration and healing and joy. And I hope friendship. Yeah, so welcome. And please say a big thank you to the friends who shared this with you. However you came to be here, I hope. Yeah. Thank you so much. Friends returning. Hello. Hi. How are you? Are you having a good week? Are you being kind of gentle with yourself? Are you enjoying the lighter later days? I love it. I think it was January 12. We started having the sun one minute earlier in the mornings. And one minute it was setting one minute later in the evenings. And, you know, it’s it might sound silly, but I tell you what, that return of the light. It’s such a powerful thing to experience and even to realize how the sun is always moving. It actually moves in an infinity pattern throughout the year. It’s called Ana lemma. Anyway, I’m not here to give you that astronomy lesson or whatever the heck it’s called. Because I that’s not what I’m here to do. But I feel it. I really feel it this week. That energy of the sun of the light and we’re having longer days of light, and it’s a beautiful. I hope that you can allow that energy in to your heart in and let it penetrate places where it feels like it’s been a dark time of darkness. You know, we all have stuff we’re walking with. Not just the worldly stuff, but the stuff we’re carrying personally. And yeah, let that sun in. I get up every morning. And I love to watch the sunrise. I’d love to see how it’s changing positions. I can tell it’s over this roof. Or we have this telephone pole I called the dragon. It’s an electrical pole, whatever. It has all the wires and it’s got that just a weird look to it looks like a dragon in the certain light. So, you know now it’s all the way over by a pine tree. And it’s exciting to think in a few months it will be directly straight on my kitchen window. I won’t need to sit with my sunglasses on anymore. Anyway, I digress. It’s very exciting to me. It’s been a beautiful week over here. I’ve watched the inauguration all of it. A girlfriend of mine told me about this channel on YouTube. You’ll find this stuff in the show notes if you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 122 you’ll get there but I watched like the official

channel for the White House and it was so wonderful watching the inauguration. reminded me of when I used to love to watch the Oscars, the red carpet stuff, all of that watching everybody come in, everyone be seated, the spectacle of masks and the flags, all the flags they put up in, because nobody could be there and watching the parade, with nobody in the audience, and I don’t know, was just a sacred

thing. And I hope I don’t need to say this, for you to know this. I’m gonna say it, no matter how you voted, no matter what your connection is, your beliefs, your You’re welcome here. I care more that you care about a cause that you care about something that’s true to your heart than anything else. And you are welcome here. And like I always say, there’s no right one right way. There’s only your way. And that’s truly how it is. For me in my heart, we all get one vote. And it’s a huge time. This is a topic where we are divided, we get divided. And it serves our division, you know, it serves our separation, which is something I want to talk about. I hope that you can convert anything I’m sharing to something that feels really right and relevant for you and can consider this your home, no matter who you voted for. Or even if politics isn’t your thing you’re from Hi, so many of you are out of the United States. You’re in other amazing countries with other things going on. So please always always convert, convert, convert.


What I love so much about our time together is we’re talking about universal truths, you know, energies, and they’re applicable for any topic, from Twinkies, to politics, to global warming to that fight you had with your beloved to you know what I’m saying? It’s always to be the same energy I bring to whatever the topic is, so please convert what I’m saying. I hope that makes sense. So, yeah. Maybe we better Cheers. Before I keep rambling on to my friend. I have some Earl Grey here on my cup. Maybe I’ve had a lot of coffee, too. This morning. I feel so excited and energized today. It’s a little bit. I try not to judge it. You know, it’s a little bit different and exciting. So here’s the US. Here’s to the lighter later, longer days. Here’s to peace. Here’s to deep peace, here’s to healing, and you’re still loving what you love. Cheers. So, I was talking about the inauguration and all that beautiful stuff. And the next day, I posted something to my Instagram stories, just how I realized that. I have been holding my breath in a way. pushing through these times. These times. I’m saying let’s go all the way back to whatever the episode was when we began Coronavirus when we started talking about the George Floyd, the murder of George Floyd when we first began, there’s so many of our awakenings through this year.


me last year Oh, let’s get that thing in the rearview mirror plays through last year. There was something about the day after the inauguration where I was exhaling and releasing and feeling a sense of Oh, my goodness, and holy carp Have I been carrying a heaviness and pressing on keeping on not letting myself acknowledge that a lot of what’s been happening has been very traumatic to a part of me very, very traumatic. I grew up in a household that had a lot of fighting. I remember that coming through the air vents the sound of fighting come through the air events, and I’ll tell you a secret when people are fighting or not nice to each other, or they even get angry, I have to work that a little bit. I have to work that edge a little bit as I’m listening along. Because maybe I’m forever changed by that growing up fighting that bitterness that mean spirited, mean spirited energy, where two people came together in the name of love and did not have each other’s backs. And they ended up turning into such stuff you never thought you had to hear anywho Long Story Short. The day after the inauguration, I kind of had a little something opened up in me and I was exhaling and exhaling and exhaling. And I realized like, I was holding myself up. And I got in bed, and I said, Robin, you get to have this time it gets to be however it is for you. You don’t have to cheerlead your way out. And, you know, screw it, it whoops, forget, if people don’t get this, whatever. It’s not my problem. I’m not here to be a perfect performance for anyone. I’m here, living my life in a way that has a lightness, that’s what I care about is my own lightness, you know. So back to my point, I watched the inauguration, I realized, holy, holy, whoa, whoa, I’m carrying a lot. And I’ve been holding my breath. Like a lot of us trauma survivors do, we don’t realize we’ve been holding ourselves up so hard, that we don’t even stop to acknowledge this has been intense. So I posted that, that a part of me is exhaling now that the inauguration is done, and how, as a trauma survivor, it’s a pretty classic thing that you’re holding yourself up so fiercely, you don’t even know you’re struggling, you know, you don’t even know you’re bothered. You don’t even know that it’s been a traumatic time, in a conscious way that you could do something with it. There’s a part of us that has learned to keep keeping on or whatever they call that saying that we don’t know, this is hard for me, I don’t like it. And seriously, if you can relate to this, again, on any topic at all, all you need to do is acknowledge that how it feels and give yourself a breather. You know, sometimes, it’s so simple, it’s easy to overlook that what we’re really looking for is to be seen and heard by the deepest part of our own hearts. You know, to not keep pushing ourselves through the maze of this is the right way and this is the spiritual way. And this is the evolved way this has been mature way, this is the you know, whatever. Just take a breather, give yourself some room, you know. So, in back to my post, I had said it’s okay to acknowledge how you feel. It’s okay to say it’s been stressful and scary. And take what you need today and be good to you. You know, it’s so such a powerful. Isn’t that a good message to hear? It’s okay to acknowledge how you feel. It’s okay to say it’s been stressful and scary. Take what you need today. Be good to you.

It sounds even better. If I deleted that second line. If I just written. It’s okay to acknowledge how you feel. Take what you need today. Be good to you. I love that. So here’s what’s interesting. I got several messages from friends in the love posse who said, basically, I am having the reverse experience. I i’m not saying I wanted Donald Trump per se, but I wanted the republican administration I want and now that the new president is in office and things are a little more democratically aligned, I don’t know what we call that. I feel terrified. And I also feel terrified. And this is more than one person who wrote to me feel more, I also feel terrified because I can’t say that anywhere without feeling like I’m going to be attacked. You know and hated on because the world, at least on social media, in a lot of ways feels like it’s very pro Democrat. Pro, and you’re supposed to be anti Trump, you’re supposed to be anti? I don’t know, you know what I’m saying? So, first of all, I just want to say it’s important for you, all of you, all of us, me, you. I mean, there’s so many of our listeners, not in the United States, I’m sorry to talk so much about us stuff right now. But please convert this to your country, your land, how it works for you, or any other issue, this applies to, like, the first thing any of us ever needs to do is totally, totally be still and acknowledge how it is for you. It doesn’t matter what the crowd thinks. It doesn’t matter. You know what your best friend thinks or your partner thinks it matters, what you think, what you feel, and what you know, and it’s important to explore. That’s the only way we wake up is to explore how we’re feeling. Right? First, acknowledge how it is for you, and see what you need from there. Take what you need today. Isn’t that a beautiful message? Take what you need today. Why is it so hard to take what you need, I would like to know, it’s hard for me to so I would also like to know. But even knowing that it’s difficult to give yourself some space, some permission, some ease some latitude. Some days, you know, whatever it is, even that is powerful to realize there’s something here, I need to be doing this. I need to be honoring this. I need to be paying attention to this for me. And the next steps will come from there. So I wonder where else you go with this? You know? Because we could talk about any topic, but the best one is the relevant one for you. Where do you have stuff like this happening? Where you feel? You go away from yourself? You don’t acknowledge what you need? you betray yourself, you pretend or you feel afraid. Maybe you feel in touch but you’re afraid to take make a move. Like some of the friends who wrote to me are afraid to say it afraid I’ll be attacked? What kind? What are you holding here for yourself? I’m taking a breath with you. And the first thing that pops in for me is and I feel a little shy about this. But I’ve outed myself about this many times before. The thing where people want to connect, and I don’t want to connect back. I’m not interested. I don’t want to have a conversation. It’s such a struggle

for me to say no sometimes to even know how I feel. It’s because it’s so uncomfortable. The training, where you learn to be polite and throw yourself under the bus no matter what is so ingrained that here I am still working this out. And that is Oh, okay. That’s okay. It’s okay. We have to make it okay, accept it. Accept how we feel except where we’re at. have our own backs. So here I am. I’m taking that space and really letting myself just ponder and be okay with this. You don’t have to do it. You don’t have to do it. It’s okay to think of yourself first. It’s okay to think of how you’re feeling. It’s okay. It’s okay. You don’t always just have to say yes and keep smiling and being the world’s cheerleader rather than that when some people write me and they’re like, do you want to talk It’s been a while since we got caught up and I feel this huge energy Brian. Send me like, no effing way.

And at the same time, you’re like,

Yeah, I’d love to talk to you, it would be so great to

get that.

That is a phenomenon that comes out of childhood. That’s a phenomenon that happened a long, long time ago. And if you find yourself like me at 51, Hi, I’m about to have a birthday, by the way, I’m going to be 52. Because that’s what comes after 51 I’m going to be 52 I gotta say, the early 50s feel like baby baby time to me, because the numbers seem so small, but 52 February 3. So these stories, though, they go way back, where you learn to be the cheerleader, or you learn to be the cruise director, or you learn to be the one who’s in the dark disco facilitating the light switches and the door the exits for everyone else. This is why you run yourself over. Because it’s a training that you have had. It’s in your nervous system, it’s alive. So for everyone, you know, the people who are afraid to talk about their fear now that the new administration is in office, for example, or the people who are, you know, exhausted and hadn’t realized they have a trauma hangover from all the the last several months and wherever you’re at. Let’s just take some space and be where we’re at. And take a new fascinated look at why you are the way you are without judging. Do you ever go swimming somewhere where you could explore things? I love swimming on my raft with my goggles on and looking under the water and investigating all the things down there is so cool. I wish we could bring and I hope that you will bring this new renewed energy of exploring yourself. And your little weird wild responses that you have with love with kindness. You know, why do I throw myself under the bus? I would ask myself sometimes. It’s funny how I say yes. When I really want to say no Explorer, get to know yourself. See what’s going on there. Something I learned about myself living in a household where there was a lot of fighting, swearing, screaming, certain hand gestures being made at each other. And I was there as a little kid, just sort of like in the middle of it all, holding that tension in my body. When people are today, they’re fighting. It’s still a challenge for me. And similarly, this time of the election has been intense. Because we feel intensely about the sides, don’t we? I don’t mean to rope you into that. But it’s a difficult thing when you say what if we were here for everybody? What if we were here to have compassion for all of our views? The people who wrote me and said in response to what I achieved, what about me? Am I welcome to Am I welcome to have all of how I feel. I feel terrified now that Joe Biden is in office. Am I welcome? I’m like, absolutely. You’re welcome. Absolutely. You’re welcome. And I want to know more. I want to hear how it is for you. I want to understand. I feel like there’s a willingness that needs to be here on this on the journey. I think about the Course of Miracles. I and my brother are one it’s just the code brother. It’s just the code word for people, all of us. They put it in that language. We’re one and if I don’t see the light in you, I don’t see the light period. I was paying attention to that energy. How I would see somebody at the inauguration. And I would think

I want to get to know you, I don’t want to call you names, or think you are not, you’re the enemy. You know, whoever the opposition was, let’s say, I want to know you. And at the same time, you recognize you have your own preferences and your own way and your own belief, and that’s fine. That’s fine. But is the door open for other people to do the same? I’m asking myself the same questions. When we hear slanted things when friends text us and say, say things or, or people in your house would make comments that were very slanted. It’s something that we all have to slant it. Do you know what I mean? We hear it, we’re around it. What are we going to do about it? One of the practices that I really enjoy Actually, I guess it is like, exploring under underwater exploration is it’s fascinating. It’s fascinating to hear how you are, to hear what makes you you know, it’s fascinating, what makes you tick. Tell me more, I want to know, I want to understand what it’s like to be to know what you know, and and feel the way you do. And I tell you what, if you could be open to that in your heart about anything. I’m not just talking about politics or social issues. No, I’m talking about anything. Where do you go when I say this? I want to understand you so that I can set you free so that I can not judge you so that I cannot carry bitterness in my heart so that I cannot use you as my outlet. You know, there’s so much I could say here. So a little compassion goes a long way. A little practice. Remember the Peter Frampton song, I mean, you you’re in me. I’m in you. Ooh,

you don’t want me to keep singing?

Let’s practice. What What could it hurt? It doesn’t I’m not saying you know, I. Obviously, I’m I don’t mean abusive people, rude people, people who are intentionally trying to cause you know, I’m not talking about that. I’m thinking of my friends who said, I am the opposite. I’m afraid now I feel afraid now. I want to know about them. I want to know about that. Not that it’s my job, to listen to everyone who responds to my posts with opposition or upset or if it raise it, something I share raises feelings for them. It’s not my job. It’s not my problem. But I’m choosing to expand my view choosing to expand my capacity. So I am curious, you know, I do want to know, and similarly, I hope that I’m this friend that wants to help other people expand as well to go free from their, the assumptions and their blocks that kind of keep their world so small, where you can be terrified, without really knowing why


so full of anger about something that’s happening without really knowing why without exploring it, or even saying it’s enough now, I need to move the needle on this a bit. I noticed this a lot in Healing Sessions, how friends I’m helping, are very busy judging themselves shaming themselves, critiquing themselves but not saying, hey, this has gone on for a long time. Let me explore this. Let me have some patience with my reactions and get curious about what’s going on here. You know, and that too, is compassion, compassion in another way. I have a friend who she’s healing from Coronavirus, having Coronavirus. What a blessing. doing pretty good and there’s been some discussion about how my friend contract Did it and they’ve been able to figure out that it was due to I mean, it’s probably, this is how it goes. In this case, it was due to somebody not wearing their mask correctly. Somebody who was not feeling well, but went to work anyway, you know, I’m sure you’ve, I’ve heard a bunch of these stories lately. You think you have the flu, you think you have a sinus infection, you think you have allergies. I don’t know why it doesn’t dawn on this in this day and age that, you know, even if you just have a runny nose, you know, I better stay home, maybe I should stay home. But I totally get how this could happen. I do. And I also know in our culture in the states anyway, go to work when you’re sick. That’s what we do. That’s what we did. When I was working in Europe, I remember coming to work sick and my boss pulling me aside and basically reaming me a new one, as we say he was so they were so annoyed that I came to work sick, they sent me home. We have self care issues here. And so I get anyway, I get the pressure of going to work for all lots of reasons why we would go to work anyway, you know, anywho. So back to my friend. While it’s absolutely okay to be okay with your anger, your frustration, your you’re mad at some being mad at somebody being so mad at somebody, at some point, we have to move the needle on that energy. And I was talking to my friend about it the other day, who by the way, always says anything you want to say on the podcast, go ahead. So I have permission. But I said to her, you know what? I’m going to stop it. This is the third time you’ve said this to me about the person who possibly infected you. Stop it, you know why? I’m asking you and she’s she said, I know, I know, shame on me. No, not Shame on you. I’ll tell you what, here’s what happens. It’s called buy one get one free. When you dish out the poison, when you call somebody names, and you direct a certain kind of energy at them vitriol or your intense frustration or whatever, that energy stays with you too. And it also links the two of you together. And then also links you and that energy together. And since you and that energy, let’s say hatred or rage are linked together. You’re giving life it’s like you’ve created your own little Frankenstein that now needs to be fed. It needs to be fed, it needs things to eat, and what does it like to eat further chaotic, dramatic situations. So you know, more will come to you. And this is why we want to practice. So while I’m all in favor of letting your energy fly, if you’ve got some anger, it’s good to have, get get it out, work it. Let it be productive. If you’ve been listening long enough, you might remember my stories up there’s a post, there’s a beam in the basement, and I had this one belt and I used to really work my work myself out between the belt and the post. Really get it out. But directing

rage at another person prolonged or making statements over and over about the situation or other people it’s costly to you. And you know Paul Selig says it’s so well Paul saligan the guides what you dam dams you back what you curse curses you back. And so what can we do instead? Yes, the original moment. Be honest about your anger. That’s good. Be honest. Let it be productive time. Yes. I had this too. When I was thinking about the person. I don’t want to talk to you on the phone for an hour. And I really gave my space myself some space to think about why why is it that I’m so I don’t want to do The first thought that came to me was they’re not a nice person, and they’re not generous of spirit, and they don’t like the conversation we enter into. And I’ll be honest with you, I felt some guilt about that. Because high that is my early training was to be a cheerleader and always look on the bright side of life. Not really let myself speak my truth. But this is my truth that I, I’m worthy and deserving of conversations and friendships that meet me at a level where I feel I am. And I believe that took me quite a while I’m still stammering saying it overnight, it took me quite a while to be able to say it so clearly, to feel it so clearly. And to not apologize. I’m still 10% wanting to apologize to you right now. But you know what I mean? Big deal. I can hold that and keep going here. I want to hold myself to that standard. I want to honor what’s true for me. I don’t have to like certain things. I don’t have to like certain politics. I don’t have to like certain things that people are saying. But I do want to see the light in everyone. And I also want to honor that light by having boundaries. You know, by telling the friend I care about that I did talk to who’s recovering so beautifully now by saying to her Hey, what you dam dams you back? Why do you keep bringing this up? and sending such energy? Can I said can you imagine finding out you’re the one who passed the virus on of course, it’s it’s a lot of people. So a lot of us are having that experience. And if that’s you to listen, biggest hugs and so much love from me, because that’s a hard place to be people like to hear a lot of blame in your direction, I get it. But I’m here saying we got to work on that. Have some compassion, put ourselves in other people’s shoes, and put our people in our shoes. You know, explain. Let people know. Let people in and your secrets. Explain why. to somebody you care about. Tell them, let them know who you are. It took me a while it takes me a while you know, with friends who are out my inner circle, it takes me a while but at some point I do. Start to let them know my why. And especially stuff when they just want to dump the bucket at me about something and not be responsible for the world they’re seeing. That’s big. That’s something eventually I start to talk to friends about because I don’t I just don’t like it. I don’t feel good. I go away carrying some stuff. You know, like, for example, making fun of people in politics, you know, calling name calling. I get it. You know, I’ve certainly made my jokes about Cheeto in the White House. I have a friend who would say that, and it always makes me giggle. But you know, eventually come around to you can’t unsee your spiritual teachings. If you’ve really taken these to heart. At some point, you realize, you know, you can’t make a joke about Cheeto in the white house now. I mean, you can you’re free. You can do whatever you want.

I think it’s more of a problem when people you know, are on the rage bender about so and so in the Senate. And they don’t realize they’re on the phone with a beloved friend. And this is how they’re using their time. You know, I hope I’m making some sense here today. It affects you, it harms you too. It’s not nothing. words have power to a part of you. And you know, it feels equally true that we want to measure what we’re saying we want to think about it and be especially things I’m talking about in your internals stuff you’re worried about stuff you’re going on and on about. There’s so much here to examine in terms of your own stories you’re telling and the way you’re holding it. Take the space and the time to be with yourself and to know what is going on here. Treat it like a A fascinating discovery something to explore something to look at, instead of just, I feel like crap today, I must stop feeling like crap. Or I’m anxious, I’ve got to get rid of my anxiety. Let’s explore what’s here. And that is the spiritual journey, my friend, opening yourself to what you didn’t want to know what you didn’t want to hear the conversations you don’t feel you want to be having, because they make you too nervous too freaked out too upset, opening yourself and daring to find out what you might be needing, you know, so I hope something in there was super helpful to you today. Personally, I would give this five stars or more, cuz, you know, come on. May that therapy today. Really, really good. Just got a fresh cup of tea. That is hot. So inspiration today. You know, this might sound silly, or simple. Except this week, a lot of people were talking to me about their space at home, where they live, where they work where they are. And it seems like the spaces we’re in, are going through a bit of a revamp or asking to be revamped, asking to be re judged. So this may seem obvious to you, but let yourself research, revamp readdress your space. I know I talked about this a lot. But it is so important. All of the stuff you’re living in, you’re looking at it makes or breaks your mood, you know your energy is just like a good haircut with tie has any of us had a good haircut, I have not had a haircut in the longest time. Let yourself be surrounded by good feeling things. And also seriously, if you’ve got some clutter. If you’ve got some messes, do what you need to do to take care of it. So you don’t keep going on complaining or being upset or bothered. I was telling number one, with this little room we like to hang out in at night and play games and talk and listen to music. And I said there’s something in there quite right. But I’m going to I don’t know what but I’m going to go in and see what it needs. And I like that. Instead of just everyday saying it’s not quite right. This room isn’t quite right. It’s not not quite right. You know, don’t let yourself be disturbed ongoing about your space. Make the changes you want to make. I said this last week, take things from other rooms you’re not using and repurpose them where you like to be. Go ahead. It’s your place. Let yourself love what you love about your space. Okay, I hope somebody needed to hear that today. I always pay attention when things come up in numbers,

with friends, you know in session, etc. It reminds me that we may be all need to be reminded it’s okay to want things to be beautiful or special or sweet or cute. You know, one of my favorite places here at the house is my kitchen window sale where I’m always decorating and changing things up and even even the greenery and my window boxes outside and the food I feed the squirrels some good right now it’s cranberries and oranges. And it all adds such a beautiful dimension color just to happiness to the vibe and while we’re on lockdown, quarantine, whatever the heck you’re calling the pandemic shuffle these days. Let it be special and let yourself love it. It’s important. Okay, cheers. I hope you like this, too. So friends, this is the part of the show where I love to say support the podcast. Help the word get out. And also, maybe just you know, tell a friend. Tell a friend. Share this on. I would I met some of you I met some of you this week who longtime listeners of the podcast and hi it touched my heart to know that some of you listen and then you talk to each other about The episode, I love that it’s bigger than we know, to have a friend on the journey with us that we can share these things with. And I appreciate it so much. So, you know, maybe you have a friend You haven’t told yet. I know I even sometimes hold back from sharing that I have a podcast with new people I meet because I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, you know, or something sound weird. But the truth is, what we share here is life changing, and sustaining and encouraging and uplifting. And so I try and help myself over the hurdle, even though it’s what I’m doing, because I know how this helps. So I love it if you can think of someone to share this with and, you know, also, just if you see me posting if you’re somebody who is online, click the like button, click the like button on the post that always helps the word to get out. See it on YouTube, press the thumbs up. Thank you a bajillion times. I really really appreciate it. But Jillian, that is a number, isn’t it? It is in my row. But Jillian, how much do I love you up at Jillian? I love you a bajillion. So this week’s letter goes out to my friend Anna. Hey, Anna. I bet we’re all gonna relate to this one. Hello, beautiful Robin. I am truly missing you. And I know I’ve told you before but I love watching your stories. How are you? As for me, I’m in an energy funds that I can’t shake self Reiki meditation, positive affirmation. Nothing is helping. The downward spiral started when I told my boss that we plan to move in a few months. And he wasn’t as receptive to it as I had hoped. All these thoughts came up. Well, I have to leave my job. What will I do then? Am I going to let my boss tether me here? If he says no. For a while, the fear consumed me. Happy to say I’ve been able to release most of it. Despite all the unknowns. It really got me thinking though, what would I do if I left my job? I turned to spirit for release, surrender and guidance. And here’s the thing. My spiritual team has been absolutely silent. I’m asking for guidance from them. I even resorted to screaming at them in my head to help me and nothing.

Normally when I asked for a sign, I get it. It’s like they’re all on vacation since I asked for serious help. I’ve been begging them to help me know what to do. And also just in general, I shouldn’t need a tarot reader channel or whatever in order to communicate with them. Needless to say, I’m feeling pissed, depressed even. I’m feeling really abandoned here. I’m awake and wanting to communicate. You think our guides would jump at the chance to communicate with those of us who understand and want to I kept going back and forth about whether or not to write you this email because I never wanted to seem like I’m just writing to dump problems. But then I really did just want to say hello and the rest of the word excellently came out. lol lots of love Anna. Well, my friend and Happy New Year I am doing wonderfully well and enjoying this time. Thank you for asking. You know the energy funk you’re talking about? I so get it. I mean, this is just a Bizarro time where energy funks abound. And we’re all challenged with the practice. Getting through this time and choosing the perspective we want. Now daring to allow ourselves to know how we wanted to be now. Even now, you know, an energy funk doesn’t always mean it’s something to be gotten rid of like a like a headache or a sore throat. And energy is something that is a call for love. A call for slowing down a call for quieting down. I have a few days sometimes where I’m in a funk and I don’t want to talk to anybody and I don’t want to do anything and I really practicing like I’ve been talking about today compassion, slowing down and listening to what’s going on. me, so let us slow down and listen to what’s going on for you.

First of all, the decision to move is huge. It’s super important that you celebrate and be elated what a huge milestone This is for you to just have made the decision. It’s huge. So this is one of those things that needs to be allowed to exist for front and center in your mind and your heart. We have decided, isn’t this exciting? When Jeff and I decided to go to Assisi, Italy last year, for you know, longer than a month. It was. I mean, it’s still sustaining as an excitement, even though we went, it’s a year ago, we came back a year ago, I still feel that excited elation. There’s energy there that can, that can be really important to let yourself experience ongoing. I think it’s an interesting thing. When we say, you know, like, my boss wasn’t as receptive as I had hoped. It’s almost like, in this moment, we put God and the boss in the same box. If the boss doesn’t like it, it means my plan is not good. If the boss doesn’t like it, it means I am prevented from living my life the way I want to live it.

So, as you say, you know, the fear can be consuming when you realize, wow, if I don’t have a job, can I really move? Should I move Should I stay? And it’s a beautiful thing to just remember, I’m in charge, I decide. I decided upon the feelings I would feel, you know, I’m the one in charge of what I’m seeing. I’m in charge of the story I tell. I’m in charge of the feelings I feel. And everything that seems to happen to me. I’ve asked for and receive as I have asked. That’s the responsibility for sight prayer. I’m, you know, it’s a practice. I’m in charge here. So I’m glad to hear you been able to release most of that. And sounds like you know, you’re all right. And so here’s the interesting thing. You know, you started to dig in, you started to burrow in, what would I do? If I left my job? What would I do? It’s almost like, again, we’re turning to an external source, to bring in a sense of comfort and soothing, even though we’re turning to our guides, it’s still going away from our center. Also, think about the energy, you’re coming from a place of fear, creating some worry, that isn’t even here. Right now. It’s not even happening. But here goes the mind. fixating on things to be stressed about. And I think on a higher level, it’s important to see that there’s a part of us sort of ruining the parade, the celebration, the exciting time, instead of saying, Wow, here we go. We’re moving. And staying excited with that. And doing the things people moving do like getting prepared, or looking at areas online looking at the maps and getting excited. It’s like, instead I’m gonna sit down and create a state of tension that prevents guidance and clarity and intuitive information from flowing in. We’re not a match to that, then your energy friends, the energy around you, it’s always listening. It’s always there wanting to help you. But sometimes, we don’t see that we’re not really open to listening,

you know, and that feeling

of how we shouldn’t need help. To hear help. Like I shouldn’t need a tarot reader or a channel or to communicate with them. But sometimes it makes it easier, especially when I’m in a challenging place. That’s why sometimes I do like to turn to Tarot or my pendulum or ask a friend who’s intuitive to help me with things to be open. means we do have to open our selves, asking for guidance is opening yourself is Be it is being vulnerable it is being open, then deciding, you’re not getting anything or they’re not talking to you is closing, you know, it’s it’s closing down. So it’s good to see that pattern, it’s good to recognize that pattern. And I said this last week, open your hands, if you want to be held, we have to keep opening, opening, that I shouldn’t have to do this. And they’re definitely ignoring me, they’re not here for me, and I do all this work to be awake. And if I can’t hear, then I don’t even know what I would say, when it feels like that. It’s time to, you know, shake it off, get out in nature, open yourself up and try and clear the clip, you know how they say cleanse the palate, like clear yourself out again. Because in that space, when when we start to get pissed or down about our how we’re not hearing anything, and a lot of people relate to you ama and I do too, I I’m not getting anything, I asked for something and I’m not getting anything, that’s such a challenging thing. Just give it a moment, go out, connect with nature connect with the liveliness that reminds you of spirit, opening up that seventh chakra that connection with the all that is and the workings of everything in this whole universe. Even if it’s the squirrels you know, the squirrels, or the birds, or the breezes, you know, that too, is there to remind you of something greater. So

I think the guides do jump at the chance to communicate with us. But I also feel they know when this kind of situation is happening. And in a way, we’re folding our arms over our chest and pouting. Part of my saying you’re pouting a little bit, you know what I’m saying? You’re pouting a little bit. You know, they know. You know, I think of somebody who’s pouty in the corner, who instead of saying, I have everything, and this is beautiful. They’re focusing on the poopy Kaka of it all, and feeling sad and down. And so if there’s even, you know, a 10th of 1% of that, that feels like it’s possibly true for you. I want to examine why in good times, like, such an important time. Finally, we are going to move Finally, there is a consensus in our relationship. And we’re going to move and you know, what a big deal that’s been for you. You know, why am I choosing this moment to start being pissed at my guides? for not telling me exactly what I should do next? No, I would sit with this. I would see what comes. Can you let yourself celebrate? And I A lot of us are wanting to read this today, because a lot of us struggle with celebrating. Can it just be good? Can it be good? How many times have I heard somebody tell me they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop? I mean, seriously, let’s get a hold of ourselves, people. What are we doing? You get a blessing. I’m not just talking to Anna here. I’m talking to you. I’m talking to me. You get a blessing, you get a good thing. And what do you say next? You know, what do we do? It’s in this moment, it’s so ridic it’s hilarious to me. My friends who get good things happening and their response is what is going on? You know, this is crazy. Even that it’s like how are we not welcoming the blessings in Can we see that? This is what we’re asking for. It’s not the prayer. It’s not the please help me Oh, Lord. I want to know it’s the work the food We’re doing unconsciously. You know, as Anna wrote, my boss didn’t respond, you know, in the way that I was hoping. So that becomes the focus. totally understandable. The doctor says, I have cancer, totally understandable that we go into this place of Oh my god. But this is where the practice has to begin every time. And even if all we can do is remember that occasionally it’s something. It’s something to hold on to. How do I want this to be? Even if you’re, you know, 99.9% Sure. It’s all hopelessly forked. If one that other, what’s the math here people? Point 001 is saying, I remember union, I remember spirit. I remember love. Let me practice. This is not what I want. Let all things be exactly as they are. Which means I’m a child of God. And all of this poopy caucus is just poopy caucus in my head. Am I making sense to you? Are you going to practice this with me or not? You know, this is my tough love speech. Today, we all get lazy with our fear. We do. And that’s the time it’s a call for love, we have to remember the love, we have to remember, hey, I’m here. Now, this day is good. Now, I might not know if I have a job. Or if I’m moving or if I have cancer or if I have, you know, money to pay the rent. I might not know that. But I’m really going to take this day today where none of that is happening, actually, in this moment,

and ruin my day being afraid is just what we do. But that doesn’t mean we need to keep doing it. And with practice. This is why hopefully, we’re practicing. We’re studying we’re learning. Can we be excited? And can we even have the compassion or the understanding to say maybe my boss isn’t going to support this move. And then and maybe that’s okay, like it’s not always all or nothing with the situations like it’s going to be inconvenient. Maybe there’s some, you know, your office wants everybody back by the middle of summer, like a lot of offices, they don’t want to continue this pay you from home. And you know, maybe it feels like they don’t want to finance your move across the across America, so to speak, you know, but so what matters the most is what you’re wanting. And I do know this for a fact. As much as anyone can know these facts, when you show up with a Yes, in your heart, all of everything in the universe, things with you, supports you, loves you, helps you guide you, assists you brings you connections. And like we always say you’re in the flow then. So this is not exactly in the flow, where you are where you went. I know this was a little while ago, but you know, tend to yourself, help yourself. If you’re in a funk, take some time and help unfuck yourself. So I’m eager to hear what happens next. And always I’m so glad you right and for all of you listening, you know, that’s why I say here is my actual email address is Hello at Robin Feel free if there’s something I can help you with or try and suss out a little bit. And even if once in a while, you know, it’s not a message of all Goody sparkles and rainbows. That’s okay. I’m the friend on the journey who really cares about you getting to where you truly longed to be. So Blessings to you. And thanks again for I have seen over my time doing healing work, I started somewhere in the very late 90s. I have seen so many cool things happen for people. But I’ve also seen how this happens where we sort of pull up a heavy cloak of darkness around us and become convinced that we’ve been abandoned. And the cloak is really the barrier, you know, it’s like that X ray thing, they make you aware, so you don’t get any radiation. Things can’t penetrate that cloak. So this would be the first thing is to shake it off. One way or another, dance it off, shake it off, color it off, you know, decorated off whatever you need to do to get yourself into a vibe of joy, my friend, and it is possible to be feeling joy even now. So Well, friends that wraps another beautiful episode. I hope you love this one. I know I did. It’s Sunday afternoon here as I ramped this up, and they go find my gorgeous husband and give him a big hug and a kiss and see what that takes place. I know how that just sounded. But I mean, you know, like, Oh, God, I can’t recover now can I? We have the whole day ahead of us and anything can happen. Oh, all right. Really, I was thinking about my sourdough and the brisket I’m gonna make but I just stop talking. Robin. The point is friends, we can always ask ourselves, how do we want this to be no matter what is actually happening? No matter what. You still have a vote. How do you want this to be?

I hope that you have a beautiful week and I’m going to see you here next week. If you’re binge listening Of course you’ll see me in just a few minutes. This has been me Robin hearts bachler love joy. It really is a brisket I’m making later halat love you see you next time, bye bye.

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