Today Is the Day We Love and Appreciate Ourselves

sometimes life opens us like a flowerHi, beautiful friend,

The reality is you are a magnificent, miraculous being. Always awesome, always loved, exactly as you are.

And. I totally get that many days it simply does not feel true. We can judge ourselves so harshly sometimes.

Stories and bad memories on repeat. Questioning our actions. Shaming our decisions. Often these go unchecked because what we’re thinking and feeling seems to be fact.

But they’re not. Thoughts you’re having about yourself or your situation generate the corresponding feelings. Yay or yuck–our thoughts had something to do with that.

If this is resonating, let’s try it differently today.

For one day, would you be willing to take up a practice of forgiving yourself for who you continue to say you are? To forgive the old expectations and harsh assessments?

And as you practice, would you willing to open to the Truth of who you are instead? You are a miracle. An aspect of the Divine itself. How could you ever be a mistake, wrong, or bad?

Feel into what I am saying. Does it feel true to you?

What’s wild is, I catch those poopy thoughts too throughout the day, but when I take a breath and consider what’s TRUE, I always know in my heart what’s right.

What’s right is that I love and appreciate myself. I am a good person. I am making progress in lots of ways every day and this feels good. Also, I honor and respect that I AM a powerful manifester — I am an extension of Spirit, Source, God… and I am always calling to me what I am asking for, and that process begins with my thoughts.

Now is the time to know that you are a precious precious gem and there is nothing you could do to not be loved and loveable; holy and whole. You may scan back over your life…you may find repeat offending thoughts…you may recall embarrassing moments… but know that this is the normal dance of the ego-mind. We do not have to glom on to these thoughts as reality. Right?!

If it’s extra difficult, try this as your mantra: I love and appreciate myself. Or, I am willing to love and appreciate myself.

Give yourself some pauses today. Breathe and exhale. Let yourself smile. Remember your sweetness.

We all have stories of things we did and didn’t do…things we’ve said and wished we didn’t. But it’s an unkindness to continue to hold ourselves to the impossible standard of imperfection. It’s an unkindness to allow those ego stories to reign supreme.

Can we trust the deeper Truth that we are an aspect of the Divine? Always have been, always will be. No matter what.
Remember the practice today. You are a miracle. All is well.

I’m sending love and a hug and always here to fly with you wing to wing.


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