Abundance Now // Tea with Robin Episode 123

Hello, abundance! You beautiful thing so many of us say we want. And yet, let me count the ways we continue to drive it away.

Today we’ll talk about our habitual complaining, worrying, and focusing on the absence of abundance and the way we allow our worry to matter more than the state of being we’re trying to achieve.

I notice that even though we say we want to prosper and feel easy and flowy with abundance, the way we choose to honor that wish is completely backward. We are not receiving. The energy of prosperity is a state of being. It’s a vibration we allow, a knowing we have. And it is a choice we need to make above all else.

This week’s inspiration: to create some aliveness in and around your own home.

This week’s featured letter: from a friend in the love posse who has some feedback for me.

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Questions I asked:

What is your abundance story?

Are you worried about abundance? What are your concerns?

Are there challenges you face in your thinking that you’ve already identified and recognized?

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Divine Abundance Oracle Cards: A 51-Card Deck

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler. At Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, let us revisit a favorite topic, abundance, abundance, the thing so many of us say we want and yet let me count the ways we continue to turn it away. Today we’ll talk about our habitual complaining, worrying and focusing on the absence of abundance, allowing our worry to matter more than the state of being. We’re trying to achieve our inspiration, create some alignments in and around your own home. And we’ll have a beautiful letter from a friend in the love posse. Who has some feedback for me. Beautiful, beautiful. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well, hello gorgeous. It’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 123 123. ABC. Easy as 123 is that how gross anywho Hello. If it’s your first time here, this is a podcast about living your life and loving the life you’re in acknowledging the perfection you truly are and helping us get there because let’s face it, it’s a it’s a tall order at times Am I right? So Welcome Welcome. Welcome. And please say hi and thank you to the friend who brought you here today. Friends returning I hope you’re wonderfully well. I hope that the week has been good for you that you have been good to yourself. Kind of gentle and loving. You know remembering who you truly are.

Good and even if it’s not right you can be sweet to you accept how you feel. Give yourself what you need. It’s a bigger challenge them most of us realize you know, yeah. Over here. It’s a beautiful Blizzard the Sunday I wish you could see this. There there is a snowdrift outside my window that is probably a quarter of the window hi it is gorgeous and romantic. This is like a lavender purple gray. quiet for a minute. Thank you can hear my neighbor snowblower. My neighbor is a slow snow blowing whiz. Sometimes he comes over and blows our snow too. I think secretly just because he likes to have more to plow. No. It’s gorgeous. Here, the trees are reaching out, you know, on this stark contrast of the color of the sky. The trees are reaching their arms wide in such a hog. It’s beautiful. Very thick layer probably 10 inch drift 10 inch snow buildup on top of all of the branches. I love it. Winter is becoming my favorite season. And I have really been practicing this year. And it’s so fascinating because people assume you don’t like winter, you know, because maybe they don’t like winter or winter is crummy and everybody should love summer the best but I gotta say I am beginning to adore winter. And it’s become a fun practice. Because I’ve talked to so many people in the week where they’re like,

oh, winter,

Drew for me. I am loving it. Now I don’t have to drive anywhere. Unless I choose to. You know maybe that has something to do with it. But I love this practice of being happy and at peace with where I am and the weather and it is fantastic. Coming up in our inspiration section, I’ve got some ideas for you to learn how to love your space and your outside space even more than you probably already do. We’ll talk about them in a bit. I will we raise a couple of young men and get this party started. I have a gorgeous first of all a gorgeous new mug which I am in love with. It’s the Hamsa hand. It’s beautiful. It’s A beautiful new mug that I gifted to myself. I am almost having a birthday. It’s coming up this week. I actually don’t know the date. I think it’s Thursday. The third. And so I bought myself a surprise. Have a cup of instant coffee. Don’t turn your nose up at me. It is really delicious. It comes from Italy it’s dehydrated. I don’t think it’s the same as Folgers instant, you know or sanka we grew up on sanka. So low cream and a touch of coconut sugar. Just to touch because you know, achieving the coffee nip. And you gotta say the P the coffee nip flavor is everything. Here’s to you. Here’s to me. I gotta say happy birthday to me. I’m lifting my cup to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. My birthday. Yeah, and Happy birthday to you. I got I gotta imagine some of you are having a birthday. So happy birthday. And even if it’s not your birthday, happy day. I’m so glad you were born. I’m so glad we get to be together on this journey. Cheers. Oh, my goodness. Wow, see? Wow, is that delicious? Oh,


Friends mentioned last year, cuz let’s get 2020 in the rearview. Let’s keep saying last year, even though a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start talking more about abundance is something I have taught and helped. For years. The beginning of my abundance journey was actually a very, very deep, difficult dive. And so over the last 20 years, I’ve been talking about abundance, learning how to heal my own edges around that is something I’m passionate about. It’s something I’m eager to help others see and find, you know, and to demystify the story that somehow it’s only bestowed on the few, the lucky the good ones. Now, I will put a link in the show notes to the abundance all the articles I’ve written about abundance if you want to know my story, it’s there. Robin Hallett comm slash 123. And or you can just do slash abundance, same thing, and you’ll get to it. So today I thought we would talk about the choices we make surrounding our abundance. Abundance can be anything, okay. I mean, it can be money for sure it can be, it can be the absence of financial hardship, it can be more pairs of socks than you need to do laundry for in a week. You know, it could be a neighbor with a snowblower who shows up and plows your yard with that sound what happens people blows your driveway clear. Without you doing anything. It could be a neighbor who brings you plants, free plants in the summer, you know, so many things abundance, but to feel it, we have to receive it, we have to acknowledge it, we have to know it, we have to recognize it, we have to realize it. I notice so much of the time the way we want to call in abundance. Even though we say we want to prosper, we want to feel abundant. We want to feel easy and flowing. The way we’re choosing to honor that wish is completely backwards. We’re not doing that we’re not receiving, we’re not receiving the energy of prosperity, the state of being well off is a decision we make it’s a vibration we allow it’s a knowing we have and it’s a choice we need to make. And there is no more powerful time to make that choice than when we’re not experiencing abundance. When the loan is coming due and we don’t have the money when the estimated taxes are supposed to be paid em and the money isn’t here. You know things like that when the work is slowing down. When We feel like we have no direction in our career. We don’t know what to be doing. We don’t know and nothing has traction that we keep trying. This is the time and please name your things. You know, I know so many of you here in the posse, family illness child ill lots and lots of stories you know things break down Coronavirus Hello, you know so much going on your, I hope you will convert to your own experience. In fact, let’s take a moment now and think about it together. What is our abundance story? What is your abundance story?

Most people when I ask that question will have something they can tell me?

Where are you worried about abundance? Where are you concerned about your abundance?

Are there challenges you face in your thinking that you’ve already identified and recognized?

Just the things and you’re free to pause me here and write those down. And if I didn’t give you enough time, obviously, I’m recording this live. So you can still pause and go back. I really recommend, you know, I grew up being taught that I can’t

do for myself

spent my money faster than I could know what to do it before I was even like five years old. So that was the story handed down to me by my mother who really had her own crap going on about money my dad left before, like days before I was born. And needless to say, there was a lot of terror and a lot of hardship for her. And so that projection got put on to me and and so the stories are interesting things to look at what what got put on to you what story are you still carrying? What needs to go what needs to change? One of those early choices that I made once I started working on my own stuff was you know what, that’s not true. I’m not lazy. I’m not a bad spender, I’m not an over spender, or whatever. I mean, my grandma would send me my home, he would send me a $5 bill. I always thought this was so sweet. She would go to the bank in Germany and get money converted and send me cash, paper money in the mail and a $5 bill, my mom would open my mail, which open the mail and say now you have you are not going to spend this off. On candy, you have to save half, you have to put half in the savings account. And as I got older that stirring never changed except like when I had my first apartment and my grandma would send me money, not $5 anymore. My mom would say, don’t pay all your bills with this money. buy yourself something special. This is special money, you know, so like totally mixed messages. Totally like don’t spend it on candy. But don’t spend it on bills. But you know, it’s so interesting when you look back at your story. So first of all, I just really, really recommend that you think about these things. If you’re somebody who has really identified lately that you have something with money or with abundance or with prosperity or with trusting the universe, trusting the goodness of the universe, trusting that the goodness is here, trusting that you will be alright. If it’s something you’ve been noticing that it’s difficult to let go of your worry in this time especially. take a little look. Don’t be afraid to look. And one of the books I’ve recommended here before is tosha Silver’s book, it’s not your money. Such a beautiful book to listen to. But today I thought I would talk about how we make choices. Based on unconscious energy. Usually we’re not even working Now we’re not even aware of usually what we’re doing because the core story hasn’t been identified the core story like I, my story was, I never amount to anything. I’m lazy. And I can’t do it for myself. That was a story somehow it was just passed on to me. And it doesn’t matter, the origins, what matters is how long will you let yourself carry that story and make it true. Any story can be changed that you’re carrying, as long as you identify it, and begin to work with it, and decide to tell a new story. And make it your, like a pivot point for yourself. So when the story would come that I haven’t amounted to anything in my life, and this is going back to my 30s. My early 40s, when I was really working on my, my money stuff, I started telling a different story.

And it was that simple. It’s not true. Who I am is not who I was told I was, you know, but you follow these mindsets, you follow these stories out without even questioning them, they feel so true, when a big adult is staring down at you or shaming you or making you feel terrible, about things that are beyond your control. is it’s not your fault. But as an adult, it’s up to us to make new choices. So I know a lot of us probably had that experience where I went off to college, and I had no idea how to how to take care of my finances, how to pay my own way, how to how to do things for myself, and I remember getting into student loan debt without even really understanding what that was all about, and not having an adult to help me other than the student loan people.

Which, you know.

So, yeah, big stories, you you have to work out of big stories you have to work out of and so, today, let’s look at our choices, our choices to tell stories. And even as you tell a story about your finances, or your loans or your inability, or the shortages you’re having or even your anger at the system or not, you know lies a lot of us who receive compensation from the government or receive and laws change and things unemployment, Social Security, etc, etc. as things change, you know. Pay attention. What story do you tell? Where do you go? When you discover something about yourself, when you discover that

perhaps you miscalculated you made a decision that you thought would work out and it didn’t financially speaking? Perhaps you miscalculated. Where do you go with that? It’s very important to begin looking at these things I can’t really well, maybe I can say it clearly. I talked to so many people where I recognize that they’re not aware how alive The story is for them and how much they’re inside the story. Any story? You know, even if you say the man is out to get us, you know, I just want to hear about government stuff. Listen, you’re putting yourself at a very funky angle when you do that. So the choice we make is important. Something else I want to talk about is the choice we make to complain about things work related, success related, financially related. I mentioned this a couple weeks ago that somebody will have a win at work and now Come down instead of celebrating, they’ll complain, celebrate. Do you know what I’m talking about? Man? Was that hard? Oh, my God was that hard? But I did it. Which sounds fine right now. But if you really think about it, how are we welcoming abundance? In? Does it have to begin with a complaint? Think about if you got a Christmas, a beautiful gift for Christmas. You unwrapped with you? And you said, damn, is that ugly? What’s up with that? Look at this thing, man, but it’s my gift. Thank you. Why would we ever do that. But there’s a way that we do that about things. With work with money. We make a choice to not receive in a positive light. And try not to say positive or negative. But you know, we try. We want to receive in an abundant, open, joyous way. Even when you discover, you know, like there’s, like I said more more socks in the door, then you have to do laundry for a week. That’s a celebration. let ourselves celebrate. let ourselves say thank you. Thank you. It’s so good right now. I love this. This, this is abundance.

We make a choice to receive in guilt. Some of you I know don’t work. Your spouse is the breadwinner, as they call it. And there’s a way to begin receiving enjoy great gratitude, with joy. Instead of this tit for tat, feeling like you’re not pulling your weight enough compared to what the other person is doing. How can you turn that story around and begin to receive enjoy, and to contribute, enjoy.

Similarly, some spouses feel like they’re not good providers, if you’re the one doing all the housework. This shouldn’t have to be, again, not receiving. Again, not celebrating. It’s important to you know, if you want to have increased abundance, a greater sense of ease, less fear, less stress, feeling like you’re stretched, less day to day worry about what work is coming in. Hey, I’m a solopreneur I know how that is. I have no guarantees ever. You know, so this is me too. This is my practice. We have to go bigger with our trust and our love about this universe, how things work. I mean, love is where we came from. Either you believe that or you don’t. And if you believe that, then you don’t get to practice on the on the good days. You have to dig in on the challenging days, you have to let yourself practice this.

If you find once in a while, I find that I have a whole day off instead of work on my work days. And it’s long been my breakfast and I breathed that in there, but to greet it with excitement, to trust that openings have been created for me so I can do the things I’ve asked to do. Like play. Like rearrange, like, visit a friend visit with a friend or help my kids do stuff or whatever. No like these are gifts to receive not fearful cramp earnings.

Learning to feel bad learning to complain, learning to struggle and especially that The more you struggle, the more successful you must be, the harder it is, the more the wind matters, you know, these are concepts often passed along in the lineage. You know, I look at my parents, and then I look at my grandparents. And then I think about my great grandparents. And imagine what life was like, and what stories got passed on. And just the consciousness I was steeped in growing up, you’re the same as me, there’s things you can consider and stop being aligned with. One of them is, I would really recommend the receiving end guilt thing. Feeling bad when you get something as a gift, or you didn’t have to work very hard to earn your excellent pay. You know, somebody gives you a gift, and you say, you didn’t have to do that. Listen, receiving in guilt is just like saying, No, thank you. And the other big pattern I see is to complain for how hard you struggled for your win. Let me tell you how hard this was, how hard how hard it was. It may have been, you know, there’s a way to tell a story where you were enjoying the ride as you went, what a challenging thing it was. I’m not saying I have not ever put my head down on the computer and cried, oh, that’s happened a lot. I’m not saying I haven’t had really difficult cases, so to speak, or challenging clients, you know, or run courses with difficulties and come off of things going man, you know, but I’m not talking about that. I’m not talking about naturally allowing yourself to release what you’ve been carrying. I’m talking about a habit of not being able to celebrate with joy. What you’ve done, what you’ve created, to show up with the Poopoo in your heart about what you’re doing.

This is one of those conversations I hope you’ll go away and sit with what’s here.

And allow yourself to now what is it you most desire? What is it you most desire?

If it’s wealth of any kind, you know, if it’s a feeling of prosperity and ease,

then we want to be a match to that. allowing ourselves to be afraid unchecked allowing ourselves to worry unchecked allowing ourselves to complain about our wins on checklist, these are not matches to abundance to prosperity to ease, you want to be in a state of flow, everything flowing in the direction of what you say you want. So let us make this practice and you are connected to the light of God, you are the light of God, you are God in a body, representing you the person in this lifetime represented as you know, expressing myself as Robin in this lifetime. So there are no rules externally that apply to me internally. Unless I choose to make it sure. Unless I choose to believe unless I choose to listen to the news and go Yep, so and so says we’re horribly forked I guess I’m forked. It’s all over for me cuz so and so said it was

or the person in your family who is such a downer about things like this

tells you how it is for you. It’s only real if you let it be so now it’s up to us.

The decisions you make are based on the thoughts you take the stuff you allow yourself to take. In your own head, how many random thoughts you have in a day. You know, you don’t have to take all of those, you can let some of those just go.

So hope that this served you today never forgot who you truly are, where you come from and the power of that source to create in your life, but it requires your, your Yes, it requires you to flow with that. And to not continue to decide for the fear, the guilt, the complaining the struggle. It doesn’t have to be struggling. Nope. No, it doesn’t. Say we have some more coffee. Cheers.

So good. And friends, if you ever have a follow up question for me, I recommend you know, I’m open to that message me on Instagram, Facebook, or email me Hello at Robin Hallett calm and just mentioned you have a follow up question I’d be happy to talk more specifically or read a letter for you about your specific situation. Happy to do that. So inspiration Today, I wanted to talk to you about you know, it’s not. It’s not like we’re completely locked down anymore. But we are in this. It’s kind of a weird state of limbo where we’re not really still out and about and it’s winter. At least here. Some of you are having very beautiful weather and things but what can you do around your home to make it alive and beautiful and wonderful for you. I tell you this a lot that creating a beautiful home. You know, people messaged me and say your home is so beautiful. I wish I had a home like that. I wish I had a house like that. I wish I had a thing like that. You know, all I can say is my house is the most undone thing there is but I love alive myths and beauty and color and animals and you know, my neighbor has been plowing snow blowing the driveway. I never do that. I like to make artistic little paths. I like it to feel like a beautiful shangri-la here. So I do do little things like make cuttings. I recently trimmed some of the pussy willow branches outside I noticed that they were starting to bud and I brought them in and now they’re blooming on my window so and every day getting to watch that alive Miss. Powerful to go notice if you have plants on your window sell or you’re in a warmer climate go out into your garden and notice what’s alive there. And keep asking yourself, you know, listen to your heart. Listen deeper to your own heart. What is it here that I’m wanting? You know, I know most of us really love special special things. Back in the days when we could go out to restaurants and you know, hang out like, like, it used to be I almost said normal but like it used to be my preferred places would always be the ones with cute outdoor seating, Christmas twinkle lights, the plants, you know they would bring all these colors in and if that’s you too, how can you create more of that for yourself at home? What can you do? Can you hang some twinkle lights? Can you make some cuttings of your own plants you don’t even have to go buy new plants you know I’m so I love Since we were already talking about abundance, I love creating from what I already have. And so I would rather start a second plant from from one and watch that grow, then go out and buy another plant learning, you know, early on learning to be a good steward of abundance. I’ll put these links in the show notes. By the way, I’ve written extensively on being a steward of abundance, somebody who really cares about your wealth, and is very honoring about the way you spend in terms of like, being honoring of where you’re at. I love to create from what I already have. I it just makes me so happy. So I put a window sill feeder together for the squirrels and I went in the basement and found a little stack of bowls and I don’t know what it was like an old meatloaf 10 or something and I use those for the water and the food dish instead of buying something, something else.

I’m not saying you have to do it that way. But there is a way it brings such pleasure. And I don’t want to sound bossy, but I think you probably need some of that right now need more of that right now. No, make it cozy, make it cozy, cozy in. And if it’s summer, then you know, hey, make it Island, the breezy vacation, the flowy do something to bring that alive this in. And even out in my yard. I decided I was telling a girlfriend the other day who also lives in a snowy climate. I said I think I’m decorating my yard. So I trimmed more of those pussy willow branches and I just stuck them in the snow in a cluster. And then I went and got an old sprinkler that that doesn’t really work anymore. But it’s copper and it’s got that beautiful patina on it has a butterfly. I think they used to spin around you get them at Home Depot. But something happened. So I stepped down in the ground. Nice done a few more things in the ground. And then I went out and thought these Christmas wreaths are really too pretty to be put away. So I went and got my Christmas decorations back out of the box, I hung some wreaths on the trees in the branches. I put up some more of my white lights. And I have to say, it is the most wonderful feeling when you wake up in your home and you look out and you see something special like that when there’s a squirrel at your window. Or the Cardinals, the birds do come but they’re very they skitter off very quickly, so don’t get to really watch them. We’ve had a blue jay and the woodpecker and the Cardinals for sure. But the squirrels hang out. They don’t seem to be as scared off by people. So now we have Joe and Walt that come to the feeder course I hear some something that in this special space, it creates a feeling of happy in your heart that you need, it’s necessary. So keep letting yourself explore what would work for you. I even cut some evergreen branches and I have a lot of Arbor vibey trees I cut some of those and plug those in around the bird feeders and the watering holes that I have. Make it special because you matter. Make it special because it helps you your mood stay in a place of beauty. Maybe it’s special because your kids are fascinated by how a plant grows from a cutting of another plant. You know, these are things that keep the liveliness going. So may that serve you today. I hope it does. You are so worthy and worth having beautiful, alive, cozy, wonderful, special spaces. It matters. Cheers. I was talking to a girlfriend the other day. And I said How are you and she said oh my god I’ve really fallen off the wagon again. I have got to get a new rule going only one appointment a day. A lot of kids in her family you know husband, wife, extended family etc. She said, I have got to figure out how to slow down and only have one appointment in a day. And I said, how’s your space going off? Who has time, there are piles and piles and piles everywhere. And we just had a really great conversation about, you know, I’m not here to change anybody’s mind. I’m here living my life in a way that is deeply pleasing to Me. And because people come for help, asked me to help them in this position of sharing and pointing out these little things like focusing on the hectic stress, the hustle and bustle the overbooked appointments going on, continuing to complain about the crazy of that continuing to focus on the clutter and the ugliness in your home, this, these are not things that generate that flow of what we’re wanting.

How can you make it better? How can you make it better? What can you do? And, again, acknowledging what you keep saying is really important. Because your energy flows with the, you know, places Your mind is going the stories, the thoughts you’re allowing, your energy is flowing with that. So yeah. Basically, grow some plants feed some squirrels decorate your yard and light yourself. No, it matters. It’s not silly. It’s powerful. Yeah. So friends, hi. This is the part where I love to ask you to support the podcast. today. I’m wondering if it’s possible, if you could leave a review on iTunes. Reviews help. You know, they help. I’ve told you they help. They help other people find them. But sometimes I like to share your reviews when I post this post. And if you could write a review, I would really appreciate it. It’s not hard from a phone. Even on the app, I listened on pod bean or pod. I don’t even know what it’s called my app, I can leave a review there to Stitcher. You know, it helps. And the other thing you could do is leave a comment if you see me posting if you if you’re listening to this on YouTube or Facebook, leave a comment on the post or on Instagram. It helps and feel free to say hi, I love to hear from you. So thank you. I appreciate it. I had the chance to meet some of you this week. It’s been so nice getting to know some of you and it’s hilarious because you say I feel like I’m talking to somebody like a celebrity. Because you’ve probably been listening to me for 120 some episodes now. And hopefully, it’s been fun, but not disappointing. But I feel the same way. I love getting to meet friends through this podcast. It is wonderful. I love getting to know you. So please don’t be a stranger. come say hello. Okay. Okay. So this week, I thought I would read the letter. I make screenshots of comments and notes I get from friends. And it’s really beautiful. To hear what you are saying to me and the encouragement and love you send my way. Here the plows going by. Like I said, it’s very, very Blizzard D here. So I just thought I would read this and talk about it a little I hope I don’t sound like I’m trying to toot my horn. That wasn’t the point. But what can I say? So this one comes from Francis. Hi, Robin. You’re an angel, an absolute shining star, listening to your latest podcast and my heart is full. And at the same time really hurting. Because sometimes things have resonated in a way that brings up so many emotions. I wonder if you would speak to that a little bit. I do have to say all of that emotion and release is contributing to my becoming all and I know that so I thank you again. And always. And I love how honest you are, how vulnerable at times you can be. I send you light and love every time I hear your voice Please don’t give up. Please stay.

How this kind of got me choked up. Please stay true to what you’ve been called to do. You’re a great blessing in this world. Be blessed by Francis. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You were saying how your heart feels full and at the same time it’s hurting because things resonate in a way that brings up emotion. Let us pause pause applause for the snowplow. You know, it does it brings up emotion and you know, where I go with that is like, you must be ready. You must be ready. Because usually when they bring up a motion, and we’re not ready, we don’t love the person who is talking about stuff. Now, have you ever has anybody ever had that experience where you get shamed or yelled at or snapped at or people stop talking to you because you speak some truth that they didn’t want to hear. Maybe you were just talking about yourself, you’re bringing up a topic. And they had a reaction. You know, it’s something I’m familiar with. All I can say is you’re ready. And it’s beautiful. So let the emotion be here. Let it hurt. Let it hurt. So good. Do something productive with that hurt. I’m a fan of altars. I love having sacred spaces here. I’m looking at a beautiful altar here that I made for myself. I know you listen. And so you know, I mean, I’ve got my own struggles going on. And holiday times, it’s my birthday this week. Definitely, it’s my choice to be celebratory and excited. My eyes are already watering as I’m starting to say this. But there’s a part of me Who knows. You know, who remembers she wasn’t celebrated. And who knows, she’ll also be forgotten. And for lots of reasons won’t be able to be celebrated. It’s complicated, right? But you know, it’s not that that’s not okay. Those feelings aren’t okay, but how can we honor them? How can we celebrate them? How can we honor what is and help ourselves heal? Some kinds this being human being is so complicated, it’s so challenging. You know, you don’t want to be upset about things, but you are, you don’t want to think all sides about someone else. But to do, you don’t want to have negative expectations. But to do you know, it’s just, it’s okay. If we could accept that about ourselves and allow ourselves to be helped. That would be so wonderful. So I wonder what if there’s anything you’d like to do, I made a little altar here for myself. First of all, I’ve been buying little things. So I did go visit the thrift shop this week. And I didn’t tell anybody like I’m going to buy myself presence, you know, or anything like that. This is just for me. So I went and looked for something special. And I found a beautiful bass like a handmade bass.

It could be as any out painted on it. I don’t know but it’s beautiful skylo gold and I bought some to lips this week, and have one single to appear. And another little candle vase thing and special things, you know, special on my altar. And I have a picture of my favorite dog Winston, the Wonder dog. And I put some bunnies here and just a little things that represent my feeling about me and my love for me on this journey and my wishes for me. And these are all things that you know, you need to be bold to do these things, but it’s so much better than waiting for someone else to get that about you and celebrate you. I’m not saying they won’t. You know it’s very likely They will, but learning that I want to do these things for myself too. So how can you honor the hurting, and the resonating at the same time and help yourself?

Help yourself go forward. And I appreciate you encouraging me. I so do I need that to that reminder that it’s helpful to you. And that this is I’m really taking that in, this is really a calling

for me.

And that’s why sometimes it’s so hard. I’m sure some of you, I’m sure you guys, I’m sure you can relate in your own way. Sometimes it’s so hard because it is just deep and vast. And, but here I am. And I love this. And I love that it’s us. So I thank you so much. And you know, if I say anything, anything else is it would be this today. What you want is to feel good. And there are no external conditions you need in order for that to begin to happen. It starts on the inside, and it flows out to the outside the inner can impact what you see on the outer. And if you choose the story of hardship, and difficulty, and sadness, you will have to be a match on your insights to that as well. It just can’t flow any other way. So, you know, I hope today this message has been helpful to you. And yeah, you know, try some of the ideas always I’d love to hear from you. And you know, message me, Instagram, Facebook, or Hello at Robin hallett.com. And again, you can revisit anything I mentioned here in my show notes Robin hallett.com slash 123. All right, friends, it’s Sunday, early afternoon here. I’m sure there’s work to be done. But you know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna snuggle up in my cozy bed with some more of this yummy coffee. And enjoy watching the snowfall and appreciating the truth of what we talked about here today. Receiving the abundance in my life receiving the joy of another trip around the sun as they say coming up here very shortly. being proud of myself, loving myself and I hope that you know maybe today as you’re listening you’ll give this a whirl to you give it a try and see how it affects you. See how it helps you. Alright, well this has been me Robin buttercream frosting is my favorite frosting palette. You are loved and you are cherished and you matter and I’ll see you here again next week. Or in a few minutes. Byebye.

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