Scarcity Mode or Abundance Mindset? The Choice Is Our Own // Tea with Robin Episode 119

Happy Holidays, sweet friend!

In this episode, I talk about the difference between scarcity mode or an abundance mindset. It’s an important topic. Especially in these unprecedented times when all around us the news feels frightening… are we feeling any of the fear of not being able to keep up or be okay?

It’s a powerful time to release your grip of fear and scarcity mode and open your arms to the abundance always surrounding you.

The inspiration this week: It is about nine months to the day since we went on our first lockdown in the States. As I looked back on my first days of this pandemic, I learned a lot and received a lot… and I don’t think I would have without doing this process. Revisit the beginning of this time. Let yourself revisit the early days and see what you find.

This week’s featured letter: From a friend who shares about synchronicity and soul connections.

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I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience. And everything that seems to happen to me I have asked for, and receive as I have asked. Text CH 21.2

Teacher’s Manual, Who are God’s Teachers?


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The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text, Paul Selig

The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I, Paul Selig

The Book of Truth: The Mastery Trilogy: Book II, Paul Selig

Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

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White Christmas


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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler. Air Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin, today’s episode scarcity mode or abundance mode, it’s always up to us. This is an unprecedented time Are we rolling or not? The inspiration today is to revisit. It’s practically nine months ago today. Our lockdown began in the US, it’s a good time to think of pregnancy, to go back and look at the beginning. Where were you weren’t really doing what was going on. There are Nuggets to retrieve and receive in that time. So let yourself revisit. And we’ll have a letter from a friend in our policy who talks about soul connections, and the synchronicities that tell you it is so all this Awesomesauce and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s you. And it’s me. Hello, gorgeous friend. Here we are together. Another beautiful episode. This is Tea with Robin Episode 119 Welcome back to the podcast. I’m sending you just the biggest hug. And if you’re not a hugger, you know, I hope you’ll still receive the love in some other way that feels right. Friends, if this is your first time here, it’s me Robin. This is a podcast about healing, about honoring what is about living in the light in an authentic grounded way that helps you get through the ups and downs in life. Oh my god, are there ups and downs or what? And, and, you know, even before this kookoo year we’ve been having so I hope you find joy, inspiration and respite here. And thanks for being here. However you found this. I trust that you are being guided. So friends returning I hope you’re doing as well as can be right now. How is the weather yard today? I wonder? Have you been loving yourself and honoring yourself no matter what comes I’m noticing you know in the healing room. I’m hearing a lot of stories and I of course I talked to many of you on Instagram messaging through the week and I’m hearing a lot of stories and what I want to say is it’s very similar. We are going through very similar vibes right now. It’s manifesting in different ways of course because you’re a unique being and I’m a unique being but there’s a bird outside he’s laughing at us. I don’t know but you know this is that time where energetically speaking a lot is happening and what I’m noticing is our old patterns are being reactivated in ways so people with regular with physical ailments are finding the physical ailments are really kicked up people with family drama llama are finding the family drama llama is getting kicked up. If you have a tendency to feel lost and like you don’t know what your purpose is. This is that time where you’re feeling more intensity. If you have if you’re prone to anxiety and panic. This is that time where you’re feeling more of that. I really I think I mentioned this last week on the episode like I really noticed that this is that this is what’s going on and it’s not just in one of us. It’s in a lot of us and like all of us we’re having an experience. So I wonder how that changes things if you can relate. I wonder how it changes things for you because not not only are we approaching the solstice the winter solstice there’s a massive conjunction

I am not by any stretch of the imagination an astrologer or anything I’m I’m an intuitive and I essentially It seems but I don’t often study other systems because I just feel it, just like the tide is affected by the moon cycle. We are being impacted right now by the energy in the, in the star. So we’ve got this big transit going on, we just had a solar eclipse. And also, I don’t know if you’ve been connecting these dots, but we’re nine months out of in the US anyway, our first big lockdown time. It was right around March 18. So here we are, I’m recording this on the 19th of December this nine months. So as the cycles go, this is a big big time. All of them, no. So if the weather in your heart has been a bit stormy, tumultuous, and you have a tendency to point the finger at your own heart, point the finger in your own mind and blame yourself and take it on Personally, I’m telling you don’t just don’t, don’t do it. It’s, it’s, it’s bigger. And it’s more than that, and we are going to come out on the other side. After the new year, I really feel it, there’s a renewal energy coming. So you know, and then they’re over here, the weather in my heart is pretty good. You know, I’m, I’m going all of what I just said I am experiencing as well. And I have really been managing my self. Well. I’m proud of myself, because I’m proud of me. Oh, I’m proud of me, because I am also feeling it. And I’m taking good care to do the things that conserve my energy which conserve my energy, but also Pump, pump it up, you know, my walks at the park, my re judging around the house, my abstaining from responding to people I’m exhausted by it’s true. You see a name and you’re already like, you’re already rolling your eyes before your eyes begin to roll. You have to start, you know, honoring what what you’re being told by your vibes. So I’m doing all those things. Making things sweet around here. And attending to and taking care of the people I love. Where the energy is coming back to me beautifully and serving. No kindness is everything. Now I’m serving in lots of ways, which would make me super happy, super duper happy. So don’t pretty good. War naps, always a winner. And, you know, I’ve been making my bed every morning, hugging myself. Every morning, I get out of bed. I wrap my arms around myself and I affirm me. And I want to tell you what I say in case anybody’s listening who wants to practice a suite in the mornings. This is what I said this morning anyway. Good morning, sweet Robin. I love you. Your beautiful soul. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for being here. I know who I am. In truth. I know what I am in truth. And I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free. And that last bit comes out of the work from Paul Selig the guides. I believe it’s the book of knowing and worth or the book of truth where he begins to share that prayer that mantra. So yeah, I guess we better cheers to our awesome thoughts. Did you bring something yummy to sip? It’s funny, I think I listened back to Episode Two. I don’t know what got into me. But I listened to Episode Two of the podcast the other day. And wow, I’m really proud of myself consistently showing up and even then it was good. You know how you think your early stuffs gonna be crap. Even then it was good. I could feel my heart there, you know, showing up. But on that episode, I

said something like, you know, we’re not gonna cheer every day every time are we and I don’t know why I said that. But we do tears every time and so here we go. I have a beautiful mug of a beautiful mug of coffee. Number one kiddo got me a new Starbucks mug. It’s so cute. mug of coffee here with a little heavy whipping cream and some sea salt. Or actually Himalayan salt. It’s really good. So here’s us. Here’s to this holiday season. Here’s to this beautiful time of going in, inward going inward. And also the days getting lighter again, no tears to us tears. Let’s do that again. It’s so good. Yum. Cheers. So today, I’ve got a sweet message for you. Beautiful letter, little inspiration. But first, I thought I’d start with a few announcements. So here we are. I’m recording this on the 20th of December or the 19th of December, and this will be my last podcast of 2020. Holy shift balls, my friends. What a year has this been? I mean, I’m, I was scrolling back. Just to see at the beginning of our pandemic. Are you having I wonder if you’re having these feelings like I am like you’re all of a sudden remembering the first right now. So many firsts are coming back to me the beginning of the pandemic. A year ago today, we were going to Assisi, Italy. Do you remember if you’ve been listening for a long time? Do you remember coming to a cc with me?


Three years ago, today, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We found out as a very somber Christmas very shocking time. So there’s something about right now this energy, it’s huge. And one thing I am learning to do. Probably since I had a bit of a meltdown in Episode 103, I think it was I am learning to my throat chakras getting all tight already. Slow down. And make time for me. And trust that all will be well if I do. So I’m gonna take two weeks off from the podcast. And I’ll probably know me, I can’t stay away. So I’ll probably check in with a voicemail. Maybe we’ll have a glass of bubbly with you on New Year’s Eve. I’ve done in terms of the big episode and editing and all that. I want to know what it’s like to lay around in my jammies and do nothing on the weekend, if I want to. So I hope you’ll support me with that. That means the next full episode we’ll be back on the January the seventh look for me in the new year. I’ll be just like the handoff. Look for me on the dawn of the new life. So the 2021 year and what’s happening major hallelujah for the transformation and we’ll have gone through you know, yeah. I’ll be back on the 11th the day this the 11th actually, so look for that. And the other thing I want to wish you is a beautiful Hanukkah. I forgot to say that to you last week. So Happy Hanukkah, and I hope this festival of lights has been beautiful for you and that you’ve been able to practice what’s meaningful, even now in the pandemic, etc, etc, etc. you’re practicing what’s meaningful to you. And I’m Merry Christmas. To you, my friends. I traditionally celebrate Christmas. We’ve definitely got some Christmas rides over here at the house. If you watch my Instagram stories, I’ve been sharing my little decorations and memories and things. I’ve got some candy canes on my desk right now. Those are my favorite though. I will say the candy cane bouquet has really been dwindling, and I wonder if there’s some elves in the house enjoying a snack. I’ve also got my striped Christmas pajamas on right now while I record So Merry Christmas. Merry Merry Christmas, and it’s gonna be a little bit of a different one this year but honor yourself on our way Do you need to be doing and reach out? I heard from a friend the other day who said, I have been not wanting to reach out, I didn’t want to bother you, and I just kind of stuff makes me nuts. Reach out. Reach out to the people you love. If you feel the urge to connect, reach out. And even if you think I mean, I say it a lot here, you think the person doesn’t really want to connect or isn’t in a space to connect or they’re busy and you don’t want to bother them? Don’t project that crap onto your friends. Don’t or your family. don’t check it out. Reach out. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, yeah, I made a lot of sense, donate. And find new ways to reach out the other night, we watched White Christmas with our kids. On the Netflix watch party app, it was really fun. So we’re finding ways to be connected, even though we can’t be in the same house together for the holidays. That’s beautiful. So find your ways we can do this. And the last announcement is that I have a holiday healing special going on right now. It’s a what I’m doing this year, I try and do a little something every year because I’m not a huge fan of running sales and all that. I just don’t feel like it’s appropriate for healing work, you know. But

every year year, every year, I offer something to make it easy for friends to work with me one to one. So I did something there. And if you are interested in receiving the holidays special, it’s on through the 28th of December, just go to my website, Robin Hallett comm slash holiday and you will, you will see it there, just in case, the time till the 28th. So you have time. There, you know, those were the announcements. Today, I wanted to talk to you about abundance, abundance. And it’s a good time to be talking about abundance, because so many people in the world are experiencing hardship. Or they’re afraid financially speaking, the thing with COVID. On top of the holidays, certainly we’re not sure what’s going to happen, you know, financially speaking with our jobs in the new year, I know a lot of folks are expecting things to get worse before they get better. We may all be connected to somebody who’s been out of work or lost a business. So I thought today, it was really important to talk about abundance, and it’s a theme, we will continue to revisit, because there’s a lot to say. Today, the place I want to speak to is scarcity mode, the fear of lack the fear of running out the fear of there not being enough the fear of the bills coming due to the fear of not being able to keep things up. Right? Do you have any of that going on? I know so many of us have stuff like that going on. This whole year, I’ve been experiencing that in my healing practice, things have really changed. And it’s a powerful time to release your fierce grip on the stories of fear around money, the stories of change that we resist, change the stories of what if and yeah, scarcity mode. So I love this, I just said that and all the light just came out in the sun. It’s been such a great day, the winter can be super gray here in Chicago and the lights just came on like the psychic thing. So, my friends, I think it’s so important right now for you to be practicing. Calling to yourself as many times as you can in a day, what you love and what you would love and focus, like with your imagination and your intention on what leaves you feeling surrounded, held, supported, taking care of secure, you know, in terms of abundance in terms of provisions in terms of right livelihood, whatever to be focusing there on the vibe feeling to be recalling times when things were going well, how did you feel in those moments? What was it like in those moments? unlimited. You know, an unlimited feeling easy feeling. Like it was like it was easy to do things, it was easy. And so this is that time, when so much scarcity, so much fear, so much uncertainty is just calling to our imaginations, surrounding us in the media, and probably many conversations with people, you you, you know, to stay in the center of your knowing about what’s real and true, how opportunities really do get created by what we focus on, energetically, mentally, you know. So, I’m not talking about thinking a million dollars, a million dollars, I need a million dollars, a million dollars is coming to me now. That’s not it. I’m not saying think I want a million dollars, I’m buying a million dollars of one Oh, I gotta win the lottery. First of all, it sounds like it’s based on fear and scarcity. Maybe you’re running that energy, because you don’t believe you don’t believe in yourself. And you don’t believe in your worthiness. And you don’t believe in the good coming to you without a

shift ton of effort. And I shouldn’t just say you, I don’t really like when I talk like that to be honest. But we, when we do that, because I fall into this to really it comes down to we have to keep practicing. We’re surrounded by love, surrounded by grace, surrounded by the energy of well being and hope eternal, hope springs eternal. I always thought that, you know, we’re surrounded by that. And we need but we do need this participatory participatory thing, we have to keep calling it to us and the minute we go into scarcity, lack fear, that kind of energy, it sort of muffles out that energy that really just wants to come in and be around us. Does that make sense? So back to this story of winning the lottery or a million dollars, what I notice about when people tell me that story about winning or needing there has to be a way something, you know, the loan is coming due, and we need a big windfall or something. Here’s what I noticed, there is an energy of freedom associated with the possibility of winning, right, this feeling of I wow, you know, a million dollars, like as a windfall or the lottery. Feel feels like the hugest thing right now. So the energy though, is the hugest thing, not the material showing up of the money. So for those of us who are worried about bills, or bills coming due or the scarcity, the scarcity of work, or whatever it is that you know, the listening to the news, can really do a number on us, well, practice with me the feeling of freedom that you really would love to be having now. Because what I know to be true is we welcome this time, with a lot of heaviness and fear. The uncertainty just plays right into our ego stories of how there won’t be enough and it’s not going to be okay. And we’re not going to be okay. And some of us get down and depressed about it. We even have physical symptoms right now related to the stress of this time, and then we’d beat up on ourselves. And that’s not good. And we shouldn’t be doing that. I encourage us to practice not doing so even the repetitive thinking allowing the repetitive thinking, even the repetitive thinking off of worry what I call Worry, worry is just repetitive thinking on steroids that you continue to think things and put energy into it. And Abraham Hicks often says beliefs come out of thoughts we continue to think. So you develop, you teach yourself to develop a deep belief, a deep truth, based on the crap you worry about that, think about it. It doesn’t mean it’s factual. So everything you’ve been worrying about. It seems so real because you’ve been on repeat with it. But that doesn’t mean it’s true. How would you rate this message? so far? Five stars? Yeah, I thought so. Or more? Did you just say Mark? Yeah, it doesn’t make it true. Just because you’re worried, it’s easy to worry. Worry is something we’ve learned to do. It occupies time. It takes up space, it gives us things to do, it makes us feel like, oh, we’re being somehow productive, even we’re going to worry about this thing. And at the end of the tunnel, all this worry is going to amount to some success. But stress does not make success. Worried does not make abundance happen. Think about that. You realize like this is the crappy learn to do because you’re scared of the unknown. So

the unknown is something we need to learn to soften and release, and relax into the unknown. Think about the financial story in your life right now. Or if finances doesn’t apply to you, then think about something you’ve got going on in your life right now. You might be spending time in the swirl, because that’s what you do. That’s what you’re used to doing. That’s what people do. And you find that you might be just scared about what’s changing and scared about what’s to come, you can’t really see around the corner, you don’t really know, the thing we seem to be afraid of is the unknown. So all you ever need to do, if that’s true for you is soften and relax. Instead of hanging on to the worry, and telling the story, I mean, think about it, if you’re worried about money, or you’re worried about your business not thriving, or I have a few people I help who are really putting their all into keeping their business float and the vibe. So the energy, the intuitive hits that I get are about letting it go. Not so it will totally diminish, but it can rise again. You know, when you think about the fields in the spring, and they do control burns in the wildflower fields, it’s necessary for the nourishment of the land. And the animals. They do that in the fall. Anyway, you know what I’m saying? It’s sometimes necessary to burn things to the ground for new growth. It’s the only way for new minerals for new flourishing of life. And it can be so hard to trust that I’m I’m asking you. If what I’m saying feels true to you today. That means you’re getting a Yes, in your gut about this information. So I’m not asking you to just believe me on some whim. Trusting this knowing you have to let go, we have to soften and relax. And I don’t know is a better thing for you to say the other day a client said to me and I love this so much. I really loved in our last session that you said I don’t have an answer for you. It was so honest and true. And I said, you know, lately, I really am practicing allowing that to be okay because I don’t want to spook, you know, like the future miracle from coming. And I mean, look like when you can spook a horse and it bolts for a while and then it runs all around then No. You want to you want that miracle to come leave room, which means on the worry and the worry. So, if this feels helpful to you, the practical tips, I would suggest is soften and relax. leave a little gap. leave a little gap instead of filling in the whole story with this ridiculous version of the worst possible scenario. I mean, you could Any story you want, isn’t it funny how you pick the worst possible scenario? Yeah, you can tell any story you want. So leave a little room for the miracle. And stay open to the joy to the love that’s here for you trust in that if you have a problem trusting in that don’t keep telling me. You don’t believe in yourself and you’re, you know, you’re not worthy, and nothing ever works out for you take responsibility for what you’re doing right there. It’s boring. By the way, it’s tiring, by the way. I don’t want to hear it. Because I look at you and see a miracle. I see your beauty, I see your light, I see your possibility. And I’m not telling you anything. I don’t tell myself when I get into that space. Okay, maybe the next day or the day after that, but I ended up coming around the district. So all of that helps set a new energy in motion.

And I remind myself all the time, and this was so beautiful. In 114, Episode 114. I came for an experience in this lifetime. My soul came for an experience of wanting to have an experience. It did not. I’m so done with people in the spiritual world, saying we came to earth school for hard things. difficult things, karma clearing, you know, I promise you that a soul didn’t say I want to come I know, I know. I want to come back in my next life and just be deposited in a meat grinder 24 seven. I just want to be ground up and a little bit and have a terrible experience. That’s not it. But somehow a lot of teachers end up making us feel like that’s what we have to work our way out of. We don’t we came for an experience. Are we liking the experience we’re having? And is this experience I’m having now in terms of worry? And fear? Is that one I would choose intentionally for myself? No, do we want to be experiencing this? It’s such a big question. But a lot of us believe we have no choice. As to our experience, we think I just have to take it. I just have to take it the world is how it is now. You know we just give up the world is how it is. The jobs are scarce. The money is scarce. nobody’s buying stuff. yet. That is the furthest furthest thing from the truth between toilet paper and Amazon. I seriously doubt it. So do you want to be experiencing it? And would you take responsibility for your belief that you have no choice that you have to take it that you’re accepting the feelings and the events happening? Like it is what it is you don’t have to do it my friend, the Course of Miracles it says I’m the one who chooses the feelings I experienced. I’m the one who’s decided on the goal I would achieve and everything that seems to happen to me. I asked for and receive as I have asked so you know I guess it’s a strong message today from my friends who wanna go there with me. We are entitled to miracle but we have to say yes to them. We are the ones deciding on the goal and if you don’t see that the goal sometimes you set for yourself is to fail. I can’t talk to you into that but I hope that one one moment here you’ll have some clarity Oh yeah, I that’s a goal I keep deciding for I don’t want to do it anymore. So I’m going to choose a new one. So believe you have a choice and what happens to you believe that you can change your thoughts and change your life as our beautiful Wayne Dyer would always say change your thoughts change your life. Believe that you have feelings connected to the thoughts you’re having. And if you don’t like the way you’re feeling, check your thoughts. You know, I choose to practice choosing. So everything contained for me I choose to practice choosing so everything contained for me. So may that serve you today, you know so much love this this message comes with so much love from my heart to yours because I do see you with believing eyes and heart. Yes, but let’s have some more coffee tears. So good. That was such a PV sip.

Also, I just realized I did not tell you that. I have an amazing series I have written on abundance. This has gone back a few years but it is so excellent, timeless and true information helpful. If you go to Robin Hallett comm slash abundance, you will read all the DLC all the articles there that I’ve ever written. They’re excellent. And show notes. If you come, you click here on the show notes. Whatever app you’re listening on, you’ll get to the link as well.

Robin Hallett slash 119. A one a one a Niner. So inspiration today. Hi, we are nine months out of in, in my state anyway, the first day of lockdown. And I keep thinking about this in terms of pregnancy and birthing something I can’t help it. Maybe I’m a little weird. But Haha, that means you’re a weirdo too, right? So the inspiration is revisit, revisit, what would it be like to go back to the beginning of this pregnancy, so to speak, and see what you were doing nine months ago. Take a look at the text messages you were sending with your closest friends, your family. If you journal, go back and look at if you make art go back and look where were you and what was happening for you in that time. I even recently found on Hulu. I have a Hulu subscription. The Jamie Oliver show that he created I think it was last March in April called keep cooking and carry on really good. You could really see the transition for him as well and his family. Yeah, so go back and let yourself revisit. Are you somebody that doesn’t like to look back? And somebody just popped into my head? I know who would totally right now be saying Oh, no. It’s over. I am not I do not want to go there. But here’s the thing. Sometimes it’s necessary to honor the parts that are hardest to honor, in order to receive the fullest blessings you want to receive, you know. So to finally allow yourself to go there is really a powerful thing. It also helps you to release some of what you might not even realize you’re still defending against, you know, still defending against holding up, you know, put your arms in the air right now, imagine pushing up this big pile of heaviness. So let yourself have a little time to reflect How was it for you? You know, also because I was talking earlier about scarcity mode and abundance. There is a way it feels like if we don’t do some practices like this where we just pause and reflect. We’re going to keep on running we’re going to keep on assuming we’re going to keep on being scared, defending ourselves resisting things and it’s really best when you can be here in this moment now with soft batiks my friend you know soft shoulder so Bro. I noticed sometimes I haven’t been in the store in a while or coffee line. But one of the things I used to notice is how everybody waiting Has everybody, you know, a lot of the folks waving would have this furrowed brow looking on their phones, squinty squinty, and it’s fine. But you know, that thought that does something to the body. And that does something to the psyche. And that does something to the energy, you know. So, let’s go back and look. Maybe you’ll find some gifts that came out of this time that you can realize more fully. I know a lot of you do realize the gifts in this time. And there are a lot of gifts, or they’re not. One of the things I hear from people who people in

families who ended up either now for the first time working from home or homeschooling, you know, it’s been, it’s turned out to be a very beautiful blessing, not for everyone, and I really want to honor your experience. So I got to say it’s okay, if you didn’t like that, or don’t like it. No, that’s your way. What were your blessings? I’m happy to say one of my best was making a friend a new friend, not well, not super new, but like it advanced, our relationship advanced quite a bit. And so I went back. And well, I feel a little shy tell you this, but I went back and read through the messages and stuff and

like from

those first days, and it’s hilarious because I did not get my pandemic clean out on like, a lot of you went into deep cleaning mode and rearranging and I you know, what I did is I went into healing mode. I started doing those lives every day on morning mantich. And I did not dedicate a lot of time to rearranging, cleaning, refurbishing, remodeling, whatever. So but the first day when it was just beginning, we were waiting for the order to come down the lockdown. I remember looking outside and seeing some police cruisers going around our neighborhoods, the big black SUVs. And it kind of scared me. It kind of scared me like what, what are they expecting? You know what’s going to happen like the zombie apocalypse? Will the will there be riots I didn’t know I remember that. And even though they say it now I get a little breathless. And my stomach feels a little tight. So I started cleaning. And while I was cleaning, obviously takes a lot for me to start cleaning. Right. While I was cleaning. I found a dried banana peel somewhere in my space, like behind the desk behind the bed. I don’t remember where it was now. But it was hardened to a like a rock. It was so hard. So it was so funny because that was one of the first texts I sent my friend was just a video of pounding the banana on the desk, you know? And I don’t know, there was something about that revisiting that one memory that just brought me so much joy. And so yes, revisit for you revisit and revisit in conversation, if you have friends or your family revisit in conversation. You know, this is something to do sitting around and talking. If you’re having family time on zoom for the holidays, revisit together as a family, you know, I think it’s so healing to give yourself the space to revisit this would be true for any traumatic time in your life or positive time. You know, sometimes it’s fun to go back and look at your wedding videos and things like that. So revisit see what you find. glean? You know glean some information about yourself and how it was and I promise if you try it something good will come and yeah, always I love to hear what you find. It’s beautiful to see Share this somewhere, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. The dried banana.

I am. Since I talked about planning, I’m really making peace with I don’t like to claim, I am making peace with that. I just want to declare that it’s okay if you have stuff about yourself that you judge. And I would need 890 more episodes to talk about all the ways I have judged myself for not being a good housekeeper in that weirdo wife and mother story. I wonder if you’ve got any of that going on? Yeah, it’s okay. Just, you know, rip the band aid off, declare it, it makes it so easy. It’s very freeing, then you can acknowledge how good you are at all the other things and the more time you struggle at making yourself be something you’re not just because you judge it. About that, you know, you’re wasting a lot of time, mental energy. What if you let yourself love what you love, and it’ll get done. Somehow, someway, it does get done. I always think about Abraham Hicks and this one person in the hot seat asking about cleaning and getting things ready. And just talking about this person was saying I’m really working on trying to get myself into the habit of cleaning, and tidying, and keeping things organized. And Abraham would not let her finish because Abraham kept saying it would be better if you could be at peace with the mess exactly as it is be at peace with how you are. Be at peace with how you don’t like it. Be at peace with what you do love. Let yourself be free to love what you love. And isn’t that a timely and beautiful message?

I wonder if

you needed to hear that today? Yeah, cheers. Like I said, this episode five stars. So this is the part of the podcast where I love to ask you to share this episode on support the podcast in some way you can make a donation, buy me a cup of coffee, and leave a message there. These are links in my profile. On Robin Hallett comm slash donate you’ll see there. If you see me share this, leave a message, leave a comment. And a review is super helpful. It is not hard to leave a review. But I know there’s a big rumor going around that it is. So thank you always I appreciate it. And never forget that you doing the work receiving this for yourself. Sitting down and taking it in applying the nuggets that worked for you. In Your Life is everything. I have been on the receiving end of hearing these stories when somebody decides to try something on and make it work in their lives or they say the prayers with me whatever I offered, big changes happen and it is amazing. It is amazing. And I guess that’s what I love the most about reading your reviews is that’s a place for you to share your stories and be an inspiration to someone else. So thank you. I appreciate it so much this journey we’re on together. Wow. It’s everything. Thank you. Okay, so this week’s letter, I have a beauty. From my friend Nicola. Hi, Nicola. Are you there girl? All the way in New Zealand. Right? You guys might not realize that. You know how I say we ride together? Well, we really do. And some of us just really have a connection. And I I have to marvel sometime at my excellent memory. Really. Because I remember people. I really think it comes down to we’re in the soul tribes one way one way or another word in some kind of a deep connection and I’m sure you feel it to listening here. squaring the connection, you know, it’s a deeper connection. So I hope that even as I was talking before, let yourself receive this as well. Let yourself be part of this special posse that we are, you know, so let’s read her letter. I have not read it yet, but I like to save special letters and just read them. For the first time as you’re hearing it, too. I somehow feels more exciting and fun. So here we go. Oh no, I’m out of coffee. Hang on one second. I’ll be right back. Hold on. Okay. Hello, I’m back. I have no idea who keeps eating these candy canes on my desk but

I went down and got the most yummy and made myself a beautiful cup of tea. I’ve been enjoying making little special parts of tea with spices and you know, all the the holiday goodness, it’s so good to take care of yourself. So this one has black tea. peppermint tea, and I don’t know how this candy cane got in here, but then the chemical I cracked myself up. Okay, Nicola, have you been waiting? I’ve been thinking about you. All of you. While I was making that tea. I wonder if any of you went and got some tea for yourself while we pause there. Here we go. Dear Robin, I have always felt a connection to your soul from the first time I discovered the Tea with Robin podcast. And so I wanted to share some special things I have been shown over the past few weeks that confirm we are meant to be connected. Oh, this is gonna be good. I love this. I love it when synchronicity shows up in my life to confirm that I’m on the right path and walking that path with the right people. Yes. I hope this isn’t going to make me sound too much like a groupie. But here goes. Number one, Italy. It was this connection that caused me to keep following you. I wrote to you about it and still feel such gratitude that I was able to walk the streets of Tuscany with you even though our trip was canceled this year. Number two music I swear that every song you share in your stories is one that I love. Three housework Yep, we both have a difficult relationship with that lol. And Nicola, isn’t it funny that I have commented on all of this today? I think so funny for Mother’s your story of how you give thanks to your mum for the experiences you had helped me with managing my own journey with my narcissistic


who according to your podcast, I think was born two days before your mom 19 October 1941 That is correct. My mom was born on the 21st Whoa, spooky, spooky. I’ve halat this one I only discovered recently when searching all the emails and I came across my family history on my mother’s side. It’s my great grandmother’s maiden name. Six small, quirky houses. I love that we both live in cute houses that are filled with treasures from life experiences we’ve had. Mine is also one of the original oldest houses in my street.

Seven trees and nature. We both share this connection deeply. I am so blessed to live in a house with a native bush reserve as my back garden. With nature surrounding me. I feel connected to the earth. And my soul is so happy when I’m in my garden. I see this in you too. I could go on. We both love tea, etc. But the point is that when I see synchronicity appear like this, it lights me up. It’s just so magical. Here we are at opposite sides of the world and yet we’re so connected soul sisters, thank you for all you do to make so many people feel lighter and more awake in this crazy world. You really do make a difference right? And I also hope this letter makes you smile. And I hope you hope it made me cry because I’m definitely doing that to love light and rainbows ecola x x? x x. Wow, what a beautiful letter and ah, you know, I, it cracks me up because yeah, everything I said before I read it, I had not even read it, you know, it’s just wild. So that’s what I mean, we are one policy. And you know, it’s so spirit talks to us and very down to earth ways very, very down to earth ways. And we will continue to find a closeness and a connection with one another. That feels special. And maybe the guidance is nothing more than your okay. That’s everything, isn’t it? You’re perfect just the way you are. But that’s everything. Isn’t it? Amazing? So yeah, I’d like to respond a little bit if that’s if you guys wouldn’t mind indulging me. I do feel a connection to yourself. Many of you I feel a connection. I just said that, didn’t I. And I appreciate so much hearing things like this from you. Because although it is so much easier, I still struggle with staying committed to the podcast, because it is hard to speak into a void. Sometimes even though I’m hugely introverted. This is better for me than if I could see your face the whole time I was talking that would be impossible for me. I think. Maybe not. I shouldn’t say why. Robin, don’t make absolute okay. I won’t. Um, but you know, it helps me to hear these things back to because sometimes I’m so surprised. You know, by these, you’re listening, and you’re remembering and there’s also connections back to you. So I adore this just as much. In the course in miracles in the teachers manual. It speaks so beautifully to this section. And I always tell you, we’re all teachers, we’re all learning and teaching what we’re learning. It talks about your peeps, your people are out there, your friends, your soul partner, your partner’s your partners on the journey, your journey. You know, they’re out there. They’re out there. And they’re they’re looking for connection. And many. It’s like, your way of talking your way of singing your stories, your way of your humor. All of it. Is the signal to somebody else that we belong. Don’t you love that Pat Benatar song we belong. We belong together. We belong to the light. We belong to the thunder. Oh my gosh. I’m getting goosebumps again. Beautiful. So I also love it. And I remember I mean, I remember talking to you when I was in the CC. I remember us texting through Instagram. You know, like I was saying before I have this memory. I remember, we were talking about soups. And you were telling me you guys were going to go on a trip. So I would be so curious about the halat name. If you have a chance, let me know

what she also living where you live, or did she come from somewhere else? This is of course Jeff’s my husband’s name, but they’re from England and Scotland. Originally. Cool. And yeah, I love our small quirky houses too. There. There’s a lot of us who talk to each other about that this feeling of so many of you are coming to my to my heart and mind right now. It’s amazing. We love it, how we love it. Don’t wait. And we learn to I do honestly feel that we learn to make the most of what we have not because we believe in scarcity. Not because we couldn’t do better for ourselves. But because we have certain Understanding that some things just don’t matter. And other things do. So it doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion, or you have all granite countertops or furniture from Pottery Barn or that’s not what’s meaningful, know, what’s meaningful are the things that make you feel cozy and alive and special. And they you had a hand in doing, you know, you had a hand in creating or thrifting or saving. I’ve told this before, but I used to do Healing Sessions in my house. And there were many people who commented on how I need to redo my kitchen. And it’s like, I don’t need to do anything. First of all, for anybody, but I love it just the way it is. Now, every time I see it, the counters the tile, I think about Yeah, the original family or what was going on, and I don’t know, just kind of love it. So that’s us, and trees in nature. You know, as a matter of fact, when I was going to make tea, I just do ever have this thing where you go to do one thing, and you end up doing 10 things. Well, in the time I was gone making tea. I refilled all the squirrel and bird water places and plugged in we have a like a heated birdbath. But usually I just make very hot water in the sink and refresh it daily. I find that works just as well. So I went out and did that. And I was looking at this little maple tree I have and a few of our rose bushes. And even the rhododendrons Do you know? They all are still green? in Chicago? Now where you are, you guys are in summer now. In summer or fall, I think you’re in summer, but um, wow, all my stuff is still even the rhododendrons have little blooms, like little bud set, and even my pussy willow trees are already setting but I don’t know what’s going on. But I feel a little bit like it’s magic out there. So I was just visiting the magic. And yes, here we are opposite sides of the world. And we are so connected. And thank you for helping me carry on, you know, carrying on to going for the love for the inspiration. All of you really, I mean, all of you. I’m in touch with. Even sometimes I know it’s Christmas time and several of you have sent a donation and just said thanks for a great year podcast. And it’s been so comforting to me because I honestly am surprised. You know, I really am so happy to know that it’s meaningful to more, more of you than I knew. And I hope your takeaway listening, I hope I don’t sound Middleton air, but that the takeaway is that you have an impact, too. That’s what I’m trying to say you make a difference in many people’s lives. And you may not get that feedback directly by Hope you’re hearing it in my voice too. So thank you so very much. raised this cup of young to you.

And they say the candy came in there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you What a beautiful letter. definitely made me smile. Thanks. And friends. I hope you enjoyed this one too. What a beautiful thing. You know, I know it takes time out of your day to sit down and send a letter and a lot of us want to do it but we put it off. I gotta say I have a feeling that Nicola writing this received so much too. So consider that. If you’d like to receive some love or some support or to hear my take on things you can always write to me. Hello at Robin Hallett calm or messaged me on Instagram. So Wow. Wow, wow. Well now It’s Sunday, just noon here Sunday at noon. And wow, I feel I don’t know, I have the warm and fuzzies now. So I’m enjoy listening back to this while I edit now and I am doing a little tidying up and organizing here in the office. And so even though I do not love cleaning, I do love her. You know, I’ve talked about that so many times. And I’m in a place of researching a lot right now and it’s bringing me so much joy repurposing things, taking things that are special in one room that we really don’t use right now and moving them to another room. I wonder if you’re getting some of that re judging on to. So friends, and maybe come visit me in my stories. I’m there every day. Let’s have a glass of bubbly, New Year’s Eve together. And just if there’s nobody you’re going to squeeze or hug on nobody there to be with you in person the season. On Christmas or for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Boxing Day or the holidays. Listen, I’m here now sending you so much love. And you can choose to receive and be connected in your heart. It’s a practice for sure. But we can do this. So yeah, that’s it. This has been me Robin candy cane cruncher hallett. Thanks so much love to you. Thank you again for an amazing year. We made it through Tony driving and I will try to continue to say thank you because there have been so many gifts. Lots of lots of love to you and yours bye bye.

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