Happy New Year, 2021

Happy new year, gorgeous beauty!

Collective exhale. There have been many gifts and new beginnings in 2020 but whoa, who is ready for something NEW in 2021?!

I’ve never been much of a resolutions girl myself, but I have been thinking about a resolution I wish we all would make this year. And that is to be kinder and more accepting of ourselves, exactly as we are.

It’s not that there aren’t things we want to change, do better at, achieve. And there are also things we want to release. But underneath all of this? There’s this person in a body connected to an amazing soul — that’s you, love. No matter how you believe you do not measure up, you are still included in this miracle.

I want us to be nicer to you, more accepting of your feelings, more kind with your freakouts, less hard about your goals and expectations, and more in love with the idea of joy seeking.

So what do you say?

The reality is you are a magnificent, miraculous being. Always awesome, always loved, exactly as you are.

Give yourself some pauses today. Hug yourself. Take that moment to breathe and exhale whatever you choose to release. Tune into your sweetness. Let yourself smile. This would make a beautiful daily morning practice too.

I’m sending love and a hug and always here to fly with you wing to wing.

Happy New Year, beautiful soul.

I recorded a quick message for you here:

Hugs love, and everything bright for you,

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