How to Feel Good Even Now // Tea with Robin Episode 120

How to Feel Good. Even Now. // Tea with Robin Episode 120

Was anyone else secretly hoping 2021 would feel a lot different than it does? Even though transformation and change is happening, even though there is a lot of hope on the horizon, the energy now can feel heavy and hard to bear out. So how do we feel good even now?

In this episode:

How do we move forward in this new year with the state of the world and our personal journies as they are now? On the choices we’re making as to where we want to go now.

This week’s inspiration: Keeping our vibes in a place of alignment that serves our journey and also contributes something to the whole.

This week’s featured letter: Different views, different philosophies, different approaches to this time now In our families, circles, relationships… finding common ground and how do we find peace when those around us seem to be causing our disturbance?

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:  

Workbook lesson 34: I could see peace instead of this

Chapter 21: Reason and Perception: I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear.

Chapter 31: The Final Vision IV. The Real Alternative:

There is a tendency to think the world can offer consolation and escape from problems that its purpose is to keep. Why should this be? Because it is a place where choice among illusions seems to be the only choice. And you are in control of outcomes of your choosing. Thus you think, within the narrow band from birth to death, a little time is given you to use for you alone; a time when everyone conflicts with you, but you can choose which road will lead you out of conflict, and away from difficulties that concern you not. Yet they are your concern. How, then, can you escape from them by leaving them behind? What must go with you, you will take with you whatever road you choose to walk along.

Real choice is no illusion. But the world has none to offer.

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⭐Books mentioned in this episode:

Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, Happy New Year 21. Let’s have a little intention setting and collective choice about where in the heck we expect ourselves to be going. Now, our inspiration, I’ll share what has been inspiring me lately. And we’ll have a beautiful letter from a friend who I think we’re all going to relate to wondering about what to do with the relationship challenges that we’re facing now. Because Hi, you know what’s going on in the world. And it can be a challenge to feel connected with the people around you, especially when there are opposing views. So let’s dive in. come grab a cup of Yum, yum. And meet me here. Well, hello, gorgeous. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 120 120. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. If you’re new around these parts, this is the first time you’re listening. Welcome aboard. I’m Robin, and intuitive healer in private practice for the last 20 years. Don’t go there, girlfriend. It’s been a long time. And this podcast is about living the life you were born to live. And we talk about things that are important on the journey for spiritual peeps like us, what we face what we go through how to deal with the Peeps in our lives, all kinds of good stuff. So I hope you’ll stick around. And please thank whoever got to hear I thank you so much for that. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Friends returning. How have you been? If you miss me in a while since we’ve been together, I enjoy the nice holiday break. That was such a good idea. I’m really, really glad I did that. Probably talked about that sun coming up. But let’s talk about you. If you have a nice holiday. Did you have a nice new years? How are you doing? I say that as all these dump trucks just drove by I tell you what, dump trucks and garbage trucks. It’s we’ve been going through some stuff I know. It’s been a wild time, the three weeks I was away, watch a lot of things happening in the world. So I know. It’s not you’re probably not in a time where you’re doing cartwheels down the hallway, every day. But you know what, it’s still a choice. How we choose to roll in our day. So I hope that the weather in your heart is good that you’re practicing. Choosing to be loving and kind with yourself. And you know, if the weather in your heart is not good, that’s fine. I really hope it’s okay. If you’re not feeling great that you can surround yourself with love. The garbage truck again, take out the trash road, so to speak. You know, don’t push yourself. Don’t be mean. Be gentle, be kind and love yourself. Yeah, exactly where you are. I really hope that is how it is for you. Over here. It’s a beautiful snowy morning here in Chicago on this out. And I’m feeling a deep level of contentment that feels kind of new. You know, I’ve probably been working towards this place for a while but it’s kind of new right now. I’m very content with the things I’m doing and how I am satisfied. No satisfied. I’ve talked to you over the last many episodes about acceptance, accepting what is that you can go beyond. And that is the journey I’ve been on accepting how it is now. Really giving myself permission to acknowledge my upset, acknowledge my grief and acknowledge my sadness. Hi, it just turn on the news. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, and how that impacts my personal life. You had hopes and dreams and wishes before this pandemic began. So did I. And you know, the longer it goes on, the longer it can be. tenus

I feel it was inevitable that I was going to come to a place of deep grief. And I am through that place now. I feel like I’m through that place. And it is sweet. I’m feeling very satisfied right now. So I say we raised a cup of Yum, yum together. Did you bring something yummy? I have a I made a big thermos because I’m working today. It’s black tea. It’s a little gingerbread tea. It’s a little cloves, cinnamon stevia. I mix a whole bunch of things. Very good. You know, coffee crafts that you use for tea. Yeah. So I raised my cup to us to this journey. two choices. Make any part of us feeling like oh my god, still here. You know what I mean? It’s still the pandemic people. It’s still the crazy politics, all of that. So my life, it still didn’t magically cure. Tough New Year ringing. Let’s raise our cup to everything and to just how good it is right now. How sweet it is. Cheers.

There pour more in here right now. So

probably made. In the three weeks I would wait. What’s it three weeks? I’m looking back? Episode 119. December 21. Yeah. So these last three weeks I’ve been away. I have made so many notes, topics and stuff I want to talk to you about in the coming year. And I always welcome your suggestions and requests as well. You have my email address. Don’t do your pillow at Robin Hallett calm. And it’s also here in the episode description as well. I’d love to hear things you’re interested in hearing about as well. Oh, here we go. Happy 2021 I don’t know about you. But I was very excited for 2021 to get here. For obvious reasons. I It’s wild to realize like never in my life. Have I been more excited for a year to be done, then than this one? And also it’s such a bittersweet thing to acknowledge. No. Yeah, I wonder how you were feeling about the new year and ready? Were you ready for a new experience? And is there a little part of you that this part is alive in me that decide when this the clocks turned to 2021? whenever it’s not a clock, you know what I mean? Like things will be magically better, there’s a part of me, that is so ready for that, like things do clicking along in the better category? No. It’s a good thing to recognize in myself. And if you have this too, it’s there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s good to acknowledge it, because this is how we begin to accept things that we’re feeling, we can start to address what we should be doing from here to help ourselves, like, address the guidance our own system is giving us. So yes, if you’ve had a lot of resistance, and you want this thing, you know, you keep noticing, like ah, just want this thing to be done to go away to be whatever, you know, give yourself the biggest hug and many of us are walking with you really wanted this to be a new experience in 2021. And so it is and this is what I am deciding it’s going to be new, because now is always new. And so if I can, you know, let go of my resistance to how life is now, which is I know a big order a big tall order. But if I can let go of resisting how life is now and I can embrace how it is then I can start to define how I want it to be going forward. Right? I mean that just is probably very obvious and simple for a lot of But it’s so freaking profound. For me, every time I remember this, every time I feel that itchy, you know, itchy, resistant, tired of this situation feeling. And then I remember my practice that this can be a new moment, all I need to do is accept how I’m feeling. It’s okay. All of our feeling is okay. Except it, then I can open up a new possibility for me in the next moment. That’s how we’re going to shift it. I didn’t say we have to like it. That’s a common objection A lot of us have, I don’t want to accept this reality. The highest point is, you want to feel good. Correct? You want to feel hopeful? Correct. You want to feel like you’re okay. Is that right? You want to feel like, it’s good. In your heart, it’s good in your day, right? Maybe even like you’re making a difference for someone else. So that’s the highest point, that’s really what you’re most interested in. And so

accepting the reality of what’s going on right now means you’re not going to keep Groundhog Day, your experience, you’re going to call it like you see it. And that’s going to release something from your energy field. So you don’t need to keep like that record won’t keep skipping in your heart, you have to make the leap, you have to keep making that choice. Keep making that choice, as new things come, that feels scary or frustrating, or people you know, call you and tell you their stuff, or, you know, the political things. You know, half the country is into one guy and half the country’s into someone else. And it can be really challenging when one of you is in the one candidate and one of us into another candidate, you know, and you’re very passionate about that. But we can do this, we can totally do this. The thing is, now is new. This can be a new, new, new new experience for you, you you. It all comes down to a choice. What do you choose? Peace or anarchy? Love or fear, hopelessness, or joy? And if it’s what I’m guessing it is like joy, or strength, you know, strength, stamina? Can you work within the parameters of what’s going on right now. Because a lot of people keep saying, I reject what’s happening and you can’t reject it. It’s like, the mind can only hold this is a good experience, or this is a makary experience. You can’t have some in some hope I’m making sense here. So we’re doing extraordinary things when we’re choosing in the middle of a pandemic in the middle of a Cuckoo Cuckoo political. It just don’t even know what to call it you know, and homeschooling locked, self quarantine, etc, etc. So what are we doing here? What are we going to do? How are we going to do this? For me, I feel like the name of the game is you must decide everything I’m saying you have to decide do you want to feel good? Do you want to feel energized Do you want to be happy is such a loaded word but you know like content and peaceful for your children or your your students or your you know what I’m saying? Do you want to be somebody who contributes something in energetically speaking that that uplifts and helps I’m guessing you do Because you’re here, and you make this choice, and you’re allowed to process your feelings, you’re allowed to complain, you’re allowed to get it out, you’re allowed to be productive with your upset, you know, like, do some art, do some journaling, I love clumping in the snow, when I’m upset clump in the snow, you know, or whatever you like to do, you’re allowed to express it. The problem is when we continue to fold it into the batter of every single day, when we’re just itching for an opportunity to bench again, about what’s going on, to complain, to feel sorry for ourselves, which, you know, all of these things happen to me as well. To have a reason to be sour, you know, there’s something to it, where it’s like, why, when you really are sitting with your journey, I mean, I do this, why did I choose to say that? Why did I choose to, you know, look at it that way, I want to feel better inside myself, that’s, that’s me anyway, I want to feel better.

I want to feel encouraged, I want to feel inspired. I want to trust in this time. You know, I want to trust that we are being guided and held and something on the other side of this is, after the transformation we’re going to is going to be even better than we can imagine. That’s everything that’s coming to me intuitively. That’s what it is. And we have to do our work. We have to do our work. Or maybe I should say we have to make our choice. It’s up to us to make the choice for what we really, really want now, and it does feel like work sometimes, doesn’t it? You know, it’s always surprising how this has happened to you where you go down and despair. You go down in the depths, you hear something or somebody starts talking on the topic and you just go down. Some people get very angry or Rayji I go down, I get anxious or afraid that’s for my mode. So convert it to your own thing that you do. And then something reminds you that you have freedom. And you have you know freedom to choose your thoughts and freewill and you know, sometimes even if you don’t know how to stop feeling like crap, or feeling afraid. That reminder that you have there is freedom. It gives you hope. So yeah, it’s super profound for me. superduper profound for me.

You know, I really believe this is not our apocalypse. But when you’re in 10 1112 months of it when you’re going back on lockdown again. No, my friends in the UK it’s been kind of intense. And us too. I mean, schools are not reopening and you don’t I’m saying things happen. And you can feel like it’s the apocalypse again. You can get scared because it’s taking too long. But this is why you know we need to hold on. We need to hold on and make the collective choice that even in quarantine, even in the most limiting feeling situation, we can still practice choosing. Abraham Hicks Do you know abraham hicks talks about the high flying disc. I talked about it in a different way get up in the morning and sit with yourself hug yourself and sit with your energy and call to you whether it’s a memory whether it’s a imaginal experience, call to you a feeling you want to be feeling I’m amazed sometimes and how I’ll be talking to a friend and in a healing session and you know they’ll be so sure of how screwed everything is. You know how horrible it is. And for a lot of us this. This has been a big big coming up 20 Look at me stammering through 2020 has been one of the worst years. For a lot of us for obvious reasons. But also The not obvious ones of our personal stuff is coming for clearing for healing. And some of us have resisted that stuff. And not, not done not done the excavation work, so to speak, you know, not done the release work, because it’s Let’s face it, it’s just been achy and went on Mikey, you know which I get it. But sometimes I’m listening to people and it’s like, you know, they’re basically just affirming that they’re forked again and again and again and again. And it’s always an interesting practice to love people where they’re at, to appreciate their journey, appreciate their experience, and also offer a hand across that gap and say, you can come with me, we can go to a new space, and we’re not gonna blow any smoke up your butt. We’re not gonna make you say stupid things that you feel like a dingdong saying it


I mean, like, ridiculous things that don’t feel right for you. But what I love is, why not? Why can’t we be excited about the day we’re in today and the tasks we have before us today? Maybe you’re gonna you know, maybe the reality is, a lot of us have lost jobs. You know, maybe the reality is money is a scary thing right now. And so we have some choices before us. Either we can tell the story all day long, and be in fear and I guarantee it will continue to deepen the fear will continue to build and build and build and because we’re dynamic manifester, meaning what we think expands, we create based on thought. I mean, just think about this, when you when you’ve heard somebody look at somebody else and say he looks like a nice person. That’s a thought, and a belief, and then a projection. So that’s what I’m saying you’re deciding, and then you’re calling in the feelings, and then you’re creating their reality around that. So you could take a day, a simple day, you’re all home together on lockdown. You know, everybody’s home schooling, whatever you’re working from home, some of you aren’t working, you could spend that day freaking out. And a lot of us do. Or you can spend that day being excited about what you’re doing. And there is a lot to be excited about. Now, feel free to use a different word. I’m going to say excited, I like to feel lit up or uplifted or eager, or just in that creative flow. And it feels like that’s our practice. I don’t want to keep calling it work. But that’s our practice right now is to really know how you want to feel you don’t have to know what your purpose is. You don’t have to know what the hell the pandemic is supposed to be about. On a spiritual level or any of its okay, but don’t you feel like you want to be in control of how you feel the vibes in your day and the direction you’re choosing? I do. So, make your choice. You know, get up in the morning and hug yourself. And make that practice of choosing that vibe you want to be feeling. Sit there for a bit, see if you can generate some energy for yourself. And, you know, you can even send this out to your family, to your children, to your parents to your partner. You know, if you want to create something different for yourself, this is the time once you’re feeling that cozy, yummy, excited, contented, whatever you want to call it feeling. You can call this energy to you have in an imaginal way what would you love to be feeling like create your vision there and you will be inspired even if it’s an art project for the day. Here it’s Saturday today. I worked this morning I got up this morning and I did the same thing. I imagined the flow of the day. I imagined being in my Joy, I quickly began to feel a sense of like butterflies in my belly when I just start to say thank you for this day. Thank you for this most amazing day, magnificent day. You know that e Cummings poem. Thank you God. I should pull this poem up and read it to you should night. Yes, I should. Let’s see. Keep a folder in Evernote of poetry I love. I love to tell you I have a fancy journal, you know, but

I have an Evernote document. I have an Evernote notebook. Let’s see what comes up here. I thank you God for this most amazing day. For the leaping Greenly spirits of trees, and a blue true dream of sky and for everything, which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. I who have died I am alive again today. And this is the son’s birthday. This is the birth day of life and of love and wings. And of the gay great happening elimite tably. Earth How should tasting, touching hearing seeing breathing any lifted from the know of nothing? Human merely being doubt? unimaginable you? Now the ears of my ears awake. And now the eyes of my eyes are opened. Wow, see? Wow. So beautiful. That’s one to study, I tell you, you know, every day we can practice being in a place of gratitude for this most amazing day finding something to be organized around, even if it’s seemingly so small, it’s a portal, everything’s an opening. You know, it’s it’s maybe you look out and see a cloud or the way the sun is rising, you know, or take a walk and somebody waves to you wave and give each other the not high word, pandemic. And we’re out moving our body out in the fresh air. Hello. I see you, you know, there’s things like that. Or you see this little squirrel or a dog or something happens. Seems so tiny. But you find yourself I thank you God for this most amazing day. These are miracles that visit you because you choose to help yourself, do you choose to practice? I tell you why you matter. You’re precious and your needs matter. And if you need to take space. If you need solid, more solitude if you need, you know what what your needs are right now are very, very important. If something’s occurring to you again and again. Make sure you give that to yourself. Okay, we will keep talking about these collective energies and the choices we’re making. We will keep talking about this. For now. I think that’s pretty good for today. I hope something in here felt super helpful to you. And just to know, you know, you’re not alone. We’re never the only ones going through this and so much love is around us. assistance is around us. This might not be a hunky dory time, you know, but it is a productive time as Paul Selig and the guides would say there’s a lot shifting and changing. So hang in there with me. I hope you will. And let’s enjoy what we can the sweet things that we can. Cheers.

So, speaking of the sweet things, inspiration Today, I wanted to share a few things I’ve been really enjoying here at home, my break over the holidays and taking particular note of how it has what I’m doing lifts Me, keeps me feeling excited and alive, while I’m locked down, unable to go anywhere or be with my friends, you know what I mean? Like, how do you stay inspired? here in the States, everything going on, politically speaking what happened at the Capitol building this week? I’ve had messages people asking my help or my opinion or some advice. And, you know, also, I should say, convert what I’m saying, because if it’s not your issue, you know, I feel like we all have an issue, right, you have an issue, convert what I’m saying to your issue. So this upset this thing going on this thing outside your control, you know, maybe it was the politics, maybe it is the new increased lockdown stuff that’s happening. Whatever it is, when you really put your focus there, when you really aware of it, when you’re really taking it in, when you’re really spinning in your mind about it, it can leave you in a place of feeling really down. The despair can enter. When you think about it long enough, it begins to activate parts of you that are no longer about the capital, let’s say what happened at the Capitol, but about what happened in your own life and the way things went down. So energies get stirred up. And we’re seeing lots of that lots of you may know people who are just feeling those effects from really feeling down about the state of things. And it’s important, you know, that might be going on, but it’s important to take care of your vibes. Right, it’s important to attend to your vibes just like you got to brush your teeth and still take a shower, even though whatever is going on in the world, right? I could probably do a bunch of episodes on this thing I’m about to say, actually. But it’s not right, if you give up your joy out of guilt, because something in the world is happening. And that goes, it’s I know how difficult this is. Having a husband with cancer, and also woo is healed and clear. Now, having a mom who had a stroke and was in ICU and eventually died. And this was a very long term illness. That’s where I’m drawing some of my own courage to say this to you, you know, it serves no one to give up on your inspiration, joy, ease, peace, your needs, even your needs, like brushing, teeth, napping, and sleeping, it serves no one. If you sort of like give preferential treatment to what is going on, you have to take care of you. And how we get through this time is by keeping our vibes in a place of alignment. I mean, you know, for me as the lightworker I feel like everything that’s happening serves the hole. So much of what’s happening is because we are separate from one another, we’ve forgotten about God. No, we’ve forgotten about the light. And all the division is really evidence of that. And so the more of us that can stay in a place of not, I’m not talking about Pollyanna, you know, or pretending nothing’s wrong, or, you know, I’m talking about staying in a place where your vibration contributes something to the whole instead of continuing the persistence of shadow energy. So yeah, you gotta do things that light you up. Yeah, so I’ve been enjoying.

Well, I go right to watching TV, of course. I’ve been enjoying watching a few Netflix series. They’re cooking documentary based series, and they feature women from around the world. And the two shows I’ve been loving one is called the taco Chronicles on Netflix and the other one is Chef’s Table. inspiring stories about women who have faced a lot of challenges like you and me, for me, right? Now it’s been super inspiring to see how other women are navigating the world in their way. How did they build? How did they create? How did they fall in love with? How did this all happen for them? What were their stories, and I particularly enjoy, I guess memoir is kind of my genre if I were to read books, and so this documentary style show is so cool, but I particularly enjoy, when they run into hardship, how they talk about how they ended up rising, you know, rising up from that. And that’s where particularly, I feel called this intersection of your personal journey and what the hell is happening in the world and how that can really be difficult sometimes, because the inner affects the outer, just like the outer affects the inner. And so you want to keep I’m sounding so bossy RNA, a certain level of energetic hygiene, I feel right now, it’s very easy to go down, the tubes, obviously go down in your upset. So what are the things that keep you excited and alive and feeling curious and resilient and hopeful about what’s happening in the world, you know, inspired. And this is an interesting thing, too. You know, I think if you’re in the healing field, or a light worker, or you’re a creative type, as so many of you are, that’s us in the left posse, even with these world events, there’s something about the creative aspect of life happening, and how, how, instead of being afraid, and that’s just the word that’s coming to mind. Now, you might not be afraid, you might feel anxious or overwhelmed or feeling like you’re too overloaded in your own life, to have the bandwidth or to know what’s going on. You’re too overwhelmed. You know, whatever it is, how can we turn that energy around and stay in a place of being interested, fascinated, curious, you know, stay in our wonderment, Carolyn mace, she will be the first one to say if people like us, those of us sensitives, we’re interested in healing, we’re on this journey together. If people like us can’t handle the news can’t stomach what’s going on in the world, then who you know. So if you’re somebody that is you ride that line, like you don’t want to know, but you want to know, but also, you know, if you watch it takes you down, think about what you can do to build some resiliency and challenge some of your own philosophies about what’s going to happen to you, if you watch the news, you know, you’re much more in control of your power than you know. And

certainly there are charismatic types on on TV and on the radio. And in power. Certainly, that is the case. But you have freewill. And you come from the light. So do we all so just kind of keep that in mind? And think about what you want to do to inspire yourself? What would you love to do? What would feel so exciting? You know, I was talking a little while back about Abraham Hicks saying, Get on your high flying disc in the morning, or I talked about hugging yourself coming to the side of the bed and really tuning your vibes before you do anything. What would make you feel excited? That’s like, within the parameters of what’s actually happening in your life. I can’t stand it when people say $20 million. Like, don’t pick something that’s ridic that you don’t even believe could happen to you. I’m talking about what would be fun and doable. And right now, fun for you. Do that. more of that. Maybe you do. You know, see what comes I mean, I’m making sourdough bread right now. I’m in the middle of learning a little bit more about Taro right now and doing a little reading for myself. So fun. I rearranged some furniture around this place moving things from room to room. Really You know, like your living room furniture, if you’re not really using it, and you love some of it, why not move it to a room you are using all the time. So much fun. I feel it’s our duty, in a way to our own hearts to stay excited to stay in the flow. And even now, despite this pandemic, despite the uncertainty, despite the politics, what’s happening for you personally, that might be upsetting, or the people in your life, we can do this, we can be the light for ourselves, and not 24. Seven, it’s not realistic, and it’s not necessary. It’s You don’t have to be that all the time I find when I dip, you know, when I dip down, that’s when the practice really reminds itself to me pretty effortlessly. This is not how I want it to be. This is not what I would choose that comes right out of the Course in Miracles. So whoever needed to hear that today, I hope this helped you. Yeah, cheers. And all of these cool things I mentioned will be in the show notes. I’ll even put my sourdough stuff there. If you’d like to learn a little bit about stuff like that, I’ll put some links in the show notes. If you just go to a website Robin Hallett comm slash 120 120. Yeah. So friends, this is the part of the show where I love to ask you to support this light. Share it on? Do you have a friend that could use some upliftment? Do you know somebody who might need these very words today? I would love it. If you would share the song, share it with a friend. Share it in your Instagram stories or post it somewhere, help somebody else. Find what they’re already seeking for but might not know who or where it is. And I thank you so much for that. And always a review. I welcome your reviews, it’s pretty easy to do. If you’re listening on a phone, on the on the app you’re on. It really helps in terms of what gets served up to people. If there are more reviews, it helps that podcast be served up to more people. So I appreciate that. So much and always a donation. Thank you so much. I was really surprised. Delighted I should say that so many of you sent donations for Christmas, I was really touched. I hadn’t expected that. And really, really cool. Cheers.

So this week’s letter is one I have a feeling a lot of us are going to relate to. In our families in our circles, we’re married to people we’re dating people, and lots of us share views. We have views in common and lots of us have differing views, different opinions. So how do we do that? How do we navigate that? How do we work that out? Let’s dive in. Hi, Robin. I’m wondering if you would share a little about navigating differences of opinion with family. Maybe some philosophy in this time of COVID would be helpful too. I care about causes and my husband and much of my family is not there. Not in that philosophy. Also, traveling, not practicing social distancing, etc. Could you talk about finding the common ground and how this is a big question here? How do we find peace when those around us seem to be causing our disturbance? It was kind of well said there. Thanks so much. This was a message I got on Instagram. Well, it’s a very interesting time, isn’t it? I mean, wow. It feels really important that each of us know right now and always like what is our philosophy? What’s our personal Philosophy. And where do we stand and you know, everybody gets one vote, I always say this to myself, we all get one vote. And it’s very important. I find now this is my philosophy that we work towards honoring the light in all beings. Even when we don’t agree, and so that’s my practice. That’s my biggest practice. You know, the world is really a dualistic, energetic duality. Place, I’m right, you’re wrong, I’m good. So you’re bad, you’re good, then I must be bad. You know, you’re beautiful, I must be ugly, you’re smart, I must be done. duality is something I wish we were taught in school, like duality is a thing. And this is what it means. And when you’re not practicing, seeing the light in all beings, and I’m sure there’s a very down to earth way you could say that. I don’t know what it is. But you know, when you practice seeing God and all. That’s really where the peace comes in. When you can understand. There’s a gap and everybody. Everybody has a gap, somewhere, I have massive gaps of understanding of knowing of insecurity. And when it comes to other people, I mean, in my family, we’re probably very divided as well, in terms of how we all voted, and what we know and believe and even like how we’re handling COVID Wow, that’s really I hadn’t really thought of it that way. But yeah, we’re really down, down the middle. We’re not all anything. And that feels kind of okay, to me, kind of good to me. I think where we get into trouble is when one of us can’t rest until the other one agrees with us. One of us can’t relax, if the other person believes differently than we do. And you know, there’s a gajillion reasons that we get like that. It comes down to personal energies, personal history, personal vibes you need to sit with if that if anybody resonates with that I know a lot of people I help in healing systems. Talk to me about this, how triggered they are when other people aren’t voting the way they do, or they don’t wear their mask, or they wear their mask incorrectly, or they’re traveling too much, or they’re out and about, you know, you we all hear these stories.

besides the obvious, like, you don’t want anyone to get hurt, and you don’t want to be hurt. If you’re unable to rest and relax and your attitude so agitated. It’s a great thing to sit with. Why am I so disturbed by this other person who’s totally free and allowed to have a vote just like me, and free thinking and free will? I guess a lot of us have this thing where we don’t know how to set a boundary. We don’t know how to get off the phone with somebody who wants to talk to us about things, or we live with someone who wants to talk about things. And that’s where it’s really important to begin to figure out how are you going to handle this? I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with setting a boundary with saying even to your beloved, you know, I really

How about this, I really don’t know what we do about our differences, our political differences, or I don’t know if anybody’s still arguing over whether or not to wear a mask in public, but I know that was really, really big, many months into our pandemic. Can we have a discussion and can we work something out? You know, if you guys are together, this should be something you can do and I know not everybody can But you’re in charge of your boundaries. And so it’s just not good. If any of us goes away complaining about someone else and sort of blaming them for ruining the quality of our day, or the quality of our life and how, obviously, I’m not talking about relationships that are abusive, you know? Not at all. I’m talking about us on the journey practicing here, you know, it’s up to us to set that boundary. It’s up to us to speak our truth. But it’s also up to us to see the light in everyone to see the light in all, and there are just as many people who support the opposite view of you, who are scared and freaked out that you didn’t vote the way they did. You know, and I think it’s a beautiful thing to consider to open your heart to stay with that, while you know what’s true for you. I hope this is making sense. Now, that’s my philosophy. That’s how I’ve always rolled. That’s how I feel I’ve always been spoken to by spirit, that we have to the light isn’t everyone, it’s not just in a few of us. And if we can’t see the light in someone, if we’re calling them stupid, or dumb, or idiots, you know, I’m sorry to even say that here. But you know how it is. We’re calling ourselves the same thing. We’re holding ourselves to the same low frequency. It’s like drinking the poison. We’re dishing out. So it’s an important thing to sit with. I’m not saying everybody’s right. I’m not saying everybody’s wrong. I’m saying we have to come to our own philosophy and figure out how do we glide through the day, with the greatest of ease. Just like that lady on the trapeze, we’ve got to find our way to glide through our day. And if we find large chunks of the time, where we’re complaining about people, we’re upset or annoyed, and like almost you could say, it’s so and so’s fault that I’m not in a good place. There’s some work to do there. There’s some work to do there. important work. Also, my dad’s coming to mind, my dad was bipolar. And he would call me in his manic episodes and talk to me for about an hour, sometimes longer. Sometimes Jeff would get on the phone and talk to him because I couldn’t. And then I had a healer for a while I would talk to him about my dad and complain, because, you know, at that point, I really didn’t understand that I was free. I didn’t feel free. I felt totally guilty and terribly limited in my possibility of what can I do, I felt so it’s not going to I have to talk to my dad every day. And the thing was, I would listen and become infuriated. I just felt so infuriated and so upset, and it would just disturb me to no end. So I know a lot of us have this going on with a family member especially. And the cycle for a lot of us is attack and defend. This is another beautiful teaching in a course in miracles. My dad was very provocative, he would attack he would, I don’t really want to speak about this or about my dad, but I’m just saying like, I’m not just talking about

where we need to be tolerant and practice. Like we all have a viewpoint. Can we practice that? I’m saying like if you’re being attacked for your views, if you’re being put down if you’re if people are trying to trip you up, what do you do? You know, what do you do? Friends? So here’s the thing. My healer said to me, why don’t you decide? Before you pick up the phone? How many minutes do you have today to dedicate to this person? Like, start this is where I really began studying the Course in Miracles because I knew I had to. I had a problem. I was too scared to say no, but too angry to keep taking those calls, you know, rock and a hard place. So he said, decide when the phone starts ringing. How many minutes do you have today and start the conversation with that. And that’s where I began, I would answer and I would say, Hi, Dad, you know, because I was happy to talk to him. It’s true. I love my dad. And this is how he was. And I really wanted to love him where he was at to the best of my ability. And I’m just being really, really honest here. A lot of times my ability at that time was God, I’m just tuning into that I really struggled. So, so much love for you, if this is your situation, I really struggled. I took a lot of insults at the time. And I thought, you know, I don’t know why I’m laughing. But like I thought hanging in, there was the right thing. And I’m so still so grateful to learn how to limit my exposure. While trying to keep my heart open, and really wanting a connection with my dad, you know, if you get it, you get it, if you’ve been there, you get it. super challenging. I also felt bad because I knew he, you know, I felt bad because he had a hard life. And he didn’t exactly have a smooth sailing relationship with most of our family. And all of that pressed heavy on my heart. So it kind of felt like it was giving him the max. Love, I could give for the minimum amount of time. And yes, thank you, TJ Max, you get the max, for the minimum at TJ Max, give the maximum of my heart, for the minimum of time I need to set, it’s important. And we can all learn how to bear the guilt, the guilties You know, that’s a contraction of the ego mind, you can learn to bear your guilt, you can, you can, we are all stronger than we know. And we must do it. And something that’s so interesting when I used to do in person sessions, and I would sit with two people like, um, you know, a couple or a mom and a child, or a dad, and you know, and it was so clear to me that the one who was kind of messy and all over the place and, you know, going on and on about all the things and was so offensive and annoying to the other people. They really wanted to know what the, in their heart of hearts, they wanted to know what the ground rules were for a healthy relationship with this other person they desperately loved and wanted to be with, you know what I’m saying? So sometimes, when I say set a boundary save a life, I’m saying like you’re helping the other person to feel like, Oh, this is how we can have a smoother, easier, more loving connection. I see. I can’t just blather on and on and on about my my political beliefs and complain about social causes. Or in my dad’s case, he just talked about himself non stop and didn’t sleep, couldn’t ask one question. You know, that was always so challenging for me. And still a pattern I’m working on, which is great. It’s all good. So I hope that helps you my friend. And you know, take great comfort in knowing we are all unique beings. So who you are is exactly who you’re meant to be. And learning to love the life you’re in is totally where it’s at. I’m going to have to look up which episode that was.

It might be 117. Where we talk about learn to love the life you’re in, because that’s really where it’s at love the philosophy you have. Honor the way you are. And similarly, I feel it’s so important to offer that to everybody else as well. And that doesn’t mean you have to have them over or half asleep over. Obviously now we have a lot more. It’s a lot harder to do any of that. But you know what I’m saying? You don’t have to be besties with people that are difficult for you. But you might want to examine why it’s so disturbing. It’s really important. So hope that helps. And friends I love to read your letters. You’re always welcome to text me on direct message me on Instagram. I’m at Robin Hallett over there or email me Hello at Robin Well, how do you think I did for my first Time


It’s Sunday afternoon here. I think I’m going to go check out my sourdough. I’m right in the middle of the proofing stage on the bread. It smells really good I can tell you that. I’m gonna go do that and I’m gonna see you here next week or in a few minutes if you like to binge Listen, this has been me Robin Hart sparkler Hallett remember how amazing you are? Take good care of you this week and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.