Life Loves You and Just Can’t Quit You


This love note is about turning your story around and becoming willing to see how every crappening is actually an opportunity. May it serve you and uplift you and help your heart to heal.

Hello, sweet friend! I have a feeling you don’t always realize how loved and cherished you are. At times it’s hard for you to believe that you’re an adored, valued member of the Universe.

Especially when things go wrong and screw up on us, it feels like that’s the truth. We’re not as special as everyone else. And we blame ourselves thinking it’s our fault.

It can even feel like life isn’t rooting for us. When we find ourselves in that same stupid place we always seem to get to, we say, If I was doing life right, this wouldn’t be happening. 

But here’s the thing, just because we believe that life doesn’t love us, it doesn’t make it true. Most of the time I find that we just cannot see how it could be possible that we are actually being helped when things go wrong. We can’t see that because we’ve already decided we know why it’s happening. We think it’s happening because we’re bad, we’re screw-ups, we’re not go-getters. But, no.

Life loves you and just can’t quit you.

Maybe you’re thinking about your own ‘stupid place.’ It’s the one where we keep falling in the pit. We make the same mistake then beat ourselves up for the way we handled it. Sometimes we feel embarrassed, sometimes just hopeless. Always, we interpret the meaning the same: We suck, life hates us, it’s never gonna be okay. You are not alone in this. I have this too, and so does everyone else here.

Each of us is here waking up in our lives. And that means there are still more places where we need to let the light in. Those places where the light needs to get in? We are uncomfortable there. We don’t feel easy. We make awkward moves, every time.

With our energy, we are asking & praying for greater awakening and transformation.

Your energy/emotional awareness is what is asking life to help you. You might not realize it, but that’s what’s happening. And Life is handing you exactly what you need so you can awaken and heal. Every time. Without fail. Because life loves you! It just can’t quit you!

Life gives you everything you need in order to awaken to the fullest expression of your true self.

No. You are not cursed.

No. You aren’t jinxing yourself.

Yes. You are being offered new opportunities to grow. And heal.

The places where you are not comfortable and don’t feel easy are going to be on every agenda life hands you. So the first thing we want to consider is how can we stay open the next time an old and familiar disaster strikes. And when it does, instead of giving yourself the same old story: I’m a loser, This is why I never get ahead, This is why I suck, This is why life hates me, You make the decision to practice opening yourself to the LOVE life is trying to bring you.

Right then and there, you notice the familiar suckiness of this and instead of doing the thing you ALWAYS do… you choose to ask life to help you: Help me stay open to the blessing that is hidden here. Help me to see it clearly. Help me to not decide again that it’s all my fault and I am unworthy.

life opens us like a flower

Life will not give up on you. It just cannot. You are important and you have light to shine.

When you decide for your badness, that’s YOU opting out of the conversation, not life.

You will have encounters every day in your life that directly relate to what you are wanting to awaken in yourself. These are opportunities of contrast. Will you choose love or fear?

Fear keeps us from going into the uncharted territory and so we tend to choose ‘the devil we know’ over the new and scary stuff. Rather than going toward what needs to be healed, we pull away from it. If you’d like to break that cycle, it’s as simple as making a new commitment to recognize your old familiar stuff and stop dancing with it. Every time you catch it, ask your angels for help. Or phone a friend. Or call your healer.

It’s about breaking the cycle of sabotaging thoughts and actions. It’s about choosing the moves which could heal and set you free.

Life hands you what you need because it wants to help you realize your truest self. And your truest self is NOT the booger you think it is!

Seriously now, you are amazing. You are beautiful and full of light and have so much to share with the world. No matter what the story, everything can shift for you. Sometimes you just have to own that you keep telling a story that simply is not true.

Healing is about awareness and trust. Trust that even though your mind is shouting that you are a loser and life hates you, this simply isn’t the truth. Trust that for every time you do this, you will heal.

Life is going to help you heal the places where you cannot value yourself. Life is going to help you heal the parts of you having such a hard time being held and loved. Life wants to help you know how much you have to give and receive. And often the way it does this is in pointing out the contrast–the places where you do not let it in. But you want to let it in, right? You want to feel good, right? Then you’ve just gotta start letting it happen.

What if we could learn to let our fear (and any other negative sensation) be the signal to re-center in our hearts and let the love in?

Instead of choosing the crazy usual story, we can choose a wild and exciting new direction. We could say, Life loves me and just cannot quit me and I am going to let the love in. 


life will hand you what you need

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