We Are Always in the Flow // Tea with Robin Episode 136

We Are Always In The Flow

You are always in the flow.

You are always being showered with positive energy and love.

But are you staying with the joy, love, excitement in your own heart so the flow creates effortlessly for you?

In this episode:

Wow, my friend, you are always in the flow. This is going to be a gentle show filled with stories that connect you to how it is that you are always being guided always in the flow of energy of light of love, always, always, always, even when you resist it.

You are always in the flow.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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We are always in the flow

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett, intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin hallett.com, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. Wow, my friend, you are always in the flow. This is going to be a gentle show filled with stories that connect you to how it is that you are always being guided always in the flow of energy of light of love, always, always, always, even when you resist it. You are still part of the flow, this one’s gonna be a knockout, so come grab a couple of yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello glorious friend, it is me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 136 136 It’s your first time here. Hello. It’s me. Did I say my name was Robin, lovely to meet you. This is the place where we come together and hopefully share our truths that a lot of other people don’t talk about out loud, all the stuff we think, and nobody seems to share with us know you ever go to those parties or get together with those people and you’re like, what are we talking about here, there is so much more real deal stuff going on. Well, this is the place where we can do that together. This is a healing podcast about living your life as yourself, accepting the life you’re in finding the ways to make it better for you by allowing yourself to be yourself, and release the harmful shaming expectations you have. Yeah, yeah, that I just said that deny yep, that’s what it’s really about So welcome, welcome, welcome, and thank you to the friend who brought you here however you found this. I just want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you

Friends returning. How is the weather in your heart today? Have you been doing good since we last spoke, I really hope that you’ve been kind and gentle with yourself and making your way through this. This time, you know, making your way through, and another opportunity for us to practice, not being afraid but remembering how strong we are, how capable and able we are and, you know, practice showing up for your own heart, loving yourself. Yeah, I just ended a full day of healing sessions. And it seems so powerful that this time it’s really up for a lot of us to realize that the challenges we are experiencing internally are really of our own making… we’ve decided we’re not okay. We’ve decided that something about us is not okay, something about the way we’re responding is not okay whatever it is just think about what you’ve been going through lately.

And. You know, the thing is, we are Okay. We are strong, we are capable we are powerful and sometimes what we need to do is remember to show up for our own hearts, be there for us. Gently let ourselves off the hook and accept who we are, here and now. Yeah.

Over here the weather in my heart is so sweet. Today, I feel so in love with my life and my experience, and I don’t even care. I just sounded like a total weirdo, I’m sure. I’m just really enjoying my time, and enjoying doing what I love, which is this healing journey with you talking about real things, and more and more I’ve just been really encouraging myself to keep going for it. Keep going over the edges that feel a bit rough for me a bit scary and just talk about real things, and it feels so good. Yeah, trying to worry a little less about editing so perfectly and it’s funny. I’ve even had this thing where my phone has a funny little crack in it, of course, would anybody else tell you that they dropped a big quartz crystal on their phone and they broke the glass. Well, I dropped a crystal on my phone. It took a tiny little chunk out and it kind of looks like it’s like a little heart.

It’s, but you know the fine cracks are spreading, and what’s happening is it continues to put typos in where I see the correct word I’m typing it’s correct and then as I hit Enter, it changes to a typo, is the weirdest thing. So I’m going through this fun experience of like posting things that are not perfect, putting out my newsletter where there are typos in there, and it is so good for me because you know what, Who cares, but I have judged myself and worried about being perfect, and I tell you what all that tight budget energy goes into your offerings and I just want to be free, and talk about being easy. And who cares, right, who cares about fitting in and measuring up in ways we don’t even need to be doing. Yes, so whoever needed to hear that just now. There you go. I would love to tears with you I’ve got some fun things coming up to share I’m so delighted about this episode already. I got a little list going here of just fun stories to share with you today. So let’s cheers. Have some yummy I’m going out of there. I sure hope you do, I made myself today a creative little concoction. Just going in that move concocting things. It’s just yummy flavors, it’s like an orange creamsicle. That’s the closest I can come. Did anybody like creamsicles growing up, well that’s what I’m drinking here. It is delicious, and of course there’s a little cream and stevia and do not forget the sea salt place. So, cheers to us, are we, fabulous Hello, have you seen us lately. We are amazing. Excellent. Beautiful. Yes, this is for you dude’s two beautiful, gorgeous, lovely delightful. Cheers to us. Cheers.

Oh, that’s so good. Let’s have it again. Why was he well. Wow. So good. So today, I have notes going everywhere, can you hear all my papers. Oh my goodness gracious. I tell you, you know if you ever.

It’s so funny how we cracked me up sometimes, because like, do you have the thing you love to do, and then you have all this anxiety about doing it though. Yeah, that’s always me in the podcast and every week. God bless, my friends, God bless you, because you listen to this story a lot, and my husband, of course, God bless you, you know, I’m talking about the podcasts a lot. Yeah. It’s like your life’s work you show up, you love something so much but also is just the hardest thing you ever do. So, if you have that in your life, God bless you for showing up and continuing on and I really hope that you continue to find easier softer ways to flow with this. So, yeah, I’ve been letting myself just make my little notes about things I want to share with you and collect them up and, you know, here we go today. I don’t know, I’m just rambling on, I do get excited to come talk to you today I want to talk about how we are always in the flow.

And what is the flow. I guess that’s my way of saying and I know a lot of people talk about

flow in a way but I’ll define my, my definition of flow for you. Flow to me is the stream of consciousness that is like this universal pulse flow is the energy that is bringing things to you that you’re calling into your experience and flow is always happening sometimes, you know, we don’t love the flow of chaos we don’t love the flow. The experience of the flow when we’re trying to go upstream against it. You know when we’re trying to go against that current flow, my flow is sort of this energy flow is this energy of love bringing you what you’re asking for bringing you what you need to complete the things that you want to do in your life, and it often is reminders it’s material things, it’s

a witness to your journey it’s so many things so today I just thought, I have these little pieces of paper lined up here my little post it notes with all stories I’ve collected this week to tell you and I’m hoping I can bring you some delightful reminders. So the first thing is, I want to tell you something because when I talk about flow I think we do think about angels and guides and manifesting and somehow that always takes me to God and my own religious achy stories that, you know, I just grew up in this store I grew up in this story like my bad. I was bad, and my badness. You know, God knew I was bad and so I was forgettable, and also punishable, you know, that traditional teaching forgettable punishable, and I was bad. And so I expected to be skipped over. I expected not to be blessed, I expected not to have not to win at bingo, or the lottery or things like that, you know, I’m thinking of me as a little, little girl. But I also at the same time, always knew I was good. I always knew I was awesome. I always knew I was strong and vibrant and beautiful and creative and I loved myself, and I loved my journey and I loved my day and I loved my experiences. This is the truth, my internal world was like that, my external world was not a mirror of that my parents, my school life, my friends. It was a very contrasting experience. I had a few really amazing family members that helped balance some of that out but for the most part, it was like, I knew the real deal, and the outside was kind of kooky. So learning to trust in this flow this experience of Yeah, the outer can flow to me. And it can be a good thing, not a bad thing, you know, that the out by experience with the outer world is not always one of loss and abuse, and shame and betrayal and abandonment, you know, it can be about joy and abundance, and love and good things delights coming your way. It can be about being taken care of being held. Being supported being witnessed being said yes to. So, story after story where good things flow to us, and we have to trust in our own worthiness and our own beautifulness. And I’m not just talking about your luck’s impact I’m not really thinking about your looks, and I know you’re beautiful. I know, but I’m talking about inside your exquisite beauty, like how perfect you are you’re perfect right now. Even though you did that thing and you said that stuff and you didn’t do this other stuff and you know this, this, this and that. Right. You’re perfect. And you got to wake up and see it that perfection is always seeking you. Perfect is seeking itself, and you are perfect and perfection is seeking you. So the opportunities, the miracles, the ease the joy, the help you’re seeking. It’s trying to find you all the time, all the time, it’s never stopping. I mean there’s no sleep for the flow, there’s no rest period for the flow it just is it’s just happening. It’s a hum, that’s always humming. The fundamental screw up, if I can put it that way, that we make is that

we’re preparing for the worst, we’re preparing for disasters, you know we’re preparing for scary things we’re preparing to be made fun of, we’re preparing to be rejected we’re preparing to be broke. We’re preparing to be homeless. We’re preparing to have cancer. We’re preparing to not heal. We’re preparing to be broken up with, we’re preparing to be a band. Holy crap. Did you just have an AHA cuz I’m having one saying that, you know, I know where this is going and I’m already like, Whoa, we’re preparing, and so the flow is aligning you know the energy outside the universal energy is aligning to all that preparation. All it’s doing is seeking a match. Rumi said it, what you seek is always is seeking you know he said always but I say always asking it is given, seek and you will find. Knock on the door will be opened. If you say you’re a piece of poopoo, seek and you will find, I guarantee it. And so we all have stories like that but today I want to share some stories about the flow. The first one I want to tell you about is a friend of mine that I help in sessions, and I asked her permission of course, I try and say that at least once a show because I never share anything here I didn’t ask permission for, I think it’s so important that we understand when we’re in a field of helping people, that the most fundamental help we can offer is safety, and love, friendship safety and love. We have to put people first. Yeah, I just can’t even imagine all the things that have happened to me where people didn’t ask. And took what they wanted. I just could never do it. So, my friend, who is in the midst of such an amazing experience, something that it seems like it just fell into this family’s life, and now they’re moving across sort of across, you could say across the country, and this beautiful experience, and we’ve been working together, talking about acclimating to the miracles that are here now, and so friends listening, want you to think about your own life and what’s been going on for you. You have stuff happening, and you, you know you need to acclimate to the bigger to the more to the to the sparkles. You do.

You have to get used to, you know, wearing your crown. I could say for dudes. You have to get used to wearing your Bandolero, I’m going to say, you know you got to get used to being spectacular. I’m sure all of us hide behind stories of worthiness, and I say hide behind because we’ve already done the work we’ve done the work. Sometimes you just got to take it off, throw it out, be done with the shame story. Yeah, with the, I don’t deserve it story. And so, my friend, is really having to learn how to go bigger in a new way, and open her arms to the joy that is flowing and bing, bing, bing, you know, good thing after good thing continue to happen. But the funnest part of all is that in the midst of sharing that they’re buying a new house and they’re relocating and they’re having to welcome help and accept being supported except a new experience people being excited for them and loving them and showing up for them so my friend and I, we’ve been working on worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy. You’re worthy, you’re worthy, our worthiness, do we know we’re worthy. What does it feel like to be worthy. What does it feel like to sit in our worthiness, can we handle. Can you handle being worthy, or are you not worthy, do you do things to not be worthy. I know lots of stories here. A lot of us do things we don’t charge for all the services we’ve provided we don’t count all the hours we put in, we don’t ask to be paid back for things you know the small and big stuff. Are you were they after a long day do you get to order in, or do you have to also cook dinner and clean the dishes. Are you worthy when need favors can you rely on people and allow yourself help. So my friend is, you know, it’s amazing how it turns out that somebody is assisting her, you know it’s a hot market right now. Have you heard that story The housing market is a hot market and it might be hard to buy a house right now and I’m hearing that story a lot, but my friend has a friend assisting her, and they found the house they love, and the friend of my friend contacted these people directly and said look, we’ve got an amazing family that’s coming down and let’s be excited, and they would love to make an offer on your home, you know, let’s be excited. Let’s. This is special. And do you know what the homeowner’s name is guess what their family name is. Yeah, they’re the worthies the worthy family. The seller of this home is called or the. I love that. What a beautiful reminder. And friends, I know there are people out there who will toss this one out. Call it a coincidence. No, we don’t know whether or not they got the house or not. I haven’t heard yet. We’re waiting. So the point is not to always get the house. The point is to follow the breadcrumbs. The point is to see the signs. You know, you have to stay open. You have to trust and you have to see that. Oh that is awesome they are the worthy family. We’re buying a house from the worthy family, I love that, you know, are you willing and open to take that as your wink, from the universe, you’re, you’re in the flow.


Trust. Allow yourself to trust me held here. And I got to ask you, are you willing to take stories like this, and let them inspire you. Are you somebody who is open to being inspired, or are you somebody who’s used to being a poop cooler, and somebody who makes jokes and makes light, or says, oh yeah but that never happens to me. It’s just a question.

my next story, we’ll call it the Socks story. This happened to me this week. At the beginning of the pandemic, as we were calling it for a long time the pandemic. A friend of mine sent me a care package. So cute. It had a box of toilet paper, popcorn, this really amazing unicorn rainbow popcorn. Organic non-GMO. It had socks. It had candles, it had matches, it had crystals, it was just like this glorious love bomb from a friend of mine, and I am a socks girl I love to wear socks. I mean, mostly I’m barefoot, wherever I am, but when I’m gardening or doing any kind of work, work, I love to wear socks like to protect my skin and I am somebody who loves to dress for fun. So, you know, if I go out in the garden. I like to play my outfit for that. It’s so funny, like you’d rarely see me at a gala, a black tie Gala, I would not be eager, or interested but dude me up for the garden. Yes, I love it. So I have been wearing the socks for the whole since the beginning, like last March 2020 After pandemic. Wearing the socks and wearing these socks, and they’re my favorite color of navy blue and pink they have pink toes and pink heels, they’re like this really soft, furry smushy yummy sock, and there are words on the


And for the longest time, you know, I didn’t want to tell my friend, that they’re like typo socks. So, they have typos on them. I don’t know what the word say, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s something like you make work, And I didn’t know if it was like another language. I just wore the socks, I think of my friend. I wear them a lot. They’re actually one of my favorite pairs of socks. This is so funny to me. So the other day. So, already laughing, the other day I’m out in the garden, working along doing my little projects as I love to do and, you know,


receiving my life. Did you hear the episode you are essential. I think it’s 134. I talked about this, they’re like, the work we’re doing is so much more than we realize sometimes and I was thinking about how Mother’s Day had just come and it was kind of a weird Mother’s Day, for me at first but with my extended family that includes all of you, it was really sweet and I have been thinking about this energy of Mama Bear, and being a spirit mama to more people and instead of being hurt, about my own personal family experience to open up and receive, I mean that’s always the difficult work, isn’t it, open up and receive. How many places we are being honored loved respected told you know told beautiful things talk. Why we go to the one place where it’s not coming, and just sit there the dry well and we sit there and then we sit there. It’s a universal experience we’re more focused on the one problem person than the 10 people who want to show up and help us in a way, it takes me back to my worthy friend got to be worthy got to open and see all the love that’s here, instead of the one poopy experience I’ve been having. So I was just thinking, you know, it feels really good to allow myself to. So I have been sort of meditating on that. Sometimes I just work in the silence and open myself to this feeling of, you can be a universal Mother, if You long to be recognized as that, then you have to allow that flow to be here, you know, and it was such a sweet moment that I, I just paused, and took a breath, and I looked down at my socks. I had the Ekeberg Mark socks on. Do you know what my socks said on them. They say Mama Bear, they actually say mama bear on them. I better use that as the logo for the podcast episode today so if you’re listening to this, like on Spotify or iTunes. If you go to the link, you’ll see the actual photo, I put up for the episode. Mama Bear, they say Mama Bear. They say Mama Bear. I’ve been wearing the socks for more than a year and I mean like weekly, and I would always think I don’t want to tell my friend the socks came with a typo. This leads me to how many times we think we’re right about stuff. We think we’re right, we think we know, we think we get it. We think we know the deal. We know what’s going on. We’re so sure. But we’re not just 100% Wrong. We’re 109,000% Wrong. Being so sure that you’re right about something like that 109,000% means you’re creating a whole experience around you, that is based on that energetic vibe. Right, So it’s not just being sure that the socks and merch. You know, it’s like the story that people send gifts, they’re not thinking they’re not checking or something, or you might think about your own experiences where you’ve been, you assume you know something. I’m thinking about a story, a friend of mine told me not too long ago, he was having a birthday, and he has this one friend that regularly is kind of a shit, you know, in terms of like they’ve been friends a really long time. But in terms of expecting more. It’s kind of a sore spot. And so, my friend was sure that his friend was going to forget about his birthday, and forget about him.


the biggest surprise ever was that this friend, this kind of disappointing brand left a beautiful message on the voicemail, and even saying happy birthday. No. Happy birthday, showed up on the day did it, and my friend was assuming the worst, just based on experience, you know, are we open to miracles, and what if, you know, when I before I say any more than I’ll say it almost went to the point where my friend was going to write the disappointing friend in the assumption that he had been let down again. Have you ever done that. I’ve done that in assuming you’re right, you feel empowered to say something, and you’re wrong. So my friend said, Thank God, I didn’t say anything. And I checked my voicemail, and it was all good. But what a powerful teacher. So, you know, wouldn’t it be amazing if we use this opportunity of expecting the worst to remember where the, the good is here, the mama bear socks, you know, If you’re not always right. And if you’re willing to open. We don’t have to generate so much more chaos in our wake, which is creating more opportunities to be met in a flow of chaos.

Next story. I have a friend, again, seeking permission, I have a friend who I met probably 10 years ago, and or more, and at the time my friend wanted to get out of the family business, I know a lot of us are in a family business, and when you’ve been groomed into a family business, especially if you’re like a mom, you’re raising kids, and it’s just like you’re doing the job that’s the easiest job to do, or your family business.

You know a lot of us went into business with our dads or we took over the business from a family member, you know what I’m talking about here. There’s this energy, somehow, like you’re not really the real deal, because it was sort of handed to you or it was forced on you or you weren’t really given an opportunity to pick for yourself, how many people I’ve talked to who have gone to school for the thing their parents push them to do, or their dad talk them into it. People who wanted to be architects, but were pushed into selling cars, you know, or getting a safe, dependable job, that’s when I’ve heard it time to safe, dependable job instead of doing something you would be really excited about that could be just as safe and dependable. So my friend. When I met her, she was just at the point of figuring out how to get out of this family business, really, really wanting to find her own way, and explore other areas, and I had said, you know, first of all let’s set your wish. Let’s make a prayer. Let’s create an offering. Let the universe know, this is what you would love, and we will trust from the moment we release this prayer and friends you can do this to you release the prayer helped me I would love this. This feeling I want to feel this way you’re not directing it like, dear Lord, I am currently an employee and my family’s business making bagels. And I would like to be an Indy 500 race car driver. With my own team and sponsorship from, you know, this and that and this and that. You’re not doing that, you’re saying please help me to do something I love to find what is sustainable, you know like that feeling like it. It is something that builds a life. I can pay my mortgage I can do my thing, somehow it’s all somehow it’s all happening but this is how I imagined feeling. I want to feel this way. I want to feel lit up. I want to feel excited to get out of bed every day, helped me to have that, and you release that. Okay, so we did that together, this is 10 years ago 10 years ago. And right around that time. We were making some amazing progress, and my friend was pursuing lots of things that felt possibly very exciting, because I do think sometimes we have to follow the breadcrumbs, you know. It annoys me a little bit when people in self help, fields and New Age, whatever we call this work here, say the universe loves action. Know the universe loves energy. The universe doesn’t speak in action. The universe doesn’t know action, The universe knows energy. And I think people have decided to say action, because that’s a real ego loving thing the ego knows what action is the ego knows about hard work and also never getting anywhere the ego loves to struggle and suffer. But the universe is about energy. So, following your bliss, isn’t not silly or dumb. It just gets poo pooed by a lot of people who don’t want to try it out, frankly. And maybe it doesn’t sell enough books, you know, I don’t know. But the universe loves your energy, not your action. So she put her energy towards things she would love and she explored learning in new places and in the meantime, this family business took somewhat of an uptick, and they became incredibly busy, and there was no hope of getting out. It wasn’t just a fantasy. It wasn’t just a fear, it was a pretty just, it was. There was no time, there was no possibility there was no way to replace this friend. So we continue to hold the energetic line of doing what you love,

and how can you make, where you are, the place you love to be, and there’s tons of ways to do that. I mean, you know, deciding to make it your own idea is the best healing advice I could ever give you something you can’t stand doing, or you’re just resistant. I resist doing the podcast sometimes because I don’t want to have to, you know, but don’t you love wanting to, so sometimes you just have to make it your own idea. Well, anyway, long story short, they are now selling their business. And it is an excellent opportunity. And the funny thing is, nobody greeted that opportunity with bliss and joy and delight and excitement. Everybody ran around like their hair was on fire and their world was ending. Isn’t that funny, you know, the flow is not cuddly and lovey and personal, it just delivers. And it delivers in the timing, it takes to get there. And yeah, sometimes we can impede the flow we can resist the flow, you know, we can try and go the other direction if you ever listen to Abraham Hicks. Esther will talk often about going upstream, you know. But the thing to take away is the flow is still flowing. It’s still flowing, and you are still loved. Yeah, you are still miracles are still happening for you. Okay, so let’s see where we are in the stories here. Are you loving this episode or what. I think so. Yeah, so here’s another one. How would it be to let yourself off the hook? Let yourself off the hook for being somewhat

not smooth and easy about the process, somewhat, you know, it gets a little janky in there somehow you get upset and worried and tight and stressy and you’re not relaxed and you’re not easy. How would it be to be gentle and easy with yourself, what you’re working on is relaxing into who you are. Remember reminding yourself that you care, reminding yourself that you would love it to flow. And even if you are tight budget about this thing and worried and you stress and you get scared and you forget and you pray, you know, you say a prayer again or you pull more cards asking for the same question to be answered, again, you know, I want you to know the flow is still flowing for you. It never stops flowing for you. It’s just more like you know, exiting the stream, and getting back in the stream, or sometimes we’re going up the river or we’re getting stuck in a little Eddy. No, we’re spinning around and around and then that in the eddy. Now, it’s kind of funny how that goes. Sometimes that we just, we make more work for ourselves than we meant to, but forgive yourself for that. Don’t be so hard on yourself some of us are so we’re so hard on ourselves, about how poorly we feel we doing this job, but we’re doing great. A few episodes back, I did the episode called be your own best friend, you really need to do that, you’ve got to start, if you haven’t already. Instead of just shaming yourself or resenting the heck out of yourself for how you are. Let yourself be. My God, you are perfect, right now, exactly as you are. Let yourself be that without with that once I got a little pile of done notes here. I am somebody who loves to throw stuff out when I’m done, I don’t keep my notes. I am not attached to hanging on to everything. I love to let it all be like a sand mandala. Do you know what a sand mandala is? It’s these beautiful sand creations, just Google it and you’ll see.

part of the work is at the end, they sweep it all away, this could be something that is hundreds of hours of work, you know, don’t always have to preserve everything it’s okay to throw it away. Okay. I wish sometimes so much that we could trust in our own delight, and what we love, And the way we are, you know, the way we are trust. Trust in the way we are instead of judging the way we are instead of beating up on ourselves, you know, trusting that we’re this way for a reason, on purpose, and there’s light. We have to share because of that, and there is nothing more enjoyable than when you are lit up. Right. I mean, you know, first you’re here for you. I’m not always talking about you lifting the world up I’m talking about you being lit up for yourself. Think about yourself in your most anxious day, or your most sleepless night, or your most rageful moment versus your most excited and delighted way. Yeah, and you got it. You know, this next story is just about doing what you love, just, it’s why is it so hard. I was out in the garden, the other day and I thought, you know I was cutting the forsythia hedge. Does anybody have some forsythia head out there, that stuff. When some of the sticks die the branches die off, we must have had a drought year, a few years back and then the landscaper we had at the time, I don’t know that they necessarily knew to prune correctly and so we had a major die out. That year, and the forsythia. Just look like a bald set of a bald row of twigs for a long time. This I’m talking like probably 25 feet long row of twigs, and they are the most beautiful branches, I have ever seen. But this year, last year they started growing back re growing. It’s so funny how you trust your intuition, if you let yourself bother to tune into your own knowing, instead of listening to the air quotes here expert. You follow the right path for you, and the landscaper from two years ago was like well I guess we have to rip them all out. I can rip them all out. It’s gonna be three grand or something, it’s always like multiple

1000s of dollars, and I just said no. We’re not doing that and when the quarantine happened, it was a beautiful time to take up my own yard work,

my yard is a glorious Haven now I have to tell you, and I am doing barely nothing. It is beautiful, without all the managing the manicuring the weed and feed the sprays the stuff. It is gorgeous. And I’ve always been kind of like, don’t spray my yard, anyway, but you know what I’m saying. Now I’m listening to my own gut. So, back to the sticks, I’m cutting out the sticks, it’s quite the process I’m looking at my arms now, you would see me, You would think I own the cat with cloth. It’s like that. I’m pulling out sticks, I’m wearing goggles and a hat, they’re catching in my hair these forsythia sticks are amazing looking things they come out like antlers. Some of the sticks are three inches in diameter hardwood, beautiful wood, and my mind is like, I create something. What am I going to create. And I’m having this thought, like, I have always loved sticks. I don’t know why I get very protective. If I see Jeff doing number one husband out doing yard work and he grabs a stick I’m like

I’m saving

this for me. That was thick. Back in the early days when I was doing a lot of groups. Healing groups retreats, things like that in person. I had sticks, we would pass around like talking sticks, we would paint sticks. I have made bird landing purchase out of sticks and copper pipe instead of buying those shepherd’s hooks you can buy. I just love sticks. And here comes my secret, and I wonder if anybody else has already thought this too. I have always judged it as a stupid thing. Stupid embarrassing, dumb,


Why you are so excited about sticks.


so I’ve been working so much in lately outside on my days off I kind of have organized my work schedule so I always have like three, usually three ish days in a row where I’m not working or not doing healing sessions, I still have things I’m doing like writing the newsletter or, but you know it’s not a whole day of work so I can be out doing these products. And right now I’m building something with the sticks and I’m doing other things and I am just in love with their exquisite, the way they look like antlers, the way they look, I don’t know, but I tell you what, I am catching my ego mind ferociously judging myself. Yeah, it’s been bad. and I wonder if you do this like you judge the thing you love doing the most, because it doesn’t seem worthy. It doesn’t seem like it’s earning a living, or it’s contributing, or it’s special or it’s respectable, or whatever it is. My neighbor was like, that’s a quite a

stick pile he

didn’t have a bonfire, what are you doing with all those sticks, you know,

you’re just like,

Yeah, I don’t know, but it’s undeniable my friend, when that pile is there. Like, I let out an audible squeal. When I see the sticks that come out. I don’t know. You know, I have shed antlers on that everybody loves when they come by their sticks that I painted. I don’t know. I just know I love it. So while I was out in the yard, judging myself, and knowing like, I don’t want to keep doing this, I’ve got to get past this place. You know, I gotta stop this, because it’s fun and it’s cool, and it’s, you know so many things. I just said what is it that I need to do to be in the flow of what I love, because I recognize this is exactly what I’m saying. Instead of receiving the help instead of welcoming the abundance instead of welcoming the miracles instead of expecting a miracle. We turn up the pool, about what’s wrong, and we don’t see that we’re blocking the flow. We don’t see that that’s how we’re blocking the flow and I just want to get a little bit smarter every time. So even though a problem feels like a real problem, you know, whether it’s, you don’t want to ask for help. You don’t want to burden somebody else. You don’t want to you know do too much, or whatever. You don’t want to seem too greedy or whatever it is you got to recognize this tendency you have of staying in the upset because you can’t go bigger with your flow. My making sense today. I kind of think I’m on fire here. So I just said, you know I love this is how I imagined feeling all lit up. I love it, and I just want to give my energy to what I love and I started thinking about that in terms of, I’m already doing that at work, it’s all happening perfectly. It’s happening perfectly, you know, I have no desire to be the next whoever. My biggest goal is to be lit up every day and, and excited every day. I want to live my life in a place of joy. That’s what I want to do, and some people call that simple. And, you know, whatever, but that’s what I want to do, and you know at the end of the day, I have to say I was collecting sticks. I had one of the busiest booking days, you know where like people are scheduling their appointments and paying for appointments. I never want to sound like this is how it equates for me but I gotta tell you this flow story you know, I earned more money, picking up sticks in the yard that day than I do on days when I’m trying to work. I’m saying trying to get work or trying to advertise for work or returning those calls that you get sometimes that are really just sales calls and stuff. Here I was out in the garden and Robin’s little robot was working her robot he buns off. It’s amazing. Being in the flow of what you love, even if it doesn’t relate to how you earn a living, or how you keep the house clean or happy you know how you get stuff taken care of. It takes care of you. It takes care of you, the flow is flowing, you know, Spirit knows God knows your angel knows your higher self knows Christ knows I don’t know how you like to work it. The universe knows what you need. It knows you’re not. It knows your needs. It knows. And why wouldn’t it be interested in keeping you aligned in an energetic space where your light is lit, not just for you but for your children, for your family whoever for the people you’re here to help because friends we’re all here to help. One day when you grow up, you will know that definitively. Is that the right word. Yeah, I’m gonna say this, you’re gonna know for sure that I Robin was right. If you don’t already know that Robin was right. We’re gonna know, we really we’re here to help wake each other up and remind each other. Remember our enlightenment. Always makes my throat a little tight when I start talking like this. Still got some edges around speaking easily about these things, you know, but that’s alright. So,

you know, the goal is to be lit up, and the universe is interested in that, of course you’re going to be assisted, of course you’re going to be loved. And how are you open. Are you open. So the other, the last funny story I want to tell you today. I can throw this one out. This is so funny. This was actually the same stick day I was outside with the sticks. Collecting the sticks, finding my uses creating little things. It’s gonna be so beautiful. I cannot wait. It’s so fun. And the first Cynthia hedge is, it’s, I’m still like I can’t I still can’t get over that the guy was actually talking to me about cutting out all my bushes, because they are vibrationally alive, Let me tell you. Well, I was also thinking about these other stressful things because, like, do you do this to when you’re resisting what you love and you’re judging what you love people tell me this all the time. Like, they’re the ones who are, you know, never quite getting to the things they want to be doing because they already don’t let themselves. You know they struggle with, allowing themselves to do what they love. But then there’s those of us who are doing it and still dodging it, that’s me. I was like, there’s so many more important things you need to be doing right now, like, dusting, like vacuuming my frickin laundry and groceries, the cupboard that bear. You’re a bad housekeeper, you know. Oh, and you know sometimes I try not to say this a lot but sometimes I just say shut up to my own head, I do because you know what, I know what that voice is. So this is so good. So there I am, you know, just sometimes you’re just barely limping along with your mental attacks on yourself, right. It’s astounding at times. So I’m tidying up really excited, staying in the flow, you know, and I look at my phone, my phone’s like green, green, green, all these bookings that were there, all this money that was there. And also apparently my buddy had ordered groceries on Amazon, through Whole Foods, and set the delivery time between seven and 9pm. This that evening. There were things I don’t know if you do this I put things in the car, as I remember them instead of making a list,

and then taking the list and putting ordering, I just put it in the cart. It just seems faster than me. Well, except when your butt dials. Your butt orders the groceries, And they’re actually delivered. And I kid you not, that was all through my but ordered the groceries. Pick the delivery time. Paid checked out paid gave a tip. And they were delivered. They were on the verge. By the time I came inside. And I walk in the door and the I cannot wait to tell Jeff this story, but the best part of all is my husband is cleaning the house right then. He’s vacuuming, he’s wielding the vacuum like a ninja. He dusted, he straightened. He straighten things better than I do, he like has a way with the rugs and the things you know I love this house, and my boho look but I tell you my rag rugs and things like, things can be a little askew. He has a way of making things, so nice. And it is so wonderful and so beautiful, and, like, all in that time while I was collecting twigs and loving what I love, but also, you know, fighting, working on it. All these things were happening. All these things were happening, you know, and my friend. I tell you all this, sometimes I feel like I really risk in a way life and limb because I will get mail about this, that, I’ll also have to work on not being sensitive and, you know, get through this thing of I’m never going to tell another personal story on the podcast again because I do get stupid mail, I’m going to start calling it stupid mail to because, I, I’m gonna be honest. Like, I do love and respect people but sometimes it’s just stupid now. Yeah, there you go. But, you know, I’m telling you all of these stories because you are always in the flow, you are always being showered with energy and love, and all we need to do is continue to be aware of how we want to feel. And it’s as simple as yay, or yuck. It’s not more complicated than that. I know there are courses you can take on how to do this, but you don’t need one. Though I will say, I’m always here to help you in the healing session, because some of this stuff is deep, deep and big, big, and you do need a midwife that helps get you through it, For sure, so I’m always here for them. But I’m saying it’s as simple as, stay with the yay. Stay with the joy stay with the love stay with the excitement, and see how things work out for you. I mean, I don’t even know if it’s physically possible in the day to accomplish all the things that happened in that day. You know, if I was doing them all on my own to dust to vacuum to arrange things, The dishes, cut half, maybe a third of the forsythia hedge that day, arranged, you know, carry all the sticks away, arrange them in another area. All those session bookings, answering questions all this and then ordering groceries and having them delivered. I don’t know friends, you know, I just know it’s so good to be me, and I hope you feel like it’s so good to be you too. And, you know, let’s remember these stories today, that the name of the homeowner was called worthy. And the socks were not a typo, they were Mama Bear. And my friend’s business. My friend finally sold the business, and is out, and picking up sticks can generate a lot of things getting done.

We need to stay in the flow. Friends, the flow is always happening for you. And in case I need to remind you, you are very much loved and wanted and cherished exactly as you are, no changsies no take-backs, no skippos, you’re perfect, what would it be like to allow yourself to be supported. The flow is energy, we’re talking about energy, receiving the energy of


When you ask for help when people offer help. I get a lot of gifts in the mail. That’s part of my flow. I love it. Saying yes, I receive. I will receive no apologies friends. What would you love to take in more. And, you know, frankly, like I say get a lot of email in the week I have a lot of time to observe people in their natural habitats as they tell their stories in healing sessions. We are way too focused on what’s wrong than what’s right, and I’m not judging you, I’m saying I’m in there too. I’m in the ring with you doing this work, we are way too focused on what is wrong. The two people who are. I’m going to pull us a card here. That’s what you’re hearing on this deck here. The one or two people who are making their poopy comments, you know, let it go. I’m going to pull a card for us. And then we’re going to close today, because it’s already an hour.


here it is. This card just flew out. Beautiful hummingbird on one side. And this is the deck, from, how to be a wild

flower deck from Katie Daisy, I’ll put this in the show notes if you go to Robin hallett.com Slash 136 You’ll get there, how to be a wild flower got this card, it just sailed right out the way I was taught to pull cards, is to shuffle side shuffle. Until one pops.

So flew out beautiful hummingbird and on the back it says, beauty is a nectar which intoxicates the soul. TC Henley, said that beautiful. How would it feel to be in your beauty and beauty is just a word, you know, beauty is a word that can mean all the things I’m describing what intoxicates you in, In this way where you’re all jazzed up and feeling like your life is so luscious and yummy and wonderful,

you know, only you know what that is, you cannot judge it as bad or wrong, and expect to have the good come to you. It’s just not going to happen, friend.

So with that, I say we cheers. Cheers. That was a lovely message today. That wraps episode 136 It is in the cam. I’m gonna go find my beautiful husband and give him my big smooch right on the lips. And enjoy the rest of my day, I think we’re going to have a pizza party tonight, and find a movie or something fun. It’s raining, or we might take a nice walk through the neighborhood but it’s raining right now. Who knows. And, you know, I’m going to be here next week with bells on. And I hope you will too. This has been me. Robin is a rock star, and always right usually most of the time, okay, always right halat.

I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

Read my recent interview in Mystic Magazine here: https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/robinhallett-interview/