You Are Essential // Tea with Robin Episode 134

You Are Essential

You, my friend, are essential. I hope you will join me for a beautiful discussion on choosing the new experience in this new time.

In this episode:

Coming back into the world – vaccinations and more social exposure. Are we feeling ready?

If your situation has changed this year, how do you handle it? Are you still feeling like a contributing member of the household? Here’s how to feel proud of yourself.

Experiences we had as kids and the messages we gleaned from that. Do we consider how we may still be impacted by these today?

Sometimes the hardest thing of all is to have the courage to listen and do the thing you’d love.

Parents. Mother’s day. Father’s day. Respect and gratitude for bringing us into the world. Forgiveness. And how the lack of forgiveness harms us.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, I bring to you a cornucopia of beautiful things all centering on the thing. You, my friend, are essential. I hope you will join me for this beautiful healing discussion on choosing the new in this new time. I hope you’ll grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here.

Well, hello, gorgeous beauty. I’m talking to you. Hello. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 134 134. Hi, if it’s your first time here, I’m so glad you’re here. This is a podcast about healing and dealing with all the stuff that’s going on in the world. helping ourselves integrate and still choose to come alive in terms of beings deal with beings, sometimes the only unicorn in your circle, and email you live your life, the way you love to live it. There’s so many things that come up, are there. And I hope this is a beautiful home for you now and in the future to feel comfortable. And welcome in your friends returning.

Hello, hello.

I’m so happy to be with you again today. I wonder if you can hear them in my voice. How is the weather your heart these days? How have you been doing since we last spoke? Hope that you have been integrating some of the conversations we’ve been having here and applying the love the healing into your own feelings and seeing the benefits. Gosh, never. As much as now have we needed this kind of support and love and healing and I really hope that you are feeling the effects of that here. Now you know? Yeah, do Hello. Hello. Hello, hello. Over here. The weather in my heart is fantastic today. And you know, I gotta say I tell you this a lot. It changes from day to day, obviously probably just like you. My right? Just like you. And today I’m feeling so excited and lit up. Because I have really been staying on my game in terms of helping myself come alive in this time. It’s not an easy time. Everybody I know everybody I have spoken to sends it. There is just such a heavy font. There’s a cloak of energy, this virus this the vaccine, everything going on in India right now you know more of our in the States. The shootings of people of color, the awareness in the news, the upset, you know, there’s just a lot going on. But also there are so many pieces of hope and beauty and love. And we have to search for those we have to find them and stay with stay with what’s lighting you up. And one of the things for me and we’ll talk about this today, one of the things for me is I have been working on I knew my excitement, accepting the life I’m in living the life I’m in and accepting that and healing, forgiving, working on my regrets things like that all the stuff I have been talking to you over the last many, many weeks and months and months and months. Now, probably going all the way back to last spring when I started talking to you. You know we started working on the virus together we started dealing with the pandemic together here and the murder of George Floyd and the awareness to be awakened. means everything going on in the world. And I know how could anybody ever encompass everything in quick blink, you know, but I don’t really know my heart is in the right place, if I don’t say every important things. We have been really working hard on staying alive and being lit up about weight. So I think back to that, and it’s just so true that our world has really changed, and it’s still possible, there is no need to go around with the game. It is still possible to have a magnificent life. Our views need to change though sometimes. No. And our expectations need to adjust sometimes. And I have been doing that and feeling so good about it. so wonderful. So before I continue this jibber-jabber, I wonder if you brought a couple of yum yum, I have this morning’s coffee. If you’re new here, we like to choose every week on the podcast, like to bring something yummy to separate and share this time together. And how little tears so I say here is to the knee experience and the new expectations and our joy, our newfound. Cheers. Wonderful, wonderful. So today, I knew I was coming to record today. And I like to give myself time to ponder, what do I want to talk about today?

do you do that? Do give yourself time to prepare and set the intention set the tone? I hope you do. This really matters to me. So yeah, take some time and walking around thinking about what’s needed. Now. Sometimes I pray, you know, sometimes I asked for an intuitive hit. I asked for guidance, or give it over to like the Course in Miracles teachings to say do it over to the Holy Spirit for guidance and directions. I totally do that. Because otherwise the control freak in me is gonna go. You know, cuckoo for cocoa puffs. You know, it’s just too difficult. Yeah. So that’s what I did. And I have a myriad of things, a cornucopia, if you will, that I want to talk to you about today. Let’s see how well I can do. I hope it will be a five star talk. I’m thinking about things like more vaccinations and contact with each other again, coming back together again. The other thing is mother’s days coming. And how are we impacted by the stories of our parents? What stories are you hearing? And also, this week I I wrote a letter to the left Aussie, and I talked about no regrets. I call it no records. Because I don’t know if you remember the Milky Way commercial. But this guy’s getting a tattoo that says no regrets. And the girl giving this actor rights riegert because, sorry, my Milky Way. No records, and I got so many responses from moms who felt like they didn’t do it right for their kids. I got to talk about that. Because I’m a kid that feels like my mom didn’t do it right for me. And I also am a kid who learned we don’t care about the grammar, so much gibby I have learned to accept her and love and appreciate her the nuggets of goodness. So I definitely don’t want to miss that. And the last piece is what makes us essential. Now, if your situation has changed, how can you still feel essential? Knowing my heart, you’re always essential, my friend. There’s no higher there’s no loftier position than a person who shows up. Somehow this is all solid conversation is going to weave together. I hope not for some tiny little story. The other day I went for my mammogram. I’m not super excited about stuff like that. But I do think it’s important to be prudent and taking care of your body. So go get these things done. And while I was in there, you know this is one of my first doctor visits since Coronavirus. Obviously it’s very, very different. You know, you can’t even get out of the car. You have to text a number and then Made to have me fill out a questionnaire online in my car, it was so weird. And then you come in the door and they’re like, coffee do it’s like a voice in the sky somewhere talking to you please enter the room and Purell your hands and step up to the thermometer and take your temperature only. It’s just like a face scanner. So you put your face in the thing. And it tells you the temperature. And then somebody from beyond approach the desk, so weird. But anyway, there was getting my mammogram. It’s pretty hard to be hands-off in a mammogram if you’ve ever had one. Any kind of exam, and I had the sweetest nurse, her name was Pam. Hi, Pam. At some point, she was adjusting, you know, the girls. And she said, Okay, hold on. Sorry. Let me just reach around here. She said, Oh, this bar she said reach for the light there. Was this a lighted handlebar? Do you get like this, when they’re like reach your left arm out, you’re all phones, you don’t know what to do look to the right, you’re looking to the left, you’re looking down. I am terrible with that stuff because it’s like hopping on one foot patting the top of your head and reciting the Star-Spangled Banner. So she’s like, reach for the light. And I just need to do an adjustment. So she, you know, hold on to one of the girls and lifts and turns it or some or puts it on the plate or whatever students doing.

And I said, Boy, I haven’t been touched like this by a stranger. In a whole year, I was totally serious. It just suddenly hit me. I hadn’t even thought about how bizarrely hilarious that probably sounded. You know what I mean? This pandemic, we’re not hugging, I was always a big hugger, a hand holder, a leaner, I would love to train with you. Or if you were coming to me in session, I’d sit next to you on the couch sometimes, or people would lay in my laps while they were crying all the stuff that we don’t do. I mean, it was just one of those moments of realization while you’re having your mammogram as it happens. So thank Japan, we laughed so hard. Cuz you know what I mean? When have you been touched like that? stranger. And then I’m getting off this topic, that it’s not my norm to have strangers handling the girls. Alright, that’s enough about that. My point is, it really got me thinking about integrating coming back together. How are we going to do that? And how are we feeling about that? No, as more of us are being vaccinated, we’ve missed out on a lot of content. It’s a big deal. So I sat in the car after my appointment, and I really just took some time as you do. Now, I think, on the awakened journey, I need to call again, you’re kind of used to sitting with things a bit more in silence and just giving yourself some time to ponder. Like, what, how that was how that experience was. If there was some big aha, you’re giving yourself time, I hope to feel that and sit with them and allow yourself to know this new information. coming to light. Yeah. Remember the dude, new shit comes to light all the time. I’m talking about The Big Lebowski here. Yeah, so I have been reading about this so much that no, we’re a little awkward. We don’t know how once we’ve been vaccinated, they’re still this hesitancy and fear. There was a great article in The Atlantic. I’ll leave it up here in the show notes. If you go to Robin slash 134 we’ll get to it. We have some hesitancy so the first thing I want to say is just welcome your hesitancy welcome your resistance. Welcome your reluctance. Welcome in your sadness, your despair, you’re missing of people. You don’t need your joy at getting to be alone. still wanting to be alone. wherever you’re at all how you’re feeling is how you’re feeling. It just is. So welcome. Again. Don’t waste time dragging it out. Let it be hear how you’re feeling. Allow yourself to know where are you African, as I often say, need to be so gentle and loving with ourselves. New are essential. You matter. You’re the most important person in your life. Check-in with your heart. Make sure you’re feeling all right. Honor what you’re needing to know. Make sure you’re doing things that light you up. So important now. And speaking of essential, this brings me to another topic. I said I want to talk to you about the essential thing. A lot of us grew up hearing stories about what makes you a good person. What makes you what makes you

worthy, what makes you successful. Think about a minute, think about a minute, what those things mean to you what you were taught growing up, in your family, in your

tribe, the experiences you had and the messages you glean from that. night I said this last episode, do we realize that these stories are still impacting us today? Do we realize that the stories, the messages, I should say we were given impact the way we think about things today. And as our world might be changing? Since COVID, for example, you might find some inner struggle, some inner conflict as new. The new information is coming to light, as your situation changes, and you adapt. And, you know, in my case, I’m really preferring the new way, my new way my slower, paced, less working more things around the house that make me feel very essential. Like I’m really contributing and doing things that really are needed right now. You know, serving so much more online here doing things like that. But growing up, I had the impression that the things that matter. Were our status, our income, the kind of carpet drugs, the kind of house we lived in our earthly credentials, degrees, recognition awards, the good opinion of other people. Now I, I was taught things like that. But you know, that’s pretty much a sliver of the world, isn’t it? So think about your own life. When you were growing up your own relationship with your significant adults, the conflict comes this rub moment is where you have a differing opinion, a differing view. But you’re still trying to live in a way that fits with the family of origin fits with their values because  it’s been so ingrained, I mean, from the womb, it’s been ingrained in you that this is the right way to do things. This is the way you’re a good person. This is the way you’re good. Now, but the rub is that it’s not true for you. It’s not true for you. So a lot of us went away. This is how we became the rebel. The black sheep, you know, you’re the one the unicorn I like to say, the unicorn in the field of horses. So yeah, in today’s new world, you might be having some wobbles, internal levels. You might be dreaming a lot right now about family. And the message is somehow you are going away from your tribe doing it differently. We must figure out what is essential to us. What is success to us? What is meaning to us, is the only thing that matters. Otherwise, we’re driven like a cardinal, I’m trying to think of the game it’s not a ping pong ball. It could be you ping pong ball, but you know the game. The supporter in the ball is shooting all over the place. My God. I can’t believe I don’t remember this. It’ll come back. Just watch. Let’s just hope it’s not in the middle of the night. Does that ever happen? I remember my words. I still can’t get it still saying ping pong balls. Okay, maybe we’re thinking of Captain Kangaroo and the ping pong balls. Do you remember those? Anyway, you’re just pinging all over the place trying to fit in trying to measure up but it’s not essential to your own heart. These values you got to figure out what is meaningful and measures up to you. And one of the things that I have always wanted to do here at the house is make it magnificent and beautiful and my vibe is Kind of boho, bohemian, hippie kitschy. cottagey I love thrifted things. I love repurposing things. And I’ve already done the phase where I had the fancy house with the fancy furniture. And I gave it all away, gave it all awakes, it just wasn’t me. It was suffocating living in a house like down. So here, I just feel so much more myself. And that is so significant. Do you ever listen to yourself and hear the things you’re actually asking for from the heart? versus what your ego mind or your, again, the family way, the history of your family is saying is the right way? Do you listen? Because sometimes, the hardest thing of all is to have the courage to listen and follow your heart and do things like you know, give up a fancy house and fancy furniture in a fancy neighborhood because you don’t like it. You thought you would like it. And it doesn’t feel like you. It’s interesting to consider. I hope you’re considering. In my case, one of the things that was made me feel essential is that I was living in a respectable house in a respectable neighborhoods, you know, that would have made my family proud like that. But I love where I live now. I love it here. No, I’m so happy here. And now I find myself doing some projects around this beautiful house on my own in my free time. And I’m never happier. It’s It’s so freeing and exciting. And I never would have guessed that repairing things or building things in the garden would be such an uplifter. But it is I feel so important as a contributor to my home, to my household, to my family. It’s funny, the blessings that come out of this pandemic, you’re discovering new things. It’s reworking. It’s rewiring, how you see the world and your life and yourself, hopefully. So one of the things before COVID began, I never I just I mean,

I had these lists of things I wanted to do around here, I wanted to make the house beautiful. But at that time, when you’re working so much more, and you’re away so much. You only feel really there’s a choice to hire somebody, right? Pay for this work to be done. And I never felt good about them. It’s funny how this goes where you’re thinking I need to save it. I need to save it for retirement for a rainy day. You think I shouldn’t spend my money on extravagant things, I shouldn’t spend my money on things that I want. I go through this so much with clients who really need support. And they don’t want to work with me more than once a month because it’s overwhelming because spending money on themselves. And I promise you in my case, I saw how it leaks out in other ways now so personally, I really want to work on receiving the things I would love because what else are we here for in my right what else are we here for and alive for them to share these experiences with our own hearts to be essential in our own hearts and make this stuff happen? So I realize in this time with a little reorganization of my work schedule. I have these days free where I can do the things I’ve always wanted to pay someone else to do but didn’t want to spend the money even though I have it. Isn’t that hilarious? Are you like this at all? So I’ve been working in the garden and I’ve been creating my own boho Bohemian Rhapsody over here I tell you, it’s gorgeous. And it is very Robbie savvy as I like to say and beautiful. How Hello psychic dange so all this to say the parenting messages we receive the stories we carry about who you are the narrations we give ourselves about what makes a life worth living. What makes it prestigious successful. All of that. You are at the helm, you are in charge. It really doesn’t matter. Out of what your mother told you what your father told you. What. And I mean, no disrespect there, you know what I’m saying? What matters the most is what you think. And if you are still being led around by the nose, by the old messages need to work on, you do so bossing, you got to work on it, because it is not enough of a life for you. And no doubt, it’s now what your parents meant. If they knew, if they’re still living, or if they passed, they definitely know. That way you have carried the responsibility of holding up the lineage. They didn’t mean for you to do that. I guarantee it. So if we’re relating to the message today, we need to let this call It’s time. It’s time to stop feeling any of the feelings you’ve been feeling ashamed, embarrassed, if you’ve been judging yourself feeling like you’re not living up to your potential according to someone else, or whatever the story is, you know, you know yourself best. I hope it’s time to reevaluate things and decide on your own terms, what makes you essential in the world. Now I’m saying, you got to fight for what you love, and show up and do the things and you’re going to find when you do these old Eddie’s swirling in your heart, in your brain, you know, in your ego-mind where you need to work on the stories and clear them out. And that means forgive the people. Mother’s days coming. And Father’s Day soon after that, this is the time we begin to think some love. For me anyway. This is often a time where we may be thinking about family. Let it go. And I can tell you I said this week, I wrote a letter to love mozzie. And I’ll see if I can link the letter up if you want to read it. And you are welcome to join our love posse. I feel it’s always so helpful. So this week, I got so many letters from moms, especially

saying, I really feel like I screwed it up with my kids. And I don’t know how to forgive myself. And as a daughter, now I could talk on and on. But as a daughter with a mom who I really do feel like screwed things up and know out of love for her and respect, share our stories, I will never I will take to my grave. I want you to know that. Because if you’ve had a challenging experience with your kids, if you feel like you screwed them up beyond repair, if you are carrying stories of things you did that you are so ashamed of, I just want you to know, the love is there. Still, and it’s never too late. And I am one such daughter who would never betray that love. intentionally. It’s up to all of us to see with balanced eyes and heart and both stress. You know, not just to be on the badness. But look for the goodness as well. And long time ago teacher of mine, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar you may also enjoy his teachings at the Art of Living from Art of Living dot com. He said, you know, we all our parents, respect and gratitude for giving us life. And that, at the very least, is something we could be practicing, no matter who our parents were, we’re alive because of you. Now, as kids, we can only take it so far. You know, it’s also up to you as the parent to forgive yourself. Me as the parent, just forgive myself. Stop telling the story on repeat. Why are you doing that? You have to forgive yourself. If you’re carrying things a lot of the moms I work with, I’ll tell you what, they have very challenging kids, and they are very challenging themselves. So there are things that happen. There are still words that get said there are siblings who are pitted against each other. You know, by the parents. There are lots of those dynamics that happen to us that we continue to retreat and nobody’s perfect. Your job is to love yourself exactly as you is exactly. And when you have these stories rooted about how you’re bad, or your parents are bad, you know, it’s time to do the work of forgiveness. The thing is, whichever way it goes, if you’re still carrying the memory and the upset if you’re still holding a vigil holding a torch about this, this thing, you’re harming yourself. You know, I have kids, I see how it is. To be bitter, to carry memories to be resentful to be regretful, I see what it does. I’m just gonna say it that way. I don’t want to be that person. So I am willing to show up despite the mistakes I’ve made, I’m still going to show up. And you know, this is how I feel. If my kids were to treat me badly, because they felt I wasn’t good to them at some point, then, no, I mean, I’m awake now. I’ve made my peace. I’ve said my things I’ve, I’ve asked for forgiveness. I know who I am a member of Paul Selig work Paul Selig and the guides, I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. And I know how I serve in truth, I am free, I am free, I am free. So no matter how somebody talks to you, or treats you today, or keeps reminding, you still have choices. And this goes doubly triply true for the stories we were told growing up. What makes you essential, what makes you a good person, what makes you an upstanding member of society, that’s all on you. That’s all up to you. What makes you a good friend, a good parent, a good father, a good mother, a good daughter, a good sibling, a good partner. That’s all up to you. And it’s all on you. You get to decide.

So as I was out there working in the garden doing, I mean, I already know, because we’ve had the estimates 1000s of dollars of work for free, just from my own time and my own sweat equity, and feeling so proud of myself. So lit up, I thought to myself, I feel so alive. And so proud of myself. I thought this is how I probably expected to be when I was see me doing air quotes here so successful in my career, or so successful in my earthly credentials are such an accomplished, whatever, according to you know, what I was raised to want to be what I was told, you know, am I making sense ideas? I am. That’s what I thought I thought I was gonna feel so good. But who knew that these kinds of things that I’m doing today would leave me feeling that way. And I mean, satisfied. And I’m very clear, my inner. I have definitely had the intuitive guidance many times while I’ve been working alone, that this won’t be forever, but that I’m learning something through this experience so that I can really allow myself to follow what’s calling me instead of listening to that voice of should, you know, so I realized that in my mind while I was working, what would my mom say about this? What would my dad say about this? Now, and I know there would be sarcasm. You know, there would be less respect and joy and like, you know what, I do have people who celebrate. And I do choose to celebrate. And I also see how I project my stories, my wounded stories onto people who really aren’t repeating those patterns. You know what I’m saying? Do you do this? I am very proud of the work I’m doing. And it is essential. And I can say with a glad heart that my healing practice. I helped to change lives. I helped to change generations, the whole lineage forever. But that’s not all. I do that’s essential. It’s the gardening work. It’s the kitchen work. It’s the cooking, the cleaning the laundry, all these things For that matter to make a difference and count, they’re essential. But maybe growing up, I didn’t learn the value of that. I didn’t get it. I was missing out. I am so thrilled to be here and celebrate. And the Queen of England could come visit me. And I would be very pleased to entertain her here in my beautiful boho. I’d be so proud. And I’m saying, and I would be impervious to the jokes my mom would probably make or the critical way somebody else would look at the lawn. Now. It’s true. It’s true. It’s true. So, again, I wonder where this message lands for you today and what work you want to take on next is or someone you need to forgive? Is it time to stop punishing someone? Is it time to stop punishing yourself? Let yourself off the hook. Let yourself out of the prison matter. This is your essential life. And you are essential in all of what you do is essential. I love this message. Am I say eight stars today? Cheers. So I would love to continue talking about some of these things with you next week, I am going to end here for a change of pace. Instead of reading a letter or sharing some inspiration. I really feel like these are important things I’ve shared today. And instead of changing topics again and again, I’d love us to be sitting with this sitting with what our next steps are. And if you feel how something you share your experience by Instagram direct message. I’d love to hear from you about what it is that you’re working on and share those messages here or

perhaps next week. So Beloved, that wraps up Episode 130. New essential you are essential. Classic and enter and timelessly so and it never changes. It never changes. But you go in and out of belief with this and you know, let’s keep working on it. Okay, I am off to enjoy a beautiful evening with my sweet husband. really digging the Agatha Christie movies. And we might be doing taco night instead of Keita for change face. Just enjoying the time together and being easy. allowing ourselves to continue to integrate all the meaning of this time and I hope you are doing the same. This has been me Robin. We are essential. Howard. I will see you here next time. Bye bye.

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