Never Apologize for Your Awesomesauce. Make the Choice to Be in Your Shine.

Hello, beautiful friend,

Sometimes we forget who we truly are, so this love note is to call the remembrance in.

Here’s what I keep thinking about. In every moment we can choose between moving joyfully forward or in apologetic retreat. We can share our sparkles or hold them back. But when we hold them back, it’s like apologizing for how amazing we are and how awesomely we’ve crafted our lives.

Lots of us feel guilty for being who we are. For being so good, so kind, so creative. We may have been made to feel like sharing our good is a lot like bragging. And maybe, bragging is bad because it will make other people feel bad about themselves.

But what if your good news is actually inspiring and uplifting, and it helps people know they can step into their own light too?

Yes. We should share our shine, our joy, our delight. It’s good for us and it’s good for the world.

So shine away. Let your warmth come through. Share your smiles. Be a transmitter of love. We may not realize if we don’t, we are apologizing for taking up space when what the world needs is more YOU in it.

Let’s be in our joy today.

Let us celebrate what is good.

Give more of our attention to what we appreciate, is fun, interesting, and look forward to more.

We are here to enjoy ourselves, exactly as we are, in all of our messy glory.

Let’s smile as we remember we’re on this journey together. Never alone, no matter the miles.

Let us take up all the space today.

Celebrate our light, let it shine.

You are beautiful.

You are awesome.

Your light is mighty.

Share it on.

Sending love and hugs to you always, I am here to walk with you in session if you’d like more support.


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