Release and Refine // Tea with Robin Episode 118


It’s such an important time to release what isn’t serving us and refine what is.

In this episode, I talk about decoding our own dreams and guidance so we know what our needs actually are. And, honoring what we know we need to do now instead of resisting it.

The inspiration this week: Open yourself to love and support from the Universe. Open yourself to guidance. I share about why we need to open up and how free will works. You gotta ask if you want it to come 🙂

The letter this week: Relationship changes in this time now, what to do about it and is it ok?

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello, beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Allen. Wow healer and Light Sparkler.

This is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. It’s such an important time to release what isn’t serving you and refine. What is how do we honor what we need to do now? How do we take good care of ourselves? How do we decode what our needs actually are? Our inspiration, you got to ask if you want it to come, how to get guidance, how to open yourself to guidance, how to allow the divine in and we’ll have a beautiful letter from a friend like so many of us whose relationships are changing, and she wonders Is that okay, we’ll dig into all of this. And more. come grab a cup of yum yum.

And meet me here.

Well, hello there gorgeous. It’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 118. And if it’s your first time here, Hello, beautiful friend. I hope that this is a place of comfort and inspiration and system sisterhood or brotherhood on this journey. Friends returning How are you? How have you been? How’s the week been? How’s the weather in your heart? Always my prayer that you are standing by your own side, having your own back, taking good care of you. Now, as we travel in these coming days and weeks, going deeper into the darkness, making our way to the solstice this energy of into the unknown and then release and renewal and rebirth. It’s an important time I hope that you are being so good to yourself and not judging what you’re doing or needing right now. Over here, it’s a beautiful day. It’s super gray. It’s rainy. It’s just got that it’s like mood music somehow it’s got that feeling to it. It’s very cozy here. I I love my space so much. And I’ve got a cup of Yum, yum. Some good stories for you today. So let’s dive in and Let’s cheers. This journey and to companionship to friends on the journey. That’s me. That’s you to our love posse. That’s all of us who gather and listen and ride together energetically. Especially. Here’s to our love posse. So much love. Cheers Whoo. Oh, so good. I have a whole thermos here of yummy black tea with stevia. It’s so good. But the best is just I got up and made myself a thermos of tea this morning. First thing, I this morning I got up I took such good care of myself today. That’s most days but I’m really noticing it today that I have been so good to myself. I got up I hugged myself, I took my time. I didn’t pressure myself to come down. Does that happen to you? If you’re in a couple if you’re in a couple if you’re in a relationship or you have kids you have people that you’re living with Do you ever feel pressure to come down or get you know get I sleep upstairs that’s why I’m saying come down but you ever feel like you pressure yourself to hurry up and get up? You know, I wonder if we recognize that and could try and let ourselves linger a bit more and be and like say I have a problem with this I i pressure myself to get out of bed. Let me linger let me be a little more relaxed and take my time because we want to affirm that we matter. And these are small ways we can that have huge


Yeah, so I’ve been taking such good care of me and then I enjoyed a nice morning and I got my walking clothes on because I just thought I really I really want to move my body out in the it’s a windy gray day. But there’s something about that that felt really important to do. And I’m so glad I did. And then I got to come to work, see beautiful souls that I’ve been journeying with. For years now. It’s amazing to me. I just posted this to my Instagram stories, getting ready for work today. It’s amazing to me this journey. When you walk with somebody, somebody walks with you, you, yes, you have to pay somebody to hold your hand that says, a whole other 800,000 podcasts, I can tell you that. But you allow somebody into your life, to walk with you to hold space with you to remember you, to love you, you know, to give you space and presence and support and care, give you time, it’s so important. It’s such a gift and to get for me to get to see the amazing changes in a person over the years over the months over the weeks. It just depends on how I work with people. It’s so rewarding, but it’s also so exciting. I feel so excited for you.

Yeah, I

feel so excited for you, it’s really important to unlock our own healing journey to to raise our vibration in ways that are meaningful to us. But also to have somebody walking with you who’s not just going to pat you on the back and say, you’re doing fine. That’s not my way. I really care about helping us get to a place where we can handle being alive. And man, that can be also a challenge to be in the mundaneness of life sometimes too. But I’m thinking about like, really going for the things we want to go for. Am I right? So and that Oh, that reminds me I have a holiday special coming up. If you’re on my mailing list, you may have seen me announced this already. And if you’re not, but you’d like to possibly work with me in the coming year at a special rate. You can lock that in this year. I will email you come over to Robin Hallett comm slash holiday and get on the notification list. So good. So I’m anyway, I made my knot anyway, but you know what I mean, I made myself a big thermos and took a little time and rearrange my altar here. I’ve got some I put some color I asked. I got some candy canes. Those are my favorite Christmas time. thing. I don’t know. I don’t eat them. I just love the stripes. I have a thing for stripes. So and then I have a Christmas a little Christmas tree ornament that is also striped. And a little Snoopy, who’s carrying also carrying a candy cane and I have had this Snoopy ever since I was a little girl. It’s one of the things I’ve kept. And as I turn it over, it says,


Copyright 1958 1966 I have had this, I can remember it being in kindergarten. And he’s so cute. So I put these things out. So today, I wanted to tell you a few stories. The way guidance is working in our lives right now. How the veil is thin, I say this to you sometimes that it seems like the energy is very, very palpable. The healing and the transformation energy, the angels that work with you. And if you don’t like the way that sounds, the guides who work with you, and if you don’t like the way that sounds, there’s a very cooperative energy right now that is surrounding you surrounding me and helping things into


right now. So you may be noticing that it’s an intense time. I noticed that but the friends I’ve been sitting within the healing session. It’s been a more intense time. Things can feel very heavy and sort of like you might feel out of sorts occasionally, or kind of like, what the hell is this about. You can go really really far down and then Really, really high up and have some some times like that. So stay close to your own heart these days and really remember your self care. Things that help you feel like you’re on. You know, I’m on it. I’m on point I’m on purpose, I’m on how we say that I’m on it, you’re taking good care of yourself, do the things that help you right now, because these next few weeks, they can be wonderful and sweet. But they also feel bumpy and intense, like it’s raw a little bit, some of our soul journey is very raw right now, I know this to be true for me as


I’ve really been in a space where I’m doing some deeper work, too. And I have this sense that we’re all being prepped for a greater capacity in the new year to hold our own abundance, to receive our own worthiness to be a stronger, deeper presence in the lives in our own lives, but in the lives of people who need us who love us, people who are related us people we have, it feels like this is a very, very important time. So the point is to try not to get too worked up about how you’re feeling and just take care of yourself. Does that make sense? I noticed that people come to me and they’ll say, they’ll say this, and this and this happened with this person. And I’m shocked at how I responded or I can’t believe I let them get to me or you’ll have a dream that feels particularly challenging, because you’ll think you’re beyond some issue that’s coming back to you in the dream. Try not to read into it so far. Think of it more like I was saying this last week too. We’re traveling now we’re traversing a great, a great expanse, we’re getting somewhere. We’re in transit, and on our journey. We’re going to see things we’re going to hear things, we’re going to smell things, we’re going to have conversations, just like you would if you were traveling, trying not to take any of it too, too. Literally. You know, try not to read into it more than you need to. This is we’re not done yet. We’re not there yet. Does that make sense? When I said that my screen just shut off. It went black. It’s kind of funny. Me too, by the way, I’m raising my hand. I mean, I’ve had days where I was last week, I was walking at the park this one day and all the sudden I was just overcome with emotional energy, and I could not help it. I just began crying out loud, like a sob and another sob and you know, not like crap. Like, not like, but like, all of a sudden, like a big a big one. One sound came out of me and I thought oh my god. I looked around. Who is here at this park right now. You know? It doesn’t matter. I was behind a mask a scarf, a facemask. It’s winter in Chicago. So you know, I was behind the wind. I had my face all covered up for the wind and a big hood on my head. It didn’t matter. But at some point, I just thought, okay, I’ll just let myself cry. It’s it’s amazing how. Like, I listen to music when I walk and the songs that came on. I hadn’t picked I hadn’t chosen but it was I looked back and it was native american flute music to dispel negative energy, something and I thought, wow, I really released some stuff there. I’m not even sure what it was. And it’s my business not to dig into the business. Like I just want to release it and move on who wants to empty the trash and pick through it at the same time. I mean, look, it’s gross. So you don’t have to analyze everything you’re processing. But make sure you let yourself process. And, in fact, as I was walking like something in my hip and my groin at the same time, seized up and I had to stop, I had to slowly make my way to a bench. And it felt like such a blessing that I could call I and I had to call Jeff number one husband to come pick me up. And or I would have called an Uber, I could not walk, all of a sudden, it was like, I’m listening. You know, I’m releasing, I’m listening. So I came home and took good care of myself to the best of my ability. I had some soup and some water and

sounds very nurturing, doesn’t it soup and water. But you know what I mean, I hydrated I took a, I took a bath. And I just, I could not stop crying.


I noticed how difficult it was, even though I knew there was something big releasing, how difficult it was to stay out of a story. In fact, I didn’t always do it. Sometimes I, I was, you know, crying and then thinking my life is over, or my I can’t do another 50 years like this. Or sometimes it was like, I have to quit doing the podcast, you know, it’s the pandemic, it’s this. It’s that? Do you recognize any of those? And do you tell those two? Do you get lost in those little places yourself? I mean, I’m guessing some of you do, because I hear this a lot in session, we have this disaster thinking, you know, but if you stay out of it, now you’re releasing it. I hope this makes sense to some of you, because it’s a really important skill for you to have right now, as you go into these darker days, and you go into these darker nights, we’re going to be doing more soul work while we sleep. And you could be having some intensity. And that doesn’t mean you failed. And it doesn’t mean you’re you’re not getting something, you know, right. It just means you’re being you’re on a journey. So try not to read into it too far. If you can relate to me try not to read into it. So much. See if you could welcome it in. I wish more of us would do that when we’re upset when we’re having physical pain. When we’re feeling emotional. Wouldn’t it be amazing? If our default response was welcome it in? Oh, hello. Hello feelings. Hello feelings. You know, hello, pain, hello, fear whatever it is. A lot of you tell me you’re feeling slightly lost these days. Hello, last myth. I’m right here with you. But I welcome you in. I welcome you in. Now the answer is usually Get lost. Get out of here. You know you, you try some bravado or you try some project that you think will get you back on track. But let’s just take some time to pause and receive. What do we need now? events in this week have taught me that I really must prioritize myself must must must. I need to take better care of my emotional needs. And my fun my fun factor, my joy, my delight because there’s a lot of things offering themselves to me right now. They don’t feel very exciting. Or lit up. And frankly, can I be frank with you? As if I haven’t been already today, but frankly sometimes life with family or life with family or the stories you hear. This could be your coworkers. This could be your neighbors. It’s not very exciting. I said it. People can be boring. People can be drama queens people can be chaotic. People can be pissed off and complaining and griping and you’re connected to them. And you’re, and you’re just in it. They can be depressed, sick out of work down, you know, everybody is on a journey and the people you’re connected to, who are going through their things, that’s their experience. But if you’re, you get what I’m getting that, I wonder. And if you’re not watching your back, if you’re not taking care of yourself, it can take you down to. So that’s sort of the message today is you are free, you are free, you are free. And you must right now, it’s so important to make this transit for you your soul journey, the next few weeks. Really, really key. I had a dream the other night, this is the last piece I want to say today. I had a dream the other night, that was so

shaky, it shook me so hard. It shook me so hard, I haven’t had a dream like this in forever. And I wanted to tell you about it. But I don’t want you to analyze me while you listen, I want you to think about yourself. And what this might be offering you. I’ve studied dreamwork for a number of years with some beautiful teachers, and it, it has a place in my healing practice as well. It’s very, very important to me. And so we learn in dreamwork, to when somebody is sharing a dream with you to say in my dream, like receive it like it’s our dream to. So in my dream, and this was the same day of the park and the crying and my hip and my groin all at once. And this feeling of like I have to get some I have to be supported, I have to call on help, I have to ask for a sign, you know, not a sign but ask for assistance, and allow a part of me to relax, who’s having some challenges right now? I mean, I bet you can relate to this piece that it’s challenging to advocate for yourself. Sometimes, it’s challenging to say no to things when when you worry people are going to think you’re not being good or nice, not being nice, not being caring. You have anybody in your life who doesn’t understand that you matter to that you have needs that you have ones that you have different interests, and you simply do not care about their drama, llama, boom more than your own life. Yeah, that’s a lot of it for me. And that’s been a life pattern for me. I wonder if you have these areas, you’re probably nodding along with what I’m saying today. And, you know, for me, I can always see back to my earliest childhood memories to this is energy we’re working on throughout our lives. And that’s, that’s all right, it’s no big deal. That’s how it should be. We’re here to work on some stuff. And our soul wants an experience. So, this in the dream and my dream this night, I dreamt that I had been sent to prison. And it was a very, very dark, dark place if you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones


any of those medieval kind of vibes. I mean, I’ve been to the Tower of London a number of times, I felt like that’s where I was in the basement of the Tower of London in one of those. One of those really dark, wet, smelly cells and I was there forever, like there was no chance of getting out. No chance of arguing my case. No chance of going free. The heaviness of that whoo it’s it’s almost the indescribable except I bet you have had one dream in your life like that, maybe more. Am I right? Where it’s so intense, it’s a full body experience. And you it is so heavy and, you know, scary in its own way. And sometimes they’re really good dreams. They’re really beautiful and deep and rich and in a different way. It just depends on what we’re needing at the time, you know, going to prison. Yeah, that was really, really big. And I’ve had this dream, you’ll find in your dream mark, that usually you have certain themes that repeat. And a lot of us make the mistake of going very literal with what it means. But really, you have to say to yourself, what does it represent to me personally? What does the theme of going to prison represent to me personally? And so? Because I also dream a lot about aquariums? What do you dream about? A lot? You have to look at that, what does that represent to me? I’m sure I have told this story on the podcast at least once, but one of my best friends. Since we were 14, suddenly went to prison. It was a very very traumatic, scary thing, obviously, for her, for her family, for her friends for all of us. And as I say that, like my whole body begins to shake. You know, if you’ve had this experience, you know what I’m talking about? Yeah, it’s, it’s big. And the other thing is that my dad, my father was diagnosed bipolar very late in his life. And my mom would tell me stories about different things, how he would be hauled away for his, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s, in a way, it’s kind of sad. I don’t even know the exact stories. But I kind of feel like I don’t need to know anymore, you know. So, but I do know that he had some ins and outs with probably not prison, but you know, being in a holding cell, I’m guessing would be more like it. So maybe somehow that’s in my energy, your psyche, your subconscious will use these things to talk to you. And it’s really important to not go literal on it. But say, this is speaking to me in code. It’s using impressions that will really grabbed my attention. Does that make sense? So in my dream, it had been determined I would go to prison forever. Like no chance of any it was final, there was no way out. And they resurrected my mother from the dead. Come just so she could come and walk down this long hallway to where I was in shackles, no less than this dark, dank, no hope of ever getting out thing. They came and they brought her they brought her back from the dentist squirt or bout in the hallway, just so she could stand in front of myself and then shun me. And the feeling of that the depth of that. This moment, everyone turns their back on you. I am sure you have felt this in your life to nobody will stand with you. This feeling this deep, deep feeling.

And I wonder almost how many lifetimes have we carried that? You know? Because it’s some of this stuff is so big. You’re just like, I know I’ve been through some trauma in my life. And yet, there’s nothing in this lifetime that even justifies this depth of despair. You know, but if you’ve ever had a dream like that, or should you ever in the future, I hope you’ll remember listening to this today. Because I’m here to tell you a dream like that is a massive game-changer. It opens a release valve on stuff you didn’t even know you were carrying. If you let it if you allow it to move with you. It will be such an up leveler for you. Really, the mistake we sometimes make is going, like I said, going literal with it, or over-analyzing it in a way that busies the mind without really receiving the benefit of the release. It was all in one dream, I, as if I had gathered up all the energy of people not accepting me for who I am. And the guilt and shame I have felt for not fitting in. It’s like that dream gathered up every ounce of dark energy. And it came out. The only people who were in that dream were people who still don’t get me. Like my mom, they had to resurrect her from the dead. I thought that was really genius of my part of me. So she shunned me. And I was so glad. After a few after a few hours, I was so glad that she shunned me again in the dream, because it’s so final, final final, when somebody comes back from the dead, and they sell them and change their mind about you, you can be sure, it’s never going to change. And you can be sure the deepest, deepest part of you know, stamp, and would really like to be done once and for all with that story. So, you know, in my case, this wouldn’t just be about my mother. As bizarre as that was, you know, it’s like, what do you need to be done with? What do you need to move yourself? past like the threshold like it’s time? What is that for you now? So the dream, how it ended was, I was crying. And I said, I wish so hard. I wish so much this was just a dream. I wish this was just a bad dream. I you, you go down so far in your despair in the dream like that. And then suddenly I woke up and I realized it really, really was just a dream. Has that ever happened to you? Well, I mean, talk about the liberation of energy, talk about the release, talk about the relief, I felt a little like, well, so many movie characters you can imagine. But for some reason I’m thinking of. It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s so freeing to realize, and so right now, you know, you may be going through some of this energy to where who you are, it’s really getting more honed, the story of who you are, is getting more and more honed and streamlined in terms of what’s real for you. And it’s okay to navigate your life in a way that you’re proud of. It’s okay to do your day in a way that’s pleasing to you to do your work in a way that’s pleasing to all the things that sometimes we really struggle with. You know, there are things in your everyday life you are here to adore and love things you came here to do as a soul. And it has nothing to do with rising or becoming famous or writing a book. Maybe, but really, it’s more about everyday pleasures that you feel excited about. And then the energy of a day can get so eaten up with the crap we don’t even care about that this

time is about honing and refining who you truly are and what you really are doing. And if you don’t allow some of this energy to release, maybe you’ve been feeling very pressured, maybe you’ve been feeling very stressed out. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re trying to build something important in this time and it’s not working out. You need to release some of that energy and this is that time you need to do it because the way you’re going to go through this time is by adoring your days, adoring yourself adoring your needs, adoring taking care of yourself adoring yourself care and then adoring the opportunities you have to be of service to other people in your life because you are awake. Does that make sense? So, you know, I hope so, something in there was helpful to you today. And that you really sit with how this might apply to you and your journey, because that’s what I care about. That’s why I would even bother telling you about my dream. Because I really hope that you will consider how you’ve been doing and where you’re at, as we say, energetically vibrationally speaking, and hold your own hand as you walk through this time. It is not an easy time for everybody. And as a spirit being on the journey, there are things you can’t unsee you know, you can’t undo your awakening, you’ve already done this, what I’m trying to say, and so you’ve got to hang in there with yourself now. And keep going. Yes, keep going. Cheers. You don’t have to lose your sense of humor. You know, I really struggle sometimes not deleting my Google snorts in the middle. But that’s, I gotta say, that’s really who I am. I can laugh and cry at the same time. And it feels equally true. And more. So yeah, cheers. So inspiration this week. You got stuff right now you’re feeling like I said, transitioning through, it’s intense. Maybe you’re having these big dreams. Maybe a friend was telling me the other day, her heart has been pounding. She’s been having anxiety. It seems to pop up out of the blue, you know, like, for no reason, I can’t figure out why he really feels like there’s this time happening now where we’re a bit in the dark about why? And what and you know, it can cause a lot of stress to the small self. I am finding that for me. I wonder, are you finding that for you? So the inspiration this week, I, I really want to invite you if it feels right, to open yourself for guidance. Open yourself for guidance. And if you’re on my mailing list, this may sound familiar because I wrote this in an email last week do we need to ask? We have free will. Free will is a deeply respected thing in the universe. If you don’t ask, it will not come. Because you are that Beloved. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s not because you’re not loved by God or spirit or Jesus or the angels or the Easter Bunny or whatever? It is that you’re not open. You’re not asking. You’re not saying Show Me The Way helped me see. Do you know what I mean? You’re never being punished? Never. You are so loved. I kind of feel like it’s more like we, if we only knew how loved we were, how loved we are. I guess I put it in that tent. How beloved we are.

I gotta say I I don’t know if we could handle it. You know. So in my way of saying it, I think we tamp it down a lot. We dampen it down with upset and stress and fear and stories and memories. So my encouragement to you is to really, really let yourself open and ask for help. You know, we if you’re feeling lost at all right now, if you’re feeling stressed if you need answers, seems like everybody’s got one of those ‘I don’t know what to do’ situations. You know what it’s about, open yourself for help. You know, we come across this teaching a lot in our spiritual studies that you get what you think about what you focus on expands. I’m saying it a lot too. So it doesn’t help if you’re just allowing yourself to spin. That’s like asking, why not go a step further and say, I’m, you know, I want to open myself to help. Help me, please help me. Please show me the way let me know. Let me know you’re with me. You know that energy is that flow of love, that flow of support. You know, put it in your terms that feels good to you. It’s always around you listening and waiting, ready and willing to assist you and the universe wants you to succeed. God wants you, of course, why wouldn’t you be wanted to succeed, you know, you matter, your presence here matters, of course, you’ll be helped, of course, you’ll be assisted. Of course, you know, I tell you all the time, you’re here to shine, you’re here to be of service in the world exactly as you are. So of course, you will be supported in what you need to thrive in many, many ways you will and I know, sometimes it’s hard to wrap our linear minds around that. But the stories are all the time, the evidence is all the time coming, right. So that energy’s there. And you will be helped, because you matter you are loved, but you have to remember to ask, because free will is a thing. It’s respected. It’s honored. It’s, it’s, that’s we are so free, we can choose. Fear, we can choose. defensiveness, we can choose suffering, we can choose separation, we can choose scarcity. And we can also choose to receive to be open, it blows my mind, it blows my heart open so much. I had a couple sessions this week, when you come together with friends who are so open to receiving and they’re so honest about what’s what’s hurting for them, you know, where it hurts, they’re talking about it so openly. And they’re also saying, I want to be helped. Ah, maybe you can hear it my throat, it just takes my breath away. Remember to ask, okay, you got to ask if you want it to come. And a sweet, fun, cute story I have for you. I said this, I said this prayer, let me know I’m doing all right. And this time is how I’m perceiving it is the right thing that we need to really let go of a lot right now to release and refine who we are, what we’re doing, what we’re focusing on what this time is about what our priorities are. Show me Show me that I’m understanding that right. And if I’m not let me know. That was my prayer. And within about a half an hour, I received this amazing poem. That was the message was all about, you can go back and listen, last week’s episode. It was all about refining, releasing, don’t worry about stuff that doesn’t matter. Don’t do the things that aren’t important. only focus on what lets your heart come alive. What reduces your defensiveness, your separation, your fear, your anxiety, you know, work on those pieces attend to that. And the other sweet thing that happened was a piece of paper, I found I I’m taking a lot of walks right now. And I found a bright yellow piece of paper in the street, not even by my house, and I was compelled to go pick it up.

I just felt called to go pick it up. And do you know, it was my own handwriting. And it said Miracle on it. With a star. It was a crumpled piece of paper. I’m kind of surprised I would throw that out actually. But somehow it had made it to the garbage and probably, you know, it mean, it probably blew out of my can into the road. But the miracle the Kapow moments are when you’re going by and you see a piece of paper on the day you say the prayer and you ask for the help. Do you know what I mean? This has happened to me so many times this week alone. So don’t forget to ask, stay on it. And you know, one gentle suggestion is stop expecting to be punished or, or that you’re not going to be loved. You know that you’re not going to get any of the goodies. You are some of us. It’s so basic, like I’m saying a handwritten note in your own handwriting on a post it note. That’s how miracles come. So may that serve you today. I hope you try it and I always love to hear if you see me post somewhere. Tell me your stories. I love to hear your stories. Cheers.

So I’ve got a beautiful letter. Coming up. And before I share that this is the part of the episode where I love to ask you to support the podcast. And I appreciate hold on less porous Marty. I hope it doesn’t sound like somebody being in the, in the studio. But anyway, there’s my tea. You know, I love hearing from you. I love knowing something. I wonder if everybody knows this, or it’s just me figuring this out lately, like a podcast. Think about it. I don’t really always have a lot of I don’t get to hear your comments. If you make little noises while you’re listening to me or little Wow, ooh, oh, I don’t get to hear any of that. You know, I mean, I don’t know. So I do love when you take the time to let me know, when you leave a comment or you share something. Sometimes y’all message me and stories, and share something and I do. So appreciate that. So much. sharing it on sharing on what I share, or making your own post and sharing it on. I can’t. Thank you so much. For those of you who would do that. I can’t say enough how obviously how much light like this is needed now. But thanks for taking the time to do that. Share a post with the podcast, and I love your reviews. I appreciate it so much. And I welcome a donation always, you can buy me a cup of coffee, of course. And just consider if you do the work, if you do apply this in your life and your life gets better that is also supporting this work. And I thank you, you know, you may not hear it enough in the day that you and I we ride together and this whole beautiful policy. We are mighty, mighty we are. And we’re a very unique group. And sometimes it’s helpful because none of us can see each other or talk to each other. Sometimes it’s helpful to visualize the circle going all around the world, because that’s who we are. South Africa, to Chicago, to Berlin, New Zealand. Hello to the UK, Florida, Arizona, Ohio. That was not a circle. But you know, you don’t you don’t want me to get into geography right now you don’t I am telling you. I am a multi dimensional mind. And thank God they have GPS. That’s all I’m going to say. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I so appreciate it. I really do. And every week I appreciate the opportunity to say it again. Because it’s it’s something you have to get used to. Next week, I’m going to talk to us about abundance and it’s going to be an important episode to hear. But I gotta say it never is exactly easy. There’s always a little hesitation, you know, so thank you so much for any way you receive this podcast or you share it on or the reviews you leave. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So how about we read a letter this week? I got a really good one this week on Instagram and always you can message me there. I know a lot of you like to respond to my stories. And always you can message me there at Robin Hallett or you can email me Hello at Robin I’d love to answer your letters. And this one goes out to you anonymous. You can always be anonymous. It’s totally fine. Hi, Robin. I hope you’re doing wonderfully well. I love your Instagram stories. And I’m so comforted by your down to earth life. Your twinkle lights and yummy food. It seems like a major shift is taking place for me and a lot of people. I know I’m trying to stay in the flow with that. But I did have a question for you. Since the pandemic began, some of my friendships and relationships to be honest, have begun to fizzle and some friendships have completely ended. I don’t think it’s me. But I do want to know what your thoughts are about this. I do have some healthy relationships and I know I’m a good friend.

What? What’s going on? It seems like there are major shifts happening. It seems like some of my relationships have gone Completely ended despite my efforts, and I want to know, am I the only one? Thank you so much? anonymous? Well, anonymous, I don’t think you’re the only one. This is one major, major theme of this whole entire year is things are imploding, things are leveling up, things are breaking down, change, changes happening. And if we look at I was just saying, you know, you can’t unsee your spiritual awareness, you can’t unlearn it. Can you once once you’ve done the study, once you’ve done the practice, once you said the prayer, once you’ve chanted the mantra, transformation is in motion, it’s in progress. So So, of course, things are going to shift, they’re going to evolve. And that means your friendships, your relationships to just like the interests you want to have, have changed, so to will relationships. And, you know, I gotta say, I am not such a firm believer that you hang on to all of your friends, like from high school or grammar school, I think it’s amazing if people do, but in my life in lots of people, I knows lives, relationships evolve. So you might have a bestie, from junior high or middle school. But you know, it’s not the norm. Just like not all siblings are super tight. Not all families stay in touch, you know, let yourself be easy with your stories about connection at this time. I noticed that

a lot of my connections fizzled as well, like the word fizzle, things fizzled out. When you think of a candle, or a sparkler that’s fizzling. You know, it’s done. That’s why it fizzles. It’s done. It’s done. So I wonder if you recognize that some of these relationships were done. Maybe they were only half lit. And if we open up our hearts and minds around what this time is, perhaps, we can see that we are all leveling up as, as we sometimes call it, we’re evolving. And the gift in this time is that we evolve that the world is changing that we make some major leaps. And so relationships need to evolve as well. Patterns need to evolve, patterns need to heal. I’m a big fan of acceptance, we accept what is so that we can move on we cannot struggle against it, we cannot feel stuck or hung up acceptance, accepting what is loving what is appreciating what is it’s a beautiful practice. And sometimes it’s really, really hard to do and where it’s hard to accept. I find personally speaking, it’s because this thing is connected to one of my lifetime patterns, one of the themes running through my life. You know, I was talking about my mom earlier and how they brought her back from the dead to shun me in the dream. I always felt like my mom didn’t really like me. And she didn’t. She didn’t want to be with me. In that way, she didn’t look forward to being with me. And that kind of set up a pattern in my life where, like, people didn’t like me as much as I liked them. And that was the pattern. I was drawn to people, initially people who rejected me, I was drawn to them. So I never hesitate to remind friends like you and anyone This is relatable to four. Look at the pattern. Ask yourself, is there a pattern at play here? Is this familiar here? Is there a common denominator, energy that’s running through it? Of course not. Everybody is exactly the same, but the way you hurt, it usually is the way you feel like people don’t get you see you listen to you care about you. That’s your thing. So if you’re having this feeling in more than one relationship, friendship, you know, siblings, your kids, whatever. Take a look at this deeply. What is my pattern? What How does this? How is this happening for me right now? Can we accept that certain patterns persist? Because we’re being asked to do the deeper work. So I wonder if there are patterns here for you like, you are good to them, but they’re not good to you, you ask how they’re doing. I can’t tell you how many people talk to me in session about this thing where people don’t ask you about yourself, but they talk and talk and talk the entire time about themselves. It’s a big pattern. You know? What is the pattern that’s here for you? You didn’t really say? So I invite you to look at what is the pattern that’s here for you? What is the pattern you’re healing? And can you accept that it is changing? That’s really my biggest thing. We’ve woken up this time has really taught us some valuable things like what really matters.

And when you see, you know, big stuff is happening in the world that teaches you that nothing really matters the way it once did. And so it’s natural that certain friendships are going to evolve to, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. You said you have a lot of healthy relationships, how many? And what’s your bandwidth? Like? Because I know you, you have kids, you have a partner, you have a job? How many relationships do you want in your life on top of all of that, and I’m not trying to be judgy this is just me. I care. I want to know, like, if people are falling away, could you see that as a good thing right now? Because maybe it is. This is something only you can answer. Of course, I really can’t handle a lot of relationships. To be honest, I know myself. I don’t have the bandwidth. Can that be okay? Is that all right? And if you love somebody, let’s say like me, who doesn’t have a lot of bandwidth? Can you want their happiness? Can you support them? Can you work on your pattern around that? If you feel like it’s unrequited love, or you feel sad or rejected? Can you work on that? You know, be a supportive person honor somebody else’s wish or their way? And can you be very honest with yourself? Are you really looking for a lot of friendships? Are you? I don’t know, are you pushing yourself? In a way you don’t need to be your mom, and you’re married? That’s a lot right there. So how much of a friendship Are you really looking for? And how much do you have the bandwidth to participate in right now? And I’m saying for you, but I’m saying for that other person. I don’t think we look at this both ways enough. You know, being somebody who’s in that pattern has been in the past, my tendency is to befriend people who don’t have the bandwidth. Also, they’re very busy, they’re very, you know, whatever it is, but they keep trying to stay in a relationship they have no bandwidth to do. It’s an important acknowledgement. I don’t know enough of us are looking at it. I’m talking about bandwidth for you. Do you have the capacity to really be connected to somebody else above and beyond your family, your obligations, the the good relationships you say you have now you know, these are all things to be thinking about? Do you have it and then do you have it to give to somebody else because that’s relationship. I hope I’m making sense. And you friends listening here. I hope this is hitting home. Because I know a lot of us have been dealing with some with this stuff now. Just all good questions. And yeah, a major shift is taking place. Could we let ourselves recognize that a lot of us are figuring this out? And I said this last week, it seemed like it took me the whole year. Well, I guess really, we went on lockdown in when March but it took me it feels like it took me the whole year to figure out that a major shift happened for me as well. And now I’m allowing it in a new way, I’m allowing myself to let things be to make adjustments as I need to, to, you know, what not call people back, not text them back or not text them back with the same enthusiasm, that maybe they text me with, you know, sometimes friends will write and say, I love you, and I miss you. And it’s like, Well, the truth is, I love you too. And what’s there to miss? I mean, that’s, I don’t really get it. When people say they miss me, I’m right here. You know,

I haven’t gone anywhere. So and we can always connect in the heart space. But if you’re talking about the bandwidth of conversations on the telephone, or video conversations, or walking at the park together, or whatever, I don’t know what we do together these days. That’s different. And there’s a bandwidth there that you need to be sure you’re having. Do you have it. And I feel like we should never feel bad if we don’t like people back if we don’t feel compelled to. After a few times of getting together, we recognize that it’s not really a good match. For us, it’s not really a good fit. We don’t have to feel compelled to keep this thing. Keep the plates spinning. It’s not honest. So let it go. Don’t push yourself and I trust in the natural rhythm of these relationship things. I have friends that I talk to. And then we sort of get busy in our lives or we lose touch and we don’t talk for a year. And then we talk again. And sometimes it’s very, we get very involved again, but then we don’t talk for a while. And that’s okay. That’s really okay. Again, I feel like the odd thing is to force something on a constant that isn’t honest for you. So I do. It’s funny, as somebody who feels like people didn’t love me back growing up, and I never really felt accepted by my mom, or my dad, but I lived with her. So that’s that’s the major relationship for me. Today, it’s sort of like I I prefer to be on my own, I prefer to have less conversations right now. It’s a very deep time, I noticed that where I’m at what my thoughts and my heart and my, my energy is about, a lot of people aren’t there. And I don’t mean any offense. But I really want to honor where I’m at. And if there’s a huge gap. It’s extremely exhausting to make yourself talk on the level you’re not at. Does that make sense? I think a lot of you relate to this, because I hear from a lot of you about this. So I hope something in there helps my friend, you are a good friend, you are a good person. And I gotta say, you know, I think we do all have this longing to have deep connection right now. But don’t forget that you have a family, you have a partner or a spouse. And that too is very it’s very important. Make sure you invest some energy there as well. So I hope that helps you my friend. And thank you for this. Thank you for this note. It’s really beautiful. I wish you all the best. And thanks again. Well, friends, like I said before, if I can answer a letter For you, I hope you will write to me Hello at Robin Hallett calm. I can answer a question if you want me to talk about a topic or you have a specific request for healing write to me or message me on instagram. Robin Hallett That’s me. Well, friends gonna pour a little more tea and commence to editing this beautiful podcast. I can already feel it is amazing. It’s Sunday afternoon. Now as I finish this up, and why I wish you could see the sky right now the clouds are pink. They’re carrying the overtones of the sunset beginning 3pm Can you believe it? 3pm it’s gonna be getting darker soon. The house smells like the most delicious Christmas. Yum yum. I for the first time I’m making a pudding like a traditional Christmas pudding. It’s not Christmas yet, but what the heck, if we only have to only have at once. So first time I’m trying them the house smells like spices and

yummy. Caramel. Goodness. Mine has dates in them a toffee pudding. So I’d like to know how that goes. And I’m already looking forward to next week’s episode. And until then, I’m wishing you a beautiful week. Be so kind and gentle. I hope that something here really spoke to your heart and you will take it in and practice with me. Never forget that you are always meant to be you are always loved and cherished. And yeah, it’s the truth. So this has been me Robin sparkle heart Hallett. Episode 118 is in the can, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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