Recognizing Your New Priorities and Letting the Old Ones Go // Tea with Robin Episode 117

What are our priorities now? So much has changed. We’ve got the stuff we used to care about, and much has fallen away we once cared about. But what about our new priorities? How are you taking good care of yourself now and staying open to what’s new now?

In this episode:

Prioritizing what matters, even if it’s scary.

Recognizing the chaos and stress-energy we’re invested in.

Stress and success… how sometimes success does not come just because you work hard.

The inspiration is an inspiring poem by Louise Erdrich

And our letter comes from a friend who is wondering about what to do with the resistance she feels as her husband makes a potentially life-altering decision.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive affiliate and light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode priorities. Now, we’ve got the stuff we used to care about, we got the stuff we used to worry about. We got the stuff we used to be going for, what are your priorities. Now, how are you taking good care of you. Now, and how do we allow ourselves to open to what’s new, our inspiration is a beautiful poem, it sure inspired me. And we’ll have a letter from a friend who’s wondering, how do you deal with the resistance that comes up in a relationship when your partner, makes a decision that impacts. You both come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Hello Hello Hello, it’s me Robin Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin. This is Episode 117. Hello, hello, hello. And if it’s your first time here. Welcome. Thanks so much for giving this a listen. And I hope that this brings you comfort and inspiration and joy. friends returning. Hi. Did you miss me. I took a break for Thanksgiving. I hope that you’ve been enjoying these last few weeks. I hope that you’ve been wonderfully well and How is the weather in your heart these days. How are you doing as we move into, you know, holiday more of the COVID stuff you know the news around there being a possible vaccine and all of that. How are you doing, how are you doing personally, how are you doing with the worldly stuff. I hope that you’re, you’re taking good care of yourself and being kind and gentle and allowing some space for rest. It’s I do, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s starting to get darker earlier right and it’s always that time of year where I feel like you need to slow down. And we need more rest and energy of resting and restoring maybe you’ve been feeling that urge to go to bed earlier, you know, I’m sure you’re noticing how the cycles are affecting you. Isn’t it interesting how the darker days and this, this time this year. The way it’s been going. And here we go into this holiday season where you can tend to really be busying yourself with a lot of trips to the store and a lot of busy work a lot of things getting things ready for Christmas, so to speak, or Hanukkah or, you know, Kwanzaa or whatever you’re celebrating over there. I, I always admire that struggle. I’ll use the word struggle between. It’s getting darker it’s a slower pace, people are getting into the nesting vibes but also it’s a very hectic busy time of year filled with guilt and I should be buying gifts and wrapping gifts and sending cards and doing all these things and having parties and baking cookies and so there’s this beautiful practice, offering itself to us now of prioritizing our selves. Prioritizing our joy prioritizing the meaningful. The. Yeah, restoring energy, instead of depleting it, so we’ll talk about that, coming up over here. I’m doing great. Honestly, and when I say great I don’t necessarily mean happy or gay, you know, but I really feel like I am enjoying my time and taking good care of myself and not pushing. Right now, pushing myself to be busy pushing myself to do things I don’t want to do. I’m really taking good care of me, spending a lot of time alone and on my own. And I’m having a lot this has been a deep time of realization for me and I’m going to talk about that coming up. It’s really been a deep time of recognizing things, and making connections in my life that I hadn’t really put together yet. And I wonder if that’s been some of your experience too. Have you been spending some time alone and

on your own. I hope so. No, It seems like that is a real healing balm night now that we could all do with more of and. No, even high, your comes your psychic thing, and even you Mama’s out there and you pop us out there, you know, I was just talking to a favorite mom that I work with, and I said to her, you first thing in the morning belongs to you, even if it’s two minutes time just for us time just for us. So before I dive into all of that. Did you bring some yum yum with you today. I have some yummy coffee with a little heavy whipping cream in there and some sea salt, no sweet. I like it just like that It reminds me of a coffee nap. And you got to say the pea coffee nip. Those were my favorite candies, even as a little kid, I really really like them, can’t really eat them now. Something in the high fructose corn syrup. Alright, Robin to stop talking right so Let’s cheers to us, and bring into this time, US reuniting. It’s been a little. It’s been a couple weeks here’s to our reunion, and also here’s the us on this journey. Here’s to gendo whether in our hearts, as we move deeper into this holiday season. Cheers. So good. So I just was talking about prioritizing prioritizing what’s meaningful what’s truly meaningful for us now. And God. It seems like every to a person, everybody, I talk to right now in sessions in texts on Instagram. Even the neighbors. Even my family. It feels like this time is wearing very thin on us. But you probably know what I’m talking about, like, it’s just harder to make yourself do the stuff you don’t want to do the things you push yourself to do in the past, it just falls away. You pass away, you can’t make yourself do it, it’s not honest anymore, you know, think about relationships, think about things you used to pretend you were okay with. So that’s here. There’s also this non Of course there’s still the worrying concern, but there’s this other energy here too. Now wonder if you’re feeling this as well. Even though there’s worry or concern. There’s something else here. That feels sort of like, we’re going to be all right. We’re getting through this time. And we don’t quite know exactly how it’s going to look yet, but do you feel this there’s a little somehow. There’s a little light coming in at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know if it’s like, it took a whole year. I was talking to my friend the other day and I said you know I don’t know if it’s like it took me a whole year of slightly resisting the pandemic to almost a year okay to finally get to this point where I could have a little reckoning, and maybe some collapse time some time to really break down and release and let go and restoring my energy and time along on my own, when really distracting myself. I feel, I sort of feel like everybody I know is going through this, on some level, and not everybody will articulate it the same way and not everybody even understands it. You know that’s the beauty of being on a journey. We know so many people and, frankly, we’re all at different levels of understanding and the different awarenesses with our spiritual knowing. Right. I know for me, that I am just finding these new edges. I’ll call them edges, new edges were parts of me have graduated and other parts are embarking on a new learning curve now and part of the learning curve is the self care of learning curve.

Is it okay to take very good care of yourself with no reasons, you’re not sick. You’re not out of work. You’re not recovering from some injury. You’re not getting over something, you’re just choosing self care for the hell of it, you don’t I mean you could not the hell of it but like choosing self care because you get that you matter, and you understand that the day brings its own energy, and you if you don’t prioritize yourself. You don’t hold yourself as important, the chaos of the day will take you away. Right, it will. And when you prioritize the chaos of the day, what you’re saying is bring more of that to me please, and I, I feel like I’ve had three years of chaos in one year watching this thing, globally, happening. You know, all the stuff I have talked about a good jillion times here, but I’m just talking about the personal journey and the new ideas. So, I’m really in this place of risking my significance and finding out like is it Am I worth, am I worth a whole day by myself without responding anywhere without talking to anyone without. Yeah, answering anyone without calling people back without returning any text messages and. Am I worth a day, all to myself, if I haven’t earned any money today, if I haven’t done any dishes today if I didn’t wash any laundry today. I didn’t know how much I am invested in needing to earn it. Before I could take it. What about you, does this ring any bells for you. I’m telling you. I just keep seeing it like we have on the one side we have all this chaos and stress energy that were invested in, and we were also taught that stress is a signal. Stress can be a sign of a successful person so sometimes I noticed that people create stress, even though they don’t have a lot of success because they think they’re going to be more successful based on how stressful they are. Does that make sense to you. I can remember my parents early on, I grew up in an entrepreneurial household so maybe it’s different. In other places, you know, but for me, my parents were always competing with how busy they were how hard they have to work, who works the latest on the Sunday night and I say, there are no rewards for you. No. No, I am not handing out, I’m not having myself anymore. Awards for that, and I kind of never did. But I’m just learning like wow it’s really challenging to think I deserve. I can have it. Just because. No, just because I can take some time for me. And just because I don’t want to do something, I don’t have to do it.


So the these awarenesses have been so huge that I kind of feel like it’s stressed, it put me in a new stress place and I have some. I had some grieving to do around it. I really did. What about you, what’s resonating in what I’m sharing what are you finding personally speaking, are things changing for you. Have there been some edges. Now that you’re discovering now. I wonder how this is landing for you. Things are definitely changing, and, you know, I’ve been saying this for weeks acclimating accepting what is allowing the feelings to be here. It’s very very necessary because things are definitely changing. In the past, I have worked so hard on making a healing practice successful, and now I just can’t make myself do it because I see things so differently. Keep thinking about how, why is it that we prioritize money, and earning and success, and the certain kind of dizziness over other things. Why does that seem. Why is it that that seems more important than being kind to yourself. Being in a good headspace, and then being kind to the people you interact with for the day and actually being of some service to people because you’re not so wrapped up in your chaotic, your chaotic stories about success, and the drama that comes with that. It’s been so deeply processing that for myself and staying in wonderment about what it looks like to risk my significance, and to place my new priorities, what are they, because it’s not about success. And then that crap anymore. It’s about showing up. I am going to stand by me and hold my own hand and do the things I want to do. Because there’s time in the day. And I don’t want to fill my day with things I used to do. You know, those of you who get it. Now you can spend half a day crafting writing a blog post, you know crafting the perfect SEO the titles of this and that. You can be researching hashtags till the cows come home, you know, all half the day you could be busy with that stuff wording and rewording and doing stuff like that. No, I don’t know, I just don’t care I don’t care anymore about that stuff. And it feels. That’s been a long time coming but it feels so huge and so I keep looking at my day thinking, I can spend it any way I choose, and I really wanted to choose significant meaningful things. Things that restore my energy and bring delight, and not deplete me things that are of service that do make life easier for other people I care about them. I really want to be of service in my time I want to be helpful to you and to my friends and to the people I see in Healing Sessions and our kids and I want to add something not take something away. I don’t want to bring more chaos, energy. In, where I go. And so, no. This is that time, you have to prioritize what’s meaningful to you, and self care is hi hi hi.

Several of you write to me and describe feeling lost. Now, feeling lost feeling on clear what you’re supposed to be doing what you were where this is all going you’re finding these places in your life that are erupting in your relationships. There’s there are eruptions, or micro eruptions, you know, things are changing and it’s scary. And if you relate to that, all I need. All I want you to do, if you’re if, if I could really help you if you were coming in saying Help me, help me What do I do. Well, I want you to do is hook yourself right now. Take a breath and remind yourself that this too shall pass. And it will all pass things need to erupt before they can evolve, things can lead to transition before they can be transformed. Know what I mean. So, however this time is going right now. Make sure you’re taking care of you. And make sure of the things you’re choosing to do in the day they better be no this is just the spirit Mama, who loves you, saying they better be important to you, they better be things that return, have a return on your investment, you know, they better be that for you because I listen to some of the stories, and I’m, I’m raising my hand with you I’m not standing aside saying I’m so great and everybody’s got it, got their work cut out for them I’m right, walking with you. So you and put you know that

some of the places we can get ourselves into with other people with mental dramas shenanigans. Just like. Yikes. Am I right, yikes so slow it down. Take some rest for you. Try to unplug a little. Take some walks. Move your body, get out in the sunshine, take some bands, take a book into the bath, take your laptop, not into the bath. Take your laptop and watch movies, while you’re in the tub, doing things that feel frivolous and extravagant and it doesn’t have to take all day long, but try and teach yourself, your preciousness now try and teach yourself how to overcome your fear of not becoming something in this time not being successful in this time not earning enough money in this time, whatever your, you know what your deal is right. So, if you know what your deal is the thing you’re always furthering not, you know, chewing on, hope you take some time for you. Risk receive your signal. No time alone and on your own time alone and on your own. Otherwise, you will need to invent things to be upset about. And if you do that and you have done that and I have done that, we end up giving way too much in that exchange. And we’re so exhausted by the drama. And the chaos that there’s little energy left to do much about it. Right, so gentle, gentle kind kind last last web say everything twice today, you know, just give yourself some space, and if things are changing for you you have relationships, a lot is changing from it at warp speed. And right now, I kind of feel like there are very few personal conversations, I, I want to be having right now, I can’t even make myself I can’t even guilt trip myself about this, you know it doesn’t even work. I have found that the easiest thing to do is to put a post up on Instagram and update, people that way because I can, when people write and say how are you how are you what’s going on I miss you. I’m overwhelmed already, so it’s okay if you need to figure out how to do this time in a way that means something that feels good to you. It’s okay. You don’t have to jibber jabber in your day away and your, your real friends, and the family. Now that you’re close with, they get it, they will get it, and if they don’t get it, help them learn by not giving in, just because they’re annoying, or you’re scared of their reaction. Now, just don’t respond if you don’t want to respond. It’s okay. Everything has its season. And it’s good in right to honor that season. Yeah, it’s good and right on our season. So, I’ll leave it there for today. We have some nice inspiration coming up in a beautiful letter that I’m looking forward to reading to you. So, let’s have some more coffee. To tell you the ships never sound as good, and they almost don’t taste as good in the travel mug. Okay. So I have my own tea cups here in my office, rather have a little cup of tea. You know, you have an office at home. You have a little space for yourself at home a lot of us don’t go to the office anymore. I mean I never had an office outside the house. I definitely have my own little room here. I love it. And I, it still reminds me of when I was a little kid and you would have special things in your room. That just felt like real special luxury, you know, cool, fun, sweeping so I always keep a stash of special. You know like good China, my office.

So inspiration today. A friend of mine. Hi Carol, are you listening, friend of mine that I have been connected to ever since I came online, I met her right away when I came online. She sent me an email the other day, with this poem in it, and she just said I just, I just felt like I had to send this to you and it was, it was amazing timing, because I had been out of the park, walking, just I’ve been walking a lot lately, it’s in. It’s in the 30s out, and some days it’s very windy but it’s still pretty easy to walk in the sunshine with theme and music, and that feeling of letting things go letting it be that you can’t that it’s even hard to explain but you can’t. It’s just, you know, everything has changed. And you wonder what is going on in the stars, what’s happening with the planetary alignment. Is there some thing happening in the cosmos I wasn’t aware of, you know, you just feel insane. Yeah. So on this day. I was at the park walking, just said the spirit, I really need to know. With me, because it’s great that I’m able to help people in this time but I too am feeling a bit scared and lost and things are reorganizing themselves and I want to feel alive. You know I want to feel lit up even now. I don’t want to be afraid. And I’m not, but you know what I mean like, I don’t want to feel. I want to feel just as juicy and lit up as I, as I do any other time, you know, so it was so cool because, like, within the half hour I received three different things from different friends but I want to read you this poem from Carol because you know something about it just really really touched me. The universe heard me and answered as it always does through people in your life, you know that’s usually how things come sometimes it speaks to you directly or you have a vision or you hear something you get that intuitive hit, but a lot of times it’ll come through, people in your life. It’s so cool because, Carol. When she sent it she said hi this is just a little note from me to you because I was thinking of you I heard this poem today. And it made me think of some of your teachings and just overall resonated in some way. It made me think of you, and I knew right then. Oh my god. I asked for help at the park. It comes somehow. So this is a poem by Louise aircraft. And it’s called advice to myself. Thanks again, Carol. Here we go. Leave the dishes at the celery rod in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator and an earthen scum harden. Leave the black crumbs in the bottom of the coaster. Throw the crap out, and don’t patch the cup. Don’t patch anything. Don’t men don’t even so, like the women have its way. And we are. They just dust. And then with them coming up in gray rolls on me now than they are welcome. Don’t keep all the pieces of the puzzles, or the downtime issues and parents worried, who uses whose toothbrush, or anything at all except one word to another, or pursue the authentic. Decide first, what is authentic. Then go after it with all your heart. Your heart that place. You don’t even think of cleaning out that closet stuffed with Savage momentums. Don’t start the paperclips from screws from saved baby teeth

are worried if we’re all eating cereal for dinner again. Don’t answer the telephone, ever. Or we over anything at all that brain molds will grow within those sealed cartons in the refrigerator. Except, new forms of life and talk to the dead, we drift in through the screen. Sorry. Wait, except new forms of life. Talk to the dead, who drift into the screen, Windows will collect patiently on the tops of food jars, and books, recycle the mail. Don’t read it. Don’t read anything except what destroys the insulation between yourself and your experience are what pulls down, are what strikes at, or what shatters this ruse necessity. Now that was advice to myself by Louise air Greg from original fire, circa 2003. Wow. No. Kind of saying, don’t do anything. The meaning from what matters what destroys the insulation between you and your experience, meaning.

Do the things that are going to help you come alive. Do the things that help you wake up. These are things that help you come alive. As Howard Thurman said, Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. That’s what the world needs is people who have come alive. No, it’s so interesting, like we want to be needed in the world don’t we want to be seen as something special. Okay, to know that there’s something wrong with. But are you willing to be alive and excited and lit up all by yourself. Even if nobody knows it. You know, I think that’s what she was talking about when Louise air grich when she wrote. Don’t read anything except what destroys insulation between yourself and your experience are what shatters this ruse. You come necessity stuff out gunning for the cause. It’s okay. You don’t know what to do, maybe do nothing. So I hope that serves you today and also just a brief word on me and brief. Just a brief word on, you’ll get the hit to send somebody at home, you feel, you know, stuff around. I hope you will listen to your guidance because that day was everything to me. I received a number of things in a really short amount of time and I knew my answer had come from walking in the park. And I’m so glad. Carol listened to her. God so I could come and share with you. I know I have never heard this phone before. Beautiful.

friends. This is the time where I usually ask you to support the podcast, and I appreciate so much for helping to get the word out. I really do trust in the flow. The universe, and I know that the people who are already looking for something meaningful and helpful in their lives are going to find this podcast. One way or another. So if you can be a part of helping that happen I so appreciate it. I really, really do. And one of the ways you’ve been so helpful is to send a letter for me to read on the air. I always love having some thoughts, some words from, you know love coffee. Get add to the conversation here and, you know, I’m always so grateful so send a letter. Hello at Robin Hallett calm, come in. We always welcome a review that’s super helpful too it’s really easy to do. Most of the platforms you listen on. Certainly, leave a comment to which will be really helpful. And I got a great. I got a great letter this week. Let’s just move on.

So this letter is presented to you, Caitlin and sending it online. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I feel stuck in hurricane a fear and resistance and I would love to hear any words of love and healing that may come to you. My husband has decided, using this thing. He has big dreams of bettering himself being happy feeling motivated, feeling the balance of life. He sees it all so clearly. I see a man who has all of that in him already. Capable of them, capable of unleashing all of the good himself excelling in everything he does. I don’t see why the military is the only way to spark these things in him. I judge is taking this path into the army is resistance. I see it is not accepting that these things are already inside of him. And the happiness around him. But I know that this is my judgment, does not. And I begin to think of him and listing the hurricane and fear and sadness and resistance concerns me. Now my churning body faking resistance screaming. Now, I want to practice letting go, releasing it to the universe, trusting the process of life, but every time I open my mouth to do so. The darker King takes over. All that he sees is the good that will come from the time spent in the service. He claims to now, with his whole heart. I’m not sure what to do with all of this sadness, and fear, if I step aside and just think, do I want him to be happy and feel accomplished. Do I want to support him in something he’s passionate about. The answer is yes. Yet, as soon as I step into the reality that is the situation. I begin screaming. No, I’ve never felt resistance of the. Still, there’s a tiny voice saying this is a huge practice opportunity for me. Thank you again for taking the time to read this letter. Thank you for all of the inspiration and light you shared daily on Instagram and weekly through the podcast. You are an incredible sparkling virtual. My friend, absolutely.

This is

a huge opportunity for you. I’m going to cross out the word practice and I’ll tell you why. Because you are not here just holding the door for your partner, your husband, your, your not here just to hold the door for somebody else for your whole life. You’re here to take up space with you. So this is a huge opportunity. I you know lately I’ve been talking to so many people who are married, like us or in relationship, you know, whatever, whether it’s like they want to have a kid or they want to have another kid or, you know, your guy is wants to enlist my guy was having cancer or this other person’s person is really struggling to find meaningful work. We all have this thing where we’re watching the person we love go through something huge, we go into this mode of, sort of like wait and see. This isn’t really happening. You feel supportive of him in his dream and his desire to feel excited and supportive, saying that you see that he’s putting himself through the long way around to get to something he already has inside of them. That’s probably the story for all of us. I bet, even you have a story about how you didn’t need to do X, Y or Z, because it was with you all along. That’s our classic Wizard of Oz, story, Dorothy, you always had the power, living at first person, it’s much harder to know it without needing that mountain to climb. And so one of the things as we notice our friend or our beloved noticing your hubby do this thing you’re judging, you’re saying you’re judging it. Ask yourself the same question. How is the struggle that I’m experiencing. Also, like what I’m seeing him do in terms of, he doesn’t need to enlist, just to prove to themselves, that he has the power. How can you convert that thing you’re noticing about him. In practice, or yourself as a guarantee this is happening for you as well. How is this happening for you. There is a gift for you. How is this happening for you. So, what is the opportunity that’s here for you in how are you going to learn to help yourself. If you’re in your life, first person perspective, and not be in latency mode, about him. Next is you’re feeling a lot of resistance, I wonder, Is there another time in your life where you felt. Now you said this is the deepest resistance you’ve ever felt but has there been another time in your life where you felt this deep sense of No, this is remind you of anything. wouldn’t ask you that if it wasn’t so true, that usually things like this where we almost feel like we’re behaving irrationally, because there is a historical reason for it. It has to do with our own history. It has probably way before you even met your husband. No, I would say, this is an opportunity for you. How can we see this time as an adventure. How can we see this time as an opportunity for our own journey. And as a reminder to, you know, just that I need to be invested in me. Not just in wheat. And I, I do believe we owe it to ourselves to stay interesting to us in this time now to be doing things that are that are helping us that we’re enjoying. And so, that’s such the biggest feeling is it feels like what’s your tendency to be the caregiver, and only that begin to wait and see an either or. Either it’s a yes or it’s a no, it can be a yes and now, it can be a yes but it can be a no and it can be all of it, and, you know, all I do now when people suggest

things to me and I have a really really deep resistance like like wild animal resistance. Sounds like you’re having some wild animal resistance, usually some truth in what is being said, or spoken. What is the truth is here for you. You can sit with that. There’s something surprising and wonderful about this, no matter which way it goes. You know, you may need to watch him going through this. To learn more about your own journey because it feels very intertwined. years ago, I married this couple this friend of mine. She didn’t finish college. I think in her 30s somewhere she was like, I have got to get my degree, and not just get my degree, I have to go back to school, like I never had the real university campus life and I’ve got to have that experience. Now I remember listening to her and thinking. It’s ridiculous. You don’t mean that kind of like you’re saying you know you’re, you’re judging the situation as the things that your husband thinks he’ll get by enlisting he already has these qualities within him, I felt the same way about my friend like you don’t need to go downstate and live on a dorm and acquire this massive debt, just for this experience, you know, talking yourself into that thinking you need to do it but she didn’t quit. He didn’t quit. She needed to do that now. Long story short, I ended up I officiated and her wedding to the guy that she met downstate University. He was the maintenance guy in the dorm room. Something had broken down. But this was eating the bigger story for her was that she’d never been in a significant relationship. and if she hadn’t gone down to university, never would have met her guy. And, you know, we had a kid together now in a beautiful, many, many years. And it really showed me like sometimes we just don’t know we think we see it so clearly, and would we hold out hope for each other that certain paths have to go through their evolutions, you know, there are twists and turns. It’s really important. Now you’re married. So you’re in this is of course going to impact you. It’s like when Jeff was diagnosed with cancer, there was a huge impact on me. And then there were certain things we had to decide together and certain things I had to face, and he had to face. We have to face together. This is, I guess I’m saying everybody has their hero’s journey. Now, and maybe this is the way for your husband, and for you. We have to face these things. They are the mouth.

That’s the psychic thing right there. Sometimes we have to bear them out without knowing and your best is to try not to script it. What you think is going to happen. You then say what the fear is, but maybe it’s just the upheaval, and it’s something that happened in the deployed, no. Something will happen. No, we don’t have to let fear be the teacher, or the leader in this story, and also go with the adventure, and also go with God. We hope you are, you asked spirit. He opened myself to you need to see things clearly. I’ve already got a candle lit here, see clearly help her to open to this time. When your neighbor can relate in your own way. May we be open to the transformation and not fear of transitioning not fear the evil in the unknown. And seeing the lewmar in terror terrorize us. Let us risk our significance. May we listen to the tiny voice like saying this is a huge opportunity for me to stay alive and awake to my own heart

just reading this line again here. When I begin to think of him and listing the hurricane of fear sadness and resistance, it seems the stomach journey body shaking and resistance. Learn to practice, letting go and releasing it to the universe, trusting the process of life. Every time I open my mouth to do so. The darker Kane takes over. My friend has there been some drama for you. Have you lost people in your life, and things change. All of the sudden. This is where I’m going, my heart with this for you. So, in the coming days. really hold yourself tight. Have yourself lots, you don’t have to put your arms around yourself in the morning, take breaks and try not to talk about this is a way that will make the chaos, much, much bigger, you go hand in hand in meetings, times. So, what’s your own counsel and make sure when you do talk about it, it’s with a trusted friend, somebody you know is SAP who gives sound feedback, and love, and you know center support. It makes sense. Lastly, I’ll say you’re needing some TLC, and some love and some support. Don’t forget about yourself. Don’t forget about you wish you both, all the love and success in meaningful ways for you both. And again, this feels to hearing the word adventure, and it feels like everyone is surprised in a good way. So,


let’s see what happens. So much love to you beautiful phone, and your husband. I wish you both. Well friends, that wraps Episode 117 good message today, and Saturday night over here. I’m looking forward to a little relaxation movie time with my sweetheart, and it feels so good to just do a little nothing sometimes doesn’t put on a little movie, make some popcorn. That’s all in less. So, I hope you are spending some time doing the same. And I will see you here. So, rather than. Avoid Christmas cookies. See you next time. Bye-bye.