Awareness Appreciation Day

Sharing some space with you. Getting the cooking on and lots of rearranging for winter cozies over here. How about you?

Here’s a snippet from this week’s Happy Mail ✉️🤗🙏👇

I appreciate the ride we share together. For the bolstering this space gives us both. And for the reminder that we are not alone in remembering we are awake and we choose to practice despite the wobbles we experience. It is one of the best commitments I have made and kept, I am so glad to say!

A gentle reminder for us both: This is a new season with new challenges and experiences. Many of us feel some heavy, a little lonely, even some sadness about what cannot be right now. I have it too. And it makes sense to have some energy swirls, right? Being on a journey of awakening doesn’t mean we pretend everything is fine fine fine. We can be kind with whatever arises. We can make space for us.

If it resonates that there are some lonely or sad feels about the people you won’t be seeing this year, it is okay. Let yourself experience how it is now. We acknowledge what’s tightly held so something new can transpire. And right along with that, there are many of us who are so glad for not getting together, too. If there is guilt around being happy to not see people, I encourage you to sit with it and get yourself free. All of how we feel is ok.

Real families have baggage and unresolved issues. I just wanted to say it. I have a feeling more of us are in that camp than we realize and from all I hear in healing sessions, it feels like this energy is pinging a bit more now. Go easy. Keep in mind everybody in a family has their own feelings and experience. Something my own healer has told me often: Some conversations can last a lifetime so there’s no rush 😉

Remember to include yourself in the holidays. Make it a goal to matter the most and listen to how it feels to be YOU as you move through the days, ok? This week’s podcast has a lot to say about that.

Know that I am thinking of you. I’m so grateful we are on this journey together!


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