Honor Your Way // Tea with Robin Episode 116

In this episode, honor what matters for you in this time now. We can choose the experience we want to be having. It’s okay to be happy, it’s okay to redefine what that looks like now. Your way is the right way, honor your way.

I’ll talk about how to handle the awkward situations about getting together or not right now, and we’ll have a letter from a friend who’s worried about his daughter.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved. It’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer, and Light Sparkler and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, it is okay to honor it as it is for us to choose this experience we want to be having. It’s okay. Your way is the right way. Honor your way. Our inspiration. Let’s talk about some alternate holiday ideas. And we’ll have a letter from a friend who’s worried about his daughter. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here.

Well, hello, beautiful friend. Welcome back to the podcast. Tea with Robin. This is Episode 116 116. If it’s your first time here, welcome. Welcome, welcome. Thanks for giving this a listen. And I hope it’s a place you return again and again. Love support, encouragement, and inspiration are found here. And returning friends. What do you say? Is that true? Or what? How are you? How? How’s the weather in your heart? You know, I’m just Whoa. And wow. And how about it? These last few weeks, these last few days, there’s a lot moving. I hope that you are doing all right over here. It’s a beautiful day, we just had lunch outside with the kids ordered a little takeout. We’re celebrating number one husband had another clean cancer scan. Wow, what a great feeling so exciting to celebrate with him. So we decided to have a little outdoor, get together with our kids. And this will probably be the last day we’re going to have some snow here in Chicago on Sunday. So really glad we got to do that. And I’m doing wonderfully Wow, I’m really enjoying my time. I’m really enjoying my time. And that’s something I want to talk to you about today. That it’s okay to be happy for ourselves. Even in those times, which are now, you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. Things might be shifted for you… things might be shifting the way you experience holidays, etc. So even though it might be true that this is not a happy time for a lot of us, it’s still okay to decide for your ears for your joy for your fun for your pleasure for your for yourself. It’s okay to be happy. And it’s okay to redefine what happy is for you now. Yeah. First. Did you bring some yum yum with you today? I have a whole thermos here today. Sometimes I just find that easier to stay. In my office working if I have a thermos of tea, a big thermos of tea so yummy, yummy. Little stevia. Little Earl Grey. It’s so delicious. So cheers, chairs, what we love, let us chairs our beautiful lives, and what we love and how things are for us. Cheers.

Oh, so good. So good. So good. So I hope you don’t mind just a little ramble today. I think I say that every week right now, but I’m loving keeping it easier for me so I can make sure I spend this time with you. And it’s smooth and easy.

You know,

it’s not hard. I think that’s something we’re all craving right now. How can we make this easy? With the minimal mental machinations and back and forth? stuff? You know what I mean? Yeah, I bet you do. So I’m in the middle of the last few weeks of Healing Sessions have been really interesting because here in the States anyway, we’re starting to have a more intense lockdown. Again, if you live here in the States, you know what I’m talking about overseas. You know, some of you have already been, you’re ahead of us, you’re back on lockdown. Again, and I’m finding that there’s been hearing a lot of stories about pressure, you know, pressure from family, pressure from friends, people, not everybody agrees on this idea of honoring the quarantine and not getting together with non-household family members. And you know, it brings up pressure, it brings up pressure, it brings up pressure. Should I say it again? Because Are you feeling any of that pressure? I wonder. I come in, I come in and out of it. You know, in my circles, I definitely come in and out of it. I have people who write and say, Are you still taking in-person clients right now? And it’s like, No, I’m not. And I can tell you several stories of therapists I know or have heard of who people have gotten COVID going back to their office, you know, like, there’s a story for every situation right now. And pressure, like, I want to see our kids a lot. And also, they’re mixing it up in the way that feels right for them. But lots of people in and out of their house. And that’s I hate being here on the podcast saying

that’s what

works for them. When I in my heart. I’m like, that’s not. That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing. You know, I think this is that time where we feel the pressure and we know what the truth is for us, though. That’s my point. You know what the truth is for you. And there’s pressure because maybe you don’t always like to be honest, maybe it’s not easy to be honest. Maybe you’ve got those people who don’t allow your truth. They don’t respect it. They don’t honor it, you know, but it doesn’t matter. Because you need to know what’s what for you. Am I right? Am I preaching to the choir? We got to know what’s what, for us? an honor that that’s the most important thing. Sometimes people will say to me, what do I say to my mother in law? Who keeps saying I don’t care. We can get together, we can sit six feet apart at the dining room table, like now? No, that’s not how this thing works. The most important thing is we got to know how, where we’re at and hold on to that truth. Know where you’re at? Know what’s what for you. That’s what matters. And if you’re really clear on that, it becomes much easier to navigate the outer world. Does that make sense? This is where I’m at, this is what works for me. This is what’s right for me. This is my truth. This is my philosophy about what’s happening now. You really need that space of quiet to process for yourself. What’s going on for you now? Where are you at with all of this now? What is your you know, I mean, you know what I’m saying? What’s your policy right now, it’s important, because everybody around you is doing what seems right for them. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for you or your family. You know this is really important. So know yourself, because that is the ultimate guide to helping you handle these outer situations. If you’re psychic, knowing if your intuitive hit is it’s not a good idea. And you don’t listen to that. And you get together because you feel pressure. And you don’t know what else to do. You know, that’s kind of a recipe for welcoming in things you didn’t want, you know? So it’s really important right now to think about yourself first to consider, where am I at with all of this stuff? Where am I at with the quarantine stuff, I can tell we’re all over the place. Some of us are really doing everything as prescribed. And there are people who just don’t believe it’s real people I work with who have family or friends or co-workers who feel like this is all a hoax. So you really have to know where you’re at personally and honor what matters for you. And for me, my line is I would never risk. You know, I care about my life, obviously, but I would never risk being in a position where I could my decision could impact somebody else, you know, like I could pass it on. Without knowing it, number one is high risk what they call a high-risk person. Why would we do that? So Geez. Right? Like, let’s be so very careful and take good care of ourselves and honor where we’re at, on our web wrapped with it, you know, it doesn’t matter as much what you’re going to say to the grandparents or to the parents or to your, you know, extended family, it doesn’t matter as much how you’re going to get out of this as much as it matters. To know clearly where you stand to know clearly what your philosophy is, what your policy is, to know firmly where you’re at. Do you know what I mean? Jelly Bean, you have to really get clear on where you’re at. How do you feel about it? And what matters to you? Yeah. Lately, there is this psychic pressure around, have you been feeling that too,

I’ve been noticing that there’s this psychic pressure in the world right now. It’s sort of like a pressure we feel. But it might not necessarily be ours. It’s just a heavier energy that can make things a bit difficult for us. If we’re not keeping it straight, that this might not be ours, might be activating things within us that are still healing. But it’s not necessarily ours. So if you’ve been feeling stressed, if you’ve been feeling edgy, if you’ve been feeling tired, and achy, just consider how everything’s energy, and you are impacted by what’s going on in the world. And so this time, you need to take care of you. That’s what matters. Take care of you. It’s much less important, what you’re going to say to Aunt Bertha about the holidays, you know, let’s talk about the real deal care for you. It’s really important that you take it easy on yourself, to let this time be however it is for you be honest with where you’re at. In terms of this time, people tell me they’re feeling this urge to be alone and not have a lot of conversations right now. However it is for you. You really want to honor this time, how it is for you. make space for yourself. take plenty of quiet time, self care, move your body, if that feels helpful to. And even now, sleep is such an important thing. I don’t know how you’re sleeping these days. But naps, even if you just close your eyes for 10 minutes in the afternoon. And listen to a little music, I think it’s so helpful. Because we might be sensing this psychic pressure in the world right now. It’s not really ours. But what I’m noticing is it seems to light up areas in our own growth and healing, that are still under construction, so to speak. So you know, if you’ve been hard on yourself are picking the lint off your own life somehow looking at things and thinking a little too deeply about this time. And maybe you’re feeling upset and you’re trying to make a connection to your own life. What if it’s not your own life, but you’re somebody who’s going through all the things, you know, between COVID the holidays, the politics, the out of work, the work stuff, the money, finances, all of that there’s so much energy here at play. So, we are going to get through this time. We’re definitely going to get through this time. I mean, we are, but you will do it better by taking better care of yourself and your needs. Does that make sense? So as we explore, like, what does our life look like right now this next period of time that we would generally be, you know, in this busy holiday season who turned to even imagine that right now. But you know, sometimes I think a lot of it is just so hyped up this pressure. It’s so important just to ask yourself, how would you like this time to be for you now? How would you like to enjoy your time now? I hear I talked about this a lot the last few episodes. I hear a lot of resistance. We know what we might be needing but we’re feeling resistance to allowing ourselves to just let it be like you want to lay down in the afternoon on a weekday, and you’re having resistance to that guilty pressure to that. Don’t do it. Let yourself flow how you need right now. It’s really important. Our healing is everything. At this time. How do you want this month to go? How do you want this time to be for you? It’s okay to honor how it is for you. It’s okay to honor what you’re eating now.

So, onward, few more things I wanted to tell you. Because I’m hearing this a lot to a lot of us like being in the quarantine. We like having a legit excuse to not have to get together with people. Have you said that before? Does anybody you’re friends with have they said that? That’s a reality, we’re excited to have a reason — a bonafide reason — to not get together. So, you know, my work my job, my wish for us all is to be honest, to live honestly going forward as we continue to heal in this time, like, let’s be honest, like, if there are people you don’t want to be getting together with, with or without a pandemic, you know, like, let’s figure out what works for us and find the way to honor that. And I want to say this to anyone who needs to hear it today. It is 100%. Okay, to be happy in your life, living the way you want to live as you choose to live according to your own wishes. Yep. Even if other people aren’t happy with how you’re choosing to live, I mean, obviously, we’re not going to be jerks about it. But we’re here for our own experience, you know, so it’s time to honor what works for you, without needing excuses to do it. It’s okay to be happy, doing what works for you.


really. And if you don’t know what that is, then it’s time we figure this out. This is what I would suggest you pour your heart into in the next few weeks and months, because we have more time on our hands. Let’s get to know yourself a little bit better. I noticed that slowing down really helps me to know myself much more clearly. With less going on with less interactions to be having I’m much more focused in my own quietude. I like that word, quietude less interactions is better for me. And I can’t help that that’s how I am. You know, I’ve certainly tried to live the other way where I’m very, very busy and work all day long and have sessions all day long. And it’s how it works for me. So that’s something I’m really learning about myself right now. And when you examine, sometimes it’s good to examine why is it that I am pushing myself to do things this way, you may come to something. Like I said, in your own personal history coming out of your own childhood or your own, the way you were brought up, like people are supposed to work busy, busy, busy is what success means, you know, and like we learn these things from our parents are watching other people. And we’ve spent a lot of time trying to emulate something we haven’t really even sat with. Is this really authentic? For me? Is this true to my nature? Is this honoring who I am? What I am, how I serve in the world, my authentic being? Is this really right? Is this really true for me? We don’t even examine that. We’re just going to be doing the same thing over and over. Important. So ask yourself, you know, is this really me? Is this how I am? Is this really feeling good? And don’t be afraid if you get an answer. That’s, you know, let’s be honest. You don’t Get the answer you want from your inner self. You don’t always like the answer you hear. But I would rather live in integrity with my soul. And the day of the week, the year me incarnation of infinity and beyond, I tell you the truth. I would rather know, every single day that I’m doing my best to be aligned with my truest self. What about you? One of the things, I was really excited to share this with you this week. So even though this feels a little bit vulnerable, I’m really interested in all of us going free, I have a feeling I am not the only one who’s feeling this way. What I’m about to tell you, are you ready? Something I’m learning about myself in this time, with my more quiet, and less conversations and really honoring what I need. I am finding that I feel guilty for loving, the less of everything I had to do before. Not I feel sometimes I noticed I feel guilty for not being upset the way other people are upset right now. I noticed feeling guilty for not really caring so much about the fate of the election. Really, because you know, like, I know who I am, you know, the work of Paul Selleck. I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. I’m a spark of the Divine, nothing hangs on that, you know, there that is bigger than anything else that could be happening in the world. So it’s funny how I find myself feeling guilty for not being upset. And when people are like, you know what I’m saying they’re going on and on and on. And I’m thinking, who cares? I didn’t sometimes do you have those thoughts? So you know what I was saying before, like,

for all of us who might be liking this quarantine situation for the permission it gives us to not get together and have the kinds of conversations and things that we don’t want to be doing. How do we get ourselves on board into being aligned with our perfect way? I mean, it just keep coming back to that, you know, how do I not? How do I help myself? You know, not feel guilty? Practice work on that. How do I do that? Because, you know, for me, this is not the apocalypse, my ego. Might, your ego might sometimes try and get that going. But you know, it’s okay. If you’re okay, right now, it’s okay. If you’re not devastated. You know, it’s okay. I’m telling you that because we’re supposed to be having joy in our lives, we’re supposed to be enjoying our time, your soul, it came from an experience of joy of enjoyment according to your own individual wishes your way is the right way. Honor your way. And we’re going to have to release some of the ways that we expect that to look like right now. It’s really important to honor how it is for you. Yes. For you, for you, for you. Yes. And I’ll say more about that coming up in our inspiration. Actually, let me just roll right into inspiration, or going into holidays now. And the official party line at the CDC is let’s not get together. Let’s not get together. Let’s get together virtually. Let’s get together. Another time. You know, it’s a big deal right now, to keep each other safe, keep each other healthy and put the health concern of the world above our own personal feelings. Yeah. So I wonder how we could do the holiday in a whole new way for us. Jeff and I were talking the other day about how much fun we used to have around the holidays. I said to him, what was your favorite gift together? What was your favorite meal? And he was like, you know, I really don’t remember what I remember is the way we used to do this thing where we would go to to a restaurant. First of all, we would save our change all year long in the change jar. This is just for fun, then we will have the change counted. And we would go out to a really fancy restaurant in Evanston Chili’s cafe, I think it was funny, you’re like, we still love it. And I can’t remember the name, but you know how that goes. And we would plan our menu for the upcoming holiday, whatever the holiday was, we would usually do this in November around Thanksgiving. It got me thinking about how fun it is to develop your own traditions and your new twists on things. And we realized that we had more fun doing that than the actual cooking of the big meals, or the parties, we would have no offense to anyone, you know, but it’s just being honest. Like that was the most fun. We had. And so I wonder, like, how can you allow this time to be a totally re judged vision for what the holidays look like for you, for your family, for your kids? And especially as it comes to if anyone’s feeling sad,

if anyone’s feeling? Yeah, sad that we’re not getting together? I mean, I said that last week, I’ve been feeling sad, give this a whirl, consider for yourself, what would you love what would be really fun and different for yourself? For some of us, this is really more about the people we usually get together with, who are still insisting that we get together, you know, it’s not about honoring the tradition so much as it is about being in the moment and honoring what feels exciting. I think that’s always the way honoring what feels honoring of this time now. You know, whatever you’re doing through these holiday times, stay with what feels exciting to you. And, you know, as it comes to the guilty vibes that I was saying before, when you find yourself feeling guilty, or people are bargaining with you about how they’ll wear their masks, please come to our house, let’s get together and it’s not right for you, like I have, really I’m not judging, I think your way is the right way for you. And my way is the right way for me, you know, and I really honor that experience everybody is having right now, how it is for them. So some people are getting together. And that’s what’s because that’s what’s right for them. But if you’re one of those families where the situation is some of you are Yes, and some of you are no and you’re the No. And the Yes, person is guilt tripping you, right, because I that happens. I have whole Healing Sessions with people around my that’s how that’s happening and what we’re going to do about it, then you’ve got yourself a special situation where you realize it doesn’t matter what they want me to do, I need to honor what I need to do. And, you know, let yourself really be inspired about what would feel good for you. Don’t just be in the mode of taking care of other people caving into what they want, or, or coming up with the perfect thing to say, you know, I know I’m repeating myself a bit. But don’t do that. Let yourself really flow with what works for me what’s exciting for me, and maybe you’ll find yourself by a bonfire with a pizza, and a dance party and which was one of my favorite holidays with number one husband that I can recall. The more you honor these things for you what feels right and good for you and feels like a happy when when then the better it is for everybody. You know, some of us are going to do virtual dinners. How about you take some time to think about what you’ve always wanted to ask your family about things you’ve wondered and didn’t, didn’t ask or questions. You know what I mean? My parents are gone. And there’s a lot of things I would love to know. And I wonder if you could take some time to come up with some fun things to talk about some fun, interesting games to play together. Be creative, stay excited, you know, stay positive about what this time could bring that would be new and different. That would enhance things for you all. You know this time. It’s not really the apocalypse it isn’t but your ego at different moments will try and get you to believe that it is. So the more you can be creative and allow yourself to flow with this time with what feels good and right for you, and just, you know, yeah, sometimes you do have to just say it people, we’re not getting together, or this is what’s working for our family. And sometimes I feel like we just need a mantra or a narrative right now to get through this time. So let yourself write that narrative. Let yourself write that mantra, it’s okay to be okay. It’s important to honor what works for me. Whatever it is, let yourself come up with something that will help you through if you have those wobble moments. Okay. I hope these ideas feel supportive and helpful to you. And always, you know, if you have a friend who’s struggling with some stuff like this, offer these suggestions up to, we got to help each other now.

So, before I share today’s letter, friends, I’d love for you to help get the word out about the podcast in any way that feels right to you. Maybe you could leave a review on the app you’re listening to right now or share this with a friend. If you see me sharing this, leave a comment about what you enjoyed. If you’re listening, and you’re getting something out of this, I always appreciate your feedback. And and another way is to send a letter for the show. I always need the letter. And I love to hear it really seems like it’s a favorite part for a lot of people is hearing what friends in the love posse are experiencing now. And can I always do that too. Thank you so much in any way you choose to share. And also, thank you for listening to thank you so much for receiving and walking with me. Cheers.

So today’s letter comes from a friend who’s concerned for their kid Oh, here it is. Hi, Robin. I would like to send some love to my bright, loving daughter who is struggling to find her path in the world just now. It’s a new world, a different world for her different than the one I grew up in at her age, different concerns, different worries. I wish the very best for her. And there are some problems at present. What to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much, Henry. Hi, Henry. And thank you for writing. Thanks so much. It is a different time now, isn’t it? This is a very strange time. So first thing I would say is, let’s keep the perspective. None of us does know, really how this is gonna turn out. And that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s going to be bad. It’s going to be a new world and new. new things are coming out of this time new inspired things are coming out of this time. consider some of the things you’ve noticed. And you’ll see what I mean a lot is coming through this time that we could never have anticipated or imagined before this. It’s not all bad. It’s not all scary. It’s not all horrible. And I say that because we have a tendency to go to the extreme that is not positive. This could be a very good time. So you say there are some problems at present? What are the problems? Exactly? Are they your problems? are really your daughter’s problems? Or is it a problem between the two of you? Is it in the way you respond to her and the way she responds to you? Is it a projection you’re having you know, really take some time to sit with this helped yourself untangle some of this a bit because sometimes the people in our lives they’re Alright, but we’re the ones with the problem. Obviously you didn’t say and I’m not really comfortable just intuiting without for a third party that didn’t sign up to have this talked about here, obviously. And I will say this, it feels like you’re both surrounded in love. And what I do here so clearly is dropping, meaning to practice and dropping your worry about her. It’s a it’s a definitely a practice isn’t it? Allow yourself instead to appreciate your daughter’s gifts. See her possibility? Cities, you know, without feeling sadness, if you have that, it’s really important. Let’s not project our disaster story on to the kid. Because they have every chance of thriving in this time. Now they do, why not. And also, allow yourself to acknowledge that you in your daughter’s life, as a dad who’s aware and awake and concerned and caring and thinking about her, it’s a lot, it’s a beautiful thing. A present parent is everything. And sometimes, we all need to be reminded that it’s not about what we’re doing. It’s about how we’re being. So if you’re being aligned and aware, and you’re sending loving thoughts, working on your thoughts, and not holding them in your gaze, mentally speaking in a negative way, is huge. It’s huge. It really, really comes. And something else I’d like to do is practice the Course of Miracles practice, the work of Paul Selleck and the guides. I know who you are in truth, I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth, you are free, you are free, you are free. From the Course in Miracles to practice seeing the light in your daughter, knowing that the light in you and your daughter is the same light. And as long as you choose to see that light to see her perfection, to see the good around her and yourself, you know you are helping. So much of the time as we step into a practice that we

we call ourselves spiritual people, we step into these practices. This is where it really comes down to the test. When there are things we really do feel concerned about when we have problems or don’t forget to offer your offer it up to God offer this time up to your practice and step in a new and brave courageous way. And sending you My love, my support, my encouragement. And I wish you both all the best and I have total faith in this time. I really do. I see it like this is a healing for the whole world. And we don’t know what’s going to happen. But we could choose to stay open to the transformation that brings greater light, greater awareness and awakening in the world that is so needed now that we could choose to see this time is a good time. I was talking about Paul Selleck a productive time he would say which means a lot of good stuff. But it’s not always easy to go through. So may not serve you today. And everyone else listening. I hope this helps you do. Well, friends that wraps another beautiful episode of Tea with Robin Episode 116 is in the cam. I’ve decided that next week, I’m going to take a week off and give me a holiday week experience. And I’ll see you back again. In two weeks. This has been me Robin Hart sparkler Hallett. I’ll see you in two weeks or in a few minutes. Bye-bye