Holidays & Covid & Resistance, Oh My! // Tea with Robin Episode 115

There’s a lot moving right now. The holidays are coming. An uptick in Cov*d cases. The seasons are shifting. Political agendas. And our own feelings about all of this and more.

I wonder, how are we choosing to roll in this time now?

There’s a lot of pressure you may be feeling, but it’s worth noting that you are not the pressure itself. Make space to take good care of you and honor how you’re feeling.

Keep in mind: You may be sensing the psychic pressure in the world right now and that’s not necessarily yours.

Our inspiration is an authentic joy list – find the things that light you up and keep them in a list you can refer back to.

And we’ll have a letter from #afraidtolaunch. Have you ever wanted to do something and you don’t do it because you’re listening to your own bad advice?

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I choose the feelings I experience and  I decide on the goal I would achieve and everything that seems to happen to me, I receive as I have asked.  – Chapter 21 responsibility for sight

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello, beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, there’s a lot moving right now, holidays are coming, an uptick in COVID cases, shifting seasons, and our own feelings about all of that and more. are we allowing ourselves to enter into this time now, plus our inspiration, the authentic joy list, allowing ourselves to know what we love and honor that. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag, afraid to lunch. ever have this thing where you want to do something, and you don’t do it? Because you’re scared? And you listen to all your bad advice? Yeah. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Hello, beautiful friends. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin, this is Episode 115 115. If this is your first time listening, Hi. Thanks for being here. I hope it is a beautiful space for you to just receive for yourself. Friends returning. Have you been how’s the week been going? How is the weather in your heart today? I’m noticing a lot of things in the healing room these days. I’m hearing a lot of stories. And I wonder if you are staying awake and aware of the external pressure that the energy of this world may be introducing to your life these days. And honoring that this pressure is not you, you are not the pressure. So I hope that you’ve been maybe connecting those dots and also allowing yourself to do the things you need to do to take care of yourself. Now. Most of the time, it’s about adjusting. You know, honoring what is and adjusting to that. Over here. It’s a beautiful day. I’m always excited to come and talk to you. I was out on a block this morning. And the weather is just so beautiful. Still got a lot of fall leaves up but we’re getting near the end here and the sun is shining. The sky is such a beautiful turquoise. Well, it’s really like a robin’s egg blue. It’s just gorgeous. And a lot of insights have been coming to me in these times where I’m just allowing a big breather for myself for me know so many beautiful things keep coming to my awareness. So looking forward to talking to you about that coming up. But first Did you bring a cup of yum yum with yourself

with yourself?

Because you brought yourself and then you brought a cup of yum yum with yourself hopefully right? Oh, boy. Did you bring some yum yum with you. I have a whole thermos here today. I’m in the middle of a workday. Rick, I love it so much fun. I’ll be offering a healing circle later this afternoon. And this is the sweet spot where I get to come and talk to you. So here’s to this moment to the perfection in this moment now. Cheers to be all in all is well. And yeah, cheers. Hmm. Oh, that’s hot. I always forget the thermos keeps being very hot. And sipping the Irish breakfast tea. stevia and sea salt. Not too long ago, a friend of mine wrote from Ireland to say Irish breakfast tea is not a thing in Ireland. It was very, it’s just tea. And I get that be like Chicago style pizza. If we order in Chicago, we don’t call it. I’d like some Chicago style pizza. So, okay, I’m clear on that. Thank you. So since we last spoke, I wonder how the week has been going for you. There are a lot of things happening. starting to see more restrictions again on COVID stuff. I don’t know what else to say pandemic related stuff looks like. In the White House. Things are still shaking. In themselves out, and thinking about the holidays coming COVID it’s really not advised that we get together and be together. You know, that’s hard, it’s hard for me, I don’t even like saying it here. I’m just gonna stick with those examples. I know there’s a gazillion more. But I think that’s good for, for today. Those are powerful energies that can hang over you, in a way, and if not you, the people in your lives. And if not the people in your lives, it’s in your neighborhood, you know, this energy can be really intense. And this whole month, I said this last week, this whole month, the energy for you, personally, is about knowing yourself inside the shift storm that might be happening around you. knowing who you are, knowing what you feel, knowing what you want, knowing how it is for you, knowing what you need, and then also honoring those things. That’s what this time is about. So if you’re feeling any pressure, or other people around, you’re feeling pressure, you know, hang in there with yourself and try and remember that the important thing is that you allow space for yourself. So less doing and more being, this really will help calm and soothe calm and soothe you in these potentially stressful times. You know, because I’m not trying to talk you into being stressed out. If you’re not, but

it helps

slow down. Take care of yourself. Pay attention, if you’re feeling wound up or kite or extra stressy. How many ways can I say that? Pay attention to yourself and honor some downtime for you. Okay,


So I was saying before, I’m thinking about holidays. I don’t know what what we’re calling it in the states now. But I’ll say the holiday formerly known as Thanksgiving. That’s the first one up for us. We would always get together for Thanksgiving. And we’re not going to be getting together. And I’m a little bit sad about it. me more than a little bit. And I’m also okay with it. But I definitely noticed that in my heart right now, and I’m wondering, how are you doing with that? I wonder, are you making plans to get together? Are you not sure what’s happening? Because of the new cases? What are you doing? And how are you taking care of yourself? You know, this isn’t an either or conversation today, either you’re all good, or you’re not either this applies to you or it doesn’t. This applies to all of us, globally. Even if you’re not in the States, even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or the holiday formerly known as Thanksgiving. Even if you are getting together with all of your family, you know, it’s still impactful, energetically speaking, because the collective is experiencing this. So psychically speaking, the energy is pressing. Does that make sense? There’s energy pressing on you and on me. And you might be feeling more than you know, right now. If not you, somebody you know what I’m saying what I’m saying? I think that’s I it feels like a very important thing for us to keep in mind to keep noting that if we’re feeling off if we’re feeling funky, Do you ever feel funky? Hey, this could be psychic pressure just in the world right now, just in the world. everything going on psychic pressure, or the collective stress if you prefer that term. We’re feeling this. It’s not necessarily us know what I mean? It’s not necessarily you. But you’re tuned in because you’re awake, you’re feeling a certain amount of energy right now. And so if you are having some personal feelings about life, like I do feel some sadness about the holiday about not getting together with my, with our kids inside our home. all summer long. We’ve been able to do that outside but it’s 24 degrees here today in Chicago, you know, so that’s out and, you know, we’re all life differently and it is not something we’re going to do to mix. I don’t know, mix inside our home, you know what I’m saying? God,

who knew we’d

have to have all these lingos you know, a year ago, that’s, it still blows my mind, you know? So I do feel some sadness. And, uh, you know what it’s okay to feel some sadness. The thing is, though, that’s mine. And then there’s the whole energy surrounding us that is not mine. God, I hope I’m making sense today. I do. The risk here is if I’m not keeping it straight about the world. The heaviness of this time, there’s just a heavy time. I may assume this is all me and begin a process of attacking myself or, you know, being hard on myself. But, you know, it’s just No, you’re feeling sad in the midst of a time that’s also very, very heavy. And I, you know, I feel like that changes things for me. I can

relax a

little bit then. Just know, this is a big time. This is a heavier time. Does that make sense? Let me take it easy. Let me rest. Let me honor what I’m needing. Let me honor my sadness. If I’m feeling sad about Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving, the holiday formerly known as Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, we just had divali. Today, I’m actually recording on Diwali. And if you celebrate that, Happy Diwali, I wish you all the joy and prosperity and light in this coming year. You know, if I’m feeling sad, about anything in this time, or disappointed, isn’t that a good word to disappointed? A building? let down? Can I sit with what might feel good to do? Because the bottom line is we’re not going to all get together. We’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, we’re not going to be able to cook here at the house. You know, can I honor that? And can I sit with my feelings and take care of me? A lot of people have been talking to me about it and they’re like, it’s just one day. Stay home. It’s just one day, it’s just one day for no big deal. It’s just one day. And I mean, no offense to anybody who’s going around saying that. But I’m saying if you are sad, if you do feel some feelings, it’s totally okay to have feelings.

You don’t have to always be

so brave and flip about it’s just one day if you have feelings like yourself have your feelings. I happen to think the world needs more feeling people. It’s important so, you know, yeah.

Take care of your needs,

be kind to yourself. Something else I’ve been noticing a lot right now is how we have resistance resistance like as it relates to honoring your needs and being kind with those parts of yourself. You know, you might not always Right, you’re discovering, we have reactions, and then we judge how we’re reacting rigid how we’re feeling. We judge the way we’re behaving, instead of just saying, Hey, you know, this is a tough time. These are challenging circumstances. It’s okay.

It’s all right.

Don’t be So hard on yourself, whatever you talk to yourself. Okay, ideally that’s what you would be doing but most of us aren’t doing that. Because we don’t know. So instead, we go into resistance. You know what I mean by resistance. We fight it off instead of giving ourselves what We need we fight it off. We swirl about it. We think about it. We we say mean things to ourselves. That’s all. Resist. Past resistance

So I’ve been

finding myself in a lot of conversation As people right now saying this is just resistance It’s not a big deal. You have to find a way to push it to the side. You’re critiquing of yourself or you’re busy Converse mental conversations. You’re having about COVID or the president or the


saying like it, push it to the side and keep going on what matters to you? Because that is just resistance trying to assert itself. So a lot of people have resistance. They’ll say to me how, how do I get past my resistance? I just don’t like it that I feel this way or uh, I know I’m supposed to be doing this stuff but I can’t make myself you know they’ll have they’ll put A lot of energy into their resistance so make a big deal about their wins.

But the thing is,

it’s just resistance. It’s no big deal. Do you have this? Do you do this? I sort of feel like the world has made a lot of money in helping people overcome They’re resistance and it seems like we’ve become more and more burrowed into the resistance itself to the noticing the problem in what’s wrong and identifying ourselves as resistant, you know? It’s okay. It’s just Resistance. Just know that it’s there and continue to honor what matters to you. And I have a feeling your resistance isn’t the important part right? I was just talking to a friend of mine. The conversation was it’s not that there won’t be resistance there. It’s that we need to know Know the resist stance there and Keep going The direction We choose because everything is a choice. We’re making choices all day long and it is our choice That leads us always you When we’re in a reactionary place, and we think we’re reacting to someone else’s stuff, we’re still choosing to do that, you know? Yeah. So I told you last week, Episode 114 this is your experience. It was called that out. I’ve been making some shifts in what I need. And it’s been a big deal. I have been just letting myself Adjust acclimate. Too Not having not Doing the daily Morning magic side Doing for almost


three core Have a year daily Adjusting To that rhythm of I no longer have that in the mornings. My days not anchored around that anymore and I’m noticing there’s an adjustment And so I spent the week largely relaxing, taking it easy, living my life as I felt pleased to do, trying out some different things in the mornings that I would normally not do in the mornings and really working on allowing myself to be easy and free even though they’re This discomfort I don’t know if discomfort is the person word but I’m going to go with that. That’s what I said. But this energy of There’s stuff going on. I’m in the period of transition right now I’m transform transforming some things transforming the world is transfer. Forming people in my life. Transforming you know, like This energy that’s also here and it’s kind of like I need to keep that straight that that’s what that is. Otherwise I risk taking it in And making it personal and assuming something about me. The truth might be closer to I’m really good things are going really well and There’s this energy around. Climate change of intensity that’s around me, but that’s not necessarily my experience. Does that make sense? You know, I’ve been loving your feedback I’ve been hearing from a number of you about different things from the inside. We have been talking about the law few episodes, to the topics we’re talking about. And it tells me the uptick in responses that more of us are relating to this time than ever before. And that is a very cool thing. Because even if we don’t hang out together, we don’t talk every day. We’re going together, we’re making our way together. And there is something to that there’s more of us doing these moves, to be free to honor what it is to be in the flow to help others to help the world by being ourselves. You know, there’s more of us making this journey than we realize that’s a that’s a very big comfort to me. It helps to keep that perspective, especially when the world feels small sometimes, like it’s helpful to remember that we’re making our way. So when you’re being reminded that we’re on the journey together and your experience is very familiar to other people. We can know we’re on the right track. We’re in the flow. You know, we’re in the flow of our own journey, and other people are having a similar experience on their journey and that’s a beautiful thing. We’re doing alright. It’s okay and it’s okay to be okay. Even Though the world might not be okay, that The practice. So, one of the things that came to me this morning as I was listening for guidance, it just kept coming through that stop resisting what you Stop resisting yourself, stop resisting what you are needing stop resisting your truth.

So much of the time

what’s needed is your honesty, your honest acknowledgement of how you’re doing and what you’re needing. Stop making what you want to do wrong. Stop second guessing it. There’s a there’s an inner. I have a note here I’m looking down on my phone, I kind of put some notes together for things I wanted to say today. And one line here says, shut up taskmaster. You got a taskmaster in your head? That’s like just barking out the place barking out what it needs you to be doing today and always offering it’s it’s QRP advice about how you’re not doing it the right way. There’s a right way for everything according to your inner taskmaster. You know, and I swear, this one in us, it really just wants us to be upset. He wants us to stay in a state of on okayness you know, so, yeah, you know, I don’t like to say Shut up. I do shut up desk minister. Sometimes that’s the only thing I can say because how do you know that what you’re doing now is the wrong thing? How do you know that what your love is wrong? It’s how could it ever be

wrong? It’s just you,

you know, you don’t have that inner negative one with you your true self with your with your reading You That part is not that taskmaster isn’t part of that equation. So, you really it’s okay to be kind gentle with yourself and be in the flow of your perfect creation, whatever that is whether you’re, you know, working out or you’re walking or you’re working all day or you’re cleaning or you’re you know you’re in the middle of a mess and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s still true that you’re in the perfect flow of your creation. Your choices, your your perspective, and you’re always able to choose how you want To be free You

Hi When the Course in Miracles

says I choose the feelings. I experience and I decide on The goal I would achieve and everything seems to happen to me. I ask for and receive as I have asked. It’s no joke. We’re the ones in charge. We’re the ones calling these plays, you know, and that should be a great thing. Inspire to us that we can choose again if we don’t want

What we’re

What we’re conjuring for our What we’re conjuring for ourselves You know, so be proud of your creations, even the crappy ones the places you get lost And sinkholes in the day you get lost In upset in the day, say I did that I created that I thought this way and I created from moment to moment I created a continual experience based on what I put my focus On and that’s very cool, regardless of how I enjoyed it or not, you know Are the outcome it’s more like That process is how manifests sting works. Isn’t that amazing? More beautiful way to look at your resistance to say I’m always choosing, I’m free to choose right now I’m choosing resistance, I’m choosing to be in resistance. And I did that. I’m still doing that. It might seem weird to you that I’m saying, take some pride, take some ownership. But you’re gonna try this once and get exactly why I’m asking you to consider this, because it’s going to shift you, it’s going to shift your focus. So what happens when I allow myself to

shift that energy?

So if I say I’m going to be proud of my creations, even the, you know, the the shifty ones. Okay, wait, let’s pause for the big airplane.

If I say I, you know, even the stuff that I didn’t enjoy today, I’m proud of myself, because I created that I made this thing. I want to make a better thing next time. You know, that’s kind of a cool thing to practice on. I’m always in the flow of my perfect creation, and I’m always creating. This has been my big realization this week that they’ll always be another Problem they’ll always be another you know another set of dishes to wash another load of laundry to do always be another bill to pay to always be something else but I can choose how I roll with this. Now I can choose the experience I can choose the story. So I’m going to not resist what I love. I’m going to let myself fill my Time intentionally when you realize choosing your own preference. It’s really about receiving yourself as you are in what you’re meaning and making it good. All of it is up to us and that should be enormously freeing. Okay, the last one thing I wanted to say today before I share inspiration and read our letter


Don’t hang up yet. There’s more. But this is the last thing for this essay here today. friends have pointed out to me many times in the last couple of weeks how much I’ve been saying we have to get used to the feeling of spacious it expansiveness. It brings anxiety sometimes. There might be less to do right now there might be less work right now. There might be Less tumult right now you know, less upset, more joy and that is Going to bring its own energy of chaos in. But as you consider, it’s sort of like being in a little bit of a bigger house bigger energy or the caterpillar who is now the butterfly has wings. It’s just weird. It doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong. We have to acclimate. So make sure you’re doing that. And I keep telling friends, remind yourself that this is part of what going on now, you might be noticing more time on your hands more quiet time. And what I notice is that we tend to look at ourselves first. blame ourselves wonder what’s wrong. So you know, just keep remembering this is that time. Part of what the gift in this time is, is to help us slow down and choose our experience. How do you want to roll in this time?


take naps, play, do things that are easy. Let yourself enjoy your life as it is. Do your thing. Do your thing. Stop resisting what you love. Stop making it wrong. Let yourself Do what you want to do. Okay. May that serve you today

So this week’s inspiration.

I love knowing that

you’re practicing. I love that. getting that feedback that you’ve been practicing these things we’re trying last week the shift list.

This week,

the joyful love list, you know the list about what it is that’s authentically joyful, making producing for you. Allow allow yourself to receive your life with joy. So, what do you love to do? What are the things that are unique, specific

For you, what do you love

yourself compiled? Little list. This is going to be a list You allow yourself to review. And when you have these expanses of time and you feel something Resistance but you want to do something sweet for yourself. You can refer to the list. When you want to orient yourself again, if you’re trying to navigate your way on the journey it helps to focus on things to locate ourselves. This list is full of the things that you love to do. It can be a running list, you Keep adding to on your phone so that in the times where you feel scared or alone or lost or just there’s you know how you get when you get How you get you know? So this is a list that’s going to help you and we do it in the good times in the willing times so that in those forgetful times it’s there for us. This is what I love to do. This is what I’m into

when I’m not resisting

what I love when I’m not making what I love Wrong, I can embrace them. Joy, my juicy joy I my unique Joy

What do you love to do?

friends tell me they To rearrange and clean out cubbies and clutter, some people really get excited about that. moving furniture around. Other of you like to watch Bravo With a glass of wine and a nice lunch tray in the middle of the day

Some of you love to

read Listen to music, the things you need, think about what it is for you what it is that you love. What it is that makes you happy and put it together on a list. If that feels right anyway, you know it’s It’s about learning to honor the energy of what would bring more joy To you, it’s about allowing yourself to be grounded in your body. In way that you’re not just swirling in your head with all this stories and the thoughts and the concerns To allow yourself to be grounded in what you enjoy. Then you feel this permission to do it while you’re doing it. It’s isn’t such a resistance thing then where you never get started? Let’s say you want to watercolor or draw or doodle or

make some, you know, I

hung my Christmas lights this week. It’s what what allow you to actually do the thing instead of making the excuses. Does that make sense? I know for me One of the biggest joys is taking walk And listening to music and I realize this morning That I was listening To a song. Does anybody know Ozzy Osborne’s Crazy Train. And was anybody growing up when that song was released? Remember it that way, you know for me The funny memories of that time and I realized there was so much

Awkward, embarrassed shame that just arose like from who I was, as young teenager and exploring and doing things. I was like wow, you know that’s interesting that this song,

listening to the song

singing the words you know remembering that time that that won’t be the thing that comes back to me this awkward, embarrassed shame and I stopped right there. I was walking along actually at the baseball field at the park I stood on the home plate But my ends I might just, I bet they know me at the park by now like, here comes that weird lady again who she’s gonna Walk. She’s gonna walk the basis Then she’s gonna stand on the home plate. I usually do that every time I go to the park. I stood there and I was like, You know what?


love you Robin. I’m proud of you I’m proud of all your experiences all your creations and The day I allow all men memories to be received in Joy

that’s profound. Allow all memories to be received. Enjoy because we’re always receiving memories. You know, we might be having a difficult time judging ourselves, shaming ourselves, remembering things, we have to set the hostages free.

So all that comes

out of like permission to do Do what you love, permission to do the things you want to do. I let myself go for a walk and listen to music on a bit The day when I need to be getting ready for lots of others Things I could always be working you know how it is I went and did this thing. And you know what it turned out amaze.

I had all this

awareness all this fun all this joy, all this awareness, this guidance messages that came through for friends I’ll be seeing later today. And so if you can allow yourself to Do what’s on your join list. I think Like it’s a time when the veil is where Then meaning The highest selfing you The guides that are trying to talk to you have access because you’re not Waiting Down Under blanket of having this Stress Or should or to do lists, you know worries You’re free You’re free, you’re free. You’re free and their freedom comes awareness that you absolutely need in this time. So may that serve And if you try it, you see me posting somewhere. I always love to hear what it was what your experience brought you. Cheers. Friends, I would so appreciate if you would share this episode on if you Receive a nugget or something feels cost to you. Please share this on and help other friends who are walking with us. Maybe not together with us but walking with us and Way receive the same. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. So Today’s letter I think it’s one you’re gonna relate to Whether you are Well, I think It’s one way Let me just say I think you will relate to This and I will just die. In this goes out You Jerry Thank you so much for writing Am friends listening. I’m on loving your letters and Always optische I’m alight and share some love With you some inspiration Write to me Hello Robin Reach out. To me on social Media Hi, it’s me Robin Hallett Okay Hi Robin Wow I recently completed my Reiki practitioner Training I have paid for the courses that have taught me how to get my website up. I’ve been working on the branding, my following, etc. I keep thinking I need just one more thing. Just one more thing Then I’ll feel ready. But clearly, this is not the case. I’m so far down the rabbit hole of just one more thing. I feel completely paralyzed and afraid to launch. Please help and I love to hear a story on how you got started. Thank you always. I so appreciate you here. I appreciate you You your kind thoughtfulness is Much appreciated and Maybe you don’t know But I sure feel like your stories are a constant for many of us during lockdown times there is support sunrise coffee, daily routine, a rhythm that can be very supportive. Please keep sharing I don’t always get to see or comment, but I remember to check when I’m down and they have such a calming effect. Thank you very much. Best regards, Jerry. Wow. Jerry there. There’s a lot here to talk about. It’s beautiful and I thank you so much About the stories, man The stories on Instagram This is where Jerry reached out to By the way, I’m talking about the joy list a little while ago. It has taken me the long longest time to really get and see and appreciate How much I love to Take pictures and post them in my stories. It has taken me a long time to embrace it and it’s through that Practice of allowing myself to name it on a list and keep seeing that there. Realizing through my own day nations like I really love journaling My day and Do Feel like It’s a powerful outlet for me. It’s a creative outlet, but I know how many of you talk about the stories and It’s fantastic. So thank you Thank you for mentioning that

You know

Congratulations, you’re a Reiki practitioner. You’re a Reiki Master, whatever we call that these days, you know, I I so get what you’re saying about the

Just one more thing, just

one more thing. Just one more thing. Just One more thing um You asked me to tell you a story. The one that’s coming to mind right now for You is one day how number one husband said, Robin. We’re spending a lot of money on your business and you’re not even working Yet and the harsh react It was I kept getting hooked. To the story that I needed one more One more thing as if The right laptop or the right Monitor was going to Make peace

Trust and

want to work with me and trust me and really You know if I could buy help you bypass some of this bs we put ourselves through It’s that your ego is right This show now your ego has You’re totally on lockdown. It’s telling you You’re not enough You won’t be enough and it’s really preying on your sensitivities and your care. These are Core qualities I’m I’m guessing you have that are genuine to your soul, but it’s preying on these things and contorting them for its own purposes. So I would really encourage you Why are you doing this business? Now? What is calling you out people This is something you do anyway for free. I mean, that’s me. I’m on the healing. This is where I’m at 24 seven. I I don’t Don’t know why I’m wired that way. I don’t know if it’s some lifetime commitment. If I’ve been doing this forever, I just know I genuinely love people. I genuinely am interested in their stories. I care and Honestly being in business is a way for me to manage that. Little bit. So if you want to be With me, I mean not to Sound crass but You can pay me and we’ll be together because otherwise I you know, there’s just some Being in business helps you put a boundary around certain offers. And in the How to Value yourself. It helps you value what you’re offering it helps you It helps people receive what you have to share. You know, there needs to be an exchange Change always. There needs to be an exchange otherwise

we can’t

value what we’re sharing and others can’t receive. in a meaningful way, what is being offered and if you think about that You’re gonna see the connections to

AI guess the biggest thing

is do you value what you’re here to offer? Offer, what you want to share what you’re excited about, do you value your service because if you keep saying one more thing and you’re afraid, and you’re buying into the BS of your ego stories. Clearly, you’re not valuing it What you’re here to do, you’re not valuing yourself as an important member of this world who has something To share.

Too much time is spent on getting another certificate another degree, another Like a laptop monitor, higher bandwidth, all these things that we can get lost in

that it’s

really a mask for Are fear. What are you afraid of? get to that. I have a course. It’s called lightworker love. I have a course online. That is fabulous. I cover so many things. It’s pretty much ever content but I taught the class live a couple of years ago. And it is powerful stuff. We talk about So many topics from the fear missing out the fear of not being good enough fear of asking people to pay you. Oh my goodness and so many good Robin stories so you No, get going, please put a boundary on The part of your mind that is saying it needs more It’s not ready you’ll never be ready I tell people Almost every time I come to a session. One day this week I did a bunch of readings. I do these things called rock star readings. I came up with on my own By the way, I made a reading that I was interested in doing Again, if you’re going to be in bed business you need to have authority over what You need to honor the authority over what you love and no And really allow yourself free reign. To do it your way So I came up with these readings I was never interested in being the intuitive that told people things that seemed silly to me like what color is the horse The man is going to ride Then when he comes to whisk you away from all this, you know, I could care Less and I’ve always been Even in kindergarten, somebody who is interested in helping people Take responsibility for their journey to own their journey own their time own their choices. I’ve always been that way so when people will Come in the early days to see me and they would say just tell me what you see. I wanted to throw my shoe at their head and Realize like Hey, you got it. How you are, you got to honor how you roll. And so I came up with this thing I called the rock star rating. Just really satisfying for me and I feel really confident anyway. It’s very cool, but the point was Somehow had several this This day I had several back to back and I was having the confidence wobbles like you can’t believe before we before I began and I just said to myself oh no You know, my mind was like, Hey, you should do this. You should do that. You should do this. You should do that. It doesn’t go away. I’m trying to tell you. This is me. You know, 20 years in it doesn’t go away. You should rearrange this Your hair is weird. Maybe you should put some cover up on you know your your mind is just going nice It matters. So but you could be in there recognizing it and saying, hey,


knock it off. Let’s go. We’re here. You know fired up, ready to go. I love what I do. love the people I help. I love talking about healing and love reminding people, how beautiful they are. How onpoint they are, you know, what do you love Jerry? What do you love about what you’re about to do? Too many of us get into certain things like this because we have ego Crap going on that we’re not even aware Not just talking to Jerry Okay. If there’s so much ego going on, it’s like we’re finally going to become Somebody become this You know, person In psych, going to be respected and seen as the one with all the answers and you know all those bitches from seven grade are finally going to know or high school or whatever You don’t I’m saying now That’s not We’re doing healing I’m always reminded In the Course of Miracles how

there is no teacher

and student even though they use that line language. There really is just me and you And wherever two are are gathered God They’re also

The light

of day Is there also so In a way, it’s like I I need to show up. I need to be present And allow the Light of God in our However, You want to say that, but I don’t need to be this massive expert and all my ducks in a row. for lack of a better thing. You know, we’re not it’s not about our ego or us. Do you remember glad rail in Lord of the Rings in the second movie where she movie where she gets, she gets the ring from Frodo for a moment, and she turns into this total, dark, scary person, she’s like, instead of a queen, you know, you’ll have a Dark Queen with this kind of power, and everyone will fear me and despair. You know, like, there’s a way that your ego, unchecked will bring in such a dark cloud and so much drama and chaos, and it will drive you to do things. No, no step back. Let God lead the way. You know, that part of our mind that’s like I need I’m going to be this, like this mashup of all the people you like online and


Now, just be yourself. Be here to serve. be here to love and I, you know, the guides,

the guidance, the

guides, the angels, the energies that work with me that come to me and talk to me, for other people, it’s always about why wouldn’t we take care of you? If you’re honoring your spark? Why wouldn’t we align you with the right people? You know, you have important work to do, you’re here to serve? Why wouldn’t we help you? Of course, we will.

So you got to trust in

that as well. And the thing I was saying before about students and teachers, we’re always learning from each other.


this cycle you’re in right now, I’m not good enough. I need more things. I don’t know if there’s all these psychic things going off right now. I don’t know if I’m good enough. I don’t know if I have enough amassed knowledge, credentials, technology, etc. Step out of that for a minute with me and see how much this very conversation I’m having with you right now is because I went through that phase two. So think this phase, love this phase, bless this phase, and, you know, bring it to a close. Please, with love. Nobody gives a crap, that you’re a master of Reiki, I gotta be honest. And I can tell you this, I’ll tell you one more story before I hang up for the day. And I don’t I don’t mean any disrespect. But nobody gives a crap what your credentials are. Those are earthly credentials. What matters is what’s in your heart, and the vibe and your presence, are you able to hold space with somebody and help them really help them, which means you’re out of your way, you’re out of the way of ego. You know, it’s not really you. You’re the vessel or the, you know, you’re the vehicle for the light coming through. But I went to a healing school called Barbara Brennan. And somewhere more than halfway, probably about three-quarters of the way through, it was a four-year training, the first part. And somewhere in that period, this is just for me. Hello, fellow, Barbara Brennan, friends. This is just for me. I was done. I was done. I was done. I started to see through certain things that just didn’t work for me anymore. That’s how awakening is. You just realize you don’t need to be there anymore. You’re done.


I had a roster of healing clients at the time who were coming to see me for free in exchange, there’s always an exchange for doing the practices with them and writing up the homework and turning in the homework. You know, we have these student healings and I remember at the time

really being

scared, how am I going to tell them I’ve dropped out of this training that they are here to see me for like, that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here. That’s why they’re here. So basically, I am three quarters done and I’m leaving and my big worry was Do you want a three quarters done healer helper counselor? I don’t think so. But I was wrong. I was really really wrong. About and you know how I knew I was wrong. Because I was so nervous to tell my clients, my student clients at the time that I made a note card and index card. And I wrote down this little speech about how it was time for me to go. And lalalala lon it was wasn’t the, you know, I was ready. And you know, I totally understand if you don’t want to work with me. Do you know what everybody said?

I bet you’re guessing.

But you’re guessing. You know what they said? What program was that? Again, they didn’t even know. They didn’t give a crap about the school, or the certificate. What do you think they gave the crap about? themselves? Yes, and how it made them feel and how they were doing. And that somebody was there holding space with them and listening to them and loving them and supporting them and encouraging them and remembering them. So basically, it was about them. They weren’t seeing me because it made them feel good, better, whatever. So certification has its place. It certainly does. But if you’re hanging on anything, like it’s going to automatically catapult you into something. Let’s look a little deeper at the fear stories. So the three things I would suggest is asking yourself, what am I afraid of? And don’t be defended. It’s easy to be defended. But like do you give, do give a care about helping yourself through this, then ask question. What am I so afraid of? You’ll get answers. Next thing if I wasn’t afraid, what would I be doing? And the third question, this comes from last week’s podcast, this is the experience I’m choosing. Am I liking the experience? I’m choosing Yes or no? Whoo, the wind is really kicking up if you heard that a branch just hit the house. So I hope that helps you, Jerry. I so appreciate this question. I know it’s one a lot of people will relate to and again, look into lightworker love. It’s online. Totally. I think there are 12 lessons and a bunch of journaling prompts and things like that really, really powerful stuff. I think it will help. I also have an earlier course called the healing practitioner course, which is beautiful as well. So may that serve you today? Well, friends, I’m finishing this up now on a Sunday, Sunday morning over here, we found a new beautiful table at a thrift store nearby we love and I’m so excited. We’re going to make some space in the dining room for it today. We can’t go get it. It’s just wow, is there a windstorm but we’re going to make space for it today. And I love so much how the joy list I was talking about earlier, when you really let yourself know what you love. We looked

down on the dining room

very recently. And I said to Jeff, that’s number one husband. Um, you know, we never used the dining room and now with COVID it’s definitely not going to be happening. You know, we won’t we won’t be entertaining, but we’d love to sit in the kitchen nook. Every day. That’s where we hang out. And if we eat dinner we like to eat in there too. I guess you just invest more of your time there. It’s cuter it’s cozier, you know? So I said in a perfect world. I want to go I want to paint in there. I want to do things together like puzzles. He said I want a bigger table. I I want a good table for puzzles. We need to get something in there temporarily for puzzles and was so funny how it works that little later that day. I sat outside and I said okay, spirit surprise me. I’d love a fun surprise today. Anything goes you know, I wasn’t even thinking about the dining room. And how it often happens. You just get this hit. Oh, I’m gonna go oh, let’s go check out if you live near me. The store is called Lucile. Let’s go check out Lucile and see what’s there. So we went with our masks and our wipes and all those things. I don’t go out a ton into stores. stuff but yes, when the thrifting vibe calls, you got to go. So we walked in and holy crap. Sorry, whoops, a big branch just came down on the deck outside. And there was the new table, the new table with a gorgeous bench and four beautiful chairs the perfect thing. It’s like you could be looking for something forever and and we have been a dining set. And then this appears and it’s like poof poof, it all came together. So I’m telling you that because really let yourself love what you love. Let yourself name what you want, and then be open to being surprised. I’m awfully chatty today RMA. Well. I’m gonna go get to play with those things now. So this has been me. Robin Hart, sparkler. Awesomesauce hallelujah halat and I’m gonna see you here again next week or in a few minutes. Lots of love to you. Bye.

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