The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 63

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Do you ever notice how, when you’re feeling down or a little stressed, your mind can go nuts with upsetting thoughts and stories? It will start up those Greatest Hits — the old stories about difficult friends, embarrassing things that happened, the ways you felt let down… and before you know it, what was a little sad or down feeling turns into this horrible ugly where your whole life seems to suck. Hello, ego. We all have an ego, and it’s always looking for grievances. The ego’s goal is to… …Read More »

The Stupid Things People Say and How to Be Free of Their Opinions

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your way is the right way

Learning to walk away from the stupid things people say and not need their good opinions of me has been a huge challenge on my journey. There are times when I get caught up in feeling hurt and upset, but I disentangle myself again. My recovery time is quicker these days because I remember my practice and I get free. I am learning not to NEED anyone to love me or applaud me or give me their blessing for me to feel permitted to shine and sing my song. But… …Read More »

You Can Trust Your Journey

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I am writing this post to offer a little love and encouragement to you as you continue this journey of waking up. You are doing such great work, already there is so much transforming in your life. I know it’s difficult sometimes to trust your journey, so let’s take this a little bit further, shall we? 🙂 Sometimes we can’t see that we’re stuck in the kiddie pool when what we really want is the experience of an ocean. We worry about the details. It can be difficult to trust… …Read More »

Making Peace with Scarcity and Lack

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Making peace with scarcity and lack

I have been having a conversation with some of the Love Posse about jealousy and scarcity and the story that there isn’t enough to go around. Conversations about how this one or that one has struck gold and published their book and is receiving renown. Conversations about how it makes us sometimes feel like we are never ever gonna make it…and how unfair it all feels and how it seems it’s only about who you know. And all of the good spots are taken. And surely it must be too… …Read More »

The story you aren’t telling because of the one you are…

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How to Change Your Life

  Sometimes you tell toxic stories about who you are and what is possible for your life. This does not serve you and I would like you to stop doing this. Please. These stories are too small for you, they don’t fit anymore. You can always tell these kinds of stories by the way they suck the life right out of you. They are heavy and you feel scared and lost, or concerned about what other people think, or worried that you’ve made such horrible mistakes it is too late for… …Read More »

Special Message from the Love Sheriff

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To: YOU 🙂 From: The Love Sheriff Message: If you keep on being grumpy, you’ll scare the YUM away. Let’s practice a little love and gratitude and keep that yumminess alive And now for a special video from our correspondent in the field (that’s me!) If you’d like to practice a little love and gratitude, here’s how! Enjoy! xox Let’s Kick Some Stinking Thinking Butt! from Robin Hallett on YouTube. About the drawing: Sometimes I like to doodle other animals besides birdies. Only, whenever I try, they come out looking… …Read More »

This is the Year for True Transformation (Healing Insights for new year’s resolutions)

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I’ve been feeling a bit cranky after seeing the mainstream suggestions for New Year’s resolutions. Where is the heart centered advice on how to feel peaceful, easy, and totally in love with your life? I have the impression that the vibes people are being steered toward have to do with being overly concerned about what they look like and what they accumulate. What an unbalanced thing, to only look at oneself from the outside. Yes, a lot of us are overweight. Yes, it’s a good idea to eat less crap.… …Read More »

Letting Go of Your Unrealistic Resolutions

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It is a new year, and I have been thinking about the past resolutions I’ve made. Wow, have I made some unrealistic resolutions in past years. Seriously, there were some real clinkers! I placed impossibly high expectations on myself. Never mind all the people who knew what I was attempting and kept asking me about it! My failures don’t surprise me at all–I set the bar way too high and forgot some key heart-centered wisdom. I like to say that bad experience makes the best teacher! So I hope you… …Read More »

Do You Ever Feel Stuck? Here’s How to Truly Change Your Life

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How to Change Your Life

Robin, I am stuck in such a familiar rut. I’ve had a dream for the longest time and I am not getting there. Every time I start to take some action toward making my idea a reality, I begin to hear the negative voice in my head saying I can’t do it. I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to make it happen. It’s harder and harder to believe I can do this. What am I doing wrong? Sometimes it really does come down to you paying too much attention… …Read More »

The Healing Properties of Gemstones

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the healing properties of gemstones

Ever wonder if gemstones have healing properties? When you wear a piece of jewelry made with gemstones, you are literally tapping into the healing life force energy of our planet and universe. Each gem offers it’s unique healing properties to you. They clear blocks and bring fresh life force energy to the parts of you that have become stagnant. Gemstones charge up your field and protect you from unwanted energies. Each stone is made up of a blend of elements that gives a unique vibration, a distinctive color, and specific… …Read More »