Making Peace with Scarcity and Lack

Making peace with scarcity and lack

I have been having a conversation with some of the Love Posse about jealousy and scarcity and the story that there isn’t enough to go around.

Conversations about how this one or that one has struck gold and published their book and is receiving renown. Conversations about how it makes us sometimes feel like we are never ever gonna make it…and how unfair it all feels and how it seems it’s only about who you know. And all of the good spots are taken. And surely it must be too late now because the idea is already out there. And hearts are breaking, bellies are hurting… the damn story is alive and well that you are not worthy and for sure you are being punished. Yes, these are the conversations I have been having.

I know the way to the cave of scarcity and lack by heart.

I’ve been visiting so long, the dragons there know me by name. Lately, though, I’ve been returning to volunteer – I go in and light the candles and fluff the pillows. I burn the sage and ring the bells and sometimes, the dragons even let me bake the cookies.

I wait for my friends who arrive there lost.

Making peace with scarcity and lack

It’s a beautiful thing to see someone who has shown up at the cave at first all wobbly and bleary-eyed believing that their hopes and chances and opportunities are gone or stolen or squandered later realize that these stories were always a lie. It’s beautiful to see the light return to their faces. To see the relief. To celebrate that the nightmare is over. To witness them seeing the truth with their own eyes: there is more than enough to go around, what’s meant for us is always meant for us.

But there is an entire canyon to be crossed sometimes before any of that makes sense. You can’t just slap some cheesy spiritual-easy slogan on people at that moment. You can’t get all, “You’re the creator of your own reality, you know!” on them. Sometimes people need to be hauled from hell first. Sometimes they need to be placed in the trauma ward before the healing can happen… and sometimes the anger that’s there needs to be released as well.

Making peace with these dragons is no easy feat.

Yet it is a journey we each need to make if we are among those whacky ones who keep saying we want to expand to our full potential. We need to find ways to get comfortable as we hit the places inside which feel so ugly and unloveable. Where we feel jealous of the success of others and even pissed that our opportunities seem to be stolen. Even when our anger comes and then the despair arrives, we have to dig in and deal.

Making peace with scarcity and lack


In order to break free from the scarcity and lack, we must acknowledge the story we are choosing to believe.

I have to recognize that I am suffering and I am suffering largely at the hands of my own thinking. My thoughts are doing it to me, not the outer circumstances. This is the exact moment to practice holding your little inner jealous one – the one who believes in scarcity and lack, the one who believes that the tippy-top is the only place to be and it is reserved for only the chosen few.

Do not argue for your upset. Instead, make the higher connection: if you believe that only one or two can have the supreme space at the top and the one or two are already there, your journey must be pointless. Wake up to the ways your thinking knocks you out of the running.

So many people have told me that they want their message and offering out there at the level of large-scale recognition. This is NEVER EVER a bad thing! You totally get to have this if you want this, sweetie! But are you showing up in your life like this is the case? Because the longing without right action becomes malignant over time. It slowly kills your juju. I believe this is why we are seized with the kind of discomfort we cannot ignore when we see someone living or achieving what we ourselves are wanting.

Which tiny altar are you sitting at and worshiping? How do you allow your jadedness to infect your possibilities? Your sparkle?

You are eligible for EVERYTHING you want, beauty.

Sometimes our scarcity thinking gets in the way, and that’s when we become jealous of the other person’s success. It can feel like other people are stealing our chances and there won’t be anything left for us. You must practice knowing that you are eligible. Remember, the Universe is your source, and the supply is abundant. There is plenty – more than plenty – to go around. What’s meant for you is always meant for you.

Please remember that when you align with the energy of scarcity, it is an all-inclusive deal. You can’t have a little scarcity over here in the success department and not experience it in your relationships too. You can’t have scarcity in the love connection area and then not see it popping up in your finances as well. If you understand my example then guess what?! ANYWHERE you begin to work on the scarcity energy, it will liberate the other areas as well! Woot woot!

When you know in your bones there is more than enough, and take that light of the universe into your heart and just let yourself shine you will see that you are truly a conduit for the Divine, and you will know that the Divine wants and expects you to do well. The opportunities are coming. You must show up and do your work. You must relinquish this too-tiny story. You must.little-dragon of scarcity

The truest help we can offer anyone visiting the cave is to tell them the dragons are friendly, and to ask them to please stay for the full tour.

Don’t seek to bolster their confidence, or encourage them to dance with the shadows there, don’t try to pep them up with lots of hot air. And whatever you do, do not join in their tirade. Do remind them of who they truly are. Remind them that they are sparkles of the Divine and there is no such thing as a missed opportunity. Remind them that they too are standing in the kingdom of heaven with the same sunshine falling on their shoulders.

There is no such thing as the tippy-tippy-top spot, but there is such a thing as your own sliver of the universe and it’s all yours. Take up residence there and let yourself shine authentically. Do everything you know you need to be doing to honor your Shizzle and keep to your Sacred Trajectory.

I believe in you. I believe there is more than enough and your perfect opportunities are all around. My love to you and rock it like you mean it this week!

robin hallett intuitive healer and spiritual teacher