Special Message from the Love Sheriff


To: YOU 🙂

From: The Love Sheriff

Message: If you keep on being grumpy, you’ll scare the YUM away.

Let’s practice a little love and gratitude and keep that yumminess alive

And now for a special video from our correspondent in the field (that’s me!) If you’d like to practice a little love and gratitude, here’s how! Enjoy! xox

Let’s Kick Some Stinking Thinking Butt! from Robin Hallett on YouTube.

About the drawing:

Sometimes I like to doodle other animals besides birdies. Only, whenever I try, they come out looking like the dog/horses I drew in 4th grade. So there you go, this is a mythical dog/horse unicorn creature drawn by my 4th grade self who loves you to pieces and just wants you to find that happy grateful place so you can rock your amazing life like you really mean it, without needless worry and struggle. Less yuck and more yum, please.

Love and gratitude, baby!

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