The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 63

The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy

Do you ever notice how, when you’re feeling down or a little stressed, your mind can go nuts with upsetting thoughts and stories? It will start up those Greatest Hits — the old stories about difficult friends, embarrassing things that happened, the ways you felt let down… and before you know it, what was a little sad or down feeling turns into this horrible ugly where your whole life seems to suck.

Hello, ego.

We all have an ego, and it’s always looking for grievances. The ego’s goal is to find a way to keep you struggling. It will find those places in your life that can be a bit of a challenge for you and it will try and activate your pain.

It can be a tricky process to be a compassionate witness and also let go of the stories and choose peace too. I get it. I am practicing too. And that’s what today’s post is all about. How it happens, and how we can get ourselves free again. May it serve you well, my friend, we are walking together.

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My notes from this show:


On today’s episode, what to do when you’re holding heaviness in your heart, my advice, with lots of love. Plus, we’ll have some inspiration to make the long nights cozy and we’ll have a letter from #don’tgiveup. All this and more. Come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello, there beautiful friend. It is me Robin, your pal on this amazeballs journey of life. Amazed balls, sometimes it is a choice to call it that, is it not. But, welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin Episode 63. Hi, it’s your first time here Hi.

How are you today my friend, how’s the weather in your heart? No matter what came before, whatever was going on this morning or whatever time it is wherever you are, you can decide to make a fresh start. Make a shift, decide to receive to light the love, the beauty that’s always around you. Just call do over, call it to do over the end. Begin again. That’s what I vote.


Over here. I’ve been doing that practice. I don’t know what was going on this week, I,

In all honesty, I was feeling quite down, feeling kind of bummed out kind of sad. Some of that ‘what’s the point energy’.

We can all go there right? It’s not that big of a deal. Unless you attach to it and start to stall yourself.

Over the years just gotten so much better. So I did want to come here and say, I’ve been taking good care of myself. Got outside looked at the trees, enjoyed the colors, took some walks, took some Epsom salt baths, listened to music really paid attention to what was up for me. It’s interesting, I kind of felt like there was really nothing there that I could report back. And that’s why I think sometimes you just need to practice. Do what you love. Take the care.

Allow some time for play and have some time for me, ease and remember:

The destination is the journey.

This moment now is all there really is, and everything else is a story about getting somewhere in order to feel good.

I know we’re all trying to get to a peaceful moment now. Maybe the story doesn’t matter. Maybe the upset is less important than we think. And there’s no need to dig into our brains and investigate the source, we could make a choice to be full of love, full of excitement for the now, and trust that this is us being in the flow. What do you say to that?

The fall colors are finally starting to show if you get my newsletter, I wrote a letter about this, that we you know we can take so much vibrancy from our trees, we can take so much inspiration and light from looking at the child colors from being willing to stop what we’re doing, even just for a moment and say, Wow, this magnificence. I am witnessing right here. It also exists in me. And when I stopped to recognize the vibrancy in these trees or whatever you love about this fall time.

Big Question of day is did you grab a cup of yum yum?

Today I have coffee with cream and coconut milk together really really like. And of course, a pinch of sea salt in a special mug I usually reserve for my friends I see in healing sessions

Today. I woke up and my thought I’m going to treat myself like a friend on the journey today I’m going to give myself that love that I am so good at sharing with everyone, so good at sharing with you. I’m going to give it to myself.

I’m raising my mug to you, and cheers to us and this journey and thank goodness this is a place we can talk about stuff like this.

Here we go. Cheers.


Did you enjoy last week’s episode with number one husband? If you haven’t heard it yet. I recommend taking it in. Thank you for the letters you sent this I probably have more letters about this episode than ever before and I’m really glad it was enjoyable and helpful and inspiring.

I really loved the conversation that came together and you know there were even moments where I’m editing back I thought oh my gosh. Is this too personal. It felt really intimate in a way because we talked about some deep things that come up for couples and anyhoo if you haven’t heard it, I recommend you have a listen.

Today, here’s what I’m wanting to talk about:

When I feel down sometimes my ego mind loves it. Whenever I’m upset and feeling those feelings, my ego gets so excited, it starts to turn up those Greatest Hits — the old stories, friends, things that happened, the ways I feel led down the ways I feel still made it myself, you know, right, do you have that too, just like, OMG, seriously. This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to just turn the stories up again.

I don’t know about you but I have a number of friends where my ego will repeatedly, try and turn stories, and the upset. I find myself in their little bit like a taskmaster trying to alternate between letting go of the story not getting sucked into the story and also remembering. It’s just a story and remembering my truest choice, which is like to be happy, and to be free, and to celebrate the people I love exactly as they are.


We all have an ego looking for grievances.

The ego’s goal is to find a way to keep you upset and struggling. It’s looking for problems  it can get you to latch on to. It will find those places in your life, whether it’s your friends, your partner, it’s your work livelihood stuff it’s your social media stuff, think about where you regularly get hooked.

And, you know, again, it’s just being honest to admit that you do that you get lost a little bit in. In the story, maybe it’s a self worth story or whatever. Today I’m thinking about the story about other people, it’s not great for our own hearts, it’s not great for us to carry these grievances and let them turn on like they’re real like they’re really a problem. Like, you need to investigate and give your allegiance to the upset. It would be really so much better to start practicing loosening the grip of your ego on your story. And just to be practicing with me, because the stories don’t go away.

And so we’re going to need a kindness practice we’re going to need a way to bear to hear it.

We’re going to need a way to loosen this up for ourselves, that we can remember our truest goal, which is peace or happiness or joy, you, you pick your own word.

I really can’t think of one person I know who isn’t doing this on some level, holding these grievances, and, you know, It’s really a tactic of our ego to hold us back, you might not see it that way, but that’s usually what ends up happening.

When we keep repeating the story about, for example, this one friend, then all of our energy is focused on our upset about this friend, and that means our available energetic resources are going to the upset too.

The more time we spend focused there the more real it all becomes.

And you probably know how it goes, the more upset you get, the more you focus, the more upset you become, and yes, then you are indeed held back, you’re in a place of stagnancy with your story.

And that’s not what I intend and that’s not what you intend. So what are we going to do? We have to make the choice to let go. That’s really the only option we have if we’re in for our joy or whatever it is that you really are wanting to create in your life. if it’s a sense of deeper connection or a sense of deeper purpose or a sense of greater ease or joy or being of service in the world. Then you, you and I have got to let go, sooner, you know, exit the ride sooner.

When the ego upset gets going, we need a sooner way to get out.  Even though you have a right to be upset, even though your story is probably very legit. If you told it to me I’d be like yeah that’s a legit thing, make sense to me. And still, is this really what you want to give your afternoon to? Or is this something trying to sabotage your progress on your journey?

Is it?

Your ego’s like, YAY! She’s upset. She’s a little down. She’s wondering what’s going on. She’s wondering what the point is, what’s the point. Why are we even here doing this journey. Right. Why am I even here. Why did I come here, I am not coming back next lifetime I am not doing this again. I am working on this and I’m not coming back.

The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy

This is my question to both of us right here in the middle of your upset right here in the middle of your sadness or melancholy or annoyance or whatever is happening.  Is this really what I want?

Is it?

I meet people who thrive on their anger, it’s like their reason for existence. Some people thrive on their upset. And personally, I want to thrive on my delight. I want to thrive on my joy, and my fun and my bliss and my time with my sweetie, and my friends and my family and have a good time and giggle and do this podcast and share and help people grow and heal, and that’s the stuff I thrive on, so I don’t want to thrive on my upset.

I don’t want to get anything out of my upset, other than to see that this is contrast and you are being offered an opportunity to choose. So it’s like yeah how quickly can we recognize, I’m upset, and I don’t want to be and not cling to it like I have a right to be upset, and I think last week number one was saying okay, we’re not going to complain but birth, let me tell you this story. You know, we can do that for a bit, you know, with an intention to work through it, and then make a new choice for the future. But that’s very different than being stagnant in the upset upset upset. Right.


I was talking about friends a bit today. The thing with that is, while I might be feeling the upset swirling in my head a bit, that seems super normal to me in a lot of ways I know the voice of my ego very well.

What I’m also asking myself is what am I learning from this, what did I learn from this? And, how will I do this differently next time?

I gotta be honest, usually what I am learning is I am expecting too much, doing too much, reading too much into things, worrying too much, caring too much about things that aren’t really in alignment with what I’m here to do.

You have to think about that how that applies in your own life that’s probably the best way to go is just think about, you know, these times where you’re really carrying upset about stuff that you know you don’t want to be upset about, you know, you don’t want to carry this you know you don’t want to air quotes here waste your day on this again.

And yet, here you are, it’s like okay so we got to go a step deeper with it and I know for me, I take responsibility. Yep, I did that. I called this to me, I put myself into this situation. And why am I doing that?

The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy

If you’re inquiring deeply, like that, you’ll hear this answer so much of the time it’s about holding back our life, holding ourselves back and holding ourselves back being stuck in the minutia of stuff.

It’s an ego habit we’ve gotten into. And couldn’t we just forgive ourselves?

Forgive, another word for setting something down to me is forgiveness.  Setting it aside, stopping doing something, to forgive it.

To see that this upset is a habit that serves us in our stagnancy which is to say, it’s not in our highest and best.

Forgiving yourself if you’re upset about other people.

If it’s about how your life is turning out, forgiving your expectation. Forgiveness, letting go, setting down the grievance. Give it up for the love, the light of your truest journey, forgiveness. To give it up for.

The Course in Miracles talks about forgiveness as a process of deciding to be in the now being reality and the only thing worth remembering is the loving stuff is the light filled stuff, and the rest of stuff is in service of the ego, and most of the time we’re fabricating with our we’re filling in the blanks with stuff that isn’t happening. We’re interpreting the slant, you know, so we can decide to work on it, if we understand the ego is trying to serve us up some more upset, and we don’t want that. Then we make a new choice and the choice is to be willing to set it down. Set the upset that we don’t want down.


The last thing I wanted to say is this:

Whether you know it or not, you’re always held in the perfectest light and love.

You are always cherished.

Your light. Your beauty, your magnificence is never ever in question.

So many of us, we want to manifest a beautiful life for ourselves, we want to be in the flow.

And the flow is best when I’m not also resisting it with my upset ego stories.

That’s why I choose to study of course in miracles on the daily. It keeps me in that place of enjoying and riding easily in my flow and not feeling so much of that drag of resistance my upset ego tries to create for me.

The other day I cracked the book, I like to open it like an Oracle, a lot of the times, and I read this passage in chapter 14, I’ll put this in the show notes. It said nothing can obscure the light. Nothing, not your stinky thinking, not your belief in your badness not your upset about that person in your life or the job you didn’t get nothing can obscure the light in you.

It said don’t close the door. That’s the mistake we make is we close the door on the help available to us on the potential ease we could be feeling right now we make the decision to close the door when we go with what the ego has been conjuring.

I love this passage in the holy meeting place, Ch. 14:

“In the darkness, you’ve obscured the glory, and the light already given you, and the power bestowed on you.”

And the darkness is like that is when I think I’m a piece of crap and my life stinks and, you know, just feeling kind of down or disappointed in my friend or whatever is going on. That’s me obscuring the glory and the power bestowed on me.

I am already there, I already have that glory, I am awesome and amazeballs — just like you! Period. No exceptions. BUT! We can still lock ourselves in the dark closet and then we go 10 rounds with our upset ego story.

So it says,

“Behind the dark doors you have closed lies, nothing because nothing can obscure the gift of spirit banish not this power from your mind. Let all that would hide your glory be released, and therefore undone.”

And I ad libbed some of that of course. But, you know, nothing can obscure the light that’s already shining and you just don’t close the door. So that’s what we should call this one, don’t close the door, you know, because that’s what we end up doing, and you are so you know you’re so beautiful and so amazing and I know you have dreams and wishes and hopes for your life and bigger than where you are now more that you want to do, and what I’ve been talking about today is the key to getting there. It’s like letting go, is the key. Right. Letting Go is the key.

And why am I now thinking of me in drivers ed?! Okay, can I tell you one more story in driver ed, first of all I failed parallel parking four times, I wanted to say is I pressed on the brakes,

thinking I was pushing on the gas, and my teacher was like, put it in park!! We were doing that thing around the basketball court outside all the cars together, driving around the cones, except for me there with my foot on the brake, thinking I was pressing the gas, and I was pressing so hard, you know?

So let’s try to not push on the brake. Let’s go with the light. We’re amazing. And all we’re wanting, it’s possible, you know, of course it is, just say yes.

The ego tries to be upset at all times

This week’s inspiration: Cozy Nights

So inspiration today. I’m super aware, for so many of us that the season, you know, summer, and fall. Well, who am I kidding. Winter is coming. I hate sounding like this okay so don’t think me. I know some of you are going into a very yummy season with winter, a beautiful season, but for a lot of us, it’s getting darker earlier and lighter later in the morning. You know we haven’t changed our clocks yet here in the Chicago area, anyway so it could feel very gloomy.

I was thinking about inspiration, and if I could really suggest something, if you have the feeling that it’s hard when it’s dark and it can feel harder to come home at night and things like that.

Let’s plan some really fun projects, some fun things to look forward to. During winter. I have a whole bunch of stuff that I am planning on doing things I can work on, you know, through those dark days, through those dark months. It’s not forever, but this is that period now where we’re starting to see it really get darker until the end of December until the solstice and then we can start looking forward to how it’s getting lighter again it’s staying lighter longer, but for the meantime, let’s pre-pave our experience we’re expecting for this winter.

It really struck me today that we could all use some more fun things to do. So, I’ve been sharing some of my crochet projects that I do on Instagram and many of you have mentioned that you should pick that back up again and I’m like yes you should pick that back up again, get a cute little basket, put some yarn and some needles in there, or some, or some knitting needles are needlepoint needles whatever you love, put some things together, keep them in the TV room or the music room or wherever you would feel comfy creating and do a project, little bit, even 20 minutes can really help alleviate some of those energetic blues we can feel just by having it be darker. And I also think being crafty being creative is super helpful to that part of us that can tend to feel down. If you’re somebody who wants to try it but you feel you have no skill. There are so many beautiful channels, YouTube, just type anything you’d be interested in the search bar and you will find it crochet watercolor marker art, you know, Help yourself out and now is the time to start pre paving your experience. I keep a little desk right here behind my computer, a little tiny spot where I can do marker art I love to color and I’ve been working on a for many months now coloring in a print, that was my dad the flamingos on the water and it kind of reminds me of a color by number thing art by number, what was that called. And that’s really fun, listen to music and do that. Number one, and I we like to listen to old replays of a Prairie Home Companion. He colors he likes colored pencils and those coloring books you can order. So he does that, and sometimes I’m painting or crocheting. How can you help yourself. habit be extra cozy for you this year. Sometimes I’m listening to people in session and it’s like they’re bracing for impact. And I’m not trying to judge I hope I don’t sound GLG it’s just, I want to help you, not just Brace for impact and watch the dark descend upon you, helplessly. I want us to figure out what do we need to do so. Are there other things you can do, pull out some cozy blankets, get out some different lamps, so that you have better lighting softer lighting, I’m such a fan of in this room, you don’t even want me to count how many lamps I am in this room. But I have a lot of different ways, sitting here. It’s a time, it’s like eight by 10 my office, up here, but I have a lot of different lamps, and they’re all low wattage bulbs and soft light, and I think those are the things that really help get yourself a cozy jacket a cozy robe. Some things you can put on at night and not feel those feelings that, you know, want to come light some candles. You get the idea. And if you’ve never, you know, I should say if you’ve never tried to craft before. There are some really fun kits if you’ve got a Michaels, or a hobby lobby, or JoAnn Fabrics nearby go in there and take $20 with you and buy yourself a little starter kit. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money there are needlework really funny to work things are fun. I could go on, but you get the point right, even at the second hand shops. There are always big

spools of yarn that are brand new that somebody has donated because they’re not using, and I mean I’m working on a crochet cardigan right now I have probably spent $120 on the yarn alone. So, you know, just have a think of what you could do to help yourself if you’re somebody like me that can get a little down when it gets too dark for too long. Let’s make it cozy. Let’s make it. Lovely. Because we matter are our inner are our happiness, our happy hearts are important. Okay. Are you going to do it. I hope you will, or your version of that you know we’re all different, I know. So your version of that. Okay, hope you try it, and I hope you love it.

I’ve always been super crafty though. I like that kind of stuff. So think about what you loved, even as a little kid, and help yourself out crochet some coasters that’s always a lot of fun. I have a lot of coasters around here that I’ve crocheted or knitted under all my clients. It just adds to your ambience so much. So there you go, man. That’s our view, I could go on.

I love crafting 🙂 Did I tell you that?! Did you know that?! 😉


Announcements this week:

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Perhaps there is a friend you could share this with, I would be so grateful Let’s spread the word about this podcast that is good medicine for our hearts, helping us to stay on the path of love and kindness and joy, I would so appreciate that. And always a review would be so lovely.

I wanted to say a special thank you shout out to my friend Tonia, who shared our episode and said:

“This is definitely one of my favorite episodes so many beautiful invitations to let in the good, the helpful. The powerful. I have a very loving and healthy relationship with my husband is is, and even so, this discussion, gave me some inspiring new things to think about. And some little everyday things to start practicing. Thanks so much, Robin and number one husband, for sharing yourselves with us in this way.”

And I thank you too so much for that, my friend, makes my heart so happy. Yea, yea, I do believe in this podcast and the light we’re sharing and the healing we’re doing together.

And every week, the things you say to each other the things you share about it gives me such encouragement to keep going. And the reason I bring that up is because this week’s letter comes from a friend who is ready to give up, ready to give up on on her dream, ready to quit.

And it’s making my eyes water. Already, because I so get that place where, you know, showing up in whatever it is that you do in your life, day after day or week after week, I understand so well that it can feel so hard.


This week’s letter: #don’tgiveup

The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy

If I can read a letter for you, if I can shine a light, or you have a follow up topic for a future episode write to me here.

Let’s read this week’s letter.

“Hi, Robin. I’m teetering on the decision to close my business after eight years, and I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly chasing the next client. The next thing on my to do the pressure of keeping up with my business. Which brings me to a question of what is my problem. There’s so many things I’m excited about. For example, I have a new idea related to my business. I want to mentor other people who are just starting out and what I have done for all these years. And I’m scared to death, that the same energy is going to happen. And also, who am I to teach anything to anybody else. When I couldn’t make it work for myself. I feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself all the time. I get ideas I gain momentum, and then life happens. And then I’m just stuck with the feeling of never moving ahead. There are so many things I want to start or I start and then I lose interest. What is my problem. And this is my question. Is it really that I’m afraid of success. Is it really that I’m afraid to fail. I want to know how to move forward, no matter what. This is my question. I’m a mom with two kids, and lots of people tell me I should be happy being a mother, that should be my greatest claim, but I want this for me. Maybe you can help. Thank you so much for all you do.” — this one The name was withheld

Well, what’s your problem? You’re really hard on yourself. You’re really hard on yourself. And there’s a certain kind of love that I bet you give so freely to the kids that you’re having a hard time giving to yourself. You know, sometimes I noticed that the thing that excites us and gets us started on a path. And I said this here many episodes. The thing that starts us excited on the path is not supposed to be about completing it exactly as you began. You know I often feel that the energy of the creative pulse of the universe is saying, Go forth and live your life be excited be a joy, be lit up love would love your day no matter what you’re doing, whether there are dust bunnies under your bed, and your laundry is. Let’s not even go there and you didn’t earn any money today, or you crunched it, and crushed it, and whatever else became famous. I feel like the light of the universe is always saying, I want you to be at peace in your heart, no matter how the day is going. And the only way we can do that is to not listen to the egos version of what we did or didn’t do.

So that’s the first thing is, would you be willing to be kinder with your own heart, would you be willing to give yourself a break?

The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy


It’s okay to say I loved what I loved while I loved it, and now I don’t. I wish the whole world didn’t feel so guilty about stuff like this, you know, I wish we felt freer about saying, I think I’m done now. I think I’m done now and I’m done, or or we welcome the feeling of I’m sick of blogging I’m sick of it and I’m raising my hand.

There are weeks where I see how I’m pressuring myself too you know put this blog out or put this post out and I gotta be honest the energy if I go from there. The energy goes into it and there is less of a connection. So, my promise to myself this entire year has been not to do that, not to grind myself or push myself because what’s the point is about connecting with people and inspiring them you cannot come from a grinding place if that makes sense. So, why can’t you love what you love while you loved it and then let it go? Trusting in your greatness, trusting in your heart trusting in your inspiration and you know this judge the thing about who am I to mentor when I couldn’t make it work. Well, you made it work for a lot of years. Now whatever the story is about how much money you earned or whatever the real reason is here. You know tired of being tired of the blog or whatever it is for you. That doesn’t mean you’re not qualified now people, do you know how many people would love to know, you know healers starting out, I have a few courses because so many people starting out or like, I’m so overwhelmed. So, to say to yourself, who do I think I am to hold people’s hand and show them what I had to learn the hard way on my own. What are you talking about, of course, you’re the right one. And if the idea is coming to you it’s probably coming to you from spirit. So you know, will you say yes, will you answer the call that’s my one question.

And please stop judging yourself. Don’t give up, don’t quit. Don’t you think you feel bad. Now, If you quit now you will be so disappointed in yourself, and that’s the thing I really want to get to is, how can you define what would be a day where you go to bed at night and your head hits the pillow and you’re proud of yourself. That’s something I talked a lot about here. What would make you so proud of yourself. That’s what you need to find and that’s not a process or progress that’s a decision.

We get ideas, and then we stop or we lose interest, and again, what if an idea and an inspiration and our little bit of following that is just like I’m picturing like a thermometer, you know how, when people are trying to raise money they’re like we’ve raised this much we need to get up to here. What if each inspiration and the excitement that you feel it’s really raising this certain kind of thermometer in your heart, that’s helping you get to the place spirit is asking you to get so you’re ready to fly. We have to trust that we are being guided and inspired all the time, and we’re not supposed to claim to things that we love for and for, like I said guilt is like. So what’s your problem. Your problem is you’re too hard on yourself. And yes, why don’t you go try mentoring for a bit, see if you like it.

I happen to love to talk to budding healers about stuff all the time. Now, and it’s really really fun when somebody’s actually ready to begin. I love when somebody is beginning, and I can help them, and we can figure it out together and that is talk about freedom and joy and delight, you know?

And the last thing is being a mom is an amazing thing, and I want to say it is okay to have your own claim to fame in your heart. I mean, you don’t I mean fame in your heart to be proud of yourself for something other than that, You go for it. You do that, I get it. It’s complicated and I get it and you have a right to your own joy, separate from that. Okay. I really really get it, I get it in Healing Sessions when I know how much I help friends, I know how much that means to them I know that I’m a lifesaver in a lot of ways for people, and I want my own joy, you know it’s healthy and right. Think about what we’re talking about here. It’s healthy to want to stand on your own in your life, and create something and say, I did that.

So, what’s your problem? You don’t see how amazing you are. I don’t know, but I feel like we’ve come, we’ve figured this out now. So go for it and enjoy and know if you’re feeling pressure in any direction, maybe it’s guidance, what would it be like to just pause and say, if this is guidance What’s it saying, you know, to me, when I was feeling overwhelmed and grind the about things. I started judging myself initially when I was doing this podcast like the first 30 episodes, I really felt pressured, and I was pressuring myself, but I think the guidance was saying hey you don’t have to make it this hard.

You don’t have to make it this hard. Okay, so take a breath and here’s what I want you to do, and now I’m listening. It’s better and I actually sometimes even friends will write me out of the blue with advice that I didn’t even ask them for and it’s exactly what I needed to hear. This happens all the time so let’s just open up for all of us listening who could relate I mean, it made me cry even getting ready to read your letter. No, I understand, but let’s open up our hearts and decide this moment is new this new way begins now and all as well, and the sun is shining on you, the sun is shining in your heart. Go forth and help people in a way that you feel so excited about. And also find things to be proud of that are all yours just for you. So, made that serve you and thank you so much for such a beautiful letter and a juicy letter, and I know a lot of us right now are thanking you for that too!

and friends, seriously, if I can answer for you. People tell me all the time. I don’t know if this is good enough or big enough or right enough, you know, send your letter. Here’s my email address. Hello, at Robin So happy to share what comes to me in the moment for you. So big hugs and love. And thank you.

Well friends, that wraps, a beautiful Episode Episode 63. I love our time together. Please take these nuggets and treat yourself well, give yourself what you’re needing share these on with friends who need them. And, you know, thank you.

Well, I think I am going to make a delicious yummy lunch. I’ve been on a big kick here is the gill toast with olive oil and all kinds of stuff on it, avocado smushy with some kimchi and some sauerkraut, you name it, everything goes on top. And I think that’s what I’m going to go make making my mouth water 🙂

I’m sending you so much love. This has been me Robin awesome sauce heart sparkler Robin, and I’m going to see you here next week, or in a few minutes. Same time, same bat channel bye bye.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

Nothing can obscure the light, but don’t close the door — Ch. 14 VIII. The Holy Meeting Place

Forgiveness — Ch. 17 II. The Forgiven World

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A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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Thank you for listening, may it serve you!

Hugs and love,

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I carry stuff too. Stuff that needs to be recognized and released rather than carried and figured out. ⁣ ⁣ We are not bad or somehow undeveloped if we admit to struggling. I for one am willing to share that I do right alongside telling you that I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing. ⁣ ⁣ I loved recording this one. The inspirstion is so spot on for those of us who struggle with the darker days of fall and winter. ⁣ ⁣ And oh oh oh, the week’s letter is everything. For the real.You are meant to shine and share what you know. Don’t give up. Never surrender. ⁣ ⁣ Big love! And hope you enjoy this one. I’d be so grateful if you’d share it on too.⁣ ⁣ Episode 63: Don’t Close the Door, Cozy Nights, #dontgiveup⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Link in bio for full episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listening⁣ ⁣ Always, thank you so much for supporting the podcast! I appreciate your awesome reviews, and you sharing these episodes with friends who can benefit. ⁣ ⁣ Want me to read your letter on the show? DM me here or email hello @ ⁣ ⁣ #teawithrobin⁣ #acourseinmiracles⁣ #acim⁣ @robinhallett⁣

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