The Power Of Following Your Fear // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 64

The Power Of Following Your Fear

There is great power in following your fear. In recognizing it for what it is, and choosing to go beyond it.

The fear stories we carry aren’t meant to be held as truths, they’re here to help us heal and choose to rise.

This goes out to you, beloved. May it serve you well today!

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My notes from this show:


Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin, and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, going forward on being less intimidated, less worried about how you will be perceived and received, plus a little inspiration from your favorite accountability partner, and we’ll have a letter from #procrastinatorsunite. All this and more, come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Guess who!

I should say Trick or treat. Because I’m recording this on Halloween. Trick or treat. Sweet treats, no tricks, promise.

Hi, it’s me Robin, and welcome to tea with Robin Episode 64. If you’re new around these parts: Hello, it’s me, Robin, thanks for being here, and welcome back sweet friends.

How are you doing today. How’s the weather in your heart today? I’m taking a moment right now and feeling into that for me too. It’s so good to spend time together like this every week, and I know some of you tell me Monday’s your favorite day that’s when these episodes drop and I’m so glad to know that because, really, you deserve and I deserve to be in a space in our hearts in our bodies and our minds in our lives where we feel good and we feel happy and we feel like we’re enough, you know, enough with good and I don’t mean enough like well you know what I mean, like we’re worthy deserving lovely. Beautiful. And we’re doing life the right way for us.

Yeah, so. Okay, seriously. How was the weather in New York today. Are you being kind and gentle with yourself and also, you know, giving yourself permission to do what you want, how you want as you want. I hope so. I really, really do over here. It’s a beautiful gray day, we have had so much snow. It is no joke. It’s October 31, as I call it, and I you know there might be six inches. I took a picture of Buddha in the backyard and he’s just snuggled in under his little snow hat like nothing can faze him, and it always cracks me up because I think that was my original version of what spirituality, looked like it was supposed to be like nothing could face the, nothing could faze me, and I would look all peaceful and serene and wonderful and blissed out and. But no, so I look at Buddha in this now and I’m like yeah that’s just a story Robin. He’s a statue. That’s why he doesn’t feel it. It’s all good. I thought I could hide out a little bit from the trick or treaters today because who would be out trick or treating in this now, kids that too. I don’t like it. I don’t want them to be cold, but I do recall this great Halloween, I went trick or treating as a, an elf, and it snowed a little bit and rained, and my legs were stained green for three days from that event so I know it’s so much fun and blessings to all those kiddos out there and I will be up here talking to you.

So big question of the day is did you bring a cup of yum yum. Did you. I have big thermos of tea, of Irish breakfast, tea and coconut milk with cream and stevia, and sea salt. I hope you have something beautiful with you to sip and let’s raise our glasses for a moment let’s be corny. Come on, are you doing it. I’ll wait. Okay. Here’s the us and our fabulousness in our beautiful lives, and all of the courage and joy. We bring. Here’s the way we keep showing up and yay I’m so glad it’s us.

Cheers. That that was hot. The thermos keeps it very hot. There’s my ad for you thermos.

Oh, it’s called thermos too. It’s called thermos, and this is going to maybe sound weird, but, you know, sometimes I do special cheers to a special person. I would love to say special cheers to each of you, who wrote me a note this week about how much you’re loving the podcast. I. Wow, thank you thank you thank you. I probably don’t say it enough. Man, I probably do say it enough. Sometimes this act of showing up every week without fail, honoring my own inner commitment to my own heart to show up and do this. It’s harder than I can express and I don’t really want to focus on it being hard you know I don’t want to focus on how hard it is, I want to talk about how amazing it is and you know I don’t, I don’t want to let my fear get in the way of this light being offered. I just have to say I thank you thank you, because if you weren’t writing to me, I sometimes wonder, you know if I would keep going. And so you helped me so much know and believe in myself, and this is totally connected to what I want to talk about today too, of course, so but just had to say that and want to say one more special tears. Thank you for taking the time. Those of you who do to write or message me or comment and share what it means to you. Thank you, cheers.

The Power Of Following Your Fear

So, so, so, so. Today’s episode is dedicated to you. And why am I laughing I said, dedicated to you and then I start laughing like, you know, I don’t know, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing about us, and how awesome we are. And maybe I’m a little nervous.

Let’s talk about the power of following your fear.

I want to talk about how it is scary to be yourself and show up as you.

That’s what’s been on my heart this week and last week and it’s interesting, having shared our episode number one and I am so happy that you enjoyed it. I’m so happy. I’m talking about Episode 62, so happy for all the feedback. I started a little folder. So number one could read all this encouragement and joy. It’s funny for me, I’m happy we shared it to starting to cry already. I’m happy we shared it too I’m happy that more light is out there, and I’m alive feeling a little vulnerable about some of the things we talked about. It’s okay. You know, it’s good. I’m glad we did it. I’m so happy. It’s so beautiful and there’s an adjustment. I’m adjusting to having a little more translucence to me.

I think all of us have some of this, we worry, we feel afraid to show up as ourselves to say how it really is for us.

And, you know, there’s a, there’s some of that behind the podcast, it’s kind of easy to sit here and talk alone in my studio. But then when I get together with friends. When I get together with friends on the journey, when friends text me about the episode or whatever, you know, I, I am then face to face with you, knowing things and sometimes you know how it is, it can be challenging so I’m learning to adjust, because I want to be this way I like it, it’s easier to be myself to be yourself and not really saying I wasn’t myself before I’m just saying, I’m sharing more, you know, I noticed that I’ve had some tears on some episodes, like a little while ago you know I’m noticing things are just starting to feel like there’s even more real coming and I’m sort of figuring out later that there are things you need to adjust to them. Like when somebody sits across from you and says, I heard you crying or oh my god I didn’t know your husband had cancer or there’s an interpretation made about something I said in a way that I, I wasn’t thinking about it, you know, because it’s relevant for them in how it’s relevant for them so they hear it in a different way, according to their own filter and their own story and their own journey. And I think it’s beautiful.

So, yeah, I’m, I’m learning to relax into just gonna be just being me, just being real. And there’s an adjustment. I’m adjusting. Who am I to stand in the way of something that’s helping them, even if it’s not exactly how I meant it. And I laugh because who doesn’t have an ego, and who doesn’t worry about this stuff and who doesn’t feel defended. But, you know, sometimes you have to choose the bigger thing if something helps someone else. I’m learning to let it be. And I’m telling you it’s not easy. Before I go much further, you know, I’d love you I’m inviting you to think about something in your own life that’s really hard like this, where you feel sensitive or exposed or vulnerable or defensive or defended you know you probably have while I’m talking, hold that in your heart. And let me ask you this question. Is that the point is that the biggest treasure that’s the question I asked myself you know it’s like is the most important thing to defend myself and explain and clarify and you know Hide, hide my stories that I really want to be talking about that I’ve always wanted to talk about hide them away. So that I never have to come face to face with my discomfort, is that really your

objective in life isn’t really my objective in life. I’d love you to be holding that probably the number one thing people say to me is I don’t move forward because I’m afraid you know so relatable isn’t it. So, this is how we’re doing it, we’ve got to go. Fearward. Fear word we have to go in the direction of our fear and realize the fear was never the point, holding the fear football, you know cherishing it like it’s the prize is not ever going to keep us safe. It’s going to keep us. Incredibly stuck and lonely and disappointed you know and who has time. I don’t have time. You don’t have time. So if you’re asking me, Robin what’s your personal growth at right now, I’d be saying, I, I, you know, it’s trying not to worry, or hold all these things that really aren’t the point in my heart as I’m offering this light, and it’s all about the light we offer to be inspires for each other. A friend of mine reminds me and I hope she will keep reminding me that everything we share has light to it and it continues on and on and on and. And that’s the important part is that the light keeps going on it keeps moving through people and changing them or affecting them in a way that’s very beautiful and then it goes on from them to the next person and so it’s not so necessary that we control the message or control the interpretation or keep saying that’s not what I meant or whatever, it’s more important to learn how to adjust and be okay with that. Releasing the control in how it’s being received interpreted what’s being thought of me. And really that’s like, allowing that light. Well, in the perfect this way for everyone. Actually, even if it’s even if that ruffles feathers or they get mad about something, there’s pushback towards me, even that, like, could I really do this. Yes, yes, yes, and I have no choice. I’m going forward. It’s happening whether I, I guess that’s what I’m saying is happening whether I’m choosing it or not, so that everybody has a right to take what they want from it, and I don’t need to let that worry me about what I share here, man I hope that made sense. When I listen back, I’ll know I guess.

I gotta say, for me, one of the most profound things going through.
Number one, husband, being diagnosed with cancer was this profound knowledge that we have no more time to waste.

The Power Of Following Your Fear

We have no more time to waste on that caring about that stuff, caring, how it’s going to seem caring what somebody’s going to say, you know, in the negative, caring, that it might ruffle some feathers or hurt some people’s feelings or whatever it is that we care about so much, you know, I don’t know about you, but I can definitely say coming up in a codependent household with a very narcissistic parent, two parents, but I only lived with one. It changes you. It obviously changes you. It turns you into somebody who is very concerned with people-pleasing and codependent looking for the other person’s reaction, always to gauge how you should continue your conversation or the movement you’re making or, you know, you know what I’m saying. Right?

It’s like, if you had some of that experience growing up, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a story we carry now it’s a story we’re healing, but there was a time where the people in our lives. Literally attempted to make us feel bad for being who we were. There were things said there were things done. We were shunned we were ignored we were, you know, whatever it is, somebody else pounded until they got their way and we were so little. We just wanted to get along we just wanted to survive.

We talked about this a bit. A few episodes back Episode 60 when I was talking about difficult people in our lives and you know you know what that’s like to feel like you being yourself you being shiny you being sparkling, or just saying things how you want to say it. If, if anybody gets mad. It’s your fault. You know, and so we go around tiptoeing on eggshells and worrying about it. When I asked myself this all the time. Is that really what I want to hang my hat on, today is that really what I want to make my central thesis of my day to that I cared about what people are going to say. And as I’ve been really working on that this year I’ve been working on this a lot. I find myself more and more curious to know what it’s like just to be me in the world just to show up as myself to share my heart to share my life to be less intimidated than I used to be and less afraid.

And, you know, it’s good and I also feel super vulnerable a lot. So if this is really speaking to you to in any way it does.

I ask you, how do you adjust, how do you accommodate, how do you help yourself instead of holding back your light shining on and trusting that, you know, life wants to hear exactly as you are sharing your messages.

And when I say exactly as you are. I don’t mean contorting yourself in fear. Okay. Not that part, not that part. I’m saying like, you know, your opinions, your perspectives your joy, your exuberance so many people talk to me about how they feel like they need to dial down the amount of joy they want to. They don’t want to be seen this kooky or weird or crazy or strange, you know, what makes me sad, is how people don’t smile, people tend to be so toned down that they’re not joyful. Let’s smile. Let’s be in our joy, let’s be our truest us.

You know, I just know in the deepest place in me, I don’t want to carry upset. I don’t want to carry my worry. I don’t want to make myself small. I don’t want to apologize for who I am or how I got here or how it came to be this way, you know all those things.

And I’m praying that this conversation today is relevant for you too, I think it is. Everything we’re walking through it’s so relatable. Each of us has a piece of this thing, this story of like if I just do what I want to do. I won’t be accepted. I’ll be shunned, I’ll be laughed at. I’ll be booed nobody will want me nobody will buy it, nobody will book it, you know, you get the picture I’m sure. Just a little side note, I was looking up an old blog post that I wrote called why we’re afraid to shine and how we can actually it was a YouTube video that I transcribed, but you know what’s wild, I’m wearing the same sweater today that I am in the video, it says spooky or just. Wow. Spooky good and I’m definitely putting this in the show notes because I think this supports.

If you can relate this will really support, where you’re at. I talked about shining a lot, and there’s a lot to say, you know, there’s a lot to say isn’t there. I talked to a lot of people in the week and I see myself and each of us, each of us and I’m sure you see yourself in me too. And so, I try not to worry too much that this topic is gonna be off the rails for, you know, for everybody, especially now, I think, especially now as the holidays are coming and a lot of us are going to be seeing spending more time with family, spending more time with acquaintances and business functions, etc. There could be some energy of worry about being just being you. So let’s remember the point. The point is to go forward, what we’re afraid of, we need to address it, and not allow it to limit us. Okay. How do we adjust how do we allow ourselves to adjust

to acclimate to our new normal being who we truly are and allowing ourselves to move forward.

You got that one person that keeps coming in your head popping up in your head with their witty retort to whatever you want to say. You know the truth is, that’s just you and your ego making this stuff up. Even if that’s what’s happened in the past. It’s in the past. Today we get to decide going forward on new stuff okay all new things.

So how do you help yourself adjust to your new normal, to being yourself– your truest self, because it’s so effortless that way.

When you decide you’re not going to worry so much about how you’re talking, or what you’re wearing all the things like your exuberance, your joy, or whatever it is that you worry about, and you turn to the love Spirit is impressing on you, it’s easy to be yourself.

Spirit’s saying, please shine please shine please shine! Please be your fullest self so other people can receive this light. And we need to do that, rather than protect our fear we need to run it over with the tractor. And then back over it smaller, and then go where we want to go. Wouldn’t it be funny though, you could just pull out your fear and run it over with. All right, I’m going to wrap this segment up. Yeah, you get it. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful You’re intelligent, you’re talented and, yeah, I feel like you being real me being real us being us. It’s a healer in the world. So whatever it is you get hung up in, you know, sometimes I talked to entrepreneurs who are worried about making their sales page the perfect thing and it’s like who cares about that. If you show up as you if you show up as you. That’s the best. That’s the best ever. So cheers to you love and have some more tea. I’m allowed. Oh no. See, good thing I’ve got the big thermos today.

The Power Of Following Your Fear

This week’s inspiration:

So inspiration today. Here’s what I would love. I’m not big on homework and Healing Sessions but sometimes I do make an assignment for people. I think it’s good sometimes to decide you’re going to do something and report back what happened. It helps with accountability, it helps you to feel empowered so I’m thrilled to be your accountability partner, you can listen to what I’m about to say and decide. First, don’t say yesterday, hear me how. Let’s take a risk.

This week, each of us. Let’s take a risk, not a safe risk but a scary risk let’s do something different in the direction of our truest selves. Maybe there’s a person, you get together with them and then you come home and complain the same thing about them again and again and again because they just bug you, but you’re not saying it to them. Maybe there’s a person you’d like to become friends with somebody you connect with somebody you want to collaborate with you want to take it to the next level with this person, but you haven’t said it. You haven’t reached out to say it. Maybe there’s an art project you want to create and share but instead of sharing your art project, you, you know, tell the story about why it’s stupid, and nobody will like it and so you don’t share it. Maybe you go to write something really important to you, and then once you hit Publish. You go back and change the words you keep softening the words because you’re worried. You know what I’m saying.

So let’s take a risk what would your risk be this week. What would your risk be this week, let’s support ourselves, why are we indulging our fear over anything else, it makes no sense, we have to go. There’s an obstacle it’s like a hurdle in front of us and instead of going over the hurdle and recognizing the hurdle is meant to be gone over jumped over or kicked down, kick that hurdle down the down the road and running over with your tractor. We’re sitting down in front of it and just like saying I quit. So, the pain of that is really big and a lot of us that’s why we’re suffering, you tell you that sometimes you know this is why we’re sad. This is why we’re down… because we’re not doing the things that we feel

so liberated in doing. This week, let’s take a risk, and if you like that idea and you want me to be your accountability partner, tag me somewhere, you know, share about it or message me tagged me somewhere. I want to give you the massive high five and hugs and sparkles. You know only I can do. I feel that it is time for us to really step in and take that risk. So, let’s take a moment right now to light a candle, yes I am doing that for us right now.

I’ve got my little altar here at my desk. It’s so pretty. I think I told you I got these at the secondhand shop not too long ago, really old fashioned little teacup the really short ones they’re wide. I’m sure they have a name and the saucer with gold trim on it so pretty. There’s a little rose inside. Love it. Alright, So here it is. Let’s take a breath together. And I’m going to be quiet for 10 seconds. Let’s focus on what it is you’re going to do this week, take a risk. Here we go.

The Power Of Following Your Fear by Robin Hallett

Okay. Did you pick? So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do that this week, and share, share with the posse here, it’s going to feel so good.

Announcements this week:

So announcements today. A couple of fun, exciting announcements.

I wanted to let you know that I’ll be offering an online healing circle. Thursday November 21, three weeks if online healing circle. I haven’t done these in a while it’s going to be beautiful can check that out on my website, Robin you’ll see it there but a healing circle is about. It’s fabulous to come together and do some healing. Everybody registered can ask a question asked for light ask for healing, and I’m super excited to be offering these again it’s been a while and we’re going to have a great time so if you’re interested. Come check that out.

And the other thing is, I have a private intensive available for my time in Assisi, Italy for friends who may want to journey with me. You can check that out. We can work together one to one for the day and have a really good time together. Got some really fun things planned so again you can find that on Robin and classes, and I tell you what, I had so much fun dreaming up these private intensives that when I get home again in the new year, I will be offering a few of these every month because some of you are far away but not so far that you couldn’t drive to see me for the day today, right. I think this is going to be the beginning of something beautiful. I’m really excited about it. And I hope for those of you it’s right for you are too.

So moving on before I read today’s letter, and it is a good one. I’d love you to share this episode on talk about it at your next lunch and tell a friend forward, if you get the emails or you see it online for break it down to somebody, you know could use it, share it, if you see me share it reshare it, it really helps other people find this who need it. Every week I receive letters. People thanking me and they mention somebody told them about it, and I can feel the healing, that’s happening. And it’s important. It’s really important. So I thank you always for that and of course the review is fantastic too I appreciate that so much. Thank you.

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I wanted to say a special shout out this week, to my beautiful friend Rikke, who said of Episode 63 don’t close the door, she said:


Thank you for this inspiration Robin. There are so many aspiring healers, that believe that to help others, you first need to be perfectly flawlessly healed yourself. I don’t think there would be a whole lot of healers available if that was the case.

Thank you so much, Rikke. That’s beautiful. And it’s the truth. We gotta go out there, answer ourselves right now and trust that this is the greatest help and healer, of all, is being real being vulnerable being ourselves. I talk often about the Course of Miracles here, there’s such a beautiful passage in the teacher’s manual for teachers. And all of us are teachers, it’s, it talks about how we’re here, learning what we are also supposed to be teaching, and that it is a simultaneous process. It’s not like first, you have to learn everything and fix everything and then you can teach it, it’s talking about how as we are uncovering our shine uncovering our light and not worrying so much about the perfectness of ourselves or focus so much on our, what we perceive as flies. There’s so much

that’s coming out of us that is helpful to other people. It’s in our eyes It’s in our smile it’s in our giggles you know it’s in our perfectly imperfect human nature you know it’s all those things. So, yeah, we don’t need to be perfect. First, we just go on keeping it real. You know I never I try not to sound too catty or anything in this moment it’s coming to me so I’m gonna say it.

I occasionally do have comments, where I do feel like somebody’s judging me or talking down to me because I’ve admitted to being down or sad or worried or afraid. But again, if we just apply our philosophy which is everybody has a right to interpret what you say in how they want to do it that’s shouldn’t be our primary focus, it should not and if we’re hung up there, we know where the wounding is we need to be working. Okay, we know where the wounding is that we need to be working on. If I’m caring more about your opinion of what I said, then sharing what I’m saying, you know, there’s a problem and the problem is with me. So I just wanted to say that every week I have unsubscribed, I get some letters back complaining about my choice of wording sometimes people are free. You know they’re free to do that.

The courtesy extends both ways they are free to be grumbling or upset or patronizing or, you know, assuming I’m saying something I didn’t say, I don’t want to be concerned about that, as my primary goal and I don’t want you to do that either. Because why we don’t have time to lose on that the life you’re in is so gorgeous. Let’s go have fun, you know, think of all the hours in the day, it’s not a lot when you take out the time you’re sleeping and have you all the other things you have to do. Do you really really want to allocate any more time to people who are birching about what you’re saying sharing doing, I don’t even if it upsets me, I want to let it go. Do you remember Cesar Milan? The dog whisperer. You know sometimes you just have to keep doing that to yourself, you think of that person, you’re like, for the rest of the day, just keep doing it to yourself. Quiet. Quiet. No, share your heart and don’t take what comes back, personally, and let’s go have fun.

This week’s letter: #procrastinatorsunite

The Power Of Following Your Fear

So this week’s letter comes from a friend. I have a feeling we’re all going to be able to relate to this one if you ever procrastinate anything…

Hello, I have to raise two hands, two feet and, yeah, if I had a tail I would be raising procrastination. OMG, this is a great letter, and let’s dive in.

This goes out to you, B:


Hi, Robin, I’ve learned quite a lot about why I procrastinate, some depth work and reflection has given me a bit of insight about where it comes from. And I can see all the warning signs for when I’m about to embark on it, again, spending too much time preparing the ground, getting the workplace organized, getting the small things out of the way first lining up the ducks lining up the stars and the planets even. And yet the book chapter doesn’t get written the painting remains unfinished. The bills, unpaid. And then the overall feeling of unfulfillment anxiety and guilt them permeates so much of the rest of life, stepping up doing the work. Moving into the light, doing the next thing. These are powerful things I’ve learned from you and other guides, but it remains difficult for me. At this stage, I’m not really interested in analyzing it anymore, or looking for excuses, or explaining it. What I am looking for is practical advice, tips, shortcuts around for just doing it because I know that once the first few steps have been taken things begin to flow and Mike’s energy seems to take over. Until the next time getting stuck like this is so effing annoying and disheartening. And I know it’s within me declare it. I was going to send this email to you do tomorrow but for once I have press send, and it feels good, it should be like this all the time. Keep on rocking Robin.

Yes. Yes, I will. I’m a procrastinator too. I just want to say that we’re in the club together. We’re in the club together. And it’s nice to be here. I know for me. All this self love and ease and practice of peace and letting things though and learning to welcome things exactly as they are can look like a lot of procrastination to just like always being okay with how it is and I feel in my heart that’s a very important practice like if your house is a man be okay with that. That’s my practice but also there’s a part of me that’s like, but I want my house to be clean. I don’t want it to be a mess I don’t want to constantly have it be a mess. Well then, I suppose what am I, what am I really saying there. I actually want to be okay with wanting to get shift, done. You know what I’m saying. It’s like if I’m really doing the work of practicing. Then, I actually have to see that I want to write that chapter, I’m using your examples. I want to write the book chapter I want to work on the painting I want to pay the bills, and I want to feel proud of myself, you know, that’s really what you’re saying so it’s like first to me. I have to accept that there is a part of me that feels really good when I do things. I feel really, really good. And it’s important to embrace wanting to feel really really good in between the last segment. In this segment, I took a break, we were out in the yard winter’s coming I want to get some of the work done around the shed and outside and just get prepared because it feels good to just do a little, and I always like, let’s just do half an hour today and maybe a half an hour tomorrow and a half an hour the next day and pretty soon, you get all done, and it’s easy so I like small little steps, small moves, half an hour, we got a lot done in a half an hour. But what’s hilarious is, first we took a walk and put on the walk, we ran into some neighbors who were raking to rates and half a yard, full of leaves, and the longest faces you have ever seen like they were you know really being tortured by their raking work and I could see it, and we were just so playful. Jeff said you’re almost done. Oh, look at you, you’re almost done and they were not in a joyous place with this at all. And I think that’s part of it is attitude perception, we want to bring a joyous energy to it, and if you ask me to tune to you, my friend is part of it comes down to self-worth and self-love.


You deserve to feel proud of yourself, you deserve to feel like somebody who writes chapters and gets paintings painted and gets the house organized in ways and pays bills and amasses wealth, builds abundance. You know what I’m saying, You deserve that. You are worthy of that.

That’s right where I go with this with this letter. You are worthy. Spending time leading up to it, but not getting it done, feels like a form of protection of perfection protection you know if I’m making it perfect. I’ll be protected from what though perceived failure criticism, having everything go really well. You know, these are things to sit with. But in your heart, make a new commitment. Make a new commitment. A little bit every day of getting things done that matter to you a little bit every day, and whether it’s, you know, sometimes it’s not getting stuff done or getting projects written or created it’s people who want to read you know for a change. They want to read or they want to do an art project in the evening or something. A little bit, just get a little bit done a little bit every day make that commitment to your heart.

I deserve to feel good I want to feel good, I want to be proud of me, and I don’t like this story I tell about myself. The story of being stuck. The story of, I’m a procrastinator and the processes annoying and disheartening. The story of unfulfillment anxiety and guilt, a ready to show up in the rest of your life with joy and glee.

These are some gentle questions:

Are you ready to show up and be excited, and throw yourself into this, even if it’s just a little bit?

Are you ready to be proud of yourself?

Are you ready to be excited about your life?

Are you ready to make space for you?

That’s right where I go and I also think it’s fascinating for all of us. What do you guys think about this, if I get all my sh*t, together, if I get all my ducks lined up and everything aligned and I just really crush it, I get everything done? Do you have any fear about them what because I noticed that a lot of people have fear of now what will I do if it’s all wonderful and it’s all good and basically everything in my life is healed and humming along smoothly? Is anybody out there afraid, what would life look like without a little bit of struggle and problems?

You know, I think we all need to look at that within ourselves and see if that applies.

The Course in Miracles talks about this in the way of saying, we all have a fear that if we are completely healed of all our stuff, there’s a hidden story that we might be plucked up right then right out of our lives into the heavens. We’ll cease to exist without our struggles, and I think we each need to see how that fits for us, but I know me, it’s taken a lot of practice and courage to move into my joy, and my delight and release the struggle. And so, I also love inspirational bursts, it comes to you too, right, then go right, just for a little bit. If it comes to you to paint, then go paint, just for a little bit. If you find yourself getting inspired to do it, then do it then.

That’s how you see you have a little bit of an issue with having fun, having joy it being okay, it’s good to focus on you in selfish ways that feel exciting and wonderful it’s important, it’s right. We all need to be doing now. It’s healthy. It’s a beautiful teaching to other people in our lives, it’s healthy for our kids to see that we are spending time on ourselves doing what we love, and facing our fear.

What if nobody ever reads this book? What if I never get it done. What if my painting stinks, you know, those kinds of fears.

What matters is we’re enjoying this. Sometimes I am doing stuff for the podcast. I was just thinking about this this morning. I’ve been putting a blog post out with the full transcript of every podcast now and show notes and things like that and you know it takes between editing and writing the post it takes hours, and I have had to really work on my mindset about that because I actually enjoy all those aspects of it. I like the technical aspect.

I like rereading what I said too. I’m proud of myself, I love this. I love the light that comes through, as I’m talking to you, I love it, so I had to help myself stop being so worried that it didn’t mean anything. And that nobody would care or thinking nobody’s reading it, nobody pays attention. We all do this.

Whenever I had that story going, I remind myself that I love my work. And I want to provide this as value to other people who do love it too. And once I made that decision, it got a lot easier to do it and feel excited look for waking up in the morning saying: Yay, I get to do that today!!

So, how can you help yourself with that, that’s my practical advice, just do it.

The other day, I was cleaning out the bathroom and my art area here and I was like man it feels so good just to be organizing things and hanging little things and I’m really glad to be doing it.

So, find your joy to be just doing.

And thank you so much for this awesome letter, my friend. I need some more awesome letters. I’m getting to the bottom of the barrel here, if you haven’t said, I’ve got like five left so we could be running into a crisis soon. So somebody needs to step up and send a letter. Okay? No pressure, lol. Yeah. So if anybody out there has been procrastinating on writing me a letter, please my address is Hello at Robin Hallett. com, or message me on one of the social media apps, hit reply to any of the emails I send out if you get those.

If I can read a letter for you, if I can shine a light, or you have a follow up topic for a future episode write to me here.

Well, here’s what I think. I think we’re amazing. That’s a fact. And I hope, whatever you’re doing the rest of today, you carry that vibe with you. You’re amazing. This is a precious wonderful life you’re in, and it’s a privilege to be here and we’re going to show up with glee. That’s what I think.

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