The Road to Abundance Begins with Honoring Everything You Have Now // Tea with Robin Episode 65

The Road to Abundance Begins with Honoring Everything You Have Now

I have decided to open my heart wide to all the abundance flowing in. All os it.

Most of us think of abundance in terms of money but there is so much more to consider. A whole flow of energy is coming to you every single day, loving you and supporting you in finding everything you want to have, do, be, and achieve.

What if we decided to trust in this flow and remember that we are spiritual beings, light sparklers of the Divine, and everything we need is always arriving. We just need to receive it. Anything supportive of helping us stay that healthy energized one who can continue to shine and contribute light… of course, the assistance will come to us.

It will arrive in all forms like the right people, the right opportunities, and the right timing. Our practice, should we choose to do it, is to relax into receiving the health, wealth and abundance which is always being offered. We are always on the receiving end of a flow of support.

And especially true: Our path to greater abundance begins with honoring everything that is here now.

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My notes from this show:


Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler. And this is Tea with Robin.

On today’s episode:

Seeking abundance and your willingness to receive what’s right here in your life.

Worrying less about making everything okay for everybody else.

Plus a little inspiration on creating a joy altar.

Our letter this week comes from a friend who’s been afraid of stepping forward in her life.

Guess who it is my friend. It is me, Robin, your heart sparkling awesome sister of love and light and appreciation on this journey with you. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 65.

How are you today my friend? How’s the weather in your heart today? Has this been a day where you understand your own preciousness and are taking care of you? I hope so. I really, really do.

Over here. It’s a beautiful day. It’s gray. It’s cloudy. The clouds are white and puffy. And there are still so many leaves on the trees. And they are all different colors. Think I told you last week with this freak snowstorm around Halloween and it looks so beautiful out there. I just want to keep saying wow. Wow, wow. And how about the wisdom of trees like there is something to what teachers they are for us for this season of we’re going into A season of dormancy and going inward and honoring the sacredness of the process of building up nutrients, building up a reservoir, getting ready, rested and ready for what comes in the spring again, but for now, we go inward and grassed, and wow, isn’t that gorgeous? Yeah, I’m loving that.

I am doing very well. I’m doing very well. Happy in my heart feeling good in the hood, as I sometimes like to say and also, wow, I don’t know if you heard Episode 64. But I talked a lot about my own vulnerability process, this process of deciding I want to care more about being real, being authentic than I do about the feedback or response. That has been so healing for me, thank you to each of you who has shared as well of what that process has been like for you.

Some of you said you listened to the episode multiple times, I love that. And I gotta say, because I’m in this position every single day where I get to meet people on the journey, and I have to tell you, your willingness is everything.

There are people I meet who are willing, and people I meet who are unwilling, those of us who are willing are also winning. We’re crunching it in so many ways and all we ever need to be a sliver of willing. Sometimes people reach out to me and they’re like, Can you help me? And I’m a big fan of helping Oh, right back and say, of course, I’ll help you. Here are some ideas. Oh, I don’t have time to listen to your podcast. I don’t have time to watch that video, that seven-minute video, but Help me. I’m desperate for help. It’s like, here you go. Here’s, hi, here’s your help. Oh, I don’t have time. But let me just tell you how horrible everything is. But no, I’m not willing to do anything. So, are you willing, I love it when you say you are. And you’re applying and then some of you who decided to take me up on the risk inspiration last week and have me be your accountability partner at least so we could high five and you are awesome. You are awesome.

I’m going to tell you about my own risk challenge because I am taking it right alongside you. In a moment, but first Do you know what comes next? Did you bring a cuppa yum yum? I grabbed since this is a huge self-care day for me. I’m in the middle of so many things I will catch you up. Self Care days always means the TLC organic India rose tea for me. Rose is such a sacred flower, the scent, the taste, the aroma, everything I’ve talked about roses many times on the show and the sacredness of it. Always think of Mother Mary always think of Guadalupe, the Spanish Siniora de Guadalupe, love, love love. So when I am on a self-care day, this is the tea for me. So I hope you have something yummy with you. Amazing a glass to us both. Sounds like it got a little whiskey in here and I tell you what I could be having tea is the upgraded version of self-care, self-care without after-effects. Here’s to us here’s to courage and light and love and joy and stepping into our lives in ways that just wow us to the point of saying pinch me. Is this really my life? Tears.

That is so good, so good. And I want to say special cheers to you, Laurie, who wrote the best email last week and said,

“Oh my goodness. My daughter in law told me about your podcast and blog during my last visit and it’s been life-changing. I have done an incredible amount of work over the past several years, and I am stronger and happier because of everything I’ve come through. And I know my job is to live my best life. Your podcast is like my daily dose of spiritual vitamins. Yes, I shouted that I have listened to two podcasts a day and I’m working my way through your blog posts. My big worry now is what happens when I need to wait a week between podcasts??!”

We’ll cross that bridge when you get there, Laurie cheers to you. Thank you for the light. Thank you for your enthusiasm. And thank you to your beautiful daughter in law. Isn’t that the best? Sometimes I get so excited about moms and daughters. And the way we’re passing the light on, it’s like you’re healing a lineage together and you’re also offering a legacy going forward. Do you think about that? Because I do. It is amazeballs. Yes. And to all of you who feel the same, we rock So, here’s to us showing up and living our best lives. Yes. Whoo. And I think you should slurp it big this time. Cheers. I got the big mug today. Did I say that?

So what are we talking about today?

I want to talk about abundance and receiving and the courage it takes to really step into your abundance by way of receiving what’s already here, what’s already here and happening in your life now.

I mentioned to you in the inspiration last week that we need to take risks and not continuing to protect our fear continuing to tell our upsetting, scary stories continuing to stay wounded in all the ways that we’ve been converted in life, and then we continue to contort ourselves, but to decide what we’re going to do and move forward powerful and ultimately doing that is what allows abundance to really flow to you in your life.

It’s when we block up with fear, when we keep repeating the old scary stories like a mantra that we stop up our own flow that we become blind to the beauty and light already in our lives every single day, and also to the people who are showing up trying to be who we want to have relationships with.

We miss the financial gain opportunities that are here right now when we hold on to our fear. When we listen to the inner wounded, scared, one in us over the infinite awareness we truly are, we suffer.

So I would love to check in with you about my risk accountability from last week and talk about the ‘abundance in our lives now’ topic from that perspective.

The first thing I did was called the dentist. Ok, this is really something for me.

So many of us are afraid to go to the dentist. Me too. I have been like so many of you through my own version of dental hell in my life.

I had a very traumatic accident when I was five or six I fell from the high dive of a diving board. Had my jaw broken when I was 16. I am not going to say anymore. I just want you to know it’s easy to write about it, harder to talk about. I know some of us are very tender about what we listen to and I certainly feel that way about having to tell any more of those stories here.


If you want to read the story, it is on my blog. The blog is called sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here. You can look it up, I have a search button right on my blog. And I’ll post this in the show notes if you want to read it.

Traumatic stuff going on in the body that does not get healed because one way or another, we have to be fine for everybody else in our lives. We have to be fine and okay for everybody else. We have to make it okay for other people.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean other people can’t handle it.

When I say that I don’t mean that the people in your life are not nice or difficult, but we each carry a story about that stuff where we just want to make it easy for and we don’t want to take up space, consider how that works for you. And also, I will say my early experience with this kind of stuff. My mom was very overwhelmed. My stepdad was super depressed. So even in an injury like that, there would be zero chance that she would not say to me, this is an inconvenience to me. It was very hard for her to show up, bless her, you know, bless her.

And this is something at 50 years old I am still working on is learning how to not make it okay for everybody else. Even though the people in my life today might not actually need me to do that, we carry these wounds inside of us. And then we project our stories on to people and it’s for me a constant edge I’m working on.

So I knew I needed to go to the dentist. It came to me intuitively I’ve been making a list. You may know I’m going to Assisi, Italy for a month in December. And January I’ll be there I’m still working. If this is the first you’re hearing I’m still working so no worries there. But number one and I are going to try what it’s like to live abroad for a month and see what that’s all about. But I’ve been keeping a list because I want to not freak out in the last two days before I leave. So lots of things on the list from light bulbs to the thermostat to who’s going to water the plants and feed my fish. I have fish in the healing room, you know. And the dentist came to me, I keep saying, when we ride with spirit, we don’t have to hold everything in our own heads. We can also say help me remember, help me know what matters inspire me, tell me and the dentist popped in. The dentist popped in.


So I wrote it on my list dentist reluctantly and then probably a few days later, as happens with guidance. It got a little louder. I was eating a salad watching TV and something crunched in my mouth. I thought I was biting on a piece of the Himalayan salt. I like the or the sea salt sometimes can have a little something hard in there. And I thought it’s a rock. No, it was part of my crown. So when I did the risk thing last week I said I am going to the dentist and I am not just going to go to the dentist’s afraid And expecting the same kinds of things because as a very small child meaning a lot of them don’t work from an accident. The adults do whatever they need to do to hold you still keep you still so they don’t hurt you more so they can help you. But yeah, that doesn’t mean you want to skip to the dentist office excited with glee now… I’m still working that out. I can even feel how tight my throat is as I’m telling you that.

I really appreciated this week those of you who connect with me over Instagram or Facebook, I shared in my stories, some stuff about going to the dentist and there were so many of you a who went to the dentist as part of your risk commitment from last week’s episode which I thought was amazing. We were all going to the dentist but also a lot of friends in healing sessions that that week were like, oh my god, that’s my issue too. It’s really hard. It’s so scary. And it’s been an amazing experience kind of just opening myself up a bit more and sharing a bit more and worrying less about seeming like, I don’t know, weak or a baby or anybody would make fun of me. It’s like, yeah, are we walking together or what? My friend?

Just because our history was a certain way in the past just because doesn’t mean it has to be the same going forward. You are in control of what happens now.

And that’s such a practice, right? Because there you are afraid and expecting the worst again. But what if we really took this now moment to decide? It doesn’t have to be the same as it once was.

The Course in Miracles has a beautiful passage called  “This need not be.” It’s right in the text chapter four, I think it’s pretty easy to read. But pretty much it says, If we can’t hear the voice for spirit, pretty much it’s because we are choosing not to listen. What we really want is to go forward in a new way, and it requires us to release the story of terror.

If we don’t release the story of terror, it’s more likely that we will get more of the same. And then we feel tempted to say, See, this always happens. I knew this was going to happen. See, I knew he wouldn’t be there for me. I knew they were going to be rude to me, I knew they wouldn’t get it.

But for me, I don’t want to be right. I want to be free. And so yeah, I just was like I am calling the dentist. And I am in the flow. I just really was like I am in the flow of abundance of joy, of delight, of ease and have good, good people who love what they do. I think that’s super important. And it’s going to flow for me and all of this is going to happen before I go to Italy.


I practiced seeing the flow of how I want it to be. This is so important! You know how, if you’ve ever had some dental stuff going on, you can be afraid of the afterward part being horrible… like you’ll have to be in pain forever with an icky yellow temporary to boot? I just thought none of that needs to be the case for me. It’s going to flow like a dream. So I say a prayer. I make the call and from the moment I step into that dance with them, it is beautiful. In fact, like so freaky deeky, good. Like, my only day off this week is the only time they could see me like that. Then I need to have this other work done, which turns out, it’s never just a little thing, which is scary. And I know that’s scary for a lot of us. We’re afraid to find out what exactly we need to have done because we’re afraid of the unknown. We’re afraid of what happened before happening again, all of that stuff.

I think we’re also afraid to pay for ourselves. We tense up at paying good money to be held and taken care of. And that is really what I want to talk about today.

We are blocking so much of our abundance flow because we’re afraid to spend money on ourselves. And instead, we choose to believe in the stories like it’s going to end convenience people. Or we might need the money for other things. Or we’re not worth spending money on… all that stuff is too extravagant for us.

That’s how we’re already blocking the flow of abundance trying to come in. We do it by believing in our fearful stories.

Does that make sense? Might want to just take a moment, take a breath with me? down my throat is still tight. So just give ourselves a moment and consider how this is for you. Okay, trusting in this flow that first of all, I am a being I’m a light sparkling being I’m a spark of the Divine I am the consciousness of God in individualized form, if I need something, to help me to stay that healthy container that can continue to shine and contribute light in the world. Of course, the assistance will come to me all of the things in the form of the right people, the right opportunity, right livelihood, or the prosperity to make that happen off that and the right timing. The Road to Abundance Begins with Honoring Everything You Have Now


Of course, I got right in. And of course, they could do this work that I need to have done in a number of appointments. And I’ll be done before Thanksgiving. Beautiful. So that was my risk. Number one, risk number two, deciding to really open my heart to the friends in my life who are actually showing up. There’s a theme here I can feel it, that people who are actually showing me the willingness to have that give and take, I don’t know about you, but that pattern of wounding I experienced growing up means that there are still a lot of people drawn to me, who don’t have the capacity to have that give and take. It’s all about them as awesome as they are and as evolved as they are. It’s always surprising that there’s this way that well, the teaching they offer me is I need to keep advocating for myself.

But along those lines, I always ask myself, do I really want to keep going 10 rounds with people who don’t necessarily seem interested in changing, even if I confront the situation head-on. I have not really and are there people in my life now who are showing me exactly what I would love? Yes, there are. And it’s just a matter of, sometimes you really have to wake yourself up. Because of these patterns we do. They’re so repetitive. They’re so ingrained, it’s like me saying, I’m so accustomed to making everything okay for everyone else, and I allow this to continue where I’m forgotten about or ignored or run over in a way in the conversation. It’s probably also a byproduct of being a spiritual advisor to people of course where you spend a lot of time being quiet and listening and holding space.

But you know, there are always people in your life who are showing you what you want a good friend. Reliable, sturdy, loving, patient, sweet, funny, they get you you have so many common threads, and sometimes it’s a matter of taking that risk of closing the door on the one situation you keep re-experiencing which is creating suffering and pain for you. And probably a lot of frustration for them as well. Because you’re not really a smooth and easy friend to be with.


People are knocking on that door. You’re like I can’t hear that door knocking. I don’t hear anything. Did you hear something? I didn’t hear anybody. Somebody knocking on that door. I’m not opening. Oh, really? Are you? Sure? So it’s like yeah, let’s open that door and just receive the love that is already here trying to come in. This is abundance too.

Can you relate to any of this? Do you have anything like this going on in your life, I find patterns, the thing that keeps happening, it’s really an invitation for me and for you, just like let’s go deeper with this and do our work around it. What’s here? It’s in the way and it is the way to address it. We’ve got a look at right in the face and say, What are you here to teach me so think about your own stuff, mine This been this pattern where the situations in common are like you got to advocate for yourself and set better boundaries, and then opening this new door, and there are so many beautiful people in my life. Yeah, I even reached out to a friend to ask about collaborating, which is scary. It’s scary collaborating in a business thing, something cool. And I’m telling you this because you and I are walking very similar journies up this mountain we call life, aren’t we?

So in your way, there’s somebody you see at the office or at work or friend, you’re interested in connecting with more. How can you take this risk for yourself, open your heart and be willing to step in a little more?

And the last thing I have really decided to do is to open my heart wide to abundance flowing in. Abundance is a thing we both want, right? I mean, the most common form of abundance is money, right? I like to call that flow.

Before there’s the actual money, there are connections with the right kind of work. There’s a right livelihood, there’s food on the table. There are all kinds of things that represent abundance in our lives like good food to eat and fresh water to drink and loving companions on this journey loving people on our paths. There are collaborations to be depth had with friends. There are hugs and love and kindnesses.

Are you regularly practicing taking these in? Knowing this is the flow of abundance before it arrives in your bank account?

I mean this week so many just supportive loving-kindnesses came to me I felt rich in support and healing this week. Really, really beautiful practice to slow down and receive the beauty in your own life. That’s all abundance. And don’t apologize, don’t feel guilty. Don’t worry about taking up too much space. Walk around your house and say how much you love it where you live. If you are somebody who makes it beautiful and you enjoy that appreciate and receive your abundance.

So you’re observing that and receiving and being delighted in the abundance of that beauty and invite it in for yourself going even bigger in terms of abundance, bringing more abundance into your life.

Now let’s flip this around a little bit and think about the other people in your life or the teachers you adore or the actors/musicians/creatives you love…

We need to stop judging other people and stop the current of jealousy and envy we feel as they come up–it’s natural for it to come, that’s actually not a big deal to me… it’s just a signal we need to practice loving awareness, remembering our abundance wanting the best for everyone.

Wishing everyone well on the journey because that basic principle of what I do to you I also do to me.

When I judge somebody else for sharing about their wealth, their life, their abundance, I judge myself as well. And that translates as me NOT succeeding. Holding myself back because I don’t want to appear like those other people.

We might be doing this for a number of reasons.

Maybe we just feel uncomfortable in our own wealth. Maybe we believe broke is holier than wealthy.

What if we just allowed ourselves to relax a bit into this idea of wealth and abundance, health, wealth and abundance, us wanting to do well and applying to receive a beautiful life?

Then we need to give what we would like to receive. We need to say, congratulations, well done. Wow, I really admire this. And I can do this too. I would love this too.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to thrive. That’s what you’re saying. You want abundance, you’re saying you want to thrive.

So any place you’re carrying worry or judgment or you know how you do this, I could give examples all day long, but just consider your own, some of us are terrified to charge enough money for what we’re offering. Some of us are so worried

about asking directly to be paid. And then those are the ones of us who look at someone else who’s really doing well. And we have judgment come up. But really what’s going on is we’re trying to hold back our own light because we’re scared.

So the remedy in that situation is to get excited for them, to wish them well… because it’s also for you as well.

And the flip side of that is to decide to be of service to others in a sustainable way. When somebody comes to me and says, I have no money, I have no money. I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive. I can’t work with you. I was telling you this at the very beginning of this episode, and I offer help, and they don’t want to do the things I offer I am not going to judge it. But I’m also not going to feel pity or feel like it’s my responsibility to give my offerings away for free in pity. Does that make sense?

That might sound harsh to some of you. And again if it does, let’s take a look at where that’s really coming from, in your own journey. Because if it’s hard to hear that, it’s good to look at why that is.

That’s the problem with judging others.

It’s sort of like, it keeps the energy over there and I don’t have to look at what’s going on in me. So yeah, I’m not going to pity the poverty. Of course, I’m going to help. And the way I’m going to help is honoring abundance, not honoring poverty.

All the times I was bailed out, it did not help me grow.

What helped me grow with people who were interested in helping me learn about prosperity, and not being poor in spirit.

So, abundance, prosperity, manifesting being in the flow, I’m visualizing it like this big, open, huge funnel coming directly to me from the divine to me from the universe, from Spirit directly to the energy of me, and I’m not interested in kinking that tube.

I do believe judging, I do believe shaming, I do believe blaming and those kinds of energies kink the energy wanting to come to you. You are actively pushing abundance away by doing stuff like that.

If we’re going to be receivers of light of abundance, of joy, of mercy, of delight, of friendship, all the things, like fabulous trips… then we need to practice not apologizing for our lives, our life, our opportunities, our creativity.

How many of you are apologizing for being good at drawing and making art and crafty? How many of you actually, when people try and give you a compliment? It’s like you have a proverbial tennis racket in your hand and you can’t hit that compliment back fast enough. That too is pushing away your abundance.


The Road to Abundance Begins with Honoring Everything You Have Now

We need to start saying thank you, I gratefully receive, I joyfully receive, I joyfully receive.

Sonia Choquette, back when I was studying with her, and wow what a blessing to have had a time where I got to sit in a room with her and maybe 25 people and take a class for over the course of a weekend with her and talk to her stand with her have tea together, what a beautiful experience that was. I’m so glad my own seeking led me to so many beautiful teachers. It’s amazing and that I somehow had the willingness to spend money on myself. I’m back on that thread, to spend money on myself to take care of me to have these experiences, to risk my significance. To not apologize or be afraid. I did that. I did that. I did that. So I loved talking to her. I felt looking back on myself now I felt super young then. This is very interesting. I must have the psychic energy going on today in the house again because the screensaver on my computer just popped a picture of me and number one husband. This is so bizarre. right around the time, I was studying with Sonia Choquette. How about it? Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, Sonia used to say how good can you stand it? And I don’t mean used to like she’s not here. She’s still here. She’s still around. She’s still here. How good can we stand it?

How good can you stand it? Are you willing and open and ready to receive? Are you ready to not kink the light?

Everything I’m talking about today is connected to abundance and those of you who really want to succeed, who want to amass wealth or amass a life wilder than you can imagine, we have to stop kinking the light. And there are so many ways we do it hiding behind the story that we’re not ready or we’re too much of a mess or not good enough, the story that people will be mad at us if we’re successful, people will judge us, they’re going to do it.

To me, that’s the point they’re going to do it. People WILL judge you, no matter what!

I could tell you blessed to have enough conversations in a week that I hear all sorts of our judgments. We’re all doing that on some level. How could we unlock ourselves a little more and just allow this thing to flow through us? Knowing that whatever I say about you, I do it to me, let me see you in the light that is the most loving and reflective of what I want for me to I mean, on some level It is me I’m looking at in you think about that. Because whatever I’m doing to you, I’m doing to me too. So if I want something for me, I better be doing that for you. Because we are one consciousness, and energy is a real thing.

So whatever it is, we’re wanting in our lives, greater anything. You want to be on your way, feeling bold and beautiful and abundant. And you want to bring those people into your world. gotta trust in all the flow that’s coming to you, and keep going in the direction of the things that frighten you and tackle these things.

And you’ve got to be willing, and that brings me back around again to that in a Course in Miracles: This need not be. If you can’t hear the voice for Spirit it’s because instead, we choose to listen to our poopy Kaka voice. And that’s demonstrated by our attitude and our feelings and our behaviors. And it says your mind is filled with schemes to save the face of your ego and yet you do not seek the face of spirit. And the last lines are the glass in which the ego seeks to see its face is dark indeed but where you look to find yourself that’s up to you. I mean wow, that’s up to me. That’s up to you. Wow. And this teaching is saying when your mood tells you that you made a mistake you chose wrong you’re afraid again you’re pissed again?


I mean, upset angry. We can tell ourselves this need not be and just remember our prayer, which is just helped me whatever. God whatever guides, whatever angels, whatever essence in this universe, you do believe been asked that for support. Help me. That’s all you ever need to do. So, yeah. Dropping the mic right here. And Oh wow, I just looked at the clock. It’s 1:11 pm.

So why don’t we have a little more tea? Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Announcements this week:

So before I go on to share inspiration and read this week’s letter, I wanted to invite you to my upcoming healing circle. This is an online healing circle happening Thursday, the 21st of November. We will meet online come together and do healing addresses the parts of ourselves that are working towards receiving more light greater abundance, more ease and transforming and trade sending the areas we get caught in little patterns like I’ve been talking about today. So if that’s of interest to you, check it out.

If you’re loving this episode, I would appreciate you sharing this on sharing it with a friend, listen with a friend, help somebody out who could use this message. It’s so important. Whatever we are seeking to create in our lives, it’s important to share that as well share our knowing our belief, our willingness, our help, our aid, our assistance, our inspiration with others. So if you see me share this somewhere online, or you just tell a friend or forward the email, I would be so grateful for that, thank you so much.

And I wanted to say a special shout out to you this week, Christine sent me the most lovely package in the mail with yummy things for tea and hot cocoa and said,

I’ve been listening to your podcasts since May. I feel you are a kindred spirit. Your wisdom and humor have been very helpful during a difficult summer. Here’s a little young to thank you with love and appreciation, Christine

And I thank you for that. It’s such a beautiful it was such a beautiful surprise. And I appreciate the affirmation back that this light we share goes on and on and transforms lives and you do that for me as well. So thank you.

If this episode has been helpful, I’d appreciate you sharing this with anyone it may help. Click the share buttons above or below, or always I appreciate a review on iTunes

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This week’s inspiration:

So inspiration this week. I am sure as you’ve been listening along, you’ve been thinking about things You want to call into your life areas, you would love to address more fully. Places where you know there’s more for you to do and receive in your life. And this is the perfect thing. I’ll call this the inviting joy altar. Is there a place in your home a small little nook or a little table or a nightstand where you could create a spot and, and have a few things which represent what you want to call into your life, what you want to create, and also what you would like to transcend, to heal, because I really get it that we are so intelligent and we’re, we’re so good about studying

our things, our spiritual things, our self help things, always learning, wanting to better ourselves and there comes this time where we have to Take a bit of a bigger step, taking action in an area that feels habitually like it just feels like a wall a bit of a wall a bit of a struggle. And we might not remember how effortless it could be to just ask for spirits help. Ask our angels to ask our guides to bless us and encourage us and keep us on the path forward and keep us… how I said don’t kink the light. Keep us receiving full maximum Juju.

So looking at my office here, I have a little spot where I’ve just set up a few things that represent what it is that I’m creating all the things I’ve already shared today. Greater ease, joy, abundance, what can you do for you? pull together a few things and put it there. Light a candle and say a prayer.

And I’ll give you this prayer. And feel free to use it, feel free to tweak it, do what’s right for you. But visit this space in your home visit this place it needs to really be in your home where you’re going to see it. And it’s going to remind you so here’s the prayer:

I ask for love and assistance and ease on my way. Here’s my beautiful space. Here’s my beautiful altar. Please bless me on this day, going forward, help to ease my path help to light the way and let me receive gratefully, fearlessly, guiltlessly today. And so it is. Amen.

If you follow me on Instagram and my stories, I share a lot of these things. So there’s always some good inspiration there. But I know you and you’ve got all kinds of goodies around, see what you can pull together in a very small place, you know, use your intuition and make it effortless. Put something there that really represents what it is you want to call in, and let that be a touchstone for you each and every day.


This week’s letter: #fearward

How to call in Abundance by Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer

So this week’s letter, this goes out to you Chelle and thanks so much for sending it in:

Hi Robin, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I feel paralyzed by the fear of the negative things that it keeps me from going forward and sharing myself and my knowledge. Teaching is a passion of mine. The fear of being judged is crippling. I struggle so much with fear and being accepted and having my business be taken seriously. It’s so hard to walk in my own shoes because I’ve never had my own pair. I would love to hear your response and thoughts. I get so much from your YouTube videos. It’s like a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you.

And thank you too, Chelle. I appreciate knowing all of that. And yeah, so let’s dive in. You know, I so get it. Because me too. I struggle with fear and being accepted and the fear of being seen as a weirdo and all of those things. And I get it. And little by little, all of the experiences, the negative ones especially — the fear, the harshness, the terror we anticipate, each experience brings us closer to the knowing that a lot of this is really going on in our heads.

And we are sort of pre paving the next day with the story we’re thinking about today. And so we’re kind of creating our expectations. And the next time we see the people we were thinking about, it seems like that’s exactly what they’re doing. And then that’s exactly what’s happening. And we could be caught in that cycle forever. I know I have been, that has been a really big deal for me coming out of that cycle. And what finally did it is realizing, do I really, really care if person x or these family members aren’t going to support me or are going to make fun of me? Do I care about that more than the feeling of shining my light and doing what I want? Ultimately, my hope is you will say no, I care more about feeling good and shining my light.

So you decide to set out on your own in this direction. And so much of this work really begins with you internally, emotionally, spiritually, it’s about the things you choose to receive in terms of what you listen to what you read, the conversations you have, it’s all of that, if you can continue to direct yourself in that direction of your deepest longing, your knowing your truth, I mean, you are here to share, you are here to shine you are here to teach. It will help you through some of these more hairy hurdles.

I do understand about family sometimes. It’s really tricky, especially when we’re surrounded or we live with someone. Again, we come back to the greatest deepest knowing and longing is to be free and to shine a light and to do what we want to be doing and that’s where we need to stick.

We need to speak sweetly to ourselves and continue to encourage and inspire ourselves and you may consider coming creating this little joy altar for you, that represents you teaching that represents you shining that represents you sharing you trusting you being free. This could be magazine cutouts that you paste together on paper, it could be a little drawing that represents you getting free.

You have to make these moves for you because you’re worth it, you’re worth it. There will be sadness, there will be tears. That’s natural. As we cleanse and fortify our spirit, there will be a natural release of course. So if you have the feels– if you have the tears, that’s just a good sign that you are doing that work.

And always I’m here encouraging you on cheering for you and this whole posse here everybody hearing this today is thinking about you right now with love and understanding… it’s so really relatable. They’re applauding for you and applauding for themselves. And me too. I’m here saying I get it. And the biggest thing is we need to go on, just like Celine Dion said, My heart will go on and on and on. And on and on and on.

It’s okay. You deserve to be here shining at full maximum Juju. And the last thing I’ll say is to be so very proud of yourself. You’re an amazing light. And sometimes I know it’s lonely because you’re a light sparkler, party of one, even in the family that doesn’t get it that you still are that and that’s the


that’s the most important thing to keep in mind. If you have your own back if you’re holding your own hand, that’s your ticket to freedom. That’s where it begins. And then more assistance and support will be there. Just like somehow you found me. You found my YouTube channel. Do you know what I mean? more assistance will arrive for you more love and ease will come. So many blessings to you. I’m seeing you with believing eyes and heart and gonna say a special prayer for you tonight before I go to sleep. For reals. So may that serve you. I hope it does.


And friends listening, I would love to have a few more letters. If you’ve been on the fence. Several of you wrote some in this week. Thank you so much. You answered my call. Listen, if you’re sitting on the fence, and you’re feeling worried about it, just send it you can message me on Instagram. Do the brave thing because you’re worthy and you’re worth it and I love to answer your letter and send some light My email address is Hello at Robin Hallett com or you can message me.

Well, friends that wraps a beautiful episode of Tea with Robin. It has gotten dark out by now I am looking out on my in the backyard and the little white twinkle lights are on. I think we’re almost to a full moon so I’m definitely going to go outside and bundle up in a blanket. I think it’s about 40 degrees out right now and say a blessing for you and for me in this beautiful journey we’re on. Probably make another cup of tea and cozy in for the rest of the evening. I hope you’ve loved this episode made inspire you and going to see you here next week or in a few minutes. Whatever works best for you. This has been Me Robin heart sparkler Hallett on the journey with you holding hands flying wing to wing. I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.abundance is a fun dance by robin hallett


If I can read a letter for you, if I can shine a light, or you have a follow-up topic for a future episode write to me here.

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