The story you aren’t telling because of the one you are…

How to Change Your Life


Sometimes you tell toxic stories about who you are and what is possible for your life.

This does not serve you and I would like you to stop doing this. Please.

These stories are too small for you, they don’t fit anymore.

You can always tell these kinds of stories by the way they suck the life right out of you.

They are heavy and you feel scared and lost, or concerned about what other people think, or worried that you’ve made such horrible mistakes it is too late for you now.

If that’s how this story is making you feel then, YES, it is my professional opinion that this is a toxic story.

You believing in this story is so very limiting. It’s bad for your health, bad for the environment.

I feel bad when you say those things about yourself. I want to spank you and shake you: I know you to be so much more than this piddly little allowance you’re giving to yourself.

But then I remember that me being here to fix you is a toxic story for me. I cannot take this leap for you. You are the only person who can wake yourself up.



What stories aren’t you telling because of the ones you continue to tell?

Tell me the one you sometimes think about, way off in the distance. The one where you exist in an empowered state and you absolutely know you are loved and cherished and welcome in the world. The one where you believe you are supposed to own your shizzle and never apologize for shining.

Tell me that one please. I want to hear all about it. I want to light the fireworks and bang on the drum, let’s break out the champagne!


the story you don't tell because of the one you do

Here’s the thing, you are not dumb or stupid!

And it’s not all horribly fuc*ed.

And you are not too far gone.

And it is not all hopeless…

You are definitely NOT a loser.

It has never been too late for you.

You have always been good;

and worthy

and beautiful

and deserving

and precious.

This is the truth, (even if you do not believe me).


The thing is, you give power to the story you tell.

What story aren’t you telling because of the one you are? Why not tell this one:

You are worthy

You are loved

you are loveable

you are good

you are deserving

you are blessed

you are holy

you are precious

you are a spark of the Divine

All is well.

story you tell and the one you don't


You are amazing and totally worth it. I am sending my love to you today.

Rock it like you mean it,


old story and the one you don't tell


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